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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake #TalkLiberation
#MongolsMC #Sturgis:One of the 1st requests #TrevorFitzGibbon made was asking for my #StopTPP videos, claiming he/#JacobAppelbaum (he liked to name-drop him, a lot, probably b/c I admired him) wanted to watch my "wonderful" videos, allegedly.
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake #TalkLiberation
#MongolsMC #Sturgis: I have no idea if #TrevorFitzGibbon is really in touch with Appelbaum and/or if his relationship is exactly how he characterized it...but what is clear is "Trev" probably targeted me for my #StopTPP work, IMO.
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake #TalkLiberation
#MongolsMC #Sturgis: I mean, why else would this creep, imo, being propped up by pro-#TPP #DevinNunes's attorney, inexplicably, be contacting a random, suburban activist, like me, for ~2+yrs, manipulating me, allegedly?
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Police frequency, [16.09.21 11:19]
BREAKING! Washington #DC: Department of Homeland Security 300 Bl. of 7th St. S.W. DCFD responding for reports of heavy smoke coming from the roof of a 9 story building. Immediate Working Fire Dispatch has been activated.
Police frequency, [16.09.21 11:19]
This is the new WMATA Metro Building under construction, it's unoccupied. 2nd ALARM has been activated on this fire.
Insider Paper, [16.09.21 11:35]
DEVELOPING: A fire at Metro’s future headquarters in Southwest Washington #DC is sending smoke over the area and can be seen from far away.
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Jesus tell me after I get done [testifying], I need to keep reading in Nehemiah [stay in the book of Acts]. I had a good thought about President Joseph Biden. Out of all the democrats to choose for office, I would've picked him among some many to choose from.
Even Sen. McConnell [like the elect] thought alot about him. I'm thinking for sure he has a lot more potential. Jesus tell some one he needs to follow him more closely. #Luke13v32 #ThatFox. My bro. mention he liked listening to @FoxBusiness. It makes the day seem more soleful.
I pray for him like I would for my pick in the Republican party. Not sure who I'd pick yet, but Jesus seemed to choose #DOJ for me.

I really thought alot about #GeorgeWBush. I liked his hairstyle. He was in the air force & Gov of Texas. He reminded me of
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I had a journalist actually tell me they had to "tread lightly" on the government because that is where they get all their stories from. Govts & #DOJ/#FBI/@UKSFO/@TheFCA master manipulators using leaks and quid-pro-quo's to 'mainstream' lies. #Libor a great example.
There will be more to this story to add as my case moves along. @business (Bloomberg) had my indictment and spoke about it while it was STILL SEALED. I was in #DOJ/#FBI custody, AWAITING indictment to be unsealed (so I could read it) while it was discussed on air. 100% illegal.
This #DOJ/#FBI leak in my #deutschebank #Libor case caused all senior executives to clam up tighter than a frogs ass. That allowed govt to target the junior #scapegoats with impunity because they could then suppress evidence/truth that came out AFTER trial…
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SLOUCHING TOWARD JUSTICE: Former IRS criminal investigator and money laundering expert Martin Sheil offers the hot take on today’s breaking news:

“Justice has been delayed… it remains to be seen whether Justice has in fact been denied.”
1/… @nytimes
MARTY’S MEMORY: “Remember when White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said that Democrats would never get Trump's tax returns?

“Well it seems, ‘never’ came Friday!”-Martin Sheil 2/… @AP archives
REMAINS TO BE SEEN: “Justice has been delayed in the Congressional request to obtain Trump's tax returns. It remains to be seen whether Justice has in fact been denied.”-Martin Sheil 3/
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CREW files CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against Trump & Meadows

They violated the law "by attempting to weaponize the Department of Justice as part of their larger campaign to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election”

News reports and recently released internal DOJ emails reveal Trump and Meadows engaged in a public and private campaign to pressure federal and state government officials to use their authority to instigate frivolous investigations into voter fraud, file baseless lawsuits

Trump and Meadows also appear to have violated criminal provisions of the Hatch Act by illegally pressuring and attempting to coerce high-ranking DOJ officials to advance a partisan political agenda to affect the outcome of the election. 

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@blesamerika @JoeBiden @PressSec @SpeakerPelosi @jaketapper @chucktodd @NicolleDWallace @maddow @katiecouric @JudyWoodruff @donlemon @BrookeBaldwin @DanaBashCNN @camanpour @RudyGiuliani @RaheemKassam @TuckerCarlson @RandPaul @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @MariaBartiromo @TomFitton @csthetruth @benshapiro @HawleyMO @SenRonJohnson @SenTomCotton @RealCandaceO @mtgreenee @tedcruz @RepMattGaetz #COVID19
Joe Biden Marxist Regime wants to Mandate Experimental mRNA Vaccines to save lives, but the data says otherwise. They don’t give a damn about our lives. Wake up this isn’t about the vaccines, it is about Global Genocide! Image
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#Panquake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Probably a coincidence, but ever since it's been brought to my attention suspected-spooks in #Shadowbox network claim they use coded language to communicate & possibly "ham radio"--imo, it's weird when they post videos of radio stations.
#Panquake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation According to 2 (unrelated) court cases, involving #ThomasSchoenberger & shows Thomas developed coded language w/music & paintings...whereas Ray uses numbers...allegedly.
#Panquake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Court case shows #RayJohansen used numbers to communicate w/people allegedly "spying" on #TrevorFitzGibbon...whereas, Trevor's ex-partner (see above post) uses coded paintings & music to communicate, allegedly.

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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation Fascinating PanQuake's "PR" helper, #TrevorFitzGibbon, who #SuzieDawson vouched for as "trustworthy" turns out to allegedly have ties to #DoJ, suspected-#CIA, #ThomasSchoenberger, a woman tied to "police" who wages open death threats...
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation #Jimmysllama literally confirms my work has nothing to do with "security"...while her job & contacts are allegedly connected to "security," "law enforcement," extortion w/private video, govt. agencies & death threats...thanks, Suzie.
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation And that's been MY POINT, all along: What are possible police "detectives," people in govt. agencies w/ties to Pentagon/suspected-CIA--who know damn well I am just an activist--doing in my life, where teams help to coerce me, sexually?
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation @AmericanHacker allegedly gave "PROTIPS" on how to frame people for #DoJ investigations. #Obama was @AmericanHacker's FIRST TWITTER "Follower." Let's discuss the thread AH is now trying to hide...
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
@AmericanHacker allegedly gave "PROTIPS" on how to frame people for #DoJ investigations. #Obama was @AmericanHacker's FIRST TWITTER "Follower." Let's discuss the thread AH is now trying to hide...
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake (imo) #TalkLiberation
@AmericanHacker allegedly gave "PROTIPS" on how to frame people for #DoJ investigations. #Obama was @AmericanHacker's FIRST TWITTER "Follower." Let's discuss the thread AH is now trying to hide...
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The pandemic is not about an epidemic.
The mRNA "vaccines" are not about a cure.
The masks and "passports" are not about our health.
The inauguration was not about the election.
The illegal immigration is not about gaining freedom.
The Hamas violence is not about a local rivalry.
The Arizona election data has been recovered.

The newly released video demonstrates there was no "Capitol insurrection."

The mRNA gene altering "vaccines" are known to be harmful.

The #ZelenkoProtocol & #Ivermectin treatments are proven to be curative.

PROVEN: "Capitol Insurrection" is a #psyop, including the deep state #DOJ/#FBI captured by #CabalWorld.
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Former #Gaetz Confidant Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Cooperate

#JoelGreenberg, a former tax collector in #Florida, admitted to sex trafficking a minor and agreed to help in prosecutions of others.

#Greenberg admitted that he and unidentified others had paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and that he had provided her with drugs.

He admitted that he “introduced the minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts” with her
Greenberg, has met with prosecutors, and told them that Pedophile #Gaetz had sex with the girl and knew that she was being paid

Mr. Greenberg also admitted that he had stolen money from local taxpayers, committed identity theft and defrauded the federal government.

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Fed Judges and #DOJ Prosecutors Warn That Trump Is STILL INCITING VIOLENCE

Right-wing media outlets and #Republicans are parroting #Trump’s Big Lie that the election was fraudulent and stolen


Despite the evidence that Trump and his fascist cohort incited his deluded acolytes to storm the United States Capitol in a failed, but deadly, coup d’état on January 6

There is an ongoing and concerted effort to incite more violence against the government

@FBI ???

No matter how often Trump supporters, fascist Republicans and right-wing media personalities claim the First amendment protects their and Trump’s nonstop lies about the election, there is Supreme Court PRECEDENT TO PUNISH THE FASCISTS severely for inciting violence.

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In the light of the latest #Buzzfeed article exposing #TrumpRussia ties, an important piece by brilliant @WendySiegelman. If we don’t want a repeat, we need to bring to light details of treason. #DOJ
Here is my detailed profile of Prigozhin and his ties with Putin, as a side dish.…
This is important and should be trending. 👇🏼
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#DOJ can still pursue charges against #Manafort #Stone #Bannon

"It is rare that a prosecutor charges all such counts that could be charged, as it would overwhelm a jury and is unnecessary to increasing a sentence upon conviction”

With #Bannon, there were specific pardons "under chapter 95 of title 18 of the #US Code (basically racketeering type charges)," he wrote.

Those aren't all of the charges against Bannon and it certainly doesn't cover additional federal crimes like "mail and wire fraud."

#Manafort pleaded to a superseding information containing two conspiracy charges

The underlying indictment — containing numerous crimes from money laundering, witness tampering, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act — now open to prosecution as there was no conviction
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#DOJ considering letting some of the Capitol invaders walk without charges

WHY... BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE? They participated in a coup!!!


"That debate comes at a time when officials are keenly sensitive that the credibility of the #DOJ and the #FBI are at stake in such decisions, given the apparent security and intelligence failures that preceded the riot... “
"Federal officials estimate that roughly 800 people surged into the building," [some] were not engaged in violent, threatening or destructive behavior — should not be charged”


I think anybody that entered the secured area around the building should be arrested.

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Trump and #DOJ Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General

Trying to find another avenue to push his baseless election claims, Trump considered installing a loyalist, and had the men make their cases to him

#DOJ Lawyer #JeffreyClark, had been devising ways to cast doubt on the election results and to bolster Mr. Trump’s continuing legal battles and the pressure on Georgia politicians.

Acting AG #Rosen had refused the president’s entreaties to carry out those plans

Trump was about to decide whether to fire AG Mr. Rosen and replace him with his #DOJ lawyer Clark

The department officials, convened on a conference call, then asked each other: What will you do if Mr. Rosen is dismissed?

The answer was unanimous. They would resign.

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The Suppression of Organic Liberty with a Digital Garden - The citizenry is suffering from Stockholm syndrome with a dash of willful blindness - by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet… Image
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When one considers the full text of the 14th amendment, it is MASSIVELY scoped - covers fed to state, civil or military . . .

From Giuliani to McEnany to faithless electors and anyone involved in this coup attempt would appear to be disqualified to serve in govt.

1 of 2
As far as I can see it would be effective immediately, and all would qualify for prosecution under 18 U.S. Code § 2384.Seditious conspiracy, a law that has been used as recently as 2010.

@HouseDemocrats & #DOJ are compelled to enforce 14A or Congress vote to allow them.

2 of 2
PS The reason I put this to House Dems rather than the Senate is because it requires a majority vote to 'forgive' these seditionists and most of our Senate majority is complicit (self pardons - no).
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At some point, ppl started seeing what was happening in ww2 and standing up against it. This is no different.
This is the new American T-4 program, the #HHS and #DOJ specifically stigmatizing amd elimimating sick, vulnerable, and disabled ppl and targeting the MDs to don’t go along with the killing.
When the DOJ and DEA raid a MDs office, those patients are forced out of care. They are deemed high risk b/c of their association w/the MD that was raided and no new MDs will take them. B/c they are dependent on medication, they’re thrown into a horrific biological state.
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“Trump Was Doing Things That Were Illegal and Unconstitutional”

#Massachusetts#MauraHealey on Prosecuting a President

She fought dozens of cases against the Trump #DOJ. Now she’s looking ahead to a Biden administration

AG #MauraHealey , “... it is important that Donald Trump, his enablers, those who acted in concert with him and furthered actions that may have been illegal, criminal or otherwise, are held accountable.”

[We had to] defend the Constitution, to protect the rule of law, we found ourselves taking Donald Trump and his administration to court over 100 times, but it was absolutely necessary. The good news is we won over 80% of those cases…

The numbers are staggering...

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Un hombre que llamó a la oficina de Washington D.C. del congresista Jerrold Nadler para amenazarlo, se declaró culpable hoy en un tribunal federal en Cedar Rapids.
Kenneth Brown, de Waterloo, Iowa, fue condenado por un cargo de transmitir una comunicación amenazante.
En la audiencia de declaración de culpabilidad, Brown admitió que el 18 de diciembre de 2019 llamó a la oficina de Nadler en el Congreso de Washington D.C. Brown admitió que habló con un asistente de personal que trabajaba en la oficina y amenazó al congresista.
Específicamente, según lo acusado en la acusación, Brown dijo: “Encontraré a alguien para asesinar ese pedazo de (improperio eliminado) para el que trabaja. Jerry Nadler va a ser asesinado ".
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Why @realDonaldTrump should pardon @Snowden & #Assange: 1. It will take the edge off his pardons for his family & loyalists by being unselfish and not self-serving. And at the least, confound his many critics -- as well as future historians. ImageImage
2. It will drive his enemies in #DeepState and #Media absolutely nuts! A reproof to @BarackObama’s #DOJ, a shock to @JoeBiden, and a well-deserved finger to one of the worst of the bad losers, @HillaryClinton, who essentially started this 4 years of destructive disinformation.
A pardon of @Snowden and #Assange would be a great shock to this world, and reflect well on @realDonaldTrump. Despite all the negatives he’s created, it will be seen as a purely merciful action. It will not be forgotten.
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OJO Hace un mes advertimos que el #3Nnoviembre se cumplía el plazo legal en el cual un prisionero, que está en proceso de extradición, podía recibir el beneficio de prisión domiciliaria a la espera del proceso penal. El DoJ estaba al tanto de la situación. La decisión sin embargo
no la tomaron en Cabo Verde sino en el Tribunal de Justicia de la CEDEAO. Fue la defensa la que informó a los medios que se ordenó dar casa por cárcel a Álex Saab. Según las fuentes del #DoJ el asunto no está claro porque Cabo Verde si posee jurisdicción y es un país soberano
La orden supuestamente dice que Cabo Verde actúo "fuera de su jurisdicción". La Defensa asegura que "el Tribunal de la CEDEAO reconoce la condición de enviado especial de Saab y que Cabo Verde" y q no tenía competencia para detenerlo y juzgarlo. Las fuentes no apoyan esa versión.
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