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What’s the deal w/ people in #pain using #opioids? (Read entire thread.) We are not “drug addicts.” We are physically DEPENDENT on our meds, which we need to function w/out pain (i.e, to function). Physical dependence occurs on heart meds & #antidepressants too. #ThisIsUs
And I am not trying to stigmatize #addiction here. But rly, let’s talk; chronic pain patients (#CPPs) have been forced to KILL themselves due to untreated pain, due to bad #policy, due to the #stigma, foolishness & financial incentives of others. This has a name: opiophobia…
If you took me off ALL opioids, I (like most #painpatients) would go through ugly opioid #withdrawals (and make sure to poop/puke on YOU for causing them)! 😂

And even after months of “abstaining,” and withdrawals disappearing, I would be “clean” in the eyes of the world, but…
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#environmental #Social #Governance
#Investment #Policy
A thread on Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) compliance ....
Chapter 1 Introduction:-
* Overview
* ESG criteria
* Strong & Weak ESG Propositions
* Why ESG ?
*Overview -
History :- The concept arose in 2001, following the launch of the "FTSE4Good Index Series," with the goal of encouraging UK pension funds to consider social, ethical, or environmental (SSE) issues.
In 2002, they implemented environmental management criteria, followed by human rights criteria in 2003 and supply chain labor standards in 2005. As a founding signatory, the FTSE4Good then introduced the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2006.
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#Read this new #Report while there’s still time to act!…

“US-#China Competition Enters the Decade of Max Danger: #Policy Ideas to Avoid Losing the 2020s”

My latest with Gabe Collins @BakerInstitute!

As #PRC/#CCP power peaks over this decade, #Xi may seek #Taiwan as historic prize.

To protect their security & rules-based order, US/Allies must mobilize immediately to deter aggression.

The mission is vital, the stakes are high, & the clock is ticking. Image
US/Allies/#Taiwan now face “#DecadeOfDanger” w/ peaking #Xi/#CCP/#PRC as #China has extreme version of “S-Curved #slowdown.”

Xi’s risk acceptance will likely be amplified by his track record of largely-uncountered revisionist actions vs. neighbors & RBO.…
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Excited to share my new #study with my colleague Toshiaki Yoshida @to4akiyo4da at @NUPoliSci! We measured strong negative #policy feedback effects of #nuclearpower plants on the overall #socialcapital of cities that host them! Key policy insights for #energy. Tweetorial below!
@to4akiyo4da and I asked, does adopting #nuclearpower strength or weaken cities' civil society? NPPs promised to improve #rural economies, but led to mixed outcomes in Japan (eg. @dojin_tw's article How about civil society?
To measure strength of #civilsociety, we used 4 proxies for social cohesion/#socialcapital: total migration (do people stay or leave?), crime rates (strong norms or not?), voter turnout (are they invested?), winning party vote (strong linking ties to govt or not?)
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The first youth policy pitch around Anti-Corruption at the #OGP #Youth #Summit suggests countering
corruption through better information, stronger institutions, and more inclusive civic participation. "To fight corruption in the long run, cultural change & transformation is key."
The next proposal is around civic space and #participation - guaranteeing access to information, transparency of actions & inclusion of marginalized groups and grassroots communities. Such efforts will build trust between marginalized communities and governments. #OGPYouthSummit
The 3rd #policy recommendation centers on inclusive digital innovation. "Affordability, infrastructure & hardware limitations and inequities plague the digital world just as they have done in the past. Govts should consider how to equalize digital access for vulnerable groups."
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This report explores the impact that #security #thinktanks such as the Henry Jackson Society (#HJS) are having on British #democracy and societal cohesion
It highlights links between such groups & the British & international #FarRight which combine with patterns of divisive
far Right which combine with patterns of divisive and agenda-
driven reports based in impoverished methodologies to #shape UK #policy & #political #discourse for the worse.
Such groups have caused concern amongst numerous equalities, community, & faith groups &
& are cited as enabling & encouraging Islamophobia & racism, facilitating far
Right mobilisation, & pushing successive UK governments towards policy positions that damage societal cohesion.
This report brings together open-source articles, reports, & public instances of events
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For anyone traveling abroad, especially the land border with US, I have some advice: be sure your COVID lab test posts before you hit the border. I had an unfortunate day yesterday where I had taken a PCR test on Friday morning, was told its 12-15 hours average for results /1
after reception. They received it overnight Friday, it processed all day Saturday. To avoid roaming charges, I disabled my data, and after a ~9 hour drive to the border to my dismay it wasn't posted when I crossed over. I assumed since I had the test intake forms that would be /2
okay, I could enter Canada as a citizen and quarantine until its available. Border guards are not seeing it the same way, they threatened a $6,200 fine and said go back to the US to await results. /3
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I want that contacts list.

""talk to us after China,""

Marc Elias

What does that mean?

Wyss Foundation Democracy StrategyDiscussion Memo…

This is a scandal I've never heard about.

Have you?
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Report on #familychildcare supply is here!🎉 FCC educators face many barriers to entry & sustainability. The biggest? #ECE #policy challenges. But their strengths keep them going. Buckle up 🧵(1/n)

#solvechildcare #earlyedchat #childcare @JulietBromer
In this exploratory mixed method study, we asked 179 current/former regulated #familychildcare educators (FCCEs) across 4 states (CA, FL, MA, WI) about their experiences entering, staying in, and/or leaving the field, and we learned A LOT. (2/n)
ON LEAVING: 30 former FCCEs (small N, exploratory!) shared intersecting challenges w/ systems, economics, working conditions, & personal factors that contributed to their decisions to close their businesses (pre-COVID). Most mentioned at least 2/3 of the core challenges. (3/n)
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1/N “Food for thought-Deficiencies” in @ttindia wd focus on Conf of Interest #Food #policy #conspiracy triggered in 2002 with @gatesfoundation founded @GAINalliance with a 50 M $ grant to broker with food companies to make fortified foods… @TimothyWSchwab
2/N I discuss two food policies fortification and marketing of ultra-processed foods, food industry and makers of chemical nutrients dominate the development through partnerships with the @FSSAI creating #ConflictsOfInterest @aiimsrishi @CSEINDIA @pahowho @MoHFW_INDIA @PMOIndia
3/N Key working with @fssaiindia Food Fortification Resource Centre are GAIN, @NutritionIntl @WFP @tini_tatatrusts , ‘The India Nutrition Initiative’ and ‘Food Fortification Initiative’ funded by one or another food industry. Stakes in the bottom-line, but not in your health
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@medcitynews reports that even with the #remote #patient #monitoring (#RPM) codes, reimbursement for #digitalhealth remains a challenge. The article is linked below, but for a deeper dive, read the thread 1/…
We've knows about this for a long time @omadahealth--really since our founding. We got an #NPI. We billed #claims. We helped get the first ever #CPT code (0488T) for fully virtual care. But there's more to do. 2/
(You can learn about contracting as a #virtualfirst #provider @_DiMeSociety workshop on that very topic this week! Register… ) 3/
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My colleagues @adityabatra1995, Krishnakumar Thiagarajan, & I have an op-ed in @the_hindu today, on the importance of taking E-governance step-by-step. (Draws on a whitepaper we wrote at @eGovFoundation )…
If you'd like to read the full whitepaper, you can find it at…
We present a 5-level "Maturity Framework" that any city government - as also any department or agency within a city - can use to assess where it stands in the e-governance journey, based on how it is applying tech to improve processes, human resources, & citizen-centricity.
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#India recently announced the National Hydrogen Mission & there's growing interest among leading industry players in #greenhydrogen.
But why is green H2 significant for India's #energytransition?
In a new study, we examined how #greenhydrogen can help in cleaner steelmaking. We found that:
▶️9% blend of #green H2 in steel making would ⬇️India's emissions footprint by 68%
▶️This #greensteel would be competitive with upper range of conventional steel costs at current rates
If #greenhydrogen costs fell to 1.3-2.2 USD/kg from the current 4-4.5 USD/kg, steelmaking based entirely on #green H2 could break even with #coal-based processes in #India. Globally, electrolyser manufacturers have already committed to a green H2 cost of 1.5 USD/kg by 2025.
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Inflation data for July moderated somewhat, at least relative to the heady pace of recent months, which should temper #market and policymaker concerns a bit, despite the fact that #inflation will stay sticky-higher for a while and the #risk remains to the high-side.
Core #CPI (excluding volatile food and #energy components) came in at 0.3% month-over-month and 4.3% year-over-year, a bit less than the consensus forecast, and headline CPI data printed at a solid 0.5% month-over-month and came in at 5.4% year-over-year.
While we think that it’s hard to see a case for the recent levels of elevated #inflation turning into “1970s style” runaway price increases, higher #wages and elevated growth for an extended period will allow companies to achieve higher levels of #PricingPower for a time.
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Great conversation with @MerrillLynch CIO Chris Hyzy, as part of their #MerrillPerspectives event. Some of the topics we discuss follow and the full conversation can be accessed here:…
On the #market lessons stemming from the pandemic, I suggested that- stepping back- while a lot has been thrown at the #economy and markets over the past 30 years, in every case the #policy response has been critical to evaluate in judging the ultimate impact: policy matters!
That said, we think there is an overestimation of the importance of exceedingly low #policy rate levels to the recovery but maintaining the stability and #liquidity of the financing #markets is critical, particularly at the top end of the capital stack.
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(Thread) Hey #AcademicTwitter 👋 As an academic-turned-public servant I have some tips to help your research inform policy. #scicomm #policy
Today's a typical day in government: I have 2 hours to finalize an important funding proposal in between 6 meetings. I need the most impactful, up-to-date and forward-thinking research findings at my fingertips and distilled into mere sentences.
Usually public servants who have a role in decision making have very limited time. We can rarely read academic papers.
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My take on @ivanlpenn's & @ckrausss's @nytimes:…
TL;DR: #transmission (trX) vs. rooftop #PV (rPV) dilemma = unfounded, poorly scoped article, misrepresented study, romanticized rPV, pessimistic trX, obsolete #energy policy references & more! -1/n
First of all, rPV & trX are largely UNRELATED. rPV increase energy #efficiency & (might) offer #energy #resilience . trX reduces energy costs, increases #reliability & expands access to electricity market for all. -2/n
An important aspect is that rPV comes mostly at personal high upfront costs, while trX investments are "socialized". I.e. rPV is not for everyone, while trX is driven by broader energy concerns of wide social impact. Here is the article's first miss!.. 👇 -3/n
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Is there an incoming policy error by the Federal Reserve? $DXY #FederalReserve #Dollar #Policy #Fed

Thread 1/
Over the past several weeks, we have seen significant Central Bank actions globally. This reflects a market flush with cash and a desire by the Federal Reserve to hold short-term rates positive. 2/
Mid-June 2021 FOMC Summary:
1. Unchanged rate and QE policy
2. Reverse Repo rate increase to 5bps
3. IOER increase to 15 bps
4. Dot plot showing rate hikes sooner than expected
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#Thread Services - *ASPECTS*


Police ,Foreign ,Forest ,Revenue, Administration, Railway - are some of the services with which there exists an amount of familiarity amongst the aspirants & public.

But there are many other services that perform very crucial functions which needs highlighting.

Most notably, (for eg.)

Indian Information Service #communication
Indian Statistical Service #data
Indian Economic Service #policy


Many a times, certain Services try to dominate others by the virtue of

1. Political proximity
2. Scope of Functioning
3. de facto postings/positions
4. Public image
5.Service benefits ( promotion, increment, deputation opportunity etc)

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