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VIXX - RaKen / KenVi 🔞

AU where Wonshik is a mafia leader. His brother was killed by someone from the Lee family. His nickname is Ken. Now he's looking for revenge to end the war and give his younger sister a normal life.
Revenge is all that's left? He want a normal life too...
This story is a collaboration with @Smilehoyaaa 🖤
This story may contain vulgar vocabulary, violence, scenes of abuse and scenes that may cause anxiety. If you are sensitive, please do not read this.
It was this day. That day his brother died. He felt pain in his chest that he had worn since that day. He remembered the blood, remembered the shots, remembered the smell of the hospital, and how cold it was at the cemetery that day. And he hated that memory.
"Ravi." he heard and looked up from the laptop screen. Besides, he didn't move at all. "He's here."
"Let him come in." he mumbled and leaned against the chair.
Jung Taekwoon entered the office. His cold expression and white hair fits together perfectly. He kept the briefcase.
"Do you have everything?" he asked the guest.
"No." he replied shortly.
"So why are you here?" he growled. Taekwoon didn't move.
"I've been working for you for years, and yet you still doubt me." he sighed and sat down in a chair. He opened the briefcase.
"You know I don't like unnecessary talk this is too important. What do you have?"
"This." he took out some photos and notes. "He's been away from Seoul for a long time. I will continue to search."
"Ken." he hissed, looking at the picture of the target.
"Once I get him in my hands..."
"I also know what it his real name, but it's possible that it could have changed already. "
"Okay, continue, keep me update." he reached down and dipped his fingers into the wolf's fur that sat at his side.
He patted his neck. He didn't take Taekwoon off his eyes when he got up and headed for the exit.
"Taekwoon." Wonshik stopped him.
"You are the best sniper I could have in a team. I trust you."
"Good." he only replied and left.
Wonshik took the picture and looked again. Full, large lips. Slightly pointed ears. He had to find him.
Ken's brothers also looking for him. What he already knew. If Wonshik finds him first, he will gain an advantage over them.
He will be able to complete his revenge and maybe end the war that has never ended for years. A war that consumed almost all of his family. Only Jiwon was left. She was only eleven years old. He didn't want her growing up in such an environment. He was tired himself.
He would sacrifice his life for her, but this world forced him to give not only his dignity. Innocence and the chance to make his own decisions also was taken from him.
Wonshik got up and left the office. The Nightmare followed him, his head reaching out to his waist.
In the living room Sanghyuk spread his weapon around the table and cleaned each part thoroughly. His weapon braces were unbuttoned and his hair was in a mess.
"I told you not to do it here."
"I'm comfortable here." muttered Sanghyuk,
blowing into a metal fragment to get rid of any dust.
"You have half the house available. Do you really have to do it here?"
Sanghyuk sighed and began to fold his weapon, which took him about a minute. Then he reloaded it and put it on and put it in the holster.
"I'm finished. Besides, I had an eye on Jiwon. She's playing in the garden." he stood up and walked to the open door of the terrace.
Wonshik approached and also looked. His little sister was sitting on the grass, teasing the little kitten with a string.
She was the last person he care about. Of course he cared for his companions, but that was his little sister, his family.
He remembered the evenings when their father had a fit of madness. Wonshik hid Jiwon in one of the rooms and locked her up for safety.
He felt a shiver on the back of his neck. These evenings usually began when his father grabbed his neck.
"Jiwon." said Wonshik gently, and smiled.
"Oppa!" she stood up and ran to him, squeezing him tightly. He lifted her up and held her in his arms.
"How's the kitty?"
"He is the best! I love him very much. Thank you again!" she kissed him on the cheek.
"Ah, you're too kind. Sanghyuk helped me find him." he put her on the ground. Jiwon came over and embraced Sanghyuk as well.
"I love you very much, thank you!"
"You're welcome." Sanghyuk laughed
and patted her lightly on the head.
"Jiwon, I have to do some things. I should go back to the evening. I'm sorry that I leave you alone again." he crouched to face her face.
"Don't worry, oppa." she said confidently in her voice. "I'm big girl."
"I don't doubt it. I'll ask Hongbin to come to you, hmm?"
"Yes, Hongbin is great!"
"I know."
Sanghyuk pursed his lips so that he didn't laugh. Wonshik poked him with his arm as he stood up. Jiwon loved Hongbin, but Hongbin was always very nervous and worried.
Wonshik trusted him. They have been friends for years. However, even he felt anxious, being aware that Hongbin can create any kind of poison. Undetectable, unintelligible. You might as well not know that you are poisoned. This is the gentle, friendly option. When he cares.
Worse option - when the poison kills slowly and painfully. Wonshik saw this many times. And he was happy about their brtohership. And even when Hongbin joked during their quarrel:
"I poison you." he never underestimated him. He was always aware of his skills.
He left Jiwon with a kitten and headed to the back of the house. He took the elevator to the basement, which was transform into a laboratory. Hongbin stood among the vials, test tubes and flasks. The air was sour and spicy. "I'm leaving. Will you stay with Jiwon?" he asked.
Hongbin sighed, looking at the liquid in the test tubes he was holding right in front of his eyes. The color changed.
"Whenever I have a good day, you pull me away from my activities."
"I know, but it's urgent. Besides, there is no one to poison, you don't have to be so diligent"
Hongbin looked at him from under his eyebrows. He had such a creepy expression on his face then.
"There's always someone to poison, Wonshik."
He sighed. Hongbin often did it. He was creepy. That's why he preferred him to be with Jiwon. So he changed into a sweet older brother.
"I need to see Hakyeon. It may take a while. Please, keep an eye on her."
Hongbin made a wry face and judge him by his sight.
"Really, after all these years and after all this we've been through, you should know that she is as important to me as it's to you. I will stay with her.
We have a tv series to catch up."
"No Criminal Minds! She's too small for that."
"She's intelligent and capable. She will be my assistant very soon. Be careful what you eat." he laughed. Wonshik sighed and headed for the exit.
"Ah, and greet Hakyeon from me
I fucked him once and I think he fell in love. Tell him that he can forget about romantic date he dream about. I'm not a /in relationship/ type."
"You're awful. And I'm not interested in what you do after hours."
"Who said it was after hours?" he smiled maliciously. Wonshik left.
Wonshik parked his matte black Audi R8 near. He walked the rest of the way on foot. The florist was on the corner. He could smell the flowers from afar.
He went inside. A small bell above the door made a soft, sweet sound. Wonshik took off his glasses and looked around.
"Thank you, see you later!" he heard Hakyeon's voice and moved toward the counter. He passed an elderly lady carrying a bouquet of flowers.
Hakyeon looked inconspicuous. He was known in the area as a nice guy who always smiles. Gentle, good, honest.
"Wonshik!" Hakyeon said with a smile. "You are here finally. Go to the back room. I will close the door." he turned the sign to /closed/.
Wonshik went ahead as always. He moved the cabinet and found a small handle.
The room on the other side wasn't very big, but it was big enough to be called a warehouse,
"I have great things, you will like them. I couldn't wait to show them to you." Hakyeon spoke, coming in behind him and shut the door.
They went down a small staircase. Wonshik looked around the shelves filled with weapons. Each one was highlighted, perfectly arranged. Hakyeon was a perfectionist and the best-stocked arms dealer he knew.
"Okay, let's get to the point. I have two pistols. I kept them especially for you." Hakyeon reached into one of the drawers and pulled out one gun. "Based on Colt M1911, modernized, light weight, well balanced, single-row magazine, improved kickback.
Quicker reloading." Hakyeon efficiently presented the weapon, releasing it and pressing the trigger as if to shoot. The weapon clicked.
Wonshik looked at it closely.
"Second, improved Berreta Cougar..."
"Ah!" Wonshik smiled widely and took the gun in his hand.
"I love Berreta."
"I thought so." Hakyeon laughed. "It looks like an ordinary Berreta, but it's a goddamn work of art. There are bullets for it..." Hakyeon said nothing more, just showed. They were the right caliber, but their looked different. "They are drilling into the body."
"I take everything." he said without thinking.
"I also have a sniper rifle. Taekwoon ordered it. It's paid."
"Fine." Wonshik smiled. The new weapon always made him feel better. He looked at everything for a moment before Hakyeon packed them in black suitcases.
"So... How's Hongbin?" Hakyeon asked finally, when Wonshik was counting money.
He knew exactly what he meant and it hurt that the answer could be one big disappointment.
"Ah, he's busy." Wonshik murmured, he lied without any effort. "He doesn't leave his lab."
"He doesn't answer my messages..."
"Ah! Don't worry. He doesn't reply to anyone's message. He's a freak. I don't even know what he's doing in this basement. Why do you ask?"
"Ah, nothing, nothing." he replied and took the money, hiding in a small safe.
"No counting?"
"You wouldn't lie to me, Wonshik."
"Truth. Visit us one day. Jiwon will be happy."
"Ah, I miss this little sunshine. I will come for sure." he smiled warmly.
They went back upstairs and Hakyeon opened the florist again.
"Wonshik... What about Lee's business?"
"It is in progress. Taekwoon is looking for him."
"Well, I hope you find him quickly. I want you to finally get some peace."
"I would like it for everyone, Hakyeon, you know."
"Yes." they were silent a moment together. "Greet Hongbin and the rest of the group."
Wonshik nodded and left the flower shop.
He had to talk with Hongbin. He couldn't treat Hakyeon like that. They knew each other too well. Hongbin should know that not everyone can be treated in the same way. It won't end well.
His phone started ringing. He picked up. On the other side was a voice he least expected.
"Ravi, I know you're looking for our brother. Leave it."
"Eho." Wonshik murmured. In the rearview mirror he saw a black SUV following him.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

He walked slowly down the street. The air smelled like salt. It was a nice and brisk evening. Busan was beautiful this time of year.
He would prefer not to leave this city, but he was afraid that he can't stay in one place for too long.
"Yeonseok!" he heard and turned away. A boy with whom he worked in a fishing shop ran towards him.
"You forgot your hat, in the evening it's cool and you'll get sick again."
"Thanks, Seokjin, you don't have to worry about me that much."
"No problem. I'm going back. See you soon!"
He smiled.
Living with a new identity was everyday to him. He changed it from time to time, just as he changed his place for living. He did not enter into relationships or friendships. He couldn't attach himself to any place.
He almost lived as he wished.
No Mafia, no worries about everything. And yet... his life was still dominated by the fear of waiting. Sleeping with a gun under the pillow.
He didn't remember when he last slept well.
He felt it on the back of his neck. As if someone was watching him constantly.
He went into the grocerystore and tried to focus on what he needed. He had nothing to eat anymore. He will also need hair dyes and clothes. He knew that his time in Busan was coming to an end, though he regretted it. He liked this place.
He was standing in front of a fridge full of drinks, but he couldn't find what he wanted, so he stepped back. He felt the hit.
"Sorry!" he said, looking at the tall man standing behind him. He winced. He was tall, as hell. Skinny and there was something disturbing about him.
"Mh." the stranger muttered and watched.
"Really, sorry." Jaehwan said he continued. He will simply take water. Good enough.
The man appeared nearby. He behaved as normal. He watched vegetables, read packages, checked prices...
But his white hair and cold eyes didn't seem normal to him. Jaehwan felt a thrill at the back of his neck. However, he tried to behave naturally. He went to the checkout with a full basket. He glanced once, but he didn't see the stranger anywhere.
He paid and quickly walked towards his apartment. He couldn't run, he couldn't do anything that would raise suspicions.
He was far away and he hoped it was just his obsession, that life under pressure left its mark on him.
When he was in the apartment, he tried to calm down. He stared at the curtained windows until he came over and looked outside.
The white-haired man was there. He looked straight into his window and pulled out the phone, apparently calling someone.
"Fuck." Jaehwan whispered.
[[[Wonshik POV]]]

"Don't interrupt, it doesn't concern you." Eho said.
"This has been my concern for a long time." Wonshik answered and glanced in the mirror. SUV still followed him. But he saw another car too. And the next one. It was a raid.
"Stay in your little house and don't move, Ravi. You shouldn't interfere in some things. You're playing with fire."
"It wasn't me who started this war, Eho. We will see each other on the other side." Wonshik said and hung up. He chose Sanghyuk's number.
"I'm here." he heard and saw black Kawasaki that had just appeared from the side. If anyone knew the city well, it was Sanghyuk.
He speed up and Wonshik did the same. The engine growled loudly. He changed gear and drove in with one of the streets, twisting with a screech of tires
"Follow me. Hongbin is on the way."
"He left the city. He caught the trail."
"Shit, why now...? Okay, lead up."
Sanghyuk said nothing, just added gas. They drove straight, but after a while they began to turn. Once to the left, then to the right.
The squeaking of the tires echoed, the whirr of the engines bounced off the walls of the buildings. Eho's men were still sitting on his tail.
The street narrowed. Only one car could fit, which was convenient for Wonshik. Sometimes it was so tight, that he crushed the mirrors.
"You pay me for a mechanic." Wonshik murmured.
"What's that supposed to mean?!"
"It's better to buy a new car." Sanghyuk said. "The route doesn't end well."
"Shit, I like this car!"
He turned sharply to the side. The back of the car slipped.
The others were still close, but the SUV couldn't go any further. There were smaller cars still sitting on his tail.
Sanghyuk led him to more and more districts of the city, where space was difficult to navigate.
He trusted him, so he didn't hesitate to add gas.
They entered the warehouse area. The foes disappeared, surrounding him from both sides. The windows opened and he saw the weapon coming out
"On right." Sanghyuk said and Wonshik saw a metal container. He turned the wheel and hit the side of the car. That man lost control.
He drove into a container. Wonshik smiled and added gas again.
"They won't be fooled for the second time." he said.
"No. But we are leaving. A few kilometers from here is the exit to the tunnel."
And so it was.
Wonshik watched the second car approaching from the left.
He pulled the steering wheel as if to hit the other one, until the man drove away a few meters. It gave him a chance to take advantage. They left the warehouse area and finally got to the highway. And from there it wasn't far to the tunnel.
The tunnel wasn't long but led to a large crossroads.
"It's going to get crowded, look out." he heard Sanghyuk's voice and he didn't doubt it would be so.
There was a whole lot of cars there. Wonshik avoided every car efficiently, but it wasn't easy.
As soon as there was more space, he speed up. The opponent retreated, and Sanghyuk led him back into side roads.
Wonshik noticed an incoming call. He picked up.
"5 kilometers, between buildings."
"Got it." Wonshik murmured. Sanghyuk, disappeared from his eyes,
but he knew where to go.
They came back on the main street. Eho's people weren't there but they came from the opposite side.
"Damn it!"
"I'm not far away, jump." said Hongbin.
"You're crazy!"
"I won't deny... Jump." he murmured and Wonshik noticed Hongbin's car next to him.
"I really love this car..." he moaned and opened the door, jumping out. He rolled on the street, and his car drove straight ahead into the car driving from the opposite direction. There was a crash. Eho's people stopped at the burning car wreck. They pulled out their weapons.
Hongbin stoped with a screech of tires and Wonshik jumped inside. They moved quickly in the other direction. Hongbin's face was like a stone when he drive.
Wonshik opened the sunroof and reached for the rifle, which lay in the back seat.
He leaned his elbows on the roof.
Despite the shakes, he managed to aim at the car that followed them in pursuit. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the tire straight. The driver lost control of the car.
Car rollover and the next car drove straight into him. There were sirens in the area.
Wonshik returned to the seat. Sanghyuk left the side street on his motorbike.
"Where the hell is Taekwoon when he's needed?" Wonshik asked Hongbin.
"He called. We're going to the airport."
"He found him? Where?"
"In Busan."
Wonshik smiled to himself.
"Hakyeon has an eye on Jiwon." added Hongbin.
He trusted him as much as possible to be calm about his sister. Too much is happening for one day anyway.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

He packed only what he needed most. He couldn't risk it and stay here longer. A white-haired man could be nobody, and could be one of his brothers' people.
While living in a constant escape, you don't have too much. That's why he had everything
it fits in one bag.
He left the back of the building, heading straight for the subway station. He looked back, but he didn't see anyone.
He hoped he could get out of the city before anyone would get him.
It's also possible that he was obsessed. And no one ever chased him. Maybe he just needs to relax, take a deep breath. His brothers could let go, though he knew them too well.
Jaehwan has been one so careful over the last years.
He wanted a normal life and they couldn't make him to run the business he didn't want. Which he despised. Too many people have died. Among those people were his relatives. Even his mother, whom he loved the most, died of this shit.
He missed her every day, but he had to deal alone.
He sat in the subway, driving towards the airport.
Then he saw him. White-haired man with an empty expression on his face. He was sitting nearby. Jaehwan felt a shiver on his neck. His heart began to beat quickly.
And yet he was followed. It was no accident anymore. He couldn't stay in the subway. He had to get off early and get there another way.
He waited one more station until a larger crowd gathered in which he hid when he left the wagon.
His phone started ringing. He had to get rid of him. Seokjin called.
"Hey, what's up?" he asked, but he heard heavy breathing.
"Yeonseok" his voice trembled.
Jaehwan stopped in the middle of the pavement.
"I talked to your friend." it was his brother's voice.
"Jaegwan, please. You don't have to involve other people."
"It's not my fault that you ran like a coward. Now come here, we have to talk." he hung up.
Jaehwan looked around the station. He didn't see a white-haired man anywhere.
Jaehwan had no choice. He returned to his apartment. His brother stood at the window. Seokjin sat tied to a chair. He was pale on the face. Jaehwan freed him.
"I'm sorry..." he whispered, but Seokjin didn't answer. He just looked at him. He was trembling all over his body.
Jaehwan felt guilty. It shouldn't have happened at all.
"Go." murmured Jaehwan to him. "Go home, Seokjin, don't say anything, just go."
Seokjin stood up and headed for the exit. Jaehwan heard a click and in the next moment the man lay on the ground. In a blood pool.
"No!" Jaehwan shouted, but it was too late. He kneeled beside him, he shivered for a moment, then his eyes went out. Jaehwan looked at his brother, who was hiding his gun.
"You son of a bitch! He was innocent. He worked hard for his family!"
"Shut up." his brother murmured.
Jaehwan pursed his lips.
"I'm fed up with your puppy barking. You're coming back with me and taking care of business, as you should. You really thought we'd let you run forever?" he snorted. "You're stupid. Pack yourself. And you should know, no witnesses. "
"You didn't have to kill him..." Jaehwan hissed.
"You're so weak that I'm sick, move. You come back with me. "
"Fuck you."
Jaegwan didn't say a word, just drew his weapon and pointed it at him. Jaehwan felt a cold chill on his skin.
"I give you the last chance, unless you want to die like the coward you are, it's more convenient for me..."
Silence lasted. Jaehwan didn't say a word. But the weapon aimed at him was real. And he knew that his brother wouldn't hesitate.
The phone started ringing. He didn't stop aiming at him, Jaegwan pick up the call.
"What the fuck? You were supposed to take care of it!" he hid the phone. "Pack yourself." he growled. Jaehwan didn't answer, he took the rest of the things in his bag.
[[[[Wonshik POV]]]

They landed quickly in Busan. Taekwoon informed them regularly about the situation. One of Lee's brothers caught Ken. This became more complicated. What else to catch him, what else, try to take him back from the hands of others.
But Wonshik had to try.
It was too important. Ken was the key to everything. He could settle the whole Lee family, take revenge and end it all forever. And then he will leave and take Jiwon somewhere where she will be able to live happily. They had enough money. All he have to do
is free himself from this world. It doesn't matter that he liked to shoot. He was more interested in being free.
Taekwoon was waiting for them in one of the apartments. The window was open. He sat there, resting the sniper rifle at the window sill. Quiet. Focused.
"And how is it?" Wonshik asked.
"They're inside." Taekwoon replied. Cold, calm. When Taekwoon held his weapon, nobody shouldn't underestimated him. He never missed. Wonshik didn't know how he functioned. He appeared and disappeared. Like a ghost.
"Everyone is there?" he looked at Sanghyuk.
"Ok, let's go. We have to pull away J.L. Ken has to stay alone, when they come out, we will attack. Hongbin, Sanghyuk. Will you take care of this?"
"I counted on it." Hongbin said. "I still have a scar on my ribs that he gave me.
It's time to pay back." he smiled crookedly and checked his weapon."I have a special potion for him. I want to pour it into his throat and watch him choke."
Sanghyuk laughed.
"Let's go." he replied lightly and went out first. Hongbin followed him.
"I have a full vision. Go." he interrupted him, so Wonshik didn't waste time.
Soon shots were heard. J.L chased Hongbin and Sanghyuk. There were a few people left, but Wonshik coped with them. Until he came around the corner.
One of J.L's men rushed at him suddenly and knocked the weapon out of his hand. They stood opposite each other. Wonshik stared intently and without fear at the man's eyes.
The other one also seemed very confident. He had it at gunpoint. Wonshik was defenseless.
He raised his hands slowly.
"Ah, I'm going to shoot one of the biggest mafia bosses in a second. Any last words?"
Wonshik smiled.
"You will not shoot me." he said lazily.
"What?" the man frowned.
Wonshik knew that he was safe.
He had a advantage.
"What?! I keep you at gunpoint, and you don't have a gun!"
"Hm..." Wonshik murmured. "I have Leo." he said.
The other raised his eyebrows. Leo's name was well known in their world. With so many kills on your account, you can't not be famous.
"What..." the man began, but didn't finish his sentence. His voice fell silent with the shot. Wonshik felt the bullet pass his cheek, and then saw the trickle of blood flowing from the man's forehead. His body fell. Wonshik sighed and crossed him, going further.
"A clean shot, as always." he said.
"Mh." he heard the murmur in the bluetooth headset. Taekwoon wasn't very talkative.
Wonshik moved toward the building, where Ken was still there. His people have been there for a long time. They should have him under control.
It was good that there were more of them, though he thought he could handle it himself. In the photos, Ken looked sweet and innocent. Wonshik wondered how he managed to kill his brother. Since he was one of the better marksmen and he was so strong. Much stronger than him.
Wonshik went inside. It was quiet. The room door was open. When he came in, all his men were lying on the floor unconscious. They lived, but they were stunned.
There was only one body in the corner, but he didn't know who it was. He didn't know that person.
In the corner, a boy was sitting by the wall. His sweatshirt was far too big and his large eyes were clear and clean. He was so young. Wonshik stood still. Did he really get all those men? How could someone so small and so inconspicuous have done it alone?
They stared at each other for a long time. Motionless. Wonshik was surprised when he looked at him. His stomach tightened.
They finally met.
He had him in his hand.
Maybe others were fooled, but not him. He'd seen things like that before.
When he reached for the weapon he had recovered and aimed it at Ken, he did the same at the same moment.
They aimed at each other, staring into each other's eyes.
Now everything was going to settle.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

He hated that he was strong and capable of defeating anyone who entered the room. He had been taught it since he was a child. At first he liked it, then he saw his father killing someone.
He was too young, too sensitive, too innocent.
He seemed relieved when
a group, which he didn't know, fell into the room. He didn't want to come back with his brother. In fact, he didn't want anything anymore.
Why, then, he kept fighting? Why did he feel that nice thrill when the enemies fell unconscious to the floor one after the other?
Why did he care for them when he had a gun and he could kill them all?
Because he wasn't like his brothers.
He didn't want it. He might as well have died.
Seokjin's dead body lay where it fell. The blood had soaked into the carpet.
Jaehwan didn't realize that he cared for him.
And yet, he was responsible for what happened. He should notify his family. He should make sure he is buried.
He knew he would never come back to Busan again. They won't allow it.
He didn't care anymore. One person too many perished.
"I can stand like this whole day." said the man who was the last to enter the room. They pulled out their weapons at the same time..
He was well built. He had black, trimmed hair. His one eyebrow was cut. Probably a scar. Jaehwan stared into his eyes.
His eyes - full of fury. Hate, which he didn't understand. What did he do that someone wanted to get him so badly?
Jaehwan lowered his weapon. The man didn't move. He just frowned.
Jaehwan looked once more at Seokjin's body.
That was the sense of all this. Death of the innocent.
He stood up slowly. The man turned out to be a little taller than him. Jaehwan took a step forward, then another. He came closer, until the outstretched weapon was at the height of his chest.
"You can do it." he said dispassionately. "Just do it, I don't care."
For a moment Jaehwan hoped that he would really shoot him.
But the man stood motionless until something changed in his face. Still, he had the gun ready.
"Do you really think it will work? Puppy eyes and a request to shorten your poor life?"
"To be honest... yes, I hope so."
"I'm sorry. I need you alive." he hit him.
Everything turned black.
[[[Wonshik POV]]]

He didn't know what was wrong with this boy. He wanted to die? In his eyes he saw resignation, tiredness. He really didn't want to live?
Wonshik noticed him staring at the dead body in the corner. He needed to know that person. He killed? No. If he wanted
to kill, he would also kill his people.
He stood in front of the building, thinking. One of his men took Ken to the car. Taekwoon walked toward him, holding the sniper on his shoulder. He had a cigarette in his mouth.
"I took two more." he said in a low voice and let the smoke
out of his nose.
Wonshik grimaced.
"Throw that shit." he muttered, looking at the cigarette.
"After successful sex you also smoke."
Wonshik shook his head.
"Only you could compare killing to sex."
"And what is the difference?"
Wonshik didn't answer. There is probably none
difference for Taekwoon
Hongbin and Sanghyuk appeared a few minutes later.
"And what?" Wonshik asked.
"Nothing." Hongbin growled. "Motherfucker run away."
"And you?" Sanghyuk asked and put the gun into holster.
"Ken is in the car. We can come back."
"Cool!" they did a high five.
They came back late at night.
Jiwon was already asleep, but Wonshik went to see how he was doing. He adjusted her cover and combed her hair while sitting next to her. He knew that she missed their brother. But soon his death will be avenged.
Wonshik entered the living room.
"Do you want to keep him here?" Hongbin asked.
"For now." sighed Wonshik and sat down next to Sanghyuk.
"Just like that? He killed your brother. You should put a sack on his head and pour water on him." Wonshik looked at him and raised one eyebrow. "Ok. I can poison him for you."
"I have to think, let him sit there for now... And no!" he looked at Hongbin.
"I know this look. No poison, unless I tell you."
Hongbin snorted, but he didn't say anything.
"Hakyeon, guns are here?" he turned to him.
"Hm, yes, yes. Hongbin, can we talk?"
"About a few things."
Hongbin laughed.
"Do you want to talk about what happened a few days ago? We fucked, so what? That doesn't make us a sweet couple holding hands."
"That's not what I mean."
"That's what you mean. I told you that I'm not interested in relationship."
"Go with your business elsewhere." Wonshik said. He didn't like this.
"But there is nothing to talk about. Hakyeon, it was good, we can fuck, but don't count on anything more. Seriously."
Hakyeon had a stony expression on his face.
"Nevermind." he muttered and left.
Wonshik looked at Hongbin with disapproval.
"Don't treat him that way."
"Wonshik, he got into it by himself. He's guilty. I didn't do anything wrong..." he growled and left.
Wonshik sighed.
"Korean drama." Sanghyuk laughed. Wonshik didn't comment that.
There was a camera in Ken's room. Wonshik watched him wake up and look around the room. He didn't care if he would be comfortable. He didn't care if he cared about life or not.
The desire for revenge was so strong that he wanted to go there and beat him to death.
He clenched his fists.
He can't be fooled by his big eyes and youth. He had Lee's name and that was enough for him. He was ready to take revenge for that. His family suffered so much.
Why would he be better? Everything indicated that it was Ken.
He was seen that day, he was nearby, when the explosion occurred. And then he disappeared? Strange. Why would he run away and pretend to be someone else?
He stared at the screen.
Ken paced the room for a brief moment. Then he sat on the bed and just sat watching the wall.
Excellent. He waited for what was to come for him. Rage burned Wonshik from inside.
He couldn't think about it through that.
So he called Taekwoon and went to the training room. Boxing always cleared his mind and helped him focus on the task.
That was what he needed. Thoughtful action. He knew that Ken's death wouldn't return his brother's life, but that revenge would give him satisfaction.
During the training, he understood that it must be a long and slow process. The game in which he intended to play. He will learn
how much he can.
When Wonshik returned, he didn't even go to the shower. He went to the laboratory straight away.
"You stink." Hongbin commented, standing at his table. Wonshik didn't react. "Ah, I know why you're here." he had a creepy smile.
"Let him suffer." said Wonshik.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

He woke up and saw that he was in a strange room. His head ached and he caught her instinctively.
He didn't know where he was.
The room was simple. Only a bed, a cupboard and empty walls. Doors were closed. He could see the camera under the ceiling.
He didn't know if it was night or day. He didn't have a watch or a phone. He sat on the bed again and decided to wait.
They must know that he is not asleep anymore. And somebody will come to him soon.
He didn't know, how much time passed before the door opened.
A man came in. He didn't know him. He put a tray of food on the cupboard. He left without a word.
Jaehwan was hungry and the food looked good.
He took a bowl of soup in his hand and was about to take a spoon into his mouth when he hesitated.
Nevertheless, he ate a bit. A strange bitterness spread throughout his mouth, so he put down the bowl. Would they try to poison him?
He lay down. He felt nothing. Nothing was said to indicate poison.
The meat smelled intensely. The vegetables were topped with an appetizing sauce.
He didn't trust it. He ate two tablespoons of soup and left the rest, lying on his side, facing the wall.
Soon after, someone came and took the tray.
He fell asleep again.
He dreamed about him. Seokjin. He saw his face and there was blood everywhere. He woke up violently.
He sat down.
He pulled off his sweatshirt, feeling sweat pour out of him. His heart was beating fast. There was a glass of water on the table, but he didn't dare drink. He doubted they wanted to poison him, but they could hurt him in so many ways.
When he was too dry in the mouth
he dared only wet them. Water also seemed bitter and he knew for sure that it was some kind of game.
On the other hand, he could allow it. Even if he would die in agony...
No. He couldn't die. He didn't want to die. Not this way.
He sat on the bed, hiding his face in his hands.
He was tired of silence, hunger. Is it a day? Is it a night? If someone came, he didn't speak to him. Nobody was looking at him.
One day he couldn't stand it.
"Where am I?" his voice was hoarse. The man didn't answer. He just left.
Jaehwan rinsed his face with water and returned to bed. All he could do was sleep. But even the dream didn't help him. Seokjin's death didn't give him peace. It ripped him from the inside. Was it found? Was he buried? What about his family? He hated his brother.
Jaeho, Eho, was more calm. He was the oldest, he knew what he was doing. He had everything devised. But Jaegwan... he was the dangerous one, the one who kills without blinking. Even Jaehwan was afraid of him.
When Jaehwan was sitting in a dark room, unable to sleep, he remembered the day he got the rabbit. It was small and gray. Jaehwan loved him above all else. He cared for him. After a few months Jaegwan came to him.
"Hey, Jaehwan, how's the bunny?"
"Good! I love him so much!"
"Do you love him? Hm, but you know he'll die one day?" he combed his hair. The small six-year-old Jaehwan looked at him with big eyes.
"But he's with me for now." he said quietly.
"Hm, yeah... Hey! Would you like to shoot?"
They went to the garden and Jaegwan showed him how to shoot cans. His hands were small and clamsy, but he managed to shoot one. He smiled, proud.
"Well done, bravo Jaehwan. You're doing great. And now we need more challenge. Wait here."
Jaehwan waited for his brother to come back. He finally appeared and placed something on the lawn. When Jaehwan looked, he saw the rabbit cage.
"Time for a moving target. Shoot."
"No." Jaehwan said, scared. "No, I don't want to! Not my bunny!"
"I said, shoot, little brat!"
There was silence. Jaeghwan was furious. But he didn't care. He moved to take the animal home, but then... there was a shot. Jaehwan stared at the gray fur that was covered in blood. More and more blood. He stood and he started to shake.
Tears were running down his cheeks, but he was standing in silence.
He felt a firm grip on his shoulder. His brother whispered in his ear.
"See, I told you that it will die soon."
He left him alone.
Jaehwan cried all night. At that time, he no longer had anyone to comfort him.
He sat down, trying to shake off the memory. But it wasn't easy. He felt it under the skin. As it crawls, tries to choke him. He stood up. He paced the room, rubbing his neck. He pulled off his sweatshirt, feeling it hot. But immediately after that, he was chilled.
How many hours will it pass? How many days he couldn't even count? Will it be that way forever? They'll keep him here forever or they'll kill him? It's possible that he would rather kill him. He was like that little gray rabbit, a few moments before death.
Jaehwan cried once. Sitting in a strange room, in silence and loneliness. Have he ever experienced anything good? He didn't manage to fall in love, he didn't manage to experience real friendship. Everything was taken away from him when he reached for it.
He wanted to scream.
Still, he remembered his mother's words.
"You're good, Jaehwan, you're my little sun. Fight for yourself, be brave. Ah, I'm so proud of you... My sweet little boy!" she embraced him, kissed him on the top of his head. He even remembered her smell.
He was in pain.
Soon after, she was also taken away from him. He stayed alone.
He hated being alone. When there was too much silence and free space around him. He wanted to feel small, he wanted to be small, to be able to hide from anyone who wants to hurt him.
At the same time, he wanted someone to grab him and not let him go. He wanted to fill the emptiness he had in his chest. He had it in him since he remembered. He remembered that he had been torn open and there was no mercy for him.
He couldn't keep his promise.
"I'm sorry, mother..." he whispered, embracing himself and hiding his head between knees. He stuck his fingers into sides and gritted his teeth, feeling tears fly down his cheeks. His eyes stinging, his head ached. He couldn't take it anymore.
"I can't, I can't do it anymore. I don't want this life, I'm sorry... I'm too weak..." he said quietly to himself. He looked toward the camera with fury and despair. He hoped that whoever looks at him would look him in the eye.
"I don't care anymore!" he shouted. "Fuck you!"
When he got the next meal, he ate and drank everything. He didn't leave anything.
He hoped the food was poisoned. He hoped he would fall asleep and never wake up again.
Bitterness burned his throat.
He lay down, feeling drowsy.
[[[[Wonshik POV]]]

Sometimes when he had nothing to do, he sat and watched Ken. He was quiet, he didn't say anything. It would seem that he knows how to play this game.
He started breaking a week later. He talked to anyone who brought him food. He demanded an answer.
And then he stopped.
Day after day he was silent and didn't eat or drink much. Wonshik could see his face paler. He slept most of the time.
He stopped watching. He had other things on his mind.
"How are things?" he asked Taekwoon, who was standing in his office in silence.
"The Lee brothers have disappeared. There is no activity. The police tied them to the last mess on the streets. "
"Good. Any other news?"
"Business in the west is going well. I'm going to pick up the goods tomorrow night. Sanghyuk will give you a full analysis."
Wonshik sighed and sat down in the chair, leaning back. He stroked the wolf's back lazily.
"What?" Taekwoon asked.
"I'm worried about Hakyeon. He is involved in this mess with Hongbin. Unnecessarily."
"Hakyeon is an adult, he can handle it."
"He's sensitive."
"He is an adult."
"Why are you so cold?" Wonshik looked at him. "This is your friend."
"I don't have friends. Not in my profession. Hakyeon may be your target sometime and I will have to kill him for you. The same is true for everyone else. I'm what I was created for."
"Yes." Wonshik murmured and let him leave without saying goodbye. Taekwoon was sometimes terrifying. Wonshik was sure that if someday death would come for him, it would have Taekwoon's face.
He spent the day with Jiwon. He took her to the park and ice cream. They watched a movie. He wanted her to be happy. He will work hard to make it happen.
They returned in the evening. He had to carry her, because she fell asleep. Nanny took care of her. He had to see with Hongbin
He met Sanghyuk on the way.
"He's pissed."
"Because Ken doesn't eat anything, and the poison has nothing to do. Watch out, he's in a very bad mood. "
Wonshik sighed, but he entered the laboratory anyway.
"This fucking dick!" he heard a scream and a crack.
Wonshik saw Hongbin standing over the counter. There were broken test tubes on the floor.
Wonshik stopped at the entrance for his own safety.
"Why are you so pissed?" he asked.
Hongbin gave him murderous eyes.
"Why?! This dick doesn't eat or drink anything!"
"What?! Don't 'ah' to me! I knew it wouldn't work. I told you to kill him right away, but you wanted to make a make a toy out of him. You don't want me to hurt him... as it should be."
"It's not about hurting, Hongbin. Just about getting information."
"This idiot won't tell you anything. He won't eat and drink until he will be dead. You'll have a mummy there... Can you talk to mummies? If so, congratulations..."
"Don't be ironic, finally he need to eat and drink."
"It doesn't matter. The dose is too small. He'll fall asleep."
"Then we will come up with something else."
Hongbin growled.
"Really, Wonshik, let me act on my own. I have a delicious poisonous gas. He will choke, eyes will run on his blood, he will beg for mercy. Or I can just go and pour one of my potions straight to his throat."
"Why?! Why are you so boring?!"
"I think strategically. You could definitely kill everyone around you."
"Because everyone deserves it. Besides Jiwon. I would save her." he sighed.
"Good to know."
"And possibly you." he rolled his eyes. "And Sanghyuk."
"What about the rest? Are they on your list to poison?" he frowned.
"Of course."
"And can I ask you to save Hakyeon too? He is like a brother to me." Wonshik smiled gently. Hongbin looked at him from under his eyebrows.
"I know what you're getting at. Stop right there."
"Why don't you even want to try?"
"Because no. I don't want relation. I'm beginning to regret that his sweet ass tempted me finally." he sighed. "And I want him again. But I can't fuck him because he can think we're a couple." he shuddered. "Never."
"Never say never, Hongbin." Wonshik smiled gently.
"Stop and get out before I throw a vial of cobra venom in your stupid face."
"Okay, okay! I'm going. You don't have to talk about the cobra right now. I just want to remind you to look after your pets. I don't want to wake up
one day and have a viper on a pillow."
Hongbin grinned and said nothing. Wonshik preferred to leave.
He trusted Hongbin, but he didn't hide from himself that he was afraid of him.
Hongbin was a man who was better as a friend than enemy.
Wonshik couldn't sleep at night. He put on a shirt and went to the security room.
"What's up, boss?"
"Go to sleep. I don't have anything to do, so I'll look at these."
"You sure?"
"Yes, go."
The boy got up and left. Wonshik was left alone in a dark room, full of blue light.
Ken squirmed in his sleep. Finally he jumped up, wiping his sweaty face. He disappeared in the bathroom, then came back and sat on the bed. He stared at the camera with eyes full of hatred, but also with resignation at the same time.
"Who are you?" Wonshik whispered.
There was something in his person that intrigued him. Boy's face. Some softness that was easy to see. And yet he was able to fight.
Watching him again became his routine.
Apparently, they both couldn't sleep at night.
But a month passed, and Ken still didn't eat or drink much.
The day came when Wonshik saw Ken crumble. He waited for this day, but he didn't expect tears or apologies. He didn't expect to hear that he didn't want this life.
Wonshik didn't want it either.
Sometimes he also wanted to sit and cry, but he couldn't.
He had too much responsibility on his shoulders. If he allowed himself a moment of weakness, everything he created would be crumbled into dust.
For a moment he even envied Ken. He apparently had nothing to lose. He didn't value his life anymore.
Wonshik saw it in him when he shouted at the camera and then ate and drank everything he was given. Hongbin didn't lie. Ken fell asleep almost immediately.
The poison wasn't an option anymore. Wonshik had to change the rules of the game.
He sat in a chair and waited for Ken to wake up. When he sat down, they looked at each other for a moment. No words, no gesture.
"Sit down." Wonshik pointed to the chair in front of him. Ken waited a few seconds until he sat in front of him. There was only a table between them.
Ken looked like someone on the verge of life and death. His face was pale, his eyes red and dark. There wasn't much will to live in it, but it was a good opportunity. He put the gun in the center of the table.
"Do you know the rules of Russian roulette? Let's play."
He sat and watched him. His pale face showed no emotion. The eyes were empty.
"Why?" he asked. "Why do you want to play a game where one of us will die?"
Wonshik winked. He laughed.
"Ah, no. We will change the rules, but only a little."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll pull the trigger to yourself, every time you don't tell me the truth."
"What truth?"
"Why did you kill my brother?"
Ken blinked. He sat in silence.
"I didn't kill your brother." he answered quietly.
"Pull the trigger."
"I didn't kill him. Why would I kill him?"
"Do you care about your life now? I heard something else when you were screaming at the cameras, and now, when I give you a chance to shorten your poor life, you resist? Pull the trigger, I said..."
Ken grabbed the gun.
He insured and put it to his temple.
His hand just shook a little when the weapon clicked.
"Well, once again. There is nothing for you, right? End it, Ken, once and for all. Save us all the time."
"You're crazy."
Wonshik chuckled coldly.
"You know... We used to be kids. Our dreams have been taken away from us and now we're fucked up now, but we will fight for what is ours. We are strong, we rule the city and most important, we have guns... Your family has always stood in our way.
You tried to harm us. When my brother died, everything was clear. "
"I didn't kill your brother. I wouldn't benefit from it. I don't want this life. I ran away because I wanted to be away from this sick world, from weapons, from death..."
"And how far has it taken you? You want to die now..."
Ken looked down. He moved away somewhere with his thoughts.
"I have a few souls on my conscience, souls that I didn't want to hurt, and now you just want my death because you think I killed your brother. But..."
"Just pull that fucking trigger, Ken. I still have to get your brothers. I don't have time for you."
Ken grabbed the gun and put it back in his head. His hand was trembling. He wanted to do it, he wanted to welcome death, but for some reason he was afraid.
Tears appeared in his eyes, his face turned red. Wonshik had to strain very hard to keep his face stony. Because what he saw in Ken's eyes touched him.
It was a fury, despair, fear, reconciliation with fate, giving up life.
He opened his mouth and shouted, pressing the trigger again and again. He screamed all the time until the weapon made some clicks but there was no shot.
Ken was breathing fast. Pale even more. The gun fell out of his hand as his shoulders dropped.
"Now... Better?" Wonshik asked.
"Did you really think I would give you a loaded weapon and let you shoot it in your head? No. No, Ken, you'll live longer and you'll die only when I really decide about it, not you." he said. He looked at the cameras and nodded.
After a moment, food was brought.
"Eat." Wonshik pushed the plate to Ken.
"For what?" he asked. Voice flat. "Another poison?"
"Do you really think I would use the same trick twice? Food is not poisoned... Eat."
Ken, however, didn't look too convinced. Wonshik took a few bites and swallowed.
They sat in silence for a few minutes. Nothing happened. Finally, Ken took the plate and began to eat.
In fact, Wonshik was planning to use poison again. He looked at his boyish face and felt hatred. He wanted to see how he was suffering. His tear gave him satisfaction.
He always thought that the psychological game is better than physical. The movement can be predicted, but not thoughts.
When Ken ate, Wonshik took the plate.
"We'll talk more, soon. Maybe then you will answer the question, why did you kill my brother."
"And I'll tell you again that I didn't do it."
"So our conversations will be repeated, maybe I'll kill you myself."
"You'll do it either way or not... I wouldn't have a reason to lie."
"I have learned one thing over the past years, Lee's brothers shouldn't be trusted." he left.
Hongbin was to prepare something imperceptible. However, he worked in silence, his face furious. Wonshik knew that it didn't satisfy him.
"You're so fucking soft, Wonshik."
"I do what I need, it would be too easy to kill him right away."
Hongbin sighed.
"What do you want? What potion should I create, my lord?"
Wonshik scolded him with a look.
"Maybe hallucinations? Do you have something like that?"
"Ah!" his face lit up. "Of course, I'm able to agree to something like that, give me one day."
He sat in his office and played with a lighter. There was only a click of the metal in the room again and again.
He had so many thoughts. He remembered the day when the explosion occurred and the building where his brother had been collapsed. The body was so massacred,
that it was difficult to recognize him. He wanted to destroy the Lee brothers, but he wanted to destroy Ken the most. Slowly and painfully. Piece by piece until nothing remains of him. He wanted his will to break again and again. It's not enough that the murderer he's a liar too.
Wonshik could feel his muscles tense. He didn't want this life and he despised it, but he wanted to take three more lives and then he would be able to end it.
Besides, he was horny. He had to fuck someone. He didn't remember when the last time he had good sex...
There was a knock. Hakyeon came in.
Wonshik laughed.
"You have an interesting sense of time." he said and put the lighter down.
"I have?"
"Mh. I was just thinking how horny I am, and that I would like to fuck someone and you show up..." he smiled crookedly.
Hakyeon looked at him blankly.
"Fuck off." he said.
"I'm kidding!" he laughed. "I wouldn't touch you. Unless..." he looked at his butt.
"Stop or I give you my word, I'll shoot your knee in a minute. I have bullets for Taekwoon. I couldn't contact him."
"He is on the road. You won't catch him now. I won't even catch him. But I will tell him when he will come back."
"Mh." he muttered and put a large bag on the floor.
"Anything else? Maybe you want to go to bed with me?" Wonshik laughed, but he was silent when he saw his face.
Wonshik sighed.
"He was top or bottom?"
"Dominate him."
"Hongbin is a bastard. He has to control the situation because it was constantly controlled. But if you can dominate him in bed and he understand that he's not hurt... he'll be yours. Well... heoretically."
"Theoretically?" Hakyeon raised an eyebrow.
"Yes, because I would advise you not to try anyway... Even I don't know what he will do. Forget about him, Hakyeon, please."
"It's too late, I'm involved too much..."
"So you're fucked."
Ken still hasn't eaten much. Wonshik wondered if such treatment gave him satisfaction, but then he remembered Jiwon's tears, he remembered the explosion and the funeral, and how it all fell apart when his brother died.
But when he sat in Ken's room and looked at him, he couldn't get rid of the feeling that something was wrong here.
He didn't trust anyone in this family. They were rivals from the very beginning. Maybe if it were not for this crazy competition, his father would be different.
A memory flashed through his head as his father grabs his neck and pulls him into the office. Jiwon was locked in her room, and the rest of the family pretended not to see anything.
He woke up when his phone rang.
"Leo." he said.
"She wants to meet."
Wonshik sighed.
"Of course she want. When?"
"Tonight, at the club."

Wonshik was sure she wanted something. He wasn't sure what. Their interests have always been balanced on the edge.
He knew that if someone could give her more, she would turn her back on him and he would have been without her support. And she ruled a large part of the city....
He went to Sanghyuk.
"We are going."
"To the club. She wants to meet."
"Eh. Hongbin can't go?"
"He's busy. I don't want to distract him. You know how grumpy he's later. And she likes you"
Sanghyuk rolled his eyes but said nothing more.

Sanghyuk was dressed all in black. Wonshik chose the classics. Black suit and white shirt.
They left the car and entered the club "TripleH". The club was always full of people. The perfect place to sell everything illegal and fit in your pocket. Diamonds, drugs. Prostitution was also not something unusual here,
Hyuna sat in one of the VIP lounge, as always. And as always in the company of her two guys. He didn't care what connected her with them. This place wasn't his favorite.
"Ah, Ravi!" she cried in a sweet voice and stood up, embracing his neck and kissing in a cheek.
"And you brought my favorite with you." she approached to Sanghyuk and squeezed his cheek. She returned to her seat and pointed to a free pouf.
"You wanted to see me." Wonshik said, sitting down.
"Oh yes." she clapped her hands. "Stardust.
I want to increase sales. I need more. Do you think you can do more?"
"How much?"
"Hm." she tapped her chin with her finger, pursing her lips. "Let's say I'll give you 4 millions dollars. What do you say?" she smiled broadly.
"That's a lot. Hyuna..."
"Oh no. You don't want to break our contract, do you? Kids love Stardust. See how happy they are? They enjoy music, love each other, don't take this away from them." she blinked with a sadness on her face,
He knew exactly what she meant. She was a bitch here.
"I'll ask."
"Delicious! Now, the second thing. My larks sang to me that you caught Ken. I really want to meet him. I suppose he's cute..."
"No." he said faster than he could think about it. "Forget it."
"Oh, do you refuse me?"
"That's not the point."
"So what is it? Because it looks like a refusal to me!" she frowned. E'Dawn moved with a cold expression on his face. Wonshik noticed that he was holding his hand on the gun.
"Hyuna, he's not my guest. I can't move him out so you can see him like a pet."
She giggled.
"I don't know why, but I imagined you leading him on a leash. I'd like to see it..." she licked her lips.
Wonshik felt a shudder. He wanted to leave from here. Hyuna always aroused his anxiety.
"Ah, let it be, little boy. I only want drugs."
"This is something that I can give you." he stood up, wanting to leave.
"You always refuse me, Ravi. Even your sweet ass can't be mine."
"Sorry, we wouldn't fit together."
"Ah." she waved her hand. "Play with your pet at least. Otherwise, what's the point to keep him?"
They moved to the exit.
"Bye bye, see you!" she called after them.
Wonshik got into the car, furious.
She dragged him to the club because she wanted to get Ken. But what for? She wanted to have another toy? Or was it just a trick? She wanted to betray him?
"Do you want to talk?" Sanghyuk asked.
"No." he murmured and stayed in silence.

Hongbin was pleased. He created Stardust himself and was very proud of it. While creating drugs can be called a hobby.

He also visited to Ken.
He wanted to see if he would finally talk.
"Will you ask me the same question again and again?" Ken asked.
"I didn't kill your brother. I didn't even know him. I was there that day because I tried to stop my brother from blowing up the building full of innocent people..."
"Why I don't believe you?" he asked furiously.
"Perhaps because the desire to take revenge covers your common sense?"
Wonshik rose, slapping his fists on the table.
"Don't talk to me as if you knew me! Ken."
Ken stood up too. He looked him straight in the eyes...
"I'm a prisoner,
you can poison me, you can shoot me, your wolf can eat me... I have no reason to lie. I'm already relegated to your grace." he sat down, but he kept looking into his eyes. "Maybe for a change you will talk to me like a normal human? I can tell you everything. And I'm Jaehwan."
Wonshik had to think about it.
He stood in the shower and tried to loosen his tense body. Hyuna pulled him into some game. Ken, Jaehwan, who was beginning to raise his doubts. And the emptiness he felt inside. He wanted to feel something, something different than that empty hole.
He grabbed his dick. He really needed somebody to fuck, but it had to be enough for now.
When he started to move his hand, he shuddered. He began slowly, along the entire length. And when he became hard, he focused on the head.
His mind became hazy. He could only focus on the pleasure he felt. He wanted it quickly, but he refrained, dragging the moment as long as he could.
His abdominal muscles were squeezing. Water trickled down his back and through the scars he had. No tattoo could hide it.
He closed his eyes and parted his lips. He lost his sense of time. It lasted forever, but for him it was too short, too little. He wanted more. It wasn't what he needed. His body will be satisfied any minute, but not his heart. He was so weak and hopeless...
What did he want anyway?
/Play.../ he heard Hyuna's words in his head. And he saw pair of eyes, then Jaehwan's face. His full, big lips, slightly parted...
"Fuck!" he shouted when he came.
He leaned against the wall with both hands.
"A pet..." he smiled.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

He was hungry and tired. All that was happening... he would rather be shot.
Once he couldn't stand it anymore and ate everything. He had hallucinations all night and couldn't sleep. When he ate again, it was the same.
They didn't want to poison him, but they wanted to break him. The food was poisoned but not to kill him. Only to make him suffer.
He hasn't given up yet. He had enough of this life, but if he need to die, let it be with a gun in his hand.
Ravi visited him quite often. Usually at his side he had this big as fuck wolf, whose presence wasn't comfortable at all, but nothing here was to be comfortable for him.
He was to suffer and he had to admit that they were doing great.
Jaehwan, however, saw some good sides. He had a lot of time to think about everything. Of course, when he didn't have nightmares, when his stomach didn't hurt, or when he didn't have hallucinations about obscure body trying to get through the wall.
His thoughts focused on how much he hated life for which he didn't ask. Before he fell asleep, he imagined what his life would look like if he didn't belong to the mafia family.
Maybe he would have a house by the beach? He always liked the idea of living close to the beach.
Maybe in the next life.
Because all that was waiting for him was the continuation of suffering. But if the opportunity arises, he will run away. He will fight for it while...
But didn't Ravi talk about it? That they are also fighting to regain what belongs to them?
They took away the innocence and everything was fucked up. Really, it sounded like a similar story.
He didn't know what this innocence was. He lost it when he was little kid. Seokjin was innocent, and he was killed in cold blood.
He wanted revenge on his behalf.
He sat on the bed, his hands clenched into fists as the door opened. A black wolf entered, followed by Ravi. They took their usual places.
Jaehwan looked at them without feeling.
"Sit." said the host of this magnificent shrine of joy.
Jaehwan got up and sat on the chair. They shared only a table. He looked at him and remained silent.
"You wanted to talk, so talk."
"About what?" he asked quietly.
"About that day."
"What do you want to know?"
"Tell me about the explosion, everything you remember."
Jaehwan was silent for a long moment.
"I can't just say it. Everyone knows how it was. The building flew into the air, people died."
"Yes, including my brother. I'm listening." Ravi murmured. Jaehwan looked at him. There was so much anger in his eyes.
He seemed beautiful to Jaehwan in his own way. Not in a sexual way, they were both men, but still... He had something in him that made Jaehwan look at him forever. In those eyes full of anger and pain. It felt strange.
He looked at the table.
"That day I wanted to leave, in the morning, I knew my brothers would be busy, so I had the opportunity... For many years I despised this life, too many people died and I couldn't stand it anymore. That day I didn't care of
that someone will recognize me as being weak, that I bring disgrace to my family. This family has been cursed for a long time... " he sighed and glanced at the listener, but he was silent. Only his eyebrow furrowed, including the one with a scar, which he liked the most.
He almost wanted to touch it.
He sighed to clear his mind.
"You know, I may be a murderer... but none of the lives that were taken away was for me. My brothers are mostly to blame, and they never cared for me, they never loved me."
"How do you know?" he asked suddenly.
Jaehwan looked at him.
"Because if it was otherwise, they wouldn't killed the rabbit infront of a small boy, They wouldn't have forced me to do things I didn't want to. First of all, they would let me go. I have blood on my hands because of them.
Because I was born in a bad place and in a bad time."
"Like all of us. How is this related to the day of the explosion?"
"Ah, as I said, I wanted to run away that day and I had the perfect opportunity, but I found out what they were planning and just... I couldn't leave."
"You back."
"Yes. I came back, because if I left without trying to stop them, I would have as much blood in my hands as they do. You may not believe me, but I told you that I have no reason to lie... I'm sorry that it didn't work.
I have let you down, have failed anyone who lost someone that day. So yes, it probably makes me a murderer. You have every right to kill me."
"Kill? You know, death in this case would be a reward for you."
"Probably yes." Jaehwan whispered and looked calmly at his hands, joined together on the table. "But I have one request... If you could fulfill it."
"I don't owe you anything."
"It's not even about me."
"For a person who was innocent...
And he was killed in cold blood because he was in a bad time and place. Though it's possible that it's my fault too. Or maybe my brothers' fault? Or maybe yours, because you found me, and that's why they came up with my trail? I don't know... I'm not looking for a guilty one."
"What do you mean, Ken?"
He winced. He hated this name so much.
"Jaehwan." he said.
"Doesn't matter."
"Kill my brothers, I don't know how, just do it."
"Ah? Where is this request from?"
"They killed someone who didn't deserve it, I don't even know if
someone found his body, whether he was buried, how it should be... It's possible that if the reality was different, he would be my friend."
"You mean that boy who was lying in that room?"
"Seokjin. His name was Seokjin, he had a family he cared for,
which he loved. He dreamed about going to college. He saved money for it. He worked hard. He was good. Pure. He didn't deserve this..." he clenched his fists and jaw. "Please, kill my brothers."
"Do I have to blow up the building with them inside?"
"Karma is a bitch, right?"
"Do you really think that I will accept your request? I don't owe you anything, it's you who owes me life!"
"As I said, my life is in your hands, but if the loss of innocence hurts you, do it for that boy..."
Ravi jumped up, grabbed him and pushed him to the wall. His face was so close.
"What's wrong with you?! You really don't want to fight anymore? Will you surrender?!"
There was silence. They looked into each other's eyes, and then Ravi looked at his lips.
Jaehwan felt a shudder.
[[[Wonshik POV]]]

He wanted it. He wanted it so badly. He didn't understand why.
But when he looked at him, it squeezed him inside. He looked at his boyish face, those watery and sad eyes and those lips. He was so sweet, innocent.
At the same time, he managed to bring down a whole group of people.
But he was his enemy. He shouldn't feel anything for him except for hatred.
But why did he feel so torn inside?
He hated him. He hated himself. He couldn't think of him that way!
Hyuna isn't right. He can't play with him. He only kept him to kill him eventually.
He pulled back, Jaehwan's body relaxed, and he slumped a bit lower. He was breathing fast. What did he think?
He had to leave. He couldn't stay here anymore. He left Jaehwan alone with an expression of confusion on his face.
The wolf followed him, but Wonshik let him out into the garden and closed himself in the room. He needed to go to the shower. He needed to relieve the tension.
He didn't understand himself or how this boy affected on him. It shouldn't be like this. Hate and the desire for revenge were the only thing that should flow in his veins. But there were a few things that didn't give him peace.
He didn't kill Wonshik's men, though he could.
Honesty in words when he said he didn't kill his brother. His broken will. His words... His apologies.
No. He couldn't be manipulated so easily. It was a game and if he allow itself a moment of weakness, it will cost him dearly.
He had to take care of something. That's why when he left the shower and when his mind was sober again, he could return to his interests.
He hoped he would soon be able to end it.
A few days have passed. He didn't visit Jaehwan because he had to arm himself again. He wasn't ready to look at those big, watery eyes again.
But he couldn't get him out of his head.
Maybe he hated him even more.
"Hongbin?" Wonshik asked when
he ran into his office suddenly.
"Did you talk about anything with Hakyeon?"
"Ehm?" Wonshik wasn't sure what his friend meant.
"You did!"
"But I don't know what you mean, Hongbin."
"You know perfectly well! We fucked again."
"What's that supposed to mean?!"
"Nothing. He's stubborn. I told him that he should forget about you. He didn't listen to my advice."
"No. He didn't listen!"
"But why are you so mad?"
"I would prefer that you don't interfere in my personal life, as I don't interfere in yours."
Wonshik studied him for a moment. He saw the hickey on his neck and some more marks disappearing under his shirt.
"Ah, he was the top? He did it. Woah. "
"I'll kill you."
"No, you will not." he said. "You felt good and now you are panicking without a reason."
Hongbin hissed.
"Just wait. You wake up with a rattlesnake under the pillow one day!" he said furiously and left, slamming the door.
Wonshik sighed.
Hakyeon was stupid. But he couldn't baby him. Taekwoon was right. He was an adult.
Sanghyuk stepped into the study after a moment, he looked back, then looked at Wonshik.
"What happened to him?" he asked confused.
"Hakyeon dominated him, and now he blames me for that, he wants to give me a rattlesnake under the pillow."
"Ah, so he still loves you, because when he was really mad at you, he promised you the entire collection."
"Yeaah... What's going on?"
"I have come to ask you if you remember about a suit."
"What suit?"
"Seriously, Wonshik? You forgot? The party. Here!"
"You would be dead without me, I swear. Man, this is next week! And your guests remember! Also this is from Hyuna." Sanghyuk handed him a small package.
"What is this?"
"And how should I know? You open it. If it's a bomb, I'm out."
"Lovely kid..." Wonshik muttered and opened the box. He pulled out a pair of lace panties and a short note. "/It's just to boost the atmosphere. And I want to meet Ken, Ravi, I'm not kidding./" he reads. And he sighed. "I knew she wouldn't let go that easily."
Sanghyuk blinked.
"First. She's still horny at you. Second... I'll tell the rest that he also needs a suit."
"Yes, do it... I can't refuse her for the second time."
Otherwise it could end badly for all of them.
And that meant he have to talk to him. He have to look at his fucking face. What a shame. His brother would give him a kick in the ass for it. He would say he is weak. Although it would be worse if their father lived.
He came without warning. Jaehwan raised his head and looked at him, sitting on the bed.
"Stay there, if you like." Wonshik murmured. "Do you know who Hyuna is?"
Jaehwan was silent for a moment.
"Yes, everyone knows."
"Hm, yeah. She'll be here, she wants to see you."
"What you've heard. Every year there is a party. There will be many important guests here. You'll get a suit and pretend you're having a great time."
"Are you saying that I will leave the room?"
"Yes, but don't think that you will escape."
"I'm not going to."
"There are guards, cameras and my wolf will hunt... wait, what?"
"I'm not going to run. I have nowhere to go. Even if I did, you would find me or my brothers. Given my physical condition, I wouldn't have gone far. It is more logical
to submit to you and stay here."
"I don't understand you."
"And what is difficult to understand here? I don't care about anything, Ravi." Wonshik felt a shudder because he realized that Jaehwan had spoken his name for the first time. It sounded so soft in his mouth.
"You don't care?"
"Maybe I used wrong words. If I survive somehow, I will live. If I die, I don't care anymore. I'm reconciled with this fact. I may as well come out of this room for a moment and be one of the guests. Take a deep breath of other air."
"You really don't want to live."
"No." he shook his head. "You have misunderstood me. I want to live, I love life... But I would like it to be different, without violence, blood and the unnecessary death of innocent people."
"In that case, we both have deceptive hopes."
Jaehwan looked at him quickly, but Wonshik left in a hurry. He said far too much. He shouldn't have said it, but he won't withdraw it now.
He had to concentrate because soon there would be too many people here and he can't be torn.
The days passed quickly and soon the moment came.
Wonshik made sure Jaehwan ate something more. He wasn't too trustful, that's why they were eating together in silence.
He was still quite weak, but he didn't have such a gray and tired face anymore.
Wonshik was more worried about security. If he didn't forget about it, he would cancel this stupidity. They were on the brink of war. And such parties are the perfect moment to attack.
Wonshik knew that the Lee brothers would try to take advantage of this opportunity.
He ordered to his people to guard the whole house. He looked at food, drinks, and people in charge of music. Everyone was checked and everyone was suspect.
"You are paranoid, give a peace." Sanghyuk sighed. "Focus on looking good."
"It's not that easy. They will attack."
"I know, every one of us knows that. They were quiet because they knew the party would take place. It's the first party after your brother's death. You would do it to honor his memory."
"Yeah... The rest is ready?"
"Yes, and don't worry. We know that they will attack. The rest is a matter of spreading forces."
"Eh, Sanghyuk. Find a nice girl today, hm? Use your life."
"I'm already taken." he patted the gun he had at his waist.
Wonshik rolled his eyes.
Soon, guests began arriving. Hyuna will definitely come at the end, as always. When Wonshik stood and greeted everyone who came in, Jaehwan appeared. He walked down the stairs and looked... extremely good.
Black suit, white shirt, bow tie. The hair, which usually fell on his eyes, now had a brushed back. His features were sharp and his eyes were dark and deep. Wonshik felt something in the bottom of his stomach.
Jaehwan was created to look like this.
He looked like a fucking prince, master and ruler.
Jaehwan was watching him too. Wonshik knew that he looked good in a suit. But he never before had he been face to face with someone as handsome as Jaehwan.
It was a fact, even if they were enemies. It was weird but pleasant.
"Is it good?" he asked.
"Me. For a party."
"You look... okay."
"That's all?"
They looked at each other for a moment. Wonshik didn't know what else he could add. He had a million thoughts and none of them were pure. He hated himself for what he thought and felt.
He wanted to fuck him. He wanted to tear off the damned suit and fuck him all night.
He took a step forward. He pushed him back until they were in the niche, hidden from the eyes of others. His body worked automatically.
Jaehwan opened his eyes wide.
"What are you doing?" he asked in a strained voice.
Wonshik rested his hands on both sides of Jaehwan's head and moved closer to him so much that they almost touched their noses. Jaehwan's breath was warm. He leaned closer, touched his ear with his lips.
"I will give you only one warning, don't try any tricks. You can't escape from here."
"I've told you that I don't plan to do it." Jaehwan said quietly. He seemed so calm, even though the Wonshik almost pressed against his body.
"I don't know if I can trust you, Jaehwan."
"You know my real name. Do I know yours? And you tell me about trust?" he reached up and grabbed Wonshik's waist, pushing him away slowly. He felt a shiver on his back. Wonshik moved away quickly.
"Don't touch me."
"You touched me first. I thought for a moment that you wanted to rape me. What's wrong with you?"
"Nothing!" he growled. "Watch yourself..."
"I will." he moved towards Wonshik, he began to retreat. They didn't stop looking in each other's eyes. It was hell.
They stood in silence and then Hyuna appeared. As always in the company of her two guys. She smiled and came closer.
"Ravi, honey." she said sweetly and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm so happy to see you again. Ah!" she looked away.
Jaehwan clearly swallowed.
"You must be Ken. You don't even know how much I wanted to meet you. Ravi didn't want to show you. I guess you're very valuable to him."
Wonshik expected that Jaehwan to say anything that he would be indifferent to him.
And he smiled. Widely. His face became clear, like the sun, and his eyes... Wonshik stood in shock, unable to take his eyes off him. He has never seen anything so beautiful and unusual in his life.
"Nice too meet the queen of this city." Jaehwan said. "You really are a jewel in this world full of shadows." he leaned forward and kissed her hand gently.
"Ah! Ah, marvelous!" she laughed and took him by the arm. "You are wonderful."
"You're too nice to me." he laughed.
Wonshik didn't know what it was. What a man it was, what a voice, a smile, a look. His duality put him in a state of deep shock. How it's possible that from such a pitiful creature he turned into someone like that?
It was as if he was the host of this house.
"I hope Ravi treats you well?" Hyuna asked.
"Ravi is an remarkable man. Extremely hospitable." he admitted. And he smiled again. This time to him. He was like a diamond.
"Why don't you say anything?" Wonshik woke up hearing the woman's voice. He could barely take his eyes off Jaehwan, who was eyeing him.
"What can I say, if you want to drink, you know where the bar is."
"Delicious. Ken, join me later. I want
your company for the rest of the evening. You will protect me against these boring people."
"And your boys?"
"They aren't as good as Ken. See you later." she waved to them and left.
Jaehwan smiled until she disappeared around the corner, and then, as if the sun had gone out.
Wonshik grabbed his arm and pulled him aside.
"What was that?"
"I don't know what you're talking about. I was supposed to behave properly, right?" Jaehwan noted.
"Yes, but you didn't have to charm everyone around!"
"You must know something about me, Ravi. The more
you focus attention on you, the easier it is to control the crowd."
"Ah!" Wonshik blinked.
"See, even you felt it." he snorted. "I'd better join her. Don't you think?
"Yes, go, just remember..."
"I know." Jaehwan gave him a long look.
They were staring at each other. The air could be cut with a knife. His lips were so inviting.
Wonshik wanted to fuck him. He shouldn't, but he wanted to.
When Jaehwan turned away and walked to the living room, Wonshik hated himself for considering fucking his own enemy.
Wonshik watched him the whole evening. And what a performance it was, when everyone, even men, was influenced by its charm and the light.
Shit, even Wonshik felt it. Damn him. Damn you, Jaehwan! It was the only thought that circled in his mind.
He looked like a movie star that is at the peak of his career. He shone, emanated sex appeal and charm, which no one couldn't resist.
The more attention they gave him, the more pleased he seemed.
And not only that. Every guest who talked to him and later wanted to talk to Wonshik, assured about loyalty and friendship. They never did it before.
Jaehwan was like a source of joy and everyone who was around him were happy.
But not Wonshik. He was furious.
What this Jaehwan was thinkin? Who was he? In addition, he flirted with Hyuna. She giggled and blushed constantly. Like a teenager girl close to senior high school boy.
"Why are you so pissed off?" Hongbin asked, slurping a drink.
"I hate him." he hissed in reply.
"Then take him and kill him."
"I can't... Not yet. I need to know what happened that day."
"He still didn't tell you?"
"Not completely..."
Wonshik noticed that Hakyeon appeared. Hongbin set down his glass and walked toward him.
He hoped they won't fuck somewhere.
Wonshik wanted them to work out, but he was afraid that through Hongbin's past and how it affected him... a happy relationship wasn't written for them.
Wonshik returned to watching Jaehwan.
Hyuna didn't give him a step back. She stuck to his arm and he continued the acting. He was flirting, sending her long glances. He had no idea what kind of swamp he was packing into.
"I see you have a great time." Wonshik said to him as Jaehwan went over for drinks.
The boy looked at him with big eyes,
"I'm doing something wrong?"
"I didn't say that."
"You have a face, as if you wanted to devour me alive."
Wonshik wanted that.
He stared at him without saying a word. Jaehwan stood steadfast and withstood a heavy look.
The music boomed in his ears. His heart was beating fast.
What did Jaehwan have? What was it that felt like that? Like he was stoned.
Jaehwan finally left, holding two glasses in his hand. Wonshik stared at his straight back and long legs. He licked his lips. He really wanted to fuck him.
He couldn't. He had to clear his mind. He went to another room, where there were also a few guests.
There was also Jiwon. In a beautiful dress. Smiling and happy. She didn't have much opportunity to leave the house. That's why Wonshik let her stay at parties like this. But today she couldn't stay here too long.
"How do you do?" he asked.
"Oppa! It's very good. Hana is nice. She will bring us juice."
"Ah, I'm very happy. Do you like Hana?"
"Yes. She is so pretty and kind."
Wonshik smiled and kissed her on the forehead. He loved her the most. If something happened to her, he would never forgive himself.
"Well, drink the juice, eat the cookie, but then I'd like you to come back to the room, okay?"
"Why? It's not late yet."
"I know, Jiwon. But do you remember how we talked about dangerous people?"
"They can come here tonight."
"Oh! It's very rude."
She made an insulted face. Wonshik blinked, not really knowing what his sister meant.
"Why do you say that?"
"There should be a rule, not to interrupt when the party is going on."
Wonshik laughed and kissed her forehead again.
"I agree, but we can't help it. And you know that if it wasn't important, I wouldn't let you hide in a room."
Jiwon sighed.
"Yes, I know. I'll be good and I'll go to the room any minute. Oppa, I don't want you to worry about me." she said.
"I'm very proud of you." he smiled.

He left her with Hana and Mina. His little princess. The princess that everyone loved without exception. She was like a desert flower. So precious and amazing. Maybe he should have sent her away this evening. But on the other hand,
he knew she was here. If she was out of the house, he would be twice as worried.
He returned to the larger room, where Jaehwan continued to lead the way. His face, however, seemed paler and his eyes lost their glow.
He also talked with Sanghyuk for a while.
It didn't please Wonshik. He didn't like this evening any more. He was angry that he met this side of Jaehwan, because he would now be persecuting him. Unbearable thoughts came back to him.
He had to focus.
The Lee brothers could come at any moment.
But still, he didn't stop watching Jaehwan and how charming he is. How wonderful he is.
There was a constant irritation inside.
As if he were on the edge of tolerance of his presence here.
Maybe he should kill him instead of keeping him forever.
But with time he noticed that the prince of this evening was beginning to be tired. He began to smile less, he was less focused on the conversations.
People started losing interest too. They went aside to talk about their own topics. The worst, however, was Hyuna's company. After a few drinks, she began to flirt with him even more, and her intentions became very obvious. Jaehwan tried
still be polite, but her unbending nature overwhelmed him more and more. When she hung on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, he tried to free himself from her, laughed the obvious suggestions.
Wonshik felt angry.
He was so pissed that he wanted to drag him into his room and keep him there forever. Away from everyone.
It was as if Wonshik wanted him only for himself.
Wonshik was angry at himself for one more reason. He lost his guard.
And when it would seem that everything is under control, everything started banging. The shot flew through the glass. The bang and the sound of broken glass sounded in his ears.
Everyone drew a weapon, ready to attack.
"Ravi!" he heard Sanghyuk shout.
"I know!" he grabbed his weapon and walked toward Jaehwan, who was hidden behind the wall. He wanted to grab him and lead him to the room.
But then the big explosion threw him back. He hit his back against the pillar and blinked. When he looked away, Jaehwan wasn't there.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

Ravi surprised him. He didn't believe he would really let him out of this room, but still. He got a suit and the opportunity to prepare.
Somewhere inside he felt calm. Maybe something like relief? He wasn't sure.
What amazed him most was that he liked
meal times. When Ravi sat with him and ate to assure him that the food wasn't poisoned. Jaehwan also thought a lot about what he said earlier.
That they both have illusions about peaceful life.
He had suspected this before, but now he was sure.
They shared their mutual aversion to this life. In addition, he was surprised himself, because he liked this place. Despite the poisons, despite the awareness that one day he will die... he felt safe here. Maybe this is the Stockholm syndrome?
Maybe he shouldn't feel that way, but he accepted it. And when Ravi didn't visit him, he felt lonely. He hated loneliness above all else.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He looked good, though he didn't feel better. He was weak. He knew about it.
When they met in the lobby, he didn't know what to say or how to behave. Ravi looked good in his suit. Better than Jaehwan could have imagined. He liked it, although he didn't understand why. He had a role to play today.
But when Ravi dragged him aside and he was so close, his heart started pounding. His face was so close and he could feel his breath. He stared at his eyes and couldn't stopped because he saw a lot of good in them.
There was something soft about him.
Something that calmed Jaehwan. Yes, his heart was raging, but otherwise he was calm. And he had this strange feeling at the bottom of his stomach. He didn't move when Ravi whispered in his ear. He hoped he couldn't see the shivers on his skin. He didn't want to push him away.
But he had to. Otherwise, it would start to go in a strange direction.
When he grabbed his waist to push him away, he felt his muscles and tense skin beneath his fingers. How good was Ravi's body? And why did Jaehwan think about it at all? What was wrong with him?!
He was a prisoner. Maybe they'll kill him one day. He should fight to survive. Get a gun, escape... He had the perfect opportunity.
But he couldn't. Because he was too tired of running away. And he was still of the opinion that it was better to stay here.
At the moment when Hyuna appeared, he began to play. Smile, personal charm, appropriate tone of voice. He didn't know why he is doing that, but he felt Ravi's eyes on him and it didn't bother him at all. Let him look. The problem wasn't in him, but in Hyuna.
She was so close and so determined to go to bed with him that he was sick. He won't do it even if they put a gun to his head.
He was beginning to feel tired. He was dizzy. He wanted to go back to his little prison and go to bed.
For a moment he managed to leave under the pretext of taking drinks. A young boy came up there.
"What is it this party for?"
"It takes place every year." he said. "To maintain good contacts, everyone here is allies."
"I understand, and you...?"
"Sanghyuk. We're all watching you, Ken. Don't do anything stupid."
"I don't intend..." he muttered. Everyone suspected him of the worst. Sanghyuk left and Hyuna appeared in his place again. He had enough. He looked for Ravi. He wanted him to take him away from here.
But then a shot came and the window pane blowed up into pieces.
He curled up, protecting Hyuna, and stepped aside. Then the two guys who came with her took her protection.

Jaehwan stayed alone and he knew who came. His brothers.
Everyone, however, seemed ready for it. They had guns and he could only hide behind the wall.
He spotted Ravi, who was approaching to him fast.
Then a grenade came through the broken window. Jaehwan had to run away deeper into the house.
Ravi disappeared from his eyes in the clouds of dust. He was worried for some reason. But he had to find a weapon to defend himself and this family. Damn it. What was wrong with him? He really hated his brothers so much that even kidnapping, keeping him in captivity,
the poison and the promise of death couldn't discourage him? Where did this strange calmness come from when he was looking at Ravi?
Jaehwan was torn. He felt hope for better times, but on the other hand he knew he was a prisoner here.
He hid behind one of the pillars in the lobby. They went inside, breaking the door. He rolled aside to go to another room, but someone saw him and walked toward him.
"You!" he met his face. It was one of Eho's men. He went to him and grabbed him.
Jaehwan tensed his muscles and he attacked. The man staggered up and with blood spilling from his nose, he jumped at him. The weapon appeared in Jaehwan's hand and he fired.
He felt dirty looking at the dead body. He looked away. It was Sanghyuk.
He gave him a gun?
"You are not that bad. Watch out." he left, running deep into the house.
More people appeared, so he slipped into the living room, where it was empty.
He had to find Ravi. Was everything okay with him after the explosion?
He checked the clip. He had enough ammunition. He shot accurately, but he preferred to avoid it. He also hoped he wouldn't kill any of Ravi's men. It certainly wouldn't help his reputation here. Besides, Jaehwan understood one thing. He can die, but first, he wanted
that Ravi would believe him. Let him believe he didn't kill his brother. That's what he cared about.
He heard the door open and he froze. The steps were slow and balanced. He heard the whistling. His heart beat faster.
"Are you here, little brother?"
He remained silent. Jaegwan.
The last thing he wanted was a meeting with Jaegwan.
"I know you're here, you piece of shit. Come out. I'm gonna gut you. You are friends with the enemy now, huh? Honestly, if not Eho, I would kill you right after birth."
Jaehwan closed his eyes. He preferred poisoned food.
"Here you are, a little coward." he sighed and appeared in sight. Jaehwan stood up. He wanted to aim the weapon at him, but his brother was faster. He shot and the weapon flew out of his hand. His wrist hurt. He stared straight into the barrel.
Is this how he will die?
Why he didn't worry about death? Why he worried only about that he couldn't convince Ravi...
"You're not good for anything, little shit. I'll split your brain and crush you like a worm, and everything what will remain." he hissed.
"So be it." Jaehwan murmured.
And then there was a growl. A black shadow appeared out of nowhere. Jaehwan fell to the floor and watched the wolf bite into his brother's hand. The man shouted and tugged at the animal's fur.
"What the fuck is this?!" he shouted and hit the wolf in the head. He snapped harder.
But Jaegwan managed to escape. The wolf shook himself and looked at Jaehwan. He came slowly, growling. But when he was close, he sniffed and looked into his eyes. It lasted for a few seconds until the wolf licked his face and ran across the terrace.
His heart was pounding. But he managed to get up. The weapon was destroyed, so he had to look for a new one. And when he wanted to leave, he saw a cat. A small, red cat who sat huddled under the couch. And suddenly, among the mess and shots, a girl appeared.
In a beautiful ball dress and with straight, black hair like ebony.
"My kitty!" she called and ran out across the terrace, right behind the kitten who was running away.
"No, don't go there!" he called and threw himself toward her.
He had no idea where this girl came from and who she was, but when he saw her, how desperately trying to catch her little kitten... he remembered himself and his rabbit.
On that day, he was deprived of innocence. That day changed him.
The garden was bright despite late nights. He saw her stand with a kitten in her arms and look away. Terrified and crying.
Jaehwan got out of the house and saw that someone was aiming at her with a gun. He met a man with a large scar. Jaegwan's man.
Jaehwan remembered everything very carefully. And it wasn't important what would happen. He had to protect her.
"No!" he shouted and jumped, stretching his arms. Everything was so slow.
A shot was fired.
Jaehwan fell on the grass, squeezing the girl in his arms. He looked at her.
She was crying. He brushed her hair back from her wet face.
He felt chest pain. So he got hit, not her. Good.
"You're okay. Nothing will happen to you. It's okay." he heard a growl and then the sound of struggling. He glanced over his shoulder. The wolf licked his bloody teeth.
The man lay dead on the ground. The animal ran on.
The girl started crying again.
"Don't cry, you're safe. I won't let anything happen to you. Look at me." he asked and forced himself to smile. Her eyes were big and round. "Does anything hurt you?"
She shook her head.
"That's good. Don't cry, otherwise the kitten will get scared and we don't want him to be afraid, right? He's smaller than us..."
"Yes." she sniffed. His head began to spin. The pain in his chest began to sting, he felt the bullet hollows into his body.
It was hard to breathe.
"We must lie down quietly."
"They won't see us?"
"No. What's your name?"
"And you?"
"Jaehwan, my name is Jaehwan... " he muttered, but he felt how he was starting to lose consciousness. He heard the squeaking. He squeezed her last time.
[[[Wonshik POV]]]

It was hell.
He didn't hear anything for some time. Moreover, Jaehwan disappeared from his sight. He didn't see his body anywhere, so he assumed he was alive. However, if he tries to escape, he will get him personally and he will shot his knees.
"Where is he?!" he shouted to Sanghyuk when they met.
"I gave him a gun. He lives."
"Good." he sighed and turned the table, hiding behind him. He didn't even want to think about the damage.
He just hoped that Jiwon is safe.
Should be. She was at the party briefly and in another room where there were not many strangers to her.
Then she had to go to sleep.
But now? He had to be close to the floor in case someone wanted to get there.
"Ravi." he heard a soft voice.
"Hey, Eho."
"Will you come out from behind this table, or should I shoot blindly?"
"Or maybe we stop this shooting? What is that whole farce for anyway?"
"You have our stuff."
"I have?"
"Don't pretend to be stupid..." he muttered and shot. The bullet passed next to his arm.
"Did I missed?"
"I have nothing of yours, and you have broken the unwritten rule of attacking the house."
Eho laughed.
"Our fathers valued it very much. Don't bring work home, yes, yes... But you know, the rules have changed since you took our brother."
"I have a business for him."
"And that is why do you keep him here for so long?"
"Can we take him back now?"
"Hm, no. I think I'll keep him." Wonshik said and tipped his hand, firing blindly. He glanced over the table and saw Eho hide behind the wall.
Wonshik took advantage of this moment and moved to a different place.
Shots were heard everywhere. He also saw several corpses, belonging to both sides.
He knew, however, that Eho would follow him.
When he heard footsteps, he grabbed one of the bodies and covered himself.
Shots were heard. We managed to find a slightly better hideout. He reloaded the gun.
"What do you want?" Wonshik asked.
"Give us Ken back."
"For what? Is he not useless to you?"
"He is, but he knows things he shouldn't."
"Ah! So now I will certainly not give him back to you."
Wonshik leaned forward and started firing. He was sure that he hit Eho on the shoulder, but he stayed quiet.
He wondered if Eho was telling the truth, or it was nothing worth talking about. What did Jaehwan know that they wanted to take him back so badly?
He had a feeling that whatever it was, Jaehwan would have said it a long time ago.
Unless Jaehwan knew something, but he didn't know it was important.
Ah! He will have to press him more. He will get the truth out of him and finally fulfill the promise of revenge.
And then he will take all the money, take Jiwon and they will disappear. They will start a new life somewhere else. He won't regret leaving anything. And if someone decides to follow him, go ahead.
But why was he constantly torn when he thought about killing Jaehwan?
Shots could be heard everywhere.
People were running around, aiming at each other. There was a lot of blood here. They may have to change the house. Damn it. First he lost his favorite car, and now his house was like a ruin.
The situation wasn't good. He ran out of ammunition, and Eho's people began to surround him. He waited because he knew that someone from his friends would come.
"We are out!" he suddenly heard. It was Eho. Wonshik leaned over and saw them running out.
He didn't know what had happened, but he saw Taekwoon appearing soon.
"What happened? Why did they retreat?" he asked him, getting up.
"Where is Jiwon? And where is Jaehwan?"
"I don't know."
"Damn it!" Wonshik ran outside.
The people of the brothers Lee suddenly withdrew, but Wonshik wasn't interested. He had to find his sister and Jaehwan.
Jiwon wasn't in the room, so he began to nervously look her around the house. If something happened to her...
And then Nightmare appeared. He grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him. The wolf led him towards the clump of bushes and there he saw the lying body. His heart stopped. He recognized Jaehwan's clothes. He also saw a dress and shoes.
"No..." he whispered and walked closer.
He touched Jiwon's shoulder and heard a cry.
"Jiwon? Jiwon... It's okay, it's okay..." he wanted to take her, but she grabbed Jaehwan harder. Wonshik saw the blood, and he lay limp. Damn it.
"Hongbin!" he called. "Jiwon, come to me."
"No!" she cried.
"You can't lie here... Let him go..."
"No, don't hurt him!"
Wonshik blinked. For a moment he didn't know what to say.
"I won't hurt him, I promise. But he's wounded and needs help."
Jiwon looked at him and relaxed his grip. He caught her.
"Let go! Let me go to Jaehwan!"
Wonshik sighed.
"Take him away... Hongbin, can you look at him?"
"Eh..." Hongbin, who had just appeared, had a face full of judgment.
"Please, Bin oppa, help him!" Jiwon cried, catching his breath.
"Ah... Don't worry, princess."
Wonshik took Jiwon and went home with her. He kept her head to keep her face hidden in his shoulder. He didn't want her to see all these bodies.
He sat down with her in her room and wiped her face. Hakyeon appeared with a wet towel.
"Will you tell me what happened?" Wonshik asked gently. She sniffled.
"Someone had a gun and Jaehwan oppa saved me. He hugged me tightly and said I can't be afraid, because the kitten might get scared. Would he be healthy? Say yes!"
Wonshik didn't know what to say. He was so confused. He kissed Jiwon on the forehead.
"Stay here with uncle Hakyeon, okay? I'll check how Jaehwan feel..."
"Help him, okay?" she looked at him with large, wet eyes. How could he refuse?
He went downstairs. Taekwoon was there, so he gave him a sign to go with him.
"Tell me what happened."
"They had an advantage for a moment, but then the rest of the people came in. Hakyeon called his friends, Hyuna was pissed off, so she sent someone here too."
"Ah. So the advantage has passed to our side."
"Good." he sighed. They entered the lab. There was a table in the next room, on which Jaehwan was lying undressed. Hongbin was sewing his wound.
"What's with him?"
"He will live, if you want him alive." sighed Hongbin.
"For now, yeah."
"In my opinion, this is the waste of time and energy, but well... That was the wish of the princess, right? The wound is clean, though he will have a problem with the arm for some time. He has anemia and he is a little dehydrated. A drip will do it."
"Well, we were lucky, we can't stay here..." Wonshik rubbed his face. "We have to move."
"I will tell the rest." Taekwoon muttered, gave Hongbin a strange look and left.
"What's wrong with you two?" Wonshik asked.
"It's possible that I don't like him anymore..."
Wonshik was too confused. He asked his people what had happened and everyone said the same. That there was too much chaos and no one was controlling what was going on.
"You didn't control..." he muttered and nodded. He hit the first man who was standing close.
"My sister almost died, and you say you didn't control anything. You had one simple task... If not Hakyeon's and Hyuna's people... we would all be dead! Maybe my wolf should tear you all apart, hmm?!" he raised his voice.
Silence lasted. They stood straight, but they couldn't look into his eyes. He hated it, but their fear made him more angry. Everyone knew him that way and this image was more unbearable than usual.
He was so tired.
When he said what to say, he told them to prepare for the trip. They had to move to a second home.
Jiwon didn't want to give up guarding Jaehwan. When they were driving, she asked for him from time to time.
He couldn't keep him in the same prison-room. It wouldn't be right. That's why when they got there, he put him in a large, comfortable room. He was still sleeping and had a drip, so he left him in that room.
But Jiwon sat with him there every day.
It was even worse, Nightmare also found that he liked Jaehwan and since then, wolf was lying on the bed next to Jaehwan's legs.
"Traitor." he muttered, but the wolf yawned in response. "Will you be here all the time?" he asked his sister.
"Yes." she said.
Wonshik sighed.
"Well, let me know when he wakes up, okay? I need to talk to him about something important."
"Of course, oppa!" she smiled.
He left.
He need to think, but he was tired of thinking. His head ached because of it. Who was Jaehwan?
He was an enemy. It's possible that he took part in the attack on the building in which his brother died. And yet... He was so soft at the same time. He didn't kill his men when they surrounded him. He had a gun, but he only stunned them. He didn't want this life. He apologized.
He claimed that he didn't kill his brother and he seemed to be honest. He could have escaped during the party, but he didn't do it and most importantly... He risked his own life to save a stranger girl.
He let himself be shot by one of his brother's man. Now he knew that. Moreover, a story with a bunny. Is that why he protected Jiwon? Would he do it if he knew it was his sister?
Wonshik also remembered one more thing that Jaehwan mentioned during their talks.
"Sanghyuk." he spoke to the boy.
Maybe it will be a breakthrough in their relations. Maybe if Wonshik does it for him, Jaehwan will finally answer all his questions.
"Yeah?" he looked at him from behind the computer.
"I have to ask you something."
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

When he opened his eyes, he didn't know for a moment what had happened. He could see the ceiling and the lamp that didn't match the room he knew. He looked sideways and was terrified for a moment. Did his brothers take him? No, impossible!
But then...
"Oppa!" he heard a soft voice and she embraced him with her arms.
"Jiwon, are you ok? How's your kitty?" he felt relieved, it wasn't his family's home.
"Well, I'm glad you woke up, I have to go get my brother, I promised!"
"Brother?" he asked. But she left.
Jaehwan wasn't sure, but he had some suspicions. When Ravi showed up in his room, it turned out to be right. But he didn't matter whose sister was Jiwon. He just wanted to protect her because he thought it was the right thing to do.
He also felt relieved that Ravi was fine. He didn't seem to be injured. He jumped when the wolf suddenly found himself on his bed and lay down, as if nothing had happened.
"What is going on?" Jaehwan murmured. "And what is this recovery room, Ravi?"
"You won't be in previous one anymore, unless you miss..."
"No. It's okay! But... why?"
Ravi sighed.
"You saved my sister, and because she's a little angel, she loved you and told me to take care of you. And the Nightmare likes you too. For some reason."
Jaehwan looked at the wolf and dared to caress the fur. It was soft and black. And he was huge. He occupied almost the entire bed. The wolf began to lick his hand lazily.
Ravi sat on the chair next to the bed and sighed.
"I'm sure... you want to talk? Roght?" Jaehwan asked.
"I just want to say that I'm happy that Jivon is fine. I would protect her once more if it was necessary."
"Because it's possible that she is the last innocent being on this earth... I saw in her myself when I was yunger.
Before I was deprived of everything that a child should have. All innocence and goodness. I don't want to be a hero, Ravi. I don't need a great room or care. I just want her to be safe. Regardless of whether it's your sister or not."
Ravi studied him for a moment.
"Who are you? Because I'm more and more confused every time."
"What do you mean?"
"You had the opportunity to escape, you didn't do it. You got a gun, you didn't use it against my people... What the fuck, Jaehwan?"
"Are you angry about this? Because now I'm confused. I don't want bloodshed! I think that doesn't make sense. Besides, I've already told you that I'd rather be here."
"But why?"
"Because, despite everything, I'm treated better here than at any time in my family."
There was silence. Ravi blinked several times.
"You want to hear a sad story, here, I can tell you..."
"I'm listening."
Jaehwan looked at him in surprise. He didn't think he would take it seriously.
"Okay." he said uncertainly. "Can I have one question before I start?"
"What happened when...?"
"Your brothers came for you, they wanted to take you by force. Because you know you know something you shouldn't."
"I would like to know. I hoped that you would tell me..."
"I... I have no idea what they are talking about. I swear."
"Ravi, they kept me far away from every plan they had. I was unwanted and if it wasn't for my mother, it would be possible that someone would kill me... most likely it would be Jaegwan."
"Yes, your brothers are assholes."
"Kindly saying..."
"In that case, start talking, maybe then we'll find the missing piece of the puzzle, and we don't have much time. I'm sure that this place will soon be found and destroyed." he sighed.
"It was... very bad?"
"Yeah, that house is a ruin."
"You don't need to be sorry."
Another silence.
"Do you really want me to tell you this?"
"I'm still waiting."
"Ah." Jaehwan was still surprised. Everything that was happening around was like a dream. He reached for the water next to him and carefully took one sip.
"No poison. No more," Ravi said.
"Thank you. Can I take advantage of this moment of kindness and ask for a cheeseburger? I would really like to eat a cheeseburger."
Ravi laughed shortly, but then he became serious again. Jaehwan restrained his smile.
Still, the laughter made him feel warm inside. He didn't understand why, but it was.
He took another sip. He wanted to drink so much. At last the water was not bitter.
He stroked the wolf again and sighed.
"We have different mothers. Me and them. Their mother is gone or she died, I'm not sure. Anyway, my mother was amazing and beautiful. Good. I wonder what she was doing in this family... But yes... and she loved me, that's for sure.
She taught me what goodness is and that I should always listen to my heart, but it was worthless. When my father died, she disappeared soon after, and I think he's dead too. Jaeho claims she escaped, but I know she is dead.
I stayed alone with my brothers who hated me. Jaeho kept more sense. He said that since I'm here already, I can be used for something. He taught me how to shoot, but then he got bored and got me a teacher. Jaegwan was the worst.
I loved them, I knew they were my brothers, but that day..." Jaehwan sighed.
"A bunny?"
"Yes... I think it was the worst. Maybe it's funny, there are definitely worse stories, but... it ruined me. From that day I knew I didn't want it.
When I grew up, I was an errand boy for them. They took part in great actions, and I was sent back to dirty work. I used that time for school and courses. I know languages, I'm good at math... But so what? That's why I don't know what they want.
What do I know they are afraid of? I know you want to answer and believe me, I would give it to you. I just don't know..."
Ravi sighed and leaned back. He smoothed his lips with his finger and Jaehwan watched the gesture carefully.
"Try to remember." he said gently.
"Everything from the beginning, were they alone? Maybe someone helped them?"
"Eh..." Jaehwan frowned. "There were a lot of people there, they were not alone... I mean... it was a damn big and important building. You don't blow up the bank's headquarters for fun... "
"But if there was anything important, I can't say that. I talked to Jaeho. Ask him not to do it, but he ignored me. He said that this is too important and I shouldn't interfere. And then there were two men with bags and Jaegwan."
"Do you know these two guys?"
"No. I don't know who they were. I suspect that they are one of their people, that's all. Then I knew that the case was lost... That they would do it and all I could do was run away... I got out of the building and there was an explosion.
You know the rest."
"Hmm..." Ravi sighed. "Okay, let's talk later. Rest." he stood up.
"Ravi? Thank you."
"Thank you too. And my name is Wonshik."
Jaehwan smiled. Wonshik also, though briefly. And he left.
[[[Wonshik POV]]]

He was still confused.
He had millions of thoughts in his head and none of it made any sense to him now.
But at least Jiwon felt better since Jaehwan woke up. Earlier she was quiet and sad. Now she was a small spark again.
Until then, their hiding place was safe. Taekwoon and Sanghyuk watched the area. Hakyeon had a lot of his little spies in town, so they were up to date.
But Hongbin... He was hurt and grumpy.
He responded to everything maliciously.
"Okay, it's been a few days now, what's going on?" Wonshik asked.
"What do you mean?" Hongbin looked at him grimly.
"You behave differently than usual. What happened?"
Hongbin sighed. He rolled his eyes and winced.
"It's about Hakyeon."
"I will tell you nothing more. It's our business. And now I'm sorry. But I have to check my animals." he passed him and disappeared in the next room. He had a laboratory here too, but not as big as in the previous house. They will come back there for sure.
Wonshik continued his conversation with Jaehwan. And every day he discovered in him a trait that teared him more and more. He understood more and more every day that he didn't want to kill him. His desire for revenge became so unimportant. He felt it every time,
when he looked at happy Jiwon. She loved Jaehwan. And he seemed so different to her. He smiled, he laughed. When she kissed him on the cheek, he almost melted.
Did anyone like him really could put a bomb in a building full of people?
He didn't intend to talk about his thoughts to Jaehwan. He preferred not to risk too much.
One day, however, he was very thoughtful. Wonshik found him in the window.
"What's on your mind?" he asked.
Jaehwan didn't move.
"Why is this all for?"
"This. Care, peace, good food... Why?" he looked at him. His eyes were wet and shiny. Wonshik looked at him in surprise. His heart twitched. That hurts. It hurt him that he was in this condition. But why did he feel that way? It was so bad.
"I don't understand."
"You can kill me one day, right?"
"Just say it! Why all these conversations... Ah, it's like the last meal of a condemned man, is it not? Maybe we can set a better date because I can't take it anymore. I'm too much torn."
"I'm torn too, for many reasons. I know your story, Jaehwan. I know it wasn't easy for you, everyone has problems, but you really see me as a monster? Bad things happened to me too."
"How do I know that? You don't say anything about yourself."
Wonshik was silent.
"You can tell me. I die anyway, so I will take your secrets to the grave..." he looked back at the window.
Wonshik blinked.
"My father was aggressive. I had to hide Jiwon in the room and hide the key. And then I let him beat me. So she could be safe.
Hongbin has been my friend forever, but his family was gone and was alone. He wandered from one foster family to another. He became addicted to drugs and almost died. I got him on my back from some dark den to save him. I was 15 years old. He was 14.
Taekwoon? He loves music. He wanted to work in music industry, but his father despised it. He locked him in the basement, bound him, strangled him. He can't speak too loud because he has damaged vocal cords. I paid for his surgery. It's a miracle that he talks at all. Hakyeon...
He was abused as a child. He has cigarette scars on his hands. That is why she wears a long sleeve even when the summer is hot. Sanghyuk was kidnapped and sold. Children trading and prostitution. He managed to escape because he stabbed anyone who stood in his way.
He was 14 and had blood on his hands already. But he saved those kids and himself."
Jaehwan was trembling and crying. He had a tight mouth and didn't say a word. He spoke after a moment.
"Why are you telling me this?"
"Because I want you to know that everyone has a story.
And everyone is trying to deal with it somehow. Hongbin can do poisons, Taekwoon must kill someone from time to time, Hakyeon trades with weapons. And flowers. He always liked flowers. And Sanghyuk is hacking into high-security networks for entertainment."
"I don't understand."
"I'm trying to protect myself from my past, and I want to protect you too."
"But why?"
"Because you don't want this life just like us. Because you're tired of it. Because you're worried about the stranger girl... Also this..." he handed him the phone.
"What is it?"
When Jaehwan looked at the screen, he opened his eyes wide.
"The boy you mentioned. Seokjin. He was found a few hours later and buried next to his grandparents. You don't have to worry about him anymore."
"I also took care of his family in your name.
They will have enough money for life... " Wonshik stopped, because Jaehwan dropped the phone and put one arm around his neck.
"Thank you. Thank you..."
"I don't want to kill you, Jaehwan. If I haven't done so far, it is certain that I won't do it at all."
"I just... I just want to feel safe..."
"You can stay here. You don't have to run away."
"But what about your brother..."
"You saved Jiwon. Life, for life, and I say it honestly..." he muttered. There was silence. Wonshik felt good.
"You are a mess." he added.
"I know..."
He made a good decision. And he didn't regret it. Revenge wasn't important. Wonshik had been blinded for a long time, he forgot that the life were more important than the death. His brother's life won't be returned. Jaehwan redeem himself. Wonshik gave him a carte blanche.
Besides, having him close was good too. He smelled sweet and he was warm. The empty hole in his chest suddenly stopped worry him.
He pushed him slightly until Jaehwan leaned against the wall and had nowhere to escape. Wonshik touched his neck.
"Shh. It's okay."
"Don't leave me."
"I won't."
Before he thought, his hips touched Jaehwan's hips. He felt him through the material of the jeans. The air was thick and hot from emotions and silent desires.
"I want to feel something other than fear..." Jaehwan whispered.
"Are you scared now?" Wonshik asked,
putting hand in his pants. Jaehwan sighed.
"No... But... you know that I'm... I'm straight?"
"Yes? So why are you hard as fuck?" he asked with a slight smile and sucked on the skin on his neck. He kissed it again and again, playing with his dick lazily.
"Wonshik..." Jaehwan whispered. He speed up a little bit, wanting to make him come. He wanted to see the pleasure on his face. He was so damn beautiful. And he was so damn close.
He finally felt different. Good.
That's why he got fucking angry when he heard the shots outside.
[[[Jaehwan POV]]]

It took many days. Jaehwan felt better, but he wondered what it all meant every day. What is the purpose of this care over him, conversations... Giving him the attention he really needed, but he was afraid to say it out loud.
Jiwon often sat with him all day. They read books together or watched cartoons. Sometimes she brought him sweets and they ate them secretly.
He loved her.
He didn't understand why, but he loved that little, sweet girl. He would have given his life for her without hesitation.
His shoulder was still aching, but the wound healed rather quickly. He had really good care. Which he would never have expected. But the thought of what awaited him gave him no peace. He tried to make all his thoughts, but he couldn't.
Why Wonshik wanted to know his whole story? Why did he tell him to go back to the memories he didn't want? He thanked him every time and went out with a thoughtful face.
He didn't understand him, but he hated when Wonshik left him alone. Jaehwan was really sick.
It's not that Wonshik persecuted him. Now it was just the opposite. He took care of his comfort. He let Jiwon stay with him. Ah, and Nightmare.
A huge, black wolf who apparently liked his bed.
"Nightmare, come..." said Wonshik.
But the wolf just yawned and settled himself more comfortably.
Jaehwan smiled briefly. He liked animals and animals liked him.
The situation was repeated almost daily.
At night, he was warm and didn't feel so much alone when he was asleep, cuddled to wolf fur.
But the torn feeling didn't want to leave him. On the one hand, he was calm and maybe even felt a little happy? But he also knew that his days were numbered. And every next day ripped him from the inside. When he had enough strength, he walked around the room.
The door wasn't locked, but he didn't risk going out into the corridor.
Day after day, he appreciated this slight freedom and at the same time tried to say goodbye.
When Wonshik came that day, Jaehwan wasn't in the best mood. He was depressed, angry, tired.
A hole in his chest was aching, as if someone had scorched him with a living fire.
That's why he raised his voice. He wanted to know how much time he had. He wanted to prepare. Yes, Wonshik stopped to threaten him, he stopped poisoning, and their conversations were
after all, pleasant. Jaehwan liked his voice. Low and calm. He liked to look at his face and his lips. The way he put them together when he spoke.
He liked Wonshik. Their lives were fucked up, so he didn't think it was weird. And Jaehwan understood that he didn't want to leave.
But that day... there was a breakthrough. He wanted to know.
But then Wonshik told him briefly about each of his friends. He knew them from the face. He also remembered Taekwoon, who was following him in Busan. Hakyeon seemed so full of joy and kindness. Sanghyuk, Hongbin...
The last one frightened him a bit, but he believed that none of them would do anything against Wonshik.
He felt the pain inside.
Everyone was here, loyal, because he cared for them. Because he wanted to give them a chance. They were here because Wonshik had their sincere
and pure loyalty. He didn't gain this because of fear, as his brothers did. And damn it, even Jaehwan was already loyal to Wonshik. He kept denying himself, but it was. He won't say it at loud. Because if he says it, it will be true.
They all seemed to have a much worse life than him. But Wonshik, as if knowing his thoughts, admitted... no matter who has what story. Everyone survived it their way. And it's important how we deal with the past. Everyone seemed to be coping very well.
And Jaehwan? How did he cope? He tried to run away, but escape wasn't the answer. That's why he didn't understand why Wonshik was telling him that.
"Because you don't want this life just like us. Because you're tired of it. Because you're worried about the stranger girl." he said
When Jaehwan looked at the phone screen, he felt his heartbeat. It was a gravestone. With a name he knew well.
They found him and buried him. It's possible, then, that the image of his abandoned corpse will stop haunting him? Maybe. Feeling guilty, however
will always be in him.
When Wonshik added that he also took care of the money for this family, his knees became weak. He didn't want to die. He wanted to stay here. His longing to be among people, to be cared for by someone was too strong.
He needed it. He needed to be close to someone.
He hugged Wonshik. He didn't hesitate, he didn't regret it. He squeezed him as hard as he could. And he felt so good. He desperately wanted to belong somewhere. And he felt like it was his place.
Wonshik didn't want to kill him. He wanted to protect him because he deserved it. Jaehwan was afraid that his heart would break.
He was so close to happiness, but still there was fear in him somewhere. But he didn't want to be afraid anymore.
He felt Wonshik pushing him.
After a moment, they stood against the wall. Jaehwan felt his breath on the neck. Will he keep his promise? He won't leave him?
His lips were warm and soft. Wonshik kissed his neck lazily, and his hand went to his pants.
He couldn't bet. Although he spoke,
he did nothing to stop him.
Jaehwan hasn't been with anyone for a long time. No wonder he was so sensitive. He wanted it. He wanted Wonshik to touch him.
His lips and quick hand movement on his dick. He felt so good. He realized how he missed
for this thrill of emotion. This impatience, quickly breaths.
He wanted more.
He wanted Wonshik to kiss him... He was so desperate...
He was close to asking for it. He was close to come... But then the shots were heard and Wonshik moved quickly away.
He looked out of the window when Jaehwan tried to gathered himself. Also his dignity that fell to the floor.
"Not now, we must escape..."
He left. Jaehwan hesitated a moment, but eventually also left the room. Good, that his pants
returned to their normal state. He didn't want to run with a hard dick around the house.
"Oppa!" he heard and turned away. Wonshik caught Jiwon and took her in his arms.
"Don't be afraid. Sanghyuk?!"
"We have time, but you have to go." boy said.
"Okay. Jiwon? My princess..."
"Yes, oppa?"
"You go with Sanghyuk now, okay? Just like we talked a few days ago."
"To uncle Hakyeon?"
"Okay. And will you go with Jaehwan oppa?"
"Yes. Now go." he put Jiwon down and she left holding Sanghyuk's hand.
"Wonshik?" Jaehwan asked.
"Get dressed." he said.
Jaehwan returned to the room and changed his clothes. He didn't have many things, but Wonshik gave him a few. When he was ready, he left the room. Someone guided him down.
Wonshik was on the phone, but when he saw him, he nodded and hung up.
"Not that I have a lot of things." Jaehwan murmured.
"Okay, so we're moving. Quick..."
Jaehwan didn't ask, he just got in the car. Wonshik sat behind the wheel and drove off with a screech of tires. He was driving quickly and confidently. He had a strained and focused expression.
Jaehwan couldn't take his eyes off him.
"Wonshik..." he said quietly.
"I didn't tell you anything because I didn't want you to worry. But we knew your brothers would come back and find us in the end. Jiwon went with Sanghyuk to Hakyeon. Nightmare is with her too.
Taekwoon and Hongbin are to take care of distraction. They are driving the same car but in a different direction."
"Are we going alone?"
"Yes, because they are looking for you so it will be easier for us two to hide. Besides, I have one place."
There was silence.
Jaehwan was probably selfish, but he was glad that Wonshik was going with him.
"Why didn't you send me with someone else? Don't you prefer to be with Jiwon?"
"That would be stupid. She will be safer with Hakyeon, believe me. His home is a fortress. He trades with weapons."
"Ah, yes... Right." Jaehwan murmured and remained silent.
"Besides, I prefer to keep an eye on you."
This answer surprised him, but he didn't feel the need to argue.
They traveled many hours. Jaehwan fell asleep at some point and a shake woke him up. He opened his eyes.
They rode in the dark, along the road in the middle of the forest.
"Hello sleeping beauty." Wonshik smiled maliciously.
"I didn't even know that I was sleeping... Where are we? Wonshik, I swear, if at the end of this road there is a wooden hut from a horror movie..."
Wonshik laughed.
"Don't worry." he only said, and Jaehwan tried to process the fact that he heard his laughter. For the first time. He felt a tickle in his stomach.
In fact, there was a house there. Not a cottage. House.
They parked and got out of the car.
Wonshik turned on the light. The house was single-level, full of windows. By day, there must have been plenty of light.
"We have what we need here. Something to eat and drink."
"Mh." Jaehwan murmured and sat on the couch.
Wonshik was on the phone for a while.
Wonshik checked the situation, by calling to everyone. Perhaps it was selfish on Jaehwan's part, but he could only think about what happened between them a few hours ago and that they were alone now. Far from everyone.
Jaehwan didn't feel well. Because he missed something.
He didn't understand himself a bit. And yet. He followed his eyes with Wonshik. He was wearing t-shirt and jeans and... he looked so good. He could see the outline of his muscles under the dark material of the shirt.
Jaehwan sat grim and silent. Until Wonshik looked at him.
He put down the phone and looked down at him, standing next to him.
"Do you want to talk?"
"Yes!" said Jaehwan with some anger. Wonshik smiled maliciously and sat down on the low table in front of him.
"Okay, let's talk."
"That what happened..."
"Attack or...?"
"No, no attack. This between us."
"Ah, okay, you could have pushed me away anytime..."
"That's not the point!" he raised his voice. "The point is that I felt good and I can't understand it. Something is wrong with me, but I can't stop thinking about it..."
"If you liked it, what's the problem? In fact... we didn't finished."
Jaehwan felt his cheeks warm.
"Never mind, you didn't kiss me..." he muttered under his breath.
"Why didn't you kiss me? I think it should be done?! When you are with... in situations like this?!"
"Ah!" Wonshik laughed.
"Don't laugh!" he cried. His ears were hot too.
"Shit, you're so cute..." Wonshik stared at him strangely. Soft. Fondly. Jaehwan's stomach began to twist. "If you want, I can fix it right away..." he leaned over.
Jaehwan was silent. Waiting.
"But you said you were straight." he added.
"But you touched me anyway, so what is the difference?!"
Wonshik laughed and leaned more. He touched his nose to his. Jaehwan held his breath.
"Sorry." Wonshik whispered.
Jaehwan closed his eyes and felt a kiss. Soft, delicate. A slight brush and shudder. And then another kiss. He parted his eyelids. Wonshik was so close and smelled so damn good. After a moment, Jaehwan closed his eyes again and the kiss became more firm.
Wonshik grabbed his lower lip between his lips and sucked it lightly. Jaehwan murmured quietly and parted his lips. Wonshik probably expected such an invitation, because he took Jaehwan's neck and this time he kissed Jaehwan for real. Wonshik's tongue
slipped into his mouth and Jaehwan didn't know how, but he answered. He felt like he had always done it. As if Wonshik and he had been together forever. Is it possible? That it was his soul mate?
Jaehwan breathed faster. He tilted his head to one side.
Wonshik deepened the kiss. His tongue was warm and his breath was slightly mint.
It took a while, but it was enough for Jaehwan not to concentrate. His thoughts were flushed, and the body too busy with the amount of experience.
Wonshik paused.
But he was still close.
"I want you to feel good." Wonshik whispered.
"Mh." Jaehwan murmured.
One kiss.
"You have to relax."
Another kiss.
"Sex is the best for it."
Wonshik returned to his mouth, barely letting him breathe. Then he got up and grabbed his hand.
He led him to the bedroom. Jaehwan was semi-conscious. He looked at Wonshik slightly confused.
A moment later he was on the bed, and Wonshik lay on him and kissed him again. His hands were everywhere whre he reached.
And then Jaehwan thought: /sex/. It means...
Jaehwan pushed him away and bit his lip.
"Yes. You don't want to?"
"I want! Fuck, Wonshik... I feel like I'm about to explode."
"What's going on then? Ah! The virgin one." he chuckled.
"What? That's not the point! I had girls..."
"You know it's not the same, right?"
Jaehwan was silent. Feeling how red he is again. Wonshik laughed, but it was a sweet laugh. He kissed his neck several times, a jaw line and cheek. And then on the lips. Many times.
"Don't worry. I won't do anything that you don't want." Wonshik assured him.
"Unless you don't want to."
Jaehwan bit his lip again and dared look at him.
"I think... I want you for a long time, I just didn't realize it."
"Same here. You don't even know how much." he smiled slightly.
He pulled off Jaehwan's sweatshirt and T-shirt. He kissed him gently, giving time if Jaehwan wanted to retreat. But he didn't want to retreat. His body responded to every touch and he felt good. As if everything had its place.
Wonshik touched his chest. Circled his thumbs around Jaehwan's nipples until they became hard. His body shuddered. Wonshik began to go lower. He kissed Jaehwan's neck, leaving wet kisses. Kissed his ear, bit it gently. Jaehwan murmured quietly.
Next collarbones. Chest. Abdomen. Wonshik kissed him for a long time, gliding his tongue over Jaehwan's skin.
Reached into his pants, unbuttoning them. He slipped them along with the underwear. Jaehwan felt it red.
He was so exposed. Like never. But from the feeling of shame,
his attention was turned away by Wonshik, carefully caressing his hip bones. Jaehwan felt as he is leaving tiny marks there. He looked down and saw the red spots. Hickeys. He bit his lip. He was hypnotized. Wonshik kissed his thighs and knees. And looked at him suddenly.
His eyes were determined, almost wild. Jaehwan sighed and leaned his head back, closing eyes. And then he felt it. Lips and hot tongue. On his dick. He became so very hard immediately. He didn't have to wait long. He never felt that way.
He swallowed, clutching his fingers on the sheets. Wonshik went back up and kissed his lips, moving slowly away. He reached into a drawer and took out a lube and a pack of condoms.
Jaehwan wasn't afraid. He felt... excitement. Also, when Wonshik slowly
pulled off his shirt, showing that body... and then his pants... Jaehwan could hardly control himself.
He was so damn beautiful.
Jaehwan wanted that.
He was even a little impatient, but he was silent.
Wonshik took some lube in his hand and slipped it between Jaehwan's thighs.
Jaehwan shuddered.
"Tell me when something will be wrong." Wonshik whispered, kissing his neck and ear.
Even if Jaehwan tried to find a reason to stop him, he was too absorbed. Wonshik moved his finger slowly, deeply.
After a moment, he added a second finger.
Finally, the third one, and Jaehwan moaned.
"It hurts you?"
"No. Keep going..." he whispered.
So Wonshik continued.
His fingers were so smooth and long. Jaehwan's fingers at his feet curled, he felt all the new stuff. His body was like a rollercoaster of experiences.
And then Wonshik stopped, he torn open the condom pack with his teeth, and damn it. It was the hottest thing Jaehwan could have imagined. Wonshik put it on and bent down, kissing him again. He caressed his waist and hips. He lifted Jaehwan's legs higher, parting them.
Jaehwan's heart was bitting so fast as he was about to die.
"I will do it slowly." Wonshik whispered and then Jaehwan felt how he fills him. He was big. And it hurt for a moment, but after a while it wasn't that bad anymore.
He started to move his hips. Slowly.
Jaehwan was breathing fast. He kept the sheet, but his hands went to Wonshik. When he embraced him, he moaned.
Wonshik was so warm. His muscles were strained. He was so close to him.
Wonshik kissed him. Short and loud. Jaehwan liked it. He moaned again.
Wonshik's eyes flashed. Something wild appeared in him, and his movements became stronger. Jaehwan felt him so deep and strong. His thoughts melted away. He forgot everything that has happened recently. It was only Wonshik. And his faster movements.
That's why when he was with the girls, he didn't feel fully satisfied? He was gay all this time? Or maybe it's only for Wonshik?
Jaehwan opened his eyes and looked down. How their bodies collide loudly. He moaned and closed his eyes, tilting his head back.
Wonshik's body and tattoos that Jaehwan didn't know about.
It was definitely Wonshik. He couldn't be with anyone else. He didn't want to be with anyone else. Never again.
"Do you like it, hm?" Wonshik asked. His voice was hoarse.
"Tell me how much." he pushed harder.
"Very much! Oh, God!" he groaned. Wonshik turned into someone else. He was firm, wild. He led Jaehwan crazy.
"Look how sweet you are." Wonshik said.
He turned him after a moment. He kissed Jaehwan's back, glided his tongue along the spine. Jaehwan felt a wet trail on his ass.
And then he was in him again. Fast, passionate. Jaehwan felt sweat trickling down his back and forehead. Wonshik kissed him, turning his head back. He sucked his lip, biting. Jaehwan could only moan more.
At the end Wonshik touched him. He reached up and grabbed his dick.
He took care of him for a moment, then turned around Jaehwan again. At the same time Wonshik hit him with hips and moved hand on his dick. Jaehwan thought he would die soon. His body was trembling and he was so close.
"Say my name." Wonshik said.
"Say it!"
"Wonshik! Oh God, please don't... don't stop, I'm..."
"Mh. Come for me." he whispered into Jaehwan's ear and he speed up. He murmured. His hips were so fast. Also his hand. Jaehwan could feel as his body was trembling. And this feeling in the bottom of the stomach and spine...
A moment later he remained motionless. Overwhelmed by the greatest spasm of pleasure he could ever have. He was dizzy and he could barely catch his breath.
Wonshik pushed him a few more times and he shivered for a moment. He left him for a few seconds then he return.
He embraced Jaehwan and kissed him. He caressed his ass and hips gently. Jaehwan was so tired. But calm.
Soon his breathing began to calm, but he didn't feel his body. He was still in a state of strong excitement. As if he was floating on the water. His head was empty.
Wonshik rubbed his belly and covered him. Jaehwan was grateful because he wouldn't be able to do it himself.
He was too weak.
And among those tender gestures and small kisses, he fell asleep.
Calm, with a sense of accomplishment. The last thing he felt was arms around him.
[[[Wonshik POV]]]

He slept better than ever before. In fact, he didn't remember when he slept so well.
The last months were intense, difficult. There was a lot of shit going on. And every moment of peace was precious. And now this. Jaehwan. Shit... Jaehwan was his.
He didn't want to treat him objectively, but damn it.
He was the sweetest being on this earth. His blush and voice. Fuck. He was so soft to him... but when Jaehwan started to moan, Wonshik went crazy. He felt that he would be hard again just because of thinking about it.
He felt the weight on his body. He heard the click and he opened his eyes.
A gun was aimed between his eyes.
The cold barrel was at his forehead. Jaehwan was sitting on his hips. Looking at him with anger and determination. With a blush on his cheeks.
Wonshik remained calm. He smiled and put his hands under head. Jaehwan frowned. Still, he looked charming and innocent. He sat in his boxers on Wonshik's stomach and aimed gun at him.
"Do you want to shoot me?" he asked.
"You have no idea how much!" he said loudly.
"Oh, for what? What did I do?" he laughed.
"I want to shoot you for what you did to me..." he lowered the gun. He moved the barrel over Wonshik's bare chest. He kept his eyes behind the weapon. Wonshik looked only
on him. How small and fragile he was. His sweet boy.
"I didn't do anything, you wouldn't agree." he admitted, still amused.
"You have manipulated me!"
"No, I didn't do it." he laughed.
"Stop laughing, I'll shoot you, I swear."
And he pointed the gun again at his head.
"Come on, shoot, and your life will be miserable again."
Jaehwan winked and it was enough for Wonshik. He grabbed Jaehwan's wrist, snatched the weapon from him, which flew somewhere on the floor and turned him around. Held his hands.
They looked at each other. Jaehwan in boxer shorts, Wonshik still naked. He smiled because he saw it distract Jaehwan.
"I made you felt good, admit it."
"Fuck you."
"I prefer to fuck you." he admitted and kissed him. He reached to Jaehwan's boxers.
"No, don't... stop it." Jaehwan whispered quietly.
Wonshik stopped and looked at him.
Jaehwan seemed confused. Wonshik laughed loudly.
"You wanted me to stop, right?"
"B-but... You messing with my head! That's what I meant, saying you should stop!" he began to blush again.
Wonshik chuckled. He was so cute. How could he not see it before? He wanted to look after him. He wanted to hide him from his whole world with his own chesr.
But at the same time he wanted to fuck him all day and all night.
He kissed him several times.
Jaehwan embraced his neck. It pleased him. It was obvious that Jaehwan wanted intimacy. He needed it.
"And now seriously, Jaehwan." Wonshik stepped back and sat down. Jaehwan rested on his elbow.
"What is it?"
"Did I hurt you?"
"Hm? No."
"Nothing hurts you?"
"Eh... I'm a bit sore, but I will live. Why all these questions?"
"I want to know. I didn't overdo it? I stopped controlling myself for a moment. I don't want to hurt you, that's not the purpose."
"Wonshik, I'm fine. Seriously, I felt good.
Very good. Stop worrying. I'm not from porcelain."
"I'm not sure about that..." Wonshik whispered and stroked his cheek.
The soft moment lasted for a moment. And then Wonshik stood up.
"I suggest a shower, then breakfast. What you think?"
"Okay, but we'll take a shower separately, I know how it's going to end."
Wonshik laughed.
"Not that you would mind..." he added and went to the bathroom. He won't force him. He quietly hoped that Jaehwan would come, but he didn't.
He also hoped that when he returned to the room, Jaehwan would still be there.
He was there. Sitting on the bed and stared out the window.
His beautiful boy.
Wonshik came over and picked up the gun from the floor.
"He was not even loaded." he said.
Jaehwan looked at him. There was silence for a moment. Then he got up and went to Wonshik.
"Of course it wasn't loaded. I wouldn't shoot you, even if I was really mad at you."
Wonshik smiled. He embraced his neck and pulled him closer.
He kissed him for a moment. At last Jaehwan moved his hands slowly over Wonshik's chest and embraced his neck.
Wonshik murmured and deepened the kiss.
He wanted him again. But maybe later.
"Hm..." Wonshik murmured.
"What?" Jaehwan whispered.
"Nothing. You're cute."
"Shut up."
Wonshik laughed.
"Take a shower, watch out for the wound, then I'll change your bandage. In the meantime I'll prepare breakfast for us. You can use my clothes. They may be a little too big, it doesn't bother you, right?"
"Good." he smiled and went into the kitchen.
He didn't have too many options. But had eggs, bread... He could do something with that.
An hour passed. Wonshik began to worry that something had happened, but then he heard the call.
"The wound. It's tweaks like hell..."
"Ah, you've been in water for too long. Wipe yourself and come."

They were sitting together in the kitchen. Jaehwan ate breakfast, and Wonshik took care of his wound. He used the ointment Hongbin gave him and applied a new bandage.
"Taste good?" Wonshik asked.
"Nice. I think. Even it's just a toast with egg and tomato."
"But it's one of the better toasts I've had. Seriously!"
"Ah, thank you, prepared with love."
"Fuck you."
"Later." Wonshik sighed and took his toast.
He smiled at the blush on Jaehwan's face.
"What are we going to do here, by the way?" Jaehwan asked.
"We don't have to do anything but wait for news from the others. Also I have to make a few calls and sit with the laptop."
"What about me?"
"There's a TV here, there's a game console... Do what you want, Jaehwan, you have to rest. You deserve it. Besides, your wound needs to heal. We can't enter the action if you are not fully functional. Just a little more and we will be free."
Jaehwan was looking at him.
"Will you leave them alone?"
"Alone? No. They are adults and they know what to do. I trust them. They know their abilities and I can't undermine their competence."
"That's why they respect you so much."
"They are my brothers." Wonshik smiled.
Later, Jaehwan was watching TV lying on the couch. Wonshik tried to concentrate and tried not to think about what had happened last night. Jaehwan was driving him crazy. When he began to moan, Wonshik struggled to control himself. And he wanted it again. So much. Jaehwan's body..
When he finished, he went to the couch and sat down next to Jaehwan.
"How are you?" Wonshik asked.
"Hm, better... Are you done?"
"Yes, I'm all yours." he smiled.
"Pff." Jaehwan snorted and blushed.
"So... do you want... cuddle or something?"
"Ehh, okay..." Jaehwan murmured and Wonshik put an arm around him. "You can sit down... Okay, that's nice."
"Okay, yeah, that's nice."
"I have no idea what to do... Who are we, Wonshik?" Jaehwan looked at him. "Fuck buddies? I don't want to be fuck buddies."
"What do you want?"
"I don't know. Something... different. Hugging is nice."
"And kissing too."
"And sex... Sex was good."
"It still can be good. We can be who we want, Jaehwan. Lovers or no. Our lifespan is too short anyway."
"So let's be like this for a while."
"Okay." Wonshik smiled.
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