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1) So let’s get into this Lisa Page business. There’s a lot of confusion going around as usual. First things first. Refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena is a BIG DEAL, okay? Trust me on that.
2) A person who defies a congressional subpoena can be held in Contempt of Congress and being held in Contempt of Congress is a bad, BAD look — yes, Eric Holder, we’re talking about you.
3) But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
4) 2 U.S.C. § 192 makes it a misdemeanor to refuse to testify or produce documents when compelled by subpoena.
5) Under 2 U.S.C. § 194 the committee and full chamber of Congress must certify the contempt referral before sending it to a U.S. Attorney whose ‘duty it shall be to bring the matter before the grand jury for its action.’
6) What does this mean in layman’s terms? It means Congress has two options here: (1) Do nothing; or (2) Do something. If they decide to ‘Do Nothing,’ the matter is closed. In the ‘Do Something’ category there are a number of legal remedies available:
7) Congress can (1) try the person for contempt before the entire chamber; 2) go after them under a criminal statute; or 3) exercise civil enforcement options.
8) But wait, SJ, do I detect a political loophole here? What happens if Congress votes to hold someone in contempt BUT the U.S. Attorney refuses to bring it before the grand jury? Yep, you guessed it, the person skates — yeah, Eric Holder, you again.
9) So what are the ‘civil enforcement options’ that would close this loophole you ask? Simple. The Senate brings it to a federal court and the court orders the person to comply and if they don’t, they go to PRISON.
10) Bottom line? If Lisa Page doesn’t show up to testify, she’s gonna feel the long arm of the law on her little Spandexed yoga-mom backside and, no, I don’t mean Peter Strzok’s hand.
11) Lisa Page testifies or she’s SCREWED. Royally. Congress will bury her for defying their authority.
12) So, let me ask YOU a question now. Is that what you wanted to hear? Hm? Do you like that story?
13) Well, then turn on your tv and grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and blindly trust everything they say. Because honestly, guys, if you’re still looking for the obvious answers at this point, I can’t help you anymore.
14) That’s what I meant when I said I’m wasting my time on Twitter. People want it simple and easy. They want garbage that tastes good. They want Cheez Whiz.
15) If you’re smarter than that, if you want to dig deeper and peel back the layers with me, roll up your sleeves and let’s go. Because here’s the deeper truth:
17) Heard that before? It’s never been truer. Do you really think Lisa Page is going to knowingly put herself in a position to be held in Contempt of Congress, referred to a federal court and imprisoned? No. Freaking. Way.
18) You really think a top FBI attorney doesn’t know the federal statutes? No. Freaking. Way.
19) So what the hell is going on then?


What's the biggest story in the news right now (besides Kavanaugh)?
20) Jim Jordan and Ohio State. These allegations have badly damaged his credibility and cast a cloud over the entire committee. But this is bigger than Jordan. Everybody in DC has skeletons in the closet. The hit on Jordan sent a chill through the entire town.
21) And trust me, nobody is more pissed off right now than… ROSENSTEIN.

Confused yet?

Good. If you are, it’s because you’ve been listening to conspiracy theorists on Twitter say this Ohio State business is Rosenstein’s doing. Payback they say. Please.
22) Do you really think Rosenstein became Deputy Attorney General of the United States by being that OBVIOUS? Of course not. So what’s really going on? How do we square Lisa Page with Ohio State?

The answer is right in front of you. Can you see it?
23) This wasn’t just a hit on Jordan, it was a hit on Rosenstein too. It’s an attempt to discredit BOTH OF THEM. A perfectly-timed Deep State strike on DOJ and Trump and everybody took the bait and blamed Rosenstein.

I can’t stop laughing.
24) Whatever irritation you think RR might feel toward Jordan, even if you think he HATES him, I think we can agree RR is not some impulsive, self-destructive rookie who goes around settling scores in broad daylight.
25) He knows somebody targeted JJ with a smear campaign and he knows somebody is now targeting him. I have never been more certain than I am of this FACT:
26) When Rosenstein finds out who did this, he is going to nail them to the EFFING WALL.
27) Somebody is sabotaging the investigation FROM THE INSIDE and Rosenstein and Sessions have to figure out who it is then report their findings back to Trump and the committee. Naturally, that’s going to take a little time.
28) And that’s why Page’s testimony has been put on hold. And that’s why, I promise you, Congress will chose the ‘Do Nothing’ option. Because they knew in advance.
29) They also know the baddest SOBs at FBI and DOJ have been unleashed to find the person responsible. Somewhere in DC, there is a saboteur on the run.

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