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"They have not acted as a friend," @POTUS, speaking to reporters, says of #Turkey.
Trial of @PaulManafort is "a sad day for our country," says @POTUS.
"I've gotten a tremendous response," after revoking @JohnBrennan security clearance, says @POTUS.
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Excellent appointment by @SecPompeo, hoisting up @WashInstitute's Amb. Jim Jeffrey as the new Special Representative for #Syria Engagement.

Key times ahead, vis-a-vis #Turkey, #Idlib, #Manbij, and potentially a renewed political process.
@SecPompeo @WashInstitute #pt: As #JimJeffrey is sworn in today, the U.S. is 48-72hrs away from initiating training of #Turkey’s armed forces in order to begin joint patrols around #Manbij.

American weapons & equipment already in #Turkey.…
@SecPompeo @WashInstitute BIG - The U.S. looks to be staying in #Syria - thanks to $300m of funding from other @coalition partners, including #Saudi, which will offset #Trump’s $200m cut from stabilization.

Recent DIA/DOD estimates on #ISIS also indicate a military intent to sustain a necessary mission.
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In cabinet meeting, @larry_kudlow says economy of #China "is just heading South...Right now, their economy looks terrible.”
Pool allowed to remain in cabinet meeting for extended time. @POTUS comments: “if you’d like, you can stay. If you’d like, you can leave. Freedom of the press.”
In cabinet meeting @POTUS asks @jeffsessions to look into opioids coming from #China and #Mexico, saying those countries were “sending their garbage and killing our people. .. It’s almost a form of warfare."
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1) Today—on the 4th anniversary of the Kocho Massacre, when #IS slaughtered an entire town as part of the Yazidi Genocide—#Turkey bombed a #Yazidi convoy in #Sinjar that was returning from the Kocho Massacre memorial ceremony, killing Mam Zaki, an important Yazidi #PKK leader.
2) The convoy contained leaders & members of the Yazidi #YBŞ defense force and affiliated political institutions, including Mazlum Shingal, the military commander of the #YBŞ, who—like Mam Zaki—is also a #Yazidi. Mazlum (shown in photo) was injured but not killed in the attack.
3) A #Yazidi from #Sinjar (Tel Ezeir) named Harbo, a member of the Self-Administrative Council (a local governing institution that is a civilian political counterpart to the YBŞ defense force), was injured in the attack. Two others were killed; their identities are not yet known.
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Security clearance of @JohnBrennan revoked by @POTUS, @PressSec announces.
A risk is posed by erratic behavior of @JohnBrennan, according to @POTUS statement being read by @PressSec.
Former @CIA director @JohnBrennan has made "unfounded and outrageous allegations," adds @PressSec, reading @POTUS statement.
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"The president wanted to give her a chance," responds @PressSec to question as to why @POTUS hired @OMAROSA.
"Individuals in this room continue to create a large platform" for @OMAROSA who "has no credibility," asserts @PressSec.
"The president is an equal opportunity person who calls things like he sees them," says @PressSec.
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He’s traded with #ISIS; acquired land expropriated from displaced civilians; and become super rich out of #Syria’s conflict & destruction.

- Meet #Assad’s latest moneyman & likely route around international sanctions - Samer Foz.…
Make no mistake, Samer Foz is an asset of #Assad's regime; empowered & facilitated by current & ‘retired’ security officials to get around tight foreign sanctions.

Foz has bankrolled militias in #Latakia & he stands accused of ordering the assassination of a rival in #Turkey.
#pts: Samer Foz also - allegedly - runs a quiet PR effort, both in the #EU & the U.S., which plays up one line over & over:

- 'Sanctions only hit innocent civilians & create terrorism… International investment is the key to saving #Syria, recreating jobs & bring back refugees.’
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Hai, #MakanSiang kali ini mau bahas topik internasional yang lagi heboh nih yakni, krisis ekonomi Turki. Kenapa tuh? pantau terus aja thread kami sampai habis ya. #Thread #Turkey
Jadi, kisah pilu Turki ini berawal dari 2011. Kala itu, bank-bank di TUrki meminjam uang dalam bentuk dolar AS dari luar negeri untuk penyaluran kredit ke perusahaan lokal #MakanSiang #Turkey #Thread
Tujuannya, TUrki ingin mendorong perusahaan lokal itu tumbuh dengan agresif. Hasilnya, Turki sangat bergantung dengan pembiayaan dari luar negeri. #MakanSiang #Turkey #Thread
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President Erdogan threatened in an op-ed in the @nytimes that #Turkey "has alternatives" to its alliance with the US. He's wrong, but we should be very alarmed. Here's a brief primer on the history of the US-Turkey alliance, warts and all, and what's at stake. 1/24
The US-Turkey alliance is rooted in the Truman Doctrine backed by significant US military and development assistance in the late 1940s-1950s designed to keep Turkey out of the Soviet sphere, and enshrined by Turkey joining NATO in 1952 alongside Greece. 2/24
Put crudely, Turkey joined up with the US and NATO because of the centuries-old threat posed by the Russian (then Soviet) military and the need to keep economic and military parity with rival Greece. It wasn't out of admiration or shared values. 3/24
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Greetings from Istanbul. For the last week I've watched my friends' anxiety rise as the Turkish lira plummets. We've naturally been comparing notes on the egomaniacs running our respective countries. #Turkey
I'm not a currency expert, and I can't speak with confidence about how this crisis affects Erdogan's standing at home, but I do know that authoritarians plan for the short term and benefit from chaos.
This is especially true when, as in Turkey, there's no real opposition left, the media is effectively under government control, and the possibility of a power vacuum frightens everyone more than continued repression.
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Will Turkey Drop the US Dollar? @FortRussNews…
Can anyone tell me what exactly #Turkey has gained from its war against #Syria besides a collapsing currency, millions of refugees, an increase in terrorist attacks, the establishment of the #YPG and sanctions?
“Erdogan's speech is not helping the [Turkish] lira.” - @adamsamson
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Preparations appear to be underway for a pro-#Assad offensive on #Idlib.

12hrs of on/off air & artillery strikes vs. southeastern & western #Idlib & northern #Hama - see marks on map (original by @ETANA_Syria + my additions).

+ multiple large pro-regime convoys moving north.
@ETANA_Syria #pt: If/when any major military campaign gets underway, expect the #Assad regime (+ #Russia & #Iran-backed militias) to focus on these 2 fronts:

1) West #Idlib (Jisr al-Shughour)
2) N. #Hama/#SE #Idlib (Latamineh, Khan Sheikhoun, Kafrazita)

-> a gradual push ‘inland’ & north.
@ETANA_Syria Very good by @theIRC’s @DMiliband:

- The West must “re-assert” itself & protect civilians in NW #Syria & as a backstop, safe-routes should be opened for civilians to flee into #Turkey.

- UNSC must demand full access to S #Syria; for aid, monitoring etc.…
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😎😁😂🤣 #Turkey
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 #Turkey
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#Turkey cancelled passports of hundreds of thousands of #Turkish nationals mainly #journalists, teachers, #judges, and academics.
As #Erdogan sent a flood of requests to #InterPol, Interpol not only removed the cases from its database but also suspended the authorization of the #Turkish Interpol section to enter new filings in the system. 😂
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Holy COW !!
The people of #Turkey need to take action NOW or else this madman #Erdogan will take them to Stone Age era in weeks !
“If they have dollars, we have our Allah,” says #Erdogan to the economic meltdown in #Turkey and the record devaluation of the #Turkish lira against the U.S. dollar.
The #TurkishLira has weakened to a record low. Here's what #Turkey's president might say in a speech later today. @markets
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The #YPG/#PKK announces that its operatives have murdered Akash Ahmad Ali, a member of the ruling council in Efrin. #Syria
The #YPG/#PKK put out a video of its sleeper agents in the Efrin zone assassinating a member of Faylaq al-Sham in a drive-by shooting on 28 July. #Syria
The #YPG/#PKK also put out a video yesterday from the EUPHRATES SHIELD zone of its forces killing a rebel fighter, ostensibly a member of Ahrar al-Sham. #Syria
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#BREAKING : US Treasury Sanctions #Turkish Officials with Leading Roles in Unjust Detention of U.S. #PastorAndrew Brunson…
#US Treasury’s #OFAC took action today targeting #Turkey’s Minister of Justice #AbdulhamitGul and Minister of Interior #SuleymanSoylu, both of whom played leading roles in the organizations responsible for the arrest and detention of #PastorAndrew Brunson.
These officials serve as leaders of #Turkish government organizations responsible for implementing #Turkey’s serious human rights abuses, and are being targeted pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13818.
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And we’re finally underway.
On #California #wildfires: "The president will continue to monitor this ongoing emergency" to ensure people of the state receive the assistance they need, says @PressSec.
#Turkey's justice and interior ministers being sanctioned by @USTreasury on @POTUS orders for their role in the continuing detention of a US Christian pastor, announces @PressSec.
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Highlights fro #Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on foreign interference via social media platforms:

"Election interference from abroad represents an intolerable assault on the democratic foundation this republic was built on" per @SenatorBurr
"It's also important that the American people know that these activities neither began nor ended with the 2016 elections" per @SenatorBurr "Foreign actors continue an aggressive and pervasive influence campaign against the #UnitedStatesofAmerica"
Efforts like those id'd by @facebook "creating events on our streets w/real #Americans unknowingly participating" adds @SenatorBurr
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In phone call @SecPompeo told @MevlutCavusoglu "it is well past time for this innocent Pastor Andrew Brunson to come home," according to @statedeptspox.
#Turkey official says @MevlutCavusoglu told @SecPompeo: "We will not bow down to threats and the rule of law applies to everyone without exception."
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"The United States must reconsider its approach and adopt a constructive position before inflicting further damage to its own interests and its alliance with Turkey," says statement from @RT_Erdogan spokesman @ikalin1.
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Our partner force in #Syria, the #SDF/#PKK is further formalizing its close relationship with the #Asad/#Iran system and mulling joint offensive operations against a #NATO member. So that's all going well.
As @Reuters notes: our partner in #Syria, the #SDF/#PKK, a paragon of liberalism and Western values, "indefinitely postponed" the final stage of an election that was already a Soviet-style sham, excluding thousands of Arabs and run under conditions of suffocating autocracy.
Be interesting to see if the U.S. responds publicly to the #SDF/#PKK's suggestion it will help in #Asad-#Iran-#Russia's proposed campaign of mass-slaughter in Idlib and in joint attacks on NATO's #Turkey.

One highly doubts it; the PKK has literally got away with murder so far.
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#Turkey should heed Pompeo and release Andrew Brunson. It's wrong; the case has been hopelessly tainted with politics. It's also self-defeating. Holding him hits on a raw nerve in the U.S. and makes achieving Ankara's own objectives more difficult.
Rarely happens that I dissent from @SohrabAhmari, but his argument that #Turkey "should no longer be thought of as a Western ally" because of behaviour like holding Pastor Andrew Brunson is one that I suspect will only gain force over time.…
Turkey's suggestion that Andrew Brunson is being held as a hostage to be traded for Fethullah Gulen has exacerbated what was already a politicized prosecution. It was an aggressively stupid thing to do: inter alia, strikes at a part of American politics that Trump cannot ignore.
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