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Shiro and Keith each running porn blogs where they’ll post images, gifsets, videos of themselves.
Well, Keith doesn’t really like to do videos for his. Keith is more prone to posting gifsets where he’s stripping, leading into playing with himself. He uses toys a lot.
Keith’s fans really like seeing him fall apart in those gifsets, even if they never get to see his face (not entirely, at least; sometimes he’ll let it cut off at his mouth so they can see a little smile or how he’s gasping). They love the stills in the aftermath where he’s
all loose and relaxed, stretched wide still with his cum splattered across him.
Shiro’s fans are thirsty as hell, and he indulges them with videos. They love seeing anything and everything drip down his body (and he’s gotten good with editing things down to follow those trails).
He dedicates some of his videos to specific fans who have sent requests, calling their names for them during the video, letting him know this is how he’d fuck them. Some of his videos are really long; he’s got ridiculous stamina, but he also has a tendency to edge himself to make
things last, to draw it out. He makes no secret of the fact that he’d do the same to whoever he fucks if they’re okay with it.
They don’t know each other’s actual names, but Shiro and Keith are big fans of each other. They only know each other by the names of their blogs, though.
So Keith knows Shiro as ”blackpaladin,” Shiro knows Keith as “redlion.” It takes some time, but they finally contact each other, talk a bit; Keith starts calling Shiro “Paladin.” Shiro starts calling him “Kitten.”
They start doing so crossover posts with each other after that.
Keith will put up gifsets with captions that he’s “thinking of a big, strong hero. 🖤” Shiro puts up responding videos about how he’s “taming a pretty kitten. ❤️” They post back-and-forth like that, little bursts that flit from one blog to the other to show the whole story.
Keith really likes doing sets for their little collaborations where he’s riding a thick dildo that’s suctioned to the floor, likes to send Shiro DMs with things like, “Thinking of you, Paladin” and “Wish you were here.”
Shiro knows he’s in trouble when Keith starts sending
special aftermath stills directly to him, ones he doesn’t post on his blog. Ones where he can see just how stretched Keith’s hole is, ones where Keith is reaching to put his fingers inside himself, ones where he’s clenching around his own fingers because he wants something inside
of him still. Those come with messages of, “Feels so good when I think of you, Paladin. 🖤” or “All yours. 🖤” or “Please come take me. 🖤”
Keith knows he’s lost when Shiro sends images of his aftermath to his DMs, when he gets messages about how it’s “all for you, Kitten. ❤️”
He’s breathless when Shiro tells him he’s gorgeous. “I’d do so many things if I could get my hands on you. Never let you go.” He can’t take his eyes off the cum on Shiro’s hand, on his abs, in a little pool on the sheets, doesn’t matter where. Especially with the messages that
it’s all for him, or when Shiro sends messages that are more specific: “Should have you here to lick me clean, Kitten. ❤️” And Keith wants it, he wants it so badly. He’s be over there in a heartbeat if he could. But it’s all for fun and pleasure, right? He’s not really asking...
At some point, Keith’s friends set him up on a blind date. He’s not really that interested in dating, but it’ll shut Pidge and Lance up, at least; Hunk still thinks maybe Keith will find a perfect match and be super happy that way. Keith is skeptical, but he agrees anyway.
He almost freezes when he gets to the restaurant for his date and meets Shiro because he /knows/ that prosthetic and he /knows/ that voice, and holy shit what are the odds? But he isn’t exactly ready to expose himself or Shiro out in public, in a nice fancy restaurant.
They end up going on a few dates, but Keith seems kind of distant on all of them. Shiro takes that in all the wrong ways and finally confronts Keith about it, asking if it really makes him that uncomfortable. Keith is confused until he realizes Shiro means his prosthetic, and
he’s quick to deny that has any bearing. He insists it’s something else but it isn’t something he wants to say in public. Shiro’s suspicious, he doesn’t really buy that at all, and Keith gets uncomfortable. He starts saying maybe this was a bad idea, maybe they shouldn’t do this.
When they finally do get somewhere private to talk it out, Shiro isn’t really sure what to think. Keith knew all along but didn’t want to say anything? Was he just stringing him along, or...? Keith tries to deny that, but it doesn’t go very well; it mostly sounds like he was jusy
trying to protect his own identity even at the cost of the person who would completely understand what he does.
A lot of it also comes out sounding like he only ever intended for things to stay online for them. Things get a bit bitter as a result; Shiro makes it clear he doesn’t believe he can trust Keith after this. The whole thing also rocks their online personas.
The cut-off is abrupt on Shiro’s end, though Keith still posts sets saying he’s thinking of his Paladin. Shiro’s fans aren’t happy with this at all and Keith starts getting a lot of really nasty comments. Keith’s fans start to get jealously possessive in his comments, too, saying
all kinds of things that are really uncomfortable, about the things they’d do to “make their pretty Lion forget all about him.” Keith has never been more grateful for relative anonymity.
Shiro’s been rather pointedly ignoring Keith’s blog since everything happened. He doesn’t
really know about the comments Keith’s been getting, doesn’t know the intensity of them. He knows his fans have gone after Keith just from the kinds of comments he’s received about “that slut” never being worth their Paladin’s attention.
It happens after Shiro posts a video that he isn’t exactly proud of in the aftermath. He’s with someone in it; the guy is pretty enough, Shiro’s attracted to him, but he’s doing this because the guy has a similar body type to Keith. It’s very pointedly being done /at/ Keith.
It’s like rubbing his face in things, that this could have been him, but Shiro’s moved on and is enjoying himself with someone new. He doesn’t even necessarily know if Keith will watch it, but he knows Keith will hear of it, knows his fans will see to that.
Keith does see it, though. He sees Shiro fucking this other guy, hears the other guy begging him for more, knows Shiro’s doing all of the things he always said he’d do to Keith and, more specifically, all of the things Keith said he wanted done to him by his strong Paladin.
He can’t bring himself to stop watching even when the video shows the other guy’s mouth just before Shiro presses fingers covered in cum into the guy’s mouth, as the guy greedily sucks at them the way Keith knows he would, too, if Shiro had shoved his fingers into /his/ mouth.
The comments get worse after that, they grow more violent on both fronts.
A few days later, Keith’s blog is gone.
Shiro doesn’t find out about it until a couple weeks later. It’s entirely by accident. He never deleted the bookmark to Keith’s blog and he clicks it when meaning to click a different one. The message displays that there’s no blog at that address and he frowns, checking the
address and seeing he clicked the wrong one. But then it hits him just /which/ bookmark he clicked on from the address he read, and he quickly reads the address again, his heart dropping as he does. This wasn’t the way he wanted things to play out after breaking things off.
Shiro considers his options; DMs and texts might not get him a response as quickly as he’d like, might not get him a response at all. He goes with a different option, something more desperate: he has Matt get Keith’s address from Pidge and goes to Keith’s place himself.
He’s banging on the door to Keith’s apartment for almost half a minute before the lock clicks. The door opens just a bit, the chain’s still on it, but he can see Keith through the opening, hair disheveled and a knife in hand, pointed toward the opening defensively.
Shiro holds up his hands in surrender and says he just wants to talk. Keith seems wary and Shiro’s pretty sure he’s out of luck when the door closes, but then he hears the chain sliding against the lock and the door opens fully. Keith looks resigned, won’t even look at him, but
he still has the knife in his hand, even if it isn’t pointed at Shiro. He turns away, stepping into the apartment, and Shiro takes that as a cue to follow him in, shutting the door behind him. Keith still won’t look at him even when he asks why Shiro’s there. Shiro says he just
wants to talk. He takes the chance to come closer, his hands coming up to hold Keith’s biceps, and Keith’s spine stiffens but he doesn’t pull away. “Keith...” He doesn’t get a response, Keith tucks his head down so Shiro has no chance to see his expression. Shiro’s attention is
briefly drawn to how small Keith is in his hands as he draws Keith back toward him. This time, Keith does react: a soft gasp and his muscles tensing, his hand gripping more tightly at the handle of his knife. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I’m sorry.”
They’re silent for a bit, but then Keith turns slowly, Shiro’s hold just loose enough to allow for it. He looks up and Shiro’s thrown by the haunting, empty, sorrowful look in his eyes. “Why are you here...?” he asks again and Shiro frowns before admitting, “I thought I should
check on you once I found out you deleted.” Keith seems confused by this, tilting his head slightly as if to ask why, but then his knife clatters to the floor and his arms slide around Shiro’s shoulders. He’s standing up on his toes and he kisses Shiro, but Shiro flinches back
almost as though burned. He’s not sure what he’s expecting, but it’s certainly not to hear Keith whisper, “Use me.” He leans back when Keith tries to kiss him again and asks what Keith is doing. “Use me,” Keith repeats, managing to kiss Shiro again. “Isn’t that... why you’re
here? It’s all I’m good for...” He kisses Shiro a third time and this time Shiro doesn’t try to pull away, let’s one hand trail down Keith’s side and then slide around to the small of his back as the other slides behind Keith’s neck, drawing him closer. He kisses Keith over and
over again before finally pulling back just enough to look at him, and it strikes him as something painful.
“You... don’t really believe that, do you?” But Keith doesn’t respond except to flick his gaze away, and Shiro’s heart drops again because that’s all the answer he needs.
He’s indecisive for a few moments before he lifts Keith into his arms with no resistance. He considers again for a few moments before carrying Keith tonthe bedroom and laying him on the bed, quickly looming over him. But he doesn’t really do anything, instead bringing his hand
to Keith’s face and running his thumb over Keith’s lips. He’s thrown when Keith gives a breathy sigh and dreamily whispers, “Paladin...”
He smile gently down at Keith before leaning in, capturing his lips in a kiss before confirming, “That’s right, Kitten. I’m here.”
Keith seems relieved at that, but his eyes still have that distant, haunting look to them and Shiro doesn’t get a chance to dwell on it as Keith says, “Please. Please use me, Paladin.”
Shiro lowers himself down on top of Keith, notices the pleasurable shiver that runs through
Keith’s body, but he doesn’t do anything. Instead, he says, “No. Not right now, not like this.” Keith lets out a confused whine and Shiro brings a hand behind Keith’s head, pulls Keith’s face against his shoulder. “We’re going to talk about this. We /need/ to talk about this.”
He digs a bit, tries to get at the root of it, of why Keith insists his only worth is if he’s being used, but he’s not really getting anywhere. So he tries to change tactic, asks instead, “Who told you that?”
Keith’s eyes widen briefly and the response is automatic. “Everyone.”
Shiro shifts, rolling onto his back and pulling Keith on top of him. “Not everyone,” he murmurs, but Keith doesn’t seem to really hear it.
“Why would anyone want this?” Keith vaguely gestures at himself and Shiro could tell him all the different ways he definitely wants Keith,
but it would only solidify the “only good for being used” thought so he keeps quiet. “I’m broken.”
Shiro holds up his right arm at that, raising an eyebrow. “So am I.” Keith shakes his head quickly, grabs onto Shiro’s right hand with both of his, silently insisting Shiro’s whole.
Shiro frowns at that, drawing Keith close again and running his fingers through Keith’s hair. “Why do you say that?” Keith doesn’t respond, so Shiro tries again. “Keith, tell me why you think that. Why are you saying you’re broken?”
“I’ve always been...”
Somewhere in this, Shiro manages to coax it out of Keith, manages to learn a bit about the circumstances of his youth, starts to realize why Keith was trying to own himself. Realizes he did a number on Keith himself when he cut Keith off completely, and worse with that video.
He knows he shouldn’t do this, but he needs to break through to Keith in some way. So he lets his hands wander, finds himself grabbing Keith’s ass tightly. Finds himself grinning at the way Keith gasps at the sensation. Keith whimpers faintly, pressing against him. “Please...”
He shouldn’t do it. He shouldn’t. He’s just using Keith if he does this. But maybe...
Maybe this will bring him back a bit, maybe it will help get rid of that look in his eyes, bring back the Keith he’d seen in those dates they went on.
“It’s alright, Kitten. I’ve got you.”
He takes it slow at first, running his hands over Keith’s body while they’re both still clothed, letting Keith feel everything he’s doing, grinning as Keith whimpers against his lips. He strips Keith slowly, enjoys every bit of flesh he uncovers, ghosts his fingers over the skin,
peppers Keith’s body with kisses, with licks, with bites, sucking on his skin and leaving a few marks, then leaving more. “I’ve thought of doing this to you for so long.” He pulls his own shirt off once he has Keith naked beneath him, grins down at him with confidence, and that
only grows as he sees the way Keith’s eyes roam over his bared torso. He leans in to press a kiss to Keith’s lips, asks where he has his lube, hears the whimper when he goes to retrieve it, presses another kiss to Keith’s lips when he returns. He sheds his pants, sees Keith reach
for the waistband of his boxer briefs, but he seems surprisingly uncoordinated, can’t seems to actually judge the distance properly, misses three times in a row before Shiro guides his hand, and they both shiver as Keith’s fingers hook around the waistband, as Keith slowly draga
them down. “That’s it, Kitten. Don’t worry, I’ll give you what you want.” Keith licks his lips at that his eyes caught on Shiro’s cock as though he just can’t possibly bring himself to look away. There’s a spark of something – fear? surprise? – in his gaze and Shiro chuckles.
“I always thought I should let you know those toys you were using weren’t quite the right size. But you looked like you were so into it...” He hadn’t thought they’d have this opportunity at the time, either, honestly.
Shiro kisses Keith again. “Let’s see if we can make this last, hm?” he says before pressing a finger to Keith’s lips. It’s a silent command for Keith to stay, and then Shiro shifts his position around, grinning when the brush of the head of his cock against Keith’s lips
interrupts Keith from that whispered, “Use me.” He hears the breathy moan, feels the fingers tentatively dancing along his length, feels the head slip past Keith’s lips as a tongue darts out to greet it. And part of him knows this is wrong, knows he shouldn’t do this with the
state Keith is in, and he’ll spend forever making up for it, he knows he will. But he glances down toward Keith, sees something in his eyes – recognition, realization – and it dawns on him that Keith isn’t resisting. He’s coming back to himself and he’s...
He feels his cock slip from Keith’s mouth, feels those fingers on his length again, hears Keith whisper, “Shiro...” His cock is in Keith’s mouth again, he hears the small whimpers and whines, the desperate little moans, feels Keith sucking and trying to fit more. A quick glance
toward Keith shows his frustration at not being able to take more of Shiro’s length into his mouth, and It takes more control than Shiro cares to admit to not grind down onto Keith and force himself further in, knowing Keith is in no state for that right now and not even knowing
if Keith is really into that. He grins, licking at Keith’s length himself and feeling Keith shiver even the vibrations from Keith’s moan feel so damn good around him. This, he realizes, is going to be fun. He takes Keith into his mouth at the same time he slides a finger into
Keith’s ass, feels the way Keith jolts, the way he whines, and it’s so good. Keith tries to take Shiro further in as Shiro sucks and stretches him, but he makes a little choking sound that causes Shiro to draw up just enough to keep Keith from choking himself.
Shiro goes nice and slow, makes Keith unravel beneath him, knows it’s happening because the blowjob is getting sloppier, the whines and whimpers are more frequent, and he’s only just started to work a third finger into Keith by that point. Keith’s weighing beneath him, desperate
for so much more, but Shiro knows it’s better to be cautious. He doesn’t pull away until Keith comes, until he swallows it down, until he can feel how loose Keith is now. There’s a strangled, startled noise when he slips from Keith’s mouth and despite how spent and wrecked he is,
Keith tries to follow Shiro’s cock, tries to get it back into his mouth, but Shiro is on top of him again, face-to-face, and then they’re kissing as he gets his hands on Keith’s thighs, keeps his legs forced apart, and he swallows Keith’s whimper.
“Shiro...?” He sounds so dazed.
Shiro knows Keith is already overstimulated and this is going to be a lot for him, but he kisses Keith again anyway. “I’ve got you, Kitten,” he says again. Keith whimpers. He knows what’s coming, he wants what’s coming, even if it’s so much, too much. He’s wanted it for so long.
It’s like heaven when Shiro thrusts into Keith. He’s so much bigger than Keith expected but it feels so good, and he thinks he should be surprised by how easily Shiro bottoms out except Shiro’s been working him and he can’t bring himself to tense up after his orgasm.
He tries so very hard to meet Shiro’s deep thrusts, but he can barely move. It feels so good to just lay there and let Shiro take everything he wants, to drive him to arousal again and pull the most embarrassing noises from his throat, from the very depths of his being.
He thinks he’s saying something, but he doesn’t know if he really is or not. He wants to beg Shiro to fuck him harder, to fuck him deeper, to make him feel it, to never stop. But all he’s able to do is say Shiro’s name, over and over again like a pleading, desperate mantra.
When Keith comes again, Shiro is still pounding into him. Keith worries he’ll stop, but he doesn’t. He drives Keith right over the edge and keeps going, relishing in the whines and the breathless way Keith tries to say his name, knowing Keith is so far beyond overstimulated now.
He watches the way Keith tries to grasp at the sheets and fails because his strength has left him, watches the way Keith’s body quakes with every movement, watches the way Keith is forced up the mattress little by little each time he thrusts into that perfect ass.
Keith is completely helpless beneath him, dazed and wrecked, so completely fucked out and yet desperate for more, half-formed words spilling past his lips begging for Shiro to keep going, don’t stop, never stop...
He comes deep inside Keith’s body, rides out his orgasm with shallow thrusts fucking his cum deeper into him, feels Keith clench feebly around him. He doesn’t pull out right away, hears a pleased whimper as he collapses on top of Keith while still inside him.
He isn't really sure how long they lay there; Keith wraps his legs around Shiro's waist at some point and Shiro finds himself unable to really have anything remotely resembling a problem with that situation, especially since it means keeping Keith closer for longer.
But he also knows they have things to discuss, they can't just stay like this and ignore it. Slowly, he pulls out and Keith whines at the loss, reaches down and tries to catch Shiro's cum as it drips out of him but his movements are uncoordinated, clumsy. Shiro can't help but
think of those private stills, the ones where Keith would put his fingers into himself after he came because he wanted something inside of him still. He reaches between Keith's legs, catches his cum on his fingers before slipping his fingers back into Keith, and he doesn't miss
the relieved sigh in response. Keith snuggles closer, smiles Shiro a little dazedly. "You remembered..."
Shiro chuckles, draws Keith closer with his free arm. "It's not something you easily forget, a sight like that." Keith hums faintly and presses his face against Shiro's neck.
They’re quiet for a while before Shiro mentions he never really thought much about it. Keith hums in confusion and Shiro continues. “You told me a few times you wanted me to fuck you like I was just taking what I wanted. Fuck you without thinking of your needs, your pleasure.”
Keith is silent then, but he nods slowly. “That... was related, wasn’t it.” It isn’t phrased as a question and Keith nods slowly again.
Shiro probes a little more gently this time, tries to get Keith to talk about things, tries to fix what went wrong - what he had such a big hand in destroying. Keith is still pretty evasive and self-deprecating with his answers, but Shiro starts to get him to come around.
At the very least, he gets Keith to understand that he doesn't just want to "use" Keith. That's about the point where Shiro starts noticing how Keith shifts around every so often and lets out breathy little sighs when he does. It dawns on Shiro what Keith is trying to do and he
hooks his fingers just a bit to give Keith a different sensation to focus on, is rewarded with Keith smiling against his skin and nuzzling into him. He tries to reiterate that he doesn't want to use Keith, but Keith keeps saying it's okay, it's what he's meant for.
That's when Shiro brings his free hand to Keith's cheek, holds him tenderly. "It's not what you're meant for, Keith. You're not just- you're a person, not some object." Keith doesn't seem to believe that at all, though, which leads Shiro to say he'll help Keith see it.
Keith can't understand why, though. Why would Shiro want to help him at all? Why would anyone-
Shiro kisses him to stop that train of thought. "I don't know everything that's happened to you before, about that part of your life except the little you told me today. But I know
whatever happened, whoever led you to believe you don't have any real worth, they're wrong. And maybe it'll take me a long time to ever show you that, to ever help you believe it, but I'll be here to show you, then. Let me be here to show you."
They do end up talking it out some more. They don't really go any further into Keith's past that night, Keith doesn't trust Shiro enough for that, and Shiro drops it for the time being. He instead asks to see the comments. Keith is evasive again, but Shiro insists. "You deleted
for a reason, Keith. I want to know what it was. I can at least help you with this." Keith won't look at him, tries again to avoid it, but he relents, pulling up the notification emails. There are /thousands/ of them, and Shiro isn't sure which bother him more, the ones from his
own fans who were being jealous and defensive of him, slinging hate in Keith's direction, or the ones from Keith's fans who were promising all kinds of forceful interactions, many explaining in rather horrific detail the ways they'd use Keith's body and force themselves onto him
repeatedly, the ways they'd relish in his tears and how they'd keep fucking him until he "forgot all about blackpaladin," no matter how many times he begged them to stop. He sees red at that; a part of him wants to track every last one of them down and hurt them for ever even
daring to /think/ of raping Keith. His Keith. His Kitten. /NOT/ "their" Lion. Keith wasn't theirs at all.
The logical part of his brain knows he's not being rational at all, knows Keith isn't his, knows he's being jealous and possessive in all the worst ways.
Another part of him doesn't give a shit if he's being irrational about it because, dammit, they were talking about /raping/ Keith. They were bombarding him with their fantasies of using him. Shiro thinks he's justified in wanting to hurt them for that.
That's about when he
remembers Keith had come to the door holding a knife, how his hair had been so disheveled. How he'd kept the chain on as a defense. He'd gone to the door thinking someone might have possibly tracked him down to act out those fantasies. Even with the state he'd been left in, the
way he'd been thrown into thinking his only worth was to be used, he'd still thought to defend himself. He pulls Keith into his arms, scrolling through more of the comments, seeing the ones from the day he posted that video he's come to regret so very much, sees the comments from
his fans telling Keith about how he'd found someone who was actually worth his time, how he "wouldn't waste his attention on some needy, worthless slut" ever again. He saw the comments from Keith's "fans" increased that day, too, saw they grew more violent. And then they abruptly
stopped three days after that video had been posted. Shiro frowns, thinks there's an error, thinks some have been deleted, but then he realizes it.
That's when Keith deleted.
It had taken him over two weeks to even notice Keith had deleted. Over two weeks, during which time so
many things could have happened. He could have been hurt beyond repair, and Shiro hadn't even noticed it at all. He would never have known if he hadn't made that misclick.
That haunts him. Even as Keith falls asleep in his arms, even as he falls asleep beside Keith as well, it haunts him.
The morning after is awkward at best. Neither really knows what to say to the other. Shiro finally breeches the gap and tells Keith he's sorry for taking things
the way he did, for not hearing Keith out properly before and breaking things off the way he did. Keith is really unsure still, but he presses close to Shiro. He says it's going to take him some time, but he wants to try. He wants to try trusting Shiro, being with Shiro. He wants
to try trusting this belief that maybe he's worth something more, that he doesn't just exist to be used. He's a little unsure, but he asks Shiro to stay a little longer, to spend the day. Shiro's honestly just glad he didn't have to insist on it himself because he's not sure he's
ready to leave Keith alone right then now that he knows everything that was happening. They end up curled together on Keith's couch watching movies and eating take-out, and Shiro's pretty sure this is better than any of the dates they went on previously.
Keith doesn't put his blog back up, but he does start sending new pictures and gifsets to Shiro along with a video he's so very embarrassed about. He doesn't bother cropping his face out anymore since it's for Shiro's eyes only, and Shiro fucking loves the video because that shy,
sheepish look on Keith's face is absolutely to die for. He sends Keith a lot of videos and pictures in response, and he starts posting about how he's thinking of his Kitten again. They're taking things one step at a time, learning more about each other and their traumas, and
they're slowly, very slowly working through their problems, helping each other come to terms with their pasts to heal in ways they never did before.
They're together almost three months the first time Shiro suggests making a video together. Keith is a little unsure about it, he
hasn't posted anything like that online in months, he doesn't really want those kinds of comments ever again. Shiro understands, says he won't push Keith, and the subject is dropped. It's a month later when Keith is the one who brings it up, says he's okay with it because Shiro
will be there with him. He'll be the Black Paladin's Kitten, he'll be safe. Shiro promises no one will ever take Keith from him, no one will ever hurt him. Keith smiles as they kiss and says he'll keep Shiro safe, too, and Shiro knows he means it seriously, is grateful for it.
Shiro's never posted a more popular video than the first one of them having sex. He edits it so the camera follows their hands as they explore each other, makes sure it catches on Keith's body as he's worked open, makes sure to accentuate the curve of Keith's spine as he arches
his back. He has Keith on full display, has Keith sitting on his lap with his legs spread wide, split open by his cock, and Keith keeps begging for more, "Please, Paladin, please...!" Shiro is more than happy to pile praise onto his beautiful Kitten the entire time.
The comments are overwhelmingly positive. There are a lot of comments about how it's so good because they're obviously so into each other. A lot of Shiro's most diehard fans are even more than happy to comment about how redlion was so very appreciative while running his hands
over blackpaladin's body, something that's new for them to see, and holy shit was it hot. A lot of Shiro's diehard fans also comment about how they loved seeing Keith fall apart at Shiro's hands, how he was so good when he was wrecked, how he looked so good riding Shiro's cock.
They're more than appreciative and it does so well that Keith is okay with this becoming a regular thing. As time passes, Shiro's blog becomes /their/ blog, the Black Paladin and his Red Lion.
About a year later, they're flooded with a slew of "CONGRATULATIONS! 🖤❤️" messages. Keith's surprised the comments started so quickly after the video they posted, Shiro isn't. Their fans are pretty quick to catch details, and one of the first passes in the latest one shows their
left hands traveling down the length of Keith's body. He's not at all surprised their fans instantly zeroed in on the rings.
Keith laughs and says he gets it when it's put that way. And then he proceeds to tug his husband toward their bedroom for some more celebratory sex.
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