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Icons a la #13thAge for #FallOfDeltaGreen—Combining historical personages of the #Sixties with fictional/#CthulhuMythos figures.

#TTPRG #CampaignSeed #AlmostButNotQuiteTotallyInfeasible
Historical personages of the 1960s stand for "heroic" and "ambiguous" icons, while fictional/#CthulhuMythos figures fall between "ambiguous" and "villanous" icons.
1—James Jesus Angleton (CIA)

The Company's Chief of Counter-Intelligence and overseer of Operation MHCHAOS, Angleton may have learned of Delta Green's existence during his mole-hunting, but if so, it's yet another secret for him to keep.
2—Vannevar Bush (MAJESTIC 12)

As Bush's influence in the orthodox scientific community waned post-WWII, he embraced MAJESTIC's pursuit of alien technologies, sometimes making waves w/Delta Green. Officially retired in 1962, he's now "MJ-12 emeritus".
3—Sir Alister Hardy, FRS FRSE FLS (The Society for Psychical Research)

Does Sir Alister's "Aquatic Ape Hypothesis" hint at awareness of Deep One hybridization in the hominid family tree, and if so, what other Unnatural evidence has he uncovered (or suppressed) as the SPR's Head?
4—J. Edgar Hoover (FBI)

Although Hoover coordinated the DoJ Bureau of Investigation's participation in Project COVENANT, he afterward officially disavowed the existence of Innsmouth Deep Ones and prefers to pursue his own law-enforcement agenda than covertly assist Delta Green.
5—J. Allen Hynek (Project Blue Book)

As scientific advisor to the USAF's official investigations of UFOs, Hynek is shifting from sceptic to believer in alien visitations, but how much he has really learned is something both Delta Green and MAJESTIC would like to know.
6—Meyer Lansky (Cosa Nostra/the Mob)

The exiled Lansky smartly is staying away from New York City while the Five Families are meeting with Unnatural deaths. He might sway the Mob to ally with Delta Green against the malign sorceries of The Fate—or pit them against each other.
7—Sybil Leek (The Witch-Cult)

Going public after the UK's 1951 repeal of the Witchcraft Act, Leek became "Britain's most famous witch", hiding in plain sight. Having been clandestinely recruited by HMG during WWII, she is actually Delta Green's link to the ancient Witch-Cult.
8—Robert McNamara (Pentagon)

Read into Delta Green and MAJESTIC in 1961, McNamara eagerly embraced their mission but transferred the former's oversight to an Executive Committee comprising civilian, intelligence, and military leadership. Meanwhile, he has a Cold War to run.
9—Dick Price (Esalen Institute)

At his retreat in Big Sur, the New Age pioneer explores sensory awakening (and deprivation), gestalt awareness, psychotropics, shamanistic healing, and fringe practices. Could his Human Potential Movement potentially remove what makes us human?
10—Stephen Alzis (The Fate)

As the enigmatic Alzis consolidates The Fate's sorcerous dominance of New York City's organized crime underworld over this decade, he may barter with Delta Green Agents for information about the Mythos—or steal it from them—depending on his whims.
11—Bast (The Cult of Bubastis)

Worshiped in Atlantis and Egypt, the fickle goddess Bast has been a friend to humankind as long as they have been friends to cats. Though the Black Pharaoh corrupted her cult in Bubastis, the Queen of Cats may adopt Delta Green agents (as pets).
12—Mordiggian (The Cult of the Charnel God)

Ghouls and cannibals worship this Great Old One in cults across the globe from Cairo and Calcutta to New York and Paris. Following the bounties of WWI and WWII, he now looks for new wars from which to recruit and harvest.
13—The Tcho-Tcho Lama of Leng (The Dreamlands)

Dwelling masked and alone in an icy monastery on the remote Plateau of Leng, the High-Priest Not to Be Described—perhaps an avatar of Nyarlathotep, perhaps an alien nightmare—issues orders solely by playing an ivory flute.
Bonus material!

Alternate Historical Icons:
—Donald Keyhoe (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena)
—Timothy Leary (Castalia Foundation)
—Markus Wolf (East Germany's Stasi)

Alternate Mythos Icons:
—Tawil al-’Umr

(Hardy also hypothesized that something like telepathy guided the process of evolution. In a #FallOfDeltaGreen campaign, that sounds suspiciously like the way Cthulhu's dreams have reached out to humankind's subconscious, "moulding their dreams".)
(The HPNtBD would command minions in both the dreaming and waking worlds, from the Dreamlands' almost-human Men from Leng to the Tcho-Tchos of Southeast Asia.)
(I've previously tweeted about the Esalen Institute, with all its New Age weirdness and pop culture inspirations, as a #FallOfDeltaGreen setting.)

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