[jikook au]
jimin is popular amongst the students at his university for his beauty and dance moves, but never give them the time of day. infamous jock jungkook from a rival uni notices jimin at a game, instantly claiming him. no one able to be with jimin but him.
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[ jikook social media ]
[ jimin’s friends ]

- jimin’s bestie/soulmate
- since childhood
- had experimental kisses here and there
- doesn’t do boyfriends but supports those close to him that do

- met in high school
- aspiring actor
- tae’s model
- crush on hoseok but he is taken
[ jungkook’s friends pt1 ]

- jungkook’s step brother
- enemies to close friends
- jungkook’s biggest supporter when it comes to anything, especially sports
- wants to open a book shop so works two jobs to save up
[ jungkook’s friends pt2 ]

- close friends with jungkook
- jungkook discovered his bisexuality cause of him
- meme buddies
- dating yoongi

- jk was hesitant of yoongi at first
- they share similar taste for music
- makes short jokes at yoongi
- dating hoseok
jimin allowed a sigh of relief to escape between chapped lips as his feet began to relax in the bath full of ice, closing his eyes as the pain was numbing away. “pleasure causes pain i guess...” he mumbled to himself.
a soft hum left his system as an attempt to distract himself from the feeling. jimin’s ears twitched slightly when a phone notification came through, knowing it was taehyung as he had a specific ringtone for him. stretching over to the bathroom sink counter to get his phone.
[ ignore all timestamps ]

giggling at his own message, the young blonde locks his phone and rests it back in the original place it was located, looking down at the ice gently swirling when he moved his feet, wincing at the pain that hasn’t completely left yet.
after a few moments, the dancer finally took his feet out the bath of frozen cubes, putting them on a towel for his feet; drying them off before putting them into a pair of house slippers. and slowly walking into his bedroom, laying down on his bed.
“pleasure causes pain...” he once again said, fingers combing through his dyed locks. feeling next to him, the gentleman realised he left his phone which caused him to groan. getting back up, jimin made his way back to the bathroom as quick as he could so he could lay back down.

sweat dripped off of jungkook’s body, the male applying a small towel on his forehead; a football (soccer) ball resting under his foot. dribbling it towards the bench, the brunette took huge gulps of water from the bottle resting on the object.
“jeon! can we pleeeeease leave?” voice making him roll his eyes playfully as he looks up at the stalls. “you know, you /can/ go home alone, right? or are you scared?” question coming off mockingly when he raised an octave, putting the football in his duffle bag.
“you know i don’t like going home alone.” pouted hoseok as he folded his arms. “besides, yoongi is cooking and i don’t want my food to be cold.” continued the redhead.
“we get it, we get it. you both are in love. and living together.”
“you make it sound like we are 16.”
“you guys might as well be. hi yoongi.” speaking the last sentence fast.
“bunny boy, i’m not yoo- oh hi baby!” hoseok’s voice raising in surprise, wrapping his arms around him. “i thought you were at home cooking?” questioned the young man.
shrugging his shoulders, yoongi cleared his throat. “well, i kind of got caught up in the music facility.” explained the older man, shrugging once more. “we can get takeout tonight? w-we can cook though if you want..” looking down as if he failed his partner.
letting out a chuckle, hoseok lifted yoongi’s head by his chin to look him in the eye. “i love you all pouty.” smiled the redhead. “we can get takeout tonight, it’s fine. i was craving chinese anyway.” his smile only growing wider when yoongi’s gummy smile was on display.
clearing his throat obnoxiously loud, jungkook waved his hand around. “you guys legit, /always/ forget i’m around.” he sighed with after his teasing tone. walking up to where the exit was amongst the stalls. “i’m craving chinese too, you guys are so kind.”
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yes, they’re that couple
eyeing the couple in front of him eat their food and share giggles between one another, jungkook faintly smiled. he loved their relationship; it was pure. will he ever have that? going back to occupying himself in his food, his mind wandered off.

jimin blinked himself awake, huffing at the small streak of sunlight spilling onto his face which only made him roll over. checking the time, he saw he had 15 minutes before his alarm went off but he knew there was no point trying to go back to sleep so he got up.
getting out of bed, he walked to the mirror on the wall, flinching a little at his appearance: strands of hair poking everywhere with the smallest of dark circles underneath the eyes. moving from the mirror, he made his way over to the bathroom and took a warm shower.
finally arriving at school, he was suddenly bombarded with a familiar force; pair of arms wrapping around his small but built frame. “jiminie~” taehyung exclaimed in a sing-song way. “it’s wednesday! you know what that means?” excitement evident in his voice.
looking at his best friend as if he was thinking of an answer, he smirked gently. “you have two days to get into that cute guy’s pants?” winked jimin, beginning to walk, taehyung easily catching back up with him. “no, silly, and you know it! game night! football night.”
nodding, jimin waved softly at the various of people calling his name as they walked along the hall. “i still don’t get why you get so excited as if you don’t know that we will just win again.” shrugged the blonde, footsteps trailing to a stop when tae wasn’t by his side.
“tae?” jimin raised an eyebrow, confused as to why he suddenly stopped in his path.
“how could you say that?! you’ll jinx everything now!” pouted taehyung, folding his arms.
“who’s jinxing what now?” a familiar voice ringing in jimin’s ear making him turn around.
seokjin stood there, smile on his face but had a raised eyebrow to indicate his slight confusion. “he jinxed today’s game! now we are gonna lose.” taehyung spoke through his pout which made jin ruffled his hair that the younger swatted away his hand. “don’t mess with beauty.”
chuckling at the sentence, jin raised his hands in defence. “you’re absolutely right...so don’t mess with me.” the blush that was present on tae’s face seemingly vanished quickly, hitting the elder’s arm. “you’re such an idiot.” tae shot back playfully.
“a good looking one.”
“are you boys done flirting?” jimin pretended to gag, both men saying they weren’t in unison. turning around, the student bumped into someone, grabbing the person’s arms before they could completely stumble over. “i’m so sorry minjae.” jimin applogised quickly.
the spectacle wearing student shook his head, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “i-it’s totally fine! you didn’t see me.” responded the brunette, reassuring the blonde. “are you going to the game tonight?” the dance student questioned the other.
quickly nodding, minjae smiled. “yes! i am. it’ll be great tonight.” he continued which also made jimin smile.
“how about i buy you a hotdog or something there? as a token of my apology.”
“that would be cool, thank you jimin.” the boy now grinning. “i should get to class now.”
the blonde let his fingers comb through his hair, saying bye to the fellow university student. turning back around, he was met with two pair of eyes and smirks. “get married, why don’t you?” jimin teased, going back to walking.
“minjae totally has a crush on you.” tae spoke.
scoffing at what his best friend said, jimin folded his own pair of arms. “he doesn’t? all he did was be nice to me as i was to him.” explained the small man, finally making it towards the arts department; groaning at the fact his friends take a form of art which meant more talk.
“he was a stuttering mess around you!” continued tae.
“and you’re a blushing mess around jin. what /about/ it?” jimin shot back maybe a little too harshly, sighing at his words making friends shocked.
“tae. i didn’t mean-“ not able to finish his sentence, boy walking off.
jimin knew taehyung had no feelings for seokjin. at least that’s what he tells himself and jimin. sighing once again, he saw jin shake his head. “that wasn’t cool..” was all he muttered before walking off, probably to see if taehyung was okay.
now jimin wasn’t in the mood to dance anymore. good thing they were doing theory today.
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jungkook’s bottom lip made its way between his teeth, trying to find where to place the photo in his portfolio book to fit the aesthetic of the page. finally finding the position, he tapes the corners, wincing at the fact he had to damage even the slightest piece of the photo.
writing a summary of the why he took the photo and the emotion it portrays which jungkook loves doing. he loved photography; it was his thing....even though he’s in a class full of people who share the same passion but it’s still his.
once he showed his professor he was finished with today’s tasked, he asked if he could leave early to practice for tonight’s game; knowing there would be a great enough area of the field for him to practice on. luckily, he was granted early leave, smiling his goodbye.
once he arrived to the locker room, he began to get changed when he heard a giggle followed by a moan. “uhhh, hello?” confusion evident in his voice, walking towards the sound where he was encountered with two of his teammates on the baseball team. “oh! i’m so sorry.”
watching their frantic actions of trying to get themselves together, jungkook raised his hands and shook his head, quickly getting changed so he could leave the room which took five minutes. breathing in the air from the field once he finally got into his, football between palms.
after a pregnant pause, jungkook throws the ball in the air then using his knee to keep it up; watching it bounce on his leg.

“17...18...19...20.” muttering to himself before it bounces once again in the air and kicking it into the goal.
jogging towards the ball, he dribbled it around a bit; staring at the cones he laid out. taking a deep breath, the brunette began to dribble around and through the cones before reaching the end. hoping it’ll be that easy tonight.
- later that night -

jungkook sat on the bench, listening to the coach speak before allowing the captain to take over in speech. nodding to every word, he took a gulp of his bottled water; standing up.
walking onto the field, knowing the game will start in 12 minutes, he looked within the stalls that looked similar to his own university’s. trying to find hoseok and yoongi, a gentle wind kissed his skin when his dark eyes landed upon something else.

more like someone.

the dance student looked at how filled their school stadium was, impressed by the number. tae wasn’t answering any of his calls nor texts so he ended up coming alone; knowing jin took tae’s side. as if the universe knew he needed someone, he saw minjae.
“minjae!” jimin giggled, calling him over. “i’m still sorry about today.” allowing his bottom lip to pout out.
“it’s alright! you owe me a hot dog, remember?” causing both of the men to chuckle at his comment. nodding slowly, jimin smiled.
“how about i get it then. follow me.”
walking over to the hotdog stand, he shockingly didn’t have to wait long, ordering two hot dogs: giving one to minjae. “here, my apology in the form of a sausage between bread.” another giggle escaping jimin’s glossed lips before taking a bite out of the hot dog.
he didn’t eat much today so he savoured the food currently as much as he could, enjoying the taste. “do you wanna sit together?” suggested the blonde boy, watching the other’s eyes widen; nodding frantically so they walk to get good seats quickly.
sitting down in the stalls with his current companion, he looked around him, taking a bite of his hot dog: eyes instantly spotting his best friend which made his heart fall, turning back around with a sigh. “you okay?” asked the male, fixing his glasses.
“mhm!” jimin responded.
smiling down at the players of his school team, he gave a thumbs up even though he knew they wouldn’t see it, fingers combing through artificial colour on his head. taking in the atmosphere, jimin felt chills down his spine when he looked on the field, looking at every player.
“do you ever feel..watched, minjae?” jimin questioned, clearing his throat.
“when someone’s about to hit me, yeah.” minjae mumbled, not expecting jimin to hear.
“you get bullied?” sorrow evident in the petite’s voice. shrugging it off, minjae smiled. “are you feeling watched?”
nodding at minjae’s question, jimin chuckled it off. “could be my imagination going wild.” explained the gentleman, the loud roars from the crowed indicating the game is about to start which made him cheer too.
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- two hours later -
taehyung just sighed at the message, watching jimin laugh with minjae before rolling his eyes and walking off; going to find seokjin who went to buy something even though it was pointless.

jungkook’s team were still in a celebratory state, everyone praising his winning goal. the laughter of his team drowned out when his focus landed back on what it was on before the game started: a blonde boy. he knew he didn’t go to his uni, he has never seen him.
knowing people will start leaving the area soon, jungkook made his way to their temporary locker room; quickly showering before changing into his sweats. once he made it outside, thanking those congratulating him on his win, the brunette began his hunt for the blonde man.
swerving past many figures, ignoring some speech directed to him, jungkook’s feet didn’t stop. that was until he jumped into someone who looked to have silver hair. “watch where you’re going, why don’t you?” voice deep as his friend(?) next to him takes his hand. “tae, lets go.”
scoffing at the silver haired man, jungkook ignored his angered comments when he walks away from the two humans; looking at all angles for what he was seeking. “please still be here...” the footballer muttered to himself.

jimin was laughing with minjae at a joke he shared, seeing the exit of the area. finally after all the pushing from behind and slowness in the front, they made it out. “j-jimin?” the blonde heard next to him to which he responded with a hum.
seeing how the brunette looked nervous, jimin smiled to encourage him. “yes minjae?” words finally falling between his drying glossed lips. “i-i was wondering if you wanted to go to this ice cream shop not far from here...” head looking down, afraid to look at the blonde.
giggling gently at the student’s hesitance, he nodded but once he realised minjae wouldn’t see it, he spoke up. “of course! i was craving rum&raisin anyway.” voice warm, both now walking to the direction of the shop; noise from the school growing distant.
jimin was casually humming but came to a stop when he suddenly felt uncomfortable. was it always this dark? this quiet? looking over to minjae, the glasses wearing student smiled back and it made jimin faintly smile. “you know what? i suddenly don’t feel for ice cream.”
seeing the frown on minjae’s face, jimin felt guilty. “but we’re almost there.” whined minjae, jimin saying to that. “i-i know but could we go another day?...” jimin needed to get out of there. goosebumps hugging his smooth skin, not bothered to wait for an answer anymore.
as he was about to turn, the blonde boy bumped into someone and he felt two firm hands on his arms. “awh c’mon, don’t you want ice cream?” the person wore a devilish smile. jimin eyed minjae next to him who wasn’t looking back, feeling betrayed. what was going to happen to jimin?

jungkook finally felt like he could breathe when he made it out. but now he was in a damn dilemma. “which way would he have gone?..” he grunted, frustrated he couldn’t catch up to see the direction the blonde angel went in.
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jungkook huffed before turning to his left, continuing to barge through the crowd as that was the way everyone was going; still looking around him to see him. realising he’ll get no where, jungkook walked in the road, still allowing vehicles to go past.
he wish he knew his name. at least he would’ve been able to shout it out. when he was about to give up, he saw streaks of blonde hair which caused his eyes to glisten; running towards the figure. “blonde?” in hope it was but everything crashed down when he saw it wasn’t.
that’s it. he was giving up. maybe he would just have to wait till some other game against this university. “jungkook? kook, there you are!” jungkook turned to the voice to see hoseok with his boyfriend. “you just completely disappeared!” hoseok was upset but he’ll get over it.
catching his breath, jungkook shrugged. “yeah, sorry about that. where’s namjoon?” hoping he could change the subject before any questions developed. “he already took off, you should see him at home.” yoongi answered for hoseok, knowing he would’ve granted a sarcastic response.
nodding to what yoongi told him, he slid his hands in his pockets. “i’m glad you guys drive, i wanna get out of this mess.” jungkook dramatically sighed, them all walking to yoongi’s car hoping to get the blonde off his mind.

it wasn’t working.
tw// mentions of assault and panic attacks

jimin was trembling against the tree he was leaning on, the only thing keeping him stable. tears replacing the stained ones, eyes widening. why him? what did he do wrong? he wanted to get up and he did try, body saying no.
he couldn’t breathe. like someone was stopping him from doing so. “h-help.” he faintly croaked out, knowing no one could hear it but the fact only made him cry more. he needed to get out of there. as if someone mentally heard him, he saw a blurred object stop in front of him.
“can you hear me?” the silky voice evident with panic. “i’m going to put you in my car but i need you to breathe for me, okay?” the voice continued to talk. “listen to my voice.” and that, jimin did. paying attention to his counts; slowly blinking away the blurry vision.
slowly, jimin began to calm down; exhaustion hugging his mentality as well as his body. he needed sleep. “okay good, your breathing is stabilised...what’s your name?”
“....j-jimin.” his own name coming off his tongue in a stuttered slur.
“hi jimin, i’m namjoon.”
it took a little over an hour for jimin to get home when namjoon dropped him off. this was the part he was dreading: being alone again. “namjoon..right?...c-could you stay with me...for a while? i don’t wanna be alone after..” the shaking blonde burst into tears.
namjoon’s heart broke. he allowed his palm to gently stroke his hair, watching the other boy tense before relaxing. “yeah, i’ll stay for a bit.” namjoon responded. jimin didn’t know why he wanted him there. they just met but jimin felt like he could trust him.
they made it inside the cold apartment, the light that flickered on burning his vision for a few seconds. making his way to his room with the black haired gentleman close behind, he instantly collapsed onto the comfort of his bed.
with a faint smile, namjoon sat on the edge. “your clothes are awful and dirty. i’ll get you pyjamas.” soft tone escaping his system as he got up, looking through his draws when he saw one full of pyjamas. “a draw just for pyjamas?” chuckled namjoon to which jimin blushed.
sitting up slowly so he doesn’t feel much pain, jimin played with his small fingers. “i like jammies..” he mumbled, feeling like a child.
“s’cute.” namjoon released another chuckle, taking out a pair. “here you go.” placing the clothes in front of the blonde.
namjoon turned away to give the boy privacy but gave the petite boy back his attention when he heard a wince. “you okay?” namjoon asked with worry, jimin shaking his head. “i-it hurts.” he muttered, looking away from the man in front of him.
nibbling on his bottom lip, namjoon sat back on the edge of the bed. “d-do you want me to help you?” stutters filled with hesitation. jimin looked at the dark haired man and nodded once again, watching namjoon sit closer to him.
fiddling with the hem of his shirt, namjoon slowly raised it off of jimin’s skin; eyeing the bruises that were formed on jimin’s body. “what did they do to you?..” thoughts accidentally being said out loud which caused jimin to hide his body the minute the shirt came off.
mentally cursing himself for being so stupid, namjoon looked down. “fuck, i’m sorry, i didn’t mean-“
“it’s okay...i know, it’s just...” leaving unspoken words in the air, attempting to put on the pyjama shirt on himself which surprisingly worked despite the little hisses of pain.
it took a while for jimin to get changed even with the help of the stranger. “are you thirsty? i could get you water.” suggested namjoon but jimin shook his head. “i just want sleep.” explained the blonde, going back to being occupied by his nails.
nodding to the request, namjoon walked to the door but jimin whined, the feeling of loneliness creeping up on him. “namjoon?” he liked how his name sounded on his tongue, like he deserved to say it. answering with a ‘hm?’, jimin hesitating on what he wanted to ask.
clearing his throat, jimin looked up at namjoon. “c-could you stay? i-i mean you can say no and go home if you want, i have no obligation to keep you here but i’ll just feel safer if you did but you don’t have to-“ his rambling stopped when he felt the figure crawl into his bed.
“i wouldn’t feel 100% leaving you alone right now anyway.” smiled namjoon, watching jimin get comfortable on his bed. “thank you..” the blonde whispered, seeing namjoon taking his hand that was way bigger than his, causing him to giggle faintly.
“night joon.” mumbled jimin, their fingers still intertwined.
“sweet dreams jimin..” voice just as soft, watching the boy drift off into sleep. smiling gently, namjoon feels sleep catch up to him; closing his eyes.
eyes fluttered open slowly, the streak of annoying sunlight licking his skin. groaning himself awake, jimin realised he was alone. “did he leave?” speaking to himself but the side he slept on was still warm. just as he was about to get up, the door opened.
seeing namjoon come in with a tray with breakfast on it, jimin grew a smile. “ta da!” namjoon hummed out, resting the tray next to jimin so he was able to sit up. “my saviour and now my chef? did i jinx you into my life?” teased jimin, eating a strawberry from his pancake.
“i’m not the best cook in the world but i make decent pancakes.” shrugged namjoon, accepting the strawberry jimin was putting towards his mouth. “wait...” the word slurring on jimin’s tongue. “fuck, i have school.” moaned jimin, knowing he was late.
noticing namjoon shake his head, jimin raised an eyebrow in confusion. “you don’t have school jimin, you need to rest and recover.” explained the gentleman, smiling when jimin released a huff between plump lips that looked like the softest he’s seen. “i have dance theory.”
rolling his eyes, namjoon cut a piece of the pancake to feed jimin. “and i have work but here we are. well, i already called my boss saying i won’t be in. you can explain everything to your professor tomorrow.” seeing that he wasn’t going to win, jimin ate the pancake in pout.

jungkook didn’t sleep. all he has crossing his mind all night was a mop of blonde hair on a boy that looked ethereal. sighing at the thought, he closed his locker. on top of that, namjoon didn’t come home, still not answering his texts. just his luck.
that’s gay bro
turning off his camera, the brunette walked to the cafeteria where he finally he saw his two friends kissing softly which made him gag to gain their attention. “you’re mad cause you’re lonely.” teased hoseok, kissing away at his partner’s neck.
seeing yoongi tried to resist the urge to not react to his sensitivity on his neck, jungkook kicked hoseok under the table. “this is a place of decency.” smirked jungkook, watching hoseok rub his leg with whines before kicking back jungkook. “ow! fuck, that hurt.”
“so what are today’s plans?” asked the man, tilting his head. “well, me and yoongi are gonna visit my friend jin tonight.” smiling at jungkook’s frown. “you can hang out with namjoon today! try and get him off work!”
“if he answered my texts, sure.” watching hoseok frown too.
“what do you mean if he answered?”
“what do you /think/ i mean? he didn’t come home last night.” jungkook folded his arms. “maybe he got some action last night.” suggested yoongi, his leg gently bouncing. “he’s always working, if he did get something last night, then good.”
sighing at what his friend said, he leaned his arms on the table. “maybe...but shouldn’t he have at least messaged me this morning?” sadness evident in each syllable.
“i’m sure he’ll text you today, don’t worry.” smiled hoseok encouragingly.
looking at the redhead, jungkook smiled that with hope. maybe he was right. maybe he did meet someone and just got lost in the moment. clearing his throat, jungkook got up from the table. “i’m gonna go to class now, i’ll see you guys later.” and with that, he left.
taejin are worried
laughter filled the room when namjoon made a joke about what they were watching on jimin’s laptop, it dying down into a content sigh. unconsciously playing his namjoon’s fingers as they watched the movie. “you have nice hands.” blurted jimin, a shade of rose showing on cheeks.
“i have nice hands?” you have small ones.” commented the elder (a fact they discovered when getting to know each other). pouting at the response, jimin put his hands down. “awh, c’mon, you know i was joking.” chuckled the dark haired boy, jimin letting him take back his hand.
still pouting, jimin checked the time, seeing it was almost 3pm. “woah, time flew.” jimin said with a little frown on his features. “yeah..” he heard next to him, looking back at namjoon. “i have to get to my next job at 5pm.” he continued.
“two jobs?” questioned jimin.
nodding at the question, namjoon got out the bed, getting his jacket that was on the desk chair. “i wanna open a book store so i’m trying to get the money for a shop.” the elder explained. jimin slowly got up and hummed in response. “you’ll get there!” encouraged jimin.
smiling at the encouragement, namjoon got his phone, seeing a few messages from yoongi and jungkook which made him hiss. opening his phone, he went into contacts. “i like your company.”
“and i like yours.” the natural response being said, the two exchanging numbers.
and with that. they also exchanged goodbyes, jimin closing his door with a sigh of happiness. “don’t jinx this jimin..” mumbling to himself, bottom lip being nibbled on by his teeth.
they’re alive
later that evening, jungkook heard the front door open. walking towards it, he scoffed at the sight of his brother. “look who decided to come home.” walking to the kitchen to get something to drink, going to the fridge and getting banana milk; stabbing the hole with a straw.
sighing deeply at his younger brother’s reaction, namjoon walked towards the brunette. “i’m sorry jungkook, i know i should’ve called or something.” elaborated the elder. “you think?” sipping his milk angrily, making namjoon laugh and jungkook only angrier.
“you look 10 again.” namjoon chuckled gently.
“you look annoying again.” jungkook spat back, no actual venom in his tone. finishing the carton, he threw it in the bin, walking towards his room but namjoon stopped him. “are you gonna be all grumpy or will you let me explain?”
squinting his eyes on the black haired male, he later on smirked. “i’ll listen if you dye your hair.” requested jungkook, watching namjoon’s eyes widen. “f-fine, i’ll dye it. but /i/ pick the colour.” ignoring jungkook’s childish protests.
calming down, jungkook shoved his hands in his pockets to allow his step brother to proceed his story. “so, i was driving home when i looked outside my window to see a shaken guy. he looked really bad so i helped him-“
“it could’ve been a set up.” jungkook interrupted.
shrugging at the interruption, he continued. “i felt in my soul it wasn’t. so i drive him home and he asks me to spend the night with him which i agreed to and this morning we spent time together and getting to know one another.” jungkook watching a smile on joon’s face grow.
hoseok and yoongi were right. he was with someone. silence was only shared for a few seconds before jungkook spoke. “what’s his name?” he asked, seeing namjoon smile more at the question. “jimin.” responses the elder. “with the prettiest face, prettiest laugh.” he elaborated.
jungkook gagged teasingly. “everyone’s getting all lovesick around me.” chuckled the younger. “what else is pretty on him?” intrigued to know for some reason.
“he’s got the prettiest eyes and blonde hair even though it’s dyed.” the last part gaining kook’s full attention.
“blonde hair?” repeating a bit of what namjoon said to which he nodded. “i guess we both have a thing for blondes.” shrugged jungkook.
“what do you mean?” namjoon raised an eyebrow, tilting his head slightly.
looking up at his sibling, jungkook smirked to himself. “last night before the game, i saw a blonde guy. never got a name or anything else though.” pouted the brunette, namjoon poking the pout. “maybe we /do/ have a thing for blondes then.”

oh, yes they did.
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jimin looked at the entrance of the university, sighing that he had to catch up a week’s work but it was a week that was worth it. he hadn’t answered his friends, needing the time to figure out how we was going to explain the situation after the game.
here goes nothing
taking a deep breath when jimin spotted the two people closest to him talking by tae’s locker. walking towards them, taehyung noticed him first; instantly frowning. “look who finally showed up.” the male rolled his eyes, looking at jin who also frowned.
slightly shaking, jimin clenched his hands into fists, taking in a deep breath. “i-i know i haven’t kept in contact but-“
“but what?” taehyung interrupted, stepping closer to the blonde. “you disappeared for a whole week except that one bullshit tweet the other night.”
when taehyung took a step closer, jimin flinched; moving backwards. “p-please let me explain.” voice now shaky. it seemed as if jin could tell, him stepping in, resting a hand on tae’s shoulder. “tae, i know you’re angry but let’s make him explain..”
taehyung relaxed under jin’s touch, taking a step backwards. “fine. explain.” folding his arms with his eye raised.
“not h-here...please?” jimin not looking at the pair, trying to stop himself from shaking more than he was. the two other men nodded.
once they found an empty classroom. they all spread a little in the room: taehyung by the door, seokjin on a table and jimin near a window. biting down on his lip, the dancer looked up. “well, um. after the game...something happened to me...” jimin started.
he had the attention of his best friends which made him more nervous. “after the game, um..minjae and i were going to the ice cream shop not far from here...” deep breath. “a-and um...i didn’t feel comfortable on the way anymore so i was gonna leave..” deep breath.
looking out the window, jimin felt his eyes water. “just when i was gonna leave...this guy grabbed me..m-minjae he um..he set me up and.” the blonde choked on the last sentence, breaking out into a sob. suddenly he felt arms around him and the presence of his friends.
sobbing, jimin covered his blood rushed face. “a-and he touched me and hurt me and i didn’t know what to do-“ words coming out muffled, arms wrapping around him tighter. “jimin why didn’t you say anything?” tae breathed out, shaking a little himself.
“because i was ashamed. i felt disgusted. i felt /vulnerable/.” sobbing his words. it took him a while to calm down even though he was being comforted. “someone helped me though...he was really nice..” smile twitching onto his plump lips. “he took me home and spent the night..”
that’s when he felt taehyung let go of jimin, confusion evident on his face. “why couldn’t you call one of us?” sadness in his question. “jimin i’m your best friend...your soulmate..” taehyung frowned deeper, jimin taking his hands in his own.
“i know tae, i do. but there was something about him that made me feel safe...like he was my saviour...and he still is.” jimin’s eyes glistening with tears, syllables coming off his tongue breathy. “taehyung, i /love/ you, okay? believe me when i say i do.”
releasing a breath he didn’t know he was holding, taehyung glanced over a seokjin who gave him a light smile of encouragement. looking back at the blonde, tae nodded. “i know jimin...i love you too...and i’m so sorry i was mean that day and i wasn’t here for you..”
shaking his head, jimin pulled the younger in his arms; embracing each other with an overwhelming emotion, sharing i love yous between each other. both then looked over at jin, stretching an arm for him to join; all three now in a group hug.
the trio all went separate ways when classes started. as he was finished catching up on work, jimin asked his professor if he could stay after class to get today’s class done instead of getting work piled up to which he was happily granted that wish.
focusing on his work, he didn’t hear his notifications go off until he looked at his phone to check the tile, smiling when he saw who messaged him. quickly finishing off a sentence for his dance theory, he answered the text.
work hard~

jungkook cracked his neck lightly, happy he finished his baseball practice, texting hoseok that he was going to his to which he got a smile emoji as a response. waiting for the bus, the brunette then decided to message his brother about coming home late.
once he got off the bus, jungkook used his spare key to enter the apartment; never getting used to how spacey it was. “the eagle is here to pick on you lovebirds.” he exclaimed, walking straight to the kitchen but stopping in his tracks. “okay ew ew ew.”
turning around to avoid that he saw hoseok’s shirt open with yoongi attacking his neck. “i told you we weren’t gonna have enough time.” hoseok whined, getting off the kitchen counter.
“you were gonna do it in the kitchen?” making hoseok shrug.
“we’ve done it everywhere.”
shuddering at the thought, he exited the kitchen; ignoring their following footsteps. “i’m going to stand in this place from now one.”
“poor legs.” teased hoseok, making yoongi chuckle. rolling his eyes, jungkook just sat down on the couch, trying not to imagine them on it.
seeing how tense jungkook was on the couch after the information, hoseok laughed softly, going over to straddle jungkook’s lap. “yes, we’ve done it on the couch too.” whispering in his ear, jungkook pushing him off; all three bursting into laughter after a few seconds. “just ew.”
turning on the tv to fill the silence, jungkook watched as the two elders cuddled. “do you guys like /always/ touch when you see each other?” joked the brunette. “well, when you get a partner, you’ll understand little kookie.” yoongi pinching the younger’s cheek.
scoffing at the teasing comment, jungkook squashed himself between the couple. “if i see any hands over me to hold each other, i’ll bite.” jungkook huffed, watching the tv but he suddenly felt a pair of lips near both his ears. “that’s hot.” the elder couple hushed in unison.
getting up quickly, jungkook looked away to hide how flustered his was. they’ve been affectionate before but this felt different. “you guys can go fuck in your room, i have earphones.” folding his arms across his chest, pinching his skin softly.
looking at them watch each other, hoseok took jungkook’s hand and pulled him towards him. “kookie~” whined hoseok, jungkook clearing his throat. “hoseok, you have yoongi.” nerves evident in his tone. suddenly, he felt a palm on his waist. “what about me?”
jungkook felt himself shiver under the touch, relaxing into it. “y-you guys are together..you guys should do things with each oth-“ sentence ending when he felt an open kiss on his neck. “you’re telling me, little kookie, that you haven’t thought about me?..” hoseok asked softly.
“w-when i realised i also liked men..y-yeah.” mumbled jungkook honestly, closing his eyes not realising his was slowly pulled on hoseok’s lap. the brunette then felt another pair of lips on his neck, holding back a moan at how sensitive his neck was. “and now?..” he was asked.
his head fell on hoseok’s shoulder before he heard low chuckles surrounding him. making him look up. “and you say we’re horny.” teased hoseok, watching jungkook fall off his lap. “wait, are you guys serious? this was a joke?” the feeling of embarrassment consuming him.
yoongi raised an eyebrow. “unless you don’t want it to be?” suggested yoongi which made hoseok smirked gently. “jungkook, we won’t lie to you. we’ve thought about doing things with you.” which made jungkook choke. “but we won’t be the ones to take your virginity from you.”
the brunette huffed, looking around the room; feeling confidence melt the embarrassment. “t-then kiss me.” the words making all three of them shocked. “wait what?” the couple spoke in unison.
“kiss me.” nibbling in his bottom lip. “i don’t care who wants to go first..”
allowing his tongue to sweep over his lips, the redhead demanded jungkook to come back closer with his finger, jungkook obeying the action and going back on his lap. using his thumb, hoseok gently touched the younger’s lips; admiring them.
and just like that, space slowly disappeared between them before their lips met, the shape of each fitting perfectly; gently kissing one another. after a little while, jungkook tilted his head to deepen the kiss - enjoying how his friend’s lips felt against his own pair.
separating them, jungkook moved his hand behind yoongi’s neck, grazing the skin with his thumb before making their lips crash, yoongi using his tongue and licked open the younger’s lips to fall deeper into the kiss with his tongue in his mouth.
jungkook then released a hiss of pleasure when hoseok moved his hands to his ass, kneading it. licking yoongi’s tongue against his own, jungkook also later separated their kiss too. “k-kiss each other.” demanded jungkook but it almost sounded like a question.
nodding, the couple accepted the request and they fell into a deep kiss which made jungkook smile. “you guys are so hot..” he muttered more to himself. jungkook got off of hoseok’s lap and placed himself onto yoongi’s; grinding down a little.
slowly, jungkook’s pants felt tighter, knowing he was growing an erection but he didn’t care. grinding down more, giggling gently at yoongi’s hiss at the friction, jungkook began to leave open kisses on his neck.
seeing the couple stop kissing, jungkook smiled gently. “screw it...i want you guys..” lust trailing his words off his tongue.

and just like that.

he woke up in sweat...and a boner.
take the bus
jungkook was at his locker when he flinched at someone touching his shoulder. “geez, what’s wrong with you today?” hoseok chuckles, seeing that yoongi wasn’t by his side which means he went off to the music department. shaking his head, jungkook closed his locker.
adjusting his duffle bag, the young man shrugged. “i’m gonna head to class now.” jungkook announced quickly, walking off to his assigned department; leaving behind a confused redheaded gentleman.

it was finally friday. jimin was able to relax and not worry about work for a little while. nothing on his mind. well...maybe /one/ thing. a person. the thought of him alone making his puffy cheeks in a shade of rose.
making his way home, he noticed jin and taehyung talking against a wall of the school which made him smile. did they like each other? if they did, they wouldn’t admit it: both stubborn. deciding to take a taxi, he finally arrived home, flopping on his bed.
the moment he hit his bed, sleepiness consumed him. that was until his phone started to ring. groaning, jimin checked the caller id and was a little confused. namjoon? he never usually called him. answering, he stayed silent from a little while, waiting to hear his voice.
nj: jimin?
jm: yes, i’m here. is...everything okay?
nj: everything’s perfect! are you confused as to why i called?
jm: mhm, yeah..
nj: would it be weird to say that i wanted to hear your voice?
jm: *giggles* no, it isn’t weird at all
nj: good...d-do you wanna facetime then?
it’s a date!
caps for dayssss
it was the next day when jimin was getting his hair done by jin and makeup by tae, giggling at how this would look silly to some stranger. “i love you guys, y’know?” jimin announces warmly, his content sigh filling the room.
“we love you too~” his best friends spoke together.
when they were finished with his appearance, jimin looked in the mirror; smiling with acceptance. as he was about to open his mouth, the blonde heard the ring of the doorbell. “IM GETTING IT!” the two older boys yet again speaking in unison, running to the door.
huffing playfully at their excitement, jimin walked out his room to see taehyung and seokjin staring at him like he was art. which we was. smiling at the now brunette, jimin walked towards him; encountered with a kiss on his cheek that made him giggle. “hi..” he breathed out.
bikes were now resting against the bench they were sitting on, the pair munching down on candy floss. “i don’t care what anyone says, koalas are cute!” namjoon spoke proudly which made the blonde laugh harder. “you know they have chlamydia right?” jimin asked, biting his lip.
namjoon munched on a piece of the candy before answering. “well, i’m not gonna fuck a koala am i?” the two burst into a fit of laughter, jimin falling into namjoon. when the laughter died down, namjoon looked at him with a warm smile. “you have floss on your cheek.”
“do i?!” jimin asked embarrassingly, about to take it off when namjoon beat him to it; the two looking into each other’s eyes. without knowing, they both eyed each other’s lips but leaned back from each other when namjoon’s phone went off; a frustrated groan escaping the elder.
namjoon looked at his phone and almost threw it when he saw it was hoseok, quickly answering it to get rid of the annoying ringing.

hk: where’s your spare key?
nj: this is why you called me?...hoseok i’m on a date-
hk: i saw on twitter! that’s so cute!
nj: in the wall lamp.
hk: it isn’t there! i checked
nj: then jungkook must’ve moved it
hk: little shit...he’s been avoiding me..
nj: why?
hk: I DUNNO! but it’s annoying now
nj: search the front of the apartment for the key, gottagonowbye
jimin, who finished his candy floss, looked over to namjoon. “everything alright?” questioned the dyed haired male.
“yes, everything’s fine. we should start riding back now, don’t wanna keep you out too late.” suggested the young man, going to the bikes.
jimin got up as well, getting on his bike. “you’re such a gentleman.” teased the blonde causing the brunette to chuckle lowly.
“i would like to think so.” he teased back, beginning to peddle off, jimin following behind.
choose ✨
has he asked yet
“maybe he doesn’t wanna date me..” jimin muttered to himself, hugging some of his sheet. they had been doing on dates for almost three weeks now but no one asked anyone. jimin had a fear of rejection which stopped him from making the first move.
releasing a sigh between plump lips, he felt like he needed to go for a walk. grabbing his coat, and putting on his shoes, jimin exited his apartment; hit with the cool evening air. the sun finished setting, the moon making her appearance.
jimin watched the moon guide everyone through the darkness before continuing his walk to who knows where. hands in pockets, half his face hiding in his coat, he just walked.

jungkook was almost 2 hours away from his home, holding a plastic container with cupcakes in it; his sweet tooth kicking in. the brunette bummed to himself, eyeing the steam escaping his system and temporarily dancing in the night air.
his eyes then wandered down to the container, licking his lips when he imagined the sweet taste he would encounter when he got home. knowing it was worth the distance to get them, not minding the walk as he was in no rush anyway.
lost in his own thoughts, jungkook didn’t even realise when he was on the floor, container still in tact but the cupcakes would be a little damaged. “i-i’m so sorry! i wasn’t watching where i was going.” ears twitched at the apologetic sound.
looking up, jungkook’s eyes widened; the man in front of him stretching out his hand to take it so he could help him. hesitantly taking it, jungkook got up with his cupcakes, dusting himself off. “once again, i’m sorry!” the male apologised again before quickly walking off.
the person had a voice of an angel. and the angel was blonde. something about him made jungkook freeze and that’s when it hit him.
“the football game..” whispered jungkook. by the time he turned around, the blonde boy was gone.

leaving jungkook, yet again, wanting to see him.
entering his apartment, jungkook put the cupcakes on the table, no longer craving the sweet treat. dragging his figure to his room and slamming the door gently, the brunette flopped on the bed with a sigh; ignoring the gentle knock on his door.
namjoon walked into the room, closing the door behind him. “jungkook? you okay?” sitting on the edge of the bed, resting a palm on his step brother’s back. “you can talk to me you know?” making jungkook nod, face rubbing against the sheets.
with a sigh, jungkook flipped over on his bed to face namjoon. “i saw him again. i missed my chance again.” pouted the young one, rolling his eyes at his own stupidity.
“yes, him. he slips through my fingers. all the time..” making namjoon sigh. “maybe it’s a sign?”
jungkook sat up at namjoon’s response. “a sign?” repeating his words.
“yeah. like, maybe the universe is telling you something?”
“that i’m a fucking idiot.” making the pair shared laughter amongst each other.
the strings of happiness through sound died between the brothers, pregnant pauses taking up their moments. “wanna join me and a friend tomorrow for a movie? he was coming over anyway.” his elder questioned with a suggestive tone.
“are you sure? i don’t wanna bother you guys.”
shaking his head, joon held jungkook’s hand. “don’t be silly, it’ll be fun!” namjoon smiled which allowed jungkook to feel better. “yeah sure, what’s his name?” casually stroking joon’s skin with his thumb.
“his name is jimin.”


that’s a nice name.
i’m sure he will love you
next day
it was around five o’clock and jimin was preparing his fist to knock; it getting closer to the door but surprisingly, the door opened. “hey angel.” a smile on namjoon’s face was contagious enough to spread to jimin’s own features. “hey saviour.” jimin spoke, walking inside.
taking in how inside looked, his mouth opened a little in awe. it was very homey. “my brother went to grab some popcorn, he’ll be back soon.” exclaimed the elder, the two taking a seat on the couch. “um, jimin, c-can i ask you something?”
jimin felt his eyebrow raise, encouraging the male to continue with a hum. “so um...w-we’ve been on a lot of dates now and i wanted to ask you something..” everything falling out of namjoon’s mouth causing hope in jimin’s body.

was this the moment?
taking jimin’s small hands in his own, namjoon held back a chuckle before looking back into jimin’s eyes that we wanted to look into forever. opening and closing his mouth, the brunette sighed before cancelling the space between the two, soft lips meeting.
jimin instantly relaxed into the kiss, his grip on namjoon’s hands tightening a little and titled his head wanting to make the kiss deeper. when they separated, namjoon breathed out “be mine.” jimin not hesitating to answer, he smiled warmly. “yes.”
the newly couple were cuddling on the couch enjoying a comfortable silence before they heard the door open, making them sit up. “sorry i took a while, i bought other snacks too.” the figure spoke, namjoon standing up. “you wanted an excuse to get banana milk.” huffed namjoon.
the playful smile gave himself away, placing everything on the counter before walking back into the living room immediately stopping in his tracks when his eyes saw the person. sitting back next to jimin, namjoon held his hand. “jungkook, meet jimin. my boyfriend.”
boyfriend. huh. jungkook suddenly felt something disgusting within him. football game blonde was namjoon’s blonde. their words from almost a month ago becoming ironic. just as he was about to speak, jimin spoke first. “you’re from th-“
“nice to meet you jimin.” kook stopped him.
noticing the pout the blonde portrayed, jungkook eyed him. namjoon couldn’t know the blonde he wanted was his boyfriend. he couldn’t. “i’ll go get the popcorn, you put on the movie joon.” getting up and going into the kitchen.
pouring the kernel seeds into a bowl, jungkook put it in the microwave, slamming the small door. no way was this happening. why him? just why?

releasing a sigh, he was upset with the thought that was running through his mind:

/namjoon can’t have him./

couple of hours slipped by, the young blonde, putting on his jacket. “thank you for having me in your home.” jimin spoke humbly, slightly frowning when the brother just gives him a thumbs up. intertwining his fingers with his new boyfriend, the two then left.
the couple walked to namjoon’s car, the elder noticing jimin’s silence. “what’s wrong angel?” he questioned, words laced with worry. “i-i don’t think your brother likes me..” mumbled the blonde, getting into the car.
“why’d you say that?”
“he was cold..” fiddling with his rings.
namjoon rested his hand on top of jimin’s as a way of reassurance. “he’s not open on first encounters, trust me he will get warmer.” jimin still felt a little off, but decided to ignore him. namjoon driving them back to jimin’s apartment. “stay the night?” jimin suggested.
nodding, namjoon showcased his side smile. “of course i’ll stay the night.” making jimin feel much better on the way home, going inside the warmth when they finally made it. holding his partner’s hand, jimin led them to his bedroom where they soon rested.
he is pretty
💞 that’s all for now! 💞
jungkook looked up at his bare ceiling, an arm supporting his head. his blonde was his brother’s blonde. that’s all that was preaching in his mind. at least he now got a name. with a sigh, jungkook finally got out of bed. it was saturday. he finished all his work last night.
looking around his room, sighing at the lack of options activity wise, jungkook went to have a shower.

once done, the male threw one the first couple things he saw in his closet that looked decent together and texted hoseok saying he was coming over.
the brunette hasn’t spoken to the couple since the intense dream he had, the thought alone making him blush. he couldn’t ignore them forever though, right?

maybe he could. but they were all he had really, he couldn’t lose them over stupid hormones.
his babies
jungkook was by the window, the sky with lack of clouds and the sun making his appearance. when he looked back into the room, a warm smile showcased upon his face, watching yoongi try and throw grapes into hoseok’s mouth; the two on each end of the couch.
“you guys are dorks.” jungkook snorted, walking towards them; easily catching the grape with his mouth when yoongi threw one at him which made the elder pout. “we’re dorks yes but we’re /your/ dorks.” hoseok dramatically sighed happily, all three chuckling.
watching hoseok play with his hair, he then sat in the middle of the couch. “i might dye my hair.” hoseok announced to the other two. “i’m getting tired of looking like a fire ball.” he continued.
“what colour?” asked yoongi, casually fiddling with jungkook’s clothing.
humming in contemplation, hoseok folded his arms, leaning back on the furniture. “i’ll just dye it brown. nothing crazy.” he shrugged off, the two males nodding at his decision. resting his head on hoseok’s lap and legs on yoongi’s, jungkook turned on the tv; sound flooding in.
mindlessly combing his fingers through the brunette’s hair, hoseok softly hummed a random tune. “so how’s namjoon? the last me and him really spoke was weeks ago.” the topic of his brother being sour ever since he met jimin. “fine i guess.” bitterness traced in his words.
hoseok looked down at his younger friend, deciding to ignore his tone. “wanna help me dye my hair today?” trying to bring up the mood a little. “is this you using your gapp?” smirked jungkook which made yoongi snort.
“okay the abbreviation may not sound the nicest but yes.”
he loved that about hoseok. he would always try and make those smile around him no matter his own mood. “sure, i’ll help you dye your hair later.” confirmed the brunette, looking up at hoseok who smiled when jungkook smiled.
yoongi then leaned in to kiss hoseok softly before getting up from the couch. “i’m gonna head to the studio at school. i wanna continue working on something.” explained the older man, obtaining his jacket and leaving the apartment. “looks like it’s just us two then kookie.”

jimin was snuggled into namjoon’s frame as they were enjoying each other’s company in silence: a few pecks shared here and there. “are you alright?” questioned his partner making jimin nod in response. “i’m perfect.” the blonde smiled, leaning up to kiss namjoon.
looking into each other’s eyes for a while, jimin giggled gently. “are /you/ alright?” jimin asking the same question that was in the air seconds ago. “yes, i’m alright. i still wanted to apologise for how jungkook was last night.” he explained himself, thumbing jimin’s hip.
shaking his head, jimin pecked namjoon’s lips again. “it’s not your fault, don’t apologise baby.” reassuring his boyfriend.
“maybe you guys should just talk more? i could give you his number?” suggested the elder making jimin smile.
“if it makes you happy, i’ll talk to him.”
when he saw that he wasn’t getting a response anytime soon, jimin locked his phone, fiddling with his bed sheets. biting down on his lip, the blonde boy picked up his phone again: finding tae’s contact name and calling him.
th: hey booboo!

jm: hi! come over?

th: sure, lemme just tell seokjin im leaving his then i’ll be over!

jm: jin? you two confuse me.

th: what do you m-

jm: do you have feelings for him?

th: jimin why do you always bring this up?

jm: cause you look like you have a crush.
hearing a scoff on the phone following up with a sigh, taehyung spoke again.

th: whatever image you have in your head? scrap it.

jm: fine....do you at least wanna fuck him?

th: jimin!

jm: *giggles* him fuck you?

th: i’m hanging up now! i’ll see you soon!
giggling into a sigh when the phone hung up, jimin cleaned the little mess in his room before going to cook some dinner for his best friend.

while cooking, the blonde’s phone when off, it being the boy he didn’t expect to answer back his text.
you do you
rolling his eyes, jimin ignored the message, continuing to cook. why did namjoon’s brother dislike him so much? he didn’t even know him. hearing namjoon’s words repeat in his mind, jimin huffed. “get warmer my ass..” he mumbled to himself.
it wasn’t too long before taehyung arrived at his apartment, instantly pulling jimin into a warm hug. “booboo!” tae exclaimed. it wasn’t heard for jimin to break into small fits of laughter, the two separating from the hug. “i cooked you food.”
“i knew i married well.”
the two yet again breaking into laughter. “yeah yeah. don’t think i forgot you haven’t answered my question!” hitting tae lightly on his arm. “there’s nothing to say! seokjin and i are close friends like you guys are close!” justified taehyung with a gentle shrug.
his lips twisted a little before he took his bottom lip under his teeth, letting it go shortly. “if you say so~” giggled the elder, going off into the kitchen. “so how are you and namjoon?” tae asked which caused stars to shine in jimin’s eyes. “we’re really great right now.”
taehyung smiled at how happy he best friend looked, hugging him from behind. “you are so gay, i love it.” taehyung sighed in content, kissing jimin’s cheek. “last time i check tae, we are gay.” teased the blonde. “now, let me serve you dinner then we can chill.”
when they finished the food, jimin washed the dishes before sitting on the couch where tae already was with a little impact in sound. “so, mulan?” asked the younger suggestively. “you still wanna be like other girls?” teased jimin, quoting one of the songs.
they were halfway in the movie, singing along with the current song playing. they loved being around each other, like they were specifically born for one another and it made the two happy about that; wouldn’t trade each other for the world.
the song stopped playing and that’s when taehyung decided to speak. “there’s this guy in my art class who i honestly want to bend over the table for.” jimin choked in surprise at the sudden speech from taehyung, looking over at him. “uhh, go for it you big slut.” jimin giggled.
taehyung chuckled lightly at what jimin said and nodded. “oh, trust me, i shall.” the younger winked. “have you and namjoon done anything yet?” questioned the same male, looking at jimin who shook his head. “we’ve only really kissed.” the blonde elaborated to his friend.
gasping at the confession, jimin felt his cheeks go red. “w-what?” stuttered the blonde. “you guys haven’t gotten down and dirty? not even a blowjob?” jimin looking away as he was asked questions, feeling embarrassed. “n-no. i don’t think he wants to rush into anything.”
raising an eyebrow, tae tilted his head slightly. “i’m surprised you have initiated anything to him.” confessed the younger, a teasing tone hiding underneath his words. “what am i gonna do? whisper in his ear saying i wanna suck his dick?” jimin scoffed.
“uh, yeah?” tae smirked.
hitting his best friend with a soft pillow, jimin rested his head on the couch armrest. “i know i’m not the best relationship person but after almost a month, nothing’s happened?” tae hummed in questioning, holding jimin’s hand. “i just..want it to be special with him..”
hearing taehyung coo, jimin his his face in the couch. “you really love him don’t you?..” to which jimin nodded with a little smile. “i do..” voice light as he spoke making taehyung coo again. “that’s so cute!” the male said in awe.
on the other half of minjoon
staying over

it was just past afternoon when jungkook woke up from the couch as he stayed over at hoseok and yoongi’s. groaning as he stretched his muscles, the young boy made his way to the bathroom.
jungkook knew that the guest bedroom had some sweatpants and shirts in the draws so the brunette decided that he could use a shower. stripping away off his clothing, just young man turned on the shower, waiting for it to warm up.
the moment he stepped into the shower, the warmth coming from the water beat down on his body soothingly, feeling good against his muscles. closing his eyes for a while, he relaxed under the shower before soaping up his body.
as he was soaping his body, his mind told him it was someone’s hands on him instead of his own pair, caressing his body gently; fingertips grazing his abdomen softly which caused him to breathe out a little moan at the gentleness.
with closed eyes, a hand was wandering up his thigh causing jungkook to shiver as a hand was still caressing his abdomen. “moan for us little kookie..” a voice whispered in his ear and that voice belonged to hoseok.
the raspy whisper along with the hands being gentle with his skin allowed a whine to escape between wet lips. his hand wrapped around his growing length, quivering lightly at the feeling. “don’t hold back baby.” another voice demanded; yoongi’s voice.
pumping his erection, the young man bit down on his lip to suppress any of his moans from getting too loud even if he was in the shower. a pair of lips kissing his thighs while another pair were on his neck.
the shower still hitting on the brunette’s skin as his thumb made its way to his tip, shower water and precum blending together as he smeared it around on his cock. “f-fuck.” he moaned out, pumping faster and harder.
the young man knew he wouldn’t last long, moans becoming more frantic as he continued to pump his length, squeezing a little at the base and that caused a whine to leave his lips again.
“i-i’m close.” he moaned out, soap still washing off his body from the water. the two pair of hands he felt were now replaced with one, their lips on his jaw before they were touching his lips. “cum for me jungkook.” they whispered. that voice. he knew that voice.
just when he thought of who it was, the young boy began to spill on his hand the minute he moaned out his name, gently pumping out his orgasm; breathing heavy.

that voice.

it was jimin’s.

the blonde looked in the mirror and smiled lightly to himself. he woke up in a good mood. tae left before he woke leaving a note saying he was going to see his grandmother. the young boy then left his bedroom and began walking down the apartment hallway.
as he was about to go to the kitchen, jimin was startled when he heard someone go “sleep well?” turning around to see it was namjoon. “god you scared me!” hand on chest as he walked towards his partner. “tae let you in?” to which the brunette nodded.
shuffling into his lap, the blonde student kissed namjoon’s cheek. “what’re you doing here?” questioned jimin, hiding his face in the crook of namjoon’s neck. “i wanted to see my angel of course.” the comment causing jimin to giggle softly; namjoon’s favourite sound.
about to speak, namjoon beat him to it. “aaaand i need a favour..” which made jimin look at namjoon confused. “uhh, what is it?” nerves consuming his body. “i know you two don’t get along but i need you to be his plus one to a school charity event..” the brunette looking away.
sliding off the elder’s lap, jimin huffed softly; folding his arms. “doesn’t he have friends to go with?”
“they’re each other’s date.” explained namjoon making jimin huff again. “why would i want to spend time with someone who hates me?”
when he saw jimin’s hesitance, namjoon took jimin’s small hand in his, kissing his fingers. “maybe this will be a chance to be friends? you never know.” encouraging jimin. “why can’t you go?” pouted the younger.
“i have work that day.” justified the brunette with a smile.
jimin knew how much the money from his jobs meant to him, it led him closer to getting his book shop. he couldn’t take that away from him. letting out a defeated sigh, the young man nodded. “fine fine, but you owe me mister.” kissing back namjoon’s hand.
bringing jimin into a bear hug, jimin squealed softly, patting namjoon’s arm lightly so he could breathe again. “thank you jimin, really.” namjoon breathed out, planting a gentle kiss on jimin’s lips.
wish them luck-
it was now monday and jimin walked into the dance studio smiling as he looked at himself in the mirror; taking a deep breath as he set down his bag by the mirrors. taking out his phone, jimin went into his classical playlist; picking the first tune his thumb touched.
the violins and pianos fill the space in the room, making jimin’s foot tap against the hardwood softly. putting his phone on the floor near the mirrored wall, jimin moved his arms before his legs followed suit.
slowly but surely, his body began to move on its own; following the rhythm of the song with twirls and bends - body becoming heated as a palm went across his forehead, other on his chest in the opposite direction. steps to the front. steps to the back. jimin felt alive.
the song was coming to an end, violins dying down leaving the dominant piano to end the composition. when the song came to a stop, jimin was on his knees, head towards the ceiling as he breathed heavy; smiling at himself shortly after.
crawling towards his phone, jimin paused the song that came after the first one ended. going into his bag, the blonde took the bottle of water he had and gulped half of it down; watching people slowly pile in for the class to start.
as soon as the clock became of hour of nine, their dance professor walked in. “as you all know. the showcase is next month.” the speech making everyone sprout into excited whispers but it made the teacher clear her throat. “i want a few of you to perform a piece.”
when the teacher said some students would perform, jimin’s body perked up. it’s been a while since he performed for an audience; always loving the atmosphere. “i will choose the selective in two days, the names will be on a sheet on the door, you can’t miss it.” she announced.
when all of the dance students nodded, the professor got on with today’s lesson with hope in all the students - especially jimin who worked extra hard that day.
leaving class when it was over and jimin took a shower, the blonde guided his petite frame over to his friends who waited outside the department. “hello cuties.” hugging the two males, adjusting his bag after. “did-“ tae was stopped by jimin speaking. “i’ll know in two days.”
seeing tae scoff made jimin hold his hand with a smile. “how did you know i was going to ask about the showcase?” taehyung questioned in a childish tone, the three of them walking to the canteen. “we aren’t soulmates for nothing, taehyung.” jimin justified happily.
giggling at the justification, taehyung bent over a little to kiss his cheek. “well, we all know you’ll be one of those to perform.” declared the younger student with encouragement laced in syllables. “of course he will, he’s amazing.” seokjin announced, making jimin smile.
holding seokijn’s hand, the three of them spoke amongst each other. when jimin was about to say something, it was as if hell was born inside his lungs; the sight in front of him making him feel sick - hands shaking.

it was him.
jimin knew his time would’ve ran out. they attended the same uni for god’s sakes. everything from the night flooding back into his mind; the blonde looking at the dark haired male: minjae’s friend. he didn’t know he let go of the pair’s hands before he sprinted to the bathroom.
tw// panic attack

the second jimin made it safely into a stall, contents from his stomach was poured into the toilet bowl; everything all watery as he barely ate this morning. the male’s vision was blurry as he gagged, hands shaking even with the grip they had on the seat.
tw// panic attack

tears cursed his cheeks, slipping from his eyes in a constant rate; the blonde finally leaning against the wall - choking and reaching for air. jimin could barely register the voices that were calling his name; everything sounding as if he were underwater.
“jiminie...” tae whispered, resting the boy’s head against his chest. “just focus on my heartbeat and breathe for me, okay?” gentle tone just barely making it into jimin’s ears. seokjin had flushed the toilet and was now stroking his friend’s back in reassurance.
in attempts to focus on his best friend’s heartbeat, jimin closed his eyes with a shaky breath and body. taehyung moved his hand, gently stroking blonde locks on jimin’s head. “it’s okay...we’re here..” hushed the youngest, kissing his head.
exhaustion hugged the male’s body when he finally calmed down; still a little shaky. “wanna tell us what happened?..” taehyung asked with hesitance, not wanting to push him into another attack. “i-i saw um..i saw minjae’s friend...the one who tried to..” not wanting to continue.
nodding his head to indicate he understood, taehyung stood up with jimin, bringing him to the sink and washed the blonde’s mouth, jin prompting him with a mint to which he was grateful for. not just for the mint but the two friends in front of him.
jimin leaned against the counter, thanking seokjin for giving back his backpack. with a sigh from the blonde, the three exited the bathroom. “do you want us to come home with you?” seokjin asked softly but jimin shook his head. “another night, i’m gonna go see namjoon..”
the two boys nodded, taehyung intertwining his fingers with jin. “me and jin will go study in the library then.” taehyung smiled softly, waving jimin goodbye. “text me so i know you’re safe okay?” exclaimed tae as they walked away in separate directions.
jimin took a taxi to namjoon’s apartment, taking a deep breath before he knocked on the door. adjusting his bag straps with one hand as he had snacks in the other, the blonde boy waited for the door to open: not expecting too see who opened it.

“idiot.” jungkook mumbled to himself when he assumed namjoon forgot his keys, a frown being sculpted into his face when he saw the blonde male. the brunette watched him exhale through his nose. “i’ll just leave, namjoon clearly isn’t home.” the blonde spoke up.
jungkook watched as the man turned to leave but he stepped out a little in the doorway. “you could wait for him inside if you want. i’m sure he won’t take long to come home.” commented the young brunette, standing back in his original position.
holding back down his smile when he saw the blonde turn back around, doing a once over on jungkook, we moved past the brunette and entered the apartment, putting the snacks on the coffee table in the living room. “i’ll just wait here.”
fiddling with the hem on his hoodie, jungkook cleared his throat. “do you want something to-“
“no.” word escaping plump lips firmly, not even batting an eye at the younger which made jungkook scoff. “asshole..” he muttered under his breath.
jimin turned to face the male, ice visible in his eyes. oh he wears contacts it seems. “excuse me?” the ice in his eyes matching the ice in his speech, jungkook gulped. “with the way you’re talking to me, i’m pretty sure you heard me.” matching the male’s tone.
standing up, jimin folded his arms strongly. “how /dare/ you call me an asshole?” protested the blonde to which jungkook took a step forward. “how /dare/ you act like one?” jungkook’s rebuttal making jimin scoff who also took another step closer. he smells like honey and vanilla.
seeing jimin clench his fists, jungkook chuckled lowly. “what’s so fucking funny?” spat out jimin, jungkook rolling his eyes. “you’re really gonna hit me?” teased the brunette, jimin huffing at the male’s arrogance. “then you call /me/ an asshole?” venom in his laughter.
not bothered with where this is going, the brunette pushed past the blonde who pushed him lightly from his back. turning back around with hooded eyes, jungkook lowly growled. “fucking. watch it.” jimin clenching his fight hard that his nails dug into his skin.
jimin only saw red. when we got mad, he got mad. unconsciously he swung his fist to hit jungkook but jungkook grabbed his wrist, a knuckle barely grazing him before twisting jimin and his arm; his back pressed against jungkook’s check. the blonde grunted and elbowed him.
his elbow connected with his stomach, making jungkook lose his grip of the blonde before he saw jimin rage towards him. glad he had good reflexes, jungkook caught both his wrist; the pair falling backwards onto the couch - jimin straddling him as he attempted to get out his grip.
letting go off the boy was a mistake because jimin was about to fucking attack his face so before he knew it, the brunette flipped the two over, bodies falling off the couch and jungkook was on top of the other man, pinning his arms above his head. “will you fucking /chill/?”
breathing heavy, jimin slowly stopped wiggling underneath the younger; both eyes trained on each other. “are you done?” jungkook questioned in a demanding tone. a small smirk appeared on jimin’s face - his knee raising, hitting jungkook hard in his crotch making him yell in pain.
pushing the brunette off him, jimin got up in satisfaction as jungkook curled into himself. “now i’m done.” fingers combing through blonde locks. not even minutes later, the door opened with the presence of namjoon. “oh hey ang- jungkook?!” watching him on the floor.
jimin walked over to namjoon, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “me and jungkook were wrestling and it got a bit intense, i accidentally hurt him.” pouted the blonde. suddenly all pain on his body was gone. “accidentally?! you fucking kneed my dick!” standing up from the floor.
jimin tightened his grip on namjoon’s arm when jungkook got closer which made namjoon step forward. “hey, jungkook, i’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt you.” a warm smile present on the elder’s face.
“you’ve got to be fucking kid- namjoon are you serious?” jungkook scoffed.
looking over at the blonde who was a little behind namjoon, he saw jimin wink which made the brunette angrier. “you know what. fuck it. i’m going out.” declared the young sportsman, putting on his sneakers and storming out the door that slammed behind him.

when jungkook stormed out, jimin looked at namjoon who was frowning. “i thought me and him were getting alone..” pouted jimin, a pair of arms wrapping around him. “i’m sure you guys were angel. he’ll come around, i promise.” spoke namjoon.
hugging the elder back, he nodded softly. “you both are gonna go to the charity event tomorrow. maybe you guys can try again!” enthusiasm evident in his voice which made jimin smile. he wanted two people he cared about to just be friends. it was cute.
“hopefully this don’t go wrong..” mumbled the blonde, walking over to the coffee table. “i brought snacks!” jimin’s smile growing at namjoon’s chuckle.

jungkook’s red eyes died down but he was still heavily frustrated, getting out the taxi and walking towards a familiar apartment. when he was in front of the door, jungkook knocked until it finally opened. “geez, what is i-“ hoseok cut off by a pair of lips.
pulling back, hoseok looked at him surprised “kookie are you okay?” not getting an answer to his question as jungkook walked in, closing the door; grabbing hoseok’s wrist. “where’s yoongi?” the brunette spoke frantically.
“i-in the bedroom but-“ getting dragged into the room.
storming into the couple’s bedroom, yoongi looked up from his book in confusion. “everything okay?” the elder asked, standing up. “that’s what i asked! no answer!” hoseok taking back his arm.
“jungkook? are-“ yoongi stopped when the brunette kissed him roughly.
his breathing still frantic, kook separated their lips; his eyes going back and forth at the couple. “you guys ever have a threesome before?” the question causing the couple to have wide eyes. “kookie what’s gotten into you?”
“answer the damn question.”
the couple looked at each other before looking back at the younger. “we have.” they responded in a low unison. jungkook sat on the edge of the bed, thumbs stroking the hem of his shirt. “i want you guys.”
“excuse me?” yoongi shockingly asked.
“i want you both to fuck me.”
hoseok walked to jungkook, kneeling down to be at eye level with the younger. “kookie you’re a virgin.” voice sounding delicate, hand on kook’s knee. “then make me not be one.” the brunette was tired of pleasuring himself, the feeling of loneliness always washing over him.
sighing softly, hoseok looked at yoongi again. “kookie are you sure?” breathed out the other brunette when he looked back at jungkook who nodded as a response, taking off his shirt. “positive.”
hoseok licked his lips before he straddled jungkook’s waist. yoongi was getting the essentials they would need soon as hoseok pressed his lips against jungkook’s, arms loosely wrapped around his neck and he tilted his head to make the kiss deeper.
hoseok moved his hips, his clothed groin gaining friction from jungkook’s who whimpered in his mouth; hoseok sliding his tongue into the younger’s mouth - the boy quivering underneath the elder at the feeling. a ruffle sound was making his ears twitch but he ignored it.
hoseok moaned a little when they were forced to separate lips from yoongi who was naked, showcasing his half hard cock. so that’s what the sound was. with no hesitation, hoseok took yoongi in his mouth; a moan slipping out from both jungkook and yoongi’s lips.
jungkook leaned forward to plant kisses onto hoseok’s neck, sucking on the skin lightly to leave his mark; hoseok moaning on yoongi’s mouth, the vibration making yoongi grip onto hoseok’s hair - pulling it just a little.
hoseok was bobbing his head up and down the growing length, a pair of his fingers slipped into jungkook’s mouth accepting it easily, sucking on them like his mouth was made to do so. slowly getting off his lap, easing off yoongi’s dick briefly. “clothes. off.” he commanded.
nodding, jungkook slid out of his sweatpants; palming his hard-on before ridding himself of underwear, leaking cock springing up. still sucking on hoseok’s fingers, he then removed them; yoongi moving to sit on the bed with hoseok still wrapped around his cock.
jungkook let a hiss escape balmed lips when hoseok used his wet fingers, teasing kook’s ring. “f-fuck..” the young male moaned out, head getting thrown back. when yoongi was completely hard, hoseok stopped sucking; stripping himself now of his clothes.
going to the bedside table, hoseok got the vanilla flavoured lube and popped it open. the dyed haired man went back on his knees, watching the two boys deeply kiss as their dicks were twitching for attention. “awh...my babies.” smirked hoseok lightly.
the substance was smeared onto hoseok’s fingers, two teasing jungkook’s rim once more before slowly pushing a digit in; jungkook’s head resting on yoongi’s shoulder due to the intense feeling. yoongi moved his hand to stroke kook’s hair in comfort.
thrusting his finger in and out the virgin, jungkook’s breathing increased, fingers digging into yoongi’s thigh. “m-more.” breathed out the youngest, melting at the hair strokes yoongi was giving him. hoseok slowly inserted another digit inside jungkook, hips bucking.
hoseok continued to thrust his two fingers inside before using them to scissor open the brunette, watching the precum leak out from his cock and hoseok’s own. stretching the young male, hoseok placed a kiss on his inner thigh before taking out his fingers.
walking back over to the bedside table to get a condom, jungkook whimpered. “no, don’t...don’t do a condom.” jungkook requested to which the couple smirked softly. “okay little kookie, no condom.” nodded hoseok, laying kookie down on the bed.
stroking his erection, yoongi kissed hoseok passionately and needy. getting the lube, hoseok smeared some over his hard cock, teasing jungkook by rubbing the length against his hole. “are you ready?” hoseok asked. jungkook nodded before suddenly taking yoongi in his mouth.
hoseok lined his cock to jungkook’s rim, slowly pushing his length in; jungkook letting out a breathy moan traced with a small bit of pain against yoongi’s member. when hoseok was a quarter way inside jungkook, hoseok looked at him. “tell me when to move, okay?”
he felt full and hoseok wasn’t all the way in yet, the feeling being so new. once he got used to it, he used his hip to indicate that hoseok could continue, yoongi thrusting in and out his mouth. when hoseok started to move again, the pleasure from both angles overwhelmed him.
hoseok thrusted in and out his hole, his groans mixing with the two boys moans in the air. “you’re so fucking tight.” hoseok moaned out, fingers digging into the younger’s hips. moving a little faster, yoongi thrusted his throat deeper, fist full of his hair.
hoseok moved faster, jungkook’s cock bouncing against his abdomen before he pulled away from yoongi. “b-both.” whined the brunette, using his hand to pleasure yoongi. “i-i want you boys inside me..” the couple looking at each other with lust in their eyes.
pulling yoongi closer to him, hoseok left a light bruise on his neck when he kissed it. hoseok then held jungkook up, chests pressed against each other so that yoongi could lay down; resting jungkook’s back on his chest.
once yoongi lubed his erection, he slowly stretched out the boy with his own wet cock, jungkook whimpering loudly at the feeling. the deeper yoongi pushed along with hoseok, his body shook more to the new feeling.
if it wasn’t for hoseok holding him up, he would just be a collapsed mess: hair stuck on his forehead. he wrapped his arms around hoseok, muffling his moans in his neck. “oh god.” he muffled, enjoying the feeling of being filled with two cocks.
jungkook was then angled in a position where thrusts hit his prostate, his dick leaking and twitching. he knew he wasn’t going to last any longer now. the couple moaned in his ear, using a pair of hands to hold each other’s.
heat filled the room along with their breathy and deep moans. “i-i’m close.” announced jungkook in whines. that made the two fuck him harder and faster, them feeling close too. “cum for us baby, it’s okay.” reassured hoseok with lust.
moments later, jungkook spilled out onto his stomach, some hitting against hoseok’s skin as they continued to fuck him; a wave of overstimulation hitting him. soon after, yoongi cums before hoseok followed close behind, thrusting out their orgasms.
pulling out, jungkook collapsed completely on yoongi when hoseok collapsed on jungkook. breathy laughter traced with lust, hoseok flipping off of them and laying on his back next to them, jungkook now between the two.
the couple cuddled jungkook between them, a yawn escaping him. they really fucked the energy out of him. and so they snuggled, all lazy to clean up.

they’ll just wash off and tidy in the morning.
when the sun awoke from its slumber, so did jungkook; softly blinking awake. he was stretching until his arms touched a pair of bodies. looking to both his sides, he saw the couple on each side of him.
gently getting up out of bed, the young male stood up for a few seconds before he legs shook, making him fall to the floor; the thud making yoongi jump out his sleep. running the sleep out his eyes, yoongi saw the boy on the floor. “are you okay?” he chuckled softly.
nodding, jungkook crawled back onto the bed, sitting on the edge. “my legs gave out.” explained the brunette which only made yoongi chuckle again. “well you had your first time with two dicks inside you. your body isn’t used to it.” yoongi stood up.
seeing the male naked after his lustful high died down felt a little different, cheeks becoming a shade of rose. “r-right.” stuttered the younger.
“i’ll carry you to the bathroom, i assume that’s where you wanted to go.” even though the tone was suggestive, his words were firm.
raising an eyebrow, jungkook cleared his throat. “carry me?” his repetitive question being answered when yoongi’s arm went under his leg and the other supporting his back, taking him to the bathroom.
it didn’t take the two long to get to the bathroom, yoongi placing jungkook on the toilet seat near the shower. “when you want to shower, just focus on your legs and the need to not want to fall. it’ll help you.” the black haired male giving him tips before leaving.
jungkook sat on the toilet for a while before attempting to get up. as soon as he did, he caught himself in the mirror. he looked a mess gently bruises on his skin, from neck to hips. nodding to himself, it hit him. he wasn’t a virgin anymore. and he lost it to his best friends.
accepting what happened, the brunette entered the shower after turning it on and waiting for the warmth to escape through it; enjoying the water hit his skin, relaxing his muscles.
jungkook spent a while washing off in the shower before leaving. going back into the room and putting back on the discarded clothes, noticing hoseok was now awake. gently smiling at him, jungkook checked his phone to check the time.
seeing couple of notifs on his phone, jungkook saw it was almost twelve. “i should get back home.” his voice low and light, putting on his shoes when the two men nodded. “i’ll text you guys later, alright?” and with that, the brunette left.
that’s his baby
jungkook entered his apartment to hear giggles reach his ears. he was still here. grunting in frustration, he closed the door and went to his room, texting his friends that he made it home. more giggles. rolling his eyes, he saw a suit on his door. “fuck...fuck fuck fuck.”
today was the charity event. today was the day he had to spend a whole day with jimin. “fuck.” he muttered once more, hiding his face in his hands.

namjoon’s fingers were heavily grazing into his skin, making the blonde laugh at the feeling. “joonie it tickles!” he spoke between giggles, the elder not stopping at the action. trying to grab his wrists, jimin continued to laugh.
finally, namjoon stopped with laughter of his own; attacking the younger’s face with kisses. “you’re so adorable.” announced the brunette, making jimin coo. “you’re also adorable.” placing a kiss on his lips before getting up.
adjusting his clothing, jimin placed a kiss on namjoon’s head. “i’m gonna go see tae, alright? i’ll see you soon.” smiled the blonde before leaving, meeting with jungkook in the hallway. rolling his eyes, he walked past. “i’ll be here for 5:30pm.” jimin spoke before leaving.
he’s coming over
getting the key from his pocket, jimin opened the door, a tub of ice cream between his arm and hip. “tae look what i-“ the tub falling from his grip, key left in the open door. “got.”
“you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” words leaving his lips shaky. tae was now off the person’s lap; anger coursing through jimin’s body. “jimin! i didn’t know you were c-“
“should’ve fucking checked your phone before letting him think you’re gonna fuck him!” rage building up.
it was him. the person who was willing to touch jimin without consent. “let me /guess/ asshole, you let minjae bump into him too?!” vision becoming blurry with a mix of tears and the colour red when colour left tae’s own face. “w-what?” words falling soft off tae’s lips.
storming towards the taller male who stood up with a smirk, he winked. “jaehyun. i never got to tell you my name.” a palm meeting his face after his cocky sentence. “how /dare/ you go /near/ my best friend let alone touch him?” another slap.
taehyung couldn’t move. couldn’t speak. he couldn’t believe what he’d done. jimin punched jaehyun in the face before pushing him. “get the fuck out. now.” the demanded icy off jimin’s tongue. seeing he wouldn’t move, jimin placed his hands on his shoulders and kneed him.
witnessing how the male hunched over with a wince, jimin took a grip of his ear, dragging him out the door. “you better not fucking go near any of my friends again. or next time i won’t fucking hesitate to hurt you more.” vision still blurry. voice still shaky.
seeing him leave, the blonde blinked away his tears, allowing them to stream down his face. “ji-“
“don’t even fucking speak to me.” looking at tae with hooded eyes. taking a step closer, taehyung took a step back; watching how uneven jimin’s breathing was.
“jimin you’re gonna have a-“
“don’t tell me what i’m gonna have!” he yelled, regretting it as his breathing was short and the syllables felt like knives in his throat. walking closer to who he thought was his best friend, the blonde shook his head before slapping taehyung.
the impact on tae’s cheek was heavy, making him hold his face in pain. “j-jimin i didn’t know.” tears filling his own eyes.
“you should’ve known!” short breath. “you...you should’ve known...” breaking out into a silent sob. “you were my best friend..”
the single syllable. were. that’s what broke tae’s heart. taking a step forward, it broke even more when jimin took a step back. and another. and another. until he was out the door: key still in the door. ice cream tub still on the floor.

he lost jimin.

that’s when he broke.
come over
seokjin walked up to tae’s door to see it wide open, a key stuck in the lock and a crying tae on the floor, rocking himself as he whispered “i lost him..” over and over again. jin’s heart broke at the sight, going over to the younger and taking him into his arms.
comforting him by thumbing his neck softly, jin kissed his head. “what happened tae?” the question caused taehyung to break out into sobs. hushing the younger, jin felt him shake in his arms. “it’s gonna be okay, i promise.”

was it?
jin rocked with tae gently, kissing his head here and there before taehyung looked at jin with glossed eyes. “promise you won’t leave me too...” lip quivering when he asked. using a thumb to wipe his tear stained cheek, jin placed a kiss on his forehead.

“i promise.”

jimin was beating down on namjoon’s apartment door when jungkook opened it. the sight of the brunette made jimin burst into tears. “w-where’s namjoon?” he sobbed, walking inside. “where?! where is he?” words escaping him frantically, sobbing harder.
jimin shook even harder, beginning to pull at his hair. “where is he?!” yelled the blonde, unconsciously walking towards the brunette; sobbing into his shirt. hesitantly, jungkook wrapped his arms around the elder. “he’ll be here soon..”
“i-i want namjoon..”

/and i want you/
jimin continued to sob into the younger’s shirt, gripping onto the material. jungkook rubbed his back as they held each other in the middle of the living room. an uneven pattern in jimin’s breathing, attempting to calm down.

it was an hour later when namjoon arrived home, the sight of a sleeping jimin cuddling into jungkook on the couch was the first thing he encountered. “hey?..” whispering so he didn’t wake up his boyfriend. looking up, jungkook smiled softly. “hey joon.”
cooing at how peaceful jimin looked, he bent down to kiss his cheek when he saw the dried tears. “why was he crying?” namjoon frowned, looking at his brother. “i dunno. he came in here sobbing and begging for you.”
“so why didn’t you call me?” a hint of bitterness in his tone.
raising an eyebrow, jungkook shrugged. “the thought didn’t really cross my mind, i’m sorry. your boyfriend was breaking down.” the younger spoke with a sigh, watching as namjoon slowly picked up jimin, taking him into his room to rest on his bed.
sitting up, jungkook allowed fingers to guide through brown locks of hair. when namjoon got back, he sat on the other end of the couch. “are you still going to the charity event tonight?” namjoon asked. jungkook nodded, checking the time to see it would start in 6 hours from now.
nodding at jungkook, he sighed. “i’ll let him rest until he has enough time to go home and get ready.” explained kook, leaning in the couch. seeing his brother shake his head, he raised an eyebrow. “i’ll bring his stuff here so he can rest longer.” dissolving kook’s confusion.
for the first time in the longest time, there was an awkward pause between the step brothers. “um, i’ll go rest with jimin. so he has someone to wake to.” namjoon breathed out, walking to and into his room.
“he would’ve woken up to me...” the boy whispered amongst himself.
- couple hours later -
well fuck
jealous much?
jimin smiled softly at the couple he met not too long ago; hoseok and yoongi. /they looked so in love./ the thought making jimin have a gently fit of giggles. feeling a tap on his shoulder, he saw jungkook. “i got you a drink.” claimed the young male, handing it to jimin.
taking the beverage, jimin smiled weakly. the two went over to the seats they were assigned to, watching hoseok and yoongi join the pair. “so jimin, you and namjoon huh.” teased hoseok, making jimin blush, looking down at his drink. “y-yeah.” holding back a grin.
drinking some of the beverage, jimin looked up to see all eyes trained on him; making his blush grow. “w-what?” confused as to why he was being stared all. “tell us details!” enthusiasm showcasing from hoseok. “it’s going to be almost two months starting next week.” jimin smiled.
giggling at the ‘awh’ he got from the couple, he looked over at jungkook who wasn’t looking at any three of them. “how long will it be for you two?” the blonde’s attention falling back to the couple. watching them hold each other’s hands, they smiled. “almost four years.”
jimin’s eyes brightened at the amount, in awe at the couple in front of him. “four years? wow.” breathing out the last syllable. “you and namjoon might last that long.” yoongi encouraged with an awkward side smile.
“the event’s gonna start guys, shush.” kook interrupting.

jungkook watched when their principal walked on. the brunette was glad, he didn’t wanna hear another second about his brother’s relationship from his boyfriend himself. downing the non-alcoholic beverage. jungkook took a deep breath.

it was gonna be a long night.
many events occurred the night, varying from games to a talent show. laughter filling the hall, money being earned. jimin was in the school bathroom, looking at his appearance in the mirror when hoseok walked in, smiling at the blonde. “getting pretty for someone?” he teased.
hoseok’s teasing tone made the gentleman laugh softly, putting away his lip gloss. “well my man isn’t here, so i’m getting pretty for myself.” winked jimin at hoseok in the mirror. “you probably get pretty for him in bed instead.” hoseok claimed playfully which made jimin stare.
meeting the blonde’s gaze in the mirror, hoseok looked over next to him. “am i wrong?” his chuckle quickly dying down when jimin looks at the floor. “oh sweetie.” the brunette resting his hand on his shoulder. “you’ll get all pretty for him soon, don’t worry.” assured the male.
nodding with a faint smile, jimin left the bathroom with hoseok, going back to the two men who were discussing something. giving jungkook a weak smile, the blonde focused back onto the stage.
finally. the event was over. the four exited the school hall, consuming the fresh air. “yoongi is getting sleepy so i’m gonna drive us home. are you sure you don’t need a ride?” pouted the elder. jungkook shook his head with a warm smile. “just get yoongi home, we’ll be fine.”
dragging jimin into a hug, a small yelp escaped plump glossed lips before he hugged back the taller human. “it was nice meeting you chimchim.” hoseok spoke before he walked off with a slow yoongi to his car. “chimchim?” jungkook questioned, eyebrow raised. “nickname.”
deciding to drop the topic there, jungkook tilted his head to indicate they should start walking. the moon was blessing the earth with his light as the pair walked along the road. “your school is really nice.” jimin praised with a light voice. shrugging it off, kook nodded.
“yeah, it’s cool.”
“i didn’t know you played so many sports.” astonishment underlying in the statement which made jungkook smirk gently. “yeah, i like my sports. couldn’t choose one. so here we are.” quick explaination from the younger, jimin folding his arms over his chest.
looking over at the blonde, jungkook cleared his throat. “so, um. your place or joon’s?” last part of the question making jimin raise his eyebrow playfully. “you also live there?”
“well, yeah but you go to see joon so to you, it’s his.” the declarative toke making min quiet.
stopping in his path, jungkook turned to see jimin looking at the ground. “um...i never got to thank you for earlier..” hesitation and nerves blending together on his tongue. “thank you for allowing me to just...cry on you i guess.” fiddling with one of his rings.
with a deep breath, the blonde finally looked up at the younger. “you look nice together. i forgot to tell you.” words coming from jungkook out of nowhere before he continued to walk, leaving jimin blinking slowly; frozen in one spot before finally moving to catch up with him.
the pair laughed softly as they approached jimin’s apartment door. “don’t koalas have chlamydia?” jungkook chuckled his words, jimin using the wall to support him as he laughed. “they do!” heavy giggles leaving his body. sounds of laughter dying down.
“i know you didn’t want to but thank you for coming with me.” jungkook shrugged, hands slipping into his pockets. “at least you showed off how pretty you looked.” words leaving before he could realise, jimin blushing at the words. “y-you’re welcome.”
getting his house key from his pocket, jimin pushed it in the door and opened it. “thank you for tonight jungkook, night.” gentle smile painted on his features before going into the apartment.
“you two look nice together...but maybe we’d look better.” he mumbled, walking off.
good day? bad day?
jimin couldn’t stop looking at the message. he would’ve thought taehyung would’ve given him more days to cool off but he barely gave him 48 hours. the blonde sighed softly, locking the phone. jimin wasn’t a coward. he didn’t want to be. so it was now or never.
looking at the room number, jimin hesitated on the door handle for a little before opening it with a little too much force. the sight of taehyung by the window made him feel nervous, hurt, upset and warmth all in one. “you um..dyed your hair again.” jimin announced softly.
looking at the blonde, taehyung nodded; touching his hair. “yeah, i did.” silence consuming the classroom. closing the door, jimin went to one of the desks and sat on it. “you wanted to talk you said?” trying to get this conversation over with.
taehyung played with his clothing, not making eye contact with jimin. “i wanted to talk about the other day.” jimin wincing alone. how was he going to make it through this topic? nodding so taehyung could proceed, taehyung stepped away from the window.
“i didn’t know jimin..believe me if i did, i would’ve kicked him in the balls myself.” tae justified himself declaratively, jimin snorting at the comment with amusement cause he knew tae would do that. “jimin you’re my soulmate. i wouldn’t purposely hurt you.”
finally, the two made eye contact following a unison sigh. “i don’t want you out my life...i don’t know what i would you.” continued the student, licking his lips. “you know what a world without you is like? dark. scary. lonely.” adjectives coming off in a waver from tae.
noticing the watery eyes, jimin closed his own to not get to that stage. “you have seokjin.”
“jinnie isn’t /you/ jimin, you know that.” sighed out the young one, looking away briefly.
“...i do believe you..that you wouldn’t deliberately hurt me.”
the two looked at each other again before a single tear fell from both their eyes, going towards it other into a much needed warm embrace. “i couldn’t lose you.” tae’s words muffled into jimin’s blonde hair. “i’m sorry i slapped you.” tae laughing at the apology. “i deserved it.”
once they split out the hug, the blonde took tae’s hands in his own, looking at the size difference. “can you shrink?” pouted the elder.
“can you grow?” taehyung shot back with the same tone.

tae’s heart was mended again.
💞 that’s all for now! watch out for more updates 💞
booboo back
jungkook was taking photos for his coursework, focusing his camera on the butterfly that rested gently on the flower. capturing the moment, a smile struck upon his face; checking the image in his camera. “perfect.” nodding in satisfaction.
the male continued taking photos, only stopping when he felt like he had taken enough. walking back to school, he noticed his classroom was locked so he went to his locker. there was no training this week, the brunette feeling bare as he had nothing to do.
his friends were in their assigned classes. he walked back outside in the fresh air, checking his phone before going into his texts.
on break
jungkook gave up, taking a walk over to the local park. smiling at an elderly couple, he made his way over to a park bench; closing his eyes as he attempted to enjoy his own company but failing miserably.
a set of low and high giggles crashed into jungkook’s silence, “your grandmother loves me more than she loves.” the light voice sounded teasing. and familiar. opening his eyes, jungkook saw the familiar blonde with another person who’s hair was dyed in waves.
the two males were walking by consumed in their conversation when jungkook suddenly stood up. “jimin. hey.” catching the blonde’s attention.
“oh, hey jungkook.” the older male smiled gently. the brunette eyed the other man who had his eyebrow raised.
clearing his throat, jimin saw that the two others were eyeing other. “oh, jungkook, this is taehyung: my best friend.” announced the blonde, jungkook shaking tae’s hand politely. “nice to meet you.” his hand dropping back to his side.
sensing the little awkwardness, the blonde cleared his throat to speak but the brunette beat him to it. “what are you doing around here?” jungkook questioned, confused as to why he was around his area.
“tae and i were visiting his grandmother.” jimin claimed.
when the blonde explained himself, jungkook nodded softly. “alright, cool. well, um. i’ll let you two go about your business.” an awkward side smile showing on his face. portraying his own smile, jimin waved, holding taehyung’s hand before the two walked off.

jimin was softly humming to himself, walking with tae when he chuckled, causing jimin to look over at him. “what is it?” the sentence coming off with nervous laughter. “who’s jungkook?” smirked the younger male, a scoff leaving the blonde’s system.
shaking his head frantically, the young man sighed. “that’s namjoon’s step brother. don’t get any ideas.” jimin’s voice firm which made taehyung raise his hands in defence. “i don’t think you should be telling /me/ that.” taehyung proposing his rebuttal.
the shorter human stopped in his tracks at his best friend’s words. “what are you saying?” confusion evident in the man’s voice. folding his arms with a teasing pout, tae rolled his eyes to match his actions. “he seems to have a crush on you.” seeing jimin instantly walk again.
jogging a little to catch up back to jimin, he stood in front of him. “tae, i don’t wanna get into this...look what happened the last time you thought someone had a crush on me.” watching tae frown at the sour words. “tae, jungkook doesn’t have a crush on me.”
taehyung decided to sigh in defeat, moving out the way as they both walked again. “you’re right. i wouldn’t really know, i haven’t had a crush or boyfriend.” elaborated the boy with the light pink hair. looking at his soulmate, jimin raised an eyebrow.
“you’re still saying you don’t have a crush on jin?” giggled the short blonde, footsteps in unison with tae’s.
“i don’t have a crush on him and he likes this guy called hoseok anyway, remember?” not ignoring the small pout that just made his lips.
nodding slowly, jimin shrugged. “yeah..hoseok....wait.” hoseok. jin always heard him talking about this guy that he liked, blushing over his features every time he was mentioned. hoseok. jin saying he was taken, the thought always leaving him devastated. “i-i know him.”
seeing the pout on tae’s face increase, jimin waved his hand like he was shaking his head. “no no. i /know/ him. i met him the other night.” the blonde explained himself. “he has a boyfriend called yoongi and they’ve been dating four years now.” continuing his explanation.
taehyung rolled his eyes at the information. “why should i care about this?” he asked annoyed.
“i don’t know if you’ve noticed but jin has stopped talking about him these couple weeks.” jimin spoke to which tae shrugged.
“good for him?”
letting out a groan of frustration, his fingers combed through his blonde hair. “taehyung. jin moved on. he must’ve. he went from talking to him everyday to not even uttering his name.” declared the young male. seeing tae starting to walk, jimin grabbed his wrist.
“you know what? enough games.” huffed jimin. “when we fought? who did you go to?” asked the man.
“jin? but that’s cause he’s all i really have besides you and nana.”
“so why didn’t you go to nana?” jimin raised an eyebrow suggestively.
“cause i wanted to see jin in that moment.”
“exactly. when you wanna study, who do you choose? me or him?”
“him? he’s able to focus more unlike you.”
rolling his eyes at the comment, jimin continued.
“when i’m busy, who do you go to?”
“again, jin? same thing applies to him being my only other close friend.”
resting both his hands on tae’s arms, jimin shook him lightly with a groan. “why are you so /stubborn/?”
“i’m not being stubborn.” jimin yet again rolling his eyes. “i’ll believe that when pigs fly.” sighing gently. “fine, i’ll drop this topic.”

the topic wasn’t dropped.
that’s what they think
taehyung knocked on jin’s door, it only taking a few seconds for it to open as he was greeted by the taller male. “hey.” the encounter occurring in union before tae walked into jin’s home.
seeing as he was the only one here besides like tenant himself. “where’s jiminie?” the younger asked when he sat down on one of the kitchen counter stools. seokjin shrugged at the received question, going back to cooking. “i thought he would’ve been here with you really.”
tae looked over at what jin was cooking and licked his lips in hunger. “i’ll text him. by the way, your food looks and smells amazing.” complimented tae to his older friend who smiled, bowing his head a little in a way to thank him.
where are you
taehyung noticed replies stopped coming in which made him chuckle in distaste.
“everything alright?” the question humming off the elder’s lips. tae bit the inside of him gums lightly before responding. “jimin is with namjoon.” watching jin chuckle gently. “of course he is.”
time slipped by and the pair were finished eating, now laughing at a joke that was said in the movie. jin then broke into conversation first. “i was talking to my friend hoseok,” the first part of the sentence instantly making taehyung feel sick.
not noticing the effect the words had on tae, he continued. “he said he met jimin at his school’s charity event, can you believe how small the world is?” laughing more to himself than to the topic. “i don’t care...” the male grumbled between gritted teeth.
looking at the elder, taehyung huffed heavily. “i don’t care.” same three words being spoken more affirmative. “i don’t care if he met jimin or if he dyed his hair today or if he forgot his damn homework. i. don’t. care.” each word sharp, not noticing he was standing up now.
seokjin was left there with his mouth a little open in shock at taehyung’s anger. “what’s gotten into you?” still surprised at his friend. standing up too, seokjin walked a step towards him. “i’m /tired/ of hearing how perfect he is. he’s /taken/ jin. hey over him.”
the words made jin frown. “why didn’t you just tell me that you were uncomfortable?” slight annoyance touching his speech.
“because i wasn’t seokjin, i really wasn’t. b-but then-“
“but then what?” the pair barely a couple inches a part from each other. when did they get close?
the gentle breath of each other grazed their faces. “but..” the lone word being all that left tae before he leaned up to kiss him softly; the palm of his hands resting on the elder’s cheeks.
jin kissed back immediately but as he was about to attempt to go deeper, taehyung pushed him away; touching his own lips. with widened eyes, taehyung rushed to the door, grabbing his coat. “i-i shouldn’t have kissed you.” shaking his head which jin sighed to.
“tae, dont push me away.” sighed out the elder, walking towards him. tae’s breathed hitched at the close proximity, eyes trained on plump lips he kissed not too long ago. looking back up into his eyes, taehyung opened the door. “i can’t do this..not right now.”

and he left.
oh taejin

the blonde was snuggled into the larger frame of his boyfriend; namjoon creating patterned circles on his thigh which jimin sigh in content to. “we start our performance practice tomorrow for the showcase.” announced the blonde, listening to joon hum in response.
tilting his head to look up at the elder, jimin smiled softly before kissing him; small fingers playing in his brown hair. slowly, namjoon’s hand wandered to his waist and tugged on him a little which made jimin twist in his arms then placed a leg over him.
the two deepened the kiss before the blonde moved to straddle his partner, fingers falling deeper into barely wavy locks of hair. namjoon gently bit on his bottom lip, using when jimin gasped as an opportunity to slide his tongue into his mouth.
the blonde rolled his hips, enjoying how namjoon groaned in pleasure at the feeling. that’s when jimin used one of his hands and palmed namjoon’s crotch; wanting to feel him grow on his hand.
a boost of confidence hugged jimin when he moved the hand to put it inside namjoon’s clothing but the said person flipped the two over, kissing him one more time before they separated. “joonie?” his breathing a little rough, using his elbows to lift up his body slightly.
when namjoon didn’t respond yet, their ragged breathing filling the room, that’s when it clicks to jimin. “o-oh.” suddenly feeling ashamed of being seen. “i’m so sorry i...i shouldn’t have done that.” getting off the bed. “i didn’t mean to disgust you.” jimin pursed.
shaking his head, namjoon got up too and went to jimin to take his hands. “angel, you don’t disgust me.” assured the brunette but jimin didn’t look at him. “am i just not good enough for you then?” insecurity high and evident and it made namjoon frown. “jimin..”
taking back his hands, jimin sighed. “you never touch me...so it must be me, right? i must not be good enough for you.” hating how the palm of his partner’s resting on his cheek made him melt into the touch. “jimin, you’re more than enough..” continuing to reassure the blonde.
it took a while but jimin ended up nodding, heading to the bedroom door. “i’ll message you when i get home.” syllables soft and jimin walked out. he passed jungkook’s door but backed up a little. deciding against himself, the blonde knocked it lightly before entering.
jungkook was writing in a book which jimin assumed was his homework but stopped when the blonde entered. “i’m heading home. just thought i would say goodnight to you.” shrugged jimin, looking around. “oh, um, goodnight to you too.” the younger responded.
weakly smiling, jimin left the room as well as the whole apartment; making his way home.
thank you
the next day at school seemed to be an awkward one, the blonde eyeing his two friends who seemed to be ignoring each other. not pushing on the matter just yet, jimin continued to study in the library with the others. “so jimin, how was practice?” jin asked quietly.
jimin grinned brightly at the topic and he put his pen down to give jin his attention. “it was great. the choreography looks amazing.” praised the blonde proudly to which jin nodded. the three then continued to study before going separate ways home. jimin will solve it later.
when jimin arrived home, he breathed out. sometimes he hated living alone, the quietness of the space being too much to bare. as if the world knew how he felt, the blonde received a text from namjoon to come over.
he frowned a little due to how his insecurities got the better of him last night but jimin walked back out his door. not bothered to wait for a taxi today, he just called an uber, getting into the vehicle and letting it take him to his desired location.
just a little over an hour, jimin made it to the apartment. knowing the door would be open, the petite gentleman walked in to see namjoon in the kitchen. “hey angel.” namjoon acknowledged, using his hand movement to tell jimin to come over to him.
the younger kissed his cheek, seeing namjoon serving dishes. “are you sure i’m not gonna die this time?” the blonde teased which made the elder turn into a shade of rose. “i promise it tastes good.” he spoke, more for himself than jimin, making the blonde giggle.
namjoon served three dishes which meant that jungkook was home, the thought being confirmed when namjoon asked him something. “could you take this to his room for me? since he’s already in his room, he won’t really come out to eat.” nodding as he accepted the request.
taking the tray that had the plate of food on his along with banana milk and utensils, jimin walked down the hallway. knocking on the door softly, he waited to hear from the younger this time but he only heard muffled noises on the other side of the door.
not bothered to wait any longer, jimin opened the door; almost dropping the tray. the sight that came before his eyes was a shocking one.

jungkook was touching himself; fingers in his mouth with closed eyes.
choking on his own saliva, he cleared his throat as loud as he could to gain the younger’s attention whose eyes shot open; quickly covering himself in embarrassment. “fuck, jimin i’m so sorry.” whined the brunette a little heavy breathed. why was jimin still looking?
snapping back to reality, jimin quickly put the tray on the boy’s desk before walking out the door, leaning against it when it was closed.

why was he staring?
making his way back to his boyfriend, jimin attempted to get the thought out of his head at how jungkook was there with spread legs whimpering against his mouth. slapping his cheek lightly, the blonde blinked rapidly.
smiling at namjoon, he kissed the tall male softly, the two sitting on the kitchen counter stools and enjoying the meal that was surprisingly good to jimin. “did you take lessons?” he teased between chews, namjoon laughing with him. “no, it’s just luck.” joon shot back.
breathing heavy, jimin held his position for a few moments before walking off stage, being praised by fellow students and his professor. the showcase was in two weeks and jimin spent most of his time now practicing and preparing; staying behind for hours if he needed to.
jimin waved everyone goodbye when they left and he stayed per usual. drinking some water, he started to play the song but paused it quickly when he heard a voice call his name. “namjoon?” shoulders perking up in excitement as he ran to him, jumping in his arms.
jimin’s legs wrapped around his waist as he looked down on him. “what are you doing here?” not able to contain how happy we was to see him. “i know you’ve been working hard so me and jungkook came to bring you some snacks.” explained the tall gentleman, jimin looking to the side.
he didn’t see jungkook until he was pointed out to him, the blonde gulping when the image from the other night popped into his mind. hopping off namjoon, landing gently on his feet like a feline. “thank you guys.” the blonde cooed. “since you’re here, wanna see the dance?”
pretending he didn’t see how jungkook’s posture straightened at the question. namjoon nodded his head with a smile and jimin walked over to the stage; rewinding the song. pressing play, he quickly got into position.
the blonde boy took a deep breath as he focused on the sound of the piano from his phone. swiftly, his body moved as he practiced, twirling in the right moments and flipping there. he felt alive when he danced. he felt free.
when the song was coming towards the end, jimin covered his face with his arm, the other stretching out lightly. he didn’t move until he heard claps coming in the room; looking over at the two men. bowing to them, the blonde came off the stage, taking a sip of his water.

jungkook couldn’t breathe. and he had to blame all of that on the male who just portrayed himself as a graceful swan upon that stage. “angel, that was beautiful.” he heard namjoon exclaim, jungkook still having no words.
jimin thanking his boyfriend, jungkook blinked himself into reality. “you’re a good dancer jimin.” the brunette finally, stuffing his now sweaty hands into his pockets. seeing jimin smile at him made him look away with the rose shade cursing his cheeks.
the young boy wanted to gag at the sight of the couple kissing, jungkook biting down on his lip.

/break up/ the two words preaching in his mind, wishing he could say them out loud. “namjoon we should go.” uttered the male, wanting to get out of there.
thankful that namjoon agreed with him, his brother kissed his partner’s cheek before they finally left; jungkook feeling like he could breathe again. getting into the passenger seat of namjoon’s car, he sighed deeply. “do you love him?” the question even surprising look himself.
why did jungkook just ask that question? quickly clearing his throat, he looked away from namjoon’s widened gaze. “forget i said anything.” jungkook added when joon opened his mouth to speak. taking the car out of park, the elder drove off.
jungkook walked inside the apartment behind namjoon but he halted causing the younger to crash into his back with an oof. “namjo-“
the elder turned to look at him with a brief icy gaze. “i do love him.” confirmed the brother before he walked off into his room.
guilt mixed into his blood when he gulped, looking down at the carpet underneath his feet. “i know you do...” mumbled the brunette in the lone room.

/that’s what makes this harder./
jimin didn’t get any more responses when he sent the last message. the blonde didn’t know why he frowned, locking his phone and laying back down on his bed looking up at the ceiling.
/the message sounded suggestive you idiot/ his inner thoughts scolding him and his eyes widened.
picking back up his phone, the male took a second before putting it back down. it wasn’t like he needed to explain himself, right? jungkook knew he was taken. by his brother in fact. making sure his alarm was set, the blonde prepared himself to sleep.

he didn’t sleep that night.

jungkook closed his locker, getting startled when two figures appeared behind it. “i’m young. a heart attack /isn’t/ what i need right now.” exaggerated the brunette, getting hit in the arm by hoseok. “oh don’t be silly.” the elder chuckled, fixing his bag strap.
nodding towards yoongi, jungkook chuckled softly. “hey short stuff.” regretting his words when yoongi stepped on his foot; the brunette hunching over. “we’re the same height, what’re you talking about?” smirked yoongi with a shrug.
“hoseok, you’re dating the devil.”
hoseok laughed at that comment, kissing his boyfriend gently. “well, the devil /does/ have a wife.” winked the male, holding his partner’s hand. rolling his eyes playfully, jungkook let out a small laugh.
“um, jungkook, can i talk to you quickly?” yoongi asked awkwardly.
both jungkook and hoseok raised their eyebrows questionably but jungkook nodded. “sure?” seeing yoongi smile weakly. “i’ll be right back baby.” claimed the dark haired male, leaving hoseok waiting by the locker. when the two men were far enough to talk, yoongi breathed.
yoongi looked off to the younger. resting a palm on his shoulder encouragingly, yoongi finally looked him in the eye. “everything okay?” concern laced in the question but yoongi nodded quickly. “i wanted to tell you something but i obviously don’t want hoseok to know.”
the words made the brunette’s heart drop. his eyebrows furrowed looking at the shorter male. “you’re scaring me yoongi, what’s going o-“
“i wanna ask hoseok to marry me.” the words being the last thing jungkook expected to fall from between his lips.
blinking at the heaviness of the confession, jungkook nibbled down on his slightly chapped lip. “m-marry you?” the five letter word holding so much power in the conversation.
“i know we’re young and all, only being in our early 20s but..i can’t go another second knowing he’s not my husband, knowing that forever could end.” honest words rolling off his tongue, the love evident in his eyes. jungkook was jealous. he wanted someone to love him like that.
smiling warmly at the elder, jungkook pulled him into a hug; patting his back lightly. “go for it. you both love each other so much, everyone can see it.” continuing to encourage his friend, knowing his succeeded when he saw the boy’s signature gummy smile.
going back to hoseok who was still looking at the pair curiously, yoongi took his hand to kiss it; watching hoseok’s features soften - the three now walking to the cafeteria.
change it
the blonde applauded his best friend, watching him strut towards him in a pink skirt with fishnets matching the colour. “you look so /sexy/.” jimin giggled at the male when he did a twirl, seeing him ignore all the eyes: some lustful, some confused.
when taehyung walked past the shorter student, jimin playfully slapped his ass making tae laugh gently. walking into the cafeteria, the two men saw jin on his phone with a coffee cup chilling on the table in front of him. “hey jinnie.” jimin spoke to get his attention.
seokjin looks up from his phone and goes into a coughing fit when he choked on his salvia. jin saw the picture tae tweeted but seeing it in person was far better. ripping his gaze from the man’s thighs, the other two sat down. jin and taehyung still weren’t talking.
it annoyed jimin because none of them would tell him what happened. taking a sip of jin’s coffee, he almost choked on it when jin hit his knee on the table. “are you okay?!” jimin exclaimed in questioning. taehyung smirked, resting his chin in his palm.
taehyung had suddenly dragged his foot up jin’s leg which surprised him. rubbing his knee, seokjin nodded to jimin while wincing a little. “i’m still mad at you for not joining the drama performance for the showcase.” the blonde student pouted, leaning back in the chair.
seokjin shrugged lightly. “i didn’t like the script, i wasn’t gonna waste my time.” his last couple words coming off into a higher octave. jimin, confused, raised an eyebrow and looked over a tae who had no emotion on his face.
little did jimin know that his foot was pressed against the elder’s crotch. when he moved it, jin cleared his throat. “i’ll join the last showcase before we graduate, i promise.” seokjin declared, taking back his coffee to finish it.
not a single word was uttered between his soulmate and close friend, the blonde sighing. “you guys are irritating.” hummed the dance student, checking his phone briefly. taehyung then used his foot to raise jin’s shirt a little and that’s when jin broke.
clearing his throat, taehyung kissed jimin’s cheek softly. “i’m gonna head to the art department early.” he spoke before getting up and leaving. with a sigh, the blonde looked over at seokjin. “it’s just you and me now buddy.” jimin smiled but it died when he saw jin’s face.
huffing, jimin rolled his eyes. “let me guess, you’re leaving too?” jin giving jimin an apologetic nod. pouting, the blonde allowed his friend to be dismissed; watching him quickly walk away from the area. “me, myself and i, i guess..” he mumbled with a sigh.

when jin arrived in the discussed room, he saw taehyung sitting on a table with his legs crossed. closing the door, he leaned against it. “why have you been ignoring me?” is the first thing jin said to fill the silence, watching tae look away.
walking closer to the younger, jin let out a little huff. “you’re so stubborn, you know that?” jin commented, tae looking back at him. “i’m gonna ask you again.” another step closer. “why have you been ignoring me?” another step closer.
taehyung trained his eyes on jin’s hooded ones. “i needed space to think and clear my head.” admitted the younger, looking down. “think about what? the fact we kissed? taehyung, i kissed you back.” elaborating the elder. “what did you need to think about?”
“i’m not doing this.” the dyed haired male got off the desk, walking past jin but he grabbed his wrist, pulling him back close to him; tae’s breath hitching at the action. “say it.” demanded the taller man. “what do you want me to say?” groaned taehyung, trying to move.
jin’s grip on his wrist got tighter. “say that you feel something for me.” his voice growing lighter by each syllable. hearing nothing fall from taehyung’s lips, he lets go and pushes over a chair; the sound causing tae to flinch a little.
he took a hesitant step towards the elder male, a palm resting on his arm. jin looked back over to him. “goddammit tae, what are you /afraid/ of?” jin moving to cup his cheeks, the two looking into each other’s eyes. without another word, tae went on his tiptoes; eyeing his lips.
the younger then planted his lips on on the others, a little rough but they worked around it, blending their aggressive with their passion; fingers finding its way in jin’s hair with a little tug. seokjin moved his hands down his back and onto his hips.
palms then hovered over the male’s ass before kneading the clothed muscle. the feeling made tae gasp into the kiss, tugging on jin’s hair a little harder. swiftly, jin moved his hands under tae’s thighs and picked him up in one movement, the boy wrapping legs around his waist.
pushing them against a wall, the small impact on tae’s back made him whine against plump lips. tongues were dancing with each other as bodies became heated. they separated briefly only to catch a breath but jin’s lips met with taehyung’s neck; the boy letting out a low growl.
the elder sucked on his skin, putting a claim on tae by marking him. the male then moved them from the wall to a desk; a hand travelling up tae’s thigh, fingering a hole in the fishnet, fingertip grazing against the softness of the boy’s skin.
tae leaned up a bit, fiddling with the hem on the natural brunette’s shirt. seeing what tae wanted, jin took the shirt off; discarding it on the floor. suddenly, the older gentleman flipped the younger over gently; raising the pink skirt to see tae’s ass protected by fishnets.
he lightly spanked the male of the ass, taehyung gasping at the impact, biting down on his lip when jin did it again. rubbing where the redness was forming, jin pulled down the fishnets to his ankles; kissing the red print.
jin grabbed tae’s balls delicately, squeezing them ever so slightly and smirking when another low growl came from his throat. slapping his ass in the exact same spot, the elder went on his knees.
taehyung wiggled on the desk, legs dangling. when he didn’t feel any touch from the other man, he was about to say something but shook at the feeling of a tongue swiping across his rim ring. “holy shit.” the two words coming off him hushes.
jin held down tae’s waist due to moving so much. slowly, jin thrusted in his tongue loving how tae moaned because of him. continuing to thrust his tongue in and out the male, taehyung’s squirming increased.
“j-jin.” moaned out the younger, hands becoming fists; fingernails digging into his palm. seokjin rubbed the boy’s ass before lightly slapping him but enough for a baby shade of red to appear upon his skin.
“jin stop.” he continued to moan. hearing the request, jin stopped, slightly fear raising inside him. did he do something wrong? taehyung got off the table, kissing jin lightly to taste himself. “i wanna give you my apology for ignoring you.” tae spoke, biting his lip.
he rested a kiss on jin’s neck, following more all the way down on his stomach as he got into his knees. taehyung undid jin’s dark washed jeans, giggling at the cartoon printed on the boxers. kissing the elder’s bulge, tae kept his fingers on the hem of the boxers.
pulling them down slowly, he loved how the male’s hard cock hit against his face lightly; tae amazed at the length. using his thumb, the young man rubbed the tip, enjoying the sight of the precum leaking from the hole. smearing the liquid over his dick, tae kissed the tip.
jin’s lustful eyes watched every movement, head being thrown back the minute his erection was in his companion’s mouth, tae’s own eyes trailing up jin’s body to look him in the eyes when he looked back down; head bobbing up and down.
the sight was fucking sinful for the two of them let alone someone else if they walked in; long fingers gripping on dyed hair and tugging a little. one of tae’s palms being rested on jin’s thick thigh while the other was pumping what his mouth couldn’t reach.
taehyung enjoyed the fullness of the hard cock in his mouth, warmth presenting itself. the young man continued to bop his head up and down, feeling the thrusting in his throat. moving the hand that was on jin’s thigh, tae moved it to his own cock.
stroking his own hard length, he kept on doing his original activity. moans surrounded the spacious classroom. taehyung had no control, pumping his erection hard and fast. “fuck, sweetheart, you look amazing.” grunted the man standing, tugging harder on tae’s dyed locks.
that’s when jin started to thrust into tae’s mouth himself, moving taehyung’s head along with his own hips. moaning at the change, tae teased his own cock tip; going back to stroking the twitching genital.
the pair knew they were going to ride out their orgasms soon, it being confirmed from jin when he claimed he was close through moans. everything became uneven and frantic, twitches happening from bodies to the growth of heavy moans. jin then came in tae’s mouth.
feeling the student swallow what was being let out into his mouth, his own spillage occurred on the floor. licking all the cum that didn’t make him mouth, taehyung breathed heavy. seokijn slid down to the floor, using tissue from a packet he had to wipe the floor.
crawling over to the male, tae straddled his waist with fishnets still down to his ankles. “jinnie?” the name sounding light off his tongue despite the boy’s heavy respiration. humming to indicate continuance, tae smiled gently. “i do have feelings for you.” kissing the elder.
jimin’s suddenly clueless
hoseok placed a pitcher on lemonade and four glasses all accompanied with a tray underneath it on the coffee table. “homemade lemonade, at your service.” announced the male, going to sit next to yoongi.
“a-are you thirsty jimin?” the younger sputters, causing yoongi to snort.
glaring over at yoongi with daggers, he scoffed lightly. “i’m alright, thank you.” jimin’s honey voice responded to which jungkook nodded, poring a glass for himself. “so, jimin, jungkook told me about your showcase.” hoseok’s excitement evident.
the blonde eyed jungkook briefly, watching him hide in the drink as he was downing most of it. looking back over to where hoseok was sitting, jimin nodded. “mhm, it’s in two weeks.” his own excitement peeking through.
“you’re gonna dance! when i was told, i was so excited! i study dance production, i love the art.” hoseok expressed passionately.
“i’m happy i found someone who loves dance as much as i do!” hoseok moving seating position from yoongi to jimin.
the two lone pair looked at each other with a shrug. seeing the two dark headed males being silent, hoseok tutted playfully. “sorry sorry, i got carried away.” jimin nodding at hoseok’s words in agreement. “how about we play a game? charades, uno, scrabble.” hoseok spoke.
snorting at the choices shared, jungkook reached over to ruffle hoseok’s hair. “i always knew you were 70.” teased the younger, leaning back into his original position.
“we could play twister?” suggested yoongi to which hoseok ran to get the game before anyone even agreed.
jungkook and yoongi moved the coffee table carefully as jimin pushed back the couch. hoseok came sprinting back, laying the plastic sheet on the floor. “me and jimin could start! you know, the two most flexible ones here.” hoseok winked to which jimin grew flustered.
handing jungkook the spinner, the pair already had their shoes off from when they got home anyway. “okay, well, hoseok can go first.” stated the brunette, spinning the object. “right hand, yellow.” hoseok casually bending over to place his hand on the circle.
spinning again, jimin looked over at jungkook until the arrow stopped moving. “right foot, red.” obeying to what he was told. “hoseok, left foot green.” a little twist in his body when he planted his foot on the circle. “baby you could’ve just formed a bridge instead.”
the chuckle from yoongi traveled to jimin and jungkook when hoseok started to look ridiculous. sighing out of a laugh, jungkook spun the arrow. “left hand green.” jungkook announced. jimin turned around with his foot still on the first colour, forming a bridge to get to green.
the blonde boy’s shirt rose up a bit due to the position but he didn’t really care. after a few more spins, jimin was twisted in the middle of his body while hoseok was between his legs before the younger’s body gave up, collapsing on the taken man with an oof.
jimin took the spinner from jungkook, the light brush of their fingers touching made the brunette shiver. standing near the mat, yoongi and jungkook awaited on further instructions. when jimin spun it, the blonde announced the result. “yoongi, left foot blue.” yoongi obeying .
watching yoongi place his foot on the specific colour, everyone burst out in laughter when the eldest pretended to fall so he could sit back down. “you’re so fair~” hoseok pouted, yoongi going to him to kiss it away; the trick actually working. “jimin, jungkook, your turn.”
this was when jungkook gulped, it being visible and that’s why he was lucky when jimin didn’t see it. the blonde handed hoseok the plastic device before standing near the mat.

this was going to be interesting.
clearing his throat with exaggeration, hoseok spun the arrow; watching it land on a result. “jungkook, left hand on red.” the simple instructions being followed by the brunette who squatted, not bothered to use unnecessary muscle.
hoseok spun it quickly watching it land once more. “chimchim, left leg, red.” going to the first red circle to not be extra and stretch across. “little kookie, your right hand belongs on blue~” chuckling at how the boy’s arms twisted over each other.
a few spins later, the pair were in weird positions but jimin’s body was hovering across jungkook’s. “you know, twister could’ve been a way people learnt new sex positions.” the thought from hoseok being said in the open, the two boys on the plastic groaning in pain.
“is everything about sex with you?” jungkook questioned jokingly but hoseok smirked with the same atmosphere. “you should know little kookie.” syllables coming off like a sing-song.
“wait what?” and that’s when he collapsed onto jungkook who grunted heavily at the impact.
the golden haired boy laughed with a squeak in the back of his throat as he rolled off the brunette who rubbed his stomach. jimin’s laughter died down the moment he finally sat up. “do you guys literally always talk sex? is that why jungkook knows?” curiosity building in jimin.
jungkook quickly sat up at the question. “yes.” jungkook uttered out the same time hoseok said the opposite, only confusing jimin. hoseok was blunt, not one to enjoy lying. with a shrug, he looked over at jungkook with eyes that had a hint of panic.
nothing but stutters were leaving his lips, jimin looking at him as if he’s lost it. “you tell me hoseok, you’re currently stable.” blondie joked which made hoseok grin softly.
/oh no/ those two single syllables increasing in volume in his head.
looking over at yoongi, hoseok looked back at the two boys on the floor. “well, um, jungkook and i have um..”
“no way.” jimin squealed in amusement.
“...with yoongi too.” and that’s what made jimin gasp, quickly looking over at jungkook.
hitting kook on the arm, jimin burst out into laughter. “you didn’t tell me you were kinky!” the blonde putting his hand to his chest to mock like he was hurt. jungkook raised an eyebrow. why was he so amused? “well, it wasn’t really a topic that could’ve been mentioned, was it.”
snorting at how defensive the boy got, jimin looked over at the standing couple then back at jungkook. “fair enough but you’re still freaky.” poking at jungkook’s chest who shook his head. “i’m really not, trust me.” declared the brown haired male with a shrug.
persisting the matter, the small boy rolled his eyes playfully. “is a threesome the freakiest thing you’ve done?” tone mocking which made jungkook frown a little. “it’s the /only/ thing i’ve done.” starting to get annoyed at the fact he won’t drop the topic and silent stares.
why were yoongi and hoseok so quiet? so much for them. “only thing?...wait what?” eyes widening when he looked at hoseok and yoongi, the younger one waving. focusing his eyes back on the person next to him, jimin put everything together. “you lost it to-“ jungkook got up.
sliding his shoes on, jungkook quickly grabbed his jacket. “wait ju-“ the door slamming shut, making jimin flinch a little. “ngkook.” with a sigh, jimin stood up, quickly getting his things before slipping out the door; completely forgetting the couple that was left behind.
droplets of rain started to touch the concrete, jimin pacing to catch up to jungkook. what was jimin thinking? he clearly wasn’t. “jungkook!” he yelled, but as expected, the boy didn’t answer which was now why jimin ran to catch up to him.
droplets gradually became heavy rain. dammit. running a bit further, he stopped in front of jungkook so he couldn’t move anymore. “jungkook i’m sorry.” having to speak louder due to the sounds of the pouring rain, not caring about his soaking clothes.
jungkook still didn’t answer him, watching droplets of water fall from his face constantly. “jungkook please.” tone now pleading, taking one of his hands. “i didn’t mean to push it, i didn’t mean to touch on the subject of you losing your virginity.” frowned the blonde.
when jungkook made eye contact with jimin, there was a sense of hope that flowed through his body. “jungkook please talk to m-“ jungkook moving forward, wet lips touching his own pair; jimin frozen in shock as jungkook kissed him but he didn’t kiss back.
jimin stepped back, still shocked at what the brunette did. “break up with him.” voice firm and raised due to the rain. confusion flowed through the young man. “break up with namjoon.” the four words breaking jimin’s heart. before he even had time to answer, jungkook ran off.
jungkook’s clothes were attached to his skin when he entered the apartment completely drenched. the male went to his bedroom to get rid of his clothes but walked in to see namjoon on his bed holding a picture frame. the brunette knowing exactly the one it is.
it was when they finally grew close to one another, back in the home they lived in with the father they both shared. “namjoon?” jungkook’s voice soft as if he’s approaching a wild animal.

maybe he was.
“i love you, you know.” words leaving namjoon honestly yet there was something behind the sentence that made it feel heavy. “i would do anything for you jungkook.” the elder brother commented as water continued to drip off jungkook.
the older male stood up, picking up the towel that was next to him and walking to his younger brother who flinched but it went unnoticed. “i will protect you forever. i mean it. until the day i die.” more words from namjoon. jungkook could now feel his eyes water.
with his head hanging low, namjoon placed the towel on it, moving it in a patterned movement to dry the brunette’s hair. “never forget that okay, kook? remember what we told each other? we both still mean it, right? i know i do.” jungkook nodding as namjoon dried him off.
when he was finished, the older gentleman changed him as if he was a fragile baby, placing jungkook into warm clothes; planting a kiss in his hair. “i’ll wash these for you now.” a smile presented on his face. but the smile didn’t feel warm to the guilt ridden jungkook.
watching his older brother leave, the young boy finally allowed his tears to silently escape his eyes.

“namjoon and kook...kook and namjoon...” began the brunette to himself, picking up the picture, fingertips lightly touching the two happy humans.

“always and forever.”
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the blonde looked up at the ceiling that was starting to glow due to the sun making his rising appearance. jimin didn’t get a blink of sleep last night, thoughts running all over the place.

jungkook kissed him. why did he do that?
he sighed softly, tongue poking out to sweep across dried brims; sitting up in his bed. his palm wiped down his bare face before a yawn escaped into the atmosphere. jimin rubbed his eyes lightly then made his way to the bathroom hoping the shower will wake him up.
when he showered and got dressed, jimin guides himself to the kitchen; eating toast as he didn’t feel too hungry. the blonde had blocked jungkook’s number. he didn’t want to talk to him right now. looking at his phone, he messaged namjoon a good morning text.
namjoon. his boyfriend. and jungkook’s brother. with a groan, the male pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. finishing his light food, the blonde grabbed his bag before leaving his apartment.

today was gonna be a long day.
the golden haired boy wandered into his classroom to see it was empty which left him confused. he turned around when he heard the door open and his professor walk in. “jimin? what’re you doing here? i cancelled todays class.” explained the teacher which caused jimin to scoff.
why wasn’t he informed of this information. “i didn’t get a text or anything.” announced the blonde which made the professor shrug apologetically. “i’m sorry, jimin, i assumed i sent the detail out to everyone.” the woman further explained before jimin walked out the door.
walking through the arts department, grumbling under his breath, the blonde didn’t even realise he bumped into taehyung who seemed to be in a rush. “oh. hi tae.” voice whiny. the younger student tilted his head with a raise of the brow. “you okay?” he asked.
letting out a huff, jimin shrugged before his gaze trailed down to the tiles on the floor; the sound of a notification echoing in the hallway from tae’s phone. “jiminie? wanna talk about it?” but jimin heard the urgency in his voice. where did he need to go?
with a pout, jimin nodded his head but instantly felt guilty when there was a tiny glimpse of annoyance shimmering behind his contact lenses. “you know what, never mind. you seem to need to do something important..” beginning to walk off when tae stopped him.
pulling him back closer to the taller student, tae pouted. “you’re important. what’s wrong?” the blonde feeling his side get poked by his soulmate. “i-it’s a long story..” nibbling down on his lip, careful to not pick off skin. “i have time.” looking up to see the warm smile.
the male blinked slowly once jimin finally finished explaining the recent events. “wow, uhhh.” fiddling with his fingers, trying to think of the correct words to say. the blonde rested his head on tae’s lap looking up at him. a deep sigh went into the air from the petite boy.
“would you kiss him again?” the question making jimin’s eyes widen a little. “tae i didn’t even kiss him the first time.” grumbled the dancer. “i love namjoon. i only want to kiss namjoon.” his tone coming off as if he was so sure of himself.
“and elena only wanted to kiss stefan. blair only wanted to kiss nate. look where they ended up.” seeing the peach haired boy’s pupils roll in a circular motion. chuckling at the reference, jimin shook his head. “i’m not gonna end up like that, tae.” confirmed the blonde.
stroking his hair, jimin melted into the touch of the large hand. “okay bubba, i believe you.” smiled taehyung, continuing to comb through golden locks. there was a comfortable silence amongst the two before taehyung’s phone went off again.
when tae looked at his phone, his eyes increased in size before a frown appeared on his face, standing up quickly: forgetting jimin was on his lap who now fell on the floor. “ow!” rubbing sore bits of his body. “jimin, i love you but i need to deal with something.” tae spoke.
seeing tae’s urgency made him nod confusingly. “y-yeah. sure. i’ll see you later, right?” to which taehyung nodded, quickly walking off.
/don’t do it jimin. don’t do it jimin. don’t do it jimin./ the scolding subconscious annoying the blonde. with a sigh, he sat down.
his leg started to bounce as he fiddled with everything he could on him before getting up. why did tae leave like that? why was he in a rush when they bumped into each other? leaving the location, he peaked to where he assumed taehyung walked off to.
when he caught up behind the boy quietly, jimin hid behind the wall next to the bathroom. continuing to walk when it was safe. the blonde finally saw taehyung wander off into a room. the room where tae, jin and himself would be along and hang out with each other.
“why was he going in there?..” whispered the dancer, creeping towards the door but going on his knees when he was near the long accompanying next to the door. the door his best friend went through was slightly open so jimin used that opportunity to peak.
“sorry i was late, jimin was upset.” taehyung apologised going towards...jin. trying to contain his gasp, the blonde boy almost choked on his saliva when jin wrapped his arms around tae’s slender waist to pull him closer to him. “no way..” jimin whispered to himself.
his thoughts of what he assumed what going on was immediately confirmed when they both leaned in to kiss each other. jimin smirked at the scene, instantly started to frown. why were they hiding it from him? didn’t they trust him? slowly, jimin crawled backwards enough to stand.
when he finally walked away, jimin nodded to himself, agreeing with his thoughts. the long day became into an upsetting one.

later that evening, jimin was pouting in his soup, drinking it slowly as his appetite was slipping away from his stomach.
hanging out
petty much?
holding his boyfriend close to him as he allowed the blonde to silently sob into his neck, namjoon hushed the petite boy with a few rubs to his back. he didn’t know why he was crying but he didn’t need to, the dark haired male just wanted to he there for his partner.
feeling the blonde’s body shake when he drew in heavy breaths, namjoon frowned gently. “it’s okay baby, i’m here.” kissing the golden locks. jimin’s small fingers gripped onto his shirt tighter at the words, sniffling a little.
it took a while for jimin to calm down but he eventually did, easing off the elder to wipe his face. “i’m sorry i cried on you.” syllables raspy as his throat grew dry. namjoon caressed his flushed cheek with a shake of his head. “don’t apologise angel.”
with the typical sigh and nod, jimin rubbed his eyes gently. he decided to kiss namjoon’s hand instead due to his face being wet from the slight snot missed with tears. “thank you for being here...” he whispered but it was loud enough for namjoon to hear the words.
taking his hand, namjoon returned the gesture of kissing his small fingers. “do you want me to stay the night?” he asked, shifting himself on the bed; smiling at how quick jimin nodded and snuggling back into the male when exhaustion washed over the blonde.
the brunette was sat in the living room, one thing on his mind: jimin. ever since he was blocked, the blonde seemed to do everything in his power to stay away from the younger such as even coming over to the apartment - namjoon now going to his often instead.
what was he thinking? picturing back the event in his mind, jungkook let out a heavy breath of oxygen. jimin didn’t kiss back. he truly /did/ love namjoon. but jungkook didn’t care, he wanted that to change. he wanted the blonde to feel for him instead.
that’s why a plan spurred up into his mischievous mind. jungkook knew where jimin studied and that could be the only possibility of him actually getting somewhere with jimin. it was worth the risk to the determined young boy.
with a bite to the lip, jungkook went to his room; stripping away his clothes and slipping under the covers - finally able to get some rest.
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the young male saw their university in their view when the car was coming to a stop. when yoongi was about to get out, jungkook reached forward. “um, hoseok..” the boy began with a twist to the lip. “could you drop me to jimin’s university..” the man behind the wheel confused.
jungkook raised his head to see yoongi and hoseok looking at him in an upsetting confusion. “jungkook, why do you need to go to his school?” hoseok approaching the question with hesitation, making jungkook start to feel guilt. “jungkook?” this time it was yoongi’s voice.
hearing a sigh occur in unison, jungkook released his own. “i wanted to see jimin..so i could apologise to him in person.” in an attempt to explain but the shakiness of his voice, the humming of the car engine causing the atmosphere to not be silent.
yoongi raised his eyebrow and placed his lips in a tight line before speaking up. “what do /you/ need to apologise for?” the brunette letting out a wince at the question he was dreading, knowing he couldn’t lie to the couple; he didn’t /want/ to lie to them.
the pairs of eyes were still on him when he looked out the window to avoid it. “i might’ve kissed jimin..”
“you what?!” the car jerking a little forward heavily when hoseok accidentally pressed down on the accelerator. safely putting the car in park, hoseok looked back at him.
a disappointed yet frantic look formed on the couple’s faces. “what do you mean you kissed jimin? jimin wouldn’t do that to joon...unless.” hoseok’s eyes growing wider from yoongi’s suggestive words.
“n-no. i kissed him, he didn’t kiss me..nothing is going on between us.”
a scolding tut escaped the male’s lips towards jungkook who finally looked back at the pair. “i take it that namjoon doesn’t know?” sympathy evident in yoongi’s question and on his face. the brunette shook his head with a sigh from his nose.
“yoongi, are you coming or are you going to school?” hoseok spoke with found confidence, putting the car in drive; the two other boys shooting up their heads in surprise. “w-what?” yoongi stuttered when hoseok shrugged. “he wants to apologise so i’m gonna let him apologise.”
jungkook sputtered, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights. “i’m gonna h-head to the music department, i need to finish what i’m working on since i finished my coursework weeks ago.” yoongi explained before getting out the car, waving the two goodbye before walking off.
beginning to drive, the younger allowed himself to lightly smile. “thanks hoseok..” muttered the brunette but hoseok shook his head. “i’m doing this for both of you to move on and for namjoon. you shouldn’t have kissed your brother’s boyfriend.” the elder scolded.
nodding with shame, the two didn’t interact during the rest of the car ride until they arrived to the university. “here you are.” announced hoseok. “jungkook?” twisting his body to face the younger. “good luck.” weakly smiling before jungkook smiled back and got out the car.
walking on the front of the campus, he looked around. jimin was a dance major so it wouldn’t be hard to find him, he should be in the creative arts department. ignoring the curious eyes that were on him, the brunette continued to walk.
a map was granted to him so he ran towards it, looking to see where the desired department was. seeing where it was located, jungkook continued the journey. seeing a sign in the roof saying ‘dance’, the young male walked towards it.
there were a couple classes occurring but jungkook didn’t see the blonde in any of them. heading towards the studio due to hearing music, the young boy slowly opened the door to peak in; the wanted man being seen in the middle of a routine - lone in the studio.
stepping in, jungkook closed the door which made jimin flinch, turning to look at the door and jungkook’s heart dropped when he saw the deep frown on the dancer’s beautiful face. “why are you here? leave.” he spoke firmly, drinking some of his water.
“i’m here to say sorry.” walking towards the blonde who only walked away each step he took. “say sorry for what? kissing me? or making me lie to my boyfriend which i need to remind you: is your goddamn brother.” anger increasing in each vowel and consonant.
continuing to walk towards the blonde who was only backing up more, jungkook shook his head. “no one told you to lie to namjoon, you could’ve told him and i could’ve suffered the consequences but you didn’t jimin, did you?” watching the petite male gulp at the brunette’s words.
a little yelp escaped jimin when his back met the wall and before he could move, jungkook was in front of him; hands on both sides of the wall with him in between. “you shouldn’t be with him.” jungkook spoke securely. the blonde looked the younger in the eye.
jungkook began to lean in, jimin’s breath hitching. “you belong with me...you belong /to/ me.” words becoming breathy as he was continuing to close the gap; the blonde frozen. slowly getting closer to the blonde’s face; their breathing increased ever so slightly.
“tell me you haven’t thought about the kiss...tell me how you regret not kissing me back.” final words being spoken from the brunette, jimin feeling the air on his plump lips feeling his drying throat. their lips were about to touch before jimin finally hushed. “you need to go.”
tears dwelled in the elder’s eyes, facial proximity still close. “jungkook, please..” pleading words which made jungkook remember namjoon’s words from the other night. taking a step back, jimin finally let go of the breath he was holding, choking on a sob but no escaping tears.
jungkook looked at jimin when his breathing got shaky, the brunette realising what he’s done. “jimin..jimin, no i’m sorry please don’t cry.” walking back towards the elder who placed his hand on jungkook’s chest. “d-don’t come closer.” tears finally spilling over.
frowning at the words, jungkook held the blonde boy’s wrist. “do you not love your brother?..” jimin sobbed out. “do you not care about him? you must not care about him if you’re doing this.” lightly pushing jungkook who stumbled back stunned.
another light push. “you want him hurt don’t you?” another push. “you don’t care.” soft words becoming screams. “you don’t fucking care!” the blonde falling to his knees in sobs, body shaking. watching jimin break in front of him, broke his heart.
falling on his own set of knees, jungkook placed his palm on the softness of jimin’s arm but he gently flinched. the brunette slowly pulled the blonde closer and wrapped his arms around the petite frame, who fought for a while before relaxing into the touch.
jimin cried in jungkook’s arm, shaking his head. “y-you don’t care..” voice now weak, trembling in the larger male’s embrace. “i do care jimin...about you..” looking at jimin who looked at him with glistening eyes. “don’t say that..” three fragile words.
the classical music still playing from jimin’s phone. jimin whimpered sadly before placing his hands on jungkook’s arm. “what did namjoon do to you?...” the question leaving his words.
“he took you from me..” jungkook responded, watching how jimin seperated himself from the man.
crawling away from the younger, the blonde boy scoffed at the comment. “you seriously don’t love him. you wouldn’t do this to him if you did. how /dare/ you ask me to leave him?” fingers combing through his golden locks of hair. “i was giving you a /chance/ to redeem yourself.”
letting out a laughter of irony, the petite dancer stood up. the brunette got up too and quickly walked over to him but jimin slapped him in the face; red print calmly forming on his cheek. “don’t. don’t come near me.” the blonde becoming tense.
with a sigh, jungkook slowly began to walk away but stopped in his tracks near the door, determination still flowing in his blood. swiftly turning around, the brunette licked his lips before strutting towards the blonde, palms on his cheeks before pulling him into a kiss.
jimin clenched his hands into fists before a tear slipped from his eye the moment he melted into the kiss; fingers grabbing hold of jungkook’s clothing. the brunette tilted his head slightly to deepen the kiss which the elder obliged to.
the blonde boy moved his arms around jungkook’s neck when he pulled him closer. the younger began to slide his hands down the dancer’s body but jimin pushed away in shock; separating himself from the male. “no..no no no no.” guiding himself over to his things and collecting them.
storming towards in the door in panic, jungkook began to follow him but jimin placed his arm in front to stop the proximity. “this.” pointing between himself and the other. “this never happened.” and with that sentence, the blonde walked out.
only you
the blonde was giggling at something namjoon just said while they were approaching the younger’s apartment. standing in front of the door, they smiled at each other in a wave of comfortable silence before jimin muttered a good night, placing a kiss on his cheek.
the two men now going their separate ways, the blonde checked his phone when he received a text. furrowing his eyebrows at the message once he opened his phone, the blonde began to grow confused.
[should jimin]
what did he have to lose? the blonde shrugged to himself before heading back out the door once he typed the location to an uber; getting in the vehicle once it arrived. the young student tapped his finger against his leg anxiously.
finally arrived at said location, he did 360 trying to figure out where he was when suddenly a row of lights began to turn on, one by one to indicate that the blonde should follow the path. hesitantly, jimin began to walk down the path that was lighting up.
he was so focused on the lights that he didn’t realise he made the end until a voice spoke to him. “i figured you’d like the lights.” chills running down the blonde’s spine. steadily, the young man looked up in front of him. folding his arms, jimin sighed; ready to turn around.
“wait, please.” the voice called making jimin turn after a decisive pause. behind the male was a lake with a boat on the shore. “jungkook, what is this?” finally acknowledging the brunette in front of him. “i wanted to show you i’m not a bad person.” explained the younger.
taking little steps, jimin noticed how the moon caressed the lake with its light; causing jimin to melt in awe. his arms unfolded and he faced the younger who had a hand stretched out to the blonde in hope he would take it.
squinting his eyes slightly, jimin walked towards the boat. “one chance. just one.” announced the petite boy. “but don’t even /think/ this is a date.” stated the blonde. jungkook calmly climbed into the boat and jimin took his hand when his stretched it to him.
stepping into the boat, he accompanied himself on the bench, jungkook sitting on the one across before taking the oars and beginning to row after making the blonde push the boat into the water.
jungkook continued to row when suddenly fireflies started to circle the pair causing jimin to gasp in astonishment watching the insects glow. “they’re so pretty.” a gentle giggle left plump lips which increased into a fit of laughter. “you know what this reminds me of?”
intrigued, jungkook tilted his head a little. “what?” he asked, the blonde looking at him with a warm smile. “the little mermaid.” admitted the elder, catching a firefly and letting it back go. when he heard nothing escape kook’s lips, jimin looked back at him.
he was granted to a flustered younger male, leaving jimin curious. “jungkook?” but still got no reply, his redness developing. “jungkook did you get this idea from the little mermaid?” the smaller boy giggled out the question. with a pause in between, the brunette then nodded.
contacted eyes trained on the boy rowing the boat in awe. the way his bottom lip pushed out a little, forming a pout from the way a strand of hair curled low in between his eyebrows. “jungkook?” tapping his leg with his knee lightly to gain his attention.
finally looking up, jungkook hummed quietly in acknowledgement. “this is really sweet.” admitted the blonde with a light smile. before jungkook had the chance to reply, jimin gasped gently. “did i see a swan?” he exclaimed, leaning in the boat which suddenly flipped over.
the pair fell into the water with welps, both quickly swimming back up to the surface; paddling their feet to stay afloat. “are you okay?” jungkook asked frantically, wiping some of the water of his face and jimin burst into laughter.
nodding a yes, the blonde turned his body to bring his back on the surface; looking up to the night sky where the moon who was accompanied with stars greeted the dancer. jungkook joined not too long after, leaving some space between them; the pair watching the stars shine.
when the brunette looked over at jimin who was still looking up, a faint grin appeared on his features; enjoying the way the moonlight highlighted half of his face. “beautiful..” mumbled jungkook, quickly looking back up when jimin faced him. “what did you say?”
“i-i said the stars are beautiful.” jungkook faltered, seeing in his peripheral vision that the blonde was now looking back at the sky. “they are. great celestial bodies.” hummed out the older male. “why did you message me on an unknown number?” jimin finally asked.
knowing he wouldn’t be able to shrug as he was on water, jungkook twisted his brims before opening the set. “i knew you wouldn’t come here if you saw it was my number.” the younger confessed, jimin humming in return. “why did you come with an unknown number?” kook questioned.
still eyeing the stars that were sleeping against the dark blue, jimin closed his eyes briefly when the light became too much. “i don’t know...i was nervous but...there was this sense of trust that i felt.” the blonde now confessing himself with a little smile.
just like that, the two then stayed afloat on the water, all worries forgotten as they peacefully watched the stars.
- one week later -

double date
the two couples were all walking along the rocky beach, waves providing noises with its crashing as the males ate ice cream with the exception of yoongi; the new blonde. he has dyed his hair spontaneously a couple days ago with the help of his boyfriend hoseok.
jimin was sharing an ice cream cone with his partner, kissing the sweet treat off namjoon’s lips when it stained them. “so jimin, are you excited for tomorrow?” hoseok questioned in reference to the showcase, a toothy grin as an indication that he was indeed excited.
licking the ice cream quickly, loving how it felt cooling down his throat, the petite finally spoke. “i can’t wait for you guys to see the performance, it’ll be amazing.” boasted the dancer, looking over at namjoon who smiled with warmth.
nodding at his words, hoseok took a lick to his own ice cream, still trying to offer some to his boyfriend who yet again refused. yoongi seemed to be in edge today, talking faster than usual or shaking gently; which he was now. “yoongi, baby?” hoseok pouted with concern.
the other couple kept their eyes on the others, them two also worried. yoongi cleared his throat and then held onto hoseok’s hand. “um, hoseok, baby?” voice shaky which made hoseok pout deeper. opening his mouth, it only opened wider when yoongi started to go down on one knee.
the ice cream was long gone out of hoseok’s hand when it met with the rocks on the ground; his own body now shaking. “y-yoongi?” eyes beginning to glisten with tears. the blonde portrayed a shaky smile before taking a small box from his back pocket.
nibbling on his lip out of nervous habit, yoongi gulped before completely looking his partner in the eyes. “hoseok. we met in high school when you came up to me in chemistry with the cheesy pick up line that /we/ had chemistry.” the male began, voice still shaky.
jimin and namjoon chuckled lightly at the comment. it sounded like a hoseok thing to do.
“our first date was right here at this beach where we joked about forever, not knowing that we both deeply wanted a forever. hoseok, i want that forever.” his own eyes tearing up.
blinking them away, the honey blonde continued. “i love you from your cute top lip dimples to your obnoxious laugh. from the way you never fail to make others happy to the fact you always want to cuddle.” bottom lip trembling as he spoke.
“i love how protective you are not of others but also yourself and how you’re so caring which is good since i know i’m gonna be old and lazy.” joked the elder which made hoseok lightly chuckle. using his thumb to stroke hoseok’s hand, yoongi continued his speech.
“we’ve been together for four years now. the number four and the word for sound the same so you could say that us being together /four/ever, was inevitable.” all four laughing at the pun. “i want you now. i want you tomorrow...i want you forever..”
taking a deep breath, yoongi finally showcased the ring, a gentle gasp escaping hoseok. “so will you do me the honour of marrying me?..” the question coming off breathy, nerves lingering on top of it.

[ring for visuals]
tears couldn’t stop streaming down hoseok’s face as he let out the single syllable of ‘yes’, yoongi then sliding on the ring on his finger before standing up to kiss his how fiancé. the blonde picked up his partner and spun him around as they both continued to kiss lightly.
the other couple watched the newly engaged have their moment before running to hug the two in congratulations, everyone smiling at one another.
he said yes
it was getting late. sun setting when the couples said their goodbyes once more; jimin and namjoon congratulating the newly engaged for one last time.

it didn’t take the couple too long to get to namjoon’s apartment, jimin gulping when they entered.
a hand touched the blonde’s waist and namjoon settled his chin in the crook on the smaller boy’s neck, kissing his cheek softly. “we have the place to ourselves.” announced the elder, jimin instantly relaxing; trying to not let out a sigh of relief.
namjoon knew that jungkook and jimin grew closer over the last couple days, the couple watching movies with the brunette or jimin and kook would play video games. however, namjoon did sometimes feel a sting of jealously when they hugged for too long or shared laughter.
the elder did ignore that thought. it was just his brother and boyfriend getting along: like he wanted. swaying their bodies towards his bedroom, he then stood in front of the door, hand on the door handle. “i have a surprise for you.” announced namjoon.
jimin’s eyebrows furrowed in a little to portray his confusion. “what is it?” he asked. namjoon then opened the door and the blonde was introduced to rose petals everywhere and artificial candles on the man’s drawer top. “if i lit candles hours ago, they would be melted.”
the explanation left namjoon’s lips as jimin was however still confused. “your showcase is tomorrow and i wanted to wish you luck as well as congratulating you for your future performance.” looking down in embarrassment, the blonde in awe at his boyfriend.
finally looking at his boyfriend, jimin threw his arms around the taller man’s neck. “you didn’t have to do all of this.” smiled the younger, namjoon leaning in and kissing him. “i wanted to.” declared the elder in hushes, kissing jimin once again.
they kissed until they flopped onto the bed, namjoon hovering over him while jimin had a leg over his waist. namjoon’s lips moved to the blonde’s neck, sucking at the skin lightly so the bruises would fade for tomorrow; the action making jimin whimper weakly.
the dark haired male allowed a hand to wander up jimin’s sweater, fingers grazing up on the dancer’s abs. letting jimin sit up briefly, namjoon stripped the younger of the clothing before he laid back down.
the blonde boy moved small palms down to the male’s hips before meeting the curve of his ass, squeezing on it to pull him down at the same time as jimin raising his hips; the two men hissing at the friction at the growing bulge in their jeans.
namjoon’s salvia glossed lips travelled down the petite frame underneath him, fingertips caressing his sides, placing a kiss right above the hem of his jeans that he later then began to strip away from his body, only leaving him in boxers.
jimin raised his head to watch namjoon fiddle with his boxers in a teasing matter to see jimin wiggle in desperation. finally beginning to slide it down his soft tender legs, the elder placed his hand under his thigh to kiss up it, a finger guiding up his growing cock.
the sudden touches made the blonde shiver in pleasure. hating how namjoon was completely clothed, jimin gently kicked him to get his attention. namjoon stopped placing kisses on the blonde’s groin and looked up. “take off your clothes.” jimin pouted.
with a smirk, namjoon shook his head. “tonight is your night baby..” preaching the sentence in whispers before attending back to jimin’s growing erection, the blonde’s head falling back when a pair on lips touched his tip.
namjoon dug his fingers in the man’s thighs before moving his kissed swollen lips back to the skin, sucking on it with the intention of leaving marks only he could see. jimin moved a hand to wrap around his shaft but namjoon took it, pinning it down next to him.
namjoon then swept his tongue along a strong vein on his partner’s erection, heavy whimpers escaping jimin’s plump lips. “joon..” muttered the blonde weakly in pleasure. the elder’s mouth consumed on his cock, allowing as much as he can in his mouth to get it wet.
he then hovered back over jimin, kissing him on his plump lips. “you taste good baby, don’t you think?” lust melted on the syllables. whimpering gently, jimin nodded, a hand being placed on namjoon’s neck. “i want you inside me...please..”
the couple kissed passionately once more, namjoon standing up to take off his clothes, going extremely slow when he arrived at taking off his jeans which made the blonde whine in frustration; teasing his own precum leaking tip. kicking off his jeans, namjoon smirked.
namjoon wasted no time in disregarding the cotton material, hard cock present to his boyfriend who he could’ve sworn his mouth watered at the sight. hovering back over the blonde, a hand holding him up, he used the next one to get access to the beside table.
retrieving the lubricant from the drawer, namjoon kissed jimin lightly who was begging for more so he pulled him back down into a heated kiss; tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. sitting up, jimin rested his feet on namjoon’s thighs so his own knees were at his chest.
namjoon squirted the cool liquid on his fingers and applied it to jimin’s rim who’s lip quivered at the cold substance, finding pleasure in the feeling. the brunette entered a finger inside of the blonde’s rectum, a high breathy moan leaving his body.
“m-more.” exhaled the dancer, namjoon obeying the request by entering another finger inside, beginning to scissor the younger open in preparation. “tell me if i hurt you, okay angel?” the petname making jimin whine lightly.
once namjoon felt like he prepared the male’s body enough for insertion, namjoon grabbed the lube again. popping it open, the chocolate haired man smeared it from the tip of his hard dick, pumping it all over his shaft, jimin biting on his finger as he watching namjoon.
namjoon pulled jimin closer by the legs, putting a pillow under his hips for additional support. lining the tip of his now glistening hard-on with the wet rim, he leaned down to kiss the younger as he slowly entered in him; jimin moaning in his mouth.
namjoon stopped when some of his erection was inside his boyfriend, separating their lips to speak. “tell me if it hurts baby, okay? tell me when i can move.” the protective tone making jimin wrap his arms around him to pull him back into a gentle kiss.
their lips were in a passionate and lustful movement till jimin finally accepted that namjoon could move which he did: pulling out so that only his tip was slightly in before thrusting back inside the young blonde who bit his lip to muffle a whimper.
namjoon continued the pattern at a regular pace that felt slow to jimin but it was if his thoughts were read as the dark headed elder thrusted inside the male a little faster, the couple’s moans and whimpers mixing into one in the atmosphere of the candle lit room.
the blonde picked himself up, chest against chest as they were now both sitting up; namjoon’s hands on the male’s thick glutes, jimin now riding him. the taller male had his lips attached on his neck - kissing away at the skin, jimin scratching his nails down the male’s back.
jimin whimpered into the male’s neck, bouncing up and down on his partner’s length, feeling full with him inside him. fingernails dug further into namjoon’s skin, the couple knowing the territorial marks that’ll be left on the whole area.
lips once again met, making them swollen and shine from their licking. “i love you.” namjoon whispered against his lips that attached back to namjoon’s briefly. “i love you too.” hushed the blonde, bouncing faster on namjoon’s cock, angling himself so it hit his prostate.
jimin’s cock was hitting their stomachs, twitching at the impact. the dancer continued to pump his partner’s cock with his lower body; sounds of skin on skin meeting the mixture of moans and whimpers. small fingers found its way in namjoon’s hair with a grip.
namjoon’s arms tightened around the male to increase their proximity, now grunting in the blonde’s ear, the lustful voice causing jimin to release a low whimper. “i’m close.” namjoon’s cock continuously pressing on his prostate.
the couple looked at each other with hooded eyes coated in lust and love, one final kiss before he came onto their stomachs, namjoon following behind and cumming inside the younger. jimin didn’t stop riding namjoon until he felt him shiver.
easing off of the male’s dick, the white substance oozed out the blonde who laid back down with a heavy breath, namjoon getting up to get a warm wet towel. coming back, the older man cleaned them up, throwing the towel in the hamper in the corner.
the two men were still heavy breathed when jimin snuggled into namjoon, legs tangled. the brunette kissed the petite boy’s temple. “good luck tomorrow angel.” warmth evident in the sentence. “thank you.” replied jimin weakly.

the two falling asleep not long after.
- tomorrow evening -

big night
the blonde boy was pacing up and down in the dressing room, seeing his soulmate walk in with seokjin helped calm down his nerves slightly but not enough. “jiminie, trust me when i say you’ll do great.” assured taehyung with a warm hug that jin joined in to.
nodding, jimin took a drink of half the bottle of water. “i-i know but what if i do a wrong turn or step in the wrong position or-“
“that won’t happen to you.” tae and jin looking behind at the door when jimin pouted. it was jungkook.
“you don’t know that kook.”
scoffing at the male’s comment, the brunette walked further into the room. placing his hands on jimin’s shoulders, he looked the blonde in the eye. “you are one of the most talented dancers i know. you’re not gonna fuck up.” the words making the dancer melt, softly smiling.
“jinnie and i are gonna go to our seats.” taehyung announced more the two walked out the room. moving back to the vanity mirror, jimin finished the bottle of water, checking himself in the mirror to see if he was okay when his gaze caught jungkook’s.
letting out a huff, jimin turned around, his pout deepening. “what is it?” folding his arms across the silk that was his top. “nothing, you just look cute when you’re nervous.” jungkook shrugged, earning a slap with jimin’s backhand on his chest lightly. “oh shush.”
a gentle knock on the door caught their attention. “come in.” jimin said loud enough for the person to hear. namjoon entered, a quick frown appearing on his face when he saw the two men together but dissolving as quick as it appeared. “i came to wish you good luck.”
seeing the flowers in namjoon’s hand made the blonde giggle, taking them from him and placing a soft kiss on his lips. “thank you.”
jimin felt better now that people calmed him down. “you guys should go get your seats now, the dance performance is gonna start soon.”
the elder nodded, looking over at jungkook and they both slipped out the door. taking a deep breathe, the petite boy looked around the dressing room. clearing his throat, he walked out of it to join up with his fellow dancers; awaiting to go on stage.
the performance

[i’m lazy to write it and i wanted visuals anyways~]
everyone loves jimin

jungkook was left with his mouth wide open during the whole performance. the blonde looked graceful, as if every move he did was done effortlessly. everything in jungkook just stopped working; the sound of his heartbeat in his ears.
he didn’t realise everything was over until the blonde exited the stage for another performance and everyone that jimin knew got up and left to see him. quickly following behind the bunch, the brunette watched as the dancer was surrounded by affection.
while he was waiting for the performance thought, jungkook did wonder something: where were the boy’s parents? ignoring the thought, the brunette smiled. “you were amazing up there jimin. i told you, you had nothing to worry about.” jimin smiling at the words.
looking around at the six boys, the golden boy hummed in content. “i see you’ve all met each other then.” his smile only growing wider at their nods. “we can stay till the end of the showcase if you want or we can leave.” giving the option out to his friends.
all agreeing to leave, jimin went into the dressing room to grab his duffle bag and exited. when he caught back up with the others, namjoon took the bag from his boyfriend who thanked him. “so, who now rides with who?” hoseok questioned.
the end of the debate ended with namjoon, jimin, tae and jin in one car while hoseok, yoongi and jungkook ended up in the other.

they all shortly arrived at the restaurant, lucky they didn’t wait long to get a table big enough for all of them.
they all coerced in separate conversations, every chance jungkook got, he looked at the glowing blonde. “this is basically like a triple date with poor kook watching from the outside.” teased jimin, hoseok chuckling at the commentary. “it really does.”
tae took a sip of his coke before clearing his throat. “don’t worry jungkookie, you have me and jin to keep you company.” tae’s comment causing jimin to snort while looking at his food. taehyung raised his eyebrow at his best friend. “something you wanna say jiminie?”
shaking his head, jimin bit down on the mischievous smirk which tae clearly noticed. “jimin, say it.” the male started to get frustrated. “don’t worry kook, you’re still the lone one on this table.” ignoring taehyung. the others noticed the slight tension.
“you’re gonna pull that trick are you?” annoyance visible in the question. jimin looked up with puppy eyes and an innocent pout. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.” shrugged the blonde, eating some of his food.
scoffing in irony, taehyung took another sip of his coke. “what are you hiding jimin? it’s clearly something or you wouldn’t be acting like this.” the frustration growing inside tae and jimin’s eyebrows scrunched inwards. “what am i hiding? what’re /you/ hiding?”
having his own question thrown back at him caused him to falter. “what are you talking about?”
“unbelievable...you’re /still/ gonna lie to my face?” a mixture of hurt and anger dripping off his tongue. “angel, not here..” namjoon stepped in with a light calming voice.
“yeah jimin, not here.” seokjin also coming in with a soft voice but it was firm.
“of course you’d take his side. you know, since you’re together and all.”

aaaaaaand there it is. the bomb.

everyone’s eyes landed on the pair in surprise.
tae’s eyes were wide while jin was attempting to sputter out a word. “none of you are denying it. that’s what i thought.” the blonde spat out, letting the fork go on the table.
“h-how did you-“
“how did i know? i saw you both kiss.” admitted jimin, tongue poking his inner cheek.
“you’re dating someone and didn’t tell me jin?” hoseok chipped in with a pout, yoongi putting a finger over the pushed out lips. “not now babe.”

some eyes of locals in the restaurant were on them. “jin would’ve probably told you before me.” jimin continued angrily.
seokjin frowned at the blonde who only rolled his eyes. namjoon rested a palm on jimin’s leg when it began to unconsciously bounce. the dancer swallowed the lump in his throat. he was /not/ going to cry about this. “we should talk about this somewhere else.” hoseok spoke again.
the blonde’s gaze shifted from the culprits to the engaged man, placing hands on his chair, jimin scooted it over just a tad. “there. somewhere else.” not giving a damn about the attitude he was radiating. “it’s nice to know my two friends don’t trust me.”
a surprised scoff left taehyung when he pressed his hands against the table. “of course i trust you jimin.” sounding hurt that jimin could’ve even thought of anything else. “you have a cute way of showing it then taehyung.” tae’s hurt increasing at the use of his full name.
mumbling something under his breath, jimin stood up. “i apologise for ruining dinner for everyone.” he spoke before storming out the restaurant, thankful he saw a taxi instantly and got into it to go home.

what a hell of a dinner. literally. jungkook was there left in shock at the event that took place. seokjin was now cradling tae who was on the verge of tears and namjoon came back saying that he was gone but knew he would need space.
yoongi called for a cheque, just paying for everyone’s food since everyone was a mess and they left the restaurant; going separate ways with now awkward goodbyes. jungkook got into the car with namjoon and he drove off.
the drive home was cold and quiet with the exception of jungkook tapping his fingers against his lap or the occasional cough from namjoon. arriving to the apartment, they entered the home; taking off their shoes. “are you sure jimin needs space?” questioned jungkook.
namjoon turned to face him with a nod. “i’ll see him tomorrow morning before my 12pm shift starts.” confirmed the older brother, the brunette returning the nod. sharing good nights, they both made it into their rooms, kook laying down on his bed with a sigh leaving his lips.
he’s fine
💞 that’s it for today, stay tuned 💞
the blonde boy was standing in front of his boyfriend’s apartment door before the sun was even completely singing against the clouds. about to knock on the door, it opened to showcase the person he wanted to see. “oh, hi jimin. i was just about to come see you.”
namjoon moved to the side and jimin walked in. clearing his throat, he gently nudged his boyfriend. “i wanted to say sorry about last night..” looking down in embarrassment. “i was out of line and i should’ve talked about it some other time.” the blonde continued to explain.
hearing a deep sigh escape his partner, jimin looked back up still ashamed at himself. “it’s true you could’ve talked about it some other time..but then again your emotions took over.” namjoon moving over to the couch and the blonde followed, sitting a little away from him.
the dancer fiddled with his fingers before he saw a larger pair of hands gently place themselves on top. calmly, they rested their palms on each other; a smile evident on jimin’s face. “do you have school soon?” namjoon asked but the blonde shook his head.
“the performers in the showcase don’t have school today so we can rest.” elucidated jimin. he rested his head on his boyfriend’s lap, fiddling with larger fingers. “so where’s kook?” the question causing namjoon to briefly tense. “he’s still sleeping.” the elder stated.
leaning up to kiss the dark haired boy, jimin smiled into the kiss which turned into giggles. “can i have a shower and strut around in your shirt?” the blonde giggled in questioning. “do you even have to ask?” namjoon chuckled back, watching the smaller boy jumped up excitedly.
the younger skipped to namjoon’s room to grab a shirt before heading to the bathroom. when he walked towards the shower, jimin nippled on his lip. usually he would shower with namjoon so he never really had to figure out how the shower operated; scratching his neck gently.
tilting his head, the petite was going to call for namjoon. “you turn the top handle to the left and the bottom one to set your temperature.” the sentence making jimin turn to see jungkook with wild hair and slightly red eyes. ‘cute’ jimin thought in his head.
the brunette walked over behind him to set the shower for him before jimin smiled. “thank you.” the blonde spoke. with a small smirk, jimin turned the shower on; grabbing the shower head and pointed it toward jungkook who let out a shriek.
the younger used his hands to block the water but the water pulse was strong. swiftly, jungkook sped towards the blonde and grabbed the shower head; aiming it towards jimin who let out his own yelp now. “s-stop!” laughed the dancer who was getting soaked.
the brunette continued to soak the blonde then threw him over his shoulder, ignoring the beatings on his back from jimin. “put me down!” he shrieked, still getting wet. the pair giggled and namjoon ran in the bathroom. “guys! what’s going on?” looking around at the best.
jungkook put jimin back on his feet, the two boys nibbling on their lips in guilt. the youngers looked at each other before the brunette aimed the shower at his older sibling who gasped for air at the pressure from the water. all three laughing at the mess in the bathroom.
namjoon ran over to the blonde and picked him up; back to chest and jungkook continued to spray the couple. laughter echoed on the bathroom tiles. jungkook moved slightly but it caused him to slip on the floor with an oof. “ow, fuck.” the water spraying everywhere on the floor.
the couple broke out into more laughter, hunching over a little at how hard they were laughing. jungkook pushed his foot against their legs lightly, the two toppling over leaving all three on the wet floor laughing; shower still spraying.
finally getting up, namjoon turned off the shower with a shake to the head to flash the water out his hair. “this was not the shower i had in mind.” jimin still laughing on the floor. after a while, the male stood up trying not to fall.
shaking off the water in his own hair, the blonde let out a happy sigh, combing his fingers through the wet locks. “so who’s cleaning this up?..” the three all looked at each other with a mischievous smile. “not it!” jimin and namjoon yelled out making jungkook groan.
the couple walked out the bathroom holding hands, making their way to namjoon’s room where they stripped themselves off the wet clothes. the blonde put on the elder’s shirt when they finished drying each other off; the brunette bopping the smaller boy’s nose.
💞 taking a small break, i’ll update soon 💞
it was hours later when the blonde arrived back home; jungkook left before he did for school so it was the couple alone before jimin also left. he smiled to himself at the event that occurred today enjoying how close they all were in the moment.
the male messaged his boyfriend an ‘i love you’ text before wandering off to his dresser drawer to add namjoon’s oversized shirt to his collection of things he stole from his boyfriend. when he opened the furniture, the blonde looked at the few rose petals in there.
jimin kept some of the petals as a memoir of when they first made love, the thought alerting his body. with a bite to the lip, the blonde boy took off the shirt and put it in the drawer before wiggling out of a pair of over the knee shorts.
🔞 [slight]
the thought persisted in the young ones mind, the boy closing his legs which he regretted as his thighs rubbed against his dick; small gasp leaving his plump lips. he felt as if namjoon’s lips were on his body praising how beautiful he was underneath him.
looking off into space, jimin grabbed his phone in heat of the moment and ran to his bathroom. setting the camera down on the toilet seat with it angled, the dancer was grateful he was wearing cute underwear; more sexier than was he usually wore.
🔞 [slight]
setting on the timer, the blonde clicked the photo button - looking at the countdown as he quickly posed, erecting penis poking out in the side like he wanted it to. when the picture was taken and he looked at it, a smile of satisfaction grew on his face.
the young man was so into the moment, that he was hazily typing a message before sending the picture, going back to his bedroom with a smile - not even looking who he sent it to.

uh oh
they’re both dying it seems
the brunette threw his phone on the bed, coughing as he choked on his own salvia. he just saw jimin’s dick. what was he meant to do with that whatsoever? slapping his cheek at the dirty thought that ran through his mind, the young boy’s phone started to ring.
looking over to his side, he saw the contact name that was made for jimin. why was he calling him? the picture was clearly for his brother, not him even as much as he wished it was. with slightly shaky hands, jungkook answered the phone with a hesitant ‘hello’.

the blonde’s voice blasted through the phone that jungkook had to slightly move the device from his ear.

jk: i-it’s fine. we can just pretend it didn’t happen right? at least i weirdly now know my brother’s getting action.
the faint giggle on the other side of the phone caused jungkook to relax, weak smile appearing on his face.

jm: i’m still sorry you had to see my dick that way.
jk: that way? was there any other way to see it? not like you were gonna show me. *chuckles*
there was a pregnant pause on the phone that jungkook had to check if the phone call got cut off.

jm: r-right. you’re right


jk: jimin, are you alright?
jm: yeah, i’m just still sorry i sent you that inappropriate picture

swallowing down the lump in his throat, the brunette shuffled in his bed.

jk: jimin it’s o-
jm: please don’t hate me.


jm: it probably looks like i-i’m leading you on or something...

the words stung in jungkook’s heart because for a split second, he felt like jimin was hit when he got that photo but the feeling slipped through his fingers.

jk: it’s fine jimin...it’s whatever..
jm: lemme take you to get ice cream!
jk: ice cream?
jm: o-or whatever you want.
jungkook lightly smiled at the consideration from the elder on the phone, enjoying his light he voice sounds.

jk: ice cream sounds good.
jm: good...anyway it sounded like you’re home, did you leave school early?
jk: oh yeah, i finished my coursework today, not much to do now.
jm: ah, it’s close to break anyway! so i’m glad everyone’s finishing their spring coursework.
jk: yeah me too, maybe everyone could hang out again
jm: ah...right..
jk: *sigh* still not talking to them, huh?
jm: no..
jk: why not?
the scoff the blonde let out on the phone made jungkook regret asking.

jm: they were hiding things from me..it hurt from taehyung more cause, y’know..
jk: he’s your best friend, yeah
jm: i’m sorry this conversation just went sad *light chuckle*
jk: we can facetime if you want? i’ll make silly faces to cheer you up
jm: i would like that, hold on.

the brunette heard ruffles and shuffles in the background and he got comfortable on his own bed, awaiting the call.
facetime buddies
the boys were on the phone for almost 3 hours, only then realising due to a yawn sleeping from the blonde’s lips. they said their goodbyes that turned into laughter and more conversation before finally hanging up. the brunette rested his head on the pillow with a warm smile.
setting his alarm, tomorrow was friday and since his coursework was finished, jungkook didn’t have a purpose to go to school. the brunette fell asleep with a smile on his face from the conversation and knowing he would see jimin tomorrow.
the pair were walking along the path in the park, ice creams in hand. “i can’t believe you like mint chocolate ice cream.” cringed jimin with giggles, smiling at an elderly who they were walking past. “i can’t believe you bite ice cream.” jungkook rebutted with his own chuckle.
looking at the brunette, jimin took a spiteful bite out the sweet cringe, watching how jungkook scrunched his nose. “weirdo.” teased kook, earning a light slap on the arm from the shorter male; jerking his hand causing a bit of ice cream to find its place on his cheek.
jimin let out a breathy laugh that was accompanied with a squeaks, the younger raising an eyebrow. luckily for the two of them, the blonde saw a hotdog stand. taking a napkin, the shorter man walked back over to his company, leaning in a bit to wipe off the spot with a smile.
wiping it off casually, jimin’s smile grew into a grin. “there we go.” stated the blonde more to himself. unconsciously, he continued to wipe at the cheek, looking into the younger’s eyes who was also looking into his. “all gone..” jimin breathed out, movement stopping.
he didn’t lower his arm, the napkin still resting on the side of the brunette’s face. the two only snapped out of it due to a cyclist ringing their little bell. jungkook grabbed jimin’s arm gently to pull him out the way.
they both casually cleared their throat and went back to enjoying their ice cream; jimin attempting to ignore the way his heart was beating, not knowing jungkook’s was beating the same way. the dancer and the sportsman continued on their journey along the park’s path.
taking another bite of the ice cream, jimin licked his lips; the action not going unnoticed by the other. “so when are the quarter finals?” the blonde asked. jungkook tilted his head a little: the male did many sports but then it clicked to him. “oh, it’s in a month coach said.”
nodding at the provided answer, jimin began to nibble away at the cone; smiling in accomplishment once he finished the whole thing. jimin looked over to his right where he saw kid like activities but his eyes lit up when he saw a free set of swings.
suddenly, jimin ran over to the set, leaving the brunette behind but he caught up shortly. “you’re such a kid.” joked the brunette, the elder rolling his eyes playfully while sitting on the object. “c’mon, push me.” demanded the blonde, getting as comfortable as he could.
the brunette had thrown away the cone in the nearby bin then moved behind the smaller male. starting off with light pushes, jimin let out a whine. “push harder.” syllables coming off in high octaves. granting the request, jungkook pushed the male on his lower back.
the brunette watched as he went higher, hands brushing near his waist to push him back every time he came down. the blonde was going really high but he seemed not able to handle it. “wait no, stop stop stop stop.” jimin cried out.
jungkook grabbed his waist, firmly placing his feet down on the gravel on stop the swings movements. when it stopped, the blonde allowed himself to breathe; jungkook’s hands still on his waist. with a light smirk, the brunette dug his fingers into his waist lightly.
the elder yelped at the ticklish touch, bolting up from the swing seat. “hey, that was mean.” pouted jimin, walking towards the other. the petite stretched out to attack the younger’s waist just the same but he was stopped when jungkook grabbed hold of his wrists.
jimin wiggled his arms lightly for the younger to let go but he didn’t, making jimin pout deeper. “you have small hands.” jungkook teased looking at the palm. “i was born tiny.” stated jimin playfully, wiggling his fingers. “they’re cute.” the comment making the blonde blush.
the brunette puffed out his cheeks, poking them back down with the elder’s chubby fingers which made him giggle at the action. the brunette’s eyes guided to the accessories on his fingers. “you have cool rings.” complimented the younger.
he looked back up at jimin who was wearing a light smile. “i like rings.” shrugged the male. “you should totally buy me one.” the blonde continued to joke, wiggling his fingers again, grip still on his wrists. “if you want me to sure.” honesty falling from kook’s tongue.
raising a brow at the younger, he rolled his contact eyes with no venom behind the action. “knock yourself out, it’s your money.” jungkook finally letting go of the male’s hands. going behind jungkook, jimin hopped on the younger’s back. “onwards peasant.” voice deep as he joked.
the pair chuckled at the voice before jungkook started to walk with the elder on his back. “you’re lucky you’re light.” the brunette laughed out.
“you’re lucky you exercise.” hitting back the younger with the same teasing tone as kook adjusted him on his back.
big hands
jealous and insecure
namjoon looked around the empty apartment from the couch he was sitting on with a frown. the male got up from the furniture and walked through the hallway but stopped in front of jungkook’s bedroom door.
holding a breath, the brunette entered. namjoon looked over at his brother’s desk with different pictures in frames; varying from hoseok and yoongi to namjoon, making the man smile gently. the male walked over to the section of the wall above the boy’s bed.
the elder trained his eyes on the various of polaroids, still smiling at each moment until it died down on one that had his boyfriend in it with a heart drawn in the white strip below. slowly, his eyes continued to focus on the other ones involving jimin.
fingertips traced over each photograph lightly, jealously increasing in the human’s blood. namjoon let out a sad sigh before moving from the wall; not wanting to hurt himself any longer. looking back over at the desk, the man hated the idea that came to his mind.
leaving the apartment with disgusted determination, he drove himself to the store. getting what he wanted, hesitating with the purchase, the male drove back to the apartment and began to set out his idea.

a single painful tear escaping his eye.

the two stumbled in jimin’s apartment in laughter. closing the door, the blonde wiped at his eyes and walked into the kitchen for some water; younger following him. the smaller man bent over a little to get the water, jungkook biting his lip gently.
once the blonde rose back up with the bottle in his hand, the brunette just leaned over the kitchen counter that was located in the middle to separate the living room from it. “oh, shoot, i didn’t ask: do you want something to drink?” jimin asked lightly, opening his own bottle.
shaking his head, jungkook showcased a side smile which made jimin smile back, taking a sip of his water. “wanna watch a movie?” suggested the elder to which jungkook agreed, the two wandering off into the living room; jimin checking his cd collection.
putting in a movie, jimin sat on the couch next to the brunette, legs almost touching. taking another sip of the water, he then placed it down by his foot now focusing on the movie.

the pair gradually got closer to each other, jimin resting his head on kook’s shoulder.
they got halfway in the movie when they burst out into giggles. “that’s something you’d say.” mumbled the brunette, jimin facing him and hitting his chest with the back of his hand lightly. “no it’s not.” laughed back the blonde, the two smiling at each other.
sounds slowly began to disappear from their surroundings, only focusing on each other. their proximity was increasing to the point they could feel each other’s breath on their lips. without saying a word, the two leaned in at the same time; falling into a gentle kiss.
jungkook placed a hand on jimin’s knee while he moved a calm to the younger’s cheek. soft kisses were being traded before it fell deeper just by the tilt of one of their heads. the blonde wrapped his arms around the other’s neck loosely.
the younger’s hands moved around jimin’s slim waist as the kiss began to grow heated, the pair leaning back into the couch; jungkook’s leg between jimin’s. the sound of the tv mixed with the sounds of them kissing; some being sloppy due to their neediness.
jungkook eased up and swiftly took off his shirt before leaning back down to meet the blonde’s lips; his hands feeling good on the sportsman’s skin. jungkook moved a hand inside and up jimin’s shirt, feeling goosebumps produce on his body from the delicate touch.
a pair of lips were then moved to jimin’s neck, feathery moan leaving the plumpness of his lips. jimin dug a set of fingernails into the male’s waist who groaned against his skin. moving back up to his lips, the two smiled into the kiss; lips feeling perfect for each other.
they continued to heavily kiss before they separated with uneven breathing, looking into each other’s eyes, ignoring their rapid heart beats. jungkook then sat back up and cleared his throat. “it’s getting late.” voice a little high and the blonde nodded, clearing his own throat.
“y-yeah.” jimin agreed, his own voice high as he watched jungkook put back on his shirt; adjusting back his clothes. the two stood up and walked to the door. “i’ll see you soon?” jungkook asked, jimin nodding with a smile. opening the door, jimin quickly pulled him into a kiss.
the brunette still had his hand on the door handle as he kissed back before they separated again with another smile. “goodnight jiminie.” jungkook hushed. “goodnight kook.” replied the blonde with the same tone, watching jungkook then slip out the door.
leaning against the door, jimin touched his lips softly. for once, jimin didn’t feel a sense of guilt kissing the younger, he only felt his heart race faster.

little did he know, jungkook was leaning against the other side of the door with the same feeling.
someone’s happy
the blonde woke up in a good mood. so much that he went to taehyung’s apartment but he wasn’t there so the next idea he thought of was that he could be at jin’s which was why he was now in front of the male’s house ringing the doorbell.
awaiting for the door to open, jimin answered all his texts with emojis in perfect timing at the door opened to introduce a sleepy looking seokjin. “jimin?” voice raspy as the blonde gave a small awkward wave. “can i come in?”
when he asked the question, the person he was looking for was seen coming down the stairs in a striped shirt that looked like it was jin’s with the way it lightly fell off his shoulder showing his collarbones and the length just barely being above the knees.
the sleepy looking younger was confused at the sight of jimin, intertwining his fingers with jin. the blonde looked down at the interaction before flicking his eyes back at them. “yeah, so can i come in?” jimin repeated the question.
stepping into the house when they moved aside, the blonde found a seat on the carpet covered stairs. “what’re you doing here?” tae’s voice being deeper than it already was. taking a deep breath, jimin showcased a weak smile.
the three haven’t been seen together since the night of the showcase with was a week ago. the blonde picked at his fingernails before speaking. “i’m here to apologise.” confirmed the dancer who twisted his lips. he saw the couple look at each other before looking back at jimin.
seeing that he wasn’t getting a response anytime soon, he continued. “i was out of line that night. completely disrespectful not only to you but to everyone else that was there. i should’ve been able to handle my emotions to discuss the matter some other time but i didn’t.”
“i was just upset you two were hiding the relationship from me, your friend. especially you tae who i didn’t think would hide something from me so it got to my head. that still doesn’t excuse my actions” inhaling and exhaling once he finished explaining himself.
the pair by the front door sighed in unison, still holding hands. “jimin we didn’t tell you cause we weren’t sure ourselves yet. we wouldn’t have to hide this from you..” tae’s tone in a soft declarative. “t-this is my first real relationship.” tae continued.
jimin’s eyes grew soft at the younger in awe as he watched his grip on jin’s hand tighten. “i wanted to be sure of myself and that i was ready for this. that’s why i didn’t tell you about it yet. i was going to tell you the night after your showcase but..”
guilt consumed the blonde, frowning slightly and embarrassed that he outed the couple like that. “i am really sorry, i am.” preached on the dancer but his friends shook their heads. “it’s fine, jimin. we understood where you were coming from.” shrugged jin with a gentle grin.
standing from the located stair we was sitting on, he widened out his arms with puppy dog eyes, the pair chuckling at his method before fitting into his arms; all three in a group hug. “now that we’re all friends again...jin make us breakfast.” last part of the sentence whiny.
the trio enjoyed each other’s company for a while before the blonde left again, on his way to namjoon and jungkook’s apartment. knocking on the door, he was glad to see the younger brunette open the door. “hey.” the blonde smiled walking inside.
smiling back, the brunette closed the door. “joon is in the shower getting ready for work.” jungkook explained. nodding, jimin took his hand and guided the two to jungkook’s bedroom, closing the door behind him.
the minute the door was closed, their lips met in a rush causing teeth to clatter against each other before they fell calmly into a deep kiss. “i haven’t stopped thinking about you..” whispered the blonde against the other’s lips; both stumbling towards the bed.
“i haven’t stopped thinking about you too..” the brunette whispered back, turning them so jimin could straddle his waist; both rebelling against the fact jimin’s boyfriend was in the shower of the same apartment. small finger’s found its way in kook’s hair.
the two then separated from the kiss with gentle giggles on their tongues. “wanna play video games?” jungkook suggested to which the blonde nodded, the two leaving the room and going off in the living room. they settled on the couch when jungkook set up the mario kart game.
they were in the middle of playing when namjoon came to the living room fully clothed with wet hair. “hey angel.” smile warm as he leaned down, kissing jimin. “i’m off to work now. i was wondering if we could go out tonight” namjoon asked and jimin hushed out a yes.
the elder then left, jungkook and jimin now alone. the two continued to competitively play the racing game and gave up when it kept getting tied in scores. turning off the console, jimin tapped his fingers against his lap.
jungkook took one of jimin’s hands in his and placed a light kiss on it. a yawn escaped the brunette’s mouth, jimin quickly putting a finger in his mouth and the younger bit down on it lightly. “sleepy head. go take a nap.” the blonde smiled.
getting up, jungkook threw the blonde over his shoulder who shrieked at the sudden movement. “you’re coming with me.” announced the younger, guiding them to his bedroom; flopping jimin down on the bed. when jungkook got into bed, he pulled jimin’s frame closer to his.
the brunette placed a light kiss on the back of his neck, thumbing the clothing protecting jimin’s stomach. it didn’t take long for the two to fall asleep; smiles on their faces.
three hours swam by when jimin stirred awake, still in the arms of the younger causing him to smile and gently turn to face the sleeping male.

jimin was falling. and he was falling fast. maybe he always felt like this and it took him a while to realise.
moving a strand of hair out of the boy’s face, he stroked his cheek softly.
“are you gonna keep starting?” grunge voice questioned from pouty lips that jimin leaned in to kiss. “when you’re handsome the way you are, i’ll always stare.” confessed the blonde.
finally opening his eyes, the younger cracked his neck when he sat up. “i might as well stay here since joon is gonna come back from work to take me out.” the dancer stretching his silhouette. he looked over to the brunette who had a frown on their face.
jungkook stood up, patting down his hair and jimin did the same. “kook, c’mon.” pouted the blonde, going over to him and wrapping his arms around his neck. “why are you still with him?” jealousy evident in his voice but the question made jimin sigh. “don’t ask that.”
rolling his eyes, jungkook huffed angrily. “you’re mine.” he mumbled, making jimin giggle at his behaviour, “you’re cute when you’re angry.” the blonde scrunching his tone as he spoke playfully. “you’re still mine.” pulling the elder close by the ass.
namjoon comes home in less than three hours. jungkook knew that. the brunette began peppering kisses on the petite’s lips before travelling his brims down to the older’s man’s neck. “you’re mine.” he yet again spoke lowly.
jungkook slid his hands inside the male’s shorts that showed off the curve of his ass, jimin whimpering lightly. still kissing the blondie’s neck, he undid the clothing and listened to as it fell to the floor, jimin kicking them off. the pair stumbled back onto the bed.
easing up, the younger stripped off his white shirt; jimin biting on his lips at how sculpted the brunette was. jimin took off his own shirt, only presenting his body in thin lace that protected his erection. “you say i’m yours....show me.” hummed out the elder.
the words that left his new lover’s lips made him quickly strip himself of the rest of his clothing. he gently added a little pressure to jimin’s cock with his knee, the blonde moaning under the touch. getting up to go to his drawer, he grabbed a bottle of lube.
jungkook sat up on the bed when he returned, knees pressing into the mattress and he pulled his boxers down, presenting his erected cock that was already leaking. licking his lips at the sight, jimin went on all fours in front of the genital, kissing the tip softly.
the feeling of the elder’s lips made jungkook moan, almost dropping the bottle in his hand. swiftly, jimin took jungkook’s length in his mouth, it twitching against his tongue as he suck on it a little.
the blonde teased the younger by removing his mouth, getting only on his knees as he kissed jungkook so he was able to taste himself; kiss sloppy that there was a thin string of salvia when they separated.
kook moved from in front of jimin to behind him, stripping off his boxers completely as he forced the elder to go back on all fours. jimin let out a breathy moan at the dominance, hissing at a sudden cool liquid touching his asshole.
jungkook had squirted the clear liquid straight onto the rim instead of warming it on his fingers. he then used his middle finger to rub it in between ass cheeks, pushing jimin’s upper body further into the mattress, the blonde whimpering into the sheets.
the sportsman squirted some of the cool liquid onto his hard cock, pumping it all over his erection. the younger then lined his tip with the rim of jimin’s hole, rubbing it against it to tease the elder to want to crave more which he did by moving back onto his cock.
seeing jimin’s desperation, jungkook slowly and steadily began to push his cock inside of him, the blonde gripping onto the sheets. once he had enough inside him, the male waited for a while before pulling back out only to strongly thrust back in; jimin gasping on a moan.
the brunette’s actions were rough. hands tightly gripped onto the male’s hips, fingers digging into the skin to match jimin’s digging into the sheets continuing with his muffled moans. the boy thrusted in and out the smaller body sharply, his own moans filling the air.
the movement was making the blonde look like he was bouncing. leaning over a little, jungkook carried on with the rough thrusting, increasing in pace a little. “does he fuck you like this? hm?” dominancy strong in his words while he couldn’t hear jimin’s.
he picked him up, lightly choking him as the blonde’s back was against his chest. “i said: does he fuck you like this? fuck you this good?” enjoying how jimin was whimpering loudly because of him, small hands on jungkook’s lower hips.
the younger slipped two fingers into the dancer’s mouth, rough thrusts being continuous. jungkook lightly bit down on the elder’s earlobe, kissing the spot underneath it which made jimin whine. “answer me baby. does he?” sharp thrust after sharp thrust.
jimin shook his head, closing his eyes at the intense feeling. “no, he doesn’t.” he moaned out on jungkook’s fingers. “who /does/ fuck you like this? huh?” even though words came off breathy, their was still a firmness to the tone; slapping of skin on skin loud in the bedroom.
kissing his ear again, he moved a hand to wrap around jimin’s leaking length that was bouncing on his stomach, pumping up and down this erection. “who do you belong to? whose are you?” questions coming out his mouth dominant, placing another kiss on jimin’s ear.
the blonde began to grow overwhelmed at the touches all over his body, jungkook continuing to pump his hard cock while now angling him to hit his prostate; whimpering at the rough affection. “y-yours. i belong to you.” he breathed out into a whimper.
the atmosphere was extremely warm while sounds of moans and the slapping of rough sex were mixing into the warmth. jungkook teases jimin’s tip, feeling how he was twitching in his hand, knowing he was gonna cum soon. “cum for me my prince.” the brunette moaned against his ear.
as if the words were his command for his body, he begun to spill white strips of cum onto the sheets and jungkook’s hand, jungkook letting go of his throat as he pushed him back into the mattress, jimin’s walls clenching on his cock.
the brunette continued to thrust until he orgasmed into the elder. thrusting a few more times to ride it out before pulling out, the blonde’s body twitching and shaking from the overwhelming pleasure.
giving him a few moments to breathe, jungkook picked up the petite boy. “let’s get cleaned up before namjoon comes home.” he stated quietly.

the two showering with lazy kisses and a change of the sheets, putting back on their clothes.
when namjoon arrived home, jimin was no longer in the apartment. “where’s jimin?” questioned the older brother and jungkook who was now on the couch. “he said he felt sick so he went home to rest, he said he’ll message you.” explained the brunette, namjoon checking his phone.
seeing the message confirming that jimin did text him, he slid the phone back in his pocket. “alright well, i’m tired. so i’m gonna head to bed.” the male announced. “night, joon.” hummed jungkook.
the elder was walking down the hall when he looked behind him. seeing that jungkook was distracted, he slid into his bedroom quietly. with soft footsteps, namjoon crept over to the boy’s desk with a sigh.
moving a few picture frames away from its location, a recorder was revealed, still blinking red. with a nibble to the lip, he turned off the cam recorder. “please be nothing on here...” prayed the man, slipping out the room and going to his own.
getting his laptop, the male transferred the footage from the recorder to the laptop, watching it download. “please be nothing on here..” not wanting his paranoia to be confirmed.

that was the night that namjoon cried himself to sleep for the first time.
- the next day -

someone’s having a good day
favourite snacks
jungkook walked inside the apartment to see namjoon leaning over: elbows on his knees with fingers clasped together and his chin on top. it was as if jungkook could see steam radiate off his brother’s body. “hey joon.” voice sounding hesitant, stuck standing at the door.
watching namjoon lean back on the sofa, he patted the space next to him. “come. sit.” he smiled but the words were cold. “i wanna watch a home movie with you, we haven’t watched /those/ in a while, have we?” holding the remote in his hand.
jungkook raised an eyebrow but sat next to his brother. the moment namjoon turned off the standby so the tv came to live, the brunette wanted to throw up. it was a view of his room. “namjoon w-“ sentence stopping when the man shushed him.
namjoon pressed play and jungkook felt even more sick. jimin and himself came into view, affectionately hugging each other; jungkook whispering something into his ear which made him giggle. suddenly, he didn’t want to hear the giggles, not like this.
the video were jump cuts on the two boys being more than what they should be. ‘i couldn’t stop thinking about you’ coming from the jimin from the screen and the brunette instantly teared up. there were more jump cuts of their affection.
jungkook side glanced at his brother whose jaw was locked in anger, hands clenched into fists. the younger only looked back at the tv when he heard heavy moans. namjoon had their first time recorded.
‘who do you belong to?’
that’s when jungkook got up from the seat.
jungkook felt a tear slip from his eyes and namjoon paused the tv, calmly standing up to face his younger sibling. “namjoon please-“ was all he was able to say before a fist connected to his cheek. “how fucking dare you?!” yelled the elder which made jungkook flinch.
he’d only ever seen namjoon angry twice and that was when he was protecting jungkook. now he was fighting him. the elder pushed him before grabbing him by the collar. “you can’t even fucking say anything.” every venomous syllable making more tears spill from the younger.
another punch to the face. this one caused jungkook to stumble to the floor. another punch. nose bleed. “how dare you take him from me?!! he was /mine/!!” namjoon spat out, his own eyes growing teary.

he broke his brother.
“did always and forever not mean shit to you? is that it? were you playing me from the beginning?” every question loud, ringing in the brunette’s ear. jungkook tried to get up but namjoon pressed his foot down onto his chest, causing the sportsman to release a painful wheeze.
namjoon then kicked his younger brother who let out a yelp of pain but he didn’t care. quickly storming off into jungkook’s bedroom, he came back with framed photos that showcased the two step siblings together.
angry laughter left the elder’s lips, foot going back to being applied to jungkook’s chest. “remember this? first overseas trip?” showing jungkook the picture but could only see blurs due to tears. namjoon threw the picture into the wall; protective glass shattering everywhere.
“or how about when he moved out and got this place?” another picture meeting the wall, breaking. breaking like their brothership. the older brother was shaking, choking on a top as he looked at another photo. “did anything matter to you jungkook?” he choked out.
smashing another photo against the wall, the brunette was picked up by namjoon by the collar; another punch square to the face. he was losing his brother.

oh what was he kidding.

he already lost him.

jimin was approaching the brother’s apartment with a smile on his face, fingers combing through his freshly dyed hair. in his hand was a bag filled with snacks that he and namjoon were gonna share.
when jimin saw light shining outside from in the apartment, he wondered why the door was open: his answer being questioned when the bag slipped from his fingers. “oh my god.” was all he could say to the sight of jungkook taking a set of beatings from his brother.
rushing inside, jimin choked on a sob when he looked at jungkook’s bloody face. “namjoon stop!” grabbing his arm trying to pry him off him but with the way the elder turned, jimin stumbled backwards when he got backhanded in the face. “stay out of this you whore!”
the derogatory sentence that left namjoon’s lips left jimin speechless. that’s when he looked to his left to see the tv frozen on jimin having sex with jungkook. looking behind him, he saw glass all over the floor. how did he not feel it?
in another attempt, jimin went back to yank of namjoon from jungkook; blood oozing from his nose, knowing his face was going to be badly swollen. frantically, the dark haired male grabbed the first thing he could find which was a vase and smashed it over namjoon’s head.
the shattering made jimin shaky as namjoon fell over on the floor. “o-oh my god.” voice shaky when jimin muttered. hovering over the elder, he felt for a pulse, thankful he found one. rushing to jungkook, more tears developed in his eyes. “j-jungkook stay with me.”
cradling his head in his shaky hands, he didn’t care for the blood that was developing on his palms. grabbing his phone from his pocket, jimin called for an ambulance who ironically told him to calm down and one will be there soon.
he held jungkook close to his chest, constant flowing tears. “please don’t leave me...i just got you.” he cried out, looking between the two men.

he can’t believe he broke apart a family.
jimin was crying in his palms in the waiting room when he heard a series of rushing footsteps come towards him. “jimin what happened?” hoseok the first person to speak, question leaving him frantic. “w-where’s jungkook? where’s namjoon?” watching the man starting to break.
yoongi pulled his fiancé close as hoseok bursts into tears which only made jimin cry harder. “jimin, what happened?” yoongi’s voice more calmer but there was still applied shakiness to the speech. “i-i saw namjoon hurting kook, p-punching him over and over.”
everyone left in devastation and confusion. they were probably all thinking why would namjoon do such a thing, taehyung being the one to voice the thought. jimin only shook harder, falling back onto the chair for support; sitting back down.
the young boy’s vision continuously blurry as tears were always filling his eyes, hoseok still sobbing into yoongi. “i-it’s all my fault.” sentence high as he sobbed along with it. “why is it your fault? jimin you need to talk to us.”
tae trying to reach towards jimin but he flinched. tae took a seat in the chair next to jimin and jin in the chair next to tae. “i’ve been seeing kook while i was dating namjoon and he found out and-“ rough uneven breathing every vowel.
hoseok turned to look at him with puffy and teary eyes. “what did you just say?” words breathy due to his crying. looking up at the engaged man, jimin was about to speak but shriek instead when hoseok launched towards him; grabbing a fist full of his hair.
hoseok threw them both to the ground, ignoring all the frantic yelling from the others. hoseok bashed jimin’s head against the tiled floor; giving him an instant headache. people tried to pull hoseok off him but no one was succeeding, the elder still yanking at his dyed locks.
“you fucking did this!” spat out hoseok. “you sent them both to the hospital!” hoseok continued aggressively, fingers moving quickly to wrap around jimin’s neck, instantly adding pressure to his trachea.
jimin attempting to grasp at things, nothing coming in his path at the bloodthirsty male was choking him. everything was starting to go black, the frantic screams were dying down. it took yoongi and seokjin to use all their strength to finally get him off jimin.
taehyung kneeled down in front of jimin who grabbed onto tae with his dear life and the younger wrapped his arms around him when he felt warm liquid on his skin. “j-jimin your bleeding.” security now deciding to come investigate. crying into tae’s arms, jimin wanted it to end.
“i’ll bring hoseok outside for fresh air.” yoongi announced, palms on the brunette’s waist beginning to walk. “you better keep him on a leash.” taehyung glared with his firm sentence that caused yoongi to glare back but walked off with his partner.
“i never meant for any of t-this to happen.” jimin still sobbing. “jimin, we are gonna get you a doctor to check your bleeding.” one coming their way as he spoke. taehyung helped jimin stand up as he was handed to the medical member to go get checked out.
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jimin had to receive stitches in the back of his head, nodding at the information the doctor gave saying he’ll be okay. leaving the hospital room, he made his way back to the waiting room to see taehyung resting against seokjin; holding hands.
the dark haired male sat next to seokjin with a weak smile. “they said it wasn’t bad, i need to come back in a week to remove the stitches.” explained the younger and jin nodded, placing a hand on top of jimin’s. “they’ll be okay.” assured the male seeing the look on his face.
with a deep frown, jimin released a sigh. “they’re in there cause of me..” mumbled the petite with sadness. jin squeezed his hand lightly the same time tae stirred awake on his shoulder and looked to his side. “jimin, are you okay?” all tiredness leaving his system.
the elder nodded at tae, going over to his side to hug him. “yoongi and hoseok are gonna stay in the car till one of us tells them they’re awake.” tae explained shortly after their hug and jimin only gave another nod; too afraid to constantly speak.
as if on cue, a doctor came up to them. “the two boys are stable.” a sigh of relief escaping the three students. “there is swelling to mr jeon’s face but it’ll go down within the month with applied ice. nothing was broken.” jimin feeling a little lighter at the explanation.
“when can we see them?” jimin asked with a shaky voice.
“it’ll be best to see them when they’re awake.” confirmed the doctor who then soon walked away. the previous blonde saw jin texting the two men outside about the current state of the brothers.
time was slower than usual but the male managed to fall asleep, using his friends as a bed; taehyung calmly combing through the elder’s dark hair. “hello? um, mr kim is awake in his room.” the doctor who came up to them announced causing tae to shake jimin awake.
the male woke up and sat up to see the doctor. “namjoon’s awake, jimin.” tae hushed to him which made jimin shoot up from the seat but then slowly sat up down presenting a deep frown. “he probably wouldn’t wanna see me..” the words fell from his tongue weakly.
hoseok and yoongi rushed into the hospital and waiting room which meant that seokjin texted them about namjoon. “where is he?” hoseok spoke with urgency, running into the room when the doctor told him what room. “joon..” the sight of the man on the bed making him frown.
even with his state, the male still provided a smile but it was weak. “hoseok, hey.” voice rough as he uttered out the short sentence. yoongi walked in shortly after, the couple then walking over to the boy. “we came as soon as we heard.” consulted the elder.
hoseok took namjoon’s hand in his, rubbing it softly. “w-where’s jimin?” the question leaving namjoon weakly due to his dry throat. hoseok frowned at the question, body tense. “he’s right outsi-“
“i wanna see him.” urged the bed ridden human.
with a sigh from hoseok, yoongi stepped outside the room. “namjoon wants to see you.” the elder elaborated which made jimin look up in shock. the dark haired boy looked over at tae who showcased an encouraging smile. jimin inhaled deeply before standing up.
yoongi re-entered the room, back to hoseok’s side when jimin slowly walked in; only stoping when he was a little far from the doorway, scared to approach the bed. “h-hi..” whispered jimin with a frown. “can you guys give us a minute?” namjoon asked the engaged couple.
hoseok was about to protest but yoongi held his hand, the two later walking out: hoseok glaring at jimin before leaving. jimin still was standing in the same place. “c’mere.” the request raspy off the elder’s tongue. slowly, the raven head male approached the bed.
namjoon trained his eyes on the younger’s cheek to see if he was bruised from when namjoon accidentally hit him trying to get jimin off him. “i’m sorry i hit you...” the man spoke, jimin shaking his head at the apology. “i deserves it.” responded the petite boy.
the two looked at each other for a while, jimin then letting out a sigh, namjoon gradually sat up on the bed. “is he awake?” frown evident on the man’s face. jimin shook his head again, looking down at the tiles under his feet; making him think of hoseok’s attack.
swallowing down the lump in his throat, jimin felt namjoon take his hand. “namjoon, i’m so sorry...i didn’t mean to hurt you, not like this.” tears welling in the younger’s face. a sigh left namjoon, still holding his hand. “w-was i not good enough?”
the question caused jimin to allow his tears to spill over. “namjoon..”
“did i do something wrong?..please tell me...” the rough voice continued. jimin only shook his head in tears. “you didn’t do anything...” established the younger, hating how he saw tears form in his eyes.
namjoon closed his eyes to stop the tears as a shaky breath left him. “i’m sorry...for whatever caused you to go towards him..i should’ve tried harder.” the elder spoke through choking on sobs he was fighting back on. letting go of the younger’s hand, he laid back down.
“m-my head hurts.” announced namjoon, turning to face the bare wall which made it jimin’s cue to leave. when he did, the male broke out into more sobs, his friends rushing to him to embrace the boy in comfort.

jungkook’s eyes fluttered open, the bright light above him almost making him go blind. one of his eyes were blurry of vision as it was half closed from the swelling. groaning as he tried to sit up, a voice spoke. “moving will only make it worse.” hoseok explained.
the brunette blinked his sight to the elder who had a frown on his face from anger and sadness. he was sitting on the chair in the corner as yoongi leaned against the wall next to it. jungkook looked a mess: swollen eye to match his slightly swollen face.
“where’s jimin?” jungkook finally asked, wincing at the pain from his dry throat. hearing a scoff from hoseok only made him frown. “you awake in a hospital looking like shit after you made namjoon’s boyfriend cheat on him and the first thing you do is ask for said person. wow.”
the words that left hoseok made jungkook angry. “i didn’t make them do anything.” he rebutted.
“you couldn’t just leave them alone, huh. you just had to wreck their relationship.”
“hoseok that’s enough.” yoongi stepping in with a calm voice. “now isn’t the time to be angry.”
yoongi placed a hand on hoseok’s shoulder which made him melt from the small interaction. standing up, the two walked over to the bed. “the swelling will go down in a month, the doctor claims.” hoseok’s voice calmer than it previously was. jungkook only nodded at the words.
“how are /you/?” yoongi questioned with emphasis, jungkook letting out a weak chuckle. “i lost my brother and possibly the love of my life. how do you /think/ i feel?” looking at the machine he was connected to. “you still haven’t told me where he is.”
hoseok only shrugged his shoulders. “he’s visiting joon, he woke up before you.” explained the elder with a quiet volume. yoongi allowed himself to sigh before speaking. “i’m gonna get you some water baby.” and with that, yoongi left the two alone.
“have you started wedding planning?” teased the younger as best as he could which gained a weak smile from hoseok. “no..but we wanna get married in five months from now.” he explained lightly, jungkook smiling. “that’s soon.” he responded, hoseok shrugged at the comment.
“it’s not like we’re gonna have a huge wedding or anything.” chuckled the elder softly. “and don’t worry, you’re still invited.” the man continued before there was a knock on the door, revealing jimin. “hey...” he spoke lightly, still outside the doorway.
hoseok looked at jimin before looking back at the beaten boy. “i’ll give you some space.” he claimed with a gentle smile before walking out. jimin then walked towards jungkook, pulling the chair next to the bed. “i didn’t want you to get hurt.” stroking jungkook’s cheek.
jungkook grabbed jimin’s hand and kissed it with the shake of his head. “it’s okay baby, i knew this would’ve happened..” his weak voice stated. “this doesn’t effect how i feel about you, okay?” jungkook spoke reassuringly. a light smile appeared on jimin’s face and he nodded.
jimin looked down at his lap but looked back at kook when the said boy raised his head by his chin. “everything will be fine, i promise.”
“don’t promise that..” jimin sighed out, still looking at the brunette. the pale looking boy frowned at jimin.
it was now jungkook’s turn to stroke jimin’s cheek. “i’m going to make it...cause everything /will/ be okay.” he declared, a doctor walking in to do a check up. after the checkup was done, they announced he would have to stay in here for a couple of weeks, both boys frowning.
“alongside that though, mr kim will only be here for tonight due to his only injury being the concussion.” jimin nodding at the doctor’s statement before they walked out. “i’ll get some of your things later tonight, okay?” jimin spoke standing up.
jungkook raised an eyebrow. jimin clearly knew he was confused so he elaborated on his answer. “you’ll need a place to stay for a while and living with namjoon isn’t suitable right now..” sighing at the last part of the sentence.
jungkook frowned at the comment, it reminding him he lost the only family he had. “you have me, okay?” jimin hushly spoke as if he heard his thoughts. placing a kiss on the brunette’s hand, jimin stayed until he ended up falling asleep in the chair.
-timeskip: a month and a week later-

jimin was supporting jungkook with an arm around his waist which made the brunette chuckle. “babe, my face was injured. i can use my legs just fine.” he joked, a nervous laugh leaving jimin’s lips. “s-sorry.” he spoke looking for his keys.
letting the male go, jimin pushed the key in the keyhole and opened the door that presented their few friends surrounded by balloons and a banner that said ‘welcome home’. they all cheered out “surprise” which made jungkook smile walking into jimin’s apartment.
the brunette looked around the room to see everyone but his brother which he expected but still, it hurt. “thanks guys.” jungkook nodded, getting handed a plastic cup that had coke in it from taehyung. continuing to say thank you to everyone, jimin watched him with a smile.
jimin nibbled on his bottom lip, taking sips from his own drink when hoseok walked up to him; attempting to resist an eye roll towards the elder. the two haven’t spoken since jimin was attacked by him out of anger which he understood but it hurt afterwards.
with the clearance of his throat from hoseok, jimin downed the beverage before hoseok spoke. “hey..” the elder muttered out, looking down at his drink. “i wanted to say sorry about the night at the hospital. i only acted on emotive impulse.” voice apologetic as he explained.
nodding his head, jimin fiddled with the rim of the cup. “i-it’s fine. i probably would’ve acted the same.” shrugged the raven head. the two shared an awkward silence before hoseok spoke again. “i hope we can be friends again. since i’m gonna need a man of honour.”
hoseok’s last sentence made jimin’s eyes widen, mouth slightly agape. “y-you want me to be your man of honour?” jimin asked with a breathy voice watching the elder nod. “t-that means i have to help with p-planning and your suit choice a-and-“
“is that a yes?”
the pair shared a breathy fit of laughter before falling into a hug, yoongi from afar smiling at the interaction before talking back to jungkook. “yes, of course i’ll be the man of honour?” nodded the younger with a warm smile.
jungkook watched the two hug again, a sense of warmth in the brunette’s eyes. “you really love him, don’t you?” yoongi questioned with a side smile, holding his drink. jungkook nodded with his own smile. “i do, yeah..” winking at jimin when he turned to look at him who smiled.
yoongi and jungkook walked over to hoseok while jimin walked over to his two friends. “hello lovebirds.” teased jimin at the couple holding hands giggling. tae snuggled into jin’s side more. “hey jimin.” the freshly blonde boy spoke.
jimin loved how light the room felt, the atmosphere comfortable for everyone. as soon as the thought came to his mind, the petite male felt his phone vibrate in his pocket to indicate he received a text message.
can we?
jimin looked at the message in surprise. the two haven’t spoken since the hospital either. looking around the room, jimin smiled at his friends before heading towards the door. “where you going?” hoseok and kook asked in unison.
“out.” was the only syllable jimin replied with.
the petite boy then left the apartment. it didn’t take long for an uber to arrive before jimin retold then where he needed to.
when he got there, jimin approached namjoon when he saw him; footsteps growing slower the closer he got til he came to a halt. “hi...” jimin breathed out, falling into the habit of fiddling with his rings. “hey..” the elder replied, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
the moon was shining on their silhouettes, soft rustles of leaves providing them sound when they couldn’t. “y-you wanted to see me?” jimin finally approached in questioning. namjoon nodded. “we never really broke up..” explained the brunette in front of him.
the sentence made jimin’s heart ache even though he had no right to be hurt. “y-you’re right, we di-“
“is he okay?” namjoon interrupted with sad urgency. “has he healed?” jimin nodded at the question to confirm a yes. “he’s fine...he misses you..” words making namjoon tense.
awkward silence.
jimin looked down at the concrete, clearing his throat to rid the lump forming. “i’m still sorry...that i wasn’t good enough..” namjoon whispered, ache lingering on the syllables. “namjoon, we talked about this.”
the elder nodded. “i know...but if i was good enough, what happened wouldn’t have happened...so i’m sorry.” he persisted.
“i’m sorry too.” jimin’s voice the same level as the other.
“well, i guess this is goodbye..” namjoon spoke once more.
they both shared a light smile before jimin turned around.
“um, jimin.” namjoon called, the younger facing him again. “could i um..could i kiss you? one last time?” the softness of the question making jimin pout ever so slightly but he nodded.
the pair walked towards each other. namjoon stroked the younger’s cheek gently as jimin moved arms around his neck, going on his tip toes. their lips met softly into a kiss, bodies pulling each other close as every emotion was poured out their souls.
the two felt as if they didn’t want to let the other go but they knew they had to, slowly separating from each other. “i hope he makes you happy.” namjoon whispered against his lips. “goodbye, jimin..”
“goodbye, namjoon..”

the two leaving in different directions.
when jimin got home, decided to walk, everyone was gone and jungkook was seen cleaning the apartment. “you don’t have to do that.” jimin stated, making jungkook look up but still continued to clean after shrugging. helping the younger, they both cleared away everything.
everything was then thrown away and surfaces were cleaned before the couple crashed onto the couch, jungkook’s arm around jimin. “so where’d you go?” the brunette asked, feeling jimin lean into him. “your brother wanted to see me.” jimin’s explanation making kook hold his breath.
with a gentle sigh, jimin continued. “we were officially breaking up with each other, that’s all.” jungkook nodding at the elaboration. “are you okay?” he asked, kissing jimin’s head. “i will be.” the elder responded, wrapping his own ark around the younger’s waist.
“i got asked to be best man for yoongi.” thankful that jungkook changed the conversation. “oh yeah? well that doesn’t beat man of honour.” joked jimin, the two sharing giggles. the laughter died down and everything fell silent. “jimin?” kook asked after a moment of silence.
jimin let out a tired hum of a response. “will you be mine? officially?” jungkook’s question caused jimin to look up at him with sleepy eyes and a warm smile. “yes..” he breathed out, the two leaning in to share a kiss.
- month before wedding -

living it through him
next month
the brunette was fixing his leather jacket in the mirror when he heard a playful voice by the doorway. “woah mama, someone call an ambulance cause i’m gonna die at how /hot you are/.” teased jimin before bursting out into laughter, going up to his boyfriend to kiss him.
moving from the brunette to his closet, jimin was hesitant on what to wear. he hasn’t been clubbing in a while. after a moment of thinking, jimin settled for a white shirt with a light blue denim jacket accompanied with black ripped jeans.
he stripped off his currently clothes, walking to his vanity table for body spray in his underwear; spritzing himself with the fragrance. “you’re just gonna walk around me in your boxers like that?” jungkook spoke, licking his lips to which jimin shrugged.
the young man didn’t acknowledge jungkook’s tone until he felt a light slap on his ass that made him shriek. “jungkook!” he laughed out, stretching out his arm to keep a distance between them. jungkook only laughed. jimin went back to changing, wiggling on his pair of jeans.
finally finished getting ready, jimin quickly brushed his hair and ran a few fingers through it; swapping out some of his rings for different ones before putting on his pair of black boots. “look who’s the hot one now.” jungkook spoke, kissing the back of jimin’s neck.
the three couples arrived at the club that went by the name of ‘heaven’. exiting out the vehicle, the 6 of them all smirked at each other before walking inside the building due to jin’s older brother owning the business.
obnoxiously loud music filled their brains, feeling as if their ears were going to bleed off the each of them grew used to the feeling quickly. “i’m gonna get some drinks!” taehyung exclaimed over the music, grabbing jimin’s hand and guiding them towards the bar.
once the two made it to the bar, tae tried to grab the attention of the bartender but they seemed distracted trying to serve another person. with a huff, he leaned against the counter. he was dressed in a crop top with high waist jeans with boots.
“that looks gonna have eyes on you.” jimin spoke playfully, tae giving him a wink in response. “i know.” he teased gently. “isn’t jin gonna be jealous?” questioned jimin, folding his arms with a smirk. tae opened his mouth to respond but turned to try and get service.
the raven head chuckled to himself before leaning over the counter and whistling. “hey, big boy. if you got time to flirt, you have time to serve.” jimin announced over the loud music. watching the bartender walk over; his scowl turned into a quick flirtatious smile.
the best friends smirked softly at the bartender. “can i get two rums and cokes, a vodka, a long island and a....” taehyung leaned in more to make his proximity closer to the bartender. “and a i’m not interested?” giggling when the smile from his face disappeared.
the bartender then went to go prepare the drinks which made the boys go back to leaning on the counter; eyeing for the other boys. when they spotted them, they say jin and hoseok dancing while the other two were just sitting and talking.
it took a little to get the drinks but when they did, jimin took some while while tae took the other; the pair trying to safely make it towards the table without any spillage even though it was found a struggle as they were being pushed every direction.
when they finally did make it to the table, the two set all the drinks down which made jin and hoseok male their way other with heavy breathing. the drinks were all giving to those assigned for it for the save of tae being the only one without a drink.
jimin took a large sip of his long island as he eyed the environment he was in; everyone having fun.

jimin was a lightweight. which wasn’t always the best thing. he was the first to finish his alcohol, the feeling kicking in instantly and he was constantly in a giggling fit.
“someone come dance with me~” the petite boy whines watching everyone take their time with their drinks. jimin’s gaze wandered to the stage where the dj was and smiled to himself. “while you guys act like old men, i’m gonna go have fun.” stated the male with a smirk.
the dark haired male left the table even when everyone was asking where he was going, the smirk still visible on his face. jimin began to guide himself to the stage despite the slight blurry vision. once he made it there, he rested his palms on the cool material.
hopping on the stage, the dj looked at him questionable but he only winked back at the person. the song pounding into his head as he was near the speakers. the alcohol was consuming his veins and his actions as he began to loosely dance on stage.
jimin did body rolls to sensual hip movements, a small flirtatious smile staying on his plump lips that was laced with alcohol. the song that was currently playing was rihanna’s ‘s&m’ which only made jimin feel more sensual due to the lyrics more than the beat.
he started to lower his body into a slow slut drop before laying on the floor to thrust into the air, getting back up sexually. when he looked in front of him, eyes were on him; from various lip bites to encouraging chants.
he then saw his boyfriend push his way through the crowd which only added to the flame, licking his lips before mouthing the line ‘feels so good being bad’ when he looked in his partner’s eyes, continuously dancing sensually on stage with a smile.
he then drunkly moved towards the dj, grinding against him with laughter as the dj smiled at him. jimin was enjoying his moment right now, the cheers only getting louder. that’s when he felt a pair of hands on his waist and was being pulled off the stage which made jimin pout.
when he watch jungkook shuffle them through the crowd, the song changed to britney spears’ ‘i’m a slave 4 u’ and that only made jimin capture back his arm, beginning to dance to the song. a few people were watching him and joined in, matching his movements.
jimin laughed out loud with the people he was obnoxiously dancing with. the raven head then kept his eye contact with jungkook’s who had he arms folded. “c’mon kook! have fun!” jimin exclaimed walking towards him but saw his wasn’t budging.
the smaller male then grabbed his boyfriend’s hands, letting them out from the fold as he started to wiggle down to the floor then back up. turning around, jimin rested his back jungkook’s chest; dancing against his body.
jimin was grinding himself back on jungkook loosely, placing the brunette’s hands on his waist and then felt a grip on his which made him smirk knowing he was giving in. a few grinds later, the younger was dancing with him, grinding along with him to the loud music.
they were warned different types of stares from disgust to encouragement and excitement. jungkook pulled his partner closer to his body as his lips moved to the male’s neck and that’s when everything felt in slow motion; only them.
no one was in the club but them, even the music slowly disappeared as they continued to sensually dance together, jimin finding his fingers through the younger’s chocolate hair. he then turned in his arms, throwing his head back when jungkook kissed his jaw.
the couple then looked each other in the eyes before leaning in and kissing deeply, a leg meeting jungkook’s waist. the younger then twisted them so they were leaning towards the floor still kissing before he brought them back up; everything going back into current pace.
jungkook then took jimin’s hand in his and walked back towards their table where jimin earned a few chants of laughter and his name, making him laugh himself. “what possessed you?” hoseok exclaimed with a wide smile. “alcohol.” giggled back jimin.
they then ordered a waitress to bring a round of shots. when it arrived on their table, jin raised his first. “to the couple getting married in a month!” he yelled in happiness, the sound of their glasses clinking was muffled under the music of the building.
it was past 2am when taehyung dropped them home after dropping yoongi and hoseok off first; jungkook thanking tae since jimin was dozing off. picking up jimin in a bridal position, the brunette walked towards the apartment, opening door and shutting the door with his foot.
jimin snuggled in the younger’s neck as he continued to make his way to their bedroom in the dark. placing jimin on the bed when they made it, jungkook started to strip away the elder’s clothing, putting them on the floor to be picked up tomorrow morning. “sleep well baby.”
the sleepy male looked up with half shut eyes. “are you not gonna come to bed?..” jimin whined, making jungkook smile. “i am, i’m going to get you an aspirin and water for tomorrow.” explained the younger but jimin was falling asleep.
wandering off to the kitchen, jungkook got the said things he was going to get and making it back to the bedroom; resting the objects on the beside table before taking off his own clothes and crawling into her - spooning the elder male close to him.
when he assumed jimin fell asleep, jungkook placed a light kiss on the male’s ear. “i love you.” he whispered before trying to fall asleep. “i love you too.” the brunette heard, causing him to stutter and the elder to turn in his arms, kissing his chest.
they snuggled into each other after sharing a gentle sleepy kiss with smiles on their faces.
💞 that’s it for today! hope you enjoyed it 💞
[choose for future reference]
the next morning, jimin stirred and blinked himself awake; squinting when a streak of sunlight licked his face. with a groan, the male sat up in before realising he was in bed alone. “kook?” he mumbled with a raspy voice, rubbing away at his eyes.
he leaned over to the bedside table to get his phone and checked the time. it was only 10am. he was about to call out for his boyfriend one more time when the said man came through the door with a tray that had breakfast on it. “hello my prince.” the nickname making jimin giggle.
the brunette smiled at the sleepy boyfriend and sat on the edge of the bed next to jimin who showcased a tired smile. “breakfast just for you.” stated jungkook, placing the tray on the male’s lap. the younger leaned in a little to kiss the raven haired boy.
jimin picked up a piece of bacon and fed jungkook the fried meat before feeding himself. “thank you.” the elder responded lowly. rubbing at his eyes again, he began to eat the food. “hoseok cancelled plans cause of last night.” jungkook explained to which jimin nodded to.
the brunette raised an eyebrow and the elder let out a nervous giggle. “what is it?” questioned the dark haired man. “does your head not hurt?” the younger responded with another question and jimin shook his head. “i just get drunk easily but i don’t get hungover.” he stated.
the couple nodded in unison and jimin finished his food shortly after. “do you wanna do anything today?” jimin asked. with a smile, the brunette kissed jimin’s forehead before standing up. “i’m gonna run some errands but when i get back i’m all yours.” the younger announced.
with a tilt to the head, jimin placed the tray next to him before stretching his limbs to awaken himself up more. “i’ll be back before you know it, promise.” jungkook continued and jimin just nodded. “okay baby, i’ll be here.” he smiled warmly, watching kook walk out the room.

jungkook grabbed his jacket near the front door before slipping out of it. he had texted hoseok that morning to see if namjoon at home which he wasn’t, luckily for him. the brunette had wanted to get a few more things that were left behind at the apartment.
getting an uber was easy and jungkook took in the scenery. it wasn’t long before the young boy arrived at where he used to live; the sight making him sigh. walking up to the apartment, he opened the door. he looked around the living room, taking it all in.
the brunette briefly closed his eyes before beginning to walk into his room. it was the same; completely untouched save for the few items he took with him to jimin’s. walking over to his desk, he had opened up the duffle bag he got from his closet.
one by one, he started to clear his desk of wanted objects; a chill running down his spine at the lack of photos of him and his brother due to the night the elder broke them. another sigh left his slightly chapped lips as he continued to put objects in the bag.
the young student also took some clothes with him and a few other things before walking out the room. looking down at his phone to text his boyfriend of his return, he dropped the phone at a voice. “kook?” the shortness of his name caused more shivers.
he slowly raised his head to look up, the sight of his older brother was presented to him. with a swallow of the throat, jungkook then spoke. “i-i was told you weren’t gonna be here.” he spoke with a now shaky breath and began to walk back into the living room from the hallway.
“i, um, left an hour early from work.” explained the elder, placing his hands in his pockets. realising he forgot his phone of the floor, jungkook turned back to grab it. when he started walking again, the young male flinched the moment namjoon took a step forward.
seeing the visible uncomfortableness the brunette portrayed made him take a step back with a deep exhale. “i’m sor-“
“don’t.” voice firm, interrupting the elder’s apology. “it’s whatever namjoon. i only came here for my stuff.” jungkook continued.
was this what they’ve become? two broken brothers? “i take it you’re going to the wedding?” namjoon questioned even though he knew the answer. why was he trying to make conversation? “i’m the best man, i kinda have to be there.” the brunette’s voice stuck in monotone.
looking away from the older brother, jungkook bit down on his lip. “jungkook-“
“namjoon, just /stop/.” his voice finally showing a sense of emotion; anger. namjoon took a hesitant step forward. “you don’t exactly have the right to be mad at me.” the words setting kook off.
jungkook let go of his bag, hearing it fall to the floor and took a step forward to the elder. “i don’t have a- you almost fucking killed me.” the male’s voice raising a little in volume as he clenched his fists. “if jimin didn’t come here, i /would/ be dead.”
he saw namjoon grow tense but he didn’t really care. “look i did not come here to argue. i came to get my things.” jungkook explained, voice a little softer. “i’m leaving now.” he stated, picking back up the duffle; going towards the front door.,
with a door on the handle, jungkook let out a shaky breath and turned back around to face him; still at the door. “i didn’t mean to take him from you...but i don’t regret it either.” the brunette finally said before walking out the door.
when jungkook arrived back at jimin’s, he was met with a body jumping into his arms that he quickly held up with one arm. “someone’s happy to see me.” teased the brunette as the elder kissed his face, making him chuckle. “i’m always happy to see you.” jimin confessed.
jimin then spotted the bag in his other hand and looked back at jungkook with a playful smile. “did you kill someone? gasp, are we gonna be like bonnie and clyde cause i’d totally fit bonnie.” jimin joked, going back onto his feet softly.
“yeah, we are, so get ready we’re gonna rob a bank next.” jungkook joked along, the two laughing their way further inside the apartment after locking the door. “i could distract the security with my good looks.” winked the elder, finding a place on the brunette’s lap.
the couple breathed in comfortable silence before jungkook placed a kiss on jimin’s forehead. “you’re extremely soft today.” jimin spoke with a drop of playfulness and all the younger did was shrug his shoulders. “you make me soft.” he commented lightly.
the elder then portrayed the shade of rose amongst his cheeks, looking down with a shy smile dancing on his lips. “awh, don’t get all shy on me.” jungkook teased while laughing which made jimin hit his arm lightly before standing up.
jungkook also stood up, pulling the elder close to him by the waist. “baby?” warm smile turning into a nervous one. jimin placed his palms on the younger’s face and leaned up to kiss him. “you make me soft too.” voice light and it made the brunette warmly smile once more.
jungkook picked jimin up and spun two around: earning a shriek and a beautiful song of giggles from the elder. suddenly, there was a frantic knock on the door which led them both confused. they weren’t expecting anyone.
jimin was put down by the younger before going towards the door and opening it only for a nervous looking taehyung to storm in. “tae?” jungkook questioned in confusion, the two not failing to do some handshake they invented despite tae’s emotion.
the elder wanted to laugh but saw it wasn’t the time to do such a thing. closing back the door, jimin walked over to his best friend. “what’s wrong taetae?” the raven haired male pouted, holding his friend’s hand. the couple watched as his leg bounced frantically.
taehyung looked down with a deep inhale and a shaky exhale. “um, it’s j-jin.” he mumbled but the two boys heard it. “jin? what’s wrong with him?” the question coming from jungkook’s lips. tae raised back his head and leaned back with a sad frown.
jimin rubbed the younger’s leg in comfortingly. “he said he loves me...again.” the words escaping tae lightly. “what’s wrong with that?” jungkook’s question earning a glare from jimin but tae answered anyway. “i still haven’t said it back..” his frown falling deeper.
jimin pouted at the answer with a sense of awe but sadness for jin. “i-i’ve been with him for 4 months now and i’m still scared to say it back..” the younger continued. a sigh left plump lips before he spoke. “i love you is a big thing to say.” stated the raven head.
tae only shrugged his shoulders before eyeing the couple sitting on each side of him. “it could be because it’s your first relationship? you’re just not used to the feeling.” suggested the brunette and tae looked at him. “but i probably hurt jin when i don’t say it back.”
the dancer rested his chin on his friend’s shoulder. “i’m sure he understands. as long as he isn’t pressuring you. just say it when you’re ready, okay?” jimin furthered, kissing his soulmate’s cheek and tae nuzzled into it gently. “y-you’re right.” seeing him calm down.
tae left after an hour with the couple in his presence, feeling much better when he left. jimin went over to jungkook, sitting next to him and resting his head upon the younger’s shoulder. “we should all go on a trip.” suggested jimin calmly, playing with jungkook’s fingers.
“yeah? when?”
“like a weekend trip, obviously sometime before the wedding. hoseok and yoongi also look like they could use the break.” the elder continued to explain.
“so, a couples vocation?” the comment making both of them share a chuckle. “you could say that, yes.”
couples vacation

[pretend that shit says vacations EYE]
the two boys proceeded in packing their small little carry on luggages, looking forward to their trip that starts tomorrow. jimin waited until jungkook slipped out the room briefly before he went to his drawer, smirking at what he picked up before packing it into the suitcase.
zipping it shut, jimin wheeled it at the front door so it would be easier to remember its presence; jungkook doing the same shortly after. when the brunette wandered back to the bedroom, he found the elder jumping on the bed.
laughing at how ridiculous the raven haired male looked, he watched him from the doorway. “having fun there you 12 year old?” teased the younger with laughter. jimin stretched out his hands while bouncing. “join me, it’s fun!” he exclaimed over light giggles.
shaking his head, jungkook walked closer to the bed before hopping up on it; body shaking due to the elder’s jumping. the brunette started off with light bounces before matching with jimin’s jumps - the two laughing their asses off.
they continued to jump before jumping down into a sitting position, jimin falling on top of the latter in laughter; body shaking due to it. the laughter died down into a content sigh. “i’m gonna head early to bed, it’s gonna be a long drive.” announced jimin.
the dancer took off his clothes and crawled under the sheets after kissing his boyfriend a good night.

jungkook just watched him fall asleep, stroking the elder’s cheek lightly and placing a kiss on the spot he was caressing.
the brunette gently coughed as him and his boyfriend watched the cars approach their residence. “i’ll see you there.” jimin muttered due to slight sleepiness, kissing the younger before they separated into separate cars.
jimin put his luggage in the trunk before getting in the car that yoongi was driving. “morning!” tae greeted enthusiastically, chuckling when yoongi groaned and sipped on his coffee. “someone’s happy this morning.” pointed out the elder.
“sex is the reason.” teased yoongi.
taehyung lightly hit the elder in the arm, jimin giggling in the back of the car. yoongi then started to drive, looking in his rear view mirror to know if the others were following which they were. the dyed haired boy then turned on the radio, jimin smiling at the decision.
the news was the first thing to come on, explaining tragic stories to weird one and the weather followed that information after saying it’ll be sunny.

jimin combed through his hair. “yoongi, you’re getting married soon.” breathed out the younger happily.
the dark haired male saw the smile that yoongi showcased in the mirror, cheeks getting puffy. “yes i am.” letting out a somewhat shaky breath. “something wrong?” tae asked with a pout and yoongi just shrugged with a sigh. “i guess? i don’t know.” the blonde explained.
jimin raised an eyebrow the same time that his best friend tilted his head. yoongi clearly understood their confused and continued to explain. “my father is gonna be at the wedding...and he isn’t the most supportive person of my ‘lifestyle’ “ the honey boy elaborated.
a gentle pout made its way to jimin’s lips, leaning forward in the car to rest his head on the driver’s seat. “was he very harsh when you came out?” the blunt question being asked from taehyung and yoongi nodded. “if it wasn’t for my mother, i would’ve been homeless.”
the dancer moved a strand of blonde hair behind yoongi’s ear gently to which he smiled at the action. “i’m sorry your dad was mean to you.” voice gentle as jimin spoke. “no, it’s okay, i don’t care if he’s rude to me. it’s hoseok i worry about.” admitted the elder.
another eyebrow raise and head tilt was earned from the additional comment. “when i introduced hoseok to them in high school as my boyfriend, it ended with hoseok leaving in tears that night..” yoongi took another sip of his coffee that was going cold as a sense of coping.

“when i said that hobi was my boyfriend. my father kept calling him ‘the thing’... ‘yoongi, do you and the thing want some salad?’ ‘why are you always out late with the thing?’” a shaky breath escaping the male, tae stroking the top of yoongi’s hand.

with a nibble of his lip, he continued. “he went on to calling hoseok disgusting and he ‘converted’ me into this awful thing called bisexuality. he forced me to date women, knowing well i was dating him.” yoongi spoke, tears reaching jimin’s eyes.
“so i’m just nervous to see him at the rehearsal dinner at the hotel before the wedding. i only invited him because mother said he’s changing and adapting...something i haven’t seen in the 4 years of being with hoseok.” yoongi stopping when they were at a redlight.
jimin leaned back in the car and tried to wipe the frown off his face. “let’s cheer up guys!” taehyung said cheerily, putting on some music on the radio which was lucky for him a happy song, saving him from the embarrassment.

“cause i’m mr brightside!” sang hoseok and jin on the top of their lungs, jungkook laughing at the two he laid down in the back; staring at the car roof. he tapped his fingers against his stomach to the beat as the other two sang it.
the two elders in the front laughed when the song came to an end before hoseok turned around; jin continuing to drive. “you should pick a song!” he excitedly suggested, stretching over his phone and jungkook sat up looking through his playlist.
his thumb scrolled through options before landing on a song he instantly clicked on: whitney huston’s ‘i wanna dance with somebody’. the music filled the car as jin let out an enthusiastic ‘oooo’ at the choice; clearing his throat. “are you gonna sing with us this time?”
the bright smile that grew on the brunette’s face was enough to answer the male’s question.
“clock strikes, upon the hour!” they all blurted out, laughing in between. “and the sun begins to fade!” hoseok sung obnoxiously loud. the three rocked in their seats as they all sang.
by the time they got to the chorus, all voices were breathy but still held a heavy volume. the song started to come to an end, the three pretending to hold imaginary microphones which brought hoseok to his next topic. “you know jungkook’s gonna sing at the wedding?” he confessed.
jin almost hit down on his breaks at the casual confession, eyes wide. “you sing?!” quickly looking behind him at jungkook before eyeing back the road. the brunette shyly looked down at his lap with a shrug. “i dabble.” he commented to which hoseok scoffed.
seeing jungkook rolling his eyes playfully at the scoff, hoseok spoke. “he’s a really good singer. he’s sung on some of yoongi’s freetime songs.” voice proud when he said so. “does jimin know you sing?” looking in the mirror to see that he shook his head; jin smirking.
“you want jimin to suck your dick, don’t you?” jin’s blunt and teasing comment making him choke. “wha- why do you say that?” the younger stuttered, the two older men laughing. “jimin will fall for your voice.” shrugged seokjin, turning a corner behind yoongi’s car.
jungkook looked as they approached a gas station, most likely for snacks than actual fuelling for the cars. “i haven’t told him cause it hasn’t come up.” admitted the sportsman, tapping his fingers against his lap as the car parked near a petrol stand.
seokjin just nodded, the smirk not leaving his face before he got out the car; stretching when he did. taehyung stepped out the other car; the two sharing a kiss as if they haven’t seen each other in years. jungkook himself then got out the car, seeing everyone but jimin.

jimin mumbled something in his sleep before his eyes slowly fluttered open; startled when he saw jungkook in the car who he was laying on. “hey sleepyhead.” the younger smiled, fingers playing in jimin’s dark hair.
with another mumbled, he lightly gripped onto jungkook’s shirt as he nuzzles into him; body feeling weak. “hey...are we here?” seeing jungkook shake his head to answer the question. “they stopped for gas and snacks but the gps says we aren’t too far now.” the brunette said.
nodding, the elder began to sit up, still cuddled into his boyfriend with half open eyes. jimin’s hair was poking in different directions, jungkook combing his fingers through it to fix it. “let’s join the others.” the dancer said before slowly getting out the car.
jungkook followed shortly behind, intertwining his fingers with the other’s. “look who woke up.” tae commented when the couple approached them; tae himself in the arms of his partner - back against chest. the four walked into the store.
they found the engaged couple by the fridge getting some drinks. “me and kook are gonna hunt for some snacks.” stated jimin before the two walked off. jungkook placed a kiss on their intertwined hands and the elder snickered at the affection; repeating it.
when they found some snacks, jimin began to pile them in the brunette’s arms until he felt satisfied at the amount, picking some up in his own arms too. they wandered off to the cashier, putting all the snacks on the counter and hoseok adds the drinks to it.
after the purchase, the couples escaped out the store with bags in hands. “we will keep the bags in my car because jin and hoseok will most likely finish everything, including jungkook.” yoongi’s comment earning him a lightly defensive yet whiny ‘hey’ from jungkook.
taehyung chuckled at the comment before they all packed the stuff in the back with jimin. jungkook pulled jimin close to him quickly, kissing him before they wandered back off to their own cars again; continuing on with their journey.

the couple finally arrived at jimin’s beach house, all agape at how big it was. jungkook hopped out the car with wide eyes. going to the trunk, the brunette collected the luggage out of it, passing it to each owner.
“i have a rich soulmate.” taehyung pretended to sniffle and hold his chest. jimin only rolled his eyes before sitting on his suitcase, wheeling on it towards the door. “if you guys wanna park your cars in the garages, you can.” he suggested, opening the doors with the button.
yoongi and jin nodded, going back into their cars to do exactly that. opening the front door, jimin stood up and walked in; natural light blessing the entire house. he heard gasps of astonishment behind him as he led them all into the living room.
yoongi and seokjin didn’t take long to join them, all of them sitting in the living room. “we don’t have to do any game to see who gets what room, they’re all equally as big.” the home owner explained. “everyone’s gonna obviously be sharing a room with their partner.” he spoke.
all 5 people nodded at his explanation and jimin continued to explain where everything was: giving them a tour of the house as well as letting them pick their room. everyone then put their luggages in their temporary rooms before they all gathered back in the living room.
“let’s play a game!” tae exclaimed and everyone raised a brow at him. “was the sex /that/ good that you’re so enthusiastic?” yoongi joked, watching jin sputter at the sudden indirect and everyone burst out into laughter. “what kind of game?” jungkook asked.
taehyung rubbed his palms together mischievously, a smile to match it. “spin the bottle!” the suggestion making everyone groan and wince and tae pout at the reaction. “taetae, we’re all taken people.” jimin pointed out to the younger.
“which makes it more fun!”
hoseok shrugged at the suggestion. “i don’t mind.” he responded. “thank you hoseok!” taehyung celebrated with a little sass.
“you just wanna know if everyone’s a good kisser.” teased the dark haired dancer and tae just winked. “jealous jungkook will prefer my lips over yours?”
the playful comment made jungkook snort and jimin looked over at the brunette before looking back at tae. “fine, /fine/. i’m in.” jimin firmly said but with no real spite to it. it took a while but everyone decided to join in, jimin getting a decorative bottle from the kitchen.
everyone sat in a circle with the bottle in the middle. “the kiss has to be longer than 4 seconds.” taehyung expressed, everyone just shrugging as they’ve already agreed to playing anyway. “i’ll go first.” tae suggested, spinning the bottle.
the bottle spun until it slowed down on jimin, the petite boy’s eyes flickered up to tae who winked. both leaning forward in the middle and jimin moved a hand to tae’s neck; their lips instantly meeting into a deep kiss. after a couple seconds, they separated and sat back down.
it was jimin’s turn to spin the bottle. with a flick of the wrist, he watched the material move in a circular motion until it landed on yoongi. the younger moved closer to the engaged man and pecked his lips, a groan being heard from tae in the background.
“has to at least be 4 seconds long.” the male stressed out which made jimin roll his eyes. going back to yoongi, he kissed him softly; the two holding the kiss and counting the seconds in their heads. when it was enough time in their head, the two boys fell apart.
leaning back in his space, tae groaned once again. “you guys are boring.” the young boy pouted with folded arms. “how about we spice things up?” the question coming off as a suggestion, everyone training their eyes on taehyung to continue.
nibbling on his lips teasingly, taehyung opened his mouth to speak. “you have to sit on their laps and give them a lap dance while kissing them.” taehyung’s suggestion causing jimin to sit up straighter than he already was. one by one, people agreed expect him.
“jiminie c’mon.” whined his best friend along with the signature pout. with a deep inhale, jimin shrugged. “alright then.” tae clapping when he agreed and he started again, him spinning the bottle and watching it land on jin.
the male climbed onto his boyfriend’s lap who instantly put his hands on the latter’s waist. tae leaned down to meet jin’s lips and the two fell in a deep kiss; tae grinding down on his partner’s lap, his fingers gripping onto tae’s waist due to the feeling.
the rest watched as they made out for a little before separating, tae sitting back down in his spot for jin to spin the bottle. when he spun it, the bottle felt like it went on forever till it landed on jungkook. they both shrugged at each other.
the bigger male crawled over to kook, setting himself on his lap before kissing him softly; moving his hips quickly in a circular motion then climbing off back to his spot.
at this point now, everyone has kissed everyone as the sun was saying goodbye to earth for the moon to greet itself. it was hoseok’s turn to spin the bottle and everyone had their eyes trained on it, watching it land on jungkook.
jimin felt his body tense a little when hoseok winked at the younger, manoeuvring towards jungkook. hoseok found himself comfortable on the brunette’s lap, arms moving loosely around his neck as jungkook found a place of his hands on hoseok’s hips.
when hoseok leaned in, jimin saw jungkook lean in too; them meeting in the middle with their lips as they started to kiss. hoseok was grinding against jungkook whose hands moved to the elder’s thighs, gripping on them lightly. the kiss continued to get deeper.
the dark haired male watch as his boyfriend accepted the male’s tongue in his mouth, head tilting to make it deeper. in an attempt to gain their attention, jimin cleared his throat but it didn’t work; jealously building up in his body.
“uhh, guys?” taehyung now attempted to get their attention but they were into the kiss. jimin flickered his gaze over to yoongi who was lightly frowning and looking down at his lap but got over it. jimin wish he could do the same, fingers going into small fists.
it was well over 4 seconds. probably even 10 and jimin felt hot tears reach his eyes before shooting up, startling everyone and storming off; the two boys now then deciding to stop kissing. heavy breathed, jungkook touched his lips, realising he went too far.
the rest of the group eyed the couple and hoseok slowly came off the younger’s lap; going back to yoongi who had a bit of jealousy but it died down. “jimin..” jungkook mumbled to himself before getting up to go look for him.
jimin was upstairs, about to enter a bedroom when he heard footsteps approach him, making jimin just quickly wander off into any room and slamming the door shut. his fingers were moving to lock it but the person came in before he could.
the dancer grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it at his boyfriend who easily dodged it. “jimin, c’mon. i’m sorry.” jungkook pleaded, walking towards him but jimin only continued to take steps away from the younger. “stay away.” he exclaimed angrily.
jungkook sighed deeply, staying still where he was as jimin hugged into himself; feeling smaller than he already was. “leave me alone. you seemed to be enjoying your time down there so go do that.” venomous words escaping plump lips.
jimin was breathing heavy out of anger but tried to calm himself down, looking away from his partner. “jimin, baby, i got carried away. i didn’t mean-“
“do you want him to fuck you again or something?” words strong and spiteful leaving off in a question when he interrupted kook.
anger turned into sadden jealousy, jimin moving to a corner and sitting in it. “do you miss him like that or something?” sadness replacing the venom but jealousy still lingered. “jimin, no, i don’t know what came over me i swear.” jungkook continued to plea.
the elder let out a soft whimper, pouting with a quiver. slowly, the younger started to walk towards him, crouching down when he was in front of jimin. he allowed himself to rest a palm on the petite boy’s cheek, feeling him relax under the touch reluctantly.
“am i not good enough?” jimin’s vulnerability evident when he asked. jungkook frowned lightly at the question, shaking his head. “nothing compares to you, okay? believe me.” his own voice soft. jimin looked up at the brunette with sad puppy eyes.
the younger pulled his boyfriend close to him into an embrace that jimin hesitantly accepted, wrapping his own arms around the muscular frame. “i’m sorry.” jungkook hushed in the elder’s ear and he only nodded; the two sharing a moment of silence.
when jimin calmed down, the brunette put the pillow back on the bed before opening it; startled when people fell to the floor. hoseok and taehyung to be exact and yoongi along with jin just stood there with awkward smiles at the fact they got caught.
the couple rolled their eyes at their friends before stepping over the two on the floor before heading back downstairs.
yoongi and hoseok were the firsts to have fallen asleep which made everyone joke about how old they are. jimin was scrolling through his phone, trying to ignore the moaning he could hear coming from the other room; tae and jin’s. “i swear those two are rabbits.”
“more like horny dogs.” jimin lightly laughed, gaze flickering up to the brunette who just came out the shower; towel around waist as he used a smaller one to dry his hair. the elder bit down on his lip at the sight, sitting up straighter.
jimin was staring so hard that he didn’t hear what jungkook said till he waved a hand in front his face. “earth to jimin.” laughing as he snapped out of it. “w-what did you say?” jimin cleared his throat when his question left him in a high octave only making kook laugh more.
jungkook stripped off the towel, folding it and putting it on the bench at the foot of the bed. jimin choked on his salvia at the sight of the naked man, looking away to hide his blush. the younger crawled into bed and jimin began to sputter. “are you not putting on clothes?”
his boyfriend only shook his head, turning off his bedside lamp, the only light in the room coming from jimin’s lamp now. he soon after turned off his own, resting his phone on the bedside table and laid down from his previous position, turning off his lamp too.
as he tried to sleep, jimin felt a hand wander up his leg before making its way underneath his oversized shirt which was really jungkook’s shirt. the touch made him relax into it, fingers playing with his nipple; a small gasp escaping the elder.
he felt a pair of lips kiss away at the back of his neck and the crook of it; jimin’s breathing getting a little heavier. as he was about to speak, a hand palmed at his crotch, jimin releasing a loud whimper. “k-kook.” fingers grabbing onto the pillow underneath him.
feeling his boxer grow tighter on his skin, he heard a gentle string of laughter. “sleep well baby.” jungkook whispered, turning around which made jimin sit up quickly. “that’s /so/ not fair.” whined the petite boy, ignoring the light chuckling from his boyfriend.
🔞 [slight]
jimin rolled his eyes before laying back down, facing jungkook’s back when he smirked. going closer to the younger, he moved his hand to wrap around his exposed cock; feeling the brunette shiver at the touch and him muffling down any noise from his mouth.
he felt his cock start to leak precum as it began to twitch a little from the touch, growing in jimin’s hand. the elder used to fingers and collected some of the substance on them before moving it to his boyfriend’s mouth who accepted his fingers in it.
sucking them clean, jimin removed his fingers and kissed jungkook’s ear gently. “goodnight baby.” he smirked before laying back down facing the other way. “now /that/ wasn’t fair.” he heard the brunette complain but he only shut his eyes and smiled, happy at his little revenge.
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jungkook rubbed his eyes when he sat up from his awakening, sitting in a lone bed. patting down his hair, the young man put on boxers and a shirt before heading downstairs to the kitchen where he was greeted with the group laughing and eating breakfast.
their laughter died down a little when jungkook walked in, placing a kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. “who’s the sleephead now?” taunted jimin lightly going back to eating his breakfast. when the brunette sat down, seokjin placed a plate of breakfast in front of him.
giving the elder a nod of thank you, he began to eat. jimin finished his food shortly after his partner began, washing the dish straight away. “what’re today’s plans?” hoseok asked with his mouth full which yoongi scolded him for. “we are heading to the beach.” jimin explained.
he felt the environment light up due to the comment, smiling at his friends’ excitement. “when everyone’s finished breakfast, meet me outside.” stated the raven head before going upstairs to change. when he did, he made sure to grab his keys before heading out the house.
jimin sat on the front porch as he waited for everyone. he constantly checked his phone until people started to come out the house one by one. once everyone was outside, they all just decided to take one car; people sitting on people’s laps as they enjoyed the ride to the beach.
since it wasn’t really far, they all bickered about they could’ve just walked it instead. they got out the car and jimin ran towards the water, wiggling his toes when the salty liquid crashed against his legs; a warm comforting smile on his face.
closing his eyes, the dancer blocked everything out his mind and the exterior world - only feeling himself in existence and the sounds of the sea. his meditation moment ended when he felt a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and a chin placed on his shoulder.
small hands gently rested on top of the larger ones, jimin’s eyes still closed. there were no words spoken; just him and jungkook in a peaceful moment. when they fell apart, jimin saw a lone cat on the beach which made him pout, going towards it.
crouching down, jimin stretched out his hand a little, watching as the cat came towards him for touch and the male began to stroke his fur. “hey little one.” jimin’s voice light when the words escaped him.
the said male sat down on the sand and picked the feline up gently, placing it in his lap. “where’s your owner?” jimin speaking as if he was talking to a little baby, continuing to stroke the soft fur, listening to the the soft purring of the animal.
bragging boyfriends
gucci,,,get on it
hoseok ran into the sea with taehyung, the others seating on the beach watching with laughter except for yoongi who had fallen asleep under an umbrella as his shade. jungkook had wandered off a while now, jimin starting to get worried so he went to look for him.
roaming the beach, jimin was shouting his name with a frown until he found him by a shed. walking up to him, the elder’s frowned deepened when he saw the distorted look on the brunette’s face. “kook?” he muttered loud enough for it to be heard but earned to response.
jimin walked closer until he rested a palm on his boyfriend’s cheek, flinching when jungkook did. “oh, hey baby.” the younger spoke weakly, folding his arms. “are you okay?” jimin frowning as he asked but got a weak nod. he didn’t buy it.
the sigh from jungkook made him know that jimin wasn’t going to let it go. “i just used to go beaches often...with my mother.” the words leaving the younger painfully made the dark haired man’s features soften in sympathy. “i-i’m so sorry..” jimin’s words matching the softness.
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jungkook looked at his partner with a sad smile, shaking his head as he took jimin’s hands in his own. “don’t be sorry, really.” the brunette responded with no change in tone as his previous one but jimin’s features never changed either despite.
the elder pulled jungkook into a hug that was full of love and warmth. “i’m sure she was a wonderful person.” the male comforted, cheek against the younger’s chest. they stayed like that for a while, jimin then looking up at the brunette. “i’ll get everyone and we can go home.”
quickly, jungkook shook his head with a light frown. “no no, i don’t wanna ruin everyone’s time on the beach. just give me the keys and i’ll wait for you guys back at the house.” he announced with plea. jimin took the keys from his pocket but still held onto them.
“will you be okay?” jimin questioned softly as his head tilted slightly. with a nod that jungkook did without hesitation, the dark haired male handed over the keys and leaned up to kiss his boyfriend goodbye. jimin then walked back over to meet up with everyone else.
hoseok was still splashing in the water with tae and there was still a sleeping yoongi. seokjin was laying on a beach towel with his eyes closed behind his sunglasses. portraying a warm smile, jimin sat down next to jin and looked off into the water.

jungkook arrived back at the beach house, clutching onto the keys as he locked the door behind him. the young man went up to his temporary bedroom upstairs and sat on the bed with gentle impact in sound. the brunette placed the keys on the bedside table.
he then allowed his elbows to rest on the base on his knees, chin going on top of intertwined digits. all of a sudden, in the quiet atmosphere, tears slowly began to fall from the male’s face; jungkook not bothered to wipe them.
salty tears continued to escape from his round doe eyes. he thought of his mother: how much he missed her, how tragic her death was. everything. jungkook sniffled lightly, leaning back to rest his body in the comfort of the bed he was sitting on.
jungkook just allowed himself to cry; something he hasn’t done in a while. the tears that escaped him started to make him feel tired, eyes falling into sleepy hooded ones before the male eventually fell asleep; curled up into himself.

the sun was saying goodbye for another day when the group arrived back to the house with laughter in the air. jimin used the spare key for the house to get in, all lights off indoors so he flicked the one on in the hallway.
where was jungkook? the rest of the men wandered into the living room to watch a movie. jimin took himself upstairs to his bedroom. “ju-“ sentence stopped when a fond smile made its way to his face at the sight of his boyfriend sleeping peacefully.
going closer to the younger, jimin sat on the edge of the bed; beginning to stroke the chocolate hair gently. placing a kiss on his cheek, a soft frown applied itself to jimin’s face when he backed up a little to see tear stains evident on jungkook’s face.
standing up, he decided he’ll talk to his companion later but for now let him sleep as he slipped back out the room calmly. heading back downstairs, the sound of light bickering grew in his ear when he went back to the living room.
the dancer just laughed at the fact they were arguing about what movie to watch, jimin flopping down on the couch to sit next to yoongi; resting his head on the elder’s shoulder. “you know there’s a karaoke room downstairs?” jimin questioned but came off more as an announcement.
the bickering died down instantly at jimin’s claim; wide eyes surrounding him. “okay, one: there’s another part to this house?! second: YOU HAVE KARAOKE?” tae and hoseok sharing an exclaimed sentence, yoongi and jimin laughing at the fact.
the petite boy just nodded before getting up, using his head movement to indicate they should follow him which they did. as they made their way through the kitchen, jimin opened a door that was a little round the corner to reveal a staircase that led downstairs.
jimin ignored the gasps and one syllable sound effects as he begun to walked downstairs, turning on the light when he got to the bottom of the staircase; revealing an arcade like basement. the male then faced the others who still portrayed agape mouths.
“welcome to jimin’s playroom. no, don’t ask, i thought of the name at like 10 years old.” pointing his finger to the sniggering culprits. turning back around, he walked over to where the karaoke was, wiping the tv screen before switching it on. “there’s at least 1000 songs.”
jin was the first to run at the operation, hoseok following really close behind. watching them fiddle through the song options, jimin felt a tap on his shoulder that came from yoongi. they went backwards a little so their conversation wasn’t heard, the elder only then talked.
“where’s jungkook?” yoongi scratched at his neck when he asked, jimin smiling at the caring tone. “he’s upstairs sleeping.” the younger explained and yoongi just nodded. “me and hoseok graduate in two months.” the words holding a heavy weight to it that made the two men sigh.
with a nod, jimin tilted his head ever so slightly. “jungkook has friends at university but no one really close to him besides us two.” explained the honey blonde boy. the engaged man looked behind jimin to see the others still engaged with the karaoke.
“i mean, we will visit when he can but-“
“you have nothing to worry about. i finished my coursework really early so i’ll have a lot of time on my hands.” jimin’s words reassuring as he rested a comforting hand on the man’s shoulder, yoongi showcasing a faint but soft smile.
yoongi placed his hand on top of the one on his shoulder and nodded. “thank you, jimin. for everything. jungkook loves you..” the words making jimin pout a little.
yoongi wasn’t one to show his feelings evidently but he never spoke of how he felt with namjoon and jimin when they broke up due to the raven haired boy’s previous actions. jimin however, never pressed on that matter. with a nod of his own, they joined back to the others.
“hit me baby one more time!” seokjin was singing at the top of his lungs while hoseok was doing adlibs and taehyung was just laughing his ass off at the two older men. jimin held tae’s hand while yoongi leaned on an object sturdy enough to hold his weight.
when the song was over, jin shoved the microphone over to yoongi who looked startled by the action that he even began to sputter. hoseok threw himself on tae in a laughing fit that taehyung joined causing jimin to shake as he was holding his hand.
letting go of his best friend’s hand, he watched as yoongi mumbled “fuck it.” before scrolling through the list until he clicked on a song with excited wide eyes. “rap god?!” screeched his partner and the others gasped. yoongi just shrugged before clearing his throat.
everything started off fine, the boys chanting in encouragement. watching the blonde, they all anticipated the moment: the fast rap. it was about to come up in the sound and they all awed at how yoongi didn’t take a deep breath before starting to rap.
his rap was perfectly matching to the song, leaving the group with eyes completely wide out of shock and amazement. yoongi was rapping like he was talking the sentence, taking no breaks. when he finished, yoongi handed tae the mic who only dropped it as he was in shock.
“y-y-you just rapped to rap god.” taehyung stuttered, jin picking up the mic he dropped. yoongi yet again shrugged before yawning. “i’m gonna head to bed.” he announced, starting to walk to the stairs. “and i’m gonna give you head.” hoseok breathed out, following him.
yoongi took his fiancé’s hand and they walked back upstairs, leaving jimin with the remaining couple. “girls just wanna have fun, anyone?” seokjin suggested and the two boys nodded with laughter on their lips, preparing the song.
crawling into bed, jimin snuggled into his boyfriend who wrapped his arms around his frame unconsciously. looking up at the younger, he smiled gently, kissing the corner of jungkook’s mouth. closing his eyes, he giggled when he heard the brunette mumble.
“you missed my lips, you know?” mumbled jungkook, jimin leaning back up to place a light peck on his brims. “did you guys have fun?” the brunette continued to mumble with closed eyes. “would’ve been better if you were there.” jimin muttered back just as softly.
that’s when jungkook opened his eyes and jimin moved a strand of hair out the younger’s face. “you were crying earlier...i saw the stains..what’s wrong baby, talk to me?” the two of them sitting up in the dark.
the two held hands loosely and jungkook took a deep breathe before speaking. “i was thinking about my mother and i guess i got emotional.” he started to explained, the elder beginning to stroke the back of jungkook’s hand with his short thumb.
“i just miss her, a lot...she would’ve loved you.” jungkook now presenting a sad smile towards jimin, eyes also watery and that’s when jimin frowned. “i’m sure i would’ve loved her too.” nodded the raven head with a comforting smile.
the brunette pulled jimin closer to him and kissed his temple. “i love you so much.” voice shaky when he professed. “i love you more jungkook.” the elder leaning in to kiss cheek then lips, foreheads then resting on each other in a comfortable silence.
they enjoyed each other’s silence before slowly drifting to sleep; laying back down so their necks don’t hurt when they wake up: still holding each other’s hand as they slept.
sleepy babies
it took a while but jimin eventually got the two boys to wake up, taehyung going back to his room. the brunette wandered off in the bathroom and jimin followed him, sitting on the closed toilet seat. “tae and jinnie are gonna head out with hoseok and yoongi later.”
jungkook nodded at what jimin stated, continuing to take off his clothes. once he was naked, he laughed at how jimin was staring at him as he bit his lip. “you gonna join me or keep on staring?” teased the brunette, entering the shower.
jimin brought himself out the trance and stripped off his own clothes, joining jungkook in the shower he turned on. “turn around.” the brunette instructed when he picked up the soap and bathing sponge, both items wet, he began to apply the soap to the elder’s body.
when his body was practically covered in soap, the two turned around and jimin took the objects from the younger; repeating the same action on his body. finishing off not to long after, the soap was replaced with shampoo as jungkook began to rub the substance in jimin’s hair.
his fingers on his scalp caused jimin to release a pleasurable groan, head falling back on the male’s shoulder. “you have magic hands i swear to god.” the elder groaned, eyes closing. he then felt a soft wet kiss on his earlobe. “my hands can do other things too.”
before jimin could say anything, he felt a hand wrap around his dick, the dark haired male instantly placing a palm against the wet wall in order to keep himself stable on his feet. the brunette washed off jimin’s neck so he was able to put kisses there.
the elder bit down on his lip as jungkook began to pump up and down jimin’s length that was growing in his hand. “fuck me.” the male breathed out, clutching his hand into a fist that was on the wall. “so needy already baby?” the younger chuckled lowly in jimin’s ear.
jungkook bit his boyfriend’s shoulder gently before sucking on his neck hard enough to leave bruises. continuing to pump away at the elder’s dick; enjoying the sweet breathy moans that were escaping jimin. feeling his half hard cock twitch, he switched their standing spots.
🔞[not really]
jimin rested his palms on the wall in front of him, the soap washing away from his lower back as the water best down on his skin there. jungkook looked around at the self next to them of bath stuff, seeing one of them being lube. “you keep lube in your shower?”
with a nod, jimin breathed out. “i do things in the shower, c’mon fuck me.” he urged, jungkook then popping the bottle open and smearing it all over his length that was hard from touching jimin. he teased his tip against the rim of his boyfriend’s ass.
hearing the needy whine escape the elder, jungkook slowly inserted his length due to not having prepared the male before. he watched as jimin hunched over a little more, the water as well as the lube making it easy to gently thrust inside.
this time, jungkook thrusted all of his cock inside the elder before taking it back out to just the tip. feeling jimin wiggle his ass on his boyfriend’s erection, the brunette sharply thrusted back in; the elder letting out a heavy moan.
jungkook continued to thrust in and out the elder, his own pleasured groans mixing with jimin’s high breathy whimpers. he manoeuvred a hand to wrap around his partner’s cock that had grew that last time he touched it.
the water was going to run cold soon but they didn’t care, they were in each other’s lustful company. jungkook started to tease at jimin’s tip with his thumb when they both heard a loud crash that made them pause in their movements. “y-you heard that right?”
the heavy breath question escaping jungkook made jimin nod with an annoying groan, his boyfriend sliding out of him. the two got out the shower and dressed themselves in robes before heading downstairs to hear whimpers and a group full of hushes.
the sight they saw was a sad one. jin had a damp tissue applied to taehyung’s hand while hoseok and yoongi hushed him in comfort as the bleeding male kept whimpering. jimin looked around and saw the different types of glass shattered around and on him. “oh my god, tae..”
everyone looked up at the wet robed couple. “p-please don’t be mad at me jiminie i swear it w-was an accident.” bottom lip quivered as he whimpered through a shaky breath. with sad eyes, jimin crouched down. “we’re gonna get you out this glass carefully, okay?”
with a delicate nod, taehyung was gently helped to stand up by seokjin and jungkook, taking him away from the mess after completely dusting him off. “jimin, i’ll clean it. i don’t want you stepping on glass.” hoseok declared, getting the broom from the corner.
going off to the hallway where they brought the young man, jimin went over to him and rested his palms on his best friend’s cheek. “i’m gonna look at the wound, okay?” announced jimin with a babyish voice to which tae only nodded to.
slowly removing the blood soaked tissue, jimin winced at the sight of the deep cut. “i-i didn’t mean for it to happen.” the bleeding male stuttered. jin went off to get more kitchen towels. “it’s okay taetae, i’m not mad.” the elder’s voice still calm.
“i’m gonna have to stitch it, the cut is too deep.” explained the dance student. “jungkook, there’s a first aid kit in the kitchen under the sink.” his boyfriend nodding at the instructions before going to fulfil the duty. “tell me what happened honey.” jimin pouted gently.
sniffling, the younger looked at jimin as they slowly walked to the living room to sit on the couch. when they did, taehyung opened and closed his mouth a couple of times before actually getting words to come out of his mouth.
“i wanted to get something to drink quickly before we left. so everyone was waiting by the front door while i-i came to the kitchen. i opened the cupboard and when i was getting a glass, i t-think my hand slipped and everything fell..” the artist rambled on through sniffles.
with a nod from jimin, jungkook came back with the medical kit the same time jin came with the towels. placing one under jimin and tae’s arms, the dark haired male opened the box and got the disinfectant spray. “this will sting a little.” admitted jimin.
he shook the cool can a little before applying it directly on tae’s would who let out a loud painful wince; his boyfriend giving him a comforting rub to the back. “numbing cream won’t work as if takes at least an hour so you’re gonna have to bare the pain, okay baby?”
tae could only wince and whimper and this point but gave his soulmate a tiny nod. preparing the needle and thread, jungkook assisted by applying the disinfectant on it which earned him a thank you from his partner.
slowly but steadily, jimin pushed the needle through the younger’s skin who only could yell out in pain, shutting his eyes. jimin furrowed his eyebrows at the fact he had to do this but continued anyway, creating a smooth zig zag pattern across his palm.
due to the slowness the male went in and the pace quickening towards the end, it took a while but jimin eventually finished the stitches that looked professional. “there. just don’t use the hand. i’ll wrap it in gauze for extra protection.” doing just as what he claimed he’d do.
“thank you.” the words leaving taehyung’s throat as he still held onto his wrist. “take a pain killer. it’ll help with the pain as well as put you to sleep so you’re able to rest through the dull throbbing.” explained jimin, watching tae nod and walk away with jin.
the male went to check up on hoseok and yoongi who just about finished sweeping, a grateful smile playing on the petite boy’s lips. “thank you for cleaning.” smiled jimin who got a smile back. “it’s no problem. if it’s alright, me and yoon are gonna head out for a bit.”
the smaller man waved the two goodbye with a warm smile before turning back to his own boyfriend. “you sounded all doctory back there.” smiled jungkook playfully, resting his hands in jimin’s waist who shrugged at the light comment.
moving his arms around the younger’s neck, he leaned up to kiss him. “i did medicine in my first year before making my dance minor into a major and dropping the other.” jimin expressed nonchalantly, enjoying how jungkook’s smile grew.
going on his tip toes, jimin whispered in his boyfriend’s ear. “you still owe me something in the shower.” voice hushing yet seductive. jungkook then smirked and grabbed his hand, the two going upstairs to finish their unfinished business.
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the stars were on full display as they were all in the back yard having a nice barbecue that seokjin was preparing for the group. music was playing at a low volume but still loud enough for the 6 men surrounding it to be able to acknowledge the sound.
tae watching the stars in one of the corners in the backyard and jungkook was just swaying with jimin to the gentle hum of the music. “i’ve been wanting to show you something.” the elder whispered in his boyfriend’s ear; the brunette nodding slowly.
jimin leaned back a little to look into the younger’s eyes before taking his hand. “we’ll be back in a bit.” the dark haired boy exclaimed to which everyone either gave a thumbs up or nodded. the elder led the two upstairs to their temporary bedroom.
when they got to the bedroom, jimin locked the door with his bottom lip caught in between his teeth. “you.” he began, guiding the male to the edge of the bed by the shoulders. “wait here.” the male finished before going off into the bathroom.
jimin started to strip himself of his clothing with a light hum playing on his lips. folding his clothes and putting them in the hamper to be cleaned later. looking in the mirror, he adjusted himself before slipping on a silk dark pink robe onto his body.
“close your eyes.” the petite boy demanded lightly, giggles trailing his words. “they’re closed.” he heard jungkook say and that’s when he peaked out the doorway before standing by it, leaning against the frame. “okay open your eyes now.” he announced, hand gently on his hip.
jungkook opened his eyes to the sight of jimin in a body chain that was slightly covered due to the silky robe accompanying his frame. he was completely nude on if it wasn’t for those two objects. “wow.” was all the brunette was able to breathe out, mouth agape.
a shy smile was applied to jimin’s face, looking down to hide the rose dust cheeks that grew upon his features. “do you like it?” the same shyness lingering on the question as he slowly began to walk towards his boyfriend.
when the raven head finally stood in front of the sportsman, he felt shivers lick his skin the minute jungkook rested his finger under where the chain rested near his groin. “you look beautiful...how long have you been wearing this?” jungkook asked, looking up at the elder.
“i’ve been wearing it since we got out the shower..you were in the bathroom still so i-i took the opportunity to put it on before putting on my clothes.” explained the smaller man, the shyness still in his voice. jungkook then pulled his partner onto his lap.
jimin was now straddling the brunette, hands rested on jungkook’s shoulders. the younger roamed his large hands over the smaller frame and down to the curve of his ass; jimin hiding his face in the crook the the younger man’s neck.
jungkook was about to move a finger to the elder’s rim when he felt an object blocking his way and he felt jimin shake on top of him from light giggles. feeling the object, he decided to take it out, a little squelch sound echoing in the room.
jungkook looked at the object once he pulled it out; attempting to ignore jimin’s deep moans vibrating on his skin. “you were having fun with yourself for awhile now, huh?” eyeing the matching pink butt plug, jimin but down on the younger’s shoulder gently.
“do you know what happens when you play with yourself without me or my permission?” the question coming off lowly from jungkook’s throat, a hint of dominance upon syllables. all jimin did was shake his head, still hiding his face in his partner’s neck.
jungkook rested his eyes back on the lube leaked buttplug, moving two of his fingers to jimin’s hole; feeling it stretched enough for him to thrust two of his fingers instantly, a muffled whimper escaping jimin. “answer my question, baby prince.”
the brunette moved his hand away from jimin’s ass and gripped upon a fistful of the dark locks to ease the elder’s head off his shoulder so he could look at him. “i’m waiting, baby.” jungkook continued dominantly, more shivers meeting jimin’s soft skin.
jungkook thrusted his fingers back into the stretched wet asshole then moved the fingers into jimin’s mouth; watching as he sucked on the long digits. when the brunette took back his fingers, jimin breathed out an answer. “i-i get punished, sir.”
jungkook watched as jimin’s cock started to leak, his fingers digging into the younger’s shoulders. “you know that yet you still disobeyed me, baby prince.” slowly pushing the toy back into jimin’s stretched ring, feeling him quiver gently on top of him.
“i-i’m sorry, sir.” jimin breathed out once more through his whiny whimpers, biting down on his lip. jungkook thrusted the inanimate object in and out of the petite boy, watching him begin to softly and discretely bounce on the butt plug.
the pace of the thrusting gradually begun to increase as jimin’s whimpering grew in volume; the sloppy sound of the lubricant constantly hitting his skin echoing against the walls. standing up with his boyfriend wrapping his legs around his waist, jungkook flipped them over.
jungkook kissed jimin roughy before their tongues started to dance with each other deeply, a string of salvia trailing on both their bottom lips when they separated. rubbing the curve of the elder’s ass, the brunette slapped the plump muscle; enjoying how jimin twitched.
the male rubbed at the skin again before slapping the red area once more. “i thought you were a good baby prince, i guess i was wrong.” jungkook growled lowly, nibbling on jimin’s ear with another spank to his ass. the petite boy flinched in pleasure; leaking cock on the bed.
the butt plug moved a little at each spank, causing jimin to be a whimpering mess underneath the hovering younger. “i-i promise i’ll be good, sir.” jimin moaned; high and breathy. the coolness of the chain applied to the redness every time jungkook slapped at the same spot.
moving back two fingers into jimin’s mouth, jungkook kissed at the back of his neck. “you’re gonna show me how good you’ll be, okay?” thrusting his fingers in the dancer’s mouth who was sucking on them willingly, rubbing his erection into the sheet for friction.
the chocolate haired boy spanked the male once more before wrapping fingers around the butt plug, yet again thrusting it in and out the elder as his other hand wrapped around jimin’s hard cock that was covered in precum at the tip.
as he thrusted the plug in and out of jimin, jungkook also pumped away at the erection in his hand; jimin biting into the sheets to muffle the loud whimpers and moans that were escaping him. the petite boy’s hands were shaking as he grabbed onto the sheet also.
due to jimin being all worked up ever since he put the toy inside him earlier today, he knew he was going to cum soon as his cock was twitching in his boyfriend’s hand; prostate being brushed against with the plug. “fuck, baby, please.” voice portraying his overwhelm.
jimin begun to shake underneath jungkook who was kissing away at his neck too while touching him intimately at all angles. “i’m g-gonna.” was all that jimin could breathe out before the brunette completely stopped in every single action; watching jimin shake lightly.
🔞 [slight]
“you were gonna what, baby prince? cum?” the brunette hushed in jimin’s ear before licking the skin underneath his earlobe. “boys who don’t listen don’t get the pleasure to cum.” jungkook continued with dominance, jimin whimpering with a lip quiver.
jungkook was hard but he would have to take care of that before bed, not wanting to give jimin the satisfaction of watching him get off. turning the elder around, he trained his eyes on the flushed face that had pleasured tears in his eyes. “promise you’ll behave next time?”
jimin nodded quickly, covering his sensitive body with the robe as he curled into himself; lustful warmth disappearing from his body. jungkook laid down next to him, kissing his cheek before easing back up. “i’ll meet you back outside.” the brunette claimed, walking out.
poor kookie
-timeskip: two week before wedding-

jimin and hoseok went to double check the venue and discuss plans and extra details with the venue coordinator. when they left, hoseok looked nervous during their walk which made the younger give a comforting rub on his back.
hoseok released a shaky exhale and smiled at jimin softly. “thank you..” the elder’s voice lighter than it usually is. “i can’t believe i’m getting married in two weeks..” the mumbled sentence more for himself than the dancer. “it’ll be the best day of your life, trust me.”
they continued to walk until they found a bench, sitting down on it. “w-what if yoongi doesn’t show up? or the chandelier falls? o-or-“ panic developing upon hoseok, making jimin take his bigger hands in his own. “none of that will happen, you hear me?” assured the younger.
the dark haired male started to breathe in and out slowly for hoseok to match which he followed the action, slowly calming down with a nod. “how about you take the rest of the day? i’ll finish with everything that needs to be done today.” jimin suggested with a warm smile.
“really? you’d do that for me?” the sentence coming off in a breathy awe and jimin took a long slow nod. “of course, what kind of man of honour would i be if i didn’t do such a thing?” giggled the younger and hoseok joined in; all nerves gone.
the two stood up and hoseok pulled jimin into a long embrace. “thank you chimchim.” hummed out the brunette who walked off on his way to hunt a taxi. with a deep breathe, jimin checked the list on his phone, going off to fulfil the desired duties.

jungkook jumped, startled when the door slammed and he saw jimin slide down it. “okay, i’m nice. /too/ nice. why are people so viscous?” voice high and pitchy when he groaned. standing up, he flopped his body onto the brunette’s who had to hold them both up.
dragging their bodies over to the sofa, jimin rested against jungkook’s larger frame. “i can’t wait for this wedding.” hummed the elder weakly. “if you’re like this for someone else’s wedding, imagine your own.” chuckled the brunette; the dancer choking on his salvia.
the dark haired male then started to go into a coughing fit, jungkook patting his back. once he calmed down, the elder cleared his throat. “a-are you okay?” his boyfriend questioned, hand still on his back. jimin nodded before going off into the kitchen for some water.
getting the water bottle from the fridge, jimin twisted open the cap before downing almost all of the liquid. “i’m sorry i mentioned the wedding thing.” jungkook apologsied, looking down at his fingers. the elder only shook his head, walking in front of his boyfriend.
the dancer cupped at the sportsman’s cheek, stroking the cheekbone with his thumb. please don’t apologise, it just came onto me suddenly, you know?” explained jimin gently as if he was scared to speak any louder. the two shared a kiss before going back to the living room.
jungkook turned on the tv to distract themselves but jimin’s mind was running on what the brunette said which really got him thinking about his own wedding. one that he wanted.

one that he wanted with the man in the living room right now with him.
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jimin was making different types of all the next morning: making sure the cake was going to be ready in time for the wedding and confirming party members to correct the seating plan. he was all over the place, taking a sip of his sugary coffee.
being put on hold from the assigned wedding band organiser made him practically slam his phone down on the kitchen counter, putting it on speaker for when the person on the phone returned. “baby, take a break.” jungkook came into the kitchen, hugging the elder from behind.
the brunette massaged the male’s shoulders, jimin closing his eyes at the touch. “this isn’t the time for breaks kook, yoongi and hoseok get married in 12 days..” a sigh falling from his plump brims. the hold music from his mobile only caused his annoyance to rise.
jungkook grabbed the phone before jimin could when he saw small fingers reach for the device as if he wanted to throw it. “you can have the phone back when they take you off hold.” declared the younger, watching the dancer roll his eyes but folded his arms in defeat.
with a huff, jimin wandered to his cupboard for some snacks, seeing a bag of mini cookies. he took the packet and roughly pulled it, luckily it didn’t badly rip and the male begin to munch on the treat; cheeks puffy from his slight anger and the sight made jungkook laugh.
“can i do your hair for the wedding?” jimin spoke with a full mouth but jungkook found it cute at how round he looked that he just ended up nodding with a grin. “of course you can.” the brunette replied. jimin was going to say something else but the call came off hold.
quickly swallowing the food down, the younger passed back the phone so jimin could continue his duties. wandering off to the bedroom, jungkook went to his laptop on the desk; opening up so it went straight to what he last left it on - nervous smile trailing on his face.
“okay, okay...thank you so much..” he heard jimin’s voice coming closer to the door and it made the photographer quickly shut down his laptop. the elder walked in hanging up the phone; doing a little victory dance which was just a wiggle of the hips.
jimin waddled over to the younger man, leaning down to place a kiss in his chocolate hair. “the band is completely okay, thank god.” a sigh of relief leaving the dark haired male. jungkook’s fingers were tapping on the closed laptop and he nodded with a smile. “that’s good.”
the dancer raised an eyebrow st the suspicious action but shrugged it off; stretching his body as he wandered to bed. “can you text the couple for me? i just wanna /nap/.” he muttered as he fell front on the soft bed. “sure thing baby.” jungkook replied, getting his phone.
jimin curled up under the duvet with a light cough, bringing the sheet all the way up to his nose. the brunette messaged the couple about the band who responded with thank you’s and emojis. jungkook looked back at his laptop before sitting down on the edge of the bed.
the sportsman laid a hand on jimin’s leg, the material blocking the skin on skin contact. stroking the area with his thumb, he watched as his boyfriend dozed off. “nap well.” words coming off as whispers before the brunette left the bedroom.
sleep well
sexy nap
shoulder to cry on
hoseok drove over to namjoon’s apartment, a sigh leaving him before walking inside as the door was open like namjoon said it would be. his ears instantly twitched at the sound of sniffles, the engaged man following the sound till he saw namjoon in the kitchen.
with a deep frown, the male went over to the crying boy, quickly wrapping his arms around him; namjoon accepting the affection instantly. “i thought i-i was okay. i really did.” he sniffles into hoseok who only rubbed the younger man’s back gently.
“i w-was thinking about your wedding that i thought i would’ve went to with j-jimin and now..” voice croaky as his sentence stopped when he burst into more tears; hoseok holding namjoon tighter with hushes falling from his lips.
namjoon shook lightly in the grasp due to his crying. “i got a-a call today..they said they sold the place to s-someone else so now i can’t even open my bookshop where i wanted to.” sympathy radiating from hoseok when the male spoke such things. “didn’t you give a down payment?”
the crying person nodded which only made hoseok frown more. “the person who bought it paid it all straight away so they gave me back my down payment..” voice still croaky but the heavy sobbing was coming to an end. “oh namjoon...” three syllables leaving hoseok into the air.
hoseok spent the day with the younger person, holding him until he stopped crying and just felt exhausted; only shaky breaths leaving him every so often. “you don’t have to come to the wedding if you don’t feel comfortable.” stated hoseok gently.
namjoon was quick to shake his head, looking over at the elder. “i would never miss an important day for you...i’ll just have to put my emotions aside. i will, i promise.” gentle firm words being said and hoseok smiled with a nod. “i believe you.”
when it was almost 11pm, hoseok decided to take departure; giving namjoon one last hug before he left to go back home.

namjoon will have to get over his feelings. he has to.

for hoseok and yoongi.
-timeskip: two days before wedding-

everyone had decided to arrive at the hotel early so they were able to settle in to have enough time to prepare themselves for tonight’s rehearsal dinner. jimin was on the phone in the lobby, contacting the service in terms of arrival.
he checked in with jungkook and the two made their way to the hotel. it was a single double bed room with a lovely view from the balcony. taking a deep breath, the elder finally hung up the phone and sat on the edge of the hotel bed. “everything is really happening..”
the words that left jungkook caught jimin’s attention. “it really is. just 5 months ago, i watched yoongi proposed.” jimin pretended to choke up on his words with a hand on his chest. the brunette laughed at him and sat next to him with a contentious sigh.
“since we have like 4 hours till the dinner...do you wanna check out the buffet?” the ending of jungkook’s sentence coming off child like, the two giggling when jungkook shot up and jimin hopped on his back. “to beyond!” the elder exclaimed before they exited the hotel.
adjusting the small frame on his back, the brunette began to pace in the hallway; spinning the two around. their laughter echoed in the hallways loudly as they continued. “giddy up, giddy up.” jimin tease, cheek resting on his boyfriend’s hair before looking beyond him.
the laughter was high until it came to an abrupt pause, jungkook’s steps coming to an end as they both cleared their throat and jimin hopped off his boyfriend. their eyes were trained on what was in front of them, the atmosphere now suffocating and tense.
“hey.” the single syllable firm but still contained a softness as it escaped namjoon. jungkook looked away while jimin gave an awkward wave. “h-hey.” the petite boy sputtered, looking down with a twist to his lips.
the three just stood there in an uncomfortable silence before namjoon was the first to speak. “i’m gonna go to my room. see you tonight at the dinner?” voice a little lighter and jimin showcased a faint smile. “i’ll see you tonight.” radiating the same energy.
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[what do you think jungkook was looking up on his laptop?]
the couple were left in the hallway after the older man went off to his hotel room. “you don’t feel for the buffet anymore, do you?” jungkook finally spoke up in question, jimin shaking his head after a few hesitant seconds. the brunette took the smaller hand as they walked back.
entering back into the room, jimin went over to the bed but jungkook stayed by the door, back against the material. there was a silence between them. it wasn’t uncomfortable but it wasn’t desired either, almost making them feel a little suffocated.
with a deep exhale, jimin stood up and shimmied out his jeans. “i-i’m gonna sleep for an hour or two.” he announced, crawling under the sheets with a sad pout. the younger swallowed down the slight pain in his throat before wandering to his suitcase.
laying out his suit once he got it out, still in the plastic so it didn’t crinkle, jungkook repeated the action with jimin’s suit; seeing the elder force himself into sleep. when the dancer finally did sleep, jungkook took out his laptop from the suitcase.
he opened up the thin device and logged in before beginning to research the previous website he was on before they came to the hotel. a faint smile played its way on his lips before he went on to make a purchase. “you’ll love it, i promise.” he mumbled to himself.
jungkook went on to do other things on the laptop before shutting it down and slipping it back gently into the suitcase. the male decided to have a shower since it’ll take off time till the dinner and for jimin to wake up.
almost two hours slipped by before the elder woke up, blinking himself away but suddenly shot up into a seating position. “the rehearsal!” he exclaimed to himself but saw his boyfriend on the balcony which allowed him to sigh in relief.
getting up, he slipped on the hotel slippers before heading outside to jungkook, wrapping his arms around the younger’s waist. “you know, for a muscular frame, you have a tiny waist.” raspy voice teased and the brunette smiled even when jimin couldn’t see it.
“the only thing tiny about me is my waist unlike you.” jungkook teased up, turning in the smaller man’s arms. giving jimin a little boop to his sculpted nose, he leaned down to kiss the elder softly before leading them back into the hotel room. “you should start getting ready.”
jimin nodded softly before heading into the bathroom. jungkook took off the clothes he put on after the shower and switched them for the suit; spraying his body with cologne and brushing his hair. if jimin wanted to style it, he could but for now he left it.
it didn’t take jungkook long to get ready before jimin got out the bathroom, drying himself off. the elder then got ready as jungkook sat on the bed adjusting the watch on his wrist. when jimin finished getting ready, he straddled the younger’s lap.
getting the brush that was next to their bodies, jimin began to style the male’s hair; putting it into a parting and doing what he can with it. satisfied with his word, he got up and went over to the hotel mirror with his mini makeup bag; dolling himself up a little.
there was now an hour left when the couple grabbed the hotel key card and headed out the room holding hands. making their way down to the rented all, jimin waved to a couple of people by the entrance while jungkook nodded his greetings.
hype babies
“jungkook, jimin!” the exclamation causing the two to break from their conversation, seeing hoseok quickly waddle towards them and yoongi trailing behind. the elder shared a hug between the two before yoongi followed the same action with a warm smile.
“congratulations once again.” jungkook smiled gently with warmth in his voice. a thankful nod was given to him by the two who then started to hold hands. “who knows, this could be you two someday.” yoongi teased lightly with a shrug, looking around the venue.
the man didn’t see how their words affected the other couple; rose dusted on their cheekbones. with a little laughter from hoseok, he rested a hand on jungkook’s arm. “just remember where you two sit, we are gonna greet other guests!” he expresses, the engaged couple walking off.
leaving the two alone, jimin eyed the waiter about to walk past them with a tray of champagne, taking a glass before downing the liquid with a lick to his lips. “w-where’s taehyung?” the dancer giving out a nervous stutter, playing with the rim of the champagne glass.
jungkook furrowed his eyebrow at the elder then let out a deep sigh. “jimin?” watching the said person turn to look at him with a hum. “do you not wanna get married to me or something?” the brunette let out along with a nervous chuckle and matching huff.
seeing jimin’s features soften to an upset one, he watched as he opened and closed his mouth before actually speaking. “kook, it’s no-“ the stammering boy interrupted when he heard two people heavily breathing towards the couple. “hey there.” tae breathed out.
jungkook glanced over to jimin who looked relieved to see the two. “did you guys have sex or something?” joked the dancer but the look of the couple’s face made them guilty and that made jimin release giggles from lightly painted lips.
“tae. jin.” was all jungkook said with a sharp nod. “i’m gonna go talk to some people.” he continued firmly before walking off. a sigh fell from jimin as his eyes landed back on his friends that looked confused. “what’s wrong with him?” seokijn asked with a raise of the brow.
the petite boy nibbled on his lip, putting the empty glass on a moving tray. “he keeps mentioning marriage these days.” the confession making the two boys’ eyes widened a little. “he wants to marry you?” taehyung spoke in a hushed exclaim, still a little shock.
jimin only quickly shook his head. “no, he hasn’t exactly said that but he hinted at such things before and just now he asked if i never wanna be married to him.” frowning when he thought back to his boyfriend walking off upset not just too long ago.
seokjin tilted his head slightly. “do you not want to marry jungkook?” he asked with a little bit of surprise laced in his tone. jimin moved some of his styled hair behind his ear, back to nibbling down on his bottom lip. “it’s not that i don’t wanna get married to him..”
“i see a future with that man...it’s just that...the thought of it is scary..” the man admitted, getting another champagne and downing it just the same. his ears twitched at the sound of taehyung’s low giggles causing him to raise an eyebrow at the younger.
he continued to giggle a little while before slipping out a warm sigh. “you sound like me when i was denying my feelings.” he claimed. jimin had expecting him to tease the sentence but he didn’t and it made jimin roll his eyes. “you can’t possibly compare this to that.”
taehyung shook his head lightly. “but you can. it’s like you’re denying yourself of a good future. do you not love kook?” he questioned. jimin allowed the faint smile to reach his face. “of course i do..with all my heart.” confessed the dancer, his friends looking at him in awe.
the gazes his received made him look down shyly and jin raised his head by the chin softly. “then let yourself just love and go with it. you’ll figure it out then.” he responded, bringing the younger into a hug and tae joined soon after.
when they separated, jimin handed tae the empty champagne glass. “i’m gonna go fulfil my man of honour duties.” he waved off, beginning to walk and greet some members of both parts of the family. his eyes found his boyfriend’s across the room but the brunette looked away quickly.
jimin sighed softly before continuing to talk to the guests. time slipped away before it was time to sit and begin the rehearsal dinner. “hello, okay so on the day. we will start off with the best men’s speeches but to not ruin the surprises, we won’t do such today.” jimin spoke.
eyeing all the guests in the room, he continued to explain. “there will then be a moment for any family members to say a speech if they desire before the husband or should i say /husbands/ say their speeches. then we shall eat dinner which is being served as we speak.”
there were waitresses on every angle serving plates around the venue. “the dish in front of you is the one you ticked for on the invitation cards but if anyone wants to change their mind, please do it tonight as it will be your only chance.” finally breathing when he finished.
before the dancer sat down, he made more claims. “if you desire to dance first on the floor on the night, you can, the waiter or waitress will just cover your platter so it can stay warm and more food will be served at the buffet if you want something warm.”
opening his mouth again, jimin felt a tug of the sleeve of his tux. “chimchim, let everyone breathe okay? you could use one yourself.” hoseok joked, various guests laughing along with him. “r-right.” the younger muttered, sitting down slowly, clearing his throat.
giving a shy smile to those around him, he watched people eat before digging into his own food. jungkook was sitting on the other side next to yoongi and taehyung was seated next to jimin. from them, parents were seated and other family members and friends after that.
the dark haired male let out a shaky breath, going back to eating his food that didn’t take long to finish. “is everything alright?” he heard hoseok whimper close to his ear and jimin just showcased a faux wide smile with a nod. “yes.” he whispered back.
hoseok eyed the younger with an eyebrow raised but only decided to nod, not questioning it further. everyone began to finish eating when music started to play which was the first dance reception song: ‘turning page’ by sleeping at last.
people starting to slow dance in pairs, jimin staying seated as the engaged couple also got up. the music through the speakers made him space out, focusing on the song and trying to imagine how it’ll sound when the wedding band will perform it tomorrow.
jimin was so spaced out he didn’t see someone sit next to him. “you look lonely.” the person said, voice not recognisable. snapping out of his trance, the petite boy looking over to the person who had light brown hair.
“h-hi.” jimin was able to get out as he grew flustered from his embarrassing state just a while ago. “hey, my name is seojoon.” the male declared with a smile. the smile made jimin feel comfortable as the gentleman shook the other’s hand.
“my name’s jimin.” responded the petite boy when their hands fell apart. “jimin? pretty name, pretty boy.” seojoon professed, taking a sip of his champagne. “i know i’m pretty.” teased the dancer with a light laugh on his lips that seojoon joined in with.
they were about to start a conversation when jungkook came over to the two. “hey baby.” the words making seojoon sputter. “oh, hey.” jimin responded raising his eyebrow. the two have barely spoken tonight. the elder looked back over at his new company who was blushing.
the blush was probably from embarrassment before he finished his champagne, announcing he’ll leave the two alone. when he walked off, jungkook sat down in the chair seojoon left from. “you really let him flirt with you so openly?” jealousy evident in his words.
the elder’s eyes agape slightly at the question. “excuse me?” jimin, offended by the tone. “he called you pretty, he could’ve done more.” the brunette rolled his eyes, leaning back in the chair. “so i can’t accept compliments now? hold on, lemme tell tae.”
jimin, about to get up was quickly pulled back down. “you know that’s not what i meant.” the younger letting go of his boyfriend’s arm. a scoff escaped the raven head as he folded his arms. “what? you think i was gonna sleep with him or something?” annoyance laced in words.
“wanna claim me as a cheater? how does the saying go again? ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’?” the petite boy swallowing down the lump in his throat when he choked out the words. “jimin i’m not here to argue with you, i just didn’t like that he was flirting.” kook explained.
jimin looked away from his partner, watching everyone have a good time on the dance floor. “you should be able to trust me.” claimed the elder, picking at his clothed arm. “jimin, baby, i /do/ trust you.” jungkook responded with truth, moving to hold his boyfriend’s hand.
the brunette made the dancer look at him in the eyes, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips. “i trust and love you.” jungkook breathes on jimin’s painted brims, nodding really gently and jungkook kissed the back of the male’s hand. “wanna dance?”
the dark haired boy smiled widely at the question and the two stood up and walked over to the dance floor, the music more upbeat as the couple let loose with everyone around them.
it was just a little over midnight when the two entered back into the hotel room, both sleepy as they walked towards the bed with lazy kisses after jungkook closed the door with his foot. “i love you.” jimin hushed out between kiss, the couple landing on the bed.
the brunette was hovering him as they continued to lazily kiss, jungkook moved at his neck, stripping the elder away from his suit. the two stripped each other slowly; clothing leaving their body piece by piece.
they were both in the nude as they kissed under the moonlight that was hugging a strip of their skin; the two making love the rest of the night.

jungkook woke up with a smile on his face to the sun rising, almost completing its mission. when he twisted in the sheet, he felt he was alone but saw a note on the side jimin was sleeping on.
𝒾 𝓌𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝑜 𝒽𝑜𝓈𝑒𝑜𝓀’𝓈 𝓉𝑜 𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓅 𝒽𝒾𝓂 𝑔𝑒𝓉 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹𝓎, 𝒽𝑒 𝓉𝑒𝓍𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉’𝓈 𝒽𝑒’𝓈 𝓃𝑒𝓇𝓋𝑜𝓊𝓈! 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝓈𝑒𝑒 𝒾𝒻 𝓎𝑜𝑜𝓃𝑔𝒾 𝓃𝑒𝑒𝒹𝓈 𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓅 𝓂𝓇 𝒷𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝓂𝒶𝓃.

jungkook’s smile grew wider at the note. putting it down and yawning; stretching his body awake. the young man grabbed his charging phone and messaged yoongi to see if he’s up to which he was and asked jungkook to come over before the brunette could suggest it.
it took just over 30 minutes for the sportsman to get ready and dressed in his suit for the wedding before heading over to where yoongi was getting ready. with a knock on the door, it was opened by yoongi’s older brother to who he greeted politely.
yoongi was sitting down on a soft looking chair with his face in his palms. “yoongi, are you okay?” jungkook approached, standing near the elder. “i-i’m getting married today..” he mumbled in his hands and the brunette chuckled lightly. “you are.”
“i look like a nervous wreck, i’ll just look stupid.” yoongi continued, standing up and walking over to the mini bar. “hoseok is just as nervous as you, yoon. you’re the love of each other’s lives, it’s a big day for the both of you.” the younger stated calmly.
the brunette stopped yoongi’s shaking hand from pouring out the alcohol he grabbed, doing it for him so he doesn’t cause a mess. handing the elder the glass, jungkook watched the blonde down it in one go. “slow down buddy.” joked the best man.
taking a deep breathe, yoongi exhaled slowly. getting closer to the shorter person, jungkook fixed his tie after giving him a comforting hug. “everything will be okay, trust me.” declared his brother by the door and jungkook nodded in agreement.

jimin was all dressed up for the wedding as he finally got hoseok to stop crying from his nervous state. he redid the light makeup and fixed hoseok’s hair who gave jimin a grateful smile. “i’m sorry i’m a mess.” muttered the male apologetically.
“don’t apologise hobi.” hoseok’s sister announced and jimin smiled at her. “jimin fixed you up all pretty, yoongi will fall in love all over again.” she continued encouragingly. the elder moved over to the mirror and stared at his reflection as he took a deep breath.
jimin walked over to the taller man and hugged him from behind without getting makeup on the suit. “everything will go just fine, okay?” watching hoseok nod at the words. “i’m gonna head down to the centre, okay? i’ll make sure everything is in order.”
hoseok bit at his lip but nodded. “thank you jimin, for everything.” the man holding the younger’s hands briefly before letting him walk out the door.
jimin made his way downstairs to the venue, watching the decorators do their final touches. with a content smile, he watched everything set up before turning around; startled when he saw jungkook standing there. “hi! is yoongi okay?” asked the elder.
the brunette nodded, walking up to his partner and placing a soft kiss on his lips. with a smile, jimin started to walk the isle, humming the tune of ‘here comes the bride’ before bursting into a set of giggles. “so you’ll be up there with the couple on yoongi’s side.”
jungkook eyed to where his finger was pointed to and nodded, hands in his trouser pockets. “and i’ll be down here in the front, sitting with everyone.” jimin continued to explain. “the wedding starts in two hours so i’ll just wait by the door to greet people.” jimin elaborated.
walking towards the entrance, jimin just stood. he knew some people liked to arrive really early so he suspected some to walk in to which some did; the dark haired male bowing and greeting, shaking some hands here and there.
surprisingly, time was moving quicker than anticipated and it was now 30 minutes until the wedding, yoongi talking to his brother underneath the arch at the front where he would be wedded soon. jimin was sat in his allocated seat, talking to hoseok’s mother who was next to him.
the petite boy let out a shaky exhale, looking over at jungkook who winked at him before walking up to him. “shouldn’t you be with your partner to walk down-“
“fu- fudge.” jimin censored himself due to the older woman, getting up and walking out quickly.
when he got out, he saw the pairs lined up except for one lone person. “i’m so sor- seojoon?” surprise tracing syllables. “jimin, hey.” he smiled warmly, the dark haired male sliding his arm underneath the male’s. “i’m so glad i saw you again, i wanted to say sorry.”
glancing over the light brunette, seojoon saw the confusion on jimin’s face. “i shouldn’t hav flirted with you.” the man nervously chuckled as jimin’s gaze were eyeing the other isle pairs. “it’s okay, really, you didn’t now i was taken.” responded the dancer.
tapping hoseok’s sister on the shoulder, she turned around calmly. “is he okay?” jimin asked with a gentle smile and she nodded. “he should be down soon with dad.” the female furthered on before turning back around.

12 minutes.
jimin could feel his body swaying nervously that seojoon had to place his hands on both sides of the man. “jimin, relax, it’ll be fine.” chuckled the person. “if you’re nervous now, imagine your own wedding.” the male continued to joke.
the small body boy released a breathy giggle. “you’re right, it’s not my wedding.” responded the raven head.

7 minutes.

when the music began to play, jimin’s heart felt like it dropped.
one by one, each pair walked down the isle, leaving a minute gap between each of the couples. when it was jimin and seojoon’s turn, a familiar voice twitched at his ear.

𝒾 𝑔𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝓂𝓎 𝒽𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓉𝑜 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓂𝓎 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉.
𝒾 𝒸𝒶𝓃’𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝒾𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝓁𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝓂𝓎 𝓁𝒾𝒻𝑒 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓎𝑜𝓊.

jungkook was singing. “he sings?” jimin muttered to himself in shock as he continued to walk slowly. all the man could do was stare at his boyfriend who was vocally blessed without his acknowledgment.
when did they plan to have jungkook sing?! why wasn’t he told? jimin felt like time stopped as the brunette was singing beautifully to the piano instrumental.

𝒾 𝒸𝒶𝓃’𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝒾𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓉
𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒾 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝓃𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝒷𝑒 𝒶𝓅𝒶𝓇𝓉
𝓂𝓎 𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂𝓈 𝒸𝒶𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝓇𝓊𝑒 𝒷𝑒𝒸𝒶𝓊𝓈𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝓎𝑜𝓊

jimin now separated from seojoon, the two men standing on each side of the arch as jimin’s eyes were still on jungkook as he continued to sing. everyone then stood up when they indicated hoseok’s arrival.
𝒻𝓇𝑜𝓂 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓂𝑜𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝑜𝓃, 𝒶𝓈 𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔 𝒶𝓈 𝒾 𝓁𝒾𝓋𝑒

the moment jungkook sing those lyrics, butterflies arrived at jimin’s stomach as hoseok began to walk down to isle but the elder couldn’t turn his gaze away from the brunette.
𝒾 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊, 𝒾 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓂𝒾𝓈𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈

hoseok was halfway, smiling at the family and friends that were there to celebrate his special day. a small sniffle escaped from yoongi when jimin assumed he was crying or tearing up.
𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝒾𝓈 𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒾 𝓌𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹𝓃’𝓉 𝑔𝒾𝓋𝑒

when hoseok made it into jimin’s peripheral vision as he walked under the arch, holding yoongi’s hands when he passed over the flowers, jimin let out a deep exhale.

𝒻𝓇𝑜𝓂 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓂𝑜𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝑜𝓃
when the song drew out the ending, jimin didn’t realise he was crying until hoseok’s sister handed him a tissue and quickly dabbed at his makeup eyes, holding back a sniffle. the crowd sat down and the petite boy fixed his posture; jungkook walking back to his original spot.
“we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of min yoongi and jung hoseok in marriage.” the minister began when there was quietness in the room, his voice slightly echoing off the walls.
“in the years they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured. then both realising each other’s personal dreams, hopes and goals are more attainable and more meaningful through the combined effort and mutual support—“ +
“—that is provided in love, commitment, and family; and so today, as we stand here, we watch them join hands in becoming husband and husband. each other’s forever.” the ending of the minister’s words making a few people already break out into sobs.
a few tears were shared being the couple of the day, yoongi leaning in to kiss away hoseok’s tears to which swoons and awes were earned from family and friends as well as jimin himself.
“before they begin their vows, if there is anyone who wishes to not see these two get married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” people were eyeing the hall, seeing if someone was going to say something but it was luckily silent. “you may now say your vows.”
hoseok took a deep breath before beginning to speak broken words due to his sobs. “i am grateful, that you walked into that chemistry class that day. because the moment you did, i knew that you were gonna be my forever.” bottom lip quivering.
jimin began to silently cry, not bothered to wipe the tears.
“you have been my rock, my happiness, my strength, my everything. i will take your love to give me hope, give me joy, and make me a better man. i vow to make you happy, to make you laugh and to cherish you.”
hoseok took another shaky breath, the grip on yoongi’s hands tightening. ”and to always be there for you. i promise to be your navigator, sympathizer, sidekick, best friend, and your husband. finally, i promise you myself as we begin our journey of forever.”
when hoseok finished, he only started to cry even harder, yoongi wiping away at his own tears with a shaky smile. with a sniffle, the minister indicated it was the blonde’s turn. “hoseok, i knew from the very moment i laid eyes on you that you were my forever.“ the male began.
”someway, somehow, i was determined to make you mine. and from this day forward my heart is entirely yours...” yoongi sucked in some air to prevent himself from crying more. “as we continue to grow in our lives together, i promise to give you all of my words when needed—“ +
“— and to share in the silence when they are not, to pick you up if you are down, to love you unconditionally, to lay my bare skin on you when needed most. to care for you and our families for as long as i live. and to always know in the deepest part of my soul..” yoongi choked.
there was a long pause as he sniffled, looking down at his shoes. hoseok moved a hand to his cheek which made yoongi look back up.
“t-that when challenges arise we will always find our way back to one another. to you, i promise a forever.”
by now, everyone was either hysterically sobbing or really emotional. jimin wiped at his tears at the beautiful vows shared between the couple, it made him glance over to jungkook who had shed a tear or two. blinking his gaze back to hoseok and yoongi, the minister proceeded.
“you two may now repeat after me. we will start with you, hoseok.” announced and declared the minister, the called male nodding. “i, jung hoseok, take you, min yoongi.” the minister began.
“i, j-jung hoseok, take y-you, min yoongi.” hoseok brokenly repeated through his sobs.
“to be my lawfully wedded husband.”
“to be m-my lawfully wedded husband.”

“to have and to hold from this day forward.”
“to have a-and to hold f-from this day forward.”

“for better.” that’s when hoseok took a shaky breath before repeating.
“for better.”
“for worse.”
“for worse.”

“for richer, for poorer.”
“for richer...for p-poorer.”

“in sickness and in health.”
“i-in sickness and in health.”

“to love and to cherish.”
“to love...to cherish..” a tear slipping from hoseok’s eye.
“till death do us part.”
“till death do us part.” the male breathed out, wiping at his eyes, not caring about the light makeup anymore. no one in the audience did for theirs either. “yoongi, repeat after me.” and so the blonde did, hoseok trying to resist the urge to kiss him.
“as you have now professed your vows, can we get the rings please?” asked the minister, yoongi’s brother stretching a pillow with two silver bands on it. the couple each took one, holding it between two shaky fingers. “repeat after me, one each at a time.” the minister spoke.
hoseok nodded to encourage yoongi to go first. “yoongi, as you put on that ring, repeat after me: with this ring, i marry you.”
yoongi’s shaky fingers went towards hoseok’s left wedding finger that still displayed the engagement ring. “with this ring, i marry you.”
sliding it on the male’s finger, the two shared a warm smile. “hoseok, you shall repeat the same.” the said person nodded in response, his own shaky fingers sliding the ring onto yoongi’s finger. “with this ring, i marry you.” announced the man.
“min yoongi, jung hoseok. i now declare you, husband and husband. you may kiss the groom.” the two not waiting a second longer before falling into a deep kiss, cheers from family and friends roaring in the wedding hall. jimin was enthusiastically clapping with tears.
when he looked over at jungkook, the brunette was already staring at him with a teary smile. “i love you.” jimin mouthed to his partner, still clapping. “i love you.” jungkook mouthed back, the two watching yoongi and hoseok walk back down the isle.
it was almost an hour later when everyone made their way to the main hall for the reception. the band was playing when they got in but something felt wrong to jimin. his friends were about to walk up to him when jimin walked over to one of the band members.
the pianist leaned toward jimin when the male walked up to him. “where’s the singer?” nervousness evident in the question. “we just got a call, he fell sick.” jimin’s heart dropping at the words. what were they gonna do?
the petite human was going through an internal crisis. what were they going to do? he snapped out of it when he heard everyone cheer at yoongi and hoseok who just walked in. /that’s/ when the nerves fell to place. they’re meant to have their first dance.
the small framed gentleman panicked within himself the closer the newly wedded couple walked closer to the centre. it was now or never. when yoongi and hoseok made it to the middle, jimin went to the microphone. with a clearance of his throat, he spoke.
“let’s give it up for the newly weds!” the crowd bursting into celebratory cheers. “can everyone make space for the couple as they’ll know have their first dance.” jimin ignoring his friends’ raised eyebrows at him when he held onto the mic.
the band began to start the instrumental. it was a little long so it gave jimin enough time to relax which he did. when it finally came for him to sing, he saw taehyung’s smile that was contrasting to jungkook’s agape mouth.
𝒾’𝓋𝑒 𝓌𝒶𝒾𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒶 𝒽𝓊𝓃𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒹 𝓎𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓈
𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝒾’𝒹 𝓌𝒶𝒾𝓉 𝒶 𝒽𝓊𝓃𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒹 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓎𝑜𝓊

the vocal range of the song fittest the petite boy’s voice as the married couple began to dance to the tune, in each other’s worlds.
𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓅𝓇𝑒𝓅𝒶𝓇𝑒𝒹 𝓂𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇
𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓅𝓇𝒾𝓋𝒾𝓁𝑒𝑔𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝒷𝑒𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈 𝓌𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝒹𝑜

his eyes landing back onto his boyfriend’s who was still shocked. now he could feel how jimin felt when he was singing earlier.
continuing to sing, his confidence grew as he got closer to the chorus.

𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝒾𝓈 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝓊𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓅𝒶𝑔𝑒
𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝑜𝓃𝓁𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓈𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝑜𝓇𝒹𝓈 𝓇𝑒𝓂𝒶𝒾𝓃

his grip of the mic growing tighter when he focused more on the lyrics.
jungkook was looking at him fondly when taehyung nudged him with his shoulder. “you’re picturing it aren’t you?” the elder asked as jimin continued to sing.

𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎 𝓀𝒾𝓈𝓈 𝒾𝓈 𝒶 𝒸𝓊𝓇𝓈𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒
𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎 𝓉𝑜𝓊𝒸𝒽 𝒾𝓈 𝒶 𝓇𝑒𝒹𝑒𝒻𝒾𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓅𝒽𝓇𝒶𝓈𝑒
the question made jungkook confused as he quickly ripped his glance away from his partner on the stage. “picturing what?” he asked breathtakingly.

𝒾 𝓈𝓊𝓇𝓇𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇 𝓌𝒽𝑜 𝒾’𝓋𝑒 𝒷𝑒𝑒𝓃 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓌𝒽𝑜 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

the strong notes catching back the brunette’s attention.
taehyung flickered his gaze between the couple with a light giggle falling from his lips. “you’re picturing your wedding with him, aren’t you?” the question breathed off of tae’s lips which made jungkook smile softly, still looking at jimin.
𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓂𝒶𝓀𝑒𝓈 𝓂𝑒 𝓈𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝒻𝓇𝒶𝑔𝒾𝓁𝑒 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉

the smile lingered on the younger’s lips when his eyes connected with the singer on stage. “yeah...i am..” he confessed gently. he was in love with jimin. he wasn’t ashamed of it.
𝒾𝒻 𝒾 𝒽𝒶𝒹 𝑜𝓃𝓁𝓎 𝒻𝑒𝓁𝓉 𝒽𝑜𝓌 𝒾𝓉 𝒻𝑒𝑒𝓁𝓈 𝓉𝑜 𝒷𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈, 𝓌𝑒𝓁𝓁 𝒾 𝓌𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹’𝓋𝑒 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌𝓃

jimin smiled with his eyes at the brunette who only winked at him; hands stuffed in his pockets.

𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒾 𝓌𝒶𝓈 𝓁𝒾𝓋𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔
𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒾’𝓋𝑒 𝒷𝑒𝑒𝓃 𝓁𝒾𝓋𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒻𝑜𝓇

jimin sang before the song fell back into an instrumental before ending, everyone clapping for the band and singer as well as the wedded couple. when jimin came off stage, he went straight to jungkook; kissing him deeply.
jungkook moved his hands around jimin’s slender waist and pulling him closer to fall deeper into the kiss. when they pulled away, they both showcased wide smiles; resting their foreheads on each other’s. “you guys look happy.” they heard a voice next to them.
turning their glances in unison, they saw namjoon with a faint smile on his lips; a hand holding a glass of champagne while another was deep inside his pocket. “we look happy cause we are.” jungkook spoke with a little bite in his voice.
“kook..” gently frowning at his boyfriend but namjoon shook his head. “it’s okay jimin, i deserved the tone.” the elder spoke gently with a smile. jungkook held jimin’s hand and the petite boy bit down on his lip. “how’re things?” the dancer asked in attempt to lighten the mood.
with a shrug, namjoon took a long sip of his champagne. “not the best but i know they’ll get better.”
“what do you mean?” jimin pouted in sympathy.
“i lost the place where i wanted my book store.” admitted the man, jungkook’s features growing soft.
jungkook knew how much namjoon wanted that place and it kind of hurt knowing he didn’t get it due to how hard he worked. “namjoon i’m so sorry.” jimin continued to pout, rubbing namjoon’s arm in comfort and he earned a gratified smile in return.
“you deserved to get that place, i’m sorry.” jungkook spoke quietly but the two men heard, the speech surprising the two of them. “thanks, jungkook.” namjoon’s voice just as soft as he allowed himself to softly smile at the words he didn’t expect to get:
when the band changed the tempo of a song, namjoon finished his champagne. “i wish you guys the best. i’ll see you around.” he stated before walking off, probably to get some food or another drink. the dinner was going to start soon anyways.
the brunette looked over at jimin and kissed him softly. “we’re going to japan then paris.” the younger suddenly declared, jimin leaning back to look at his expression. “we’re what?” confused laughter escaping him.
jungkook kissed the smaller hands and nodded. “i booked us tickets. i wanted to take you somewhere. just us.” his words making jimin’s features soften before light up in excitement. “w-we’re going tokyo and paris...we’re going tokyo and paris.” he exclaimed.
the couple shared a soft passionate kiss when jungkook picked him up to spin him around. landing delicately in his feet, hoseok’s mother was my the tables clinking her glass for attention. “let’s all have dinner now.” suggested the woman but it was more of a statement.
jimin held jungkook’s hand as he led them to the area, the raven head smiling at the younger. he loved jungkook. with everything in him. today only made him think one thing and one thing only.
he wanted to marry jungkook.

he wanted that forever.

with jungkook.
💞 the end! AHHHHH I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER!🥺🥺 i honestly loved writing this so much like its my baby :( i hope you all enjoyed this journey and trust me, i don’t think the journey will end there. stay tuned for more of my aus🥺 i love you guys 💞

💞i’ll be starting this sometime this week if you’re interested 💞
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