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Given any confusion sorrounding my identify, I have voluntarily asked @brooklynmarie, who vetted the original #AltGov list to re-verify my bona fides while maintaining my anonymity.
In particular I will ask her to verify:
—I operated a technology business in the Washington D.C. area.
—I was employed at a major defense intelligence contractor as a Data Scientist and Cybersecurity Consultant.
—That in such capacity I was contracted to multiple USG agencies.
Further I will ask her to verify that:
—As a result of merit I was detailed to an elite civilian cybersecurity research laboratory.
—That I have discovered at least one major zero day exploit responsibly reported to a Fortune 500 company.
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.@ALT_uscis and I are tied at 5, @AngrierWHStaff has 3, and one’s a Republican. #AltGov, who has the high score?…
.Caroline Orr @RVAwonk is killin’ it with 20.
.@RogueNASA takes a commanding lead among the #AltGov, with 9 Congresscritters following.
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Donate to the GoFundMe that has Russia Today and the Assadist trolls losing their collective Twitter minds.

Wonder why it is they’re so hellbent on no one investigating Tulsi Gabbard?

As always, #AltGov has no ability to touch a single dollar.…
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After discussion with #AltGov members, I have fully transferred control over the Investigate Tulsi GoFundMe to Caroline Orr, @RVAwonk.

Caroline is an investigative journalist fighting disinformation whom you can read more about from the Pell Center here:…
Over the next few days we’ll be giving you a more transparent breakdown of necessary expenses and uses of funds.

As an #AltGov member, I will no longer be able to personally access one penny.

We’ll also be giving you a briefing on motivations and goals of the investigation.
Here is the new link, over which @RVAwonk has control, and I would urge everyone to give generously.

An Assadist Putin plant in the White House is a risk we simply can not afford.

Thank you all for your time and generosity!

Investigate Tulsi Gabbard ⬇️…
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Thanks again to everyone who shared today. As promised, 5 more things I've learned about the #AltGov #Thread
1. They are quite diverse in opinions. For example, they are definitely NOT an angry mob of Democrats. To the contrary, many came into this moderate, leaning conservative.
2. They don't all like Twitter. Several have said when things are stabilized, they will delete their accounts. And over the months, some of them have, in fact, quit. I knew one pretty well, and they are missed.
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#Thread I'm doing a book-pitching event for a manuscript I'm working on about the #AltGov resistance movement. I appreciate so much those of you who are interested and have retweeted those with the (#)pitmad hashtag. Here are 5 things I've learned in my 9 months of research.
1. They are all over the country and usually don't know who each other are. They use a system of 3rd-party vetting to know whom to trust, because they are afraid of getting fired or being harassed.
2. They have more than 1 MILLION unique followers, some of whom they have close relationships with and talk to in Twitter messages every day.
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@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff [THREAD] Several other folks have asked me for my thoughts about this new Hatch Act guidance as well. Let me answer here. It may be lengthy, so I may not worry about cleanly dividing thoughts around tweet boundaries.
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff Do I agree that the new guidance is correct, and that #resistance is inherently political activity? No, I do not. I do not #resist on the basis of political party. Several of my good friends in #AltGov have been lifelong Republicans
@AltWASONPS @chronophage @RogueEPAstaff #AltGov was not started to push for or against any parties. @BadHombreNPS started to resist the suppression of scientific data. That was (and is) the motive for many of the #AltGov accounts
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Let's take a look at a technique employed by some Twitter impersonation accounts: replacing "rn" with "m" in the name of the clone as seen here with @propornot/@propomot. Unless one has good eyesight and looks closely, it's easy to miss.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
(we've previously covered a group of accounts impersonating the #AltGov accounts that used a similar technique here)
We searched through our accumulated datasets for account names containing "rn", pulled the profile information for the equivalent account with "rn" replaced with "m", and looked for cases where the two accounts had similar profiles.
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GAO agrees to investigate Mar-a-Lago members' influence on VA… #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV
@ProPublica has this document repository about Mar-A-Lago members' influence on the VA… #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV
Original Story:…
Startpage Search on the VA's Shadow Rulers at Mar-A-Lago…
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@UKAutoharps Certainly. It would be a Beethoven Piano Concerto adapted for & played on the Autoharp. or Harps.
#WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV
@UKAutoharps The more I look at this, the more I am convinced I was right. This is a piece for an Autoharp Quartet. 3 diatonic, 1 Chromatic. Take a look. Beethoven wrote very straight-ahead music. Easily adaptable. #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV #Jazz #Music
@UKAutoharps 3rd Movement of #3 - This is a piece for an Autoharp Quartet. 3 diatonic, 1 Chromatic. Beethoven wrote very straight-ahead music. Easily adaptable. A Good Arranger could easily do this. #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV #Jazz #Music
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Question for other #AltGov fam. Have any of you seen a sudden change in follower activity? I don’t pay a lot of attention to the count, but had seen a slow but steady growth approaching 20k. A couple weeks ago it seemed to just stop flat. Do I just suck, or have you seen similar?
Consensus... I just suck 🙂
Sweet! I’ve picked up 10 more tonight! I’m back to where I was last week! 😜
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