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Taking Advantage of #Turkey’s Current Volatile Status #RandCorporation Stirs the Pot by Forecasting a “Coming Coup” against current #AKP #Erdogan Gov. The Timing of their report: very telling. - - -… via @ahramonline
Is this a new attempt by the #DeepState? Or is it indirectly bolstering the current admin in #Turkey knowing very well that issuing this report & reviving the #Coup Scare Tactic would unite all sides in support 4 the current Turkish Gov?… via @ahramonline
Because there are 2 ways to look at this: 1- Taking advantage of current volatile state of #Turkey (Syria, Libya, Falling out with #Russia, economic downturn, etc) & going for jugular with an outside-designed #coup; or, 2- Indirectly support/bolster it using reverse psychology
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Cher - Prayers for this World [From Cries from Syria] HQ Wouldn’t it be something if #Cher #Sia @maroon5 @U2 @QueenWillRock
@Pink did a #LiveAid 4 #Idlib?!
#AndyTaylor from @duranduran
@BetteMidler the Godess ❤️
@RollingStones who I’m praying will send me a ticket to see them for my birthday in San Diego
@RobertDowneyJr 1 of the sexiest voices alive, all got together?
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1. #NES #Syria: I see what appear to be propaganda based reports amplifying a perceived conflict developing between #Russia and #Turkey. There are reports citing Pentagon source but I can find no Pentagon statement to confirm it. Absent that, I'm considering it propaganda.
2. ENKS appearing with Turkey and appearing to have rejected reconciliation in Syria is a serious development. Because I conclude Turkey is a fully corrupted society I suspect #ENKS has been co-opted. The point of this is it appears that ground is being prepared for another
3. Turkish attack on US force areas. Yesterday's strident propaganda piece in @kommersant that I read as an official statement that includes more propaganda to alienate Syrians and create a more dangerous situation for US forces supports Turkey's goal to advance ISIS restart
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This is scandalous. #OsmanKavala #Gezi #Turkey

A very similar and repugnant tactic was used in #AhmetAltan’s case. It appears to amount to naked abuse of the court system by way of harassment.

Turkey’s “justice” system is in serious crisis.
Very grave concerns about the use and abuse of judicial process and pre-trial detention in Turkey. @BarHumanRights #Kavala #Gezi.

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A few quick thoughts on #Turkey’s calculations and limitations on #Idlib, #Syria. #thread
It’s easy to get sidetracked by daily events about Turkey’s real concerns and priority. But we have about two decades, years before the Syrian conflict, to understand #Turkey’s thinking/approach. Specifically, I mean its approach in Iraq after 2003 (not the decades-long PKK war).
First, Turkey has never cared about #Idlib as a strategic objective. Idlib became more important as a real estate when the Turkish forces seized Kurdish areas in NW Syria in 2018 & because of the deepened US presence in the NE post-2016.

It can let Idlib go but not like so.
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You know how there are certain PR companies dealing with and managing “Crises”? Well, there are also those who’s job is “Crises Creation” for public perception. It seems #Turkey has recruited #USA MSM, #CNN, on #Idlib #Syria issue against #Russia.
Now with the relations with #Russia souring on #Idlib, time to play the “Refugees Card” for #Turkey
Another way to put it: #Turkey has “Weaponized” refugees. “If #EU doesn’t do X we’ll unleash hundreds of thousands of refugees on them” if #EU doesn’t do Y we’ll send them boat load of #Syria refugees... Getting tiresome and old. No?
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A businessman who once was export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE was falsely represented as a Strategic Studies Analyst by #ManotoTV, an #Iranian opposition TV! Few days ago, he was also interviewed by #BBCPersian! He has not written an article in his life! Who is he?!🤔
How on earth someone attends in a meeting against #Iran's Islamic Regime with #FakhrAvar & Saghar Kasraee in 2012! And just three years later, he is being appointed as export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE?! It is strange! May be this guy is a double agent?!
Real political & strategic studies analysts such as Mahnaz Shirali, Scientology University Professor might boycott #ManotoTV over inviting people like #FarbodTalaee who pretends to be an analyst (in fact is a businessman who cooperated with #IRGC).
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#Syria #Turkey #Russia
Battle Of Idlib and Prospects Of Turkish-Syrian War 🤔

Battles for #Syria | February 9th - 14th, 2020 | Images, and updates from #Aleppo Front

Another #Syrian army helicopter shot down

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Things are escalating politically and militarily between Turkey, Russia, the system and internationally.
The war drums were also sounded and dances began after the Russians rejected Turkey's request to withdraw the regime from the areas it controlled.
Will the Russians insist that the regime not withdraw,
Of course, the decision is not in the hands of Bashar, but in the hands of the Russians?
At the same time ,

Will Erdogan give up his promise to the People's Assembly, his people, and his military leadership after the end of the period he gave to the regime, ??
And who is the end of February to withdraw.?
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Great to be @MiddleEastInst for an event on #EU-#MiddleEast relations with @AlexVatanka, Przemyslaw Osiewicz and @KianpourWorld. What do changes in EU personnel and the new @EU_Commission mean for EU-MENA relations?
Listen to our own MENA episode on Europe and #Iran here:…
What are the main issues in MENA region for EU?
1) #MiddleEast Peace Plan
2) Iran
3) #Libya
4) #Syria

For reference, here is Osiewicz's latest MEI piece:…
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1- Twitter’ı daha profesyonel kullanmak istediğinizi düşünüyorum. Bu yüzden bu konuyla ilgili bir #flood hazırladım. Bu flood sayesinde her şeye erişiminiz daha kolay olacak. Müsaitseniz başlıyoruz.
2- Twitter'da arama nasıl yapılır?

*Arama'ya bunu yaz: from:ekrem_imamoglu
(Kişinin attığı tüm tweetleri çekin)

* from:ekrem_imamoglu to:kilicdarogluk
(Kullanıcılar arasındaki muhabbeti yakalayın)

* min_faves:500
(En az 500 fav almış Youtube videoları)
3- Twitter'da arama nasıl yapılır?/2

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* Referandum since:2016–12–16 until:2016–08–01
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[ Thread: Internationalized #manpower in the war for #Tripoli ]
Long before #Ankara began sending #Syrian Turkmen fighters in Dec to help the #GNA, the number of gung-ho fighters willing to go risk their lives on behalf of the #LNA in W #Libya was insufficient.

That is an important reality even if pro-#LNA voices are loathe to acknowledge it
That’s why the #LNA has used #Sudanese mercs throughout 2019. On LNA side, Sudanese mercs have been basically part of the furniture, eliciting little comment.

Above issue is also the reason why the arrival of a few hundred #Russian fighters near #Tripoli in Sep had a big effect.
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As long as #Turkey has a few good man like @obasibuyuk90 there is hope. I mean that. And I believe there are more than a few ... except not enough with courage to say it as is- Outspoken & Truthful in a “Constructive” way. Kudos!
The problem of “One” surrounding himself only with “Yes, Men” is one of the biggest weaknesses of current establishment in #Turkey. Another major problem: A big majority self-silencing by irrational fear and cowardice.
In a way it is ironically funny: For a very male-macho society to be so very timid and fearful; silent.
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#Turkey-#Russia: Is the Marriage of Convenience Nearing the End?” with #SibelEdmonds via #Newsbud
The Litmus Test on #Russia-#Turkey Relations: From #Syria & #Libya to Ukraine & #Crimea. Watch the exclusive program with Sibel Edmonds via #Newsbud Only (Full Episode):
To Join My Community and Tune into All My Videos-Analyses-Articles Subscribe to #Newsbud Here:
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1- Erdogan: The Turkish army is present in #Syria under the "Adana" agreement that allows it to carry out military operations there.
2- Erdogan: All the forces in Syria are implementing their plans under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State.
3- Erdogan: The world is still standing idly by about what is happening in #Idlib, northern Syria.
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1/5 A currency #crisis in 2018 opened the door for Turkey’s government to clamp down on financial markets in a way that turned inward the largest #economy in the Middle East, and spooked off foreign investors:… (thread)
2/5 President #Erdogan and his deputies say the measures, including tapping central bank legal reserves and regular #FX interventions, were needed to stabilize the #lira and boost growth – and they have had some success…
3/5 The investment impact in #Turkey has been dramatic: foreigners now hold only 8% of Turkish debt and mostly missed a once-a-decade bond rally, while non-residents sold a net $3.3 bln last year…
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Simply Wow. Less than 6 mo ago #Turkey loudly pressing for #US departure from #Idlib #Syria. Less than 4 months ago applauding #Trump on Pullout From Idlib Syria. Now the gov publications back to sucking up to US and begging for #US return & involvement in Idlib Syria! See record
Does the media here realize how pathetic they come across? And with that how low they drag down Turkey’s image? Simply pathetic
More accurately: Less than 6 months ago, #Turkey welcomed #USA withdrawal from Northern #Syria and said the US withdrawal was a MUST for “Syria’s Territorial Integrity”. Now that it’s relations with Russia is souring It is asking (begging) for US involvement in Syria!!!!
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1. Unless #SCOTUS completely rewrites decades of precedent @POTUS #TrumpFinances will be disclosed before the election. Are @senatemajldr and his @SenateGOP caucus walking into a trap? If they are, November cycle @GOP #SenateJurors could be decimated. Even ones safe now.
@SenateGOP @SenMcSallyAZ @SenatorCollins @SenCoryGardner @joniernst @SenDanSullivan @SenThomTillis @JohnCornyn @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @SteveDaines @sendavidperdue 3. When proof of Trump's #Russianmob & #Turkey backed Al-#Qaeda connections emerge @GOP 's #Devil's bargain with #Trump might come back to haunt them all. And for the three retiring Senators' seats, @SenAlexander
@SenPatRoberts @SenatorEnzi, Democrats could pick them off too.
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It is now confirmed: Olena Malakhova, director of #SkyAviaTrans which played key role in illegal weapon smuggling from #Turkey to #Libya is among victims of Flight #PS752 shot-down! She was in #Iran to discuss about one of her businessjets in use as an Air Taxi in #Tehran.
On 6 August 2019, I revealed that her Il-76TD cargo airplane with UR-COZ civil register was bombed & destroyed by #Libya National Air Force in #Misrata air base. That night, UR-COZ had smuggled weapons from Akinci (Mürted) Air Base in #Ankara, #Turkey.
#Ukraine's state media falsely labeled me as #Russia's propagandist & claimed that I spread #FakeNews as part of an anti-Ukrainian campaign prior visit of #Zelensky & #Erdogan in #Turkey. But thanks to Satellite images, it was proved that I was right about #SkyAviaTrans Il-76TD
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1. The mess in #Libya is at least as complex as the mess in #Afghanistan: In Afghanistan the #Kabul-government, supported by #NATO, controls little more than Kabul.

In #Libya "Prime Minister" Fayez #Sarraj only controls a small part in the North, around #Tripoli.

2. While Khalifa #Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army (#LNA), controls the larger part of #Libya. He does not control greater #Tripoli and in the South local warlords rule.

#AnneWill #LibyaConference
3. To make things more messy:
The "Prime Minister of Tripolis", Fayez #Sarraj, is supported by
#Turkey (troops in Libya)

#Haftar is supported by
#Russia (RUS mercenaries in Libya)
#France (#NATO-partner & #EU)

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Speaker of the House of Representatives what really happened in Moscow:
We were invited by the Russian president and as a great country and according to are traditions we can not refuse to not hear what they have to say , but we didn’t agree on anything before hand .
As We arrived the #Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said to me you have the key to this issue,I replied we but every time l leave i keep that key with the Libyan people.
First me and Hafter refused to meet al-Sarraj because his treachery and the Turkish presences Disgust us
As we started we found everything was already discussed and negotiated beforehand, and we had not hand in any of the terms the others already signed.
Me and #Hafter refused and our number one term was the liberation of the full Libyan soil for terrorists and militias.
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How #Turkey ethnic cleansed Christians and Jews?:
How Turkey went from being 25% non-Muslims at independence to less 0.2% today ?
Discrimination | Violence | Discriminatory taxes.
Ancestry Codes for Jews and Non-Muslims: Turkey has been secretly assigning codes its Armenian, Greek, Jewish, Syriac, and other non-Muslim minorities ever since the establishment of the Turkish. The Population Directorate codes Greeks using the number 1, Armenians 2 and Jews 3.
Laws that excluded Jews and other non-Muslims from certain professions: When the Turkish republic was founded, non-Muslim bureaucrats and public employees—Turkish citizens of Jewish, Anatolian Greek, and Armenian origin—were quickly banned from carrying out many professions
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A #ceasefire went into effect in #Libya at midnight as the country’s two rival governments prepared to sign an agreement in #Moscow ahead of a #Berlin conference designed to end the conflict there is planned for later this week. @NarativLive…
2. The US is one of several countries watching from the sidelines as #Russia and #Turkey consolidate power in #Libya as they have in #Syria and to some extent in #Iraq. @NarativLive
3. The new agreement appears to favor Russian-backed warlord Khalifa #Haftar and his main sponsor Vladimir Putin. @NarativLive
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A summary review done by the #LNA on the #Turkish armoured vehicle #BMC.
This review was done after real combat incentres and further testing on captured models of #BMC the #KİRPİ and #AMAZON in #Libya.
1) Weighing 19tons with a maximum additional add wight of 1.5tons.

2)Maximum tested speed was (68 to 73Km/h )although manual states 100km/h.

3)The acceleration was very low from 0 to 45Km/h, which make is hard for quick escapes and fast movements in small bursts.
4) The vehicles Angular maneuverability capabilities were nothing less but disappointing , as the #BMC #KIRPI was unable to take sharp corners making it obsolete in tight urban warfare, in which such trains and obstacles are expected.

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