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It’s 8pm ET and we’re counting down the seconds ’til night 2 of the second #DemDebate begins

Follow along as we live-tweet the whole evening starting… NOW
'Go easy on me, kid.' — @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris greet each other before facing off for the 2nd #DemDebate

DE BLASIO: 'We can make change in this country... Yes it can be done. Tonight, we have to get to the heart and soul of who we are as Democrats... Kamala Harris said she’s not trying to fundamentally change society. Well, I am.’ #DemDebate

BENNET: 'Kids belong in classrooms not cages... And they deserve something better than a bully in the White House... Let's make this election about reclaiming our future for our kids and our democracy' #DemDebate

INSLEE: ‘I am running for president because the people in this room…are the last best hope for humanity on this planet. If we make defeating the climate crisis the top priority of the United State we’ll have a fighting chance to save our future.’ #DemDebate

GILLIBRAND: 'We need a nominee who doesn't know the meaning of impossible' #DemDebate

GABBARD: 'I will bring this spirit of real patriotism to the White House' #DemDebate

CASTRO: 'I know we have a wonderful and special nation but too many people are struggling... I don't want us to go backward... We're going to make America better than it's ever been in the years to come' #DemDebate

YANG: ‘I know this may sound like a gimmick, but this is a deeply American idea... The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math, so let’s do the math’ #DemDebate

BOOKER: ‘The President of the United States attacked an American city… We know who Donald Trump is, but in this election the question is: Who are we as a people?’ #DemDebate

HARRIS: 'This is an inflection moment in this history of our country... We must fight for the best of who we are, and fight we will.' #DemDebate

BIDEN: 'I’m running for president to restore the soul of the country.’ #DemDebate
HARRIS: ‘The reality is I have been spending time in this campaign listening to American families…insurance companies have been jacking up the prices for far too long.’ #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'There will be a public plan for my plan for Medicare and a private plan for my plan for Medicare... 30 million people are going without access to health care' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'This is the single most important issue facing the public... You can’t beat President Trump with double-talk on this plan' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'The cost of doing nothing is far too expensive... My plan is about immediately allowing people to sign up and get coverage' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'Obamacare is working.' #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND: ‘Health care in America should be a right…The truth about health care in America today is that people can’t afford it.’ #DemDebate
@AndrewYang joked about the historic nature of his campaign during the opening statements of tonight's #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'Our Medicare for All plan has... been described as one of the most effective ways to bring health care to all...' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'My plan makes the limit of co-pay be $1000.' #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'We are on our way... to spending 20% of our economy on health care... and we spend more than any other nation.' #DemDebate
GABBARD: 'We don't have a health care system, we have a sick care system' #DemDebate
Harris to Biden: 'Your plan does not cover everyone in America by your staff's and your own definition' #DemDebate
BENNET: 'I believe we should finish the job we started with the Affordable Care Act' #DemDebate
CASTRO: 'This is very personal for all Americans... I want to strengthen Medicare for the people who are on it.' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'My plan... separates the employer from health care.' #DemDebate
BENNET: 'We need to be honest about what's in this plan: It bans employer-based insurance' #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'We cannot keep with the Republican talking points on this... It is misleading to suggest that employees want what their employer is offering only' #DemDebate
INSLEE: ‘It is time to give people adequate mental health care in this country.’ #DemDebate
@CoryBooker made a call for unity among the candidates on stage for tonight's #DemDebate
YANG: 'Democrats are talking about health care in the wrong way... Our current health care system makes it harder to hire…and it certainly makes it harder to start a business.' #DemDebate
DE BLASIO: 'Ask the American people, they are sick of what the pharmaceutical companies are doing... Why are we not going to be the party that says… we do not need to be dependent on private insurance.’ #DemDebate
BENNET: 'This is about having faith in the American people that they can make the right decisions for their families' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'This idea is a bunch of malarky... The fact of the matter is that there will be a deductible... a deductible in their pay check' #DemDebate
HARRIS: ‘It is immoral, it is untenable, and it must change with Medicare for All.’ #DemDebate
BIDEN: ‘We should put some of these insurance executives, who opposed my plan, in jail.’ #DemDebate
CASTRO: ‘Frankly, I’m disappointed that some folks have taken the bait… My immigration plan would also make sure we put undocumented citizens who haven’t committed a crime on the path to citizenship.’’ #DemDebates
BENNET: 'Every single Democrat voted for that bill... That should be our position.' #DemDebate
Harris on visiting Homestead, FL: 'They would not let us enter the place... I saw children lined up single-file based on gender being walked into barracks' #DemDebate
BENNET: ‘There’s not a single person on this stage who, if we were president, would ever separate a child from their parents at the border... They have turned our border into a symbol of nativist hostility.’ #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND: ‘I believe that we should have a civil violation. No president before President Trump has enforced the law the way Trump enforces it.’ #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'If you cross the border illegally, you should be able to be sent back' #DemDebate
CASTRO: ‘Mr. Vice President, it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past, and one of us hasn’t.’ #DemDebate
@AndrewYang GABBARD: ‘This is about leadership. About understanding that we can and should have secure borders and [treat people humanely].’ #DemDebate
YANG: ‘That’s the immigration story we need to be telling…If you go into any factory here in Detroit you won’t see wall-to-wall immigrants, you’ll see robots and machines. Immigrants are being scapegoated for issues that they have nothing to do with in our economy.’ #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'We are playing into Republican hands... We have seen, using the civil system, piloted programs that have 100% compliance with the civil courts.' #DemDebate
@AndrewYang INSLEE: 'We can no longer let a white nationalist be in the White House' #DemDebate
@KamalaHarris took aim at Trump's ongoing immigration policy of family separation and detention #DemDebate
@AndrewYang DE BLASIO: 'It's an American reality and we need comprehensive immigration reform once and for all to fix it' #DemDebate
BIDEN: ‘To compare [Obama] to Donald Trump is I think absolutely bizarre.’ #DemDebate
@AndrewYang GABBARD: 'We've got to look at the challenge that people all across the country are facing under crushing student debt' #DemDebate
@AndrewYang DE BLASIO: ‘I don’t hear an answer from the Vice President, I’m confused.’ #DemDebate
BOOKER, responding to BIDEN’s proposal to provide green cards to immigrants with PhDs: ‘That’s playing into exactly what the president wants: to pit some immigrants against other immigrants.' #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND: 'This party is talking about real ideas for the future. We're talking about what we will do to change America... Let's remind the American people who we are, why we are Democrats' #DemDebate
BIDEN: ‘I think we should change the way we look at prisons… We want them to become better citizens. That’s the essence of what my plan lays out.’ #DemDebate
BOOKER: ‘This is a crisis in our country because we have treated issues of race, poverty, mental health, and addictions by locking people up instead of lifting people up… Since the 1970s every crime bill, major or minor, has had his name on it.’ #DemDebate
BIDEN to BOOKER: 'Nothing happened the entire time you were mayor' #DemDebate
BOOKER: ‘Mr. Vice President... We have a system right now that’s broken, and if you want to compare records, and I’m actually shocked you want to do that…we can’ #DemDebate
BIDEN, on BOOKER’s criminal justice critiques: ‘Why did you announce on the first day that you were instituting a zero tolerance stop-and-frisk policy?’ #DemDebate
CASTRO: ‘A lot of what the VP helped author in 1994 was a mistake… I’m proud that I’m the only candidate who has put forth a police reform plan, because we have a police system that’s broken and we need to fix it.’ #DemDebate
@JoeBiden breaks with the pack on decriminalizing border crossings in tonight's #DemDebate
INSLEE: 'I'm proud that I was the first governor to offer pardons to thousands of people with drug crimes' #DemDebate
CASTRO to DE BLASIO about Officer Pantaleo, who killed Eric Garner in NYC: ‘That police officer should be off the street.’ #DemDebate
DE BLASIO: ‘Mr. VP, tell us what did you do to spur on the Justice Dept. in the Eric Garner case?’ #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'We're talking about things that occurred a long, long time ago... Barack Obama knew exactly who I was... I'll take his judgment' #DemDebate
YANG: 'We cannot tear each other down we need to focus on beating Donald Trump in 2020' #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND on Officer Pantaleo: ‘When you knew that he used an illegal chokehold, that person should be fired.’ #DemDebate
HARRIS: 'That is simply false and let's be very clear about this... On that issue we could not be more apart. The VP has still failed to acknowledge that it was wrong to take the position that he took at that time #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'Google a thousand prisoners freed Kamala Harris' #DemDebate
HARRIS: ‘I did the work as AG of putting body cameras on special agents in the state of California.’ #DemDebate
GABBARD: ‘I want to bring the conversation back to our broken criminal justice system…But I am deeply concerned about [Sen. Harris’s] record.’ #DemDebate
HARRIS: ‘I did the work of significantly reforming the criminal justice system of a state of 40 million people… I am an advocate to do whatever we need to not just decriminalize but legalize marijuana in the United States.’ #DemDebate
GABBARD to HARRIS: ‘The people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor, you owe them an apology. #DemDebate
HARRIS: ‘I think you can judge people by when they are actually under fire…I made a very difficult decision that was not popular to not seek the death penalty.’ #DemDebate
BENNET: 'This is the 4th debate that we have had and the second time we have debated what people did 50 years ago about busing... We need a conversation about what's happening now... Equal is not equal' #DemDebate
INSLEE: 'I approach this question with humility... I feel I have a double responsibility to deal with racial disparity, including ending the school to prison pipeline in my state' #DemDebate
@JoeBiden @CoryBooker was not having @JoeBiden's attack on his criminal justice record in NJ #DemDebate
YANG: 'I saw that the racial disparities are much, much worse than I ever imagined... What are we going to do about it? We should go back to the writings of Martin Luther King' #DemDebate
CASTRO: ‘First of all, the president is a racist... I would invest in tremendous educational opportunity... I would follow up on the work I did at HUD... I would also invest in housing that is affordable’ #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND: ‘As a white woman of privilege, who is serving in the Senate of the United States, it is my responsibility to [advocate for those without my privileges.]’ #DemDebate
INSLEE: 'We have to act now. Climate change is not a singular issue. It is all the issues we Democrats care about: It is health, it is national security, it is our economy... Too little too late is too dangerous and we have to have a bold plan' #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'I would immediately rejoin the Paris Accord.' #DemDebate
INSLEE: ‘It doesn’t matter what your zip code is, it doesn’t matter what your color is, you oughta have clean air and clean water in America.’ #DemDebate
YANG: ‘Even if we were to curb our emissions dramatically, the Earth is still going to get warmed… We are 10 years too late. We need to do everything we can to start moving the climate in the right direction, but we also need to start moving people to higher ground.’ #DemDebate
INSLEE to BIDEN on climate change: 'Unfortunately your plan is too late.' #DemDebate
INSLEE: ‘Our house is on fire. We’ve got to stop using coal within 10 years.’ #DemDebate
HARRIS: ‘We currently have a president in the White House who obviously doesn’t believe in science, he believes in science fiction.’ #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND: 'The first thing I'm going to do as president is I am going to Clorox the Oval Office' #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND on the Green New Deal: 'We need a robust solution... Why not have clean air and clean water for all Americans?' #DemDebate
BOOKER: 'Nobody should get applause for rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, that’s kindergarten... The only way we are going to deal with this is if America leads’ #DemDebate
DE BLASIO: 'We're going to go into every place... and take out that lead... That needs to be done all over this country... It can be done' #DemDebate
CASTRO: ‘A lot of Americans don’t know that this is a major problem out there… I was back in Flint about 6 weeks ago.’ #DemDebate
@JoeBiden @CoryBooker @SenGillibrand is ready to clean up Washington #DemDebate
BIDEN: 'Because we did it. I was asked to manage an $87M plan... that revived this state and many others... We've made significant investments in this state' #DemDebate
GILLIBRAND: 'I lifted up their voices, I listened to their concerns... I can bring people together in red, purple and blue areas' #DemDebate
YANG: 'The problem is that so many people feel that the economy has left them behind... If we change the measurements of the 21st century economy to serve our best interests, we’ll win this election.’ #DemDebate

DE BLASIO: 'If we're going to beat Donald Trump, we have to be a party that stands for something... Donald, you're the real socialist, the problem is, it's socialism for the rich' #DemDebate

BENNET: ’We have been here before as a country… I believe that we have an incredible opportunity in front of us… The only way we’re going to be able to do is to put the divisive politics of Donald Trump behind us.' #DemDebate

INSLEE: 'For decades, we have kicked the can down the road on climate change... It is not too late... We have to have a leader who will do what's necessary to save us... I know we can save our children and grandchildren.' #DemDebate

GILLIBRAND: 'I'm running for president because I want to help people... Donald Trump has destroyed the moral fabric of this country… I’ve brought Congress together and actually made a difference in people’s lives.’ #DemDebate

GABBARD: 'Donald Trump and the warmongering politicians in Washington have failed us... There is no shelter, it's all a lie. As president, I would end this insanity because it doesn't have to be this way' #DemDebate

CASTRO: ’This election is all about what kind of nation we’re going to become… Donald Trump has not been bashful in his cruelty and I’m not going to be bashful in my common sense or compassion.' #DemDebate

YANG: ‘We automated away over 4 million manufacturing jobs… we need to be laser-focused on solving the real problems of today... I have done the math and it's not left, it's not right, it's forward' #DemDebate

BOOKER: 'The dream of this country is under threat right now… People are saying the only the thing they want is to beat Donald Trump. Well, that’s the floor, not the ceiling.' #DemDebate

HARRIS: 'We have a predator in the White House... Predators are cowards... We must defeat him and then in turning the page write the next chapter for our country' #DemDebate

BIDEN: '8 more years of Donald Trump will change America in a fundamental way... We choose science over fiction, we choose hope over fear, we choose unity over division.' #DemDebate
Thank you for following our live recap of tonight's #DemDebate. What was the standout moment for you this evening?
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