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@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff [THREAD] Several other folks have asked me for my thoughts about this new Hatch Act guidance as well. Let me answer here. It may be lengthy, so I may not worry about cleanly dividing thoughts around tweet boundaries.
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff Do I agree that the new guidance is correct, and that #resistance is inherently political activity? No, I do not. I do not #resist on the basis of political party. Several of my good friends in #AltGov have been lifelong Republicans
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff #AltGov was not started to push for or against any parties. @BadHombreNPS started to resist the suppression of scientific data. That was (and is) the motive for many of the #AltGov accounts
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS I am deeply concerned about that as well, but the core of my #resistance, and why I joined #AltGov, is to help shine a spotlight on amoral, unethical, and illegal actions, as well as the dangers of the most powerful man in our country displaying signs of profound mental illness
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS I #resist to help defend U.S. laws and the U.S. Constitution, and core pillars of American Democracy such as the free press and checks and balances. None of these issues have to do with party.
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS People have asked about how I see my own #AltGov activities as they relate to the Hatch Act. Let me address that here. I do not believe I am using my “official authority to influence or affect the outcome of an election,” for a few reasons
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS I named my account with “Alt” and did not use “DOJ” in the name to ensure I’m not appearing to represent DOJ in any official capacity. In my bio I specifically state that opinions are my own and that this account contains my “personal views”
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS I understand that some may feel that even acknowledging in tweets at times that I do in fact work for DOJ may appear to be using my “official authority.” I disagree. Recognizing the possibility of that appearance, though, I try to keep my arguments focused on actions, not parties
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS Regardless of my personal preferences, I try to avoid encouraging people to vote for a particular party. After all, as I said, I did not join #AltGov to #resist the @GOP
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP I #resist amoral, unethical, and illegal *actions* that I see as threats to rule of law in the U.S. and to the U.S. Constitution. Donald Trump’s *actions* have been amoral, unethical, and many of them blatantly illegal
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP He has surrounded himself with people who support his actions, and demonstrate amoral, unethical, and illegal activities themselves. I #resist all of those actions, and the people who show them. Party is not relevant to that
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP Again, I’m aware of the potential appearance, and that some may not agree with my approach. So to further try to adhere to the letter of the Hatch Act, I try to avoid tweets directly attacking Trump during workdays, even though I DO NOT agree those tweets are inherently political
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP When I do tweet them during workdays (which certainly happens,) I make sure that I am not on government property and am not “on duty” (in other words, I make sure I’m not on the clock getting paid at those times)
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP I take those actions just to try to be careful, and ensure that I am doing what I can to adhere to the Hatch Act, even though I DON’T believe they are necessary
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP I personally believe that I can post tweets that criticizes Donald Trump’s or his administration’s actions, and that those tweets are NOT political activity, as long as the criticisms are about actions and not based on party, and don’t encourage voting for a party
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP I don’t care that @RealDonaldTrump is a candidate for 2020. I don’t #Resist to keep him from being reelected THEN. I #Resist to highlight what he is doing that endangers our country TODAY. I #Resist because the fabric of our country is under attack TODAY
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump I cannot stay silent in the face of that, and I refuse to be silent just because someone may feel that my criticisms may be intended to sway votes in 2020. They are not
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump Keep in mind that the Hatch Act is guidance, not law. Violations of the Hatch Act are not criminal, they can lead to administrative discipline up to and including dismissal. I refuse to work for this administration if I cannot speak out
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump I am trying to help the government to improve from inside, and I believe I am making a difference through my official role. I do not wish to give up that opportunity to help just because @RealDonaldTrump is a narcissistic, amoral criminal who is showing signs of dementia
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump I have no doubt my identity will eventually come out. If and when it does, if the administration chooses to fire me over my voice here, so be it. I accept that risk
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump I would encourage other government employees who are in the #resistance / #altgov to first decide if you are willing to accept discipline for your activities if they are linked to your real identity. If you are, by all means continue and don’t worry about it
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump If not, then I’d suggest that you take some of the same types of precautions that I do. Either focus your tweeting in the evenings when you are obviously off work, or take a stroll outside of your workplace and ensure that you “clock out” (if you’re hourly)...
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff @BadHombreNPS @GOP @realDonaldTrump ... or that you work a full 8-hour workday without including the time that you are tweeting, so you can in good faith argue that you were not “on duty or in the workplace"
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