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Practical TIPs for #TIPS in @AmCollegeGastro journal summarised here with #Tweetorial style


馃挭Best evidence: Resistant ascites, 2nd prevention of EVB, rescue for EVB

馃憤Good evidence: Recurrent hydrothorax, Budd-Chiari

鉂揺vidence: HRS


Contraindication for #TIPS

馃洃Absolute: severe HE, severe LF, HF/severe valve insuff, pul HTN, severe PPH, unrelieved bill construction, sepsis

鈿狅笍Relative:猬嗭笍age, hx of HE,猬嗭笍MELD (>15-18),猬嗭笍R/L heart pressure, PPH, extensive HCC/mets, severe coagulopathy/thrombocytopenia

Risk for #TIPS

鈿★笍Liver Failure: precipitating liver shock, 猬囷笍risk in patients w/ MELD <15-18

鈿★笍HE: 40% of pt, 1-2 wk or yrs after (猬嗭笍diameter)
馃搶RF: diameter of TIPS, Hx of HE,猬嗭笍age, sarcopenia, bad liver/renal function
馃搶Primary ppx is controversial
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馃У#InsuficienciaCardiaca RESISTENCIA A LOS DIUR脡TICOS (RD)

Recordatorios pertinentes:

Punto de partida: LA CONGESTI脫N (pr贸ximo editorial para SIAC)

Prevalencia de la congesti贸n en #IC aguda 80-90% (Guias ESC)

#CardioEd #cardiotwitter
Los m谩s usados: Diur茅ticos de asa. Inhiben el NKCC2 generan natriuresis, cloruresis y kaliuresis. Diuresis hipo o isot贸nica.

La expansi贸n del volumen extracelular tiene una relaci贸n linear con la excreci贸n de Na (Walser M Kidney Int. 1985).

#HeartFailure #Cardioed
馃馃徎+ disfunci贸n severa del VI馃挃 + francos signos de congesti贸n
TA 140/80

Furo: 40 mg VO 鈥 馃彞 馃搱40 mg BID primer d铆a y 120 mg BID al 3er d铆a

Diuresis: 1900 y al 2do d铆a 900
Cr basal: 1.3 a las 48 hs 1.6
Persistentes signos de sobrecarga
馃搲1 1kg de peso 鈿栵笍
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[Thread] 1- Je viens de passer quelques soir茅es 脿 refaire mon site ( suite 脿 un piratage assez violent. L'occasion d'am茅liorer plein de choses et de vous faire part de quelques bons outils. #tools #outils #seo #contentmarketing
2-D'abord, je recommande Secupress, un outil de s茅curisation efficace C'est payant (60 euros/an), mais apr猫s deux hackings en un an (sans installer de plug-in douteux, ni prise de risque particulier), je pense que 莽a en vaut le prix. #outils #tools2
3- Ensuite, il est + qu'utile de jeter un oeil sur la console Google, pour 茅valuer les performances de son site鈥 #search #seo #tools #outils
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Gold Bitcoin 2020s
by Paul Jones & Lorenzo Giorgianni (10 pg, tweet thread)

Re: #Gold $Gold $GC_F $IAU $GLD $PHYS & #Bitcoin $BTC #BTC $USD
Our collective Debt Addictions & Obviously Fiat Currency Expansion is a Hard Habit to Kick
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These are the "events" we experience during Kondratiev's Winter. We have seen some of these but they will play out a range of times. First in 2000-03, then worse during 2007-09 and now the big one 2020-23(?). Some major dominoes are about to fall - before we reach end of Winter
Major events still to be seen (apart from rest which will be repeated and become much worse than before!): 1) Pension fund crisis 2) Run from paper money 3) War (hope not!) 4) Debt resolution (Monetary Reset?). We are NO where near end of this major crisis, which ends K's Winter
My LT #Copper chart tells me, that we may very well see the crisis (with various phases) continue until end-21 or beginning of '22. That is for the bottom in the economic activity which means, that repercussions may be felt way into 2023-25. No where near the end of this crisis!
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Four years on #newsdesks isn't long enough to be preaching, but one big learning I had at @scroll_in was this: writing the daily news is an art that needs great editorial care. Very few speed #newsdesks truly bother about this, and do a lot of harm. #Media

Here, I explain how.
Sans the "glamour" of reporting, desk writing/#editing of news is often presented to newbies as the poorer cousin of field work. Websites with sections for fast-paced news tend to think that their words don't matter, their speed and reach do.

#DigitalNews #IndianMedia #newsdesk
For instance, how many news writers care about preventing misinformation by dwelling on simple points like the difference between a "judge's observation" & a "court order"?

Or, the distinction between a proposal, Cabinet approval, Bill, Act, notification, & rules? Look at this:
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#Remdesivir begins distribution in the #USA today via #EUA.

I thought would write down some practical #tips based on my #qualitative anecdotal experience after personally treating close to 200 patients with #COVID19.

For quantitative results, wait for the papers卢鈥攖hread
鈥渢his juice works, doc!鈥 When you hear similar expressions 1-2 days after starting #remdesivir multiple times, you start to wonder. Don't recall a similar proportion of patients smile after feeling so sick 1-2 days earlier with #COVID19. x/n? Wait for the papers.
Like #treatment for any severe infectious disease (meningitis, Gram-negative bacteremia, influenza pneumonia, etc), earlier is always better. #COVID19 is no different. #Remdesivir stops #SARS-CoV2 replication, but won鈥檛 heal the lung injury.
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This time last week, I was in the middle of a 3-day High Court Trial that was being conducted on Skype for Business.

Having experienced one of the first fully virtual Trials, I thought I would share some tips for those who are yet to hold one.

Here are my 30 tips...

Tip 1

Test your set up prior to the Hearing by holding conferences using the same software that will be used during the Hearing 鈥 Skype for Business may be used for the Hearing.
Tip 2

Schedule team/client conferences that will happen before, during and after the Hearing ahead of time. Agree on who will be responsible for setting up the calls, on what platform and during which times.
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11 Tips To Help You Finish That Online Course(s) That You Have Been Struggling To Complete:

1. Write your intention(s) to study down, preferably on a physical notebook. Writing it down tricks your mind into committing. Your head can forget, alot.

A thread.
2. Pro-tip: If the course(s) you are taking can be learnt from your mobile phone, then learn from your phone instead of the laptop. The phone is much more flexible, and whatever free time you get, you can easily squeeze in some study time compared to the laptop.
3. If you have multiple courses to learn, don't, and I repeat, don't study concurrently. Resist the temptation to think you will finish faster that way. Pick one course and stick with it to the end, you'll be even more inspired to start the next one.
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鉁╯ome keys to make your room aesthetically pleasing鈥旔煂

before after
mini kitchen鉁煂别煃
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Attention #Dallas! It's #pizza night @eatzis
Order online, in store, pickup curbside!
Let's do all we can to help our #restaurants
@JudgeClayJ #OpenDallas
Hi Everyone, please post here and tag your favorite restaurants that are open for take out! With pictures of possible!
@nothingbundt on Oaklawn #Dallas
To hell with #coronavirus
America stands together
Exactly! Increase #Tips whenever you can to help all the workers behind the scenes!
Americans pull together
Help your neighbors.
Help your local businesses.
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Good morning! 馃榾Fed is all in (again!!) - and this time there is a great confidence among traders (again!!) that Fed can has stopped deflation and supplied enough liquidity to the system. But is that really the case? Stay tuned for my perspectives #HZupdates
Let me start an nontraditional way - with a zoom in. This is #SP500 1 hour chart. I look for corrections and main directional moves. This is a correctional move - and it may have finalized! So - the main wave will soon set in again. Now - lets zoom out #HZupdates
The zoom in was of wave 4. It is correctional in nature - and will hence be 100% (or way more) surpassed. Notice - it managed to retrace to 50% Fib. I think we are really close to the next strong decline. EW gives us ~1800 for bottom of wave A = the illiquid deflationary period
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Confinement oblige, l'ADEMEC propose de partager chaque jour une ressource utile d茅nich茅e par les membres du bureau 馃攷鈿欙笍馃摎 D茅roulez ce tweet pour y trouver lectures, outils, et autres trouvailles accessibles en ligne ! L'occasion aussi de partager les v么tres ? 馃
[Humanit茅s num茅riques 馃捑] Pour commencer, on vous invite 脿 consulter l鈥檕uvrage de Pierre Mounier [@piotrr70], 鈥淟es humanit茅s num茅riques鈥 (2018), qui nous propose, de par une histoire critique des HN, une analyse des SHS aujourd'hui. 脌 consulter en ligne :
Du m锚me auteur, associ茅 脿 @marindacos et pour une approche + institutionnelle: "Humanit茅s num茅riques: 茅tat des lieux et positionnement de la recherche fran莽aise dans le contexte international", 2015, ici鈥
Pour mieux savoir o霉 on met les 馃Χ
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#Thread #Tips for #HomeSchool #Teachers - (Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔廗eep #children on the #schedule they use on a regular school day. Wake up times, school timetable and bed times.

馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔廍nsure they complete activities within the time given for the session on the time table
馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔廇llow the free time only during the day based on the timetable and let them do a fun activity of their choice.

馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔廡hey will #manipulate you by saying they are hungry or want to sleep but at school there are specific times for eating and rest time.
馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔 They WILL want to go to the bathroom many times, especially when working on a subject/topic they do not like or don鈥檛 understand or if something else interests them. You will have to use your discretion with this.

馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔廋reate a space for to work - quiet with little distraction
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In addition to the far-reaching economic impacts, internet shutdowns in #Africa limit people鈥檚 ability to express themselves freely, activists/journalists struggle to upload photos/videos documenting abuse and students are cut off from their lessons.

While governments, with the cooperation of telcos, may try to justify shutdowns in the name of 鈥減ublic safety鈥 or other reasons, they are increasingly using it as a tactic to control flow of information, their people and to silence dissent.
Nevertheless, #documenting human rights violations is as important as ever during an internet shutdown because it can be a way to #preserve voices that authorities are trying to silence, and to secure #evidence of abuses that can be used to demand accountability later on.
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Dari 11 orang, saya memilih pelamar nomer urut 10 yang saya wawancarai.

Nah, saya akan berbagi bocoran #tips bagi #jobseeker agar wawancara sukses dan pekerjaan harapan jadi kenyataan.

Keberuntungan saja tidak cukup, anda butuh belajar & "bocoran soal" utk jawab pertanyaan.
#Tips 1. Kuasai ketrampilan yang terkait dg lowongan kerja yg tersedia.

Menguasai pekerjaan yg tersedia lowongan itu WAJIB. Tapi trampil pekerjaan terkait #loker itu MUSTI.

Misal loker #videoeditor , mustinya kuasai juga #videographer #photographer, pahami #ContentCreator dll
Kenapa begitu? Tanya saja dirimu, kenapa lebih suka beli barang yg ada diskon, bonus plus voucher pula. Jika dg keluar uang sama, knp nggak pilih yg dpt banyak.

Begitulah perusahaan, #loker sih video editor tapi senang bgt jika sekaligus dpt videographer, photographer dll.
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Metode Kakeibo, Cara Mengatur Keuangan Dari Jepang Yang Cocok Untuk Anak Kos

Hallo sobat ArgaPro!

Sudah tahu metode berhemat 鈥淜akeibo鈥 dari Jepang?

Yuk simak penjelasan lengkapnya disini..

#argapro #alirkankebaikan #tips #anakkos #finansial #metodekakeibo
Pada dasarnya Kakeibo adalah pembukuan pendapatan dan pengeluaran keuangan. Kakeibo 'ala' Hani Motoko ini kembali diangkat oleh Fumiko Chiba dalam bukunya, Kakeibo: The Japanese Art of Saving Money (2017).
Nah, metode Kakeibo jika diaplikasikan untuk pengaturan keuangan anak kos akan sangat membantu. Tiap awal bulan mulailah dengan membikin catatan tertulis berisi rincian semua pengeluaran, termasuk pengeluaran tetap serta berapa yang hendak di tabung.
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Best software and suggestions to prepare a #poster presentation

my summary of the 80 answers received from @AcademicChatter community for the #sciencetwitter

Prepare popcorn, it's detailed but long 1/9, you can also just read the doc attached
#scicomm #STEM #phdchat
@AcademicChatter Tips 1/2
Set up a slide w/ dimensions you plan print
Keep things simpler than you first imagine
Make sure all writing can be read from no less 3-4 feet away
Use projector to test and final proofread before printing
Best posters can be digested in 2-3 minutes
Add QR code to share
@AcademicChatter Tips 2/2
Ask students for feedback
Ask someone from outside ur field for feedback
Add Twitter handle
Use online template and start adding your stuff
Start from a template that senior members of your lab have used
Submit a week before conference
Give yourself 2-3 days to print
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lets get this going - will be adding to this over the evening

Gee - someone is pretty bearish #putcalls

NOT ONLY that #CNBS is warning of a #blackswan because of their concerns about put option activity

AAII Bulls are still amazingly tepid... /2
on the shorter-term AAII Bulls are starting to reach a more elevated level BUT this is still low vs history /3
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Are you getting ready for #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday? What are some things you can do to drive sales? Here are some quick hits... #ecommerce #tips 1/6
Tip 1: Compress those images! Use tools like @jetpack @imagify @cloudinary or @KrakenIO to compress your images so that your pages load faster. When pages take longer than 2 seconds to load, sessions length can get cut in half! 2/6
Tip 2: Run load tests! Don't wait for the traffic to tell you if your hosting is ready for tons of sales. Instead, work with your host to run load tests. We can help you if you're hosting your stores at @LiquidWeb or @nexcess. 3/6
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馃懆鈥嶐煉 La 饾惄饾悶饾惃饾惈 parte de las entrevistas es tener que tirar c贸digo frente a alguien.

Peor todav铆a: hacerlo en pizarr贸n o Google Docs 馃檷鈥嶁檪锔

Y lo mas horrible es cuando los problemas a resolver son m谩s acertijos que problemas del mundo real 馃檯鈥嶁檪锔

Un poco de explicaci贸n y tips 馃У馃憞馃徏
Como desarrolladores, tenemos un sesgo a 饾櫒饾櫈饾櫄饾櫌饾櫏饾櫑饾櫄 encontrar la soluci贸n a problemas. Para eso est谩n, no? Y obvio, nos sentimos mal cuando no podemos encontrarla.

Este sesgo es en parte la ra铆z de la incomodidad con ese tipo de entrevistas.

Piensa en un clavadista.
Al clavadista no se le califica porque llegue r谩pido agua. Se le califica por el desempe帽o que tiene en el trayecto. A mas largo trayecto, mayor posibilidad de demostrar sus habilidades.

Durante una entrevista de pizarr贸n bien realizada*, t煤 eres un clavadista.
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Starting drama school tips:
- prep food in advance. Big pots if chilli etc. Shove it in the freezer for easy dinners.
- keep what makes you unique. Accent/gender/size whatever. Don't change it because someone said you won't work - it's what makes you special
- get a water bottle and use it. Don't let yourself get dehydrated.
- make notes in a way that suits you, not everyone learns the same way. Record sessions, take photos etc.
- label your clothing. Black jumpers all look alike.
- sleep is a healer of all things, prioritise it.
- so what if everyone does that song/monologue. Do it and do it your way.
- forgive yourself for not being perfect. You are human, you make mistakes.
- you are paying the school. They provide you with a service. If you are not getting value, tell them. Band together and be loud.
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[ Part 1 ]


Salam... hai korang! 馃槃馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檪锔
Mood rajin menaip baru datang ni. Sibuk dengan daging raya korban seminggu ni (kononnya!) hahah. 馃ぃ馃槀馃檲

Okay seperti yang dijanjikan, saya kongsikan
pada korang (paling sesuai untuk belia & pelajar universiti) bagaimana cara nak cari sponsor dan buat crowdfunding jika korang terpilih / memohon untuk menyertai program pertukaran antarabangsa.

Tips ni juga berdasarkan pengalaman saya & Khairul Akhyar Abdullah menyertai
Program Pertukaran Antarabangsa Belia Malaysia ke Seoul, South Korea Disember tahun lepas, dan tambah dengan hasil cerita kawan-kawan yang pernah pergi program cenggini.

Sebenarnya memang tak sangka juga kami boleh sampai Korea
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Thanks to @BlrCityPolice, and e-lost reporting app, I am going to get my lost phone tomorrow. I just completed the identification formalities this evening. The police have recovered the phone.

Thank you for such a wonderful service. 馃拹 馃檹馃徏
Some #tips on #Smartphone theft issues. These days, newspapers have at least 2-3 such cases everyday of chain snatching, phone snatching, bag snatching.

Want to know about all three?
How to avoid losing a phone?
1. Don't hold phone loosely in your hand on road facing side while walking. Avoid using SM apps on road.
2. Walk on footpaths, not on roads. Use headphone, Bluetooth, keep phone in trouser side packet. 3. Don't use phone while driving. Park n use.
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