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Business has never been better for oil and gas producers.

Here's why share prices can move even higher from here, in this Golden Age of Oil and Gas Producers 🧵
(1/13) Improving fundamentals have renewed interest in oil and gas equities, and a once left-for-dead sector is seeing share prices rising. Yet even with recent outperformance, there's room to run as oil equities catch up to Oil and the broader market:
(2/13) And while rising commodity prices have undeniably been a tailwind for E&Ps, their business models and balance sheets have improved markedly since the last cycle high. Cash flows have nearly doubled from levels achieved in 2014, a time with a similar oil price:
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Does #gut #microbiota interact with #microglia in the #aging #brain? Are microglia metabolically affected (#mitochondria)? Does #diet take part? any #translational data?
Our paper made it last week in @NatureNeuro
so it's about time for a 🧵!… Image
1. Microglia from aged and young-adult #male & #female mice, under SPF or #germ_free conditions were profiled by bulk #RNAseq. We identified a gene-set, which depended on the housing condition regardless of #age & regulate central processes in microglia. "Microglial GF signature" Image
2. Utilizing #WGCNA, we found major differences between microglia of SPF and GF mice in the aged groups. But do we see any functional difference on a cellular level? Image
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🇪🇸 ¿Cómo ha ido el mes de febrero en Twitter con las 755 cuentas pertenecientes a la Administración General del Estado?

🎯 Abro hilo con los principales datos

🔘En este excel tenéis todos los datos de las 755 cuentas de la #AGE 👇…
Datos globales de las 755 cuentas Twitter 🇪🇸

☑️ Comunidad total 👉 24.736.690
☑️ Tuits propios 👉 41.321
☑️ Retuits difundidos 👉 21.641
☑️ Media % compromiso sus comunidades 👉 0,26%
☑️ Retuits conseguidos 👉 288.816
☑️ Favs conseguidos 👉 977.559
☑️ Tasa conversación 👉 23%
🇪🇸 Cuentas #AGE con más seguidores (febrero 2022):

1⃣ @policia
2⃣ @RAEinforma
3⃣ @guardiacivil
4⃣ @museodelprado
5⃣ @CSIC
6⃣ @interiorgob
7⃣ @museoreinasofia
8⃣ @desdelamoncloa
9⃣ @sanidadgob
🔟 @Defensagob
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🇪🇸 ¿Cómo ha ido el mes de enero en Twitter con las 624 cuentas pertenecientes a la Administración General del Estado?

🎯 Abro hilo con los principales datos

🔘En este excel tenéis todos los datos de las 624 cuentas de la #AGE 👇…
Datos globales de las 624 cuentas Twitter 🔴

☑️ Comunidad total 👉 23.923.496
☑️ Tuits propios 👉 30.888
☑️ Retuits difundidos 👉 16.845
☑️ Media % compromiso sus comunidades 👉 0,20%
☑️ Retuits conseguidos 👉 288.703
☑️ Favs conseguidos 👉 1.012.269
☑️ Tasa conversación 👉 23%
📌Cuentas #AGE con más seguidores (Enero 2022):

1⃣ @policia
2⃣ @RAEinforma
3⃣ @guardiacivil
4⃣ @museodelprado
5⃣ @CSIC
6⃣ @interiorgob
7⃣ @museoreinasofia
8⃣ @desdelamoncloa
9⃣ @sanidadgob
🔟 @Defensagob
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please, can you help me understand? …thanks [easy read w/ @threadreaderapp unroll ]

Public Announcement:
Legal language "irrevocable" replaced by even harder to understand to I am safe to say most people who need #unemployment by
To summarize,
if you qualify in FL, and want
to apply for #unemployment, #GovernmentState requires to provide for Government Benefits,
required to collect by
* Facial Biometrics:
* Voiceprints:
it simply means, do as WE GOVERNMENT STATE says, or no benefits!

If you have #journalist #report
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for context
of what is to come 🙏

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to speak up
7 years self-funding living expenses
Jan 6 will be anniversary!

IMHO, #NDA #NonDisclosureAgreements destroy lives of #courageous and #brave
I did #woman #alone what not
even an army of lawyers could or would dare!
The price: as breaking glass! from
#mirror (not crawling) joke about 7 years…
#7years single because I don’t date unless I earn in my profession with two masters degrees #columbiauniversity
#novasoutheasternuniversity #NSU #NewYork
#Miami #FortLauderdale
#7years self-funding and no one in my “professional” circle knows. Recently, as I suggested idea I would wait tables all said NO (because they don’t know I can’t get hired after over 5,000 applications!)
and all I do is KEEP LEARNING MORE (because it is
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Rejuvant®, a potential life-extending compound formulation with alpha-ketoglutarate and vitamins, conferred an average 8 year reduction in biological aging…
Alternatively, you could go with something like this:

Amino acids whose intracellular levels change most during aging alter chronological lifespan of fission yeast…
#aminoacids #lifespan #chonological #age
And this:

Independent and Additive Effects of Glutamic Acid and Methionine on Yeast Longevity…

#longevity #age #lifespan
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/19/2021…
Respiratory Aerosol Emissions from Vocalization: Age and Sex Differences Are Explained by Volume and Exhaled CO2…

#RespiratoryAerosolEmissions #vocalization #age #sex #volume #CO2Exhalation
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🇪🇸 ¿Cómo ha ido el mes de septiembre en Twitter con las 624 cuentas pertenecientes a la Administración General del Estado?

🎯#Abrohilo con los principales datos

🔘En este excel tenéis todos los datos de las 624 cuentas de la #AGE 👇…
Datos globales de las 624 cuentas Twitter 🔴

☑️ Comunidad total 👉 23.344.109
☑️ Tuits propios 👉 37.826
☑️ Retuits difundidos 👉 22.276
☑️ Media % compromiso sus comunidades 👉 0,28%
☑️ Retuits conseguidos 👉 377.317
☑️ Favs conseguidos 👉 1.241.936
☑️ Tasa conversación 👉 22%
📌Cuentas #AGE con más seguidores (Septiembre 2021):

1⃣ @policia
2⃣ @RAEinforma
3⃣ @guardiacivil
4⃣ @museodelprado
5⃣ @CSIC
6⃣ @interiorgob
7⃣ @museoreinasofia
8⃣ @desdelamoncloa
9⃣ @sanidadgob
🔟 @Defensagob
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Hace unas semanas publicaba en @Newtral dos artículos desgranando la presencia digital de la Administración General del Estado (#AGE):……

Hoy abro hilo con los datos Twitter de los 624 perfiles durante el 1er semestre del 2021 👇
Todos los datos analizados de los 624 perfiles de la Administración General del Estado os los podéis descargar en este excel 👇…

Los 624 perfiles pertenecen a cuentas de organismos de la AGE y organismos adscritos a ella.
Datos globales de las 624 cuentas TW:

☑️ Comunidad total 👉 22.834.890
☑️ Tuits propios 👉 252.783
☑️ Retuits difundidos 👉 153.628
☑️ Media % compromiso sus comunidades 👉 0,2%
☑️ Retuits conseguidos 👉 2.562.161
☑️ Favs conseguidos 👉 7.929.723
☑️ Tasa conversación 👉 32%
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Stroke outcome #prognostication

☝️#Stroke clinicians are routinely asked by patients and families regarding prognosis.
🧠The cognitive process underlying prognostication is #complex, poorly understood, and sometime #biased by personal experiences Image

#Fact: Clinicians, even those with expertise in stroke, perform poorly in predicting clinical outcomes
In this case-based study, overall accuracy for predicting death or disability at discharge was <20%😩
#JURaSSIC… Image

☝️Several prognostic #models have been developed to aid prognostication after ischemic stroke
These models #outperform clinician #judgment in predicting stroke outcomes
@GeorgeNtaios Image
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El artículo que he publicado hoy en @Newtral trata de aportar algo de información sobre la Administración General del Estado en las redes sociales:…

Abro hilo 👇
Como incluyo en el artículo, el hecho de hacer un mapeo general de redes de la #AGE no es una idea original. Está basada en el libro " Las Redes Sociales en la Administración General del Estado" de @AnaIbarzMoret y @rafarubio…
✔️¿Qué organismos he monitorizado?

🔹Presidencia del Gobierno y los 22 ministerios

✔️ ¿Cuántos perfiles en redes y webs he conseguido localizar?

🔹 2.358 en 19 plataformas digitales diferentes
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1ère partie
du 46ème #point #presse #sanitaire #Genève

- ⚠️Bcp moins de #tests (+ d'#autotests?)
- #âge médian de 60 ans pr les hospis
- Turn-over entrée/sortie importante pr les #hospitalisations
- Durée de séjour moins longue
#Vaccination #Genève

Livraison #Moderna n'est pas arrivée avec pr csq la fermeture de #Palexpo lundi/mardi.

-Tous les RVs envoyés sont confirmés.
-Aucune annulation de RV.
-Tous ceux qui ont eu 1ère dose auront leur 2ème dose.
-RV envoyé qd on est sûr d'avoir les doses
Nouveaux "centres" de vaccination vont ouvrir:
- Un centre à #Cologny
- et un nouveau #modèle (avec des #RV pris en direct auprès de sa pharmacie de quartier)
uniquement auprès des Pharmacie Populaire
(20 #officines ds le #canton)
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1. Point Sanitaire 23/04 #Genève

-Quasi que du #variant #britannique
-Quelques variants #brésiliens / #sudafricains
dont contamination intra-communautaire (pas que retours de voyage). #Enquêtes d'#entourage précise et + intense pour ces variants
-Pas variant #indien pr l'instant
2. Vaccination #Genève
▪️74 et +: Bcp de vaccinés doses 1+2
▪️65-74: bcp de 1ères doses, pas encore de 2ème (ça ne fait pas 4 sem. que vaccination ouverte)
▪️45-64: bcp de #vaccinosenthousiastes ds cette tranche d'âge. Vaccination a commencé. #Palexpo
3. Vaccination #Genève


▪️Priorité 1:
- 65 et+
- femmes enceintes avec critère vulnérabilité

- 45 et+
- collaborateurs (prof de santé)
- personnes avec critère de vulnérabilité qq soit âge
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Impressive work by @ahti_Ams.
A dashboard which predicts (or visualises) hospital admissions and ICU admissions as the #SARSCoV2 infection rate goes up.
Granular view of all #Dutch municipalities.
#covid19nl Image
This dashboard enables you to see the course of #covid19 based on the risk factors in that particular region or municipality.
Risk factors- #age, livability index, multiple generations cohabiting, #asthma, #COPD and #diabetes type 2.
The basis for this dashboard is this research paper from @BMCMedicine from #UK.
Interesting risk prediction visualization @mzelst @edwinveldhuizen?…
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📌The countdown has begun..💫We are just about to take you off on a marathon of tweets with our Hon’ble Minister @drharshvardhan as part of the track 1 #consultations of #STIP2020 🎉

#sciencepolicy #scipol #science #ScienceRising #ScienceTwitter #Science4Policy
Tighten your seatbelts we are going LIVE in 3⃣,2⃣,1⃣….. Here we go!

#ChatWithDrHarshVardhan on

@mygovindia @IndiaDST@PrinSciAdvGoI @Ashutos61 @guptaakhilesh63@ChagunBasha@nimita_pandey
Good afternoon everyone! 🌞🌦️
Welcome to In Conversation with Dr. Harsh Vardhan @drharshvardhan, Hon’ble Minister of S&T @MoHFW_INDIA @moesgoi

Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatWithDrHarshVardhan
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There's a big difference between HAVING data at this level of #granularity, and PUBLISHING it.

Providing #age, #sex and street #address is not "#anonymised"; more like mildly #deidentified - and almost certainly still #PersonalData.

What the UK's "getting wrong" is a failure... adequately #test - and further, a failure to get (positive) test results to where they are NEEDED.

Would you prefer your #COVID19 #diagnosis to be #published, or to get to you, your #GPrecord and to the #PublicHealth teams who are the ones having to manage things locally?
Data is not magic, and to be useful it must be done right.

Greater #transparency of the #systems, their #performance, and the people who are #using our data (and for what) would inspire greater #trust than putting 300,000+ people's on the web.

Assuming things were working, ofc.
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Possibly achieved the greatest accomplishment of my #ottbike life today I am so darn excited guys I don't even know where to start...!
I didn't do anything except for ask (&keep asking) for data from @ottawacity Traffic Services. Phil Landry at the city agreed to dedicate student(?) hours into counting the number, approx age, & gender of cyclists based on the Level of Traffic Stress at different locations
So now there is #data for 19 different locations in the city where we not only have demographic information (subjective, assessed by observers), but also the Level of Traffic Stress. I had some questions driving my desire for this data.
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Cool #Senescence paper #2, in @JCI_insight:….

@marissa_schafer, Xu Zhang, @NKLeBRASSEUR & team dive into the details of SASP, the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype first discovered in the Campisi lab @BuckInstitute.
SASP is a prime suspect for how #Senescent cells cause #Inflammation, #Cancer and #Fibrosis. But SASP is a mix of many secreted proteins, so the @MayoClinic looked closely at 24 factors.
1st, they show which factors are secreted by different cell types (in culture).
Next, and more exciting, they measured which SASP factors increase with age in human blood. #ChronicInflammation is an important mechanism of aging, but really defining #ChronicInflammation is hard and often not even attempted. So this detailed analysis is great.
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