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No te pierdas mi programa #SaludATodoTwitch @granadadigital en el q hablamos de #GestaciónSubrogada: Una visión diferente y profesional

Puedes ver el programa en:


1er bloque con @Miguel__Lorente y @MilagrosPrezOli

ABRO Hilo (1/4) 2 #videos… Image
(2/4) En #SaludATodoTwitch hablamos en el 2o y 3er bloque de lo Jurídico y lo ético con @olympeabogados y con Rosana Triviño @unicomplutense y @FinaJimBetancor

❤️Facebook Life:

2 #vídeos (jurista y ético)… Image
(3/4) El último bloque de #SaludATodoTwitch lo dedicamos a dos profesionales del campo de la fertilidad con @jlgomezp y José Antonio Castilla @hospital_hvn @ibsGRANADA, ambos de la @Sefertilidad


#Vídeo dedicado al 3er bloque con Rosana Triviño… Image
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[World #IBSAwarenessMonth] Dear #HCPs👩‍⚕️ & #Microbiota community👨‍🔬, April is dedicated to raising awareness about #IrritableBowelSyndrome

During the month, @Microbiota_Inst will provide you with content about #IBS, a common & complex #disease

#GutHealth #LetsTalkIBS #thread👇 Image
[World #IBSAwarenessMonth]

🔎 You will:
👉better understand the🔗between #IBS & #microbiota
👉discover potential ways to manage the #disease
👉learn to make a #diagnosis with our #CME courses, #videos & a professionally designed #tool
👉improve communication with your #patients
[World #IBSAwarenessMonth]

1️⃣ In this sequence, learn more about the link between #microbiota and #IrritableBowelSyndrome.

#IBS #MedTwitter #GITwitter #GutHealth #LetsTalkIBS #DGBI #FGID #GIfellows #TakeIBSSeriously

Take a look! 👇 Image
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Let us.. look at how #traditional people, of times when #Shankaracharya lived, treated him though him being one of the realised beings of his times & respected, when it comes to #scripts&how he responded
One incident is of the cremation of his #beloved #mother.
Thread follows
#AdiShakara’s father #Shivaguru passed away when he was a child.

#AdiShakara’s father #Shivaguru passed away when he was a child.

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#Videos de #ejercicios para aprender #POO con #Java.


Un vídeo algo antiguo pero efectivo para empezar con POO.

Ecuación 2 grado

Un vídeo mas completo que el anterior.

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1/10. This is a Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis.

One of the over 2,400 Mantis species.

This starts a thread with some great mantis videos.

Stay tuned.

➡️ RT

#insects #nature #wildlife #mantis #NaturePhotography #science #photography #videos

2/10. Mantises, like many nature related subjects, is something you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

Subscribe to The Planet and start your day with stories about the beauty of nature, or threats like climate change.

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3/10. If you see an insect with a triangular head, bulging eyes, sitting upright with arms folded like in prayer, it is likely a ‘praying’ mantis.

Here is an example. It is not praying, but eating a bumblebee.

#bees #mantises #insectphotography
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These are some of the best @Twitter bots you can follow to stay entertained and informed.

Comment your favourite Twitter bot down below!

#useful #bots #app #technology #kyloapps
1. Reader Threads Quickly (@threadreaderapp)

A #Twitter thread is a series of connected Tweets. This #bot can be helpful if you’re going through a #tweet with many #threads. Just reply “threadreaderapp unroll” & the bot will compile it into an easily readable blog-style format.
2. Download Videos (@this_vid)

As the name suggests, this Twitter bot helps you #download #videos on Twitter. If you want to download a particular video on Twitter, reply with “this_vid” to the tweet that contains the video you want to #save.
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There are contradictory reports about the reason behind the conflict between Taliban& PAK border forces, in Dand-e Patan District of Paktia, on Durand Line.
Taliban officially didn't comment on the conflict yet.
Still, @khalidzadran01 tweeted a poem of the Emir of Durrani Empire. ImageImageImageImage
The poem of king A. Shah is in Pashto, with below contents:
As God made me victorious against my rivals, I will go directly towards India for sightseeing (conquering).
When I conquer the India's territories, then I will go with flag and drum towards Iran (to conquer the country).
More about the conflict between IEA&PAK forces, in Dand-e Patan District of Paktia Province, on Durand Line:
1. Based on SM reports, one Talib was killed in today's clash (unconfirmed).
2. Paktia University students are donating blood for wounded patients.
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⚡️⚔️ Military Expert Boris Rozhin on the Highlights of Russia's #SMO in #Ukraine at 21:53 on 11 Nov⚡️
▪️ #Kherson:
This morning RF withdrew to the left bank to the prepared positions.
The last units withdrew from #Kherson over the barge bridge, which was undermined.
Antonovsky bridge and the bridge near #Kakhovka HPP were undermined.
AFU occupied #Berislav and #Kherson during the day. The front now runs along the #Dnipro River.
AFU activity can be expected in the direction of Kinburn Spit and massacres of civilians may continue.
▪️ #Donetsk Direction:
RF today took #Opytnoye and slightly advanced in #Pervomayskoye.
Fighting continues for #Vodyanoye. In general, the offensive plan is quite transparent:
take #Pervomayskoye and #Vodyanoye and turn to #Tonenkoye, the capture of which will make
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Ya puedes crear anuncios bumper de 6 segundos en google ads 🎥

#googleads #videos
Esta herramienta utiliza un modelo de aprendizaje automático, puede identificar escenas y elementos de marca importantes en el vídeo original y adaptarlos para usarlos en formatos más cortos.
Por lo que si cuentas con un vídeo largo que quieras acortar, puedes hacerlo ahora desde Google Ads.
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#Videos ¿Qué piensan lxs jóvenes de la zona sobre el Tramo5 del @TrenMayaMX? 😳
Hoy hicimos la primera Caravana Ciudadana con casi 60 personas 🙌 que se apuntaron a #Vamosacaminarlaselva 🌱
En este hilo sus testimonios👇🧵 1/X
(Acompáñanos a la próxima y velo x ti mism@)
2/ Ofelia Medina asistió al primer recorrido ciudadano por las cuevas, cenotes y devastación de la selva maya 🌱 en el #Tramo5 del @TrenMayaMX “Ver las máquinas sobre el agua💧del planeta, ¿a quién se le puede ocurrir que esto significa progreso?” @ofeliamedinaweb
3/ Frank: “Soy del norte del país, donde el agua se está terminando, el AGUA 💦 que hace falta en TANTAS partes de Mexico 🇲🇽 , aquí quieren terminar con ella. Es tonto.”#Vamosacaminarlaselva @TrenMayaMX
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“¡NO TIENE MADRE!”🧵Hilo-documental: NADAMOS BAJO EL TRAMO 5 SUR DEL @TrenMayaMX 😱 Cueva “Dama Blanca” con cenote IMPRESIONANTE. Bájense del helicóptero 🚁 y CAMINEN el tramo @lopezobrador_ @TabascoJavier @MaraLezama P.del Carmen, Q.Roo. Coordenadas en varios de los #VIDEOS👇1/X
2/X Que todo Mx🇲🇽 y el🌎 se enteren de lo q el @TrenMayaMX está a punto de enterrar. Cenote 100% virgen, cubierto x vegetación encima y JUSTO EN MEDIO DEL TRAZO. Maravillas naturales y de importancia VITAL💧🌱 que SOLO EXISTEN AQUÍ. (Hay, x lo menos, otros 70 así en el Tramo 5).
3/X Reacción natural: “¡Esto tiene que ser un montaje!, ¿cómo comprueban que están debajo del Tramo 5? 🧐”. Se les tiene ✅: Coordenadas en el video y continúa viendo el🧵si te quedan dudas. Gracias 🙏🏼 #CenotesUrbanos x mapear y cuidar estas cuevas y cenotes.
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⚡️⚔️ #Donbass offensive: Situation in Eastern Ukraine at the end of 25 August 2022⚡️
▪️ In the #Kursk region, saboteurs attempted to undermine the railway line at the Klyukva-Kursk crossing, but the tracks remained almost undamaged.
▪️ Russian forces hit Ukrainian positions in the villages of Zheleznyy Most and Zelenyy Gay, #Chernigov region, as well as in Bachevsk, Volnaya Sloboda and Stukalovka, #Sumy region.
In the northern #Kharkov oblast, Russian missile and artillery troops trained on accumulations of enemy manpower and equipment in #Bogodukhov, #Merefa, #Tsirkunakh and #Odnorobovka.
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⚡️⚔️ Donbass offensive: Eastern #Ukraine at the end of 22 August 2022⚡️
by @Rybar:
▪️ In the #Kharkov region are no significant changes on the frontline. RF troops have launched several missile attacks on #AFU facilities in Kharkov; artillery duels near the contact line.
1/7...🔻 Image
▪️ In the #Bakhmut (#Artemovsk) direction fighting continues:
➖In #Soledar forces of the #LPR were able to occupy the site of a gypsum quarry near the Knauf-Gypsum enterprise. Clashes occurred in the area of Zalevsky Street and the refractory materials plant.
➖The storming of #Bakhmutskoye in the suburbs of #Soledar continues.
➖After the capture of the #Zaitsevo village on the outskirts of #Gorlovka, the Allied forces fight for the Mayorskaya railway station.
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⚡️⚔️ The #Donbass Offensive: Eastern #Ukraine at the end of 19 August 2022⚡️
by @Rybar:
▪️ Northern #Kharkov region: lowintensity fighting continues on the Odnorobovka-Udy line.
➖Russian missile troops hit targets in Kharkov and other facilities in the region overnight.
▪️ In the direction of #Slavyansk, Russian forces are conducting an offensive towards Barvenkovo along the Karnakhovka - Novaya Dmitrovka - Dibrovoye axis.
In the direction of #Soledar, there are no significant changes in the front line:
➖In Soledar, the 6th Cossack Regiment of the LPR People's Militia advances into #Bakhmutskoye, with fighting near the village council of the settlement.
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⚡️⚔️ #Donbass offensive: situation in Eastern Ukraine as the end of 17 August 2022 by @Rybar:

▪️ In northern #Kharkov Region, there is fighting along the line of contact:
➖During the day, it was reported that the RF Forces got control over the border villages of
1/9...🔻 Image
Stognii and #Baranovka, there is no confirmation of this information yet.
➖Russian missile forces and artillery struck a series of targets in different parts of #Kharkov.
▪️ In the #Slavyansk direction, there are battles for the village of #Mazanovka, with intense artillery preparations in the surrounding forests.
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⚡️⚔️ The #Donbass offensive: the situation in Eastern Ukraine as the end of August 11, 2022 by; tl.

▪️ Three Russian servicemen were wounded as a result of shelling by the AFU in the Glushkov district of #Kursk Region.
Houses in Tetkino and Popovo-Lezhachy were damaged.

▪️ The Russian Armed Forces hit AFU facilities in the village of Logi in #Chernigov Region, as well as Vorozhba, Mezenovka, Grabovskoye and Slavgorod in #Sumy Region.
▪️ During the overnight hours, the Russian Armed Forces launched missile strikes against Ukrainian positions in the Kiev district of #Kharkov. Russian army aviation operated on targets near Stary Saltov and Rtyshchevka.
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⚡️💥🎞️ Strikes on #AFU positions in #Peski ⚡️
Special Report + #Video by
Allied forces continue to storm the Peski settlement near #Donetsk. They are being supported by TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower systems.
Since 2015, the settlement on the outskirts of the #DPR capital has been transformed into a powerful stronghold of the #AFU, from which artillery has been shelling neighbourhoods of #Donetsk. All of #Peski's residents left their homes several years ago.
In recent weeks, #DPR units have managed to dislodge the enemy from their positions in the east and centre of the settlement, but the #Ukrainian armed forces still hold the residential buildings in the north-west.
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⚡️⚔️ #Donbass offensive: situation in Eastern Ukraine by the end of 10 August 2022 by; tl.

▪️ Ukrainian formations again attacked the Russian Federation's border areas:
➖In response to the shelling of the Tetkino checkpoint in the #Kursk region, the Russian Armed Forces hit AFU positions in Senkovka in the #Chernigov region, as well as Gavrilova Sloboda, Starye Virki, Seredina Budy in the Sumy region.
➖Ukrainian DRGs blew up an electricity transmission line pole near Lubitskoye in Kursk region and slightly damaged the railway line between Lgov and Sudzha.
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🚨 #AHORA — 🇺🇸 #EEUU
Partidarios del expresidente Donald #Trump se reúnen en la mansión privada ubicada en Mar-A-Lago. Todo se produjo, luego que el mismísimo Trump dijera que su casa fue allanada por el @FBI
(Algunos videos subidos a las redes)
Partidarios de #Trump cerca de Mar-A-Lago, aproximadamente a media milla de distancia en la entrada del puente hacia Palm Beach.
Hay varios vehículos con banderas de Trump que van y vienen entre este grupo y Mar-A-Lago.
Vía @cbenavidesTV
@nbc6 @NBCNewsNow
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Amidst terrible fomo seeing all the cool conferences, I’ve been dying to share the news of our latest discovery 🥳 You thought jumping spiders peaked in their coolness? Buckle up!!! We need to talk about #jumpingspiders potentially #dreaming. @PNASNews
A thread with #videos 1/7 Image
While filming hanging jumping spiders at night, we noticed surprising things happening. Regular phases of curling up their legs and twitching in what seemed like uncontrolled movements. Reminding us a lot of sleeping dogs or cats, we asked: could this be REM sleep? 2/7
Too wild you think? So did we. We followed up anyhow. Luckily, fresh spiderlings are translucent during the first week, giving us the unique opportunity to check out their retinas (they can’t move their “eyes”, but their retinas, which is extra cool). 3/7
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⚡️⚔️ The Donbass offensive: the situation in Eastern #Ukraine as the end of August 5, 2022 by; tl.

▪️ There are no significant changes in the front line in the #Kharkov direction.
1/8...🔻 Image
➖The RF Forces are fighting vs. AFU formations in the area of Pitomnik, Veseloe, Prudyanka and Husarivka.
➖In the wooded area east of Protopopovka, 58th AFU infantry division assault groups attempted to consolidate near Liman Lake, but suffered losses and retreated.
▪️ Allied forces continue their offensive in the #Bakhmut (#Artemovsk) direction.
➖In #Soledar, the RF Armed Forces and the 6th Cossack Regiment of the LPR reflected several attempts of AFU counterattacks near the KNAUF-GIPS factory.
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⚡️⚔️ #Donbass offensive: situation in Eastern Ukraine as the end of July 29, 2022 by; tl.

▪️ Ukrainian formations shelled the Klimov district of the Bryansk region this morning. Region governor Alexander Bogomaz said
that the strikes came from the Sachkovichi village, power lines were damaged, there were no casualties. In addition, in the morning air defenses went off over Belgorod.

▪️ Russian artillery struck enemy positions in the border areas of Sumy and Chernihiv regions.
▪️ The Kharkov Region front line remained unchanged, position battles and artillery duels continue in the north. The RF Forces destroyed a TRO station near Feyerbach Square in Kharkov city and hit AFU facilities in Chuguev and Bogodukhov districts by missile strikes.
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