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.@CLewandowski_: The Mueller report was very clear. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction

@alisyn_camerota: That's not what the #MuellerReport said

Corey: It absolutely says that

A: Did you read the Mueller report?

C: No, I never did 🤡
House Judiciary Committee signs up two prominent lawyers with expertise in government ethics and white-collar crime, @NormEisen and @BarryBerke, to serve as “consulting counsels”…
This is how you interview a self-professed liar like @CLewandowski_: bring the receipts.

"Let me pull them up on the screen for you, since you didn't read the Mueller report." #obstructionofjustice #LiarLewandowski
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5 separate Criminal #ObstructionOfJustice

1. Months pressuring Attorney General for SNC-Lavalin
2. Firing Attorney General
3. Withholding exculpatory evidence Vice Admiral Norman
4. Instructing 9 PMO not to speak Ethics Judge
5. Stopping @rcmpgrcpolice…
2/ question to

If #JustinTrudeau committed murder and told Cabinet would he not be investigated because he claimed Cabinet confidentiality?

You have destroyed everything that Canada stands for - Rule of Law.
3/ What do think China will do with this information?

#TrudeauCorruption told China “Canada is a Rule of Law” country who cannot interfere with RCMP

2 Canadians will die because of your actions. Your job is to serve and protect 🇨🇦
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🚨 Trudeau government unprecedented corruption.

RCMP were looking into PMO for obstruction of justice so they invoked cabinet confidence to obstruct investigation

I can't express how important it is to help inform ALL Canadians

#cdnpoli #SNCLavalin…
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No matter how they come out, the #impeachment hearings that now appear to be on their way will turn out to be a long overdue family conversation and massive online civics course where we, as Americans, get to grapple with some really important questions. Leave your examples below
Please make all examples based on facts that were preserved in the #MuellerReport. You may not like his looks or style, but the man knew how to preserve a record.
Ex. 1: If a foreign power offers you help in an election, do you accept the help or do you call the FBI?
Ex. 2: If you continue to pursue potential business deals involving said foreign power, or any other entity looking to do business with you, and refuse to divest or put everything in a blind trust (or even make routine disclosures), have you made yourself susceptible to bribery?
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The House has opened an impeachment investigation against Trump

The House filed a petition to access to redacted portions of the MR re GJ testimony re Trump’s knowledge of criminal acts, RU interference in the 2016Elex election & RU connex to his campaign.

Finally, the committee seeks grand jury testimony about actions taken by former WH counsel Donald McGahn; this last request probably anticipates the committee’s rumored plans to seek an order compelling McGahn to testify.


It is settled law that House committees can obtain GJ materials as part of the impeachment inquiry.

The Constitution’s text and structure — supported by judicial precedent & prior practice — show that impeachment is a process, not a single vote & IT IS UNDERWAY!
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#RobertMueller will be testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on July 17.

Here are some crucial questions that should be asked when he testifies (Thread 👇). | Article by Jeff Carlson @themarketswork…
1) Did #AttorneyGeneral Barr in any way misrepresent your 448-page report?

#Mueller failed to identify the grand jury info in the #MuellerReport. Barr noted that “it immediately meant that you know it was going to be a period of weeks before we could get the report out.”
2) Who actually wrote Volume I and Volume II of the #MuellerReport?

At this point, it isn’t known with certainty if #Mueller had any hand in writing the report directly, or if he simply served in an oversight capacity.
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The narrative of #ObstructionOfJustice originated prior to the conclusion of the #MuellerReport. (Thread 👇)

Less than 6 months after #Mueller’s appointment, @BrookingsInst published “Presidential Obstruction of Justice: The Case of Donald J. Trump.”…
The report outlined a scenario whereby #Mueller would refer his #Obstruction findings to #Congress, which would then take up the matter and continue investigating.

The report also discussed ways Congress could #ImpeachTrump, mentioning the word “#Impeachment” 90 times.
2 of the report's authors, Barry Berke & @NormEisen, were later retained by #HouseJudiciaryCommittee Chairman @RepJerryNadler on a consulting basis as special oversight counsels to the Democrat majority staff.…
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Talk about collusion & obstruction! WH lawyers won't let Hope Hicks answer congressional questions about her time in the White House. She is a major eyewitness to multiple of Trump's obstruction crimes—documented in the #MuellerReport. It's beyond absurd. It's a criminal coverup.
FYI #HopeHicks is mentioned over 180 times in the #MuellerReport. WH legal spox Mark Corallo recently spoke about the time she suggested destroying evidence of the infamous #TrumpTowerMeeting w/ Russians. It made his "throat dry up." Then he quit. #ObstructionOfJustice #Maddow
Judiciary Chair @RepJerryNadler is rightly furious abt absurd WH "immunity" claim to prevent Hope Hicks from answering questions. Even Corallo knew convo wasn't privileged b/c no lawyer was present as they schemed to cover up Trump Tower Meeting w/ Russians. #Maddow #Obstruction
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@realDonaldTrump Another poll that was conducted by #FoxNews and released on Sunday shows that 50 percent of Americans believe the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia.
@realDonaldTrump Pundits TRIED to put the toothpaste back in the tube after you admitted to the world that you'd gleefully accept ILLEGAL help from a foreign country.

Nope - that doesn't equate to GPS oppo research, try as you might to convince otherwise.…
@realDonaldTrump Former Brit intel agent, Steele, created the dossier on behalf of Fusion GPS, a US-BASED oppo research firm that was hired to work for the Clinton campaign AFTER it was originally hired by a CONSERVATIVE website.

Steele WASN'T connected to a foreign govt. & he reported to FBI.
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*Thread* ( 5 part) on “Canadian Genocide” declaration by Trudeau

1. Every Canadian 🇨🇦 has been diminished by this false accusation
(Golfing partner said his dad served WW2 as a 17 yr - nearly lost his life w’d be devastated to know Canada been wrongfully labelled GENOCIDAL)
2. China 🇨🇳
Has already won the upper hand on Trudeau’s #ObstructionOfJustice TWICE #SNCLavalin #MarkNorman

Now China will treat us worse as we are a genocidal nation and China never declared so.
#FakeFeminist has worsened lives of Canadians in jail and trade.
3. Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Trudeau snidely tweeted about “human rights” related to a domestic criminal manner for a Saudi citizen.

Diplomatic war. No ambassador
World ignored Canada.
Now KSA will have upper hand due to our admitted Genocide

We have no moral authority on #KSA
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“Hope” @BarackObama⁩ staple
“Hope” has no measurables
“Hope” cannot be challenged
“Hope” is always positive.
“Hope” important for those you cannot act to better own future.

Real Leaders don’t “hope” but “Act”

@realDonaldTrump⁩ never speaks of ”Hope” just “Acts”
2/ Great irony @BarackObama knows #Fakefeminist Trudeau
1. No GDP growth vs Trumps 3.2%
2. New taxes vs Trumps tax cuts
3. Canadians in China jail. USA -0
4. No Canada ambassadors 3 countries -USA all
5. #ObstructionOfJustice Twice #snc and #marknorman
6. Polling 23% Trump 53%
3/ in USA since @realDonaldTrump
No cop killings
No terrorists #blm
Hate crimes down
No jihadists killings
Booming economy
Fairer trade deals
No secret $B “death to USA” iran
Record unemployment
Record Dow
No apologize for America
China confronted- not given keys to World
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Alan Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role, opinion contributor - 05/29/19
Two scenarios on Trump-Russia investigators — and neither Two scenarios on Trump-Russia…
(1 #Mueller #ExceededHisRole
#Trump #Russia #NoCollusionNoObstruction
The statement by special counsel Robert Mueller in a Wed press conference that “if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said that”... 2) #Mueller #Trump
#NoCollusion #NoObstruction #NoCollusionNoObstruction worse than the statement made by then FBI Director James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. 3)
#Comey #Clinton #nointent #extremelycareless
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Like what she and her friends did about Benghazi (2
#Pelosi #Benghazi
Like What they have done to hide Hillary Clinton's illegal server and obstruction of justice by destroying evidence. 2) #HillaryClinton
#ObstructionOfJustice #illegalserver #bleachbit #destructionofevidence
Like how Obama colluded with Russia by promising he would be more flexible after reelected - in exchange for what, we can only guess. #Obama #Russia #flexibility
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"The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion."

Russia attacked the US using a new form of warfare.

Essentially Russia invaded the US. They just used the internet instead of tanks.

Take note of this statement from page 2 of the Mueller Report.

"A statement that the investigation did not *establish* particular facts
does NOT mean there was no evidence of those facts."

Watch for use of the word "ESTABLISH".

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2. #Maddow @MaddowBlog Rachel: "How is the president not being impeached for #ObstructionOfJustice right now???" So say we all!
3. @MaddowBlog @rgoodlaw Did your office ever provide any assessment of the extent to which President Trump is acting, wittingly or unwittingly to advance the interests of the #Russian Govt; If so, has that assessment been provided in some form to Congress?…
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🔥In a recently unredacted sentencing memo for Misha🇷🇺Flynn, prosecutor say Trump allies and an unnamed person “connected to…Congress” allegedly tried to discourage Flynn from cooperating with Mueller.🤨

@GOP Reps. Devin Nunes or Dana Rohrabacher?🤔…
Mueller’s team indicated that Flynn provided “statements made in 2016 by senior campaign officials” that included discussions of reaching out to WikiLeaks.🧐

Looks like Misha gave evidence AGAINST Bannon and Stone.😎

h/t @visionsurreal…
The #MuellerReport refers to a VM left a Trump attorney shortly after Flynn withdrew from a joint defense agreement with Trump👉🏼the attorney suggests that Trump still has warm feelings for Flynn.🤢🤮

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While Former Harper ministers MacKay, Kenney and O'Toole helped #MarkNorman defence crazy MAX (Lawyer😂) not yet tweeted on Trudeau’s
- withholding exculpatory evidence
- witness tampering
- attack on military

Max is focused on attacking CPC
2/ SECOND time Max silent on Trudeau’s #ObstructingofJustice

On #SNCLavalinScandal Max (Lawyer 😂) in 2 months didn’t once tweet against Trudeau illegality.

This is more evidence that Max = Trudeau team.

Lawyer Elizabeth May spoke up.
3/ Imagine if Max not narcissist

He was Conservative Cabinet Minister and knew of #MarkNorman exculpatory evidence— as a Lawyer he c’d have worked with TEAM to help Vice-Admiral instead he’s SILENT helping vile Trudeau and he’d rather attack CPC & Tampons

That’s not a Leader.
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News Analysis 🔎 | Over the past month, there has been an inversion of people’s opinions of #RodRosenstein.

Those who praised him are now claiming he has been running interference for President Trump, while his critics have begun to reassess his actions.…
#Rosenstein submitted his resignation letter to the president on April 29, with an effective date of May 11.

Rosenstein had previously discussed his intent to resign from his post when a new #AttorneyGeneral was confirmed, following the resignation of @JeffSessions
…After the appointment of #WilliamBarr as #AttorneyGeneral in February, however, #Rosenstein stayed on to assist #Barr in guiding him through the #MuellerReport.

Rosenstein had knowledge of the more intimate details of the case and its underlying focus.
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🔥THREAD💥: Jeff Sessions (1995): "Mr. President, the Constitution of the United States requires the Senate to convict and remove the President of the United States if it is proven that he has committed high crimes while in office. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt and
to a moral certainty that President {} has persisted in a continuous pattern to lie and obstruct justice. The chief law officer of the land, whose oath of office calls on him to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, crossed the line and failed to protect the law, and,
in fact, attacked the law and the rights of a fellow citizen. Under our Constitution, such acts are high crimes and equal justice requires that he forfeit his office."

It is CLEAR Donald Trump has committed the impeachable offense of #ObstructionOfJustice.
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More than 370 former federal prosecutors who worked in GOP and Democratic administrations have signed on to a statement asserting Mueller’s findings would have produced obstruction charges against President Trump — if not for the office he held.…
It has been clear for years now Trump committed #ObstructionOfJustice. More than that, it is clear that even other Presidents in the recent past have been held to much higher standards than Trump by mant of the same people now vehemently defending Trump.
The list of prominent Republicans who, but for the (R) next to Trump's name, would be staking all of their political capital on removing Trump from office is very long. The definition of obstruction of justice hasnt changed in 25, only their patriotism.
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how many times can they destroy evidence without ANY consequences?? 😡

#Corruption #areyoukiddingmerightnow
[Oct 6, 2016] Buried in the 189 pgs of heavily redacted FBI witness interviews from the Clinton email investigation are details of yet another mystery -- abt 2 missing “bankers boxes” filled w the former secretary of state’s emails

[2016] we’ve been told Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails were permanently erased & destroyed beyond recovery..FBI notes strongly suggest they exist in several locations — & they could be recovered, if only someone would impanel a grand jury & seize them…
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1. #Maddow @MaddowBlog Rachel ON FIRE re #BarrTestimony #BarrCoverUp re #MuellerLetters. And that Trump was well within his rights to fire a prosecutor if he thought the charges against him were unfair. And that #HillaryClinton was the problem, not #PutinPuppet Trump... @DeAdder
2. #Maddow @MaddowBlog #HillaryClinton ON FIRE " #Barr is Trump's Defense Attorney, NOT the job he auditioned for, #AttorneyGeneral. "This goes to the core of whether we are a nation of laws or a nation of men." Gawd I miss @HillaryClinton
3.#Maddow #HillaryClinton tells Rachel "Get back to the business of calling witnesses who are mentioned in the #MuellerReport and begin to tell the public story." @HillaryClinton also discusses the possibility #AGBarr could be held in #ContemptOfCongress
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Well you got the no brainer right.
- Zero GDP growth- last 6 months
- Zero wage growth
- diplomatic war Saudis
- offended USA, Mexico, China, Japan, Italy, India, Philippines etc. 🇨🇦 alone in world
- Industries destroyed oil, pipelines, steel, auto, crops, softwood,
2/ you are a Lawyer 😂

- Trudeau attacked Rule of Law. Fired Attorney General for NOT #Obstructionofjustice never happened in Canada’s history- also never @Clerk_GC quit or 2 top minsters quit
Never has PM guilty of 4 Federal Ethics laws breach
3/ never had a quasi judge found a sitting Prime Minister “not credible” (lying) about his claim Aga Khan a ‘friend’

Never has PM smear a sitting Supreme Court judge (Manitoba). Are you sure you’re a Lawyer

Lawyers are unanimously offended.
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