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TW. Abuse, child abuse, ableism, 'discipline'

This is the last (part 6) of my live-tweet threads about To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl, also talking openly about my own experience.

Mute if appropriate.
At the end of my last thread, I said a few things that I want to clarify first up.

I said that I never wanted the family to be separated as if staying together is the goal. That was quite a selfish way of speaking.
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1/ Southern Baptists Face Their #MeToo Moment And my comment on NY Times page: "A typical word salad signifying nothing. The sexual abuse in the SBC is linked to their patriarchical teachings with women virtually having no standing.
2/ "Complementarity" is a sham. So, we have here lots of worry and lots of Jesus, but no insight as to the causes flowing from doctrine. Read the #exvangelicals like Christopher Stroop and others who see through this." @C_Stroop @julieingersoll @profagagne @brucewilson
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Remember when I got flamed to high heavens on here when I said the reason those kids were being sent to Christian adoption agencies was because there was never any intention to give them back to their parents?
Maybe, just maybe, people should acknowledge that #Exvangelicals understand what's going on in that culture and can accurately predict what's happening. It's an act of genocide and it was from the very beginning. Orgs like Bethany Christian Services are active participants.
Some of those kids are going to end up murdered by the "good" white Christians that adopt them. More will end up beaten, starved or locked in cages by their "good" Christian adopters. We know this with a high degree of certainty because it's happened repeatedly with adopted kids.
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I'm sick today so I'm feeling grumpy and my concentration levels are low, but just about right to shred this article here.…
I'll start with the headline. "Why freaking out about Christian schools proves evangelicals’ irrational fears"
The first thing that jumped out at me: you can't prove something irrational. EITHER their fears are irrational, OR they have been proven -- what?
True? Even more ridiculous than we thought? Full of cheese?
There's something missing here. Missing on purpose I think. It's supposed to imply the answer is "true" without committing to that.
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WELL OKAY THEN. A thread on divorce and evangelicalism...

I'm 31, so my own story starts with the purity culture within evangelicalism. I grew up with True Love Waits, "purity rings" and that insufferable I Kissed Dating Goodbye dude.
It was very much ingrained into my generation's mind that "dating" was evil. Each relationship should be with the intention of marriage. So naturally, when I was 19 years old and in love with a man, we thought, "We should get married!"
Really all we wanted was to live together, a completely natural impulse for two people who love and are committed to each other. But we were too young and too evangelical to realize that could even be an option. Living together before marriage? The horror!
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A big part of Quiverfull culture is believing that you are a persecuted minority, who is suffering for righteousness sake. You are taught to believe that you are the scrappy underdog, and the whole world is against you, and that your 'persecution' is proof that you are right.
I was legit told that we were like the Jews, and the secular world are like nazis.
Which is, of course, ridiculous and offensive and blatantly untrue. But I didn't know that, because I was born into this.
Let's review some pages from Gothard's wisdom booklet, #10.
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I think absolute experiences are rare. I certainly had a lot positive that I *could* say, but there’s a combination of factors enabling that: Circumstance, my privilege, and the fact that many people at least *think* they’re doing right.


...there are three major themes to the hashtag that are really what it’s about. Let’s be real, over the years you attend school, there’s almost always good *and* bad. The question is what general conditions are acceptable for children’s education.

1a. Many Christian schools use curricula that teach patent falsehoods (#ChristianAltFacts) that will hinder children’s ability to easily transition to higher education or make informed decisions as participants in a pluralistic, democratic society.

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@SimonWDC YES!! Simon, this is the culmination of a 50+ years, long-term, plan of the GOP. They're trying to destroy the federal govt from within. Once it's accomplished, they'll blame trump & ditch him 4 Pence. Pence was their preferred POTUS all along.
@SimonWDC Are you familiar with Council for National Policy? Everyone, but trump, is a member/affiliated with the group. IMHO this is a revenge presidency for Nixon. Republicans hate liberals/Democrats. I heard it in church during 15/16. Please look at this. 2/
@SimonWDC #Exvangelicals, like me, have been trying to get the media & others to listen to us. Did you know that the evangelical charlatans ran a HUGE data operation to elect trump? The GOP has been taken over by religious zealots that want theocracy by 2020. #ChristianTaliban
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And you’ll also note that whenever a program to oppose bullying is rolled out in schools, the “Christian” extremists immediately organize to object to it. This bullying is part of their culture. It’s how early fascism under Hitler seamlessly merged with church doctrine.
Follow @C_Stroop and his various hashtags to hear about the huge overlap between white radical Christianity and white supremacy. Their Venn diagram is close to circular.
(And Stroop’s #exvangelicals will tell you how it is from the inside. They’re products of that culture who escaped.)
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Guess where we are on this scale of genocide?…
The distance between the March for Life location (National Mall) and the Lincoln Memorial is about a 30 minute walk.
Google maps:
Ya'll, this has me so steamed, because so much of the #prolife movement is about #whitesupremacy

Theme this year? "#UniqueFromDayOne: pro-life is pro-science!"
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This is the Council for National Policy organization - the group behind Trump/Pence, etc. - re Trump's first 100 days: U.S. border, cyber, & military policies starting with the US/Mex border (4:30)."…
Source: @IndiePressWatch
The Council for National Policy (#CNP) is an umbrella organization & networking group for social conservative activists in the United States.The Nation has called it a secretive organization. It connects wealthy right-wing donors w/ top conservatives.…
Here's what the #CNP has planned for education in the United States. With the Heritage Foundation's support, of course.

Compare this to what DeVos has done as Secretary of Education:…

In. Plain. Sight.

Source… (near the bottom).
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1. That white evangelical subculture has been "shielded from criticism" is absolutely true; it's something the #Exvangelical community is working to end. The shielding is partly due to evangelical leaders' savvy about cultivating good PR and cozy relationships with journalists.
2. For an introduction to how evangelicals manage their PR, see this piece I wrote for @RDispatches ahead of the midterms:…

To dig deeper, follow and look up the work of @brucewilson, @FredClarkson, and @PRAEyesRight.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
3. But there's another reason evangelicals have been shielded from criticism, and that has to do with what @drvox refers to as "media culture's weird mythology about who is & isn't 'Real American.'"
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Okay Twitter, I have a lot of thoughts on Israel, antisemitism, and the U.S. right. Better thinkers than I have are writing about this but as a Jewish woman raised in the Evangelical church I have some thoughts I’d like to share. 1/?
First — critiquing Israel is not anti-semitic. In fact, my critiques of Israel are deeply rooted in my own understanding of Judaism and Jewishness which I cannot separate from my understanding of and work towards a shared liberation. 2/?
Also - such unbalanced and superficial understandings of antisemitism obscure real antisemitic sentiment in the U.S. and divorce antisemitism from larger ideologies of white supremacy. 3/?
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If you're angrier with myself and other #Exvangelicals for pointing out the hypocrisy and abuse in the Evangelical church than you are with these horrendous abuses and hypocrisy's, sorry to say, but you're part of the problem. #EmptyThePews [1]
Your anger shouldn't be at those of us who refuse to be silent, but with those who continue to perpetuate the harm that has chased so many out of the church. Your anger at those in pain, who have been harmed, instead of those doing the harming speaks volumes. [2]
If your desire is to truly be like Jesus, to truly emulate this saviour who came to show us the nature of God, then the reaction should be to comfort those in pain and cry out against injustices. But it's not. [3]
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#Exvangelical/#ChristianAltFacts story time! Been sitting on this one a while.
CW: Mentions of rape, suicide, and abusive thinking
A lot of you guys who know me on here probably know that I deal with a lot of self-hate. It started with me getting really mad at myself as a kid. 1/
I went from a self-deprecating remark here and there to crying, yelling, hitting myself and thinking I deserved to die by the beginning of high school, and I saw my parents' reactions change too - from comforting, to dismissing, to my mom threatening physical punishment. 2/
A bit counterproductive of course, but it was enough to keep me quiet.
The funny thing is, the threats weren't bc of an emergency (I never really hurt myself or attempted suicide or anything), or bc I owed myself better. I actually didn't really get much of a reason. 3/
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#Evangelical Women demonize female victims over male perps because they have been trained to view women, unable to, or , punished for consent as the "Bad Girls". When Vashti is demonized for saying no, and Bathsheba is a temptress for being unable to say no. #EmptyThePews [1]
Vashti said no to protect herself. Xerxes wanted to treat her like a piece of meat. She said no. Therefore, according to Christians, she was disobedient. For refusing to be demeaned into an object. #EmptyThePews [2]
Bathsheba would have been terrified to say no to David. Saying no to someone in authority could have resulted in her death. But instead of seeing her as someone a lust-driven king took advantage of, Christians are trained to see her as a vile temptress. #EmptyThePews [3]
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Hello darling #Exvangelical friends and fans thereof. It is time for our weekly installment. This may be a short one, we'll see. It was a short chapter, which interesting, for reasons we'll get to.
Teaser for future issues - I have gotten PDF's of Dobson's doctoral thesis so...
You can all look forward to that shitshow. I know I am. But right now we are just going to focus on this very exciting book that has been giving us a lot of useful information. We are currently on Chapter 4 - Four Men Who Shaped His Life.
And it is kind of weird this is the shortest chapter, right? Because like... it is theoretically about 4 different people but it is shorter than any of the previous chapters. I don't actually think @DrJamesCDobson wants to acknowledge that much formation in his life, personally.
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Warning: Long thread. I will do a thread unroll at the end of this. There’s been a lot of criticism towards the #Exvangelical community lately for being “intolerant” of people whose beliefs we once held. I can’t speak on behalf of other exvies, because I am not them, but...
...I have some thoughts I want to share on this. A great number of exvies are recovering from excessive abuse, whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental. These abuses were espoused by Christian evangelicals through evangelicalism, using many of the fundamental...
...beliefs that many far-right Christians still follow today. I want to start with this. I am in the category of #Exvangelicals that still believes in God and Jesus. While I’m unsure of where I stand, I do haphazardly use the term Christian to describe myself.
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Story time, #emptythepews edition.

Warning: suicidal ideation, depression, conversion therapy, unsupportive parents, Christian fundamentalism.

You have been warned.

Story begins in the next tweet.
1: Once upon a time in the late 90s, there were common websites, basic cable and magazines that put out various hotlines you could call in a crisis. If not, there were search engines where you could find the numbers to places like BoysTown and the Suicide Prevention Hotline etc.
2: My parents were SUPER controlling. So much so, that we felt the control in every little way, and suspected other means of control that we did not verify until we had all moved out.
Raised in the QF/ATI-adjacent communities, you can guess at what levels there were,.
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If a system cannot be criticized, especially one of faith, it begs to question whether that system can actually be trusted. Not allowing criticism of the Church suggests that Christianity has grown as much as it can, in full understanding of God.
Since we can readily admit that God is so vast we cannot actually comprehend him, that means either the religious sect claiming it needs no criticism either knowingly lies about itself or doesn't actually believe in the God they claim to follow. Growth can only come from
the willingness to accept criticism and, at the very least, dig to discover whether or not the criticism is valid. If the Church is ever to look truly like Christ, it's actions need to be weighed against him. This is something I do not see in the evangelical movement.
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Alright, #Evangelicals and #Exvangelicals. It's story time. Saddle up.

Imagine this: you live in a society where being unable to pay back a loan is punishable by death. (Why, you ask? Because I'm the emperor of this society, and I make the rules, and those are the rules.)
Now imagine that you were born very poor, through no fault or choice of your own. And society is structured in a way which entails that, through the normal course of life, you've come to owe me $100 dollars... which you couldn’t avoid, and you simply cannot pay back, now or ever.
Of course, as your very exacting and by the book Emperor, I keep perfect records and accounts. And I can plainly see there's no way I can ever get my money from you… So what I decide to do is torture and kill a member of my own family, and take the money from his belongings.
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hey y’all remember that time my college roommates/church leaders gaslighted the shit out of me for a full year and i had no where to go or escape because i would face the same thing with me family and friends and church
remember when my roommates would call “house meetings” and then spend an hour telling me what i was doing wrong as a christian and friend and person and then, when i would start to cry, tell me “we can feel the rejection you feel and you should only be feeling loved by this”
remember when they told me i was a bad friend because i began isolating myself, avoiding them as much as possible, and becoming very private about my life and feelings
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I don’t want to give more publicity to this bad faith argument, and Jen doesn’t need me to defend her, but I do have some thoughts. This kind of logic is very commonly employed in conservative circles, and I think a little pushback is completely justified. 😆
We jump off with TWO classic “arguments”:
1) conceding that perhaps a small problem exists somewhere but it’s not widespread.
2) my argument is Real Logic™️ so despite neither of us having data to backup our assertions and experiences, I’m more right than you.
Here’s where Mike makes his bad faith and hyper defensiveness abundantly clear: he frames Jen’s theological shift as rejecting all traditionalists as “backwater bucolic yokels.”

I haven’t listened to this interview yet but this framing is so out of character for JH is comical
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