This is the Council for National Policy organization - the group behind Trump/Pence, etc. - re Trump's first 100 days: U.S. border, cyber, & military policies starting with the US/Mex border (4:30)."…
Source: @IndiePressWatch
The Council for National Policy (#CNP) is an umbrella organization & networking group for social conservative activists in the United States.The Nation has called it a secretive organization. It connects wealthy right-wing donors w/ top conservatives.…
Here's what the #CNP has planned for education in the United States. With the Heritage Foundation's support, of course.

Compare this to what DeVos has done as Secretary of Education:…

In. Plain. Sight.

Source… (near the bottom).
"The real crux of this is that these are the genuine leaders of the Republican Party, but they certainly aren't going to be visible on television next week. … these are the real powers in the party.''[21]…
#CNP #GOP #GetThemOut
"FAQ | The Crisis on Our Southern Border" "fact" sheet. Notice the repeated use of dehumanizing language and hyperbolized "facts" relevant to the US/Mex border crossings.

Produced by CNP Action, Inc., part of the Council for National Policy.…
"Heard Around the Hill" produced by CNP Action, Inc.…
Geez, I just realized that the creepy stories I used to hear about Amway recruitment when I was a kid might have merit after all! What a trip.

Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway, was a past president of the Council for National Policy.…

"16. Sure enough, the CNP wants to defund public education in favor of Christian schools." -@jennycohn1
"They [#CNP] include people like Michael Peroutka, a neo-Confederate...Jerome Corsi, a strident Obama “birther”...Joseph Farah, who runs the wildly conspiracist “news” operation known as WorldNetDaily; Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel leader..."…
"It is especially remarkable because its membership has included a large number of extremists, people who regularly defame LGBT people with utter falsehoods, attack Muslims as dangerous enemies of freedom..." @splcenter re Council for National Policy #CNP…
"In a 2015 incident, Goodman allegedly groped an eighteen-year-old at an event held to raise money for the rising GOP star’s campaign. The event was sponsored by the secretive and powerful conservative Council for National Policy. Perkins was..." #CNP…
"Public education is the biggest opportunity for those who believe they have to save souls. If you’re looking at the merger of free-market ideology and the religious right, that is the plum to be picked.” -Rachel Tabachnick, researcher… #CNP #Dominionists
"A staple in modern evangelical teachings is the concept of Christian spheres of influence... the “Seven Mountains” of society: business, media, religion, arts and entertainment, family, government, and education"...… #CNP #Dominionists
"...all of which urge the faithful to engage in secular culture in order to “transform” it. The goal is a sweeping overhaul of society and a merging of church and state: elevating private charity over state-run social services,..."… #CNP #Dominionists
"..returning prayer to school and turning the clock back on women’s and LGBTQ rights. It would also be a system without a progressive income tax, collective bargaining, environmental regulation, publicly funded health care, welfare, a minimum wage..."… #CNP
"...a United States guided by a rigorously laissez-faire system of “values” rather than laws..."… #CNP #Dominionists
Representative Mark Meadows spoke before the Council for National Policy (#CNP) last May. Shocked, I'm not!

In. Plain. Sight.…

#Rat 🐀 #HateGroup
"Religious Right groups have a specific set of goals for American life. They speak openly of “taking back” America, of asserting control over the lives of every single citizen. They have an agenda, and they want action on it."… via @RobBoston1
"None of this is a secret. Religious Right organizations brag about what they hope to achieve on their Web sites and in their publications. They hold national meetings and conventions to plot strategy."…
"Their leaders issue marching orders to millions of American followers over radio, television and the Internet.

Yet many Americans remain unaware of the scope of the power, money and aspirations of the Religious Right – or how radical its goals are. "…
"Despite [the] ability to bring in right-wing heavy hitters, few Americans have heard of the CNP. ABC News, in fact, has called the CNP 'the most powerful conservative group you’ve never heard of.'"…
"Another umbrella organization, the Arlington Group, is named for the D.C. suburb in Virginia where it meets to plot new ways to oppose gay rights..."…
"'For the first time, virtually all of the social issues groups are singing off the same sheet of music,' said Weyrich [CNP Founder]

'This has never happened before. From the beginning of the pro-life movement through...'"…
"'...the development of the pro-family movement, everybody did their own thing. But working together we have helped to re-elect the president and added a number of conservative senators.'"…
Because so many Religious Right groups operate in the US today, they tend to specialize."
Family Resource Council #FRC & Focus on Family #FOF: “culture wars.”
Traditional Values Coalition: gay bashing.
American Family Association: censor popular culture.…
Other groups vary their approaches.
The Alliance Defense Fund and the American Center for Law advance the Religious Right agenda in the courts.…
"Advocates of separation of church and state are often accused of being shrill or alarmist when they assert that Reli­gious Right groups favor theocratic government. But an honest look at the facts leaves any other conclusion hard to draw."…
"Modern Religious Right groups[']... agenda, if implemented, would force Americans to live under a system of laws based on fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible."…
#Dominionists #Reconstructionists
"Religious Right leaders frequently speak of their mandate to take 'dominion' over American society or impose a 'biblical worldview.'"…
"Worldview Weekend, [for example,] exists to train activists in ways to impose their version of faith on all aspects of society, including government. "…
"As TV preacher D. James Kennedy put it... “This is our land. This is our world. This is our heritage, and with God’s help, we shall reclaim this nation for Jesus Christ. And no power on earth can stop us."…
"To the Religious Right, the Bible mandates that fundamentalist Christians assert control over society at all levels. This viewpoint leads some extremists to embrace what can only be called spiritual totalitarianism."…
"A document issued by the Coalition on Revival, a group aligned with Chris­tian Reconstructionism, stated bluntly, 'We deny that anyone, Jew or Gentile, believer or unbeliever, private person or public official, is exempt from...'"…
"'...the moral and juridical obligation before God to submit to Christ’s Lordship over every aspect of his life in thought, word and deed.'"…
The goals of these Religious Right organizations include:
• Controlling Americans’ Decisions about Reproduction, Sex and Death
• Passing Anti-Gay, anti-LGBTQ Laws
• Controlling Education in Amer­ica…
#LGBTQRW #Education #ChristianSchools #Exvangelicals
• Stripping Federal Courts of Their Power to Hear Certain Types of Cases
• Securing Control of Social Ser­vices
• Instilling Censorship
• Infusing Partisan Politics with Religion
• Privatizing Education and other services (my addition)…
"• Since Religious Right groups believe their interpretation of the Bible should reign supreme over every aspect of life, they do not hesitate to speak out on issues that are not usually identified with the 'culture war.'"…
"When the...(NAE), a moderate body, began expressing concern about global warming, Focus on the Family’s Dobson went ballistic. Dobson used his influence to block the NAE’s action, going so far as to sic U.S. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) on the group."…
"Dobson then aligned with a front group, the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance, and began issuing material arguing that fears of global warming are overblown."…
#Disinformation #ClimateChangeIsReal
"The alliance’s statement calls for “human dominion over creation” and insists that global warming, over-population and large-scale species loss are 'unfounded or undue concerns.'"…
"...controversies over heavy-handed evangelical influence in the military are another example of the Religious Right’s reach. Movement leaders have backed the so-called “right” of tax-funded chaplains to proselytize..."…
#ReligiousFreedom #CivilRights
"Finally, the Religious Right even seeks to influence foreign policy. Many Religious Right leaders believe that a certain scenario must play out in the Middle East in order for biblical prophecies to be fulfilled.…
#2ndComing #Rapture #Armageddon #EndTime
"They often try to fit current events to match what they see as biblical commands and insist that foreign policy be guided by this controversial interpretation of scripture."…
(Thank you @RobBoston1. This has aged extraordinarily well.)
"Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn has monitored Religious Right organizations since Falwell’s rise. He has debated prominent Religious Right leaders in the media and public forums. Lynn urges Americans never to be complacent about the goals of this movement."
'"The Religious Right is about control...I’ve come to the conclusion that many of its leaders and followers really believe that the American people are not to be trusted with religious freedom, that they might make the ‘wrong’ choice by failing to embrace fundamentalism.'"
"'The Religious Right seeks to reorder society by insisting that the country embrace a rigid set of rules based on a narrow definition of Chris­tianity.'"
"The movement’s leaders would use the power of government to force all of us to follow its dictates. This is the Religious Right’s greatest mistake – and its biggest threat.'" -Barry W. Lynn
The money and ideology behind the Council for National Policy include influences from Koch and Buchanan.

Although focus on Koch tends to emphasize money, it's dangerous to underestimate his passion for growing & enforcing his ideological worldview in the U.S. & abroad. To wit:
"I think too many people on the left have really underestimated Koch’s intelligence and his drive, and also misunderstood his motives. There’s been brilliant work by journalists, really good digging on the money trail and the Koch operations..."
"...but much of that writing seems to assume that he is doing this just because it’s going to lower his tax bill or because he wants to evade regulations, personally."
"I think that really misgauges the man. He is deeply ideological and has been reading almost fanatically for a very long time. I see him as someone who’s quite messianic. He’s compared himself to Martin Luther and his effort being like the Protestant Reformation."
"When he invested in Buchanan’s center at George Mason University, he said he wanted to 'unleash the kind of force that propelled Columbus.'"
One of Buchanan’s ideas that Koch liked was the concept of making a flurry of changes all at once so that people have a hard time opposing them."

Sound familiar? It's been referred to as a "big bang" strategy.
The concept of weaponizing white supremacy to suppress black voter was another Buchanan concept embraced by Koch: "enlisting white supremacy to ensure capital supremacy."

Sound familiar?
Koch-backed organizations like the ubiquitous #CNP use psychological tactics to inflate public perception of threatened domination, such as with refugees and immigrants to the U.S.

#TrumpWall #TrumpShutdown
Such strategy results in people who believe that it will "harm their liberty" - threaten their domination - for "other people to have full citizenship and be able to work together to govern society."

Sound familiar?

"While I think we need all the great investigative work that’s being done to try to show us how these organizations that are being presented to the public as separate are actually coordinating together, I don’t think that just laying that out is enough."
🚨"I think that what we need to convey to people is that this is a messianic cause, with a vision of the good society and government that I think most of us would find terrifying, for the practical implications and impact that it will have on our lives." 🎯🚨

"The most important thing I want readers to take from this book is an understanding that the Koch network and all of these people are doing what they’re doing because they understand that their ideas make them a permanent minority."
"They cannot win if they are honest about what they’re doing. That’s why they’re doing things in the deceitful and frightening ways that they are."

Sound familiar?

#TrumpLies #PenceLies #GOPLies
"And that, I think, is a sign of great power for the majority of people, who I think are fundamentally decent, and agree on much more than we’re led to believe."

@NancyMacLean5 via @rebeccaonion for @Slate…
"The CNP is is the nexus for several odd and quite powerful organizations.  Many of the religious evangelical groups in America are coordinated top-down by this organization. Former close Bush adviser, Rev. Ted Haggard, was a member of the Council..."…
"How One Conservative Think Tank Is Stocking Trump’s Government
By placing its people throughout the administration, the Heritage Foundation has succeeded in furthering its right-wing agenda."…
#CNP #Heritage
Heritage ties up to #CNP through presidents Fuelner and Demint, @jonathanmahler
🔷What if - concurrent with #TrumpRussia - Trump, Pence, DeVos, & many House/Senate GOP have been backed by a domestic group containing idealogues and billionaires? And whose intent is to destabilize and replace our balance of powers with their own rules?

See what you think: ⤵
🔷Trump, Pence, and others in the Administration and GOP are connected to a ginormous umbrella organization made up of hundreds of Dominionists and Reconstructionists FKA the Moral Majority and Tea Party. Their moneyed members are billionaires.
🔷Membership is supposed to be confidential, but lists of members have been leaked and compiled through official sources and media references here and there over the years since the organization began in the 1980s
🔷Perhaps some of these names are familiar: Koch, Weyrich, DeHaye, Perkins, Family Research Council #FRC, Heritage Foundation leaders, Falwell, Robertson, Liberty U leaders, World Council of Families #WCF, Bannon (of Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart fame),
🔷Corsi (InfoWars), Oliver North, Wayne LaPierre, NRA and Gun Owners of America leaders, Kellyanne Conway (Cruz and Trump campaigns), DeVos, Prince, Mercers, Forbes, Meadows, Gohmert...

Over 500, most of whom are Dominionists & Reconstructionists, according to @HuffPost 2016.
🔷And boy, are they bigoted.

Sounds crazy, huh?

(So does a month-long shutdown and a #RussianAssetTrump in the White House, yes?)
🔷Welcome to the domestic hostile power: the Council for National Policy. They've been around for decades.

They're a "secret" organization, so it's hard to realize that when you're hearing about the Heritage Foundation, Liberty U, Breitbart, InfoWars,
🔷World Congress of Families, NRA, Gun Owners of America, anti-LGBTQ, Anti-abortion, "values," " family, " "liberty" organizations, etc. that so many tie up to the CNP via leaderships.

The #CNP ties to Russia on multiple levels, but I'm just going to touch on a couple.
🔷The damage done and planned doesn't require Putin's assistance, at least not anymore.

The CNP's end game is compatible with #TrumpRussia.
🔷Russia has successfully built relationships with the #CNP through orgs like the World Congress of Families. Targeting education is key to both Russia's and the CNP's long games.

The ideology of the PNC membership is compatible with the Russian Orthodox Church
🔷Unsubstantiated but plausible: the #FSB targeted these evangelical extremists due to the compatible ideologies and their vulnerabilities to male leadership.

To these hardcore evangelicals, the church leaders are the voices of God.
They believe in God before country, hence male leaders before country.

See how the hard right evangelicals blindly follow Trump no matter what? Trump has been chosen by God to them and therefore can do no wrong

Here's some background on a couple of known GOP Dominionists:
"Two of Dominionism’s best known devotees are Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Reconstructionists [with whom Dominionists are compatible] believe that Christians alone should control civil government, conducting it according to Biblical, not secular law..."
"This theology gives an insight into the view of today’s GOP: a polarized Christian society where the poor are afforded no protection from the wealthy who can do as they please simply because of their financial stature..."
"Bigotry, misogyny, and slavery are just a few of the Old Testament concepts embraced by these prominent Republicans.

Most Dominionists are still sympathetic to the Civil War defeat of the Confederacy and see nothing wrong with human rights abuses in the Antebellum south..."
"The Dominionists seek to control the Seven Mountains of society which are: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion..."
"If you can have control over these seven areas, [they believe,] you can shape and control whatever takes place in nations, and even the world. Just like the Old Testament dictates, women and foreigners are second class citizens and homosexuality is 'sinful.'"

"Dominionists "mix well with Christian Reconstructionists who want to impose strict biblical laws on America including execution for adultery, blasphemy, and homosexuality."-@HuffPost
"The constitutionally mandated wall separating church and state is completely obliterated by Seven Mountain Dominionists."

💭"The Council’s goal is to manipulate government agenda from within." -@HuffPost

🔷Remember Sessions quoting the Bible to defend family separation?
"Designed to “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers,..."

🔷Low wages, no SS, no food stamps, no breaks - they just take.
"...this morally bankrupt way of thinking and acting is justified by the supposition that it’s divinely mandated. These extremist theocrats actually believe they are chosen by god to impose their selfish agenda."
"Both [Ted] Cruz and [Rand] Paul along with RNC Chair Reince Priebus, were publicly blessed and anointed, with the laying-on of hands by Dominionist Pastors, at the July 19th-20th 2013 Iowa Renewal Project pastor's gathering..."

"Cruz was labeled the de facto leader of the GOP and the October 1st shutdown showed the nation he is that influential."

🔷So for Trump's hard-core, Dominionist/Reconstructionist base, the shutdown is a show of "strength."
🔷Image: Pastors and attendees lay hands and pray over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) via @johnpavlovitz

I wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't seen it myself. Looks thrilled, doesn't he?
"Much like billionaire Sheldon Adelson and LDS Bishop, Willard Romney, these guys truly believe they are the Anointed Ones."
"You can be certain the obsession with the impending Rapture will ensure a type of governance where the consequences of inconsiderate behavior do not factor into policy decisions. Dominionist Michelle Bachmann has claimed we are in the End Times."…
🔷 Why worry about climate change?
Also, war is one of the End Time events. Some of these hardcore believers joyously anticipate the idea of a war - particularly with Russia, whom they consider to be Gog, from the north.

"If you’re still not convinced the Dominionists have taken over the Trump campaign guess where Kellyanne Conway used to work before making her move over to Trump..."…
"She managed Ted Cruz’s biggest Super PAC called Keep The Promise 1, where she raised over $16 million dollars from just one source; New York City hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer."
"But once Trump won and Cruz dropped out Mercer switched horses, [Conway] changed the name of the Super PAC and re-focused on anti-Hillary ads for Donald."…
"And all of this overseen by the Council For National Policy, which was founded in 1981 by fundamentalist Baptist pastor Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind book series and the head of the Moral Majority organization."

"Founding members of the Council also included Nelson Bunker Hunt, the billionaire who lost everything trying to corner the world market in silver, and..."
"T. Cullen Davis the oil tycoon who stood trial for allegedly forcing his second wife’s 12 year-old daughter into the basement of her home and making her kneel before shooting and killing her."
"As the council grew, it entertained some far right wing extremists including [KKK] members...along with Michael Peroutka who served on the board of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group that advocates for a newly seceded South ruled by white people."
"Other less extreme but still dangerous members of the Council include Tony Perkins and Kenneth Blackwell of the Family Research Council. Both have sat on the Executive Committee."
"These are the guys that claim that pedophilia is “a homosexual problem,” and that gay people want to 'recruit' children.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel was on the Board of Governors. Mat has attempted to push for the re-criminalization of gay sex."

"He has also described the Boy Scouts as a 'playground for pedophiles,' and likened LGBT activists to terrorists."…
"There is even an amazing crossover of members from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Council for National Policy. Nearly a dozen have shown up in the 2014 directory."
"With that many members dually active on both councils you have to question if the CFR hasn’t already been influenced by the CNP’s agenda."…
"...what if Trump actually starts gaining in the polls? What does that say about America. Are we really a country of hate and bigotry or will good level headed Americans prevail in this election cycle?"…
“One day before the end of this century, the Council [CNP] will be so influential that no president, regardless of party or philosophy, will be able to ignore us or our concerns or shut us out of the highest levels of government.”-Woody Jenkins, former #CNP executive director"
Most of the preceding excerpts are from "How Dominionists Gained Control Of The Trump Campaign"…
So, there you go. Now what do we about this? What can we do behind exposing the members and activities, educating the public, keeping eyes open?
Yup. 🤬
With our diplomats as fodder. "Other" people mean NOTHING to this guy and the administration!
"Their prayers, it seems, were answered. Kavanaugh’s confirmation cemented a decades-long push to cement a conservative majority on the high court, an objective long desired by the CNP..."
"...To CNP founding member and Texas oil fortune heir T. Cullen Davis, Kavanaugh’s vote on the Supreme Court will help protect the religious liberties that the CNP perceives to be under attack at schools...."

"'On the particular issue of prayer of school, they’re teaching the Muslim religion in school now, but they can’t say the name Jesus,' Davis said. 'It’s a tragedy. I would like to see prayer back in school.'..."

🤒Ugh. #Exvangelicals, heads up!
"The Family Research Council, a group that sharply opposes LGBT and abortion rights, mobilized evangelical churches to support Kavanaugh..."
"The Faith and Freedom Coalition... said in an email after the confirmation vote that it had produced more than 800,000 pieces of direct mail, 400,000 peer-to-peer text messages,..."
and 1 million emails to Christian conservative voters in support of Kavanuagh’s confirmation..."


"In 1999, when George W. Bush addressed the group, rumors swirled that the then-presidential candidate gained evangelical support by promising to support anti-abortion judges to the bench..."

"CNP also reportedly blessed the choice of Sarah Palin as the late Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Over the last year, CNP has been involved in efforts to pressure Senate Republicans to rapidly confirm Trump’s judicial nominees..."
"'In delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s appointees, the Senate is directly limiting the President’s effectiveness,' wrote CNP leaders, through an affiliate group, in a widely circulated letter last year..."
"The organization was formerly led by Christian minister Tim LaHaye, the author of a popular series of books depicting an apocalyptic destruction of the world prophesied in the Bible..."

"LaHaye and his wife also founded Concerned Women for America, the anti-abortion activist group now led by Penny Nance..."

"CWA is a longtime participant in CNP meetings and currently sponsors the ad-hoc group Women for Kavanaugh, which mobilized rallies across the country in support of Trump’s Supreme Court pick. Trump tweeted his praise for the group hours before the confirmation vote..."
"Mathew Staver, the chair of Liberty Counsel, a litigation group that represented Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis when she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2015, was in attendance..."

"'Totally outnumbered. God said, this way when you win, and you defeat the Midianites, you know it was because of me,' said [Herman] Cain. 'He defeated the Midianites with 300 men up against thousands and thousands.'..."

"'That’s what this organization is like,' continued Cain, describing CNP. 'It’s like Gideon’s army. We’re outnumbered, but we still win. Kavanaugh, the voices against him outnumbered the voices for him, but looks like he’s going to win.'"
#CNP #Dominionists
Don't require⬆
Re an Executive order relative to the Johnson Amendent's safeguards preventing tax-exempt organizations from endorsing candidates, and the contraception coverage requirement in the Affordable Care Act:
"President Trump, flanked by conservative religious leaders, signed an executive order, 'Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty.'...
#CNP contains two specific provisions that have alarmed progressive activists, and one expansive but vague provision that empowers Attorney General Jeff Sessions to interpret federal law for agencies on matters of religious freedom...
...the heart of Trump’s action yesterday [2017] is a quid pro quo with the religious-right base that helped propel him to victory in November...
While Trump had shown no interest in religious issues for most of his career, he began to court the religious right for his presidential run in 2016,...
[He expressed] a newfound interest in one of their key animating issues: that the strong arm of the government, particularly under Democrats, represses the free-speech and religious-freedom rights of social conservatives...
The religious right has long portrayed the Johnson Amendment as suppressing the free-speech and religious-freedom rights of pastors...
In fact, they are free to say what they please, but if they endorse a political candidate, they risk revocation of their tax-exempt status."…
#CNP #Dominionists #GOP #Constitution
Correction: World Congress of Families, not Council! #WCF #CNP

• • •

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And vote.
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