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On an daily basis, @realDonaldTrump and the Coronavirus Task Force are outlining their unprecedented response to coronavirus for the American people.

Yet, Democrats like Joe Biden and some in the media are pushing outright lies. (1/8)
At the #DemDebate, Joe Biden claimed @realDonaldTrump rejected test kits from the World Health Organization.

That has been debunked as a blatant lie.

PolitiFact: “The WHO never offered to sell test kits to the U.S.” (2/8)
Yesterday, @nytimes incorrectly implied that POTUS was leaving states high and dry by telling them to get supplies “themselves.”

The full quote clearly stated that the federal government was fully behind them, but that if an opportunity arose to buy direct, to do so. (3/8)
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So I've slept on the #DemDebate and here's what I think.

Biden lied, a lot. When he could not lie, he took no responsibility for his mistakes, just blamed different times.

That's a problem b/c now he is asking us to trust him that he has changed his positions...
on everything from fracking (suddenly he's against more of it) to free college (suddenly he believes in it) to protecting working people and "making them whole" during an economic crisis/bail out (sure didn't happen under the Obama Admin).
Look: if you are willing to lie repeatedly and brazenly about what you did in the past, it raises reasonable questions about why you should be trusted about what you now say you will do in the future.

That's a big part of Biden's electoral challenge.
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As a woman, I see everyone trying to make the story about Joe picking a female VP, which is an old story, not news, instead of his repeated lies about his record -- including is flip flopping stance on my right to choose.

Feminism isn't a political ploy. It matters. #DemDebate
☝️🏾From last Nov BTW. Hardly news.
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Joe Biden's night so far:

- Wins #DemDebate
- Says his running mate will be a woman
- Commits to a black woman on the Supreme Court
- 29 point lead over Sanders
- 9 point lead over Trump
-Joe Biden is going to the White House
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 10:30pm
Joe Biden just made history by dropping a bombshell about his running mate during the Democratic Debate…
Five women who could end up being Joe Biden’s running mate…
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Bernie says he's "led the effort against all forms of authoritarianism."

FACT CHECK: this is not true AT ALL. In fact, Bernie Sanders has done the complete opposite and only reversed his decisions once the countries he's praised collapsed. #DemDebate
Bernie Sanders praises bread lines:

"Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That's a good thing. In other countries, people don't line up for food. The rich get the food and the poor starve to death."
Bernie says he was "very excited" when Fidel Castro was coming to power.
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I'm solidly with #Bernie and #NotMeUs, but I'm relieved to see #Biden this sharp at the #DemDebate. I deeply disagree with his policies and have opposed his candidacy, but if he's the nominee, I hope this is the Biden who shows up against Trump. Our future depends on it.
And let me reiterate: I am vehemently opposed to perpetuating the status quo and rewarding the Dem leadership that has allowed GOP extremism to flourish. #Bernie represents the future of the Democratic Party and I will strongly support #NotMeUs no matter what the primary outcome.
Let me elaborate: I'm using "sharp" as a contrast to the GOP talking point that #Biden in serious cognitive decline.

#Bernie is both sharp AND right on the issues.

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Biden promises zero deportations in his first 100 days as president, and then only felons get deported after that. Sanders pledges no more ICE raids and everyone entering with a kid is untouchable. Adios sovereignty! #AmericaLast #DemDebate
Sanders is quick to say that making illegal immigration unpublishable/legal is not “open borders.” Biden calls the claim that immigrants take citizen jobs a “Republican canard.” #AmericaLast #DemDebate
Biden reminded by the lady that he opposed Sanctuary Cities as a presidential candidate in 2007. He states that now he supports them. No explanation asked for or given. Sanders says our country was built by “slave labor.” Biden says that xenophobia is a disease. #DemDebate
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Bernie again talks about inequality in the system such as wage inequality, etc. Bernie shows more concern about broader issues but is lacking on details. Biden is again emphasizing the NOW. Neither has laid out specifics. "Making people whole" is not specific. #DemDebate
Bernie asked about his vote against the bank bailout and he doubles down. He points out that those banks are doing well now (duh they were bailed out). He says coronavirus is different. Joe does a good job hammering Bernie over this. Biden's record is serving him well. #DemDebate
Biden asked about making undocumented immigrants feel safe to feel treatment. Biden's answer is not great...Sanders is far stronger here unless you don't like the idea of undocumented people getting free health care. #DemDebate
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In the span of 10 seconds, Joe Biden:

- Mixes up the #coronavirus with the swine flu

- Mistakenly calls the H1N1 virus (swine flu) the "N1H1"

- Forgets the name of the Ebola virus, calling it "what happened in Africa"

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The latest Democratic debate takes place without an audience, between two men who, if they lived in the UK, might be about to spend the next four months at home. #DemDebate
Both men have each got the name of coronavirus confused.
Best moment of the night from Sanders encouraging viewers “to go to the YouTube right now”
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Democratic Debate: Shame on Joe Biden for saying that our hospitals will be overrun with the number of coronavirus cases. Is Joe running for president or auditioning for an anchor at @CNN?
#DemDebate: Bernie Sanders just badgered Joe Biden about the statements he made as a Senator. The arcane argument Bernie made had no traction. His mode of argumentation was very off-putting. My bet is Joe came across as the better of the two curmudgeons.
#DemDebate: Bernie Sanders wants credit for having been a radical his whole life. He is boasting about having been consistently crazy, unlike Joe Biden who is only occasionally crazy. Bernie calls it 'leadership.'
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Sanders as usual making fine points about healthcare, the same points I see working class Americans making on this very website every day #DemDebate
Italy does NOT HAVE A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM. Joe Biden factually wrong there. Italy has a mixed system: people can choose to pay. Also, many services require copayments #DemDebate
Placating, gentle body language from Biden. Popular with voters. He has good bedside manner, but not convincing points. #DemDebate
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#SleepyJoe coughs in his hand while setting forth (by telling people to go to his website) Trump’s and his task force’s #coronavirus plan

#CrazyBernie sets forth his socialist plan to handle #coronvirus

Joe calls the H1N1 virus, the N1H1 virus. He says he would call leading experts, including world experts and global into the the situation room and would work with other nations.

Bernie focuses on a social safety net, big pharma and free healthcare

#DemDebate #coronavirus
Sleepy Joe says this is a crisis “from abroad” and it’s “war.”

#racist #xenophobic #DemDebate
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alright folks, welcome to our live thread of the #DemDebate: pandemic edition—bernie vs. biden:
biden opens with a cough
biden says coronavirus has nothing to do with medicare-for-all because single payer failed italy, in the same breath as he calls to make treatment free because the US is in a state of emergency 🤔 🤔
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🗳🇺🇸1. ¡Feliz día de #DemDebate! Hoy, Joe BIDEN vs. Bernie SANDERS en el primer (¿y último?) 1 vs. 1 de estas primarias demócratas que ya parecen ganadas por el exvicepresidente.

En este hilo seguiré el desarrollo del debate con vídeos y pequeñas valoraciones. Let's go! 👇🏼
🗳🇺🇸2. Empezamos con #coronavirus. ¿Qué le pueden decir los candidatos a los ciudadanos en una crisis así? Biden empieza hablando de lo que hay que hacer: arreglar los problemas de test, apoyar a los hospitales y ayudar a los ciudadanos a nivel económico.
🗳🇺🇸3. Sanders dice que hay que parar ya a Trump por la desinformación que "está confundiendo" a la población. Sanders dice que intentará sacar la sanidad universal adelante como presidente, pero que lo importante AHORA es que los ciudadanos no tengan miedo a ir a los hospitales.
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Non #coronapocalypse content to read (from me): Why Does the 2020 Presidential Campaign Feel So Loud and Angry? | Zócalo Public Square…
If you remember that thread from a while back about "post-rhetorical" campaign styles, this is the write up.
I had to edit it once Biden surged to include him. He's been running a regular old "rhetorical presidency" model campaign, which is maybe one reason why folks are into him--it feels like a return to normal. #DemDebate
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For all those tonight parroting the delusion Sanders somehow still has a chance, ALLOW ME TO SLAP YOU IN THE FACE WITH REALITY:
He needs at least 57% of remaining delegates. 23 states have already voted. How many of those did he win 57% of the vote? ZERO.

IT'S. OVER. #VoteJoe
These are Sanders' BEST FIVE states so far in vote share:
ND: 53%, VT: 51%, ID: 43%, NV: 40%, CO: 37%.

These are Biden's best five states, by contrast:
MS: 81%, AL: 63%, MO: 60%, MI: 53%, VA: 53%.

Let's look at it another way. Sanders' 5th best state by vote share was Colorado with 37%. These are the states Joe Biden won more than 37% of the vote:
1. SC
2. AL
3. AR
4. MN
5. NC
6. TN
7. VA
8. ID
9. MI
10. MO
11. MS
12. ND
13. WA
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BREAKING: Following delivery of remarks in front of @DNC on Wednesday, 7 leading youth organizations are issuing the following statement & demands to @TheDemocrats, @JoeBiden & @BernieSanders, & media ahead of Sunday's #DemDebate:

cc: @jaketapper @iliacalderon @DanaBashCNN
There is a generational divide in the Democratic Party. But in 2020, Millennials & Gen Z represent the largest voting bloc in the country. To win in November, Dems will need not just the votes of young people and the base of the party, but our energy and enthusiasm as well.
From income & racial inequality, to immigration & migrant justice, to education, gun violence prevention, & the climate crisis—there has not been a serious discussion in this election cycle on the issues that face our generation. Ahead of Sunday’s #DemDebate, we are demanding:
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I hope the Joe Biden team is watching old Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders #DemDebate bc Bernie’s a broken record & his attacks are predictable.

Here are several Hillary debate moments that stung Bernie and can be repurposed. #DebatePrep

On the issue of judgment:
If Bernie attacks Joe Biden on the issue of Super PACs influencing your decisions, here’s how Hillary handled it at the #DemDebate:
On the issue of Dodd-Frank not going far enough #DemDebate:
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🗳🇺🇸1. Elizabeth Warren va a anunciar que suspende su campaña a la presidencia después de poco más de un mes de resultados decepcionantes en las primarias demócratas. #presi2020…
🗳🇺🇸2. Progresista, pero creyente en el capitalismo (a diferencia de Sanders), Warren fue considerada como futura nominada demócrata al menos desde 2016, cuando descartó presentarse a la presidencia y acabó apoyando a Clinton en las primarias de aquel año.
🗳🇺🇸3. En su campaña de 2020, Warren partió con problemas entre el electorado porque eran pocos los que creían que fuera a ganarle a Trump.

Trump la llama Pocahontas desde hace años porque Warren dijo tener ascendencia nativa americana... cuando no.…
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We monitored #DemDebate (also #DemocraticDebate/#DemDebate10) traffic for the 10th Democratic presidential debate, as we've done with previous debates. Traffic peaked just shy of 8000 tweets per minute, higher volume than any debate other then the 9th.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote The most frequently discussed candidates were @BernieSanders, @MikeBloomberg, and @ewarren. Like the last debate, the right-wing presence in the network is fairly small, mostly @TrumpWarRoom tweeting about @JoeBiden and @DonaldJTrumpJr tweeting about @MikeBloomberg.
@ZellaQuixote @BernieSanders @MikeBloomberg @ewarren @TrumpWarRoom @JoeBiden @DonaldJTrumpJr Sentiment analysis for tweets mentioning each candidate, before, during, and after the debate. Warren and Sanders entered the debate at the low end of the pack and emerged with the highest sentiment scores. Gabbard and Bloomberg wound up with the lowest.
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Pretty chuffed reading this piece that I was right about every one of these in the real time of the #DemDebate. Validating.

Fact-Checking the South Carolina Democratic Debate…
A couple of key points:
▪Warren was right about her claims against Bloomberg, her claims of being more effective than Berrnie on progressive issues and on beating Wall St.
▪Biden was wrong about both Bernie on Cuba and Obama on Cuba. NYT details Obama's support.--->>
▪Buttigieg was correct about Sanders misrepresenting costs of his #M4A plan.(Which doesn't mean we shouldn't have it.)
▪Steyer was wrong when he said he is the only candidate who supports reparations: Warren had a plan for that for years.
▪Biden was right about Bernie on guns.
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Sul #DemDebate (thread): è stato il peggior dibattito di queste primarie. Attacchi di tutti contro tutti, domande sbagliate e pessima moderazione da parte dei conduttori, nessuna domanda su clima, i candidati hanno parlato di #coronavirus per conto loro/1
Sanders, per la prima volta, è stato trattato da frontrunner: tutti lo hanno attaccato. Persino Warren, sebbene in maniera blanda: siamo d'accordo su molte cose, ma io so come sia difficile realizzarle e ho idea di come fare/2 #DemDebate
Bloomberg ha continuato ad essere un bersaglio e non ha saputo difendersi dalle accuse. La novità è anche la frase "uccidi" detta a una sua dipendente incinta. Due cattivi dibattiti di seguito faranno male?/3 #DemDebate
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