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India test-fires 10 missiles in 35 days. It is not a coincidence - india news - Hindustan Times

India is finally Speaking the Language China understands Most

Why Indian Americans must ensure #JoeBiden is defeated in #USElection2020

He was the Senator who sabotaged India's efforts to procure and develop Cryogenic Engines.

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Back in 1992, Joe Biden made sure that India does not get access to cryogenic tech for its space programme
#JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020… #America #JoeBiden via @tfipost
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This is disgusting and why I do NOT watch that station it’s so dishonest!
Just what we thought dishonesty from these left liberal water carriers for the DNC - They probably script and prompt all their guests conversations #FakeNewsCNN
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No longer the monster of the gulags and purges that killed millions, Stalin now looms in the national consciousness as the giant who defeated the Nazis in World War II.

Thread:…; w/ other resources. #Stalin #Putin #Ukraine #Russia #Holodomor
Meanwhile, not only has Russia annexed Crimea and destabilized Ukraine’s eastern regions, its military adventurism has also extended to Syria.
Putin, who once described the collapse of the USSR as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the twentieth century, looks determined to avenge the humiliations of Russia’s post-Soviet implosion.
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The #JeffreyEpstein media version is a classic #LimitedHangout. Partial information is revealed while critical data are never uncovered. The public, per usual, believes that that’s the entire story and never goes deeper. And the biggest lies are seen in network so-called exposés.
Would you be surprised if #GhislaineMaxwell weren’t even in this country? Pushed out of the sacrificial shadows and on display as some exposed linchpin. A form of gotcha! for the uninformed and easily manipulated public. While the public thinks that the story has been exposed.
#JeffreyEpstein was nothing more than a honeypot/blackmail operation. Designed to ensnare the world’s leaders in compromising positions. Think Bilderberg level blackmail. And the question is: where are all the recordings that were made throughout the decades? Who would have them?
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@Acosta Jim, YOU push this made-up Garbage, YOU are guilty of people harmed!
Medical Truth: IV Vit C has cured innumerable Covid19 patients facing death on vents in China and elsewhere.
Vitamin C turns into Hydrogen Peroxide in your body and disinfects, among other benefits.
@Acosta people drink or inject H202? NO! That would be deadly.
The Vitamin C conversion is the correct, God-given solution to keep you healthy, and is unlike OTC H202.
Should high-dose Vit C used properly be given IV to Covid19 patients? Yes!
Should The Cure be given to patients? Yes
@Acosta So when Trump states "disinfectant", YOU idiots pull it out of context and name Lysol and Chlorine. IF people listen to you, they will be injured or killed, and YOU will be sued!
You shouldn't be in News anyways, because you are #FakeNewsCNN !
Outraged! Ret. RN.
HCQ, Zinc, and
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.@realDonaldTrump standing up for the American people that’s been excoriated by people like this #FakeNews @CNN reporter that doesn’t have the brains he was born with.

#GodBlessYou @realDonaldTrump
But wait there’s more. He wasn’t done breaking it down for the #FakeNewsCNN reporter.
.@realDonaldTrump says the people at this protest is great American people with cabin fever ready to get back to work.

Reporter: bu bu muh nazis
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Oct 6 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
Iraqi security forces, SWAT teams, seen firing directly at protesters and using heavy machine guns to disperse demonstrators.

My take:
These are methods very similar to those used by #Iran's regime against its protesters.
Oct 6 - #Iraq
Scenes of Iraqi protesters with flags coming under heavy fire by Iraqi security forces (most likely #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias who are armed, funded & trained by the IRGC).
This video vividly shows peaceful demonstrators in #Iraq protesting for their rights and how security forces (most likely #Iran-backed militia groups) open fire on civilians.
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How deep do you want to go? How far would you like to investigate what is truly happening regarding @realDonaldTrump? If you want to stay with the absolutely rudimentary, never delving beneath the cellular level of the information veneer, if you’d like your information basic ...
@FoxNews is for you. Feigned internecine battles between anchors and hosts in house, classic baby face and heel contretemps, #MAGA101, abecedarian, elementary, the 5 AM talking points method, that’s where. That’s the place. But if that’s too difficult then ...
#FakeNewsCNN. Alice in Wonderland, psychedelic mushroom news buds prepared by Libturd cult illiterate snooze parvenus and dilettantes, spoonfed propaganda, apparatchik pabulum. This is mondo stupid at a cosmic level that few truly appreciate because fewer truly understand it ...
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Newly-examined emails among then FBI Director James Comey and his chief of staff James Rybicki—reference a “sensitive matter team.”

Based on the context of the emails, the “sensitive matter” appears to be...


#QAnon #MAGA #2ndSpecialCounsel
...the Trump-Russia media narrative, and political opposition research funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Research— known as the “Steele dossier”— peddled to the press (via @jaketapper) by COMEY, MCCABE, CLAPPER, et al...


Jan 6th: Comey chief of staff Rybicki email, “Director Comey is coming to HQ briefly now for an update on the sensitive matter team”

Same day: Comey briefed President-elect Trump on a few of the salacious, unverified allegations in the dossier..
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1) Ready for a new #FalseFlag event? Here goes.

In about a week, approx. 1,500 (and growing) #CentralAmericans, most from #Honduras are ignoring #immigration checkpoints, military bases, and #police in an organized march toward the #USA #border.

#QAnon @POTUS #BorderWall
2) Despite their being in #Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them. Organized by "a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras" (People Without Borders). Yeah right. #Fake and #staged.

#NWO #openborders #Soros #FalseFlag #QAnon #BuildTheWall
3) They're calling it a caravan, intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but #gangs and #cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants. This is the lie being fed. What's the #truth?
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