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🚨🤯"Bloggers from Moscow"?! That's what Trump called Russia's indicted military intelligence GRU and troll army of information warriors!! How much you wanna bet he got this propaganda from one of his conversations with PUTIN?!… #TrumpRussia #RussianAsset
🤔Did Trump reveal something from a conversation with Putin? When asked about Mueller's 34 criminal indictments/pleas re subverting our election, he pulls out this line—w/ a verbal drum roll—as if it's new info: "OK You Ready? Ok…Ready?…Many of them were BLOGGERS FROM MOSCOW"🤯
Trump's new lie continues his pattern of denying & covering for Putin's attack on America. Mueller indicted 3 Russian companies & 25 Russians
—13 of St Petersburg IRA propaganda troll army
—12 Russian GRU hackers—military intelligence officers
—Exactly ZERO "Bloggers from Moscow"
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NEW: Russians used discovery process—FORGING DOCUMENTS—to run a #disinformation campaign to discredit #Mueller & “ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the US political system.” Not too surprising since Russian #propaganda often uses fakery for f*ckery. #TrumpRussia
Key in the news of Russians abusing discovery process to discredit ongoing investigations: They claimed to have (hacked) ALL Mueller's evidence and found NO COLLUSION. Well, that sounds familiar. Putin's still aligned w/ and helping Trump. Against the US.…
More indictments coming? New Mueller court filing has also identified "uncharged individuals & entities" who are interfering w/ US govt functions. And Russians used fake/altered evidence from the probe to discredit the investigation. Trump does the same, people. @davidcicilline
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Perfectly normal reaction by senior officials within @MaltaGov (particularly OPM) to a minor court decision shuttering a further avenue for investigation into #PanamaPapers on technical grounds.

The #ruleoflaw in #Malta is fine and there is no #disinformation or spin whatsoever.
Case in point: @anticorruption’s plummeting ranking is also blamed:
Case in point: @VeniceComm's concerns over rule of law are evidently based on one person (previously Daphne, now someone else who dares call them a crook).

Also interesting how impossible threshold for courts is implicitly being dictated:…
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This is the Council for National Policy organization - the group behind Trump/Pence, etc. - re Trump's first 100 days: U.S. border, cyber, & military policies starting with the US/Mex border (4:30)."…
Source: @IndiePressWatch
The Council for National Policy (#CNP) is an umbrella organization & networking group for social conservative activists in the United States.The Nation has called it a secretive organization. It connects wealthy right-wing donors w/ top conservatives.…
Here's what the #CNP has planned for education in the United States. With the Heritage Foundation's support, of course.

Compare this to what DeVos has done as Secretary of Education:…

In. Plain. Sight.

Source… (near the bottom).
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Just before I disappeared on holiday, I checked which accounts @EmbassyofRussia was tagging in the images of the Tweets it sent, one account stood out #NeilClark66 an RT Reporter, this has been going on for months more here 👆👉

He then mentioned me in RT!
Given RT is know for it’s veracity and the Russian for criticising other of what it does itself, would anyone be surprised that Clark blocks me, whilst claiming I block those I criticise?

I do block some accounts I discuss, but let me explain as this is a good example why...
Clark is using sophistry to claim a UK academic #im_Pulse, calling him effectively “shit for brains” for this Tweet 👇 is a death threat.

He’s reported him & me to Twitter, for a school yard insult, but made it look ominous, by removing context.! Is it a one off?

Far from it
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The #Forensicator has published a new post:

"#Guccifer2 Returns to the East Coast"…
Forensicator was kind enough to provide @DisobedientNews with an introduction to his latest post, available here:

Forensicator: #Guccifer2.0 Returns To The East Coast…

"In this post, we announce a new finding that confirms our previous work and is the basis for an update that we recently made to #Guccifer2’s Russian Breadcrumbs."…
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“What is clear is that all of the messaging clearly sought to benefit the Republican Party — and specifically Donald Trump,” the report says.
#Russia #disinformation
“Pro-Putin talking heads appear to be particularly fond of Trump’s core constituency, whose interests they believe to be the most compatible with Russia’s global goals.”…
The Kremlin is interested in having the US withdraw from the world stage, giving up its role as the dominant superpower, retreating to domestic affairs & global commerce, including a radical 180-degree shift from sanctions to business dealings with Russia.
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NEW REPORT: #Russia’s massive 2016 #disinformation warfare operation used every major social media platform to deliver words, images & videos targeted to voter interests to help elect Trump—AND worked even harder after the election to support him in office…
NEW Report: Russia's Internet Research Agency—charged w/ criminal offenses in the 2016 campaign—"sliced Americans into key interest groups for targeted messaging. These efforts shifted over time, peaking at key political moments, such as presidential debates or party conventions"
Computational Propaganda Report on Russia's 2016 election disruption operation: ALL the messaging clearly sought to benefit Republicans & specifically Trump. Targeted Right-wing voters to encourage them to back Trump. Distracted, confused & discouraged others from voting at all.
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1. #DeepStateMinion #AdamSchiff, has become the next #Asset in line to step up & front a new #Disinformation campaign aimed at a #NewsCycle shift in #Narrative by #MockingbirdMedia; this from the #AntiTrump #Obstructionist, #Socialist & #PanickedLeft.
#TheHill reports with......
2. ......its usual #FarLeftSpin that the #Schiff #BS must be true as it was on @FaceTheNation!
#AS, who will likely step up as the next chairman of the #HouseIntelComm, has begun to spin reality with lies that speak to legalities which are nonexistent.…
3. .....The rollout of this #NewsCycle #Propaganda effort becomes more clear as buried deep within published articles they are covering their @$$es.
#Drudge a #LeftistDisseminator since Matt's newest relationship, links this #FOXNewsSwill.…
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On #Twitter the #GiletJaunes hashtag is more of an #American far right #disinformation campaign. Some of these accounts could be #Russian? I don't know.

#Paris #YellowVest
This network graph was collected using the #GiletJaunes and #YellowVest hashtags on December 2 2018
You can clearly see that the hashtags are dominated by Pro-#Trump and #QAnon accounts.
I have made the #disinformation accounts red and abnormally large.
Here is a spreadsheet with the information for each node on the graph.…
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While this is probably a big 4chan joke ...I don't like to underestimate a disinfo campaign even if its a domestic 4chan trolling operation. Here is some #NPC background. I am also not one to suggest u put ur head in the sand & block these #infosec #opsec
As others have pointed out this appears to have developed much like Pepe the frog ...out of the 4chan netherworld of the internet. Reading the timeline of this fake account @BKrassenstein69 they are using to troll the real account @Krassenstein gives u the very racist flavor
Love the tool Hoaxy. Using it we were very quickly able to identify roughly 50 Twitter accounts all very related and most created this month. I am sure there are many more. #NPC #infosec #opsec
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The Reichstag Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️

By @TimothyDSnyder
On February 27, 1933 the German Parliament building burned, Adolf #Hitler rejoiced, and the #Nazi era began.
#Hitler, who had just been named head of a #government that was legally formed after the democratic #elections of the previous November, seized the opportunity to change the system. “There will be no mercy now,” he exulted. “Anyone standing in our way will be cut down.”
The next day, at Hitler’s advice and urging, the #German #president issued a decree “for the protection of the people and the state.”
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⚡️“Right now there are 1000s and 1000s of fingers hard at work to penetrate your psyche”—Lyudmila Savchuk, activist who infiltrated Russia’s notorious Internet Research Agency propaganda troll farm named in Mueller indictment, speaking at #StratComDC. #disinformation @ACEurasia
That was amazing. Lyudmila Savchuk told of her breakdown after infiltrating Russia’s engine of world wide political warfare—Internet Research Agency troll factory in St Petersburg. Most shocking to her: They—fake persona disinformation operations—are everywhere.
.@apolyakova: Russia didn’t invent new technology. It exploited already available PR tools. They spread disinformation the way @Nike sells sneakers. The strategy is “firehose of falsehood”—drowning out information space (& truth) in a sea of planted propaganda. #StratComDC
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Get it right @nytimes! 🧐 oh wait wasn’t it you that posted “If you see disinformation before the mideterms we want to hear from you”

#disinformation #FakeNews
Hello @nytimes! I have disinformation to report...Yes the culprit is the @nytimes They’re spreading disinformation!....

#FakeNews @POTUS 👇
“Midterms” I can spell I swear 😆
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After the threads from @conspirator0 and @propornot re: @propornotapp (now suspended), decided to look for any interesting breadcrumbs they may have left behind. Wound up learning about #Nationalist parties of Bulgaria and a few other tidbits. #osint #bots #disinformation
First thing that turned up was this article from the site newsbeezer(.)com (site title: Bulgaria Evening News). As you can see in the screenshot, @PropOrNotApp is quoted discussing conditions during fires in neighboring Greece. Sure, why not?
What else is on this site? Well, they appear to be big fans of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, normally abbreviated to NFSB, though oddly they seem to alternate the abbreviation between NFFS and NPSB. Neither appear affiliated with another political party.
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The closer we get to midterms, the more trolls & chaos agents we'll see coming out of the woodwork.

Their goal is to cause division in the Dem party and those supporting it, like in 2016. 1/… #WednesdayMotivation
What is a chaos agent? Simply put, someone who actively tries to damage movements or stop goals from being met.

In the context of the resistance, it's a person who discourages people from supporting Dems, voting Dem, and undermines faith in the movement. 2/ #disinformation
As Mueller's indictments show, this was a specific goal of the Russian #HybridWar in 2016. The Bernie v. Hillary split was a convenient source of tension to exploit. 3/
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#disinformation alert! 🚨

The right's latest talking points are false claims that #Kavanaugh's young children were harassed by Democrats as they were escorted out of the hearing.

This is quickly and easily debunked by a simple Google search. 1/8
A Fox News opinion peice expressed dismay that the 2 young girls were upset by the lack of civility shown to their father.

It doesn't say the children were harassed.

Their mother chose to remove them when Dems addressed the lack of transparency.
2/8 📰
The first result that said the children were harassed was a Reddit post, which contained a screenshot of a tweet. 3/8 #Kavanaugh
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A simple thread on the amplification of disinformation on Twitter, using fake accounts & automation. Also known as astroturfing. Read on, if you want to bolster your digital media literacy.
Meet @/shocker_daily, a low rent 'alternative news' provider.
2. You'll notice I use the / to prevent amplifying @/shocker_daily myself. Like naughty children, bad actors like this thrive on any attention, negative or otherwise. All attention helps them come to prominence in Twitter's promotion algorithm.

Don't help them, right?
3. These actors will typically insert themselves into the mentions of prominent figures & 'influencers' - frequently journalists.

They want to give the impression of a 'grassroots' response on their chosen talking point. To fool the journalist & his/her followers.
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Russia’s social-media trolling op began stepping up its Twitter presence to new heights in late July 2017 -- more than 8 months after sowing discord and disinformation in the 2016 election.…
This burst of activity-revealed in a new dataset of nearly 3m tweets-focused on pushed headlines & news stories originally from US-based, pro-Trump site, 'Truthfeed' which specializes in hyper-partisan, factually incorrect stories...aka Right-wing propaganda.
By 10/22/17, right before Twitter banned nearly all of the known accounts linked to the IRA's troll farm, Truthfeed content accounted for about 95% of the accounts’ English-language activity.
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Does AUSA Moira Kim Penza, prosecutor in the fed. #NXIVM #RICO criminal racketeering case, realize that her indictments of #NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere aka "Vanguard," last March, may have affected the outcome of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Election? #ArizonaMafia #Democrats
Moira Kim Penza is 1 of the main prosecutors in the federal #NXIVM #RICO criminal case. A #RICO case is very serious; it is 1 of the most complex types of prosecutions the U.S. Government can initiate. Moira's boss is Richard P. Donoghue, U.S. Atty for the Eastern District of NY.
Penza is a smart lawyer. According to publicly available information, she studied at Cornell Law School, a private Ivy League University located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell was ranked the #13 law school in America, out of 203 law schools, by U.S. News & World Report, in 2018.
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Deconstructing Campbell’s Smear Campaign Yields A Blueprint For Propaganda

Latest from Adam Carter (@with_integrity)…
"Duncan Campbell @dcampbell_iptv refers to the following as 'extreme Trump/Putin' sites:

Disobedient Media, @RedactedTonight, @WikiLeaks, Global Research, @ZeroHedge, @Circa, @TheJimmyDoreShow, Big League Politics, @HumanistReport, @JudicialWatch , @CounterPunch, The Populist.."
Campbell's definition of "Extreme Trump/Putin sites' continued:

@JimmyDoreShow @HardNewsNetwork, @tracybeanz, OAN (One America News Network), AFMG (America First Media Group), The Real News, @WeAreChangeNYC, @ConsortiumNews & BullTruth.
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Starting to read this UK House of Commons report: Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Interim Report
It addresses Cambrige Analytica and data targeting; has actual recommendations for dealing with this topic. #TruthMatters #disinformation…
There are many potential threats to our democracy and our values. One such threat arises from what has been coined ‘fake news’, created for profit or other gain, disseminated through state-sponsored programmes, or spread through the deliberate distortion of facts, ...
by groups with a particular agenda, including the desire to affect political elections.

The focus of our inquiry moved from understanding the phenomenon of ‘fake news’, distributed largely through social media, to issues concerning the very future of democracy.
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NEW: Trump's slippery disinformation & Giuliani's admissions to both conspiracy w/ Russia's attack on 2016 US election AND obstruction to cover it up: Today he said 1) Collusion is not a crime. 2) Trump didn't ATTEND Trump Tower meeting (no longer denying he didn't know about it)
MORE on Rudy Giuliani’s stunning admissions: Team Trump had a “Planning Meeting” on June 7 to strategize for infamous June 9 Trump Tower meeting w/ Russians seeking sanctions relief for Clinton dirt. Rick Gates—cooperating w/Mueller—attended.… via @joshtpm
Giuliani's scraping the barrel in search of a defense for his client who encouraged & took part in Russia's conspiracy to attack 2016 election. Collusion-is-not-a-crime is a talking point from May '17—before we even knew of Trump Tower Meeting. 👇@donlemon Republican talk show host Michael Reagan tells Don Lemon
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Delighted to attend #NATOengages, a high-level civil society event hosted by @AtlanticCouncil @gmfus @MunSecConf & @WIISBrussels at new @NATO Headquarters, happening simultaneously with the official #NATOsummit.

Watch LIVE:

Germany Defence Minister @vdleyen:

"Trump is a business man. He will understand that spending is not just about input, but also about output. You can spend 2% on your national defence budget, but not do anything for NATO. Focus must be on capabilities."

#NATOengages #NATOsummit
"A more peaceful, more resilient, more democratic world is good for @Canada.

We deeply believe in @NATO's values:

Peace, security & #DefendingDemocracy are as relevant today as ever." -

PM @JustinTrudeau at #NATOengages #NATOsummit
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