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Starting drama school tips:
- prep food in advance. Big pots if chilli etc. Shove it in the freezer for easy dinners.
- keep what makes you unique. Accent/gender/size whatever. Don't change it because someone said you won't work - it's what makes you special
- get a water bottle and use it. Don't let yourself get dehydrated.
- make notes in a way that suits you, not everyone learns the same way. Record sessions, take photos etc.
- label your clothing. Black jumpers all look alike.
- sleep is a healer of all things, prioritise it.
- so what if everyone does that song/monologue. Do it and do it your way.
- forgive yourself for not being perfect. You are human, you make mistakes.
- you are paying the school. They provide you with a service. If you are not getting value, tell them. Band together and be loud.
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[ Part 1 ]


Salam... hai korang! 😄🙋🏻‍♂️
Mood rajin menaip baru datang ni. Sibuk dengan daging raya korban seminggu ni (kononnya!) hahah. 🤣😂🙈

Okay seperti yang dijanjikan, saya kongsikan
pada korang (paling sesuai untuk belia & pelajar universiti) bagaimana cara nak cari sponsor dan buat crowdfunding jika korang terpilih / memohon untuk menyertai program pertukaran antarabangsa.

Tips ni juga berdasarkan pengalaman saya & Khairul Akhyar Abdullah menyertai
Program Pertukaran Antarabangsa Belia Malaysia ke Seoul, South Korea Disember tahun lepas, dan tambah dengan hasil cerita kawan-kawan yang pernah pergi program cenggini.

Sebenarnya memang tak sangka juga kami boleh sampai Korea
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Thanks to @BlrCityPolice, and e-lost reporting app, I am going to get my lost phone tomorrow. I just completed the identification formalities this evening. The police have recovered the phone.

Thank you for such a wonderful service. 💐 🙏🏼
Some #tips on #Smartphone theft issues. These days, newspapers have at least 2-3 such cases everyday of chain snatching, phone snatching, bag snatching.

Want to know about all three?
How to avoid losing a phone?
1. Don't hold phone loosely in your hand on road facing side while walking. Avoid using SM apps on road.
2. Walk on footpaths, not on roads. Use headphone, Bluetooth, keep phone in trouser side packet. 3. Don't use phone while driving. Park n use.
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1/8 A random advice for beginner Level Designers based on my experience: try to balance two approaches to designing levels. The 1st - rushing to build your idea(s) in editor asap. And the 2nd - trying to plan for everything outside of editor before building it. #leveldesign #tips
2/ The flaws of the 1st one: you'll most likely be stuck pretty soon. Not knowing what to build next, how to meaningfully connect spaces together can be very discouraging. Or if you've enough courage the final result may be incoherent/inconsistent. Unless it's a small level/area.
3/ The flaws of the 2nd approach: you will probably be putting too much efforts into a beautiful 2D/3D map without checking scale, distances, LOS, height differences and other important stuff directly in editor. When you finally build in editor your plan may start to fall apart.
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Let’s talk about #lectures in HigherEducation
.@LangOnCourse alerts us to: When should we lecture in class? Excellent examples and analysis of the (positive) role of the lecture from @dgooblar #learning #lecture
.@mariosbham comments on "#Lectures: a much-maligned format which can be truly inspirational" #HigherEducation…
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🔐 #OSINT Thread 🔓
(1/6) LINKEDIN 🔎 OPERATORS: TIP SHEET by @braingain 🛠
#osint #research #linkedin #search #boolean #tips 👇🏻🔥
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(6/1) #OSINT #Thread This thread is including the most valuable #GoogleDorks that you might find useful while searching for #Trello public boards. Enjoy and let me know if am miss any of them! #research #hacking #tips #tricks
(6/3) intext:accesskey
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‘Saddam, tahun depan jom raya sambil tengok aurora?’

Here we go;
Percutian budget backpackers ke Iceland 🇮🇸 (15 hari 14 malam). I would say it’s an adventurous island. Worth it if you love nature.

Ground ~ RM3500
Flights return ~ London 🔁 Keflavík(Iceland) RM650

First, Iceland ni boleh buat 2 cara;

~Golden Circle (1st Photo)
~Ring Road (2nd photo)

Kami buat Ring Road so automatically dah cover Golden Circle. Please do clockwise dari Reykjavík sebab nanti ending akan dapat tempat yang cantik cantik. Aku akan bg tips and tricks nanti!
DAY 1;

Touch down dari London dekat airport Keflavík, terus cari company yang kami sewa kereta (City Car Rental), dia sediakan shuttle ke hub lebih kurang 10 minit dari airport. Kami sewa myvi baru 1.5SE. No, actually Hyundai i10 okay la untuk 4 orang. Haha
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El pasado Jul25, Maduro otorgó unos anuncios económicos enmarcados en un “programa de recuperación financiera”. En el presente hilo repasaremos los principales puntos en materia económica y analizaremos las posibles implicaciones de estas medidas. +Info 👉
El mandatario indicó que ahora se suprimirán cinco ceros de la #moneda, en lugar de tres y que el cono monetario actual también se anulará; ambas medidas ahora quedaron pautadas para el 20 de agosto, aproximadamente veinte días después del anuncio.
Adicionalmente, para esa fecha entrarían en circulación monedas de 50 céntimos y de un (1) #BolivarSoberano, además de billetes con denominación de 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 y 500 bolívares. #money #Venezuela
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