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[Thread incoming] This "Get woke. Go broke." bit of soundbyte idiocy may seem like a throwaway line spoken by an idiot, but it's actually much more sinister than that.

GWGB as a phrase, a meme, really, didn't come from Gym Jordan, or even the right-wing mediasphere. 1/
Instead, its origins come from the alt-right, white-supremacist, misogynistic fever swamps that were #ComicsGate. For the uninitiated, ComicsGate was an ugly dust-up inside comic book fandom a few years ago fueled by an incel culture that was mad at representation in comics. 2/
The argument from the fuckbois was the big labels like Marvel, DC, and Image comics were seeing plunging revenues and profits because they were giving in to SJW demands for greater diversity in titles and characters, when what the readers /really/ wanted was manly men stories. 3/
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"I'm 16 and Marxist-Leninist!"
No, Sarah, you're a teenager from an upper-middle-class household who's trying to get some social clout online because you're bored and rebellious. Stop screwing around and do your chores.
"My pronouns are fae/faer."
No they're not, and you have never corrected anybody when they used "she" or "her" to refer to you. You're just trying to feel unique and special because you lack the artistic talents that your peers have.
"I'm a learning MLM."
No, Jennifer, you watched a couple of Breadtube videos after quitting your job at the grocery store. You're not going to read State and Revolution, but you're probably going into a different MLM—multi-level marketing.
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1) Rant time.
Very few leftist geeks are real fans.
Whenever one enters a fandom and thinks "This would be fine except..."
And immediately seeks to bend everything to their will, THEY ARE NOT REAL FANS!
They tell us "If you don't like change then this isn't for you anymore"...
There is nowhere left to go.
The Liberals think that we no Lo ger deserve a platform if we do not agree 100% with their agendas.
We are mocked and shamed if all we want is to enjoy our hobbies as always
3) Escapism is a sin to Leftists. They "Use Their Platform"
To expose every minor infraction of what they deem "human decency".
If you disagree, are to be cancelled. They constantly eat their own in their hypocrisy while demanding their victim's apologies for admission of guilt.
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So let's discuss the next phase of ALL CAPS COMICS.

Let's talk about the idea of a monthly CYBERFROG and a monthly JAWBREAKERS series, offered only via subscription. Written by me and Zack, drawn by a couple of consistent and fast artists (like Kirkman found Charlie Adlard.)
This has been something I've been thinking about for a year, because subscriptions have always been Direct to Consumer. It's entirely makes sense.

ALL CAPS would have a sudden growth spurt. I'd hire an editor, we'd use a regular printer each time...
And we're already shipping enormous quantities of trading cards, stickers and comics every day.

We'd have to offer an annual subscription, and get 2000 subscribers to make it work, for both books.

The subscription would probably be $125 plus shipping. It might be impractical.
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SJWs do nothing but chatter and gossip, working hard to gatekeep undesirables and fix social problems within the Comic Book Industry, giving not one shit about how to make it more profitable and sustainable for the creators who depend on it.…
2020 still has these manic, worthless clowns pointing fingers over “harassment,” investigations into workplace practices of DC and BOOM, unions and “pledges” and The Patriarchy, the awesome Twitter disses of dysfunctional dangerhairs, and #ComicsGate while the Direct Market dies.
I’ve always said that Comics Is made up of two kinds of people: those who work to create and sell comics, and those who do nothing but agitate to control the mechanisms behind the scenes. The first group will eventually be subjugated to the second group.
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Em partes, tá acontecendo: o pessoal do #ComicsGate (movimento que resgata valores nas HQs) tem vendido muito, por ex o @EthanVanSciver (ex-DC, que tem feito sucesso com seus gibis independentes)

Mas competir com corporacoes gigantes é impossivel, nao tem como...
Quer entender porque esses caras tem feito tanto sucesso? Olha a diferença entre essas duas capas recentes

DC x ComicsGate... quem vocês acham que vende mais? ImageImage
E a militância não é só na DC e na Marvel não, acontece também em editoras menores como a IDW

Olha essa capa recente da revista dos COMANDOS EM AÇÃO (GI Joe) e compara como há apenas 3 anos, na mesma editora (e tiraram o slogan patriótico, "A Real American Hero") ImageImage
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Prediction Thread:

DC's publishing future lays along the lines of YA novels and things that can easily, directly and inexpensively be adapted into streaming shows for teenagers. Which actually is the smartest path for AT&T.
In a way, it's the ultimate victory for SJWs, because they've shrunk DC Comics down to an entirely controllable size for them, producing books in which SJW content merges fairly easily with superhero properties.

In other words, GOTHAM HIGH is the future of DC Comics.
BATMAN, SUPERMAN and JLA will still be published, as they still sell over 40,000 copies. But the line is going to be chopped down by another 75%, and nothing that isn't a guaranteed sale is going to be published.
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Bad news:

Your world is shrinking. You felt it in 2016, and you'll feel it again in a few months.

The world in which shrill voices emotionally blackmail corporations into destroying themselves is dying.

Respect for the customer is the future. 🤷‍♂️🌈🐸…
No company can survive employing people with Amy's attitude, nor can it survive hoping that she will support it with her hard earned money.

Hell, respect for the hypnotism that must have been involved in making Marvel market to the people even THEY wouldn't pay a living wage to.
So these people, these Social Justice Warriors, work damned hard at inserting themselves into these hobbies, cultures, and businesses, and immediately begin chasing off the customer base.

Amy immediately calls long time fans "incels" and tells them they're the minority.
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Good morning #COMICSGATE!

I closed down UNFROGETTABLE TALES last night with a total of 4227 backers and $225,990 raised! A huge success!

Thanks to all if you who promoted the campaign and backed it! We’re shipping now! Image
People are asking if UNFROGETTABLE is continuing, and the answer is yes! We’ll be adding new colors, a new cover and lettering to a previously unreleased 90’s CYBERFROG issue and that’ll be UNFROGETTABLE #3! And I’ll reprint the HARRIS stuff with new colors too!
But there’s also CYBERFROG: WARTS AND ALL launching this month, which is a 350-or-so page hardcover omnibus that collects every CYBERFROG book from the 90’s as it was originally printed!

Big stuff on the way! Thanks again everyone!
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I condemn threats and doxxing of all kinds. I've been on the receiving end of both on a weekly basis. It's awful.

However, one person called her "Fake Geek Girl" and one single individual on the internet made a remark about wanting to sleep with her. SJWs lied about it.
SJWs and Heather responded to the gentleman who doubted her "geek cred" by organizing a campaign of harassment against him which included trying to take down his YouTube channel, his Patreon, & get him fired from his job, as well as encouraging others to do the same. #ComicsGate
Eventually, Marvel fired Heather from her job, probably with cause, for these reasons among many others.

She's still actively promoting harassment campaigns, most recently against Jae Lee, and uses her internet clout to inflict social pressure on others to join her.
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SJWs use "Diversity" as an excuse to employ Cancel Culture and ruin the lives of people who oppose...Cancel Culture.

So if you oppose their goals (invading platforms and using them to serve extreme Leftism) and their methods (Cancel Culture), watch out, "bigot!"
There are TWO types of people working in the comic book industry:

1. Those who serve the purpose of the industry itself, i.e. making fun comics that make money

2. Those who fight for control of how the industry itself functions.

If you are #1, you will eventually kneel to #2.
SJWs ONLY care about controlling how the Comic Book Industry functions. They employ strict gatekeeping and inflict incredibly social pressure on those who just want to serve the purpose of the comic book industry, and aren't following the SJW agenda.
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Ha, I thought so.

You're focused on a tiny symptom of the problem of SJWs infesting the comic book industry.

It's like you're mad at having irregular moles, and want regular moles again.

#ComicsGate should be, and IS addressing the cancer itself and it's fatal diagnosis.
So ComicsGate, for you, can be entirely focused on Stan Lee's creations being altered, disrespected and destroyed by SJW idiots for their culture war agenda.

And that's valid. But I don't think you're going to win that fight, because they've already declared you're "bigots."
ComicsGate for me and my fellow creators and professionals is about finding a new way of doing business in comics that addresses the concerns of the customers that have been disrespected by SJWs, and building a market structure that doesn't rely on SJWs.
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SJWs in comics are aghast that #ComicsGate still exists, and are trying everything they can to prove that you're "racist, homophobic, sexist BIGOTS!"


Because you oppose their social agenda to convert comic books into leftist agitprop!

They want you to be afraid.
But we're NOT afraid.

They use YOUR skin color, YOUR gender, YOUR sexual identity as their shield and their weapon.

We use TRUTH and FREEDOM as ours.

Everyone is welcome in comics, no matter who you are, no matter who you vote for, no matter how gay or straight.

It's yours.
Be proud of who you are, and be proud to be #ComicsGate and fight back against these political activists who want to ruin your hobby and force you out of it.

Protect comics. Protect each other.

Protect businesses who value their customers over the SJW agenda.
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The Meyer suing Waid for everyone out there narrative is pure poppycock.

It is the outrage that is the foundation of EVSCG. All the bullshit we experience now, from the harassment, to the doxing, to the threats, and blacklisting all stem from it.
I mean, goodness, look at everyone who has profited from it. From Richard (gross $1.1M) and Ethan (gross $1.2M), to no talent hacks like Ro and creators who would never have a career in comics because they shouldn't.
All the while smaller talented creators like Tim Lim, Mark Pellegrini, George Axelopoulos, Preston Pouter, Doug Garrett, Six Scale Combat, Brad Ashworth, Crypto...
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Comic book editors, writers and artists were far ahead of the social curve (and not just in the 1960s), as everyone should have been but unfortunately was not.

Unfortunately this type of negative reader attitude is poking its head up again with #comicsgate.

Google it.
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I logged out of Twitter just to read the twitter timeline of an ex-ComicsGater I just watched be interviewed on YouTube.

Literally 95% of his tweets are about me, and how to depose me as "leader of ComicsGate" etc etc.

The mental illness of these people is profound.
Last summer, after CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY was an enormous success, strange voices started suggesting that I was selfish by not allowing other indie creators access to my platform. Why couldn't I "help" people? Surely I owed it to the community.
I considered this, and since I enjoyed YouTube anyhow, I decided I should use my voice to help others.

This has lead to a clusterfuck of hurt feelings, anger, jealousy, conspiracy theories and very strange efforts by these same people who reached out to me to destroy my life.
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@mtman318 @RumbleTerrier @ForceGhostBurt @__RiseAgain__ @LovecraftsK One could day some of the IndyPlanet hosted offerings are sub par or amateurish. But then I could very easily say the same about a LOT of the #ComicsLate arrivistes.
#ComicsGate includes KS, IGG, IndyPlanet, direct sales and all the rest.
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I gotta tell ya. All this stuff with EVS, Edwin, Mike, Doug, the die hard fans of each. WC this, Cherries that, soy ops this, schemes and scams that. Wtf. These are grown men, right? I'm about done with all of them. I can barely go on their profiles or channels anymore...
....because all they ever do is talk about their 90210 drama about who dumped who, and who betrayed the other. I'm a fan of all of them, but I'm starting to think they would rather the rest of us suffer thru this nonsense then to be adults AND TAKE IT IN PRIVATE!! We don't...
...know the full story, and we never will, and none of them are gonna tell us, so why do we have to put up with only selected info of some bs that none of us should really even care about. I used to look forward to tweets and vids from all these guys. Now I'm rolling my eyes...
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2017 saw some voices of varying importance rise up on YouTube to criticize the Comics Industry.

Douglas Ernst, Diversity & Comics and Captain Frugal offered insight and ideas that were adopted by many, and built upon. Ernst and D&C went on to realize that publishing...
...was the inevitable solution to the problems they wrote and talked about, and they did that. (Still waiting on Frugal to invent a comic!)

Jon Malin and I joined the cause because we were forced to by these realities. We began to crowdfund new comics that weren't SJW.
They were incredibly successful, and others asked to join us. Doug TenNapel, Mike S. Miller, Art Thibert, etc.

Some lesser voices on YouTube resented their arrival, felt that we'd "hijacked their movement," and complained bitterly as their numbers and viewership dropped.
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.@IndieCron You don't seem to have a "contact us" form on the website.

I'd like for my comic, Englewood, to be pulled off of your site please. If your reps are going to promote anti-semites I want my work nowhere near it.
Given that apparently @Edwin_Boyette seems like a big fan of Vox Day, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Here he is encouraging Vox to try and weasel closer to Richard C. Meyer. Same Vox Day who supports terrorist Anders Brevijk.…
If this is the direction that Indiechron is going, I would advise other #comicsgate creators to walk away from using their website.

Personally, I simply will not associate with that kind of behavior or with a website that encourages it.
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OK, kids. Gather round, for I have acquired another #Comicsgate gem, Mike S. Miller’s LONESTAR. Much like I did for #IronShites last November, this will be a thread more or less live-tweeting my reactions as I read it. #LoadStar (1/34)
I’m actually a fan of Injustice, the comic Miller got himself fired from for being a raging homophobe, and thought his work on it was good, so this might not be quite as terrible as #IronShites was. The question is can he write? (Spoiler: No, he can’t) #LoadStar (2/34)
P. 1. LoneStar sitting on a rooftop, looking down and whispering “no.” The difference is that Alan Moore meant for us to find Rorschach repulsive. I suspect Miller does not feel that way about his “hero,” who’s delivering a Fox News monologue about entitlement. #LoadStar (3/34)
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I have obtained a copy of Iron Sights, the #Comicsgate joint by Richard C. “Zack” “I was only in Charlottesville to buy a Black Panther Comic” Meyer and Ibai @RiverChannels Canales. I am going to livetweet my thoughts as I go. Pray for me. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 1/?
Page 1: A splash page of five men in a darkened office. I assume it’s dark, as @RiverChannels has chosen to shroud the room in shadows and treat the scene as though the only light is coming from the window. Why are they in the dark? Who knows? #20dollarcomic #ironshites 2/?
Page 2: The famous “soft hands” sequence. Enough has been said about the ineptitude of the script here, but I want to point out a few things. #ironshites 3/?
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DRAMAGATE: Your #ComicsGate™ Minute!
(Now with 100% less Unicode formatting, for phones!)
Dateline 10/26/18: Ethan Van Sciver Tries, Fails to Prevent Release of ComicsGate Expose

by Jason Yungbluth, Your Roving Reporter
1) Everyone reading this should first know that Ethan Van Sciver, the self-appointed gatekeeper of the right wing ComicsGate movement, went to great lengths to prevent you from learning what I am about to tell you.
2) So please, if you don't mind, retweet this to everyone you can, as many times as you can.
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Refamous is lying, @arttavana . #ComicsGate began when Cultural Marxists began successfully demanding that the exaggeration of female form be stricken from the art of comic books (see victims Milo Manara and Frank Cho) and then began using this new influence to impose more...
...unwanted change on classic comic books and characters. Cherished superheroes were replaced with flat and uninteresting new alternate versions solely because they were deemed "non diverse" white males, and complaints were met with accusations of "bigotry and harassment."
The books themselves became rife with terrible stories, cultural lectures, and most irritating of all, typos and grammar mistakes that should have been discovered and corrected by the assistant editors, if not the editors themselves.
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