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1) While securing the Southern border is critical, we have a much bigger problem, and not just in terms of numbers - the millions of overstayed visas.

The Southern border is about stopping illegal migrant flows, drug trafficking, human trafficking & terrorist smuggling... #QAnon
2) ...But overstayed visas are in the millions, and literally account for half of the illegals in the country.

Even Politifact had to acknowledge it. #QAnon…
3) We're talking about almost a million people a year.

So why is @POTUS not talking about both the Southern border and overstayed visas? #QAnon
4) The Southern border is critical to stopping the long term Democrat election strategy of stealing the electoral map:
5) Bring in illegals.
Either via illegal voting, path to citizenship, or long term birthright citizen kids, get them voting.
Create sanctuary states so they migrate there.
Use the census to stack the deck and steal electoral votes and congressional seats. #QAnon
6) This is NOT the more dangerous problem. Overstayed visas are. The Democrat strategy is partly targeted at Latinos who vote consistently Democrat.

Democrats need illegal immigration to steal the electoral map away from us. #QAnon
7) Case in point is this High School in Wheaton, MD. It's where this sick news story happened, it caught my attention so I researched the area a bit. #QAnon…
8) Maryland is a sanctuary state where Latino's flock. 30 years ago, Wheaton was a middle class area where you could settle and expect a reasonable quality of life. But from 2000-2010, Latino population increased by 65%.

Illegals flooding communities.
9) The effect? 55% of the school is now Latino, the school has a 34% English proficiency rate, and 54% of the students at the school are low income.

New Dem voters for Maryland, but look at the result. #QAnon…
10) And look, across the entire state of Maryland, the English proficiency rate is only 44%.

How can a citizenry expect their native English speaking kids to get an education when less than half the students in their schools are proficient in English?

This is insanity. #QAnon
11) It speaks to the raw evil of political operatives to flood a stable society with this kind of a burden to gain electoral votes.

And guess what? We pay for it. And guess what else? The strategy is bigger...
12) Back to the overstayed visas.

I believe @POTUS has a plan.

The issue here is that about 4% of the US population is now illegal. Booting all these people out whole hog would trigger economic instability. Another example of #Ultracorruption. #QAnon
13) Illegal immigration is a problem so severe that it cannot be dealt with unless you do it slowly, and in stages.

Many of us, me included, just wish we could close the border for a few years, but we can't. Economic stability is paramount while we deal with this problem. #QAnon
14) Even though he doesn't mention it, I believe @POTUS is intent on dealing with overstayed visas, but the Southern border is first.

Notice that the MSM won't touch overstayed visas, either? #QAnon
15) Want to see just how suppressed this topic is?

Look at Google news, right now. Literally 2 stories, and 1 isn't even about the topic. So 1, yes 1, you read that: 1 story about the topic. And that story? It's over a year old! #QAnon
16) Why? Overstayed visas are the main way Muslim immigration is taking place.

There's your MSM answer. The new protected class is being shielded from view. But if you live in urbanized areas, you cannot help but notice the huge influx. #QAnon
17) So what's @POTUS's plan? Well, I've made many mentions about the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of the Democrat party, a huge infiltration. Yes, illegal Latinos are part of the strategy to steal the electorate but its connected, they're...

18) ... also importing Muslims in mass numbers using overstayed visas. Two pronged strategy. She knew before all of us:

19) So, IMO, the mass illegal immigration problem is not based on two separate and independent problems. It's strategically connected, and run by Democrats to import 2 massive illegal populations in order to steal congressional seats and then steal electoral results. #QAnon
20) Remember, the Democrats are just an part of a much larger matrix.

The goal here is to take down the country and implement the NWO.

Destruction from within. Flooding us with unsustainable levels of immigration to destabilize the population and steal the electorate. #QAnon
21) Part of the 16 year plan to destroy America. #QAnon

It's right there:
22) The reason that the Southern border is being tackled first is because it's easier. The overstayed visa problem is MUCH more complex, and MUCH more about political infiltration than it is about a bunch of Latinos flooding a High School. It's about the Muslim Brotherhood:
23) So ya, read this and try to tell me @POTUS doesn't have a plan to deal with overstayed visas.

"their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within"
22) All my mentions of the Muslim Brotherhood are below. In loose coordination w/ other forces, the MB is a key player in the onslaught on us.

So even though we have radio silence, don't think that the overstayed visa problem is being ignored. #QAnon…
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