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This tweet thread is where I’ll be live tweeting the @SFBTAssociation’s 2019 Annual Conference in Montréal, Québec. Pinning it so it’s easy to find this coming week. I’ll be tweeting from the workshops/sessions I attend & sharing resources I find #SFBTA2019 #loveSFBTAconference
I am thankful and honored to have the support of my agency, @HorizonHealth1, in going to this incredible gathering of practitioners & experts in my area of specialization and practice!
I cannot wait to learn, and to bring back new skills and opportunities to share with my colleagues so we can enhance clinical outcomes for our patients, and develop new programming.
As any of my patients will tell you (since I tend to schedule from 10:45am-8pm) I am not a morning person, but you best believe for the @SFBTAssociation Conference I’ll be at my gate ready to board my @Delta flight on time! #TheLastTimeIWasAwakeThisEarlyWasDuringMyIDFService
Almost time to board. Have my (mostly protein based) snacks. Have my cane since I was nearing flare up (and if I wasn’t, after the security checkpoints bang around style of shoving you through, I would be anyway...). I’ll be doing a #SWTech post later on what gear I brought.
Also, this is it for the conference (and my jacket, not pictured). No checked luggage.
Okay airplane mode on until WiFi hits #SFBTA2019
So as a Buffalonian there’s nothing I love more than living *right* next door to @Canada, but needing to to fly down to NYC in order to get to Montréal...yet here we are. Had a nap on the plane, still super excited. Not yet super caffeinated. I also smell knock off wings at 7:36a
And to Montréal we go!
And checked into @hicanadahostels, and enjoying a free breakfast (got here with half an hour to spare)! Room won’t be ready until 4:30p so going to figure out how I’m spending my day (it’s wet and rainy and raw) but I slept through both flights :-)
Sitting in a café, and the barista is speaking in French, English, and Arabic. There is a cacophony or noise, languages, and activities on this very drizzly day day.
Current weather for the first couple of days is the #SFBTA2019 conference which begins tomorrow (well, the pre-conference workshops)! Can’t wait!!
I love #hostel culture. Ever since I started to travel. While my needs have changed since getting older (private rooms vs. dorms) @Hostelling never disappoints. Checked in to my room early. Now getting settled, and a nap before dinner with friends :-)
Just had dinner at LOV Botanical Cuisine with some dear friends who drove in! It was amazing! I’m vegetarian and this vegan place knocked my socks off!
Day one of our intensive workshops: deepening our SFBT Skills! I am so, so excited to learn, to be vulnerable, and to grow! #SFBTA2019 #loveSFBTAconference
Lunch with incredible leaders, colleagues, students, experts, educators, and therapists from day one of our pre-conference workshop “Deepening our Solutions Focused Skills” #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Day two is the pre-conference begins! Hard to live tweet given the intensity of the workshop; I’ll post summary information tonight :-) live tweeting will begin tomorrow during the actual conference :-)
What happens when you have six international experts in Solutions Focused Brief Therapy Training in one room during a workshop? You ask four of them to form a reflection panel while the other two lead the workshop of course! #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Brigitte Lavoie is welcoming the attendees; sharing that she has recently completed chemotherapy and the thought of addressing the attendees here today kept her going; and that this is what solutions focused can do. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Finally met @Travel_MSW!
Discussing what it means to host a bilingual workshop - an incredible amount of hardwork by the. @SFBTAssociation!
“If you can read the workshop description, you can go to that workshop...if you can’t, best to go to a different one...” #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Plenary, and other workshops have live interpreters #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
They’re also about us learning their culture:
Welcoming activity - drawing our best hopes! #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Opening Plenary: “On the ethics of diagnosis, or the therapist in between paradigms” by Harry Korman is now starting! #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Paper “on the ethics of diagnosis” published in March 1997.
Working through a case with the audience (using an SFBT/socratic method). #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Using quadrants to choose questions #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
The DSM: “the Dark Side of Man” - Harry
Why we don’t see the indifference:
“The big ethical question: the diagnostic interview makes the solutions focused interview impossible in this particular case, and that’s a big problem, because most people in the United States are forced to make a diagnosis.” - Harry Korman #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA
If we cannot do it openly, I’d go back to Steve’s old advise “If you’re not in an environment that is extremely open toward solutions focused, do this secretly, don’t tell anyone.” - Harry Korman #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Now starting the next workshop: “Reframing Solution-Focused List Making” by Richard Kahn, PhD, MS, RD #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
@UBSSW #DSW students who are interested in algorithms... (cc: @ashley_lcsw) #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Strengths Lists: strengths have great power. We make lists in conversations without even thinking about it. (@TheMattSchwartz: process recording yourself may help in finding ways in which this occurs).
#SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference

All different types of lists. Songs as maps (Aboriginal Song Lines). @TheMattSchwartz: We did this in the @IDF to study materials for exams.
Goal: Greater Ubderstabdubg if the Magic Square
Western Words Associated With Lists
Second list is not just SFBT, but EMDR - anything where a patient/client has to interpret the list for us. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Algorithms (@ashley_lcsw)
Algorithms Part II (@ashley_lcsw)
List making in religion
Loops in Communication
Strange Loops are “Best Hopes” “what are your best hopes for this conversation/session?”
People “not knowing” what they know is a common theme (@TheMattSchwartz: also in my experience in my practice). #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
The Magic Square as an Algorithm (cc: @ashley_lcsw)
Starting Now: Teaching Solution Focused Group Therapy Using Reflective Teams
Amazing group!!! Had an entire group do a role play - it was amazing! So much material to bring back :-)
This was our group photo from our two day pre-conference workshop “deepening our SFBT skills” :-) #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Up next: Solution Focused Guide to Respect, Connection, and Safety at Work #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Being instructed now by Mark Mitchell, LMFT, well known trainer out of California.
Survived an active shooter situation, while asking the SFBT miracle question.
During study of workplace burnout, found management had a greater impact on worker burnout than clients did. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Now starting the @SFBTAssociation members meeting/board meeting #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Everyone who comes to the conference is a member for the next year (unclear if this is also applicable to student attendees) #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Board is moving away from appointed to entirely elected on. The process has moved to be entirely transparent. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Re-electing for two positions not three positions in order for continuity/institutional knowledge. Terms are three year terms, with a two year term limit. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Voting completed for board positions of incumbents; votes being tallied. Highlights of the last year are now being presented during the count #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Discussion on the new diversity statement on the @SFBTAssociation website. The statement is now being read to the members. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
There is now a diversity and inclusion committee kicking off in the coming year #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Awards process has been open to the public, no longer just the board.
There is a box of hope for two student conference registrations.
There is an active SFBTA shop with books and DVDs #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
There is an effort to update, as well as create new materials #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Australia Association for SFBT and the Journal for SFBT has partnered with SFBTA, which is moving to Open Access #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Next year’s conference will be held in Las Vegas #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
All incumbents voted in. Floor is now open for nominations for the one open position #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
One of the returning incumbent who was just re-elected resigned so the two new nominees could both serve. Unanimously passed by the membership with standing ovation for all #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Now discussing ways to get involved on committees; non-elected, if you would like to serve on a committee can email/contact a committee chair. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Now Starting: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy wiry Formerly Incarcerated Clients
5-Key Model Intervention for Improving Well-being (outcome: lowered recidivism?). Research in progress). Florida State and University of Denver
Completed the “A Plethora of Ways to Respond to Simple Minded Remarks” workshop. Incredible. Powerful. Therapeutic. Meaningful. I look forward to creating a shared “how to” handout (with permission from the facilitator). #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Starting Soon: Lessons From the Field: Searching for Competency in Solution Focused Practice #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
On accepting a teaching role: “Say yes, shit bricks later” - Joel Simon #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Now Starting: the Closing Plenary: Research To Go #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Or I should say starting soon. I’m already in my seat #SleepySocialWorker #Shower #Dinner #Nap right after #330amHeadingToAirport
I have so many amazing tools to bring back to work. I am so excited :-D #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Presenting research on SFBTA as an evidence based intervention #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
This is incredibly important, not only for the ethical practice of SFBT, but also for those of us (myself included) who have to deal with the realities of the United States Insurance System #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
In 2006 SFBT was *not* evidence based #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
It is now (thanks to research)! And here’s an answer after ten years! #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
Also had to be submitted to national registries based on certain samples and designs. Both of the first two registries have been shut down by the current administration. The third is not a national registry. Not yet rated on research evidence, but more research is being evaluated
In the last year the new replacement is the “Prevention Services Clearinghouse.” @SFBTAssociation Research Committee Chair has submitted a letter requesting a review of SFBT. #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
We now have a sustainable journal! #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
The @SFBTAssociation’s Research Committee will maintain a list of SFBT Outcome Studies on the SFBT website #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
3 #SFBT #Podcasts to follow (recommended throughout the conference) #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
The end of a #conference is only the beginning. Now to bring it all home and use it! Looking forward to next year in Vegas. Reenergized for work. Ready to bring back what I’ve learned to my colleagues #SFBTA2019 #aimercongrèsSFBTA #loveSFBTAconference
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