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1) I hate to address the obvious, but by the day, the reason "the plan" is moving so slowly is because the people in positions to move it along are slow rolling the process.

Let's stop pretending "the plan" is some crafted perfection.

Swampers are actively holding this up.
2) This is what Rosenstein and Mueller did. Hijacking the President's agenda for almost 2 years.

And while his act is cute, Lindsay Graham has not done s*** save move a few judges forward while FISA abuse sits there begging for attention.
3) Sessions was blindsides by the Special Council appointment -was literally in Trump's office when it happened & offered to resign on the spot.

He wasn't effective. Trump asked for his resignation the day after the midterms.
4) The President is on his own. He has a few Congressman (Meadows, Jordan, Radcliffe, Gaetz, Ghomert, etc) on his side but the rest of Capitol Hill is a confederacy of dunces. Watch 1 congressional hearing.
5) The only reason we keep winning at this glacial pace is because the truth is on our side, law forces truth and information out even though they slow it down, and we are honorable people that want a stable country by and for the people.

It's the only way we get there.
6) Even Mike Tyson knows that every plan is great until you get punched in the mouth.

But remember, this is also true for the Deep State too.
7) Mueller was that punch in the mouth. One of Q's purposes is to keep morale up because they understand this slog is much worse and harder than they can probably tell us is true.

First Q, Oct 2017. When Dowd says Mueller was done, Dec 2017. Slow roll started.
8) We can't even get this stupid FISA warrant declas into the public's hands.

I'm tired of timing is everything. I'm tired of people finding excuses on why we keep waiting.

The reason we keep waiting is because nobody is helping the President clean it up.
9) Lindsay Graham isn't going help in my opinion. It's an act. You heard anything more than talk?

Kavanaugh was a massive blindside distraction.
10) Smollett shows us how ridiculously corrupt it is.

So does Ed Buck.

So does all the election fraud.

So does Kieth Ellison getting elected.

So does all the garbage in Virginia with Northam.

Passing infanticide laws.

Big tech censorship.

The southern border.
11) Q team is helping with morale and information to guide us along.

No more smoke being blown, if we're at war, this is what war is.

We're not sure if we're going to win. Patriots are in control of key strongholds of power, yes = patriots are in control. Does not = win.
12) Our republic is made of 3 branches of government. When those branches are corrupt, and the C_A is subverting the nation, and we just spent 8 years with a 0 who was intent on destroying the country, we gotta realize this is life support.
13) The 3 branches were designed so no branch could dominate the other.

Founding fathers didn't factor in the C_A.
14) A couple of years ago ALL 3 branches were 100% comped.

We've only got a part of 1 back, and we have a faction of the military which is poised to defend the constitution.

We elected Trump & cleaned a lot of crap out in the midterms and 3 letter agencies too. Long way to go.
15) We're watching a movie in so far as we are getting sucked into the idea that the good guys always win.

In the real world they don't.

We're watching a movie = keep everyone united. And I agree. Morale matters. Stay united in the GOAL.
16) The hard reality is that we're in a civil war that has not spilled into the streets yet, and that every garbage foreign influence imaginable has it's finger on the scale hoping we lose to create the New World Order.
17) Even more stunning than this godsend of a President winning the 2016 election is that he survived the Mueller garbage.


But it came with wounds. The foreign relations damage is bad. Iran got derailed, IMO.
18) No war is fought with some perfectly laid out plan executed to perfection.

When Q tells us everything was planned for and accounted for, I believe it. But it's not the fantasy many want to believe.

It's an actual war we can lose.
19) Their power comes from globalist elites money, and their intention to cull those that are not sheep.

Our collective really and truly does stand at risk of a leftist social score, and having our ability to have a livelihood removed.
20) If you think for a millisecond this thread is fostering negativity, you need a gut check.

We're a movement empathizing truth.

So the truth is we're in a war, you joined it, have courage and fight.
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