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For every like this tweet receives, I’ll come up with an objection to starting a dropshipping store and answer it below.
“I wouldn't know where to find products”

Start with Aliexpress. Any product you find there can be sold on your store.
“Why would people buy products from my website over Aliexpress?"

First off, your average consumer does not know Aliexpress exists.

Second, your website should make it feel like you're shopping on a real ecommerce website... because, well, you are a real ecommerce website.
“Won’t people know the products are fake if they're from Aliexpress?”

Most products you use today are made in China. You don't complain about it, do you?
“I’ve never sold anything online before”

That's OK.

This will be a theme of this entire thread...

Copy what works.

Take what someone else is doing well and put it on your own store.
"I don't know how to do Facebook ads"

No one knows how to do Facebook ads. They seem daunting to start with.

But don't even worry about that. Stick to Instagram influencers when you're starting out (or a different platform).
“I don’t have a product to sell”

Method 1: Browse Aliexpress
Method 2: Find a successful store and sell their hottest product
Method 3: Scroll through Instagram/Facebook and find ads - products will come up.
“Wait it says here 2-4 weeks delivery for Aliexpress? No one's gonna buy that”

Yep. People will. Especially if it's an impulse purchase.
“How am I supposed to deal with the customer complaints - especially about shipping times?”

Hire a VA. Upwork is where I found mine. $20/week max.
“Fulfilling the orders is going to take too long”

That's a good problem to have. Also, that's what the VA is for. 😉
"Where do I even learn about this stuff?"

This is the resource I used to help get me started:

@StartSellingSSS takes you from the A to Z in an entire course. Nothing is skipped.

I have notes that I still refer back to (from June).

Highly recommended.
“What about my profit margins??”

The typical dropshipping store has profit margins of about 20-30% but it varies. Some are higher, some are lower.
“I don’t know what niche to choose”

Niches is another word for "passionate interests." What are you passionate about? What do you know a lot about?

This may give you an edge when you're just starting out.
“Isn’t this gonna take all my time?”

It could. As with any activity, you choose your level of involvement. If you start doing well, you may find that you want to be spending all your time on your store.
"I work a 9-5"

Yeah... dropshipping isn't for you.

Just kidding.

There are plenty of successful dropshippers who are doing it as a side hustle, even though their stores are doing well.
“I love watching YouTube videos and Netflix”

YouTube videos may help you - if you are watching the right stuff. You may need to cut Netflix for a little though.
“How am I supposed to create ads?"

Check out Canva for photo ads. It's 100% free and it's an awesome software.

For video ads, I made my first through iMovie.

At some point, it makes sense to outsource. You can figure that out later though.
"How much money should I start with?"

I believe you can make it work with $1,000. It may take more, may take less.
"I don't have $1,000."

Get a job. Or figure out how to get it. If you're starting with less, you're seriously hurting your chances of success (in my opinion).

Others have done it with less. But I wouldn't recommend it.
"Trump banned epacket and is increasing tariffs. You're so screwed"

Think about how far you can get in a year...

That's not until 2020.

Also, this will probably create more U.S. suppliers which will lower shipping times.
"Facebook ads have been increasing in price. What do you do when they get too high?"

Focus on the backend.

Your email marketing, FB Messenger marketing, and upsells.
"Why should I focus on dropshipping when I can do copywriting, graphic design, Facebook ads, or some other high income skill?"

If you have another high income skill, do that.

If you don't know where to start, dropshipping could teach you some high income skills.
"Do I need a fire under my ass?"

Not gonna lie, I think this one's important.

Many successful dropshippers were trying to figure out a way out of their situation. They would do anything to create massive change in their lives.
"Do I need to test a lot of stuff?"

Yeah. You gotta find out what works. Or rather, eliminate the stuff that doesn't work. So if you're not down to try different things out, don't bother.
"I want a step-by-step guide before I start"

I did too.

That's why I recommend:
"I only want to start if you can guarantee success"

No one can guarantee success. If you put in the work (literally pressing buttons on your computer) every day and learn from your mistakes, you'll be further along than most.
"I want to do a Free + Shipping offer. Is it dead?"

Nah. People still buy free + shipping. Admittedly, I haven't tested it in the last couple months. But it's a great way to get started and get sales.
"Isn't this whole dropshipping thing saturated by now?"

Sure, there are more people dropshipping today than in 2017.

But there's a massive land-grab occurring RIGHT now where people are transitioning from retail stores to ecommerce.
"I'm gonna quit after a week"

Do yourself a favor and don't even start.
"I feel like a scammer"

Are you adding value to the buyer?

If yes, ask yourself if you have a problem with selling.
"Selling stuff is not ethical"

You've made thousands of purchases in your life. Every time you bought - whether that be necessity or luxury - you were SOLD.

Do you view the seller as unethical? No, of course not. They added value to you.
"I don't know any influencers"

Instagram DMs are actually crazy.

You can reach out to any person in the world and they might view your message. Sure, not every influencer will respond, but the ones that do can help you make a whole lotta money.
"How do I do market research?"

If you know someone who falls in your market in real life, ask them.

If you don't, check forums, Amazon, Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest. Endless possibilities.
"How do I source the product and find manufacturers?"

On Aliexpress, I look for stores that have been open for 2+ years and have mostly positive feedback on products.

Less than a 4.5 rating, I'll try to find a different supplier.

CC: @chizwiz04
"Since products are often coming from overseas, does this mean your customers will experience high shipping costs, foreign packaging, or long wait times?"

High shipping costs, nah.

Foreign packaging and long wait times, possibly.

CC: @briblxck
"How are orders forwarded from the store to the manufacturer?"

The app Oberlo makes this process as easy as pressing a few buttons.

CC: @yousufuqaili
"Would making an LLC be necessary for dropshipping?"

I cannot give legal advice as I'm not an attorney. However, this is something you can do after you've validated your idea and are making a few sales.

CC: @bitesizemya
"Should I read first or intern or where do I even begin?"

The fastest way to go step by step is here:

If you don't have the money to invest ($497), that's fine. Spend a lot of time on YouTube and Google.

CC: @underalexcover, @biomajek
"What am I overthinking vs. what is truly important?"

Put your product in front of eyeballs who want to see it.

This is the most important.

Everything else is secondary.

CC: @conquistadormia
"How do I find winning products?"

The more you test, the more likely you are to find a winner. Also, the better you'll get at testing.

No one wants to hear this answer.

But it's the truth.

CC: @JackWhiteMedia, @gilbertcawley
"How do I do Facebook ads?"

Honestly, there's way more that goes into than a 280 character tweet.

But if I could simplify it as much as possible it comes down to: try as many ads as possible, narrow down on what works.

CC: @ItsYaBoyTJ, @ismmaael
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