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Coming up next at #aaas2020 #aaasmtg THE @marynmck
Am wondering if @marynmck Willm be discussing Chicken - because there is a big Grill sign in the corner #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg
And now - finally @marynmck is up - discussing antibiotic resistance #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg @marynmck discussing how the rise of antibiotic resistance is like a classic tragedy b/c like in those stories we have been warned over and over about the peril of our path
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck thinks we are at a turning point like in classic tragedies where we have a chance to turn things around —- but don’t have long
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck is reminding people as to what the pre antibiotic era (most of human history) was like - pneumonia, STDs, cuts, childbirth, etc
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - discussing penicillin use after WWI - and how it took off like a rocket - and no app are thought as to those downsides
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - but warnings did come - eg Fleming In Nobel prize ceremony in 1945 - he discussed possible problems w/ resistance
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - discussing how penicillin resistant staph came into US - caused outbreak in hospital around the corner from this meeting
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - showing antibiotic ad from 60s -
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - antibiotic resistance is such a challenge b/c it is not just one problem or process
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - discussing how the need to cure STDs drove development of many antibiotics - and says we should not be surprised by the resistance
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - misuse of antibiotics is common in human medicine but also misused extensively in agriculture - but notes how in AG the misuse is not balanced by significant potential benefits
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - after WWII - lots@of pressure on AG systems to cut costs and increase yield - showing quote from Thomas Jukes about chickens and aureomycin leftovers and how they gained weight
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - now animal agriculture consumes 100s of millions of pounds of antibiotics
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - the use and dosing in ag were warned against but the use continued ...
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - quoting Stuart Levy - 1976 about an experimental farm project he ran on chickens and antibiotics - which showed the rise of resistance and spread to birds not even receiving antibiotics and to the farmers
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - Levy’s warning was heard in some of Europe but not in US - at least initially
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - discussing use of colistin - which was initially abandoned for humans but taken up by ag
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - says “if you were a pharma company” and makes a joke how this may be hard to imagine even if the Supreme Court thinks companies are people
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - and here we are - 2020 - and we are in trouble
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - a other scary quote
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - says when people ask her if she gets depressed over this - she says she has hope - that we can reframe our relationship with antibiotics and gives some reasons for hope
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - reasons for hope include @BarackObama admin finally banning some growth promoting antibiotics near end of 2nd term, China banning colistin, many poultry companies shifting, @McDonalds committing to ending use
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - says many prescriptions for antibiotics in people are really anti anxiety drugs - for anxiety not for patients but for doctor’s worried about missing something
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - another reason for hope is CarbX program
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - another reason for hope - giving examples of researchers working to find new antibiotics and other therapies such as phage
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - so there is hope but we have not turned a corner - still overuse in many places for people and in ag
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - most important point - if we are to have a new antibiotic era - we have to have a relationship of respect for antibiotics as a gift - and not squander them
At #AAAS2020 #aaasmtg - @marynmck - and this needs to turn into action - we cannot expect to perturb the microbial world and not pay for it
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