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i know there’s are a lot of people who are skeptical of demons and spirits. but I would strongly advise you to stay far away from ouija boards. I learned this the hard way as a child
so a few weeks ago I tweeted this about my aunt who lived in New Orleans. Even though she was family she was mean as hell and overall a very toxic person to be around. She would beat me and my cousins alot as children and she would always curse at us for no reason.
my aunt was into some weird shit. she owned an antique shop in New Orleans & she had a living space that was right under it. she would collected skulls and candles and set them up all around her house. My grandma thought she was heavy into witchcraft and didn’t want me over there
one day my aunt had a pretty bad stroke and had to start using a wheel chair. she had a little elevator installed in her house that would take her from downstairs where she lived, upstairs to her shop whenever she needed to go up there.
when they heard Katrina was coming, my family tried to her to come to GA, but she wouldn’t leave the shop. when the storm came, all the power went out, which meant her elevator stopped working. She got stuck under the shop when the water rose and drowned still in her wheelchair.
now here’s where the story really begins. my uncle went to N.O. and got all the stuff out of her shop when the waters receded. most of the stuff she had in there got looted but he was still able to collect some of her items she had in the room below.
my uncle bought back most of the stuff in suitcases and in bags to go thru. I was living with my aunt and uncle at the time in South GA at the time and the house they lived in is on a dirt road literally in the middle of plum fucking nowhere (pay attention that’s important) 🚩
Me and my cousin were going thru some of the bags he bought back and we found my aunt ouija board that she used to always yell and curse at us for touching. We never knew what it was we just assumed it was for kids because it has a bunch of letters on it.
My uncle used to leave us home alone alot because he worked at a fire department further into town. So one day he left to work an over night and my cousin thought it would be a good idea to play with this little board he told us not to touch.
so we get to playing with it, and on the bottom of the board there’s little instructions on how to “use it”. It told us how to communicate with spirts and summon certain loved ones who have passed on. We start asking the shit where Tupac and biggie was at.
When the shit wouldn’t let us talk to them, I came up with the AMAZING idea to ASK MY AUNT how to use it. So we asked the board to bring our aunt back to show us how to use the board. Mind you, we got every single light in the house on. I SHIT YOU NOT, the fucking power went out.
I’m pretty sure I shit myself but I was too scared to check. when the power go out and you in the middle of nowhere it’s PITCH BLACK. I was shook because it wasn’t even fuckin raining. Me and my cousin screaming and shit and for some reason we hide under the bed
We under the bed and all of a sudden shit get real quiet. I had a cell phone that I used but I had left it plugged up in the kitchen. Now this was a pretty big house so I would’ve had to walk like 100 ft in the dark to get it. My cousin was like “go get the phone”
As scared as I was, I figured if I ran it wouldn’t be as bad. So I got from up under the bed, and was gettin ready to run my 4.2 forty to the kitchen. Tell me why somebody started knocking......on.....the door. I shit you tf not. I’m finna piss on myself
My cousin said it was the ice maker. I said “how tf it’s gone be the ice maker when the power out?”. The knocking got a little bit louder at this point. Now we BOTH know it ain’t no damn ice maker. Nigga said “go see who it is”. I could’ve fought this man on god
Now at this point whoever the fuck is at this door is banging like DeKalb county police serving a warrant. The banging was super loud and remember, we in the middle of fucking nowhere. I don’t know where I got the balls from but I made my way to the door and said “WHO IS IT”
The banging stopped. I didn’t hear anything. I grab my lil flip phone and turned the flashlight on. My cousin standing behind me with a fuckin swimming pool noodle as a weapon. I was so scared I couldn’t call him a dumbass. We just ran back to the room and slid back under the bed
So we back under the bed. House still pitch black. I’m tryna call my uncle but his phone going straight to voicemail. My cousin tryna get my attention but I’m tellin him to stfu cuz I’m calling and i don’t want whoever at the door to know where we at. He pointing to the window...
The window is right above the TV where we could look up and see out of it. THERE’S SOMEBODY PEEKING THRU THE FUCKING WINDOW. A full face is pressed on the glass and I couldn’t even make out who or what tf it was. At this point my heart beating so fast I think im bouta pass tf out
My cousin is fucking losing. It’s tears and snot all over the floor but I got my hand over his mouth telling him to be quiet. Whoever is at the window is literally scratching it and in the creepiest ducking voice I ever heard said “I.......CAN......SEe......YOu”
I grab my cousin by the shirt, pulled him from under the damn bed and darted to the next room over. I didn’t even look in the direction of the window, but all I heard was screaming & banging on it as i ran out. All the windows that were hangin up in the room fell from the banging
We get to the next room, close the door, lock it and jump in the closet with my cousin. My uncle kept an old rifle in there but I didn’t even know how to fuckin use it. I notice it’s a little breeze in this dark ass room. The fucking
im so fuckin scared I literally cant even move. I KNOW I gotta close this window but I dont wanna fucking go near it. I can remember it like it was yesterday. But I don’t hear the banging anymore. I thought whoever it was left, but my cousin said “WHAT IF THEY COMIN TO THIS SIDE”
I run over to the window with this rifle I don’t even know how to use, and I figured I would close the window as fast as I could and run back to the closet. I get to the window...Now this is the triggering part...
my bad y’all my damn phone died and then the shit decided to update. My FBI agent bouta text me and say “FINISH THAT SHIT NIGGA” lmao but okay lemme continue
I’m tryna close this window, but it’s an old house so it take a good amount of strength to close it. My uncle has this big plantation field right in front of the house. I look out the window and I SWEAR TO GOD I saw somebody standing out on the edge of the field
My cousin still in the closet was finally able to find the flash light and he tossed it to me. I shine the light in the field and before I get a chance to really see who tf this is they start RUNNING TOWARD THE HOUSE. THIS WINDOW STILL NOT CLOSING
I PICK UP THE FUCKING SHOTGUN AND JUST START PULLING THE TRIGGER. IT’S NOT FUCKING FIRING. THIS PERSON IS LIKE 10 FEET AWAY FROM THE WINDOW AND WONT STOP. My dumbass throw the rifle out the window at whoever it is, run out the room, close the door and run to the living room.
Me and my cousin in the living room. I’ve literally accepted the fact that we both bout to die because I left the window open & I just know whoever or whatever tf that was bout to find us. I tell this nigga I love em. I hug him. Then in the middle of the hug I saw lights outside.
HEADLIGHTS. Somebody outside! I’m looking out the window from behind the couch and I can see a big ass F-250 truck outside. This is the old white man who live on the other side of my uncle property. It’s him and his fuckin wife. They wanted to see if our power was out too
Me & my cousin just run out the side door house & toward this nigga truck. We tell him everything in like 7 seconds. He told us to stay in the truck with his wife & he pulled out his YeeHaw Clint Eastwood lookin pistol. I aint never been more excited to see a white man in my life
I noticed that the window in the room we were just in was closed now. I told his wife that somebody was definitely in the house now & she is literally screaming at him to get out the house but he not answering. She called 911 & made them send every available officer this town had
This man finally come out the house, and run back to the truck. We drove back to his house and waited for the police to show up. I finally got thru to my uncle and he wasn’t answering because they were on a fire call. He came right back to the house as the police showed up
The police searched the entire house and didn’t find anything. No signs of forced entry. No scratches on the windows. No dents on the doors. The only thing they found was ALOT of water on the floor and in the halls. They asked us if we had been playing in the water and we said no
We told the police the whole story, but these niggas treated us like we were just little kids seeing things. I KNOW WHAT TF I SAW & they wrote it off as just us being up too late. My uncle took us to stay at the fire station that night. You fuckin pay me to stay in that house.
The next morning, my uncle and a few of the other fireman we back out to the house. They went in the house, got the ouija board, took it out in front of the house and burned it. My uncle and his wife got a preacher to bless the house, but I still never went back there.
To this day that whole series of events was the most traumatic shit I ever went through. I’ll be 26 next week, and I still remember everything that happened that night when I was just 13.
I don’t wanna believe that was really my aunt. At the end of the day, I know she was mean but I don’t think she would wanna hurt us. I still think that was some kinda demon or evil spirit, but I still can’t explain why they police found water on the floor. Maybe it was her...
I remember talking to my uncle about the next day. He said that when he found the rifle I was using, it didnt have the safety on it. Which means there was NO reason it shouldn’t have fired. It was fully loaded. I still think about that every single day.
I appreciate y’all letting me tell this story. It helped me get the memories out. It’s been like 10 years since I told it.
sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors. I was scared all over again just typing this story. I just told my professor the whole thing and he think I should contact Netflix 😂
this was almost the exact same conversation me and my cousin had when i told him i threw the gun out the window

“What if the water on the floor represented his aunt who drowned?”

“What if his aunt came back to save them from the demon?”

“What if it was really just his uncle and the white man trying to scare them all along just for shits and giggles?”

me rereading my own story:
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