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Overall, we saw little automated activity for the #DemDebate and #DemDebate3 hashtags, but one thing did jump out at us - a group of accounts retweeting right-wing #DemDebate tweets from (mostly) @JoeyNoCollusion via an app called Power10.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@JoeyNoCollusion @ZellaQuixote Power10 is a tool that automatically retweets accounts of your choice. It requests pretty comprehensive access to your account, so we had @DrunkAlexJones try it in a controlled environment. (It also has a bulk follow feature, which Alex did not test due to fear of breaching TOS.)
@JoeyNoCollusion @ZellaQuixote @DrunkAlexJones The stated aim of the Power10 tool is to retweet #MAGA accounts and candidates and its very existence is a secret from Democrats (despite multiple researchers having discussed it publicly). Despite this, one can in fact amplify any desired account with this app.
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Thread: At the 3rd #DemDebate Sen #KamalaHarris proved why she is the one Trump fears the most. Her focus was to #ProsecuteTheCase against 4 more yrs; and #Kamala gave clear insight into her vision for America. Here are her responses. #Kamala2020
#KamalasPlan for Universal Health care has been hailed as the best among the field (see below), but #Kamala wisely used the time to remind Americans Trump is currently trying to undo the ACA. #DemDebate #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris

I have said it time and again, #KamalaHarris has consistently been a champion of reform for decades. Here is how she responded at the #DemDebate and check out 50 times #Kamala acted on/accomplished #CriminalJusticeReform #Kamala2020

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Post-#demdebate white people thoughts: clearly the Democratic party has not done enough to address their own implicit bias while patting themselves on the back for their progressive woke-ness. Reading some of the post-debate hot takes is mind numbing.
How we evaluate the white candidates on stage compared to POC candidates is fucked. It's not new to say that POC have had higher standards put on them compared to white people (despite we are the ones shooting everyone, concentrating all the social wealth).
Last night, @JulianCastro passionately went after Joe Biden. Today, he is being characterized for his tone and tenor up on that stage and yet, there is an old white guy yelling and wagging his finger at everyone all night - no one is giving him low marks for his performance.
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Along with #BoycottABC, I think we should combat the right wing hate fuelled propaganda socialism scare campaign ad they aired.

Clearly, with ads like this, America is in desperate need of education on #DemocraticSocialism.
Instead of promoting the horrible ad I hate, I’m going to promote what I love... democratic socialism.

Every time an ad like that airs, it is our job to use social media for free advertising to dispel the propaganda machine.

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Here's the moment from the #DemDebate that made everyone tweet, "is Kamala Harris drunk?"
Most likely, someone told Kamala to "try to seem fun and cheerful" and it came off as completely sloshed instead.
Or she took a medication that made her loopy.
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#HologramTHREAD: Sham #DemDebate

These debates are not about informing voters. They are about creating drama for the networks. Professional chattering personalities create "stumper" moments for other chattering personalities to chatter about.

#YangGang #ISupportYang

"Let's ask Andrew Yang two questions on foreign policy."

This is fair: He's running for President, after all, and would be Commander-in-Chief and set policy for the State Department.

"Let's ask Joe Biden about deportation under Obama."
"Let's ask Joe Biden about Iraq."
"Let's ask Sanders about Venezuela and socialism."

See the pattern, yet?

Ask yourself this: Did you learn anything about the stances of these candidates on health care, tonight? Medicare for All?

I didn't. Pretty much the same stuff we heard the last two debates, right?
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Joe Biden's answer on how to address the legacy of slavery was appalling -- and disqualifying.

It ended in a sermon implying that black parents don't know how to raise their own children.

This cannot go on.

Here is my transcript of Joe Biden's record player moment.

Asked about his past comments denying responsibility, as a white man, for America's sins, he gives an answer insinuating that black parents don't know how to raise kids.
So how do we deal with the legacy of slavery, Mr. Biden?
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#DemDebate Quick Takeaways:
- Winners: Democratic voters. You have smart, qualified candidates who are willing to take on gun control, climate change, student debt, Trump's racism & debate about making health care affordable. All are moderate compared to Trump's extremism. 1/
- #DemDebate winners to me were Beto and Booker. They needed the biggest boost tonight to stay alive. Beto was praised openly by other candidates including Biden & Harris for his leadership. He also had one of the best lines: ""Hell yes we are going to take your AR-15!" 2/
Beto also had solid answers on gun control and America's systemic racism. He supported Reparations, called out Trump's white supremacy & shouted out #1619. Booker likewise was impressive in his answers, like usual, and can easily be someone's VP 3/ #DemDebate
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When asked about how America should deal with the legacy of slavery, Joe Biden says kids needs psychiatrists and their parents should play them records at night.

This is a mind and a career that is over, and only he doesn’t know.

That was an appalling moment. The low moment of the campaign. Joe Biden is simply not up to this.

He turned a question about the legacy of slavery into a respectability-politics answer about teaching kids words.
First he laughed when the moderator brought up race and inequality.
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I second the calls for questions about Native American/Tribal country issues at the #DemDebate. As a Black American of Afro-Caribbean heritage, I know that if they aren't trying to make things right with Native Americans, they aren't serious about any of us.
Native Americans are owed more than a question, but at least a question, even if no one else benefited (but we all do).
We also need to know Elizabeth Warren can handle it because we all know what Trump is going to do in the general if she is the nominee. Kid gloves don't do anyone any favors.
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1) Friends, colleagues watching #DemDebate. Some of you know I am traveling a lot to talk abt my work. Without fail, people approach me and want to talk about a Native ancestor or DNA testing.

The ignorance of what it means to be Native is huge. Elizabeth Warren...
2) ... could disrupt that cycle of ignorance but she hasn't.

Instead of meeting with Native ppl--over the last many years--Elizabeth Warren avoided us and stuck with her story, undermining the core of who we are as sovereign nations.
3) Then she did that DNA test! That made matters worse. She's given a weak apology but not spoken with clarity to the public about this mess. She claimed to be us, but with all she's done about her claim, she's undermined us.
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Lol my parents are watching the #DemDebate & my mom is messaging me. She is not impressed 😂
Latest from my mom 😂😂😂
@Shem_Infinite 😂😂😂 I'm dying
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#DemDebate translator thread
#DemDebate translator thread
#DemDebate translator thread
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Is the division of labor that the white journalists ask questions about all things and the journalists of color ask questions about people of color?

This division of labor reinforces the white default in American life. General-purpose issues go to the white reporters. And the minorities are there to ask minority questions.

It diminishes those questions, makes them seem like parochial concerns.
Everyone should care about racial injustice, immigration, and such.

Those shouldn’t be cast as the niche concerns of people of color.

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@ByLucifersBeard Nobody wants to log in. It doesn't fulfill any needs, it takes time, it's annoying, you have to remember what username, etc you used.

People log in because the website makes them log in and they want to use the website to reach their goals more than they hate logging in.
@ByLucifersBeard Sure, logging in is okay. It's better than not having authenticated at all (well this used to be true, anyhow).

But nobody says, gosh, please don't come up with an authentication method that's easier to use and more secure than a username and password. This is perfect, I love it
@ByLucifersBeard The specific example of "logging in" as a chore vs a user need comes from Jared Spool (more examples in that thread).

People asking "how can we make a better login" will never find the *best* experience.

Same with Medicare.

#demdebate #democraticdebate

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I'm not saying much about Warren, mostly because she's evidently the most polished, the front runner, and well, that's that. She's a winner, and if you can't see that, you're quite likely sexist. #DemDebate
Warren isn't the candidate I am most excited about probably partly because I'm not white and I feel her campaign continues to blow it on the DNA test, but I respect the game and I can spot a winner.
I will have no problem campaigning for Warren if she is the nominee though. Presidential general campaigns are a stupid place to play purity politics. Presidential campaigns in general are a stupid place to play purity politics. This is still America not the Star Trek Federation.
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Thanks to President Trump, black Americans are making historic progress and enjoying growing opportunities. #DemDebate
President Trump recently announced that historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with religious affiliations “will no longer be restricted from accessing federal funding.”
President Trump also signed the historic #FirstStepAct into law, which undid much of the damage from the Biden crime bill and created a “fairer justice system for all and enacted programs to reduce recidivism and make our communities safer.”
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#DemDebate: I liked the 7 hour Climate Town Hall format better.

This isn't substance. This is nonsense.

Low blows don't boost your own standing. It never works.
Anyone? Bueller?

The deficit just hit ONE TRILLION already this year.

No one's gonna call out Trump?

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Buttigieg: “Good politics is supposed to be not about the day-to-day fights of the politicians, but about the day-to-day lives of Americans.”
Klobuchar on Medicare for All: "While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill."
Booker: "Our criminal justice system is so savagely broken"
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Speaking to the House GOP retreat, Trump brags that "earlier today, my administration formally repealed the horrible, dangerous, anti-everything waters of the United States rule."

He then thanks @replouiegohmert, while Republicans applaud.
Trump pushes more fake middle-income tax cuts!

"We're now working on a tax cut for middle-income people that is going to be very, very inspirational. It's going to be something that I think it's what everybody is looking for, & we'll be announcing it sometime in the next year."
Trump is now making stuff up about the conversations he purportedly has with other heads of state
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I apologize in advance, my ability to translate this debate will be limited

Of course @JulianCastro is talking about turning Texas blue

He's been talking about that for years - arguing that demographic change will turn Texas blue

He's also arguing for decriminalizing illegal border crossings

I'm sure there's no connection
@JulianCastro "If you believe that you can solve your problems better than any politician..."

1) when did @AndrewYang become Milton Friedman

2) all that buzzing in the audience suggests everyone's going online to get in on the Freedom Dividend

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HERE WE GO. #DemocraticDebate
I am announcing tonight that my "campaign" will "randomly" select 1 family and give them a total of LOTS OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR MY TWO NEPHEWS COME DECEMBER!
Mayor Pete is like, "WTF, Yang."

He said, "It's original, I'll give you that."
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This is Judy Woodruff, I'm excited to be taking over the @NewsHour @Twitter account during tonight's #DemDebate we go!
@Twitter .@BernieSanders takes on Biden's remark that Sanders' plan will cost $ 3 1/2 trillion...says people will pay one way or another..we don't need a plan that provides $100 Billion a year to the pharmaceutical industry...which will be advertising here on ABC tonight"
@Twitter @BernieSanders now it is Biden's turn to answer: "people will end up paying 4% more on their income tax"'s not a bad idea if you like it; I don't like it"
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LIVE BLOG: Coverage, updates and analysis of tonight's Democratic debate:
The candidates take the stage for the third Democratic primary debate (Win McNamee / Getty Images)
Beto O’Rourke made August’s El Paso shooting central to his opening statement.
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