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What does it tell you when out of 535 politicians in Congress, not a single one will address the 12,000+ plus pedophiles, child pornographers, and child molesters who have been arrested since President Trump's inauguration? Some incidents there are thousands rounded up at a time.
It's not just an American problem, there are no doubt global pedophiles online, and child-sex trafficking rings spanning the globe.
It's one of the most profitable illegal industries on the planet; making more than firearms traffickers/arms-dealing.
Close to surpassing narcotics.
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#NoOneAboveTheLaw #Minnesota #Hibbing #Chisholm #IronRange faction of the grander #DeepState #ChildTrafficking #CriminalCabal 👈👈 #SheKnew

#PedoGate #PizzaGate #PedoGateNews #PizzaGateIsReal
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(1) Has DISNEY become an International #HumanTrafficking Organization? Lets go down the #FollowTheWhiteRabbit hole and take a little Peek into the “Wonderful World of Disney” to connect a few dots... 🧐#PedoGateNews #PizzaGate #WhereAreTheChildren #DACA @realDonaldTrump
(2) Recently DISNEY Announced their New Global Initiative: To improve Children’s Hospitals WW... 🧐 The first Hospital to partner with them is the Texas Children’s Hospital located in Houston. #WhereAreTheChildren #ChildTrafficking
(3) Years of research taught me to notice patterns...Two Very Common Themes used to Mask International #HumanTrafficking Rings are “Environmental & Humanitarian Initiatives”- False Fronts that look like Acts of Kindness but hide Insidious Dark Agendas...…
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Let's have a serious talk about the hyprocrisy of @ABC @Disney

This past two weeks they've been exposed for hiring MULTIPLE pedophiles after cancelation of @therealroseanne

Now- 660 FELONY CHARGES against employees of DISNEY WORLD by the Polk County Sheriff's Office- KARMA-
Hey thank you @PolkCoSheriff

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is a HERO

This is the SECOND YEAR Operation Guardians of Innocence has brought down an EMPIRE of Child Pornography

This time? Happening inside of DISNEY WORLD'S RANKS-


Thanks to ALL of the Dept
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Hmmm, then why are they so evasive with the clients they serve? ...aka their BOSS, THE PUBLIC! Can't get an email confirmation from Minnesota St. Louis County Social Service Public Aid concerning a faxed online file of proofs?!…
Not to mention I was in person at the office yesterday and no one could look to see if they were received and sufficient for what they need?! One specific is a so called Triage Worker who's title insinuates they PROVIDE A SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC BASED ON DEGREE OF URGENCY!
Rory👇IS NOT who I refer to above. I emailed the same fax file to a Triage Social Worker yesterday, (shoulda been in her email inbox upon her arrival at work) morning & heard notta back! Not to mention the front desk couldn't check?!
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#Cemex is hot news. I wondered if the 330 trucks in west Hollywood were from Cemex last night. Who knows. I was on the google earth and noted oddities that are pricking my brain. #QAnon has caused me to see #Q everywhere. This is the only nearby place to the #VOP site.
Across the dirt road from there....
That logo looks a lot like the Cemex one.
See 👇 quik trip
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Alright guys this is a HUGE story and the Mainstream Media aren't touching it (you know why)

Veterans on Patrol is the organization who found this-

Now listen- CEMEX? The company which is believed to be involved with it?

You already know The Goldwater is going to report this
This is HUGE-
Local media outlets are covering it but they're being VERY sketchy with their reporting
Welp- their entire mantra is "pretend #PedoGate isn't happening"
#QAnon 👇🏻👇🏽
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#QAnon #POTUS #PedoGate
AZ Volunteer
We welcome the time and energy of community members to help address the issues of human trafficking in our community and to help us provide support, outreach, advocacy, and intervention to those who have been affected.
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(1) THEORY: How is “what @theRealRoseanne said about Valerie Jarrett” related to #ChildSexTrafficking? #PizzaGate?#PedoGate ? #WhereAreTheChildren? and why is 💥👉New York 👈💥and DC significant? Let’s go down the #FollowTheWhiteRabbit hole.... @realDonaldTrump #PedoGateNews
(2) basically Roseanne Barr said that Valerie Jarrett looked like a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes... ABC Fired @therealRoseanne for the alleged “Racial?” Remark... In a comical way it describes Valerie Jarrett quite accurately.👇Note pictures 👇
(3) and the Liberal Media goes crazy attacking @therealroseanne the false RACIAL narrative” 🤦‍♀️ “Roseanne Barr Apologizes for Racially Charged Valerie Jarrett Tweet” Conservatives know that She is not a Racist... May 30th tweet from @therealroseanne 👇
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'87, Simandl told Star Tribune “It’s a very complex subject that makes street gang activity look like a nursery school rhyme It’s not a pleasant topic, but I believe it’s going to be the crime of the '90s”

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#WhereAreTheChildren? Who are the Sponsors? Foster Parents? THESE 2014 numbers are staggering!!! @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump #ChildSexTrafficking #PedoGateNews #PizzaGate…
27,840 in 2015
52,147 in 2016
42,497 in 2017
16,220 in 2018
@realDonaldTrump @BarackObama…
No Coincidence that the immigration courts designated for unaccompanied minors are clustered around those very same high #HumanTrafficking States too! 🤦‍♀️ Holy Crap! #WhereAreTheChildren?? or should we asking Who knows Where the bodies are buried? 😪 #QAnon #PedoGateNews
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Alabama's Largest Child Porn Ring Bust in State History Indicts a Pedophile on 6,547 Charges w/ 10 Victims
#PedoGate #PedoGateNews
#FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation
#Alberto #MemorialDayWeekend #NationalWineDay #PatriotsFight #QAnon #LockThemAllUp… #news
Time for that talk again, America-

This man wasn't just caught with a ton of videos or pictures


That's unheard of.

In Alabama? That's 1 to 10 years for every Class C Felony Charge-

As usual, it's worse
There were AT LEAST ten confirmed children who 50-year-old Jeffrey Dale Hunt (Pictured in the Mugshot on the original Tweet, another picture here) Ten confirmed children who are locals, which were subjected to being filmed for Child Pornography videos / images inside the home
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🚨In or from Minnesota? Close to 30-40 within 5 yrs., if I had to guess🆘️ All with ties to the #Podesta #Clinton #Cult, Clark's and my family👊 #ThesePeopleAreSick 👈 #PedoGate #PizzaGate #PizzaGateIsReal #PedoGateNews
I forgot about Glen Saarinen, my cousin Renee's (Sinnott) husband.…
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#PedoGateNews Dispell the Myths and add to the understanding of ⬇️
Since I can’t spell worth shit. Here are other things I can point out without going to twatter jail. The term Pizza-Gape came from the Skippy -Pizza obsessed e-mails. Is the owner of Ping-Ping James The Elephant a Pedo/creep? Yes, just like his Uncle Joe Creep.
Does James the Elephant have Cheese Pizza ie CP or Child Porn on his Hardrive, probably-He is a Creep. Does he use the Ping-Ping to Traffic Kids? Well if you have the Unlimited finance and reach of the State Department. Do u need too? Not Really
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Dark net #ChildPorn site "#Elysium" raided by German Police; it's 111,000 members are now...OFFLINE!


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Pedophile stories from the last year in Florida alone:
30-year-old Steven Michael Truax Junior now faces a whopping 32 counts of possession of child pornography
#PedoGate #Florida…
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agents Bust Pedophiles using Dropbox for Child Porn Ring…
Florida Man Gets 330 Years For Child Pornography…
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They've been in the #ChildTrafficking, #OrganHarvesting black market business since 1984. What say you #Congress? 👈Explain!
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Dear black people in America still talking about slavery,

Here's the real problem. You think your slavery was special.

That's why liberation from the shackles of your mind @RealCandaceO and @kanyewest are offering bothers you

And you'd rather feel special than be #FreeThinkers
But the enslavement of your ancestors, while atrocious, and utterly and absolutely crimes against humanity, WAS NOT SPECIAL. There are between 21 and 46 million people enslaved worldwide, right now, as you sit arguing on Twitter.
An estimated 800,000 human beings are traded as slaves across international boarders every single year. To put that into perspective, in the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade (1525-1866) about 388,000 human beings were brought from Africa to North America as slaves.
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After the Royals Rosemary Baby thing I said that's it
The last red pill
But that was Friday
This is Monday
I began wondering why Q posted about the #EmmyAwards
Like seriously, why??
Why he said Red carpet event
#QAnon #Qanon8chan #QArmy #TheGreatAwakening
The Emmys are the awards of the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Or backwards, SATAN
No joke

#QAnon #QArmy #QAnon8Chan #TheGreatAwakening #EmmyAwards #PedoWood #PizzaGateIsReal #Weinstein #SpiritCooking #PedoGateNews
Google satan backwards
The first thing that comes up?
Why, The Emmys!
Of course!!
It's almost like a satanic ritual in plain sight...🙄

#QAnon #QArmy #QAnon8Chan #TheGreatAwakening #EmmyAwards #PedoWood #PizzaGateIsReal #Weinstein #SpiritCooking #PedoGateNews
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🤔What is with the state police, period❓ Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension #MNBCA & #NorthDakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) reasonably suspect as involved⁉️ 👈
#PedoGate #PedoGateNews #PizzaGate #PizzaGateIsReal #TheGreatAwakening
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Texas Democrat Mark Benavides was found guilty on six counts of continuous trafficking of persons earlier this month 👇🏻

Also this Month, Democrat Mayor who is Anti-Gun, Bill De Blasio's was Deputy Arrested after Firing a 9mm with the Serial Numbers Scratched Off👇🏻
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Catholic Priest in the Vatican Arrested for Child Pornography-

This article reports the DOZENS of arrests of Pedophiles in the Catholic Church since Trump took Office
#ThesePeopleAreSick #QAnon #GreatAwakening #PedoGate
#Münster #FeelPretty… #news
In February 2018
Pedophile Priest in Idaho Arrested with Child Pornography, LSD, Ecstacy
November of 2017:
In the #Bronx
96-Year-Old Monsignor Harry J. Byrne not only possessed child pornography but would take them to other Priests to share the disturbing images and videos of children being raped.…
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