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Le he preguntado al #ChatGPT por un concepto inventado: los DELITOS DE TRASBORDO.
Pues va y me los define, y me dice que hay diversos estudios al respecto. Image
Dice que el ABOLICIONISMO DE LOS DELITOS DE TRASBORDO es una corriente de pensamiento que propone abolir las leyes que castigan los delitos de trasbordo, pues no deberían ser delito sino "formas de resistencia o protesta contra el sistema de transporte y la desigualdad social". Image
¿Los DELITOS DE TRASBORDO son "delitos especiales"?
Espérate, que tampoco sabe lo que son delitos especiales, pero se la juega: los delitos especiales tienen una regulación diferente a los delitos comunes. Y los de trasbordo no lo son. O sí, es posible que sí #olésuscookies Image
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Zelfs met statistiek lukt het Faith niet om haar moeder Monica Voss (40) te overtuigen zich te laten vaccineren: Die doet 'her own research', krijgt Covid & overlijdt op 26-11. Haar zieke man Jeremy knapt op, heeft spijt en roept op tv op tot vaccinatie.… ImageImageImageImage
Rose Giddings (61) werkte in recycle-branche en hergebruikte ook heel erg veel antivax-memes. Ze geloofde wel in hydroxychloroquine, zink en vitamines. Misbruikt VAERS-meldingen en verspreidde ridicule complotfilmpjes. Krijgt Covid en overlijdt op 27-11.… ImageImageImageImage
Bekende Oostenrijkse antivaxxer Johann Biacsics (65) beweert dat vaccin grafeen bevat & legt verband 5G. Krijgt Covid, vertrekt zelf uit ziekenhuis omdat hij behandeld wil worden met chlorine dioxide (gebruikt in bleekmiddel). Overlijdt twee dagen later.… ImageImageImageImage
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#Elxn44 Thread - #yegvote ppl please consider voting for the following humans.

#EdmontonCentre - please cast your ballot in this riding for my SC PO 101/102 prof and overall wonderful human @R_Boissonnault and the @liberal_party! Have a voice in the Trudeau Cabinet! #yegvote #Elxn44 #CanadaVotes
#EdmontonGriesbach - please vote for @DesjarlaisBlake and the @NDP - he has worked tirelessly and would be a tremendous representative.

Also remember that if you vote for @KerryDiotte, you’re out of the family! #MakeGoodChoices #Elxn44 #yegvote #CanadaVotes
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Draad 🧶 met antivaxxers die overleden aan Covid-19 👇Bergbeklimmer John Eyers (42) geloofde desinformatie over coronavaccins. Hij betuigde spijt nadat hij in ziekenhuis belandde met coronabesmetting. John overleed vorige week, laat 19-jarige dochter na.…
Fitte nachtclubmanager David Parker (56) bespotte constant gevaccineerden op zijn sociale media. Hij stierf afgelopen maandag na coronabesmetting. Zijn familie roept nu op de prik te nemen: 'RIP Uncle David, it could have saved you!'…
Talkshowhost Dick Farrel raadde op Facebook coronavaccins af. Nadat hij zelf besmet raakte veranderde hij tegen zijn vrienden van mening: “I wish I gotten it’
Hij stierf 4 augustus aan de complicaties van Covid-19 en laat ‘love of his life’ Kitty na.…
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My lowest quarantine point? Hmmmm. Maybe when a neo Nazi terror group tried to kill me, I lost my job and COVID budgets ensured I still can’t land a new one.

But unemployment has meant I can afford ramen but not bread so —

My #thoughtsandprayers to Gwyneth Paltrow.
So sad.
(I have an incredible partner to lean on at present so I’m not starving or homeless rn — but unemployment and its impact is stressful and I hate it. I’m just bitching about Gwyneth “eating bread is tragic” Paltrow and her Vagina Scented Candles selling ridiculousness.)
In all sincerity:

1) “at least I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow” is a personal mantra

2) y’all should thank God for my unemployment because only today’s freelance deadlines stand between you and me ranting in a thread about Goop’s vagina candles

3) bye for now
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What evidence do we have that a legislative branch that did nothing after 20 6yo’s were murdered at #sandyhook will do anything substantive about #January6th? The playbook has already been actuated. 1/
First, some will condemn the event and place accurate blame, but others will give passionate speeches that stop short of identifying or admitting the root cause, and still others will remain silent. #ThoughtsAndPrayers will be offered. 2/
This will be followed by a period of various forms of delay - slow responses, meetings, congressional schedules, legal maneuvers, etc. - to allow raw emotions to quell, and inurement to do its work. 3/
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@dougducey Average amount of new cases over the last 7 days was 8880!!!! You shut AZ down when it was 81 new cases and reopened when it was 485. 1/3/21 was a new record w/ 17,222 new cases of COVID-19 in a single F,n day and you do NOTHING!!!
@dougducey 17,222 is more than entire population of Douglas, @paysonaz , Paradise Valley, or Coolidge. It’s = to more than entire population of any of those cities being infected in a single day. The 7 day average is = would be 73 and is roughly an entire @TubaCityAZ every day for a week.
@dougducey @paysonaz @TubaCityAZ And still, @dougducey does nothing. He won’t even enforce the mask mandates that could easily bring down the numbers almost immediately.
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Child abuse is real. But disinfo distracts from the vulgar truth.
It's not #Satan or devils you need to worry about. It's real humans, your neighbors, your family. It's a world of sociopaths. No supernatural beings or forces required.

#RaiseAwareness about #AbrahamicRitualAbuse.
It's time to #WakeUp & see neither your #thoughtsandprayers nor your savior #Qanon will ever be able to #SaveTheChildren.
Only listening to children, giving a safe place, showing them they can trust you can really save them. Opening our eyes to the horror that someone we know may be hurting children. Diligently stay on top of caretakers.

(what else is a proactive measure? NOT reading social media!)
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Dear @VP Pence,
I wanted to give you a few tips as you begin to prepare for your debate w/ @SenKamalaHarris. It’s on the nuances of arguing w/ a black woman.
1)If she says, “First of all”, know that you’ve already lost. she is about to read you for all of your life. Take cover
2) If she lets you continue to talk and tilts her head to the side with a little smirk... you are about to get BODIED with facts. She peeped your lie and is allowing you to dig that hole that you will want to crawl in when she’s done. If you see it, stop mid sentence. Give in.
3) If you see an eyebrow raised it’s because you just said something absolutely disrespectful. Shows you don’t have home training and the brow is serving as a warning bell for you to shape up and tighten up.
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That awkward moment when a dyed in the wool @TexasGOP stan finds the *great* common sense the good Lord gave him & uses his syrupy, twangy drawl to speak the unvarnished truth to MAGAts who voted to close their hospitals but don’t know it b/c DT said “HOAX”. #CowsPlowsSows 🤠🔥💣
Ok, so ICYMI socioeconomic warfare is officially underway. 🤬 The battle to save the corporation that supplied the slayed-to-the-gods coats of armor to Malia & Sasha Obama’s inauguration swag is HERE. #ShotsFired #AntiTrumps #GetOnTheBattlefield #Solidarity #UniteVoteWin 👿💣🔥 ImageImage
Kroger buys and redirects dairy farmers’ surplus milk to Feeding America food banks | via @FoodNavigatorUS cc @HoustonFoodBank @BetoORourke #HometownHeroes 🔥🤩🇺🇸…
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I didn’t expect anything different from fans, or the sports media, but for the “serious” media and particularly individuals and outlets that trumpeted their #metoo coverage to not only ignore Kobe’s rape victim but to suspend a reporter who dared share coverage of it—SHAME.
There is never “an appropriate time” to mention that a famous and talented man is credibly accused or rape, because the true answer is that those same gatekeepers and fans swept it under the rug back then and every day since.
Here is the article that the @washingtonpost reporter shared that led to her suspension. I share it occasionally, as recently as last week, when the hagiography kicks up. Make sure you get to his admission and testimony of nurse who performed rape kit…
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Why does San Francisco hate children? 1/35
I have lived in San Francisco for 15 years. I like San Francisco, love it sometimes. I try to defend it online and off. 2/35
But it’s getting harder to do that, this city makes it hard. And this week may be the straw that broke this camel’s back. 3/35
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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 10/27/19.

This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from our PA House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.
#MoCTrack 1/24
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The awesome folks at @538Politics help us assess the extent to which our MoCs vote along with the Trump Administration agenda. We track that index in each week’s #MoCTrack Report.

#MoCTrack 2/24
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics This week, the House voted on the #ShieldAct, a measure that provides election security from foreign interference AND incorporates legislation introduced by #PA06’s @RepHoulahan and #PA17’s @RepConorLamb.

#MoCTrack 3/24…
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Good morning‼️🌞

We’re in Virginia today with @MFOLNOVA @bradybuzz @CSGV @MFOLDC @GiffordsCourage @amnesty @ProgressVA @NextGenAmerica + more for the special Virginia #GVPSession

Follow along as we make it clear that we need #VotesandLaws, not just #ThoughtsAndPrayers 📢🗣
We have busses full activists from DC, Arlington, VA Beach, Alexandria, and Woodbridge headed to Richmond right now for the #GVPsession!

We’re ready to tell @SpeakerCox, @TommyNorment
+ the entire @VASenate & @VaHouse that it’s time for #VotesAndLaws:
To start off the day, the Richmond @NAACP held a beautiful vigil.
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I’ve observed Colorado @SenCoryGardner since his election. What I’ve seen has left me dismayed. Rather than building bipartisan bridges to get things done, Cory became a supine Trump yes-man. There are 1000s reasons he shouldn’t be re-elected. Here are 101: #VoteCoryOut #COsen
#1: Even though he was elected by the narrowest of margins in 2014 in a state that has since voted for Hillary in 2016 & a democratic state govt trifecta in 2018, Cory continues to act as if he has a mandate from the white nationalist alt-right. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
#2: Cory Gardner has consistently voted for the extreme Trump agenda. During the 2019-2020 Congress, he’s voted with Trump over 90% of the time. During Trump’s 1st two years, Cory’s voting record was over 95% in line with Trump. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
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Geen nest, niks, hij heeft gewoon precies dat plekje uitgezocht om een beetje rond te hangen en te schijten, dus.
Goed, het is dus een scholekster die waarschijnlijk ons dak heeft gekraakt en er een nestje heeft gebouwd. We zullen er dus nog maand of 2 mee zitten. Suggesties voor een naam?
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An Epidemic Is Killing Thousands Of Coal Miners. Regulators Could Have Stopped It
The stock market is on pace for its worst December since the Great Depression… #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
The death of our Siemens factory is the result of another Trump lie… #MAGA #AmericanSociopath
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People at risk of harming others or themselves show signs before #GunViolence or self-harm happens:

—Fascination/obsession with guns
—Extreme isolation
—Social withdrawal
—Victim of long-term bullying
—Hints about an attack
—Threats of violence


6 years ago today, a gunman armed with an AR-15 assault weapon, shot through the locked entrance of #SandyHook elementary in Newtown, CT and murdered twenty 1st graders & 6 teachers.

We said #NeverAgain

The killer had
👏Every👏Single👏 Sign

It’s been 10 months today since a gunman armed with an AR-15 went to MSD HS in #Parkland, FL & shot 15 kids & 2 teachers.

We said #NeverAgain—Again.

The killer had
👏Every 👏Single 👏Sign

Catch that? #SandyHook & MSD share a horrific gun violence tragedies anniversary today.
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Sending thoughts and prayers to the @NRA, now that the Maria Butina, the Russian spy who will connect them to all that Russian money they laundered and gave to Trump, has inconveniently changed her plea to guilty. 🙏
#ThoughtsAndPrayers also to @RickSantorum, appearing here with the notorious Russian spy, Maria Butina.
#ThoughtsAndPrayers also to @DonaldJTrumpJr, who met with Russian spy Maria Butina even BEFORE he met with other Russian spies at Trump Tower, because he *may* be just smart enough to get nervous when he hears she is now cooperating. 🙏
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It’s been said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.

🔹264 days since the #ParklandShooting
🔹12 days since the #SynagogueShooting
🔹0 days since #ThousandsOaks

🤬 your #ThoughtsAndPrayers

We want #GunControlNOW
@GOP/@NRA talking point: “Gun control doesn’t work”

Except it does in Canada, Australia, Israel, UK, EU, Norway, Iceland, Japan…

The statistics don’t lie.

The US has a sick gun culture—We are literally being held hostage to a GOP Congress & a gun lobby org.

This is heart wrenching.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
NOW is the time to talk about it.


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My #hottake on the NRA lawsuit: It’s Not What You Think
Despite breathless coverage from .@RollingStone, .@nypost and others, the NRA isn’t going bankrupt, although I’m sure it appreciates .@thegoodgodabove's and everyone’s #thoughtsandprayers.
Neither are #NRA's expressed economic concerns related to the recent criminal indictment of #MariaBukhina for illegal flows of #Russian money to the #GOP via the #NRA.
Instead #NRA alleges that #NYS governor and chief banking and insurance regulator are improperly pressuring #banks and #insurers not to do business with the #NRA, in order to carry out a political, anti-#gun rights agenda. But are they?
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It’s been 162 days since the #ParklandSchoolShooting

In 2 days, the US will be able to download & print a 3D gun

While the @NRA is being investigated for funneling money from Russia in 2016, GOP politicians are offering #ThoughtsAndPrayers to kids returning to school in August.
In today’s WTF news: Guns Do Kill People.
Not one piece of gun legislation has been introduced by the GOP since Columbine.
A tax exempt lobbyist org is lining GOP politician’s pockets to look the other way while our nation’s children are being slaughtered.…
I am an American Citizen and a registered voter.

I hereby pledge to never vote for a candidate who accepts money from the @NRA

Earn that F rating and you can earn my vote.

In November please— #VoteBlue 🌊
When you vote for Dems, you vote for #GunReform & common sense #GunLaws
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Woke up to tragic news of another shooting in the US. The shooter left an AR-15 at the scene, 4 dead.

How many more will die before #GunReform is passed? These WMD are way too easy to obtain.

The time for #ThoughtsandPrayers is over.

We the people Demand #GunReformNow
2/It’s NOT fallacy: our peer counties that’ve enacted #GunLaws do NOT have shootings like the US.

Military grade weapons do not belong in the hands of civilians. A shooting occurs in this country on average every 60 hours.

This is an Epidemic.

I am an American Citizen and a registered voter!

I hereby pledge to never vote for a candidate who accepts money from the NRA.

I will only vote for a NRA rated F candidate.


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