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Live from Atlanta, the fifth #DemDebate starts NOW! Follow along as we livetweet the entire night
WARREN, on impeachment: 'We have to establish the principle: no one is above the law.'

WARREN: 'We have a Constitutional responsibility and we have to take it.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR, on impeachment: 'I have made it very clear that this is impeachable conduct, and I’ve called for an impeachment hearing… What this impeachment hearing [is] about is that our democracy is at stake.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR: 'It is very, very important that we have a president that is going to put our country first.' #DemDebate
SANDERS, on impeachment: 'We have a president who is not only a pathological liar, he is quite possibly the most corrupt leader in the history of the United States of America.' #DemDebate
SANDERS: 'What the American people understand is that Congress can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time… We can do it in the name of the American people and in the name of justice.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG, on impeachment: 'We are absolutely going to confront this president for his wrongdoings, but we are each running to be the president who leads this country following the Trump presidency.' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on impeachment: 'The next president of the United States is gonna have to do 2 things: defeat Donald Trump, that’s number one. And number two is going into places like North Carolina and Georgia… and get a Senate majority, and that’s what I’m gonna do.' #DemDebate
HARRIS, on impeachment: 'First of all, we have a criminal living in the White House.' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'This not only points to the corrupt nature of this administration and the name for these impeachment proceedings… We need the same set of rules for everybody… We have to bring justice back to America for all people and not just for some.' #DemDebate
WARREN, on unifying America: 'The way we achieve our goals and bring our country together is that we talk about the things that unite us.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'Doing a wealth tax is not about punishing anyone… When you make it big, when you make it really big… pitch in two cents, so that everybody else gets a chance to make it.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'Regardless of party affiliation, people understand across this country that government is working better for the rich, the wealthy, the well-connected… [and not everyone else].' #DemDebate
BOOKER in response to Warren: 'They want an economy that provides not just equalities of wealth, but equalities of opportunity.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'Two cent wealth tax, and we can invest in an entire generation’s future.'

BOOKER: The wealth tax, it’s cumbersome, it’s been tried by other nation’s, it’s confusing…' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'I’m tired of freeloading billionaires.'

BOOKER: 'But everybody is tired of freeloading billionaires.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'As President Obama commented recently, we are now in a different reality than we were even in 12 years ago.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'Even on issues where Democrats have been on defense… we have a majority to do the right thing, if we can galvanize and not ostracize that majority.' #DemDebate
WARREN, on Medicare for All: 'I see tens of millions of Americans who are struggling to pay their medical bills... Let’s bring as many people in and get as much help to the American people as we can and as fast as we can.' #DemDebate
SANDERS, on Medicare for All: 'We don’t have to tear down the system, but we do have to do what the American people want…' #DemDebate
SANDERS: 'I think now is the time. And in the first week of my administration we will introduce Medicare for All.' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on Medicare for All vs Obamacare: 'You know, we can do this without charging people, raising 30-40 trillion dollars.' #DemDebate
GABBARD, on the Democratic party: 'Our Democratic Party unfortunately is not the party that is by, of, and for the people... As president… I will work to end this new cold war and arms race.' #DemDebate
HARRIS, in response to Gabbard: 'It’s unfortunate that we have someone on this stage… who during the Obama administration spent four years on Fox News criticizing President Obama... What we need on this stage, in November, is someone who has the ability to win.' #DemDebate
GABBARD rebuttal: 'Every single day I saw the terribly high human cost of war.' #DemDebate
HARRIS rebuttal: 'What our nation needs right now is a nominee who can speak to all people. I spent my entire career in a court room speaking 5 words: Kamala Harris for the people.' #DemDebate
STEYER: 'What I’ve done over the last decade is to put together coalitions of ordinary American citizens to take on unchecked corporate power... What I’ve done is try to push power down to the American people.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR in response to Steyer: 'I have led the way on voting… Allow every kid in the country to register to vote when they turn 18.' #DemDebate
YANG: 'I think that we need to be focused on the real threats of the 21st century.' #DemDebate
YANG: We are 24 years behind on technology… The next commander-in-chief needs to be focused on the true threats of tomorrow.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG, taking on Trump: 'I have the right experience to take on Donald Trump…I would argue that we need something very different right now. In order to defeat this pres. we need somebody who can go toe-to-toe, who comes from the communities that he’s appealing to. #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'I know how to bring people together to get things done.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR: 'Women are held to a higher standard. Otherwise, we’d be able to play a game called name your favorite woman president.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR: 'If you think a woman can’t beat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every day.' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'We have to unify this country. I have done it, I have done it repeatedly.' #DemDebate
BOOKER, on what America needs: 'This president has broken norms, as you’ve said… but the next president, whoever they are, is going to have to be someone who can heal and can bring this nation together, this whole nation.' #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'My charge is to see a nation right now that has so much common pain, to channel that back into a common purpose.' #DemDebate
SANDERS, on people wanting Trump in jail: 'I think what the American people are also saying that if in fact this president did break the law, he should be prosecuted like any other individual.' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on holding Trump accountable: 'I would not direct my Justice Dept. like this president does… I would not dictate who should be prosecuted or who should be exonerated.' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'I don’t think it’s a good idea that we model ourselves after Trump, and that we say ‘lock him up’.' #DemDebate
YANG, on paid family leave: 'There are only two countries in the world that don’t have paid family leave for new parents: The United States and Papua New Guinea... We need to start supporting our kids and families from the beginning.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR, on paid family leave: 'We must do this... what I've done with all of my plans is showed how we will pay for this plan, meticulously.' #DemDebate
HARRIS, on paid family leave: 'The burden principally falls on women... 6 months of paid family leave is set and designed to adjust to the reality of women's lives today... My policy is focused on working women in America.' #DemDebate
STEYER, on the housing crisis: 'What we’ve seen in California is that as a result of policy, we have millions too few housing units… It starts with a homeless crisis… but it also includes skyrocketing rents that effects every single person in California.' #DemDebate
STEYER: 'Where people live has a dramatic impact on climate and sustainability.' #DemDebate
WARREN, on the housing crisis: 'Our housing problem in America is housing problem on the supply side… I’ve got a plan for 3.2 million new housing units for America.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'Housing is how we build wealth in America.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'When I build a housing plan it’s not only a housing plan about building new units, it’s a housing plan about addressing government-sponsored discrimination.' #DemDebate
BOOKER, on the housing crisis: 'We’re not talking about something that is going on all over America, and that is gentrification… We’ve got to start empowering people.' #DemDebate
annnnd we'll be back in a few! #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG, on the trade war: 'I don’t think this president cares one bit about these farmers.' #DemDebate
STEYER, on climate change: 'Rachel, I’m the only person on this stage that will say climate is the #1 priority for me.' #DemDebate
STEYER: 'It’s a state of emergency, and I would declare a state of emergency on day 1.' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on the climate crisis: 'I don’t need a lecture from our friend (Steyer)...'

STEYER rebuttal: 'Everybody in this room has lived in an economy based on fossil fuels, and we all have to come to the conclusion that I came to over a decade ago.'
SANDERS, on the climate crisis: 'The United Nations is telling us that in the years to come there will be hundreds of millions of climate refugees…' #DemDebate
SANDERS: 'What we have got to do tonight, and what I will do as president, is tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet.' #DemDebate
HARRIS, on making concessions to North Korea: 'Donald Trump got punk’d. What Donald Trump is the greatest threat to our national security at this moment.' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'He has in every way compromised our ability to influence or slowing down or at least checking North Korean nuclear weapon program.' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on national security: 'The fact is, we're in a position where he has done this across the world... he's embraced thugs.' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'This guy (Trump) has no idea what he’s doing.' #DemDebate
SANDERS, on the war in Iraq: 'One of the big differences between the VP (Biden) and myself is that he supported the terrible war in Iraq and I voted against it.' #DemDebate
SANDERS: 'It is time after spending many trillions of dollars on these endless wars… it is time to bring our troops home... I will do it working with the int’l community.' #DemDebate
YANG, on communicating with Putin: 'First I’d say, 'I’m sorry I beat your guy...' or not sorry.
The days of meddling in American elections are over.'
YANG: 'I want to propose a new world data organization, like a WTO for data… These are the ways we’ll actually get Russia to the table.' #DemDebate
BOOKER, on foreign policy with China: 'At the very time that China is breaking international rules… This nation is pulling away from critical allies.' #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'We will call China out for its human rights violations... It’s a human rights violation when people at our border, children are thrown in cages.' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on holding war criminals accountable: 'Khashoggi was in fact murdered and dismembered… and I would end the subsidies that we have and end the sale of weapons to the Saudis.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR, on foreign policy: 'We need a new foreign policy in this country… It means reasserting our American values.' #DemDebate
SANDERS: 'What is going on in Gaza right now, where youth unemployment is 70- or 80%, is unsustainable... We need to think about who our allies are around the world.' #DemDebate
WARREN, on military: 'The notion of shared service is important. It’s how we help bring our diverse nation together.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'I wanna bring in 10,000 people who wanna be able to help rebuild our federal lands, who want to give back to our country…' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG, on security: 'We do not have a 21st century security strategy coming from our president. After all, he’s relying on 17th century security strategies like a moat full of alligators or building a big wall.' #DemDebate
GABBARD, on white supremacy: 'The most important thing here is that we recognize that we need to treat each other with respect... that kind of leadership starts at the top.' #DemDebate
YANG, on white supremacy: 'We have to designate white supremacist terrorism as terrorism...' #DemDebate
BIDEN, on white supremacy: 'We have to change the culture... we have to keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it.' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'For too long, candidates have taken for granted constituencies that have been the backbone of the Democratic Party and have overlooked those constituencies.' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'There are plenty of people who applauded Black women for the outcome of the 2018 election… Where ya been? And what are you gonna do?' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG rebuttal: 'I welcome the challenge of connecting with Black voters in America.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG:'I care about this because my faith teaches me that I have got to make myself useful to people. While I don't have the experience of being discriminated against for the color of my skin, I do know what it feels like to feel like a stranger in my own country.' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'Justice is on the ballot in 2020... We have to rebuild the Obama coalition. I keep referring to that because that’s the last time we won.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'African Americans are more likely to borrow money to go to college, borrow more money to go to college, and have a harder time paying it back when they come out of college.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'Everyone on this stage should be embracing student debt loan forgiveness, it will help close the Black-white wealth gap.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'We need to stop this manmade crisis at the border.' #DemDebate
WARREN: 'We need to treat the people who come here with dignity and with respect. A great nation does not separate children from their parents.' #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'I want to be quick, because I want to get back to something I wasn’t included in... Black voters are pissed off and they’re worried.' #DemDebate
BOOKER to Biden: 'I have a lot of respect for the VP… This week I hear him literally say that we shouldn’t legalize marijuana. I thought you might’ve been high when you said it.' #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'Marijuana in this country is already legal for privileged people... There are people in Congress right now who admit to smoking marijuana, while there are people whose children are in jail for those same drugs.' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'I think we should decriminalize marijuana, period... Everybody gets out, record expunged.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR, on abortion rights: 'We should codify Roe v. Wade into law... The people are with us. Over 70% of the people support Roe v. Wade.' #DemDebate
WARREN, on abortion rights: 'Protecting the right of a woman to make her own decisions about her body… When someone makes abortions illegal in America, let’s face it, rich women are still going to be able to get an abortion.' #DemDebate
SANDERS, on abortion rights: 'If there’s ever a time in American history when the men of this country must stand with the women, this is the moment... It is women who control their own bodies, not politicians.' #DemDebate
BOOKER, on abortion rights & supporting women: 'This is a voter suppression issue. Right here in this great state of Georgia it is the voter suppression, particularly of the African American women, that kept us from having a Gov. Stacey Abrams.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'We need federal leadership to establish voting rights for the 21st century... We know that with the White House in the right hands we can make Election Days a federal holiday.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'Right now we have politicians picking out their voters, rather than the other way around.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR rebuttal: 'I have done the work… Experience should matter.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'This is the kind of experience we need not just to go to Washington, but to change it before it’s too late.' #DemDebate
GABBARD: 'As Commander-in-Chief… I bring extensive experience, serving for 7 years in Congress… understanding what’s necessary.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'Do you seriously think anybody on this stage is proposing invading Mexico?' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG: 'I have, in my experience…enough judgement that I would not meet with a murderous dictator like that.' #DemDebate
STEYER: 'For us to win... it's a turnout question. We're going to have to organize across this country.' #DemDebate
BOOKER closing statement: 'We all owe a debt that we cannot repay… This is the moment in America when we need a leader who can inspire us to get up and fight again.' #DemDebate
STEYER closing statement: 'Everybody here is more patriotic and more competent than the criminal in the White House… I know that the government in Washington is broken. I’m the only one on this stage who’s willing to talk about structural change in Washington itself.' #DemDebate
GABBARD closing statement: 'My personal commitment to you, to all of my fellow Americans is to treat you with respect and compassion. What we call in Hawaii ‘aloha’.' #DemDebate
YANG closing statement: 'Our kids are not all right… We talk about Donald Trump as if he’s the end-all be-all, but he’s the symptom and not the disease.' #DemDebate
KLOBUCHAR closing statement: 'I have bold ideas that we can do to go forward as a country… but this is also a patriotism check, a value check… We don’t just beat Trump, we bring the U.S. Senate to some sense, we send Mitch McConnell packing. This is how we win.' #DemDebate
HARRIS closing statement: 'To fight this fight I believe we have to have the ability to not only have a nominee who can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump... We also need someone who can unify the party and the country… I’ve done that work.' #DemDebate
BUTTIGIEG closing statement: 'I am inviting progressive…moderates… and a lot of future former Republicans… I want you to know that everyone is welcome in this movement that we are creating.' #DemDebate
SANDERS closing statement: 'I am the son of an immigrant... I will stand with the some 11 million undocumented immigrants of this country. I will lead an administration that will look like America, will end the divisiveness of Trump, and will end hate in America.' #DemDebate
WARREN closing statement: 'We should’ve talked about gun violence... We have to have the courage not to just make individual changes… I am grateful to the America that gave the daughter of a janitor… the chance to be a candidate for President of the United States.' #DemDebate
BIDEN closing statement: 'We’re in a position where we’ve led now by the example of our power, but by the power of our example... Let’s take back this country and lead the world again! Get up, and take it back!' #DemDebate
Maddow: 'I want to thank the city of Atlanta!' #DemDebate
annnd that's a wrap on the fifth #DemDebate! Thanks for following along. More to come at @nowthisnews 📲
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