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@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq The plot thickens.

Not only was DHS (CBP/ICE) harassing journalists, activists & attorneys, & spying on protests & activist groups last summer, but they received "intel" from private security firms & disseminated it: on the Family Separation Protests!
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq Here's the document showing the email from LookingGlass Cyber Threat Center, sending the collated list of 600 planned protest marches for June 30, 2018 to State Law Enforcement Fusion Centers, who then sent it on to DHS, just 2 days before the marches.

@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq DHS, in turn, sent it out to all its affiliates because bad things could happen &their employees could be in danger. They cite the fact there was actually *one whole arrest* last summer as proof of this danger.

& the info was unsolicited, but they were required to share it. 🤨
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq Anyhoo, apparently spying on American citizens has become more than a pastime for DHS. I was under the impression they were meant to be defending us from *external* threats.

#BigBrothersTimeHasComeRoundAtLast #ShufflingTowardsWashingtonToBeBorn
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq I'd wondered why my town wasn't listed in the email, when I KNOW we had a protest, &was there, took pics &everything. Then I remembered: I'd been planning to go to Albany, which IS on the list, but at the last minute, Corvallis decided to hold an event.

THAT'S how you avoid DHS!
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq .@axidentaliberal is mad, &he's not gonna take it anymore!

This story, as you'll see a bit up thread, came out just a couple months ago. The @OversightDems we're looking into it....

Wonder whatever happened with that. 🤔

@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems .@RAICESTEXAS weighs in with a good point. What was the statute, exactly, that authorized y'all to record how/where/when we were marching & otherwise exercising our First Amendment rights?

#DictatorsPlaybook #TooManyFascistsSpoilTheGulag
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS I missed this story, which isn't too surprising, given the feces firehose...

Let's see if this lawsuit nets NBC any information about CBP spying on journos, eh? We are talking about the lawless trump admin, so it's not likely, but you never know.

@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS This letter, from Randy Howe (Exec Director OCO, a subsidiary of CBP) to Mana Azarmi (attorney @ the Center for Democracy and Technology) brought to light in an article from @theintercept, is fascinating many reasons, not least for the admissions it makes.
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept From the article:

“It cannot be a crime to advise asylum-seekers about their rights, or to report the government’s abuse of those rights," Azarmi told The Intercept. “DHS is criminalizing compassion."
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept .@ManaAzarmi had sent the following letter to Acting Sec of DHS, Kevin McAleenan, on May 1st, that the above was in answer to.

The letter on behalf of many, not only takes DHS to task about targeting journos & activists, but also for monitoring protests.

@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept @ManaAzarmi You'll notice, hopefully, Howe didn't address the latter at all. 🤨

Howe did admit that the US Border Patrol did team up w/Mexican authorities in part bc Mexican LEO's THOUGHT JOURNALISTS WERE HELPING MIGRANTS CROSS ILLEGALLY & WERE PARTICIPANTS IN VIOLENCE against CBP.
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept @ManaAzarmi Using dubious "suspicions" of miscellaneous sources, Howe asserts that CBP had the right, the very DUTY to protect our borders from dangerous lawyers, activists, journalists & photographers.

They were detained, shackled for hours, subjected to interrogation, passports flagged.
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept @ManaAzarmi @DanaScottlo @_si_se_puede @SusanBChurch11 @JessTherkelsen @ofelial1 @L_Toczylowski That red bit I underlined in the top paragraph from Howe's letter one tweet up? About 8 U.S.C. §1324?

That's the crux of their abuse of power here, and Jeff Sessions, the mangy elf, gave it to them back in 2017.

@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept @ManaAzarmi @DanaScottlo @_si_se_puede @SusanBChurch11 @JessTherkelsen @ofelial1 @L_Toczylowski DHS & DoJ have used 8 U.S.C. §1324 to justify all manner of shenanigans they've gotten up to at the border, from this targeting of journalists, lawyers and activists, to charging a humanitarian who gave two migrant men a place to sleep, food and water for two nights.
@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept @ManaAzarmi @DanaScottlo @_si_se_puede @SusanBChurch11 @JessTherkelsen @ofelial1 @L_Toczylowski Other people charged--or simply harassed--by trump's admin under 1324 include the government lawyer who stopped by the side of the road & saved 3 migrants' lives, only to be arrested. And an advocate merely walking WITH an asylum seeker to a POE in Arizona.

@nbc @matt_cam @CBP @RepEspaillat @ICEgov @ifindkarma @mle_goldman @SirineShebaya @TrisResists @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @HMAesq @OversightDems @RAICESTEXAS @theintercept @ManaAzarmi @DanaScottlo @_si_se_puede @SusanBChurch11 @JessTherkelsen @ofelial1 @L_Toczylowski As Linda Moon, w/Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, notes, this kind of abuse of journalists isn't allowed by long-standing policy in the DoJ:

"It’s high time for a set of meaningful, Justice Department-style news media guidelines for CBP and its sister agency ICE.”
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