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Essence of LIFE & TIME #Breakingbarriers loading 7pm
Good evening all and trust we had a great day? Tonight promises to be phenomenon on #BreakingBarriers 👏 👏 👏 👏 @Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 1. What is the essence of life?
Is it waking up with hope or despair?
Hope, to keep pursuing what?
Despair, to what end?
What is the essence of life?Honestly one of the best way to trigger clarity is asking yourself thought provoking questions. Let's go there #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 2. Is it going to bed fulfilled or frustrated?
Fulfilled, for achieving what?
Frustrated, for not been able to fulfill what? What's your Aim?
What is the essence of life?
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 3. Is it going through education?
For what? Knowledge, skills, wisdom, power
To compete with who and for what
What is the essence of life?
Is it been a success or failure?
Successful, under whose judgment
Failure, for not being able to do what?
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 4. What is the essence of life?
Is it the routine hustle and bustle to make ends meet?

For what- food, shelter, clothing
Even if it is more, it is really worth dying or killing for? Therein is our fears lies! #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 5. What is the essence of life?
Is it the same aged religious story?
That our purpose on earth is to worship and praise God,

procreate and be caretakers of His creatures?
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 6. A teenager once asked me, Sir what if all we are told about religion and life are all lies. What if all our parents told us are not really as they bully us to yield? What if life is not we think it is?what if our perspectives about life is wrong? #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 7. What is really, really the essence of life?
Begin, if you have not started searching
Never stop! Keep evolving and searching for meaning of life in your own terms. Like @bofiasdaily tweeted today. Keep learning and allow life to unfold as it should be #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 8. Do not take life so seriously, but never take it for granted

Life is war so people say; death is peace some been preaching, yet human seek peace but prefer life.

You don't need to battle to find your essence in life. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins 9. One of the most painful realizations in life, is to all of a sudden
discover that you had possessed things all along that you were busy
looking for somewhere else. #BreakingBarriers @oyinloyesunday
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday 10. It is almost an unbearable pain to
suddenly recognize the value of what you had being ignorant of, which
had been in your possession. Cherish the gift of life. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday 11. To possess something and not know its
value is torturous. To own something and not be aware of it could not
only be annoying, but fatal too. Please if you are thinking of committing SUICIDE please take note and rethink! @segalink

@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu 13. LIFE – Life is undoubtedly the most valuable and the most precious of
all our earthly possessions. Surely nobody is arguing about that.
#BreakingBarriers @boluakindele @Wenny__3
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 14. There is simply nothing of comparable value to life. When life is
lost, all is lost. When all is lost but life, really nothing is lost.
Life is head and shoulders above all other things we regard as
precious in this world.

#BreakingBarriers @segalink @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola 15. Tragically though, it is that same life that is often least treasured
or valued by men who possess it. All men have life, but only few men
know its value. To have something does not mean to understand it. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola 16. Most
people who possess life in reality do not quite understand what they
possess. That is a fundamental tragedy about life. Those who possess
it often are not aware of its value.
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola 18. Even our Lord Jesus Christ said unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, & take up his cross ,&follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. #BreakingBarriers @solaadio
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 19. If there is an urgent discovery you need to embark on is that of having clear knowledge of your essence in life. Find it and make it real for the world to see! #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 20. It is a well known fact that at the fag end of life, many of us often
feel having failed ourselves..... "I 'might' have done better" is a
common refrain. Do you want to avoid life REGRETS? Start today and live in every moments. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 22. We must remember that 'nothing' remains in the end, at our death.....
everyone of will die for sure! Our scriptures do say that we are a
soul, and we are eternal. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 23. But remember, it is our physical
destructible body which feels the pain or joy. And to our utter
surprise, the most deprived of us all know this reality. Otherwise
there would have been no crime at all in the society. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 24. In such a
dichotomous situation, what we leave behind in nothing but just the
after-effects! And you know what......these after-effects mean nothing
for us/ ourselves as we perish at our death, but only for the
relatives, friends and the society that we leave behind.
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 25. Thus, while we live, in this life-long journey or race as it may be
for many competitive souls, it is that sum total of the individual
streaks of gleam we aroused in ourselves and our best wisdom as
applied to different situations of life, #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 26. in a timely manner, that
decides the painless ease, joy and comfort of the life that we
live...irrespective of the 'circumstances that were beyond our
control'. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 27. This only shall decide whether we lived our life to the
fullest or not. Right decisions taken at wrong time shall prove
fruitless always with no exception, mind we all must. However, make
happiness a priority in your life.

@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 30. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's
at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and
Earl Nightingale

@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio 31. In a nutshell, we must respect life by honoring the time while we
live. Avoid too much of everything..... whether it is hard-work,
stress, competition, or it is enjoyment, leisure and idle time. Avoid
greed, attachment, and undue or prolonged tension. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio @EstherIjewere @ebuka_akara 34. Let there be nothing to repent or revise at the
last moments....let there be nothing to be begged or prayed(negative) for, not
even more moments of life as we breathe our end!! #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @bellajohn005 @bofiasdaily @Amakamedia @LanreAgboola1 @TerryannScott @babaidris090 @joshua_adesogan @mpbeads_fabrics @liveway @jide_martins @oyinloyesunday @segalink @AishaYesufu @boluakindele @Wenny__3 @SamAkinlotan @FireOFola @solaadio @EstherIjewere @ebuka_akara 35. What is that one thing you will ever regret if you die today of not doing? Start that thing NOW! Make your life meaningful and find fulfillment in all you do. 🙏 💓 #BreakingBarriers
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