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@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 cartel 'training schools'

"His first 'task' was to chop up a naked corpse with a machete - this was handed to him after the boy in front of him had taken a bullet in the skull for not being able to hack up the body."


@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun "Girls as young as seven are kidnapped or forcibly taken from their parents by drug lords and trained to kill, while others are lured in by the glamorous lifestyle flaunted by the millionaire drug traffickers."

@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun "Gabriel Cardona was 17, a poor kid from Laredo, when he was inducted along with 70 other Zetas recruits at a Mexican training camp in 2004. He was particularly valued as an American citizen who could cross the border with impunity."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews "Mr. Reta was 13 when he was recruited by the Zetas, the infamous assassins of the Gulf Cartel, law enforcement officials say. He was one of a group of American teenagers from the impoverished streets of Laredo...

@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes "..boys around the age of ten lined up to receive 'training' from their instructor who delivers a series of punches and kicks to each pupil, as well as breaking sticks over their heads, forcing them to assume the press up position and kicking..."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek "One boy is chosen to be the victim as other boys attack him.
...the boys form a circle with their hands behind their head and a man beats them. The boys are led outside with AK-47s.
...Each teacher hugs and kisses the child."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews "...children dressed in uniforms and lined up in rows as they shoot the firearms.

The children struggle to lift up the machine guns, and when they pull the triggers their small bodies are knocked back by the recoil of the weaponry."

@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ ISIS warlords’ child soldiers dubbed ‘Cubs of the Caliphate'...

"The terror network has recruited, abducted and forcibly bought up thousands of young boys to be brainwashed as suicide bombers or knife and gun toting killers."

@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ @DailyMirror "Indonesian children practicing shooting hand guns and AK-47 rifles, before setting fire to their passports...8 to 12 years, are being trained by Abu Faiz al Indunesy...

...some of whom are from Malaysia and the Philippines."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ @DailyMirror @AsiaNewsEN @WorldJewishCong "Campers danced during the closing ceremony in military garb with rifles, according to the watchdog group...
Summer camps are a common terror training tactic in the Palestinian Arab world, and Hamas set up a similar camp in Gaza this year."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ @DailyMirror @AsiaNewsEN @WorldJewishCong @israelnatnews "Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was running weapons training at the dilapidated desert camp near the Colorado border where 11 starving children were found living in filthy conditions..."

"...unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing."

@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ @DailyMirror @AsiaNewsEN @WorldJewishCong @israelnatnews @nypost "The child soldiers are then shown carrying out gun manoeuvres and tactical formations. It also briefly shows shots of the boys working out in the gym and practicing martial arts."

"The boy replies:
'I'm training in a camp.'..."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ @DailyMirror @AsiaNewsEN @WorldJewishCong @israelnatnews @nypost @MailOnline "But the boy's dad said ISIS terrorists showed up at the family's house after learning he'd forbidden his son from attending.

They said 'if you prevent Mohammed from coming to the camp, we will cut off your head,'
his father recounted."

@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes @Newsweek @BreitbartNews @newscomauHQ @DailyMirror @AsiaNewsEN @WorldJewishCong @israelnatnews @nypost @MailOnline "'We saw a young man who did not fast for Ramadan, so they crucified him for three days, and we saw a woman being stoned because she committed adultery,' the boy told the cable network.

Other times, they were forced to watch people get their heads cut off."
@CourageMill @Shopgirl4 @hotdogterminatr @dyro874 @AngelWarrior321 @CeeBeesHeart @cmccbyfaith @DesireeAmerica4 @America14047750 @ROBERTPATRIO @LauraPSV @QMEUP2 @jamila13us @JBarrORConserv @JeSuS_4_TrUmP1 @jim_tarrant @KarenLadybug1 @McMurcher44 @TheSun @NYDailyNews @nytimes "They [gang members] say if you don't help them sell drugs, they will kill you, they'll shoot you"

'The Rio Grande Valley sector...leads the nation in cross-border alien and drug trafficking, according to US Customs and Border Protection...'
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