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How long till @ethanvansciver and his gang are being deep dived and investigated by the likes of @chrishansen or someone similar?

Seems right up that alley on the surface,
>Blackmailing nudes catalog
>Sexual/Harassment campaigns
>online stalking
@EthanVanSciver @chrishansen Definitely should take a deep dive into #comicsgate sometime. Grown ass men losing their minds over "comicbooks". Lots of sick and sad stuff.

@Indiegogo @YouTube @Patreon
All big name companies that are supportive of criminal ventures and worse
@EthanVanSciver @chrishansen @Indiegogo @YouTube @Patreon This doesnt even touch on their rumored kompromat program to ensure various group members stay in line, of which, because they're idiots likely contains cp.

Or the bizarre child exploitation that will only continue to spiral out of control,
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Watching #Comicsgate zealots flood into @AbacusMike chat prompted by Ethan was interesting last night.

No one cares about this drama - outside of CG or the targets of CG's impotent rage.

Barely anyone notices it, and to an outsider it looks like the lamest of nerd slapflights.
Flabby pale men run amok, angry about nerdy things.

Practically it seems like a downward spiral, you may feel like coming in and repeating the latest nonsense to Mike is a "victory" for CG - in practice it just looks bizarre, and doesn't grow audience.
The take away for comic fans or pop culture fans is disordered histronics, a clear signal that engaging with #Comicsgate is a dead end time sink.
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My last word on #comicsgate. Apologies if this thread goes long.

I love comics. I’ve been a fan and collector since 1984. I was more into them during certain periods than others, but there was always something there for me.
Until it began looking like the mainstream industry didn’t want fans like me anymore culminating, for me at least, with “Hail Hydra.”
Then came #comicsgate. Here was what looked like a potential pop culture movement that conservative and Christian fans (like me) could turn to and not feel like the people we gave money to (once comics were being made under the label) hated us.
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This is why people are going to check out of #Comicsgate.

When creators encourage troll groups (Warcampaign), and the WC are primarily targeting the small pool of people willing to pay a premium for a comic (that they may not see for over a year) -it's a downward spiral.
People can also look at Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and their local comic shops and see 100s of choices for indie comic books made by people who DON'T personally target them - and ask why should I subsidize something which encourages behaviors WORSE than the mainstream industry?
In 2020, there will be so much competition for every comic book dollar, so many open and unfulfilled projects - I believe even most of the zealous CG supporters are going to experience apathy.

The first 10 "Saving Comics!" (TM) comic books are meaningful the 150th - not as much.
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Comic book editors, writers and artists were far ahead of the social curve (and not just in the 1960s), as everyone should have been but unfortunately was not.

Unfortunately this type of negative reader attitude is poking its head up again with #comicsgate.

Google it.
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I logged out of Twitter just to read the twitter timeline of an ex-ComicsGater I just watched be interviewed on YouTube.

Literally 95% of his tweets are about me, and how to depose me as "leader of ComicsGate" etc etc.

The mental illness of these people is profound.
Last summer, after CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY was an enormous success, strange voices started suggesting that I was selfish by not allowing other indie creators access to my platform. Why couldn't I "help" people? Surely I owed it to the community.
I considered this, and since I enjoyed YouTube anyhow, I decided I should use my voice to help others.

This has lead to a clusterfuck of hurt feelings, anger, jealousy, conspiracy theories and very strange efforts by these same people who reached out to me to destroy my life.
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@mtman318 @RumbleTerrier @ForceGhostBurt @__RiseAgain__ @LovecraftsK One could day some of the IndyPlanet hosted offerings are sub par or amateurish. But then I could very easily say the same about a LOT of the #ComicsLate arrivistes.
#ComicsGate includes KS, IGG, IndyPlanet, direct sales and all the rest.
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I gotta tell ya. All this stuff with EVS, Edwin, Mike, Doug, the die hard fans of each. WC this, Cherries that, soy ops this, schemes and scams that. Wtf. These are grown men, right? I'm about done with all of them. I can barely go on their profiles or channels anymore...
....because all they ever do is talk about their 90210 drama about who dumped who, and who betrayed the other. I'm a fan of all of them, but I'm starting to think they would rather the rest of us suffer thru this nonsense then to be adults AND TAKE IT IN PRIVATE!! We don't...
...know the full story, and we never will, and none of them are gonna tell us, so why do we have to put up with only selected info of some bs that none of us should really even care about. I used to look forward to tweets and vids from all these guys. Now I'm rolling my eyes...
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2017 saw some voices of varying importance rise up on YouTube to criticize the Comics Industry.

Douglas Ernst, Diversity & Comics and Captain Frugal offered insight and ideas that were adopted by many, and built upon. Ernst and D&C went on to realize that publishing...
...was the inevitable solution to the problems they wrote and talked about, and they did that. (Still waiting on Frugal to invent a comic!)

Jon Malin and I joined the cause because we were forced to by these realities. We began to crowdfund new comics that weren't SJW.
They were incredibly successful, and others asked to join us. Doug TenNapel, Mike S. Miller, Art Thibert, etc.

Some lesser voices on YouTube resented their arrival, felt that we'd "hijacked their movement," and complained bitterly as their numbers and viewership dropped.
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.@IndieCron You don't seem to have a "contact us" form on the website.

I'd like for my comic, Englewood, to be pulled off of your site please. If your reps are going to promote anti-semites I want my work nowhere near it.
Given that apparently @Edwin_Boyette seems like a big fan of Vox Day, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Here he is encouraging Vox to try and weasel closer to Richard C. Meyer. Same Vox Day who supports terrorist Anders Brevijk.…
If this is the direction that Indiechron is going, I would advise other #comicsgate creators to walk away from using their website.

Personally, I simply will not associate with that kind of behavior or with a website that encourages it.
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While Lola's had her main on lockdown, she's been using her @CiderHype alt to go to town.

People keep asking who tf @Adam_A_F is. Adam's in #WARCAMPAIGN and volunteered to be Lola's beard. He's married, but not to anyone named Ashley Lewis. 🤷‍♀️
@CiderHype @Adam_A_F Adam apparently protected his profile, is he worried #Warcampaign will kick him out for letting Lola use him as a cover? #Blamewarcampaign #ComicsGate

You can thank Lola for dragging your name back into this, friend.
@CiderHype @Adam_A_F Throw Back Wednesday to when Lola had 3 straight normal ones on alt

those arent the same tweets, she just really likes those 2 gifs
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So let's do a rundown of KickVic so far:

-Fakes Swatting Attacks (Samantha Inoue-Hart)

-Fakes rape accusations (Jessie Pridemore)

-Lies about key witnesses (Monica Rial)

-Doxxes family of Vic supporter

-Defends CONVICTED creep in possession of CP over Vic (Sarah Wiedenheft)
Sorry I forgot the name of the douchebag who doxxed That Umbrella Guy.

He was irrelevant to me till now but apparently hes always been an asshole even during comicsgate.
No surprise to see those people leap on the KickVic train now. Despicable.
We can add another to this list already:

-Tongue kissing underage girls while shaming Vic for hugging fans (@ljMontello)

This person also apparently tortuously interfered with some of Vic's conventions, getting him cancelled. Why are these people ALWAYS worse. 🤦🏿‍♂️
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I have obtained a copy of Iron Sights, the #Comicsgate joint by Richard C. “Zack” “I was only in Charlottesville to buy a Black Panther Comic” Meyer and Ibai @RiverChannels Canales. I am going to livetweet my thoughts as I go. Pray for me. #20dollarcomic #ironshites 1/?
Page 1: A splash page of five men in a darkened office. I assume it’s dark, as @RiverChannels has chosen to shroud the room in shadows and treat the scene as though the only light is coming from the window. Why are they in the dark? Who knows? #20dollarcomic #ironshites 2/?
Page 2: The famous “soft hands” sequence. Enough has been said about the ineptitude of the script here, but I want to point out a few things. #ironshites 3/?
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What a rewarding week off I just enjoyed! As some of you may already know, last week, @EthanVanSciver caught wind of the contents of my final DramaGate column, and in a move worthy of his lover Vox Day...
...ordered his chuds to scour my Tweets for no-no words to get me thrown in Twitter jail. (I guess the pussy couldn't be bothered to do it himself.)
It was to no avail. I have a dozen Twitter accounts and the story broke anyway. The result? Ethan's racist golden boy Nerkish almost immediately disappeared from both Twitter and YouTube (although I'm sure he still has a Gab account). I'd say that was worth a Twitter holiday.
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DRAMAGATE: Your #ComicsGate™ Minute!
(Now with 100% less Unicode formatting, for phones!)
Dateline 10/26/18: Ethan Van Sciver Tries, Fails to Prevent Release of ComicsGate Expose

by Jason Yungbluth, Your Roving Reporter
1) Everyone reading this should first know that Ethan Van Sciver, the self-appointed gatekeeper of the right wing ComicsGate movement, went to great lengths to prevent you from learning what I am about to tell you.
2) So please, if you don't mind, retweet this to everyone you can, as many times as you can.
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Refamous is lying, @arttavana . #ComicsGate began when Cultural Marxists began successfully demanding that the exaggeration of female form be stricken from the art of comic books (see victims Milo Manara and Frank Cho) and then began using this new influence to impose more...
...unwanted change on classic comic books and characters. Cherished superheroes were replaced with flat and uninteresting new alternate versions solely because they were deemed "non diverse" white males, and complaints were met with accusations of "bigotry and harassment."
The books themselves became rife with terrible stories, cultural lectures, and most irritating of all, typos and grammar mistakes that should have been discovered and corrected by the assistant editors, if not the editors themselves.
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While it's still in its early planning stages, my proposal for "Operation Canadian BaCon II" is ready. Read more about it here:…
The CBC Boss Battle is coming in the Summer of 2019. Be prepared! :)
#GamerGate #ComicsGate #NotYourShield
The alpha version of the CBC #GamerGate Archive has now been assembled. It contains audio, video, articles, screen captures, and related documents covering 97% of all known material from Canada's national broadcaster referring to us and weighs in at around 4.6 GB. 1/2
Some tentative statistics (covering all CBC media):
- Hit pieces or significant mentions: 29
- Gamedrops: 10
- Ombudsman reviews: 8
- Related incidents: 3
- Trivial mentions: 4
- Missing hit pieces with no known archives: 2
More material will be slowly added. #GamerGate 2/2
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HEADS UP: If you're supporting comics and trying to enforce some positivity in light of all the #comicsgate nonsense, do not, DO NOT, use #movetheneedle. It is not a positive response hashtag to comicsgate. I know some of you out there know this, but let's be clear:
Comicsgate is just Gamergate again. This should be obvious. It holds the same intention, and that is, to put it bluntly, abuse women and minority-status peoples within an industry while masking it as a social movement.
There is going to inevitably be push back to that statement, that's part of how it works. We all went through this in 2014, we should know the signs. What's different now is movetheneedle, and it's important to figure out the distinction.
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1) Whoever taught this guy statistics needs to take whatever college degree he has and slap him with it.

This freaking idiot right here is trying to do a demographics breakdown of people that support #ComicsGate, aka 'please Marvel, stop hiring shit writers.'
2) His initial conclusion? "They're mostly fat redneck guys."

3) Dipshit, it is called fucking covariance. Have you NEVER taken a statistics class?
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A few thoughts tonight for #ComicsGate about digital, and hopefully some new information you may not have considered before. And yes, I'll get it out of the way up front: I really should just do YouTube. But hey, you're in for the thread show now. Sorry. But here we go! 1/23
So, when digital first started being a thing for comics there was this strange revolt on the part of retailers. Retailers were wary that digital would wipe out the LCS, and publishers were bending over backwards to reassure people that this wouldn't happen. 2/23
DC in particular were making these statements at Retailer Summits and to LCS reps that no, digital was something they would try but in no way would it come at the cost of the traditional publishing business. But just about every LCS was worried and saying so. 3/23
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People who question Marvel's current publishing strategy, and why the creators seem so determined to stick to it, should understand that the company is not being illogical; they are responding to the data they have. And one of the biggest sources of data is Cons. #ComicsGate 1/18
I've been going to cons as a vendor or attendee for 20+ years. Cons have changed a lot, but the biggest change is NOT what most people always point out... that media has taken over the Con. That's true, but the big change is in the people who go, and why they are there. 2/18
Con attendees are not the day-in, day-out comic buyer. Con attendees are by and large more casual fans of the actual books, even though the cosplay may trick you into thinking they are "super fans". They are "super-fans", but of the idea of comics far more than the titles. 3/18
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So You Think You’ve Been Targeted By Alt-Right/Liberals/Crazy People Trolls: a thread (and semi-response). #ComicsGate #ComicGate
Have you ever woken up and discovered you have hundreds of notifications out of nowhere on Twitter? That sinking feeling in your stomach is that you're about to deal with a whole lot of nonsense... and all before you had your first coffee. Keep calm, let's get you through this.
First, take a breath. You don't know what you're about to wander into, but ask yourself: do you care? Is any information you're about to see relevant to your life or happiness? Likely not, so remind yourself of this before you engage.
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I love this:
- Suddenly #comicsgate is ok w/blocking, but only when they do it.
- The only harassment they've done is block ppl? Suuuuuuure.
Honestly, it's just six panels, but it's like a peeling an onion.

There's layers here enough to keep a psychiatrist busy for *days.*
This is actually a great jumping off point for a thread I wanted to do on entitlement and how that plays into all this, but that'll keep.
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