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This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough.…
"I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records. I am confident of this because I was sex trafficked by CIA head psychologist John W. Gittinger to both men as a young child." – Fiona Barnett.
"I am not the first to publicly accuse Billy Graham of being a CIA agent, Freemason, and rapist. MK-ULTRA victim Kathleen Sullivan, who wrote 'Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control', said he raped her." – Fiona Barnett
Former high-ranking Freemason James Shaw described how 33rd degree Freemason Billy Graham was present at his own 33rd degree initiation ritual.
"The Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders" (Vital Issues, 1988)
"The best way to understand the global child trafficking industry is to trace the history of the drug trafficking industry."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 19 of PDF.…
"As you read Dope Inc. cross out the word ‘drugs’ and replace it with the word ‘kids’ to gain a picture of the child trafficking network that traded me."
– Fiona Barnett, ibid.
"Like the drug trade, the child sex trafficking industry is run as a single integrated world operation. At the top sit the wealthy elite who maintain control by ensuring only blackmailed, compromised politicians, military brass and government officials occupy leadership."
"At the top sit the wealthy elite who maintain control by ensuring only blackmailed, compromised politicians, military brass and government officials occupy leadership."
"The secret services—eg ASIO, MI6, CIA—coordinate the child trafficking & human compromise operation, receive victims procured via the little men, modify the behaviour of child victims until they become suitable assets, and transport the trained victims to service VIP pedophiles"
Fiona Barnett says, "Please download and share this book for therapeutic purposes."
How generous of her!…
"My survival is testament to the existence and authority of Jesus Christ. My belief in the Biblical God and His only son Jesus Christ is the fundamental reason I managed to recover my memories without cracking or dying. That is my big secret."
–Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p451
"I know that Jesus Christ is Lord, that this world is under the temporary occupancy and rule of Lucifer and his vile minions, and that there is a real, tangible afterlife as described in the Bible. That is where I found the courage & strength to defy my abusers and dare to heal."
This video includes footage of Fiona Barnett talking about being raped by Billy Graham and hunted by men at Bohemia Grove.
"Dutch banker Ronald Bernard...shed light on the people and system behind the international child trafficking network. [He] explained how he worked in international finance and high-end money laundering for 12 years."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 14 of PDF
"In that role, he "Ronald Bernard] discovered that political power does not reside with publicly elected representatives, but with the world’s 8,000 to 8,500 wealthiest individuals who exercise power behind the scenes and who routinely manipulate the media."
– Fiona Barnett, p 14
"These elites, Ronald Bernard said, sit at the top of a power structure that resembles a pyramid. ... He described the Central Banks as ‘illegally created private banks’ which oversee the commercial banking system of their respective countries."
– Fiona Barnett p 14
"Ronald Bernard said the wealthiest 8,000 to 8,500 people created the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in 1930. Since the world’s richest individuals are too young to have helped establish the BIS 88 years ago, he must mean banking dynasties like the Rothschilds."
This video features Ronald Bernard, the man Fiona Barnett mentioned who worked in international finance and high-end money laundering for 12 years.
"Babylon is the Biblical name of the ‘great city that rules over the kings of the world’ (Rev. 17:18). Babylon was and is a global political, financial and religious power system that rules the world."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 34 of PDF
"It [Babylon] is the Black Network, the Octopus, the Illuminati, the Luciferian Order headed by the Rothschild dynasty, administered by pedophile government officials, and policed by the CIA, Mossad, ASIO and MI6."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 34-5 of PDF
"The Bible describes Babylon as follows:
- The kings of the world have committed adultery with Babylon. (Rev 18:3)
- The merchants of the world have grown rich because of Babylon’s desire for
extravagant luxury. (18:3)
- Babylon brewed a cup of terror for others. (18:6)"
"- Babylon bought great quantities of human slaves. (18:11)
- The merchants of the world became wealthy by selling human slaves to Babylon. (18:15)
- Babylon’s merchants are the greatest in the world. (18:23)
- Babylon deceived the nations with her sorceries. (18:23)"
(p 35)
"The ‘merchants’ are the world’s richest and most powerful merchant bankers who trade in ‘human slaves’ including child sex slaves. The ‘kings’ are the pedophile world leaders who are compromised via child prostitutes."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 35 of PDF
"The ‘cup of terror’ refers to the CIA-created terror organisations being used to force countries to submit to Babylon. Revelation guarantees that Babylon will fall. The destruction of Babylon and her Luciferian pedophile associates will be quick and complete."
– p 35 of PDF
Fiona Barnett’s book Eyes Wide Open helps explain why someone like Epstein would die/ ´be suicided’ in prison.
"A tightly organised, mafia-style, hierarchically structured crime syndicate has infiltrated every aspect of Australian society including the judiciary, churches, law enforcement, military, child protection, hospitals, educational facilities, childcare centres, and Parliament."
"The network has numerous branches and countless members who profit from various illegal activities including drugs, arms and child sex trafficking. It is a well-oiled clandestine machine fuelled by public ignorance and distraction."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 40 of PDF
Australia held a Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse (2013-2017). Fiona Barnett says it was a WHITEWASH. She movingly recounts how she begged them to investigate the crimes she was reporting. They had the power to investigate, but did not investigate.
– p 35-39, PDF
"In 1993, Dr Corydon Hammond, a prof at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, conducted a seminar on federally funded mind control experiments. Topics included brainwashing, post-hypnotic programming & the induction of multiple personalities by the CIA."
p 45 EyesWideOpen
"Hammond was forced to drop this line of inquiry by professional ridicule, especially from the CIA’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and a barrage of death threats."
p 45, Eyes Wide Open
Hypnosis in Ritual Abuse.
In #RitualAbuse, #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA, #MKUltra, the evildoers unethically hypnotise people to control their minds and turn them into mind-controlled slaves.
The Greenbaum Speech (1992) by D Corydon Hammond.
If anyone has other links to the Greenbaum Speech, please add them here. ScrewTube may scrub the link above.
"MK-ULTRA child rapist and killer Martin Orne co-founded the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The concept of ‘false memory’ was in fact the brainchild of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, the US Army Intelligence Officer who headed Psychological Operations."
– Fiona Barnett, p 45 of PDF
"Aquino & Orne’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) was formed specifically to counter the tidal wave of disclosure by victims of CIA child trafficking and Project MK-UKLTRA which began in the 1980s and peaked in the early 1990s before the CIA effectively shut it down."
Fiona details the names and histories of key individuals in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and its Australian counterpart the Australian False Memory Association. Graham Burrows (Aussie psychology professor often interviewed on ABC Radio) is one of the names I recognise.
Ralph Underwager, a founding member of the FMSF, is on record as saying that pedophilia is a responsible choice and that pedophiles can boldly say it is part of God's will.
- p 49 of PDF
Ralph Underwager gave crucial evidence in Australia’s notorious ‘Mr Bubbles’ case in which children were sexually & ritually abused while attending kindergarten.
Dr Anna Salter says Underwager often distorts the facts. What he says in court doesn't fairly represent the literature
Underwager said in court that 90 percent of accusations against child molesters are wrong.
Question: Is that backed up scientifically?
Dr Anna Salter: "No, that’s gobbledegook. I don’t know of any study that would support that."
(Eyes Wide Open, p 51 of PDF)
Ralph Underwager, one of the founders of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, has testified for the defendants in about 400 child abuse cases.
What happens to the bodies of murdered victims of the pedophiles who traffic children? Fiona Barnett explains:
"Bodies and graves are indeed found. Police and doctors who are part of the trafficking Network write bogus reports to coverup the deaths."
– Eyes Wide Open, p 53, PDF
"Most bodies are disposed of. I witnessed bodies being fed to dogs, cremated in factory furnaces, dissolved in chemical pools, and thrown from a helicopter into the ocean. Bodies are commonly fed to pigs (Paul Keating had a pig farm)."
– Fiona Barnett, p 53 Eyes Wide Open PDF
"Most child murder victims are bred by cult members & slave breeders for the purpose of ritual sacrifice—their births are never registered. Many children are legally stolen from parents via CPS. Thousands of babies were stolen from ‘unfit’ mothers & ‘adopted.’"
–Fiona Barnett p53
"Many children are trafficked by pedophile parents, and when the innocent parents find out and report the matter to police, dirty cops write bogus reports against the innocent parents who subsequently lose custody of the child victims."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p 53 of PDF
Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open can be downloaded for free as a PDF. Thank you Fiona! You are a champion!…
Fiona explains why many victims of torture-based mind control #MKUltra do not have physical scars:
"My abusers were experts at administering torture techniques, including electrocution, that do not leave physical evidence."
– Eyes Wide Open, p 54 of PDF
"It is possible to beat someone in the gut through a phone book to hide superficial evidence of the beating, a traditional police method."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p 54 of PDF
"Some victims do carry scars, but police and medical staff do not believe victim accounts of how these were acquired."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 54 of PDF
"Jennifer Haynes [a victim of extreme abuse who has been diagnosed as having DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder] —her physical scarring is so severe she wears a colostomy bag and can never have children. Yet her testimony was ‘consistently faced with ridicule & disbelief.’"
Jennifer Haynes made history when her dissociative parts were granted permission to testify in court. 60 Minutes featured her story. In the initial show trailer, she mentioned being subjected to ritual abuse. 60 Minutes subsequently scrubbed that bit.
Any leakage of physical evidence of Ritual Abuse is routinely covered up. Fiona Barnett was accidentally suffocated during a ritual & was transported to hospital for resuscitation. The perpetrators duped hospital staff in order to cover up their crimes.
—see p 54, EyesWideOpen
"Like the mafia, pedophile ring membership is a life-long commitment. As the famous Hotel California song says, ‘You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.’ "
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 54 of PDF
Fiona Barnett and others HAVE left the pedophile ring. The Lord Jesus Christ revealed himself to them. By the power of the Holy Spirit they are speaking out, testifying about the evil network that sought to control them. God is more powerful than all the evildoers.
"I witnessed male and female ritual abuse perpetrators. The women were as debauched as the men. However, a disproportionate number of men were involved in my abuse, and in the abuse of the numerous other ritual abuse victims who contacted me."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p54
"Dr Reina Michaelson submitted video footage to the Victorian Police Commissioner. It featured men in Victorian Police uniform raping preschool children at a Mornington Peninsula childcare centre. The video footage ‘disappeared’ in police custody."
– Eyes Wide Open, p 54 of PDF
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@threadreaderapp Fiona Barnett documents how psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has used unethical and unscientific practices to dismiss multiple witness accounts of organised pedophilia and ritual abuse. The Wood Royal Commission in Australia used Loftus's ideas.
p 56-58 Eyes Wide Open PDF
@threadreaderapp Fiona Barnett presents plenty of evidence that the CIA infiltrated the Australian therapy industry. The 1994 APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories were adapted from a book written by MK-ULTRA hypnosis researchers Australian Peter W. Sheehan and Kevin M. McConkey.
p 58-59
Sheehan and McConkey both conducted hypnosis research with MK-ULTRA psychiatrist Martin T. Orne.
Kevin McConkey was the APS President when the APS introduced their Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories in 1994.
Fiona presents evidence of this: Eyes Wide Open, p 59-60, PDF.
Fiona goes point by point through the APS's Guidlines Relating to Recovered Memories, showing where and why they are unscientific and unethical.
p 60-61, Eyes Wide Open, PDF.
I tried to view the APS's guidelines on dealing with clients who recovered memories. Guess what? The guidelines can't be viewed by the public! You have to be a member of the Australian Psychological Society to view them!
Clients of psychologists can't view them.
Proof that the APS keeps their ethical guidelines hidden from the public:…
Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open is TOP NOTCH for understanding how evil in high places works.
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"Reports of organised pedophilia and ritual abuse continued to surface in multiple locations around Australia, following the failed Wood Royal Commission and the subsequently established Police Integrity Commission also headed by James Wood."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p 62
One famous Aussie reported to be involved in organised pedophilia:
Mr Robert Hailstone, a former priest and manager of the ABC in Brisbane, and [now-ex] director of the corruption prevention division of the Queensland Criminal Justice Commission.
Eyes Wide Open, p 62-64, PDF
"There are a large number, but not a high percentage, of people in high places & positions of trust who take it for granted that they can indulge their sexual appetites for children of both sexes so long as they arrange to cover it up and get away with it..."
– Peter Lewis (2005)
Peter Lewis continued: "’s a national problem and MPs involved seem to know each other."
Lewis was Speaker of the lower house of South Australia's Parliament. He stated this in parliament in 2005.
- see p 65, Eyes Wide Open, PDF
"On April 4, 2005, Peter Lewis resigned his position as Speaker of South Australia's Parliament. He resigned amid allegations that certain ministers & journalists thwarted his attempts to expose high-end pedo rings by reducing his concerns about pedophilia to ‘homophobia.’"
p 65
Those who dismiss reports of highly organised pedophile rings, by scorning it as #conspiracytheory, need to take a deep breath and examine the evidence Fiona Barnett presents in her book Eyes Wide Open.…
Failure to properly investigate pedo rings is worldwide.
E.g. #Ireland held an inquiry into the sexual abuse of kids in Catholic schools, but their Commission avoided investigating the majority of allegations by selecting ‘samples’ of abusive incidents.…
Fiona Barnett speaking on Military Mind Control and the Integration Process.
"Melbourne Priest Luciferian Pedophile Ring.
In 2006, the Catholic Church’s Melbourne diocese acknowledged as ‘substantially true’ allegations that a priest took part in ritual murders in the 1960s and paid compensation to a surviving victim."
Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p 66
"The Catholic Church's Melbourne Archdiocese has accepted claims about the rituals as 'substantially true' and paid $33,000 compensation to a man who was a victim of the rituals as a child." — Courier Mail article by Gary Hughes, May 26, 2006.…
The victim who as a child witnessed that Catholic priest ritually murdering people in suburban Melbourne- some of his thoughts are in this article:…
James Shanahan gives a detailed account of abuse at the hands of Priests at a Christian Brothers School in Australia. MKUltra techniques. Acknowledgement from Cardinal Pell on abuse.
"Cardinal George Pell, who signed a letter of apology to James, was one of James Shanahan's Luciferian pedophile perpetrators."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 67, PDF

In other words, George Pell is a HYPOCRITE.

#CardinalPell is in currently in jail for child molestation.
@Church_Militant if you don't already know about this case, you can add it to your long list!
@Church_Militant Police & Clergy Pedo-Network in Bathurst NSW Australia.
Mainstream Media (MSM) occ publish stories about satanic ritual abuse #SRA but those stories are quickly scrubbed. Download Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open to read about Bathurst, p 68-9.…
@Church_Militant Abuse at St Stanislaus College 'Involved Night Orgies’ — Bathurst, NSW.
— The Australian, August 28, 2008 by Angus Hohenboken…
@Church_Militant Police investigated claims that up to 40 boys were sexually abused by a pedophile ring of priests and teachers at an exclusive NSW school. – News. com. au…
@Church_Militant Go here to download your FREE copy of Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open.
At p 68-9 of the book read what happened to lawyer who was representing the brave whistleblower who tried to expose the pedo-network in Bathurst, NSW, Australia.…
@Church_Militant Satanic Ritual Abuse in a prestigious school in Brisbane—Read about it on p 69-70 of Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open.
And the story is in this Guardian article.…
@Church_Militant "Adrenochrome is a chemical created from oxidised adrenaline. It occurs in the blood of traumatised ritual murder victims. When drunk, it gives the blood drinker a drug induced high & sexually arouses them."
– Fiona Barnett
#Adrenochrome #SRA…
@Church_Militant Under #ProjectPaperclip the USA recruited Nazi scientists after WW2. The US gave Nazis residence in the USA. #OperationMatchbox was the code name for Australia’s version of Operation Paperclip.
See Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open, p 205 of PDF.
@Church_Militant Evidence of #ProjectPaperclip – letter by the US Airforce which confirms that German & Austrian scientists were working for the US Airforce in 1947.
@Church_Militant Hypnosis in Ritual Abuse
Transcript of D.C.Hammond's 1992 lecture on #UnethicalHypnosis in #RitualAbuse.
MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) is now called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
#GreenbaumSpeech #CorydonHammond #MindControl…
@Church_Militant "What the Wood Royal Commission hid.
My contact with multiple victims over five years enabled me to piece together the sealed contents of the Wood Royal Commission files."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p 71 of PDF
"James Wood buried evidence of a CIA child trafficking operation where children were recruited for a human compromise racket and as MK-ULTRA experiments."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open, p 71 0f PDF
In 2015, Australian senator Bill Heffernan used parliamentary privilege to state that a former Australian Prime Minister was one of 28 prominent Australians who police alleged were pedophiles.…
Fiona Barnett heard from "Multiple victims of the Wood Royal Commission era pedophile network that Senator Heffernan referenced, [the victims] named the following perpetrators... "
see Eyes Wide Open, p 71 of PDF
- Gough Whitlam (Prime Minister).
- Bob Hawke (Prime Minister)
- Kim Beazley Snr
- John Kerr (Governor General)
- Bob Carr (Politician)
- Marcus Einfeld (Federal judge)
- David Yeldham (Judge)
- Roger Rogerson (Police detective)...
Eyes Wide Open, p 71
- Frank Arkell (Wollongong Mayor).
- Kerry Packer (Media mogul)
- Frank Houston (Hillsong Church founder)
- Graham Kennedy (TV star)
- Don Lane (TV star)
- Bert Newton (TV star)
- Stuart Wagstaff (TV star)
— more details about these men in Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open p 71
Victoria's VIP pedophile network—documented in Fiona Barnett's book Eyes Wide Open p 75-102.
#JeffKennett #BertNewton #Police #EducationDept etc.
Pedo coverup by NSW Education Dept.
"The NSW police force displayed more concern for an illegally parked trailer, than an unfathomed number of young, disabled children who were assaulted and mentally scarred by a violent sexual predator."
– Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open p 116
I knew Fiona Barnett had done an immense amount of work to try to the NSW Education Dept and police to charge #GaryWillis with multple crimes against kids. But now I've read the detail in Eyes Wide Open, I'm even more impressed with Fiona, and furious at all the pedo-enablers.
#BillyGraham – Fiona Barnett testifies:
"I was trafficked to the USA, to Bohemian Grove where I was drugged & raped by the Rev BILLY GRAHAM – Richard Nixon’s pal, in a pink bubble room."

Source in link, but Trigger Warning for all who've been abused.
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