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The mistake you're making is in assuming that maintaining a system of debt, leaving entire generations beholden to something that limits and controls their decisions and actions in ways that serve the rich, is about the economy
Similarly, reducing income disparity would help the economy. However, the problem with the economy... that it moves money around.

If you are rich, you don't want money to go anywhere. You just want it.
An even better scam, beyond merely tying people up in debt, is to do it while also making them pay for when bad debt comes knocking.

I'm not being subtle, this is leading back to the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
A mortgage is an incredibly literal way to tie someone down for the rest of their lives. You know what's even better? Have it blow up in their faces, then make their tax money pay you for the privilege, while STILL TYING THEM DOWN to a property they STILL can't pay for.
What is the last thing a monopoly wants? Competition. So you strangle the competitive environment.

What is the last thing a rich person wants? More, richer people. So... you strangle people's opportunities to leave poverty and potentially become rich.
It's not about there "not being enough to go around" or everyone being poor under socialism or some bullshit. It's about literally creating an aristocratic self-maintaining upper class which has no threats to its existance.

The end goal is not economy. It is aristocracy.
And if you realize that everything that is happening is consistent with a direct push towards creating a new aristocracy, immune to democracy, a lot of stuff falls into place, doesn't it? Consider our media.
It's not being brought back to own the libs. It's being brought back, period. Quick question; What is the difference between serfdom, the state of being locked to a certain region, and not being able to move because you can't afford to?
In Icelandic, the word for serfdom is "átthagafjötrar"; literally, "birthplace fetters." It describes the legal definition of serfdom; the lack of right to move from your place of birth. However, in Icelandic, it also refers to the inability to do so due to financial reasons.
We equate an inability to move from place to place because your finances don't allow it in the SAME TERMS as we do a legal binding, because they are the same.

Guess who can't move from their houses after the 2007 crisis. Guess what generation can't move from their parents.
Student debt is a form of control not just to tie you to a place, but to a job. It's a fetter to insure, beyond merely assuming you will be, that you will be productive. And a means of punishment if you are not. I will coin a new Icelandic word: "Lánafjötrar", loan fetters.
No one expects all those student loans to be paid. Just like no one expected those bad mortgages to be paid, if they were paying attention. The point of them is not to expect they will be repaid.

The point is to expect they will NOT.
People are using their money, investing their money, into giving you a loan, not on the expectation of repayment, but on the expectation that it will effectively lock you into serfdom to them, with the crucial difference that you probably won't even know who your lord is.
And the trick they're pulling, because they are just that greedy, is to make you in the form of taxes pay for the losses they incur because they know you can't actually escape paying it by just going someplace else like they can. They made you pay for your chains.
And isn't it an INCREDIBLE trick to show and tell the serfs that those debts fettering them CAN be paid by collective action, but then tell them they haven't been really?

To tell them we could forgive all that debt, and even paid all that debt, but the debt still remains?
The debt is the goal. Aristocracy is the goal. Feudalism is the goal. Restricting the economy is. The. Goal. The absolute last thing they want is a return to a free economy with potential competitors. They want it gone.

My prescription is medicine and exercise.
Recommended reading is this book, reviled by a lot of conservative outlets for correctly pointing out/predicting that our economy is morphing into feudalism. It gave away the game.
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