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@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink Am pumped😃! Good evening fam and welcome to tonight session on #BreakingBarriers trust me you need to follow this thread!
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it’s a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free.

#BreakingBarriers @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink Making minor changes in your daily life will make a major difference to the ease with which you fulfill your dreams. Why settle for mediocrity when simple changes can lead to a life of excellence?
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink If you’d have begun anything last year, or the year before you’d be twelve or twenty four months better at it than you are today.

Don’t let that stop you. Begin now. But only commit yourself to what’s best for you. #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott Don’t be misled by the opinion of others…their opinions are no more valuable than your own.

Desire is what stirs your soul into movement, but it’s persistence, and a relentless commitment that gets you there. That’s the price you pay for success.

@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott You need to ask yourself prices that are needed to achieve excellence in all you do. In you are seeds of greatness. Don’t be limited by people,environment and circumstances. #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott You’re going to make choices that won’t please everyone in your life. Just make sure at the end of the day that you’ve lived a life that you’re proud of, one that pleases you. #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott One of the biggest challenges in life is becoming a selective listener. Much of who you are right now is an accumulation of the influence of others. Who are you listening. Whatever you listen to affects your thinking. #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott There’s a daily input of influencers, some who have larger than life personalities, some who shock and horrify, some who inspire.

Choosing selective listening allows you to tune out the voices that don’t lead towards the fulfillment of your desires. #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott Make it a habit every day to listen to or read something that contributes to your well being, happiness and success.

Every insight you need to be happy, healthy, successful, rich or enlightened has already been written.

@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott Others have shared their experience, knowledge and wisdom to inspire and encourage you to rearrange your thinking or change your entire philosophy on life and create the habits that turn your dreams into reality.

@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott If you want something different, you must be someone different and do something different. Squeeze the juice of life out of every inspiring encouraging voice.#BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott Don’t allow anything to stop you from setting aside time each day to rise above the voices of negativity, immerse yourself in positive and uplifting influences and update your approach to your life.

#BreakingBarriers @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp Cultivate optimism

Don’t let your negative tendencies overwhelm you.

As Winston Churchill said: For myself I’m an optimist, there doesn’t seem much use to be anything else.

@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp Feelings of anger, fear, anxiety all undermine your optimism. Even those with the most optimistic outlook can fall prey to persistent expectations that the worst is likely to happen.

@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp Surprises happen. Shock happens. Life happens. But if we go looking
For disaster around every corner there’s a good chance we’re going to bump into it. Try redirecting the energy used for spotting what’s wrong with your life and begin guiding it towards looking for what’s right.
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp Focus on the beauty of life. My mentor @Chude used to tell us to be grateful for small mercies. Gratitude always opens the door to happiness. Be grateful for the appliances that keep your household humming, for the bed to rest your weary head, #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp @Chude Take time every day to breathe a sigh of thanks for the amazing people, wonderful situations and joyful times you’ve had. Value your life…it’s the only one you’ve got and doesn’t last for ever.

Be willing to share your appreciation of others. #BreakingBarriers @ronkebos
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp @Chude @ronkebos @Mentor_Grace @EstherIjewere @paulocoelho @jide_martins Wasting a day, leaving things until tomorrow, ignoring problems, eating those extra mouthfuls, or frequently complaining might seem mighty unimportant and the sky doesn’t fall, so you feel okay. #BreakingBarriers
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp @Chude @ronkebos @Mentor_Grace @EstherIjewere @paulocoelho @jide_martins But outcomes seldom appear instantly, they’re the result of cumulative effort.

One bad habit merges into the next, piling one on top of the other until the day of reckoning when they come crashing down and you discover you’re miles away from where you thought you were going.
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp @Chude @ronkebos @Mentor_Grace @EstherIjewere @paulocoelho @jide_martins I wish you all the best in life and see you at the top.

We draw the curtain here tonight. Thanks for the RTs and likes. ❤️❤️❤️

Remember with God it’s people like us that succeed in life.

To your success,
Adedayo Olabamiji
@BreakingBarrie3 @Antom_dapper @mpbeads_fabrics @bofiasdiaries @oluthomas03 @Olawale2809 @akin_more @magarya @bellajohn005 @Mosopemi @segalink @AishaYesufu @SamAkinlotan @DrJoeAbah @TerryannScott @FireOFola @LanreAgboola1 @KOlagbenjo @Iamoabraham @kholyp @Chude @ronkebos @Mentor_Grace @EstherIjewere @paulocoelho @jide_martins In the comments below let me know what habits are leading you towards, or away from, a life of excellence. Please share as many specifics as possible. What you have to say might just make the world of difference for someone else. #BreakingBarriers
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