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I have obtained a copy of Iron Sights, the #Comicsgate joint by Richard C. “Zack” “I was only in Charlottesville to buy a Black Panther Comic” Meyer and Ibai @RiverChannels Canales. I am going to livetweet my thoughts as I go. Pray for me. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 1/?
Page 1: A splash page of five men in a darkened office. I assume it’s dark, as @RiverChannels has chosen to shroud the room in shadows and treat the scene as though the only light is coming from the window. Why are they in the dark? Who knows? #20dollarcomic #ironshites 2/?
Page 2: The famous “soft hands” sequence. Enough has been said about the ineptitude of the script here, but I want to point out a few things. #ironshites 3/?
How many people are in this room? I count Old Man Rodriguez, Cancel, the man with the cross tattoo, the four guys from page 1, and then three OTHER guys on this page. So that’s 10 people. Unless there are fewer and @RiverChannels just forgot what they look like? #ironshites 4/?
Between pp 1&2, someone turned on the lights, but either the light is moving around the room or OMR is moving around the room pretty frenetically. In panel 2&3 the shadow is on the front of his face, in panel 5&6 it’s on his right, and in panel 7 it’s his left. #ironshites 5/?
@RiverChannels has bothered with backgrounds in 2 out of 7 panels. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 6/?
Page 3: In the first panel, the penciler and the colorist are clearly disagreeing about the shape of Cancel’s face. I’m told that the penciler and the colorist are both @RiverChannels, though. #ironshites 7/?
In panel 4, three new characters appear. In panel 5, there are three random cartel members, but two of them (suspenders and goggles guy and mohawk guy) are clearly characters we’ve seen before. That brings the total number of people in the room to 14. #ironshites 8/?
On page 3, @RiverChannels has drawn backgrounds in one panel out of five. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 9/?
Page 4: Again, in the first panel, where is the light coming from? OMR’s front is shrouded in shadow, but Cancel is uplit from the direction of OMR’s feet, which isn’t how light works. #ironshites 10/?
@RiverChannels has put backgrounds in 2/4 panels—a high ratio thus far. #ironshites 11/?
Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! #ironshites 12/?
P 5: On page one, we meet OMR and a caption reads “Old Man Rodriguez.” On 2, we get “Mr. Cancel” at the same time as we meet him. Soon we’ll get the same for Mando, Esme, and others. So is the rabbit that Ramadi shoots on 5 named “Texas”? @RiverChannels? #ironshites 13/?
In panel 2, @RiverChannels has tried to incorporate the SFX lettering into the panel, but it looks like he didn’t think of the “BLAM” until after he drew the rabbit, and it shows as an afterthought. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 14/?
Elmer Fudd used a shotgun, genius. You’ve got a sniper rifle with a stand. If Mr. Fudd had your gear, he’d have taken Bugs out just as neatly as you got ol’ Texas the Rabbit. #ironshites 15/?
Page 6: I thought #Comicsgate wanted comics that aren’t political, guys. #ironshites 16/?
I think Mando is wearing Chris Penn’s exact costume from Reservoir Dogs. Am I wrong, @RiverChannels? I can’t quite tell, because you can’t quite draw. #ironshites 16/?
Page 7: Notice that @RiverChannels basically draws Ramadi as shirtless, with lines around his arms and neck where his t-shirt sits. This flies as a convention in superhero comics, but if you’re going for gritty and realistic, it’s extremely lazy. #ironshites 17/?
Me neither, Ramadi. Me neither. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 18/?
Page 8: Is this guy’s name Mexico? Or is he in Mexico? What’s the convention here, guys? #20dollarcomic #ironshites 19/?
Page 9: I guess his name is Mr. Woods. Assuming he’s the same guy. All of the faces @RiverChannels draws look the same, but he’s still got the kilo of coke from before, so I guess that’s him? So he was IN Mexico, it's not his name. #ironshites 20/?
Page 10: Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! This is the second. I’m counting. #ironshites 21/?
Page 11: Why would you be talking to yourself, Ramadi? Get some captions up in here. Or a thought bubble or two. Or, better yet, just let the action speak for itself. Who do you think you are—Nasser? #ironshites 22/?
Page 12: Meet Esme.

Esme’s boobs don’t behave like human boobs.

@RiverChannels can’t draw boobs. This will be a theme. I don’t think he’s ever seen them. #ironshites 23/?
Another hand-lettered BLAM. @RiverChannels, did you spend more than a second on those letters? Did you even erase your sketch marks? Did you even HAVE sketch marks? I don’t even think you inked this, I think this is your pencils, with some grayscale on top. #ironshites 24/?
@RiverChannels On Page 12, there are six panels. @RiverChannels decided to put a background in one of them. And that’s if you consider a crappy mountain range added in the coloring stage a “background.” #20dollarcomic #ironshites 25/?
Page 13: Nine panels, one background. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 26/?
Page 14: Seven panels, two backgrounds. Three if you count the ground in panel 5. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 27/?
Page 15: The Tilted Kilt is a real place. I wonder how they’d feel about being in this shitty comic. #ironshites 28/?
@RiverChannels has gone all out with backgrounds on this page—3/5 panels. #ironshites 29/?
Page 16: This joke about Wal-Mart is incomprehensible. I think it’s vaguely homophobic, but honestly I’m not sure. #ironshites 30/?
In the fifth panel, there are three guys sitting in a booth. The guy closest to us is Andre the fucking Giant. #ironshites 31/?
Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! Two in one panel, so that makes 4 so far. Remember, we’re only on page 16 of 119. #ironshites 32/?
Page 17: Panel 2 plays with perspective in a way that would be impressive if this was a thumbnail sketch for @RiverChannels to work from later when putting real effort into the final product. Instead, though, this IS the final product. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 33/?
Page 18: You were doing so well on backgrounds, @RiverChannels, but the minute you have to give us some actual action you forget all about it. Literally zero backgrounds in the seven panels on this page. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 34/?
Page 19: @RiverChannels put a little effort into this page. If the whole comic looked like this, the book might be a reasonable first draft. Like it might have gotten you into art school, Ibito. It still wouldn’t be worth twenty bucks, though. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 35/?
@RiverChannels Page 20: This page is the famous one. Look at its glory. Gabby’s shape-shifting boobs. “DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MURDERS NEAR THE BORDER?!” Arroz con leche. There’s nothing I can say about this that hasn’t been said. Let’s all just bask in its awfulness. #ironshites 36/?
Page 21: That rolled-up shirtsleeve makes it look like Gabby’s (anatomically impossible) boob is waving hello at Conway, @RiverChannels. #ironshites 37/?
Page 22: Another page that lives in infamy. STAHP. Grilled Cheese. #ironshites 38/?
@RiverChannels, this is getting repetitive. There are only so many ways I can say “draw more backgrounds” and “your anatomy doesn’t make sense” and “I don’t know where the light is coming from." I’m gonna just skip to the extra shitty parts, okay? You won’t mind. #ironshites 39/?
Page 27: Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! This is the worst one. This is number 5 in our tally. #ironshites 40/?
Page 30: You put more energy into that guy’s shirt that you did into the backgrounds in this whole comic, @RiverChannels. #ironshites 41/?
Page 34: This is, uh, oddly specific, Meyer… #ironshites 42/?
Page 36: Just look at these backgrounds, @RiverChannels. People paid TWENTY DOLLARS for this comic. Look at that shading on the top left of the panel. Look at the American flag. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 43/?
Page 37: Who is this? Is this Ramadi? Is this Woods? Is this a new character? I honestly can’t tell! I don’t think you can tell, either, @RiverChannels. Also, it looks like you stopped inking your pencils way back on page 30. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 44/?
Page 42: Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! This is number 6! #ironshites 45/?
Page 44. @RiverChannels, I got to hand it to you. On one hand, this is the best background you’ve done for this book so far. On the other hand, that’s because you copied and pasted it from somewhere. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 46/?
Page 46: You didn’t even erase your guide-marks on Cancel’s face here, @RiverChannels, but you spent an extra five minutes on the crosshatching in the next panel. #ironshites #20dollarcomic 47/?
Page 47: Wait. Mr. Woods has a son…named James? Like the actor-turned-conservative-media-personality? #ironshites 48/?
Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! Numbah 7! #ironshites 49/?
Page 51: Your digestive issues aren’t my problem, buddy. #ironshites 50/?
Page 53: Who’s talking in this second panel? This is the same guy as in the first panel. Why do we need this second panel? Why don’t the word balloons travel with the action of this guy’s expression changing? Who knows? Nothing makes sense anymore! #ironshites 52/?
Page 55: This joke was topical in 1996. #ironshites 53/?
Page 60: Look at all those knife hands. Something something power down. #ironshites 54/?
Page 96: Unnecessary Bigotry Alert! Number 8. #ironshites 55/?
Page 99: More anatomically impossible bewbs. @RiverChannels, have you ever actually met a woman? #ironshites 56/?
Page 100: Remember when I made fun of the bewbs on the previous page? Well I take it back, @RiverChannels, because these are way worse. #ironshites 57/?
Page 104: More weird bewbs. That left one is vaguely threatening, while the right one looks almost normal. Sort of like Dickie Meyers’ eyes. That was your inspiration here, right @RiverChannels? #ironshites 58/?
Well Damn. That was just awful. So much of it was rehashing old stuff. This is what I’d expect a teenaged boy hopped up on sugar and the complete library of Quentin Tarantino to scrawl out in an afternoon. And the art! 59/?
@RiverChannels, I sent an art sample to DC comics when I was eleven that was better than this—and I don’t consider myself an artist. Anytime I hear anybody in Comicsgate say they just want good comics, I’m sharing this image. #ironshites 60/60
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