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1/n Hi All, @BlueDotWaters here again!👉🔵😄
Hopefully by now we’ve given you a good taste of what #BlueDots are, why they’re worth protecting, what pressures are affecting them and what the various sectors can do to address them.
2/n What else is going on and how can you and others get involved?🫵
Well it so happens that @WatersProgramme has been working with #communities👥 since 2016 to facilitate engagement with our wonderful water resources and aquatic environment.👉🏞️
3/n Our #CommunityWaterOfficers are available to guide and help enthusiastic members of the public, be it...
👥community groups
🎣angling clubs
🚣‍♀️water sports clubs
🏐GAA clubs and;
💧rivers trusts
...among many others to connect with and help to enhance our #waterbodies💧 Image
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In 1852, Cork was home to the largest prison in the world.

2461 convicts were officially assigned to Spike Island.

Almost 60% of Ireland’s male convict population, in 1 place.

How large does that make it?
1/6 Image
For starters, the prison remains the largest ever formal prison in Irish history.

Mountjoy opened in 1850.

Its 500 single cells were considered enormous for the time.

Spike Island was nearly 5 times that capacity, in the same decade.
2/6 Image
The prison is still the largest ever in British history.

HMP Oakwoad can hold 2106 prisoners, a behemoth.

HMP Five Wells cost over 250 Million to build, holding almost 1700 prisoners.

Both are 20% / 30% smaller than a prison on a Cork Island, 170 years ago
3/6 Image
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This is important. Conversion therapy advocate, Stella O'Malley, offers "training" to psychotherapists, teachers & others. The professional organisations & unions need to get the hell off the fence & start protecting young LGBT people from these abhorrent practices! @IACP_ie
It is abhorrent for this event to go ahead in a week when 2 trans people & 3 others have been killed in an #LGBT bar, along with 3 others, & a trans woman was one of those who risked her own life to save others! Please let the organisers know how you feel!
We need to STOP THIS NOW! Stella O'Malley's allegedly "up-to-date thinking" has helped fuel a climate where trans rights are being rolled back in Florida, in Texas & in Britain. Her activities expose LGBT people, especially young LGBT people to grave danger. #EndConversionTherapy
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Blackpool Shopping Centre, #Cork. What does it say when there are no signs for pedestrians to walk or cycle from Blackpool village, not even to indicate the way in? And where the path is up steep steps, straight into a car park with no footpath to the entrance?
Cork University Hospital. There are no signs marking the bus stop, it takes nearly 4 minutes to cross a dual carriageway, with limited space for wheelchairs or walking frames. There are no signs for walkers, who have to navigate steep steps and cross busy internal roads.
If you can find the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, #Cork on a map, the old entrance is not for pedestrians, and there are no signs to the new entrance. It is truly cars-only, and a hostile environment to anyone walking or cycling in.
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The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland, a long aul’ thread (but pix and vids!) to wrap up

In 1994 indigenous peasants in the mountains of SE Mexico rose up against #neoliberal capitalism, their latest struggle in 500 years of resisting colonialism…

#LaGiraZapatistaVa #EZLN Zapatista women at La Realidad
If you need a backgrounder, here's Mick McCaughan, ex-Latin American correspondent for the Irish Times and Guardian introducing why the #Zapatistas matter:

27 years later, they hold liberated territory the size of Munster –

governing themselves from below

with a powerful #womxn’s movement

practicing #AgroEcology

and with their own culture, education system, community media...

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1. Every single tree on the grounds of St Mary’s Orthopaedic, a public health campus on the North Side of Cork City, sprayed with cancer causing forever chemical #glyphosate, way more harmful than cigarette smoke. Nice job @corkcitycouncil Just. wrap. your. heads. around. this.
2. Instantly fatal to pollinators, absorbed into amphibians’ skin causing an agonising toxin attack & death. Makes our dogs sick & is often the cause of cancer in dogs that are exposed to it in our parks & paths. Council workers who spray it even wear heavy duty respirator masks.
RoundUp doesn’t break down. It lingers in our soils & seeps into rivers causing all sorts of biological & environmental damage. I even remember being told not to play by a tree with a burnt orange medallion around it by a teacher when I was in Primary School ages ago. #cork
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We’re #CelebratingIrish success in business and construction this week. Take a look at some of the innovative Irish businesses who have found success in the UK.👇
Family owned #Irish engineering firm @ArchwayProducts design & build reliable, cost effective & innovative road maintenance solutions for more than 60 local authorities in the UK & Ireland. 👉
The Leitrim-based company have been in the British market since 2010 & set up Archway Roadmaster UK in 2018 with an office in Lincolnshire. The company won ‘Irish Exporter of the Year at the @CausewayXchange Awards in 2020.👉

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Activity levels in #Ireland are fast approaching pre-pandemic levels, with Google Community Mobility levels of Parks, Residential, Grocery & pharmacy, and Workplace into above-average, non-lockdown levels of mobility.
TomTom is registering levels of congestion close to pre-pandemic 2019 traffic in #Dublin and #Cork, with congestion in #Cork now HIGHER than pre-pandemic 2019 traffic over the weekends.
Mobility and congestion returned towards pre-pandemic levels from the full school return on Monday 12 April, with high levels rising over the preceding weekend.…
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I’d encourage the engineers who follow this page to come to Blackpool and take a look at this area for themselves. There is a lesson to be learned before the river is further ‘fixed’. All pics except 2009 one (my own)from AIE to Cork City Council. Final pic from OPW report. #cork
In June 2012 the culvert system in Blackpool Village just 450m downstream of this location was completely overwhelmed after exceptionally heavy and prolonged rainfall. The area immediately above this screen was to be designed as a flood storage lake according to planning docs.
I will repeat this story over and over and over again. You don’t fix a car without first establishing exactly what went wrong. The same applies to a 20.5m euro flood scheme.
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so many #homeless, so many empty property in #Corkcity this home has a lot of character & potential #socialcrime #homeless @CorkHealthyCity @corkcitycouncil #pfg #programmeforgovernment #Cork Image
here is another, great location too, someone's home, piece of history just boarded up @CorkHealthyCity @corkcitycouncil #socialcrime #homeless #cork #inequality #programmeforgovernment Image
& another, this one looks Dutch influenced, beautiful aesthetic, someone's #home, sadly ready to collapse #Homeless #socialcrime @CorkHealthyCity @corkcitycouncil #inequality #programmeforgovernment Image
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Recently in #WestCork and #Cork city, there has been local concern about excessive flood works which damage natural spaces and tourist amenities. However, official insistence combined with desperation amongst communities have forced these schemes through.
@HollyCairnsTD Image
The government's annual #climate transition statement makes reference to a ‘coherent Whole of Government approach’ in addressing flooding. But developments on flood plains, inappropriate tree planting, and the loss of urban green spaces show this is not the reality
An effective response from the state requires action on planning, tackling insurance companies who are not providing adequate cover for whole communities & support for families & businesses who are terrified when flooding is forecast. #climatechange #justtransition @HollyCairnsTD
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Far right Twitter accounts using the vicious stabbing in #Carrigaline should be understood for what it is.

The NP, Croft and multitude faceless Twitter crew actually *want* a 'race war' based on the import of US far right ideas. It's part of their strategy. Don't fall for it.

The first Tweet to use the #Carrigaline hashtag in relation to a vicious stabbing incident was this account at 1:48AM.

It was in reply to this account IRISHPOWER2
As we can see IRISHPOWER2 is a protected account. Imagery is a sniper rifle and a KEK/Pepe the frog symbol in bio.
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1863 commission of #Cork emigrant Roger Warner as a First Lieutenant in the 53rd Illinois Infantry. The 29-year-old father of four was never mustered at the rank- he drowned when the steamer he was on was burned by a Rebel agent in September 1863. #ForgottenIrish #IrishDiaspora Image
A carpenter in Ottawa, LaSalle County, Roger had left Ireland as a teenager, sailing on the "Yeoman" which was bound for Philadelphia from Cork in 1851. He travelled with his mother, brother and sister. Their father had gone ahead to pave the way.
Roger married fellow Irish emigrant Ellen Fenlon in 1853. They lived in New York's 22nd Ward until the late 1850s, probably moving West to pursue employement opportunities. When war came, Roger joined with Captain Michael Leahy's strongly Irish American company in his new state.
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EN DIRECT. 😷 #Coronavirus : l'épidémie de #Covid19 provoque une panique boursière.

> Suivez les dernières informations en direct ⤵️…
😷 #Coronavirus Le @GroupeSNCF propose des reports et des annulations de déplacements gratuits pour les TGV Inoui, les OuiGo et les Intercités, à cause de l'épidémie de #Covid19.…
😷 #Coronavirus Le match de Ligue des Champions #PSGBVB se jouera à huis clos ⚽…
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100 years ago today IRA Volunteers successfully assaulted a semi-fortified RIC Barracks at Carrigtwohill, #Cork. It was the first in a series of attacks which for many marked the transition of the conflict into what could be called a war. 1/7
The violence of the engagement was seen as particularly noteworthy, and was a harbinger of things to come. Here is how Mick Leahy, the Volunteer who led the attack, remembered the event 2/7 Image
Another Volunteer involved was Michael Burke from Cobh. Here is his account of the action: 3/7 Image
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"Christmas Remittances to the Old Country." Sending money home for Christmas, Irish Citizen Advertisement, New York, 21 December 1867. #IrishDiaspora Image
This ad also demonstrates how many of the Irish American diaspora had been step-migrants through Britain, and were looking to send money to the Irish community there. I frequently encounter British-born Irish Americans in the Civil War pension files.
For a prime example of how important remittances were for Irish families, and how emigrants continued to send them across decades, here is the story of Irish Domestic Johanna Barry from Dunmanway, #Cork:…
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Have any #Cork twitterati come across a place called "Curradure" or "Carrodore" Waterfall, near Bantry? I suspect it may be on the Beara Peninsula, but am having no luck matching it to a townland.
In an update, it is definitely on Beara, somewhere near Castletownbere.
Mystery solved, Curraduve! Thanks for the RTs :-)
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For #RemembranceSunday, a pictorial thread about the Sheehan brothers, three young men from Fermoy, #Cork who lost their lives in separate bombing missions while serving with @RCAF_ARC who were remembered yesterday @CWGC's Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium by @irishineurope. 1/18 Image
The brother's parents, James Joseph Sheehan & Mary Ellen Hearne, had married in #Carlow around 1905, but made their home in Fermoy, where James was a baker and confectioner on Queen Square (now Pearse Square), seen here. Image: NLI. 2/18 Image
The couple had eight children in Fermoy–seven boys and a girl–including Harry, Frank and Edward. All the children were baptised in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in the town. Image: John Armagh. 3/18 Image
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A little while back my research into the Irish who died in Canadian service during #WW2 uncovered the story of the three Sheehan brothers from Fermoy, #Cork, who all lost their lives in separate missions while serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force. 1/4
Their deaths may represent the greatest loss of life suffered by a single family from what's now the Republic during Allied combat operations. I was humbled to discover that the research has now led to the brothers becoming the focus of this year's @irishineurope Remembrance. 2/4
This Saturday the Irish in Europe Association will gather at the grave of Edward (below), the eldest, in Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium, to remember both the Sheehans and all the other Irish who lost their lives in Allied service. 3/4 Image
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Seven years ago, in the early hours of the 28th of June, Blackpool Village was inundated with floodwater from the River Bride. This video filmed at 5:11AM (according to camera data) was made available via AIE request to OPW. It looks as if a dam had collapsed upstream. #cork
It is interesting to see how the matted vegetation on the fence is acting as a very effective water barrier at 1:10 in the clip.
Apologies for sound. Blame twitter.
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In the early part of the first millennium CE, the #IndoEuropean language known as Proto-#Germanic diverged into an East branch (which included #Gothic) and a Northwest branch.

Northwest then split into West and North branches when Proto-#Norse developed in #Scandinavia. Image
Until the 8th century, #Germanic #languages, including Proto-#Norse, were written in Elder Futhark, the earliest #runic #alphabet.

The name #Futhark comes from the initial phonemes in the names of the first six #runes:
ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ

By the beginning of the #Viking Age around 800 CE, Proto-#Norse had evolved into Old Norse, and #Scandinavia's writing system transitioned from the 24 #runes of Elder #Futhark to Younger Futhark's 16 runes.

The #Swedish #Sparlösa #Runestone from ~800 CE features both #alphabets. Image
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Some of my favourite photos about #WorldAIDSDay from around in Ireland yesterday. #ACTUPDublin members Davy and Robbie at @TheUSI #pinktraining18
People reading a #WorldAIDSDay #UequalsU poster on Baggot Street, Dublin - Photo by @NoelDonnellon
An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar @campaignforleo takes a rapid #HIV test to help reduce stigma and encourage the public to get tested. Rapid test was carried out by @Adlers1 Co-ordinator of @KnowNowIE run by @HIV_Ireland
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The Fab Glitter; Wayne Rooney & Coleen, (it's from 2007), Fulham FC, Harrods, any need to go on? Oh and the main developers as very significant shareholders/owners…
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I suppose we can safely say that now #TheFrighteners have been so successfully and publicly put on a certain sector their combined angst will spew a diarrhoea of spin & warp whilst trying to use THAT VERY THING to generate $£Es Some with automated AdTech software already bought.
2/ Some bought by gormless companies, by mistake, some in full knowledge or partial knowledge of what it could do. It will be interesting as time goes on to see who apparently DIDN'T CARE about the likely instigation of its more negative 'dark' capabilities looking to 'side-step'
3/ or even 'wrong-foot' Irish & EU regulation standards, & possibly law. This too is a kind of #climatechange & #ClimateAction in itself, a would be mammoth untouchable iceberg of 'dominion' & 'control' being melted out into an ocean of citizens' scrutiny & advancement for change
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