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Okay got some charge on the phone now. I'm going to try to live tweet this rally. Not sure how long it will last. Fingers crossed.
Trump is unleashed at this rally. He is going into major detail on the Russian hoax. Says we need accountability.
Trump brought the dragon energy tonight. Pencil neck Schiff. 😂😂
What the hell does Russian have to do with my campaign? Nothing. Mueller was the Dems God until he said no collusion now they don't like him.
Place is packed. Trump says there is thousands outside. Says 25,000 are outside. (I dont know how many but the line was 3 + miles long from some reports.)
Trump's says crooked Hillary had 500 people on the last day of the election while he had 32,000 people he asked how the hell could he lose MI? He was right he didn't.
Trump says it's all fake news......
Trump is retelling the 2016 election now.....chants of 4 more years break out....
Trump in this country we can not criminalize political differences. They spied on me he says. They spied on my campaign .......
Trump says the elite aren't the elite. We are the elite.
We are smarter, more loyal, and hell of a lot tougher.....
Trump says we have some great friends in the media. Names rush, hannity, and several fox host including the judge but the greatest support is his voters....
Russian hoax proves we need to finish what we came here to do.....drain the swamp.....
"Dems need to decide are they going to to continue to defraud the people with ridiculous bullshit" or join in to make America better.
Trump we are building the wall. Had to do an EO and Building it a lot faster, building it better and for less as well as renovating old wall.
We are making America great again and we are making it great for all Americans.
Trump talking about Smollett case now. Trump says it might be the only time he has ever agreed with the mayor of Chicago. Now introducing members of Congress and other politicians.
Trump we have some news.....breaking news...I support the great lakes... beautiful and deep.... He supports full funding of $300 million for great lakes renovation. Been trying to get it for 30 years ...close to starting on the new locks? Must be local issues..
Still introducing local politicians and business owners.
America is now the hottest economy on the planet Earth. Since the election the stock market is up almost 50%. Makes your spouse think you are the greatest investor ever....if you want to see that deflate put a socialist in the White House
Created 5.5million new jobs, 600k manufacturing jobs....with magic wand since election. 😂😂😂
After years of stagnation wages are rising and rising most for lower income people. Blue collar jobs grew at fastest pace in 30 years. Unemployment at lowest rate in 51 years. Black, Asian, Hispanic and disabled Americans unemployment at lowest rate in history of country.
Woman filled more than 60% of all new jobs created last year.
Cut greatest amount of regulations in the history of out country. USA is now number one oil and gas producer in the world. Russia is not happy about that. If Hillary won you would be doibg windmills and if it doesn't blow you wouldn't be watching TV that night.
Cut taxes, got rid of the death tax the Obamacare mandate.
Gop will become the party of great healthcare. Created new options for better healthcare. Dems pushing socialist healthcare. Bans private plans.
Says Obama lied 28 times you can keep your doctor. Deductible for Obamacare is too high. No one should be bankrupted for health care costs. Will protect pre existing. conditions. In 2018 drug prices saw their prices came down in 40+ year.
Passed VA choice and VA accountability ...talking g about VA getting better now.
Passed criminal justice reform into law. Bipartisan bill.
Democrats pushing a radical agenda of resit and revenge. Resist? What the hell let's get something done...
Trump talks about the green new deal. But doesn't want to talk about it because he wants them to make it a big part of their agenda. No airplanes no cars, one car per family. And has to be an electric car. Where do I get a charge afrer 160 miles...
Trump says he knocked Pocahontas out of the race. Why the hell did he do that. He wanted to run against her....guy in the crowd says don't worry there's plenty more to knock out. Trump agrees.
Added 6,000 auto jobs in Mi alone.
Dems put in catch and release the, visa lottery. They aren't giving us their best.......have nothing but bad I our immigration laws. Mexico needs to stop them or it will cost them a hell of a lot money. And he will close the damn border.
If we close the border that means to trade too and autos will be made in mI again. Withdrawal from TPP. Says people make it too complicated. It's jot complicated it's pretty simple. NAFTA a think of the past soon or we go to pre NAFTA. Either way we could out ahead.
If Dems don't vote for USMCA we go to pre nafta. Redid south Korea trade agreement. Best market isnpickup trucks and SUVs in the USA because of a chicken tax. (Tariff on imported SUVs and trucks. ) Since election 55,000 new auto jobs in the country.
New auto plant announced for Detroit. First time in a generation. . Disappointed in GM and uaw. Tells them to get the damn plants open.
Taking on the radical extremist open border Democrats.
Damn phone dying again.
300 Americans a die a week to Mexican drugs. 78,000 people died last year. Last month he declared a national emergency on southern border.
Trump going to the wall vut will not reveal where so the Dems can't show up and be waiting for him to protest.
Trump says he is undefeated in politics 1 for 1. This election should be easier because he has done more then he has ever promised to do.
Democrats want to pretend tjere is no border crisis because they caused the crisis and they want votes. Illegal immigration is a direct consequences of Democrat policies.
Democrats won't give no money for the wall. He says he would call it whatever they wanted him to call it a fence slats whatever if they just gave him money. They didn't so he calls it wall and he figured out a way to get the money anyhow.
Dems don't want to defend our border. But now we are defending our borders for our country for the people in our country...not countries 6000 miles away.......now talking about ICE and how great of a job they have done. 5% battery left. Phone could die at any time.
We want our country to be a sanctuary for law abiding Americans not criminal illeagal aliens.
Trump now talking about Dems supporting infanticide.
Okay think Trump is wrapping it up. Talking about difference between the two parties. Nice 👌

Signed EO to protect free speech on college campus.
Trump going to over accomplishments. Iran deal dumped israel capital move and Golan heights. Rec Venezuela gov and condemned the socialists and stand with the people
We believe......nice speech. Can't keep up with it. But it's good. We believe........
We believe in the words. In god we trust. These are the principles and values that bind as a people.
We are now winning g the wars and getting out. You stood with me. Trump thanks the voters. We took back our country.
We recapture our dignity and defended our freedom you now have a president that is loyal to you with us you will never be forgotten nor taken for granted. I am figthing for you. We are winning so big...
Okay sounds like the speech is wrapping up. Phone outlasted the speech. Amazing. We will make America......great again. That's a wrap people. Thanks for joining me. hope you liked the tweets. Have a great night.
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