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As absurd as the #HunterBiden situation and plea deal is, it’s the gun charge which really demonstrates the two-tieredness of our system. Just get a load of this timeline and similar cases!

As part of @JoeBiden’s tough on guns agenda, the #DOJ & #ATF made clear their intent to…… ImageImageImage
Less than 2 months ago, on April 26th, a 27 year old Iowa woman, Miracle Star Vaughn, was sentenced to over 1 year in federal prison. Her sentence also included an additional 3 years of supervised release following her prison stint.

What was her crime? She included the wrong…… ImageImage
Wait, a this woman committed a federal crime and was sentenced to 366 days in prison and 3 more years of supervised release?

And #HunterBiden committed the same exact federal crime, using the same exact word on the same exact question, and he has the charge dismissed because……… ImageImage
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Letzte Woche wurde bekanntlich Donald J. #Trump vom Sonderermittler des U.S.-Justizministeriums (#DOJ) #Jack #Smith angeklagt. Mittlerweile habe ich die Anklageschrift gelesen und fasse im Folgenden kurz für die Nicht-Nerds unter uns die wichtigsten Punkte zusammen.
Vorweg allerdings der Hinweis, dass die #Anklageschrift, die allgemein verständlich geschrieben ist, hier verfügbar ist:…
1) Wofür ist Trump angeklagt?

Trump ist angeklagt, weil
(a) er am Ende seiner Amtszeit geheime Regierungsdokumente (Verschlussachen) mit nach Hause genommen und trotz wiederholter Aufforderung durch das Justizministerium und amtlicher Aufforderung zur Herausgabe nicht
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THREAD🧵Former President Trump said June 8 that he had been indicted by special counsel #JackSmith as part of the investigation into his handling of #ClassifiedDocuments.

The federal inquiry has led to the raid on Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago.…
The indictment is the conclusion of a yearslong saga that started when the former president moved out of the White House following the 2020 election.

The following is the timeline of the events leading up to the indictment👇
Jan. 18, 2021

@CBSMiami reports that at least 2 moving company trucks are spotted at President Trump’s residence at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. (Source:…)…
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Inside the Ukrainian counteroffensive that shocked Putin and reshaped the war | Dec 29, 2022

The 2 bridges were targeted with #US -supplied #M142 #HIMARS which have a range of 50 miles - and were quickly rendered impassable.
- @kokoomus #WEF papukaija ImageImage
@kokoomus #WEF-#YGLs-#lobotomia
- Kun Isä-#Schwab'sta aika jättää, #orvot päästetään #sijaiskoti'in.
#DOJ VIDEO Shows #Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace #Doors” On #Jan6 , While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol
@kokoomus #DOJ VIDEO Shows #CapitolPolice Holding Open “Upper West Terrace #Doors” On #Jan6, While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol | By Patty McMurray | Mar 1, 2023
Watch the incredible video here:
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The @FBI need dramatic reform or destruction. Members of the @Weaponization committee need concrete ideas. If a local or state police agency had behaved like the #FBI, it would be under a "consent decree" by #DOJ. The #FBICorruption stops when Congress acts.

Here are some ideas:
1) Eliminate Appendix G from the DIOG as predication for Counterintelligence investigations.
2) Remove DWS and the ability to query FISA 702 information (then don't renew section 702)
3) The Hostage Rescue Team cannot be justified for the cost
4) End Joint FBI/CIA Domestic Ops
5) No more paying support staff to watch and "escort" janitorial staff as they clean.
6) No more SES bonuses for IPM "gold checkmarks."
7) No more endless TDY opportunities to HQ. No more centralized HQ "program managers" when the programs are in the field.
8) No new HQ near DC.
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1/10 CryptoWeek 19 Insights: 10 Key Points to Watch 🧐🌐 I'm back with my weekly guide to the crypto markets 🚀. Every Week I send an overview to almost 2 million subscribers on Here is a summary of the ten crucial points I'll be monitoring this week:
2/10 📈 BUSD selling may continue, pushing #BTC up. Watch for a possible price drop if BTC wells into TUSD. 📉
3/10 🔍 #Binance faces #DoJ scrutiny. Will this lead to criminal pursuit? Binance's move into #Bitcoin could hint at insider knowledge. 🤔
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The #Voyager/#DOJ/#SEC hearing is underway. Due to the nature of this hearing, where much of the information being argued is similar to that of previous hearings, there may be fewer updates here just to avoid redundancy. We'll keep you posted on substantial remarks. Thanks. 🫡
#Voyager rep argues: If the stay is granted, and it is estimated that $10 mil in recovery would be lost per month with the Toggle option, how is that "protecting customers", as the government states that which they are trying to do.
Evans from @VoyagerUCC: Mentions how customers are retail individuals, they are suffering, and how the government is trying to stop $1b going back to those who desperately need it. Says it makes no sense, because types of fraud & tax avoidance are not included in exculpations.
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#Jetblue is trying to buy #SpiritAirlines. It's a terrible idea. Consolidation in the US aviation industry has resulted in higher fares, less reliable planes, spiraling junk-fees, and brutal conditions for flight- and ground-crews. 1/ A crashed WWI biplane, rede...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The four remaining US major airlines, who gobbled their rivals, are three times more profitable than their European counterparts:…

That's great news if you're an airline shareholder. 3/
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#DOJ VIDEO Shows #Capitol Police Holding Open “Upper West Terrace Doors” On Jan 6, While Over 250 Individuals Walk Into The Capitol | Mar 1, 2023…
Ääri-Populistisen #NATO-#kokoomus-@kokoomus'en hallusinaatio | 13.1.2021 ImageImage
@kokoomus #AugmentedReality-#LisättyTodellisuus
92% suomalaisista vastustaa #NATO-#kokoomus'ta.
- #Scytl säädöillä 6666 äänen voittoon...
#kokoomus kannatus on luisunut alaspäin koko mittausjakson ajan, Jan 2018 - Jun 2021.
Finland - National Poll Average
@kokoomus "Ei sulla mitään puomia siellä" (#Tornio), @PetteriOrpo'n kansanvallan vastaiset voimat teurastivat #Demokratian.
Omaa etuaan tavoittelevat 'kansanedustajat' uskoivat #natsi -taustaista #EU'ta, tyhjiä lupauksia viroista NWO: ssa.

(€6,6 = €2,1) miljardia Image
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Huge Civil Rights story buried in a Friday night news dump.

Asst AG for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke says that this Montana man has been convicted of Federal Hate Crimes and Firearms Charges for a shooting "Intended to rid community of all……
According to Asst AG Clarke, the intent was to "violently eliminate the entire lesbian and gay community" of a Montana town. The shooter fired "an AK-style rifle" into the home of a Montana lesbian.
Asst AG Kristen Clarke said the sole reason the victim was targeted was her sexual orientation.
#DOJ Image
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My sunday (finctional) story.

#SinatureBank #Binance #HydraMarketplace #Swift #DOJ

We all remember the big announcement DOJ did just few days ago. We all were expecting a huge result, also because CZ has teasered a big FUD against Binance will happen soon

before. Something that could bring the crypto space in trouble. Instead they announced the arrest of someone nobody in the space knew before, Anatoly Legkodymov. The owner of Hydra Marketplace. Of what? Yes, right. Almost nobody knew him or his company before last tuesday night
before they arrested him in Miami.

The DOJ said about Hydra following:
“Bitzlato’s largest counterparty in cryptocurrency transactions was Hydra Market (Hydra), an anonymous, illicit online marketplace for narcotics, stolen financial information,…
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The U.S. Department of Justice (#doj) made an announcement on #Bitzlato: they have charged the #crypto exchange and arrested its founder.

I see people mocking the news, because this platform was not widely known

This is NOT funny and here's why you should care

First of all, if you go to the #Bitzlato website, you will see that it has been seized and closed.

You can also see that the operation was carried out in collaboration with the police, justice and regulatory services at the international level

One thing that is really important to note is that the platform and it's founder is officially charged on money laundering, and facilitating of money laundering for Hydra Market: a darknet platform where illegal and criminal products and services were sold

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Care Inflation; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ The old woman in the shoe. She stands before her shoe, weari
Tomorrow (1/19) at 1530hPT, I'm joining my co-author @rgibli and our host, @BradStone, for an @InternetArchive/@Coil livecast about our book #ChokepointCapitalism: 2/
Care Inflation: The inflation no one wants to talk about.

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President Biden said he was “surprised” when #ClassifiedDocuments were found in his former office and portrayed it as an honest mistake—but when another batch was found in his garage, pressure mounted to explain what is becoming a crisis of credibility.…
The #ClassifiedDocuments case has sparked public interest and drawn legal scrutiny.

Republicans have alleged a two-tier justice system where former President Trump—who faces his own document probe—is seen as being treated more harshly.…
The @WhiteHouse is facing growing criticism for not disclosing the find of the Biden-linked #ClassifiedDocuments until 2 months after their discovery on Nov. 2—a week before the midterm election.

House Republicans are demanding answers, launching an investigation, and pointing…
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Lots of folks excited today about the classified documents found at #Biden's think tank, so let us chime in.

Firstly, the response ought not to be that the FBI should raid Biden's home as well (for this), but that #Trump's should not have.
The right ought to be against the politicization of law enforcement and prosecution, as opposed to favoring its use against the left.

The right should want to return to a freer and more constitutional state, rather than a banana republic and police state where those in power
currently put those out of power in prison, as is the case in much of the world.

If the point is to show the double standard of the media, and the alarming & ruthless bias against conservatives which permeate the government bureaucracies, including the DOJ, then by all means.
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President #Biden ignores question on why #classified documents were found at his think tank | Jan 10
- the classified documents that were found at the #PennBidenCenter for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in #Washington, D.C.…
'Storm Joe #Biden's homes', #Trump tells #FBI after classified documents found in private office | Jan 10
- "When is the FBI going to #raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the #WhiteHouse? These documents were definitely not declassified."…
#Trump Wildly Speculates #Biden Gave #Classified Docs to #China Before Adding Denial No One Asked For: 'I Certainly Wouldn't Do That' | Jan 10
- #Not a good situation for our Country to be in!”
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[ THREAD ] Wonder why Hunter hasn't been properly investigated?
Remember this?
# 1
Chanel Rion OAN @ChanelRion
10:07 AM · Oct 21, 2020 from Washington, DC·Twitter for iPhone

Underage family member?
FBI can no longer attempt to shelter [protect] the BIDEN's?
Public awareness kills all protections.
Residents 'Really Glad' For Child Abduction Exercise
Colorado July 20, 2017 / 5:26 PM / CBS Colorado
NOTE: You're reading the Title correctly.…
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Today more than 1000 alumni of @TheJusticeDept, who collectively served administrations from Eisenhower to Trump, released a statement explaining why DOJ’s rules demand that Trump’s candidacy have no effect on the ongoing investigations of him. /1…
According to the statement, “[N]o law, Departmental rule, or policy … precludes investigating or prosecuting a political candidate whose conduct is potentially criminal, or … counsels treating such a person differently” from others. /2
Instead, #DOJ’s rules say that “political considerations should have no role in a prosecutor’s investigative or charging decisions.” Prosecutors make decisions based on the facts and the law. /3
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#HappeningNow Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announces changes to #DOJ's corporate criminal enforcement at @nyulaw
@nyulaw "We’re empowering companies to do the right thing—and empowering our prosecutors to hold accountable those that don’t." - Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco
@nyulaw "Whether wrongdoers are on the trading floor or in the C-suite, we will hold those who break the law accountable." - Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco
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Former President Trump and the #DOJ have each submitted 2 candidates to serve as an independent #SpecialMaster to review documents the #FBI seized from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Learn about the 4 candidates👇…
The first of Trump’s choices is Raymond J. Dearie, who began his federal judicial service in 1986, the year he was nominated by then-President Ronald Regan and confirmed by the Senate to be a U.S. district judge for the Eastern District of New York.
Trump’s second pick is Paul Huck Jr., who is the founder of the Huck Law firm and former partner at the multinational law firm Jones Day, according to the court filing.

Previously, Huck served as Florida deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2007.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Key Events Before the FBI Trump Raid

On Aug. 8, 2022, the #FBI and #DOJ took the unprecedented step of raiding the residence of a former president.

The #FBIRaid prompted a litany of questions. What was the justification for the raid? Was the justification compelling enough to take such a dramatic step?
While many of these questions remain unanswered to varying degrees, there are enough facts on the table already to establish a timeline of events before, during, and after the raid.

See the full infographic:…
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Looking closer at the DOJ application to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant & property receipt, the filing requests unsealing of those two docs, which were already given to Trump - NOT application for search warrant & affidavit provided to US Fed Judge who approved search warrant
NEW: Judge says responses to DOJ's motion to unseal search warrant application due by 8/25/2022."
Full entry says: MOTION unseal Docket entry 17 re 5 Order on Motion to Unseal Document, by USA as to Sealed Search Warrant. Attorney Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Jr added to party USA(pty:pla). Responses due by 8/25/2022 (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order)(Gonzalez, Juan)
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#ROTHSCHILD #GATES @USCongress #USSenate @SpeakerPelosi @JoeBiden

We The People have decided that the People, logos and flags you see below in this thread are deemed Domestic Terrorists, extremists and white supremacists.

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.@Liz_Cheney reveals at end of #Jan6thHearings #Trump called a #Jan6thCommittee witness we have not yet seen. The witness did not take the call but told their lawyer. The lawyer told the Committee. The Committee referred it to #DOJ. #USAG, is this enuf for #WitnessTampering yet? Image
Other shattering testimony:
- The 12/18 meeting #TFG held in #OvalOffice with #SidneyPowell, #MikeFlynn, #Giuliani, & aides was “unhinged”-loud screaming, name-calling, almost coming to fisticuffs.
- They were there to discuss draft order to seize voting machines in key states.
- It was revealed at 12/18 meeting that #Trump had named #SidneyPowell as special counsel to prosecute cases related to the voting machines. Supposedly gave her a “security clearance.”
#Jan6thHearings #January6thCommitteeHearings…
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