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1:03 mark of this #Durham hearing @HouseJudiciary on the #DurhamReport questioning by @RepSwalwell was a masterclass:

ES: President Biden through the Attorney General could have had you removed, fired, is that right?

Durham: I’m sure he could have.

ES: And you stayed on.

Durham: I completed my term as special counsel.

ES: Was there anyone you wanted to indict that you were prohibited from indicting by Attorney General Garland?

Durham: No.
ES: Durham: So if you wanted to, you could have indicted Hillary Clinton, but you never asked, right?

Durham: If I had the evidence, yeah, could have sure...Attorney General Garland had never asked me not to indict somebody.
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THREAD🧵#DurhamReport: It will take weeks, months, and perhaps even years to fully take in every aspect of the #FBI’s scheme against President Trump.

The most crucial finding concerns the tip that led the FBI to open its investigation.…
Until last week, the official story was that a Trump campaign adviser, @GeorgePapa19, got drunk in a London bar and told an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, about a secret plot between #Russia and the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race by……
While Papadopoulos has always denied the story, the first official hint that something was amiss came when @JusticeOIG Michael Horowitz released his December 2019 report into the FBI’s handling of its investigation of the Trump campaign.

At the time, Attorney General Barr and……
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🧵 DURHAM BOMBSHELL: FBI initiated Crossfire Hurricane upon receiving unverified intelligence from Australia, leading to Biggest Lie in US Political History

#trump #russia #durham

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Former-High Commissioner Alexander Downer and played a critical role in triggering the investigation into alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russian interference efforts during the 2016 elections.
The release of the long-awaited Durham Investigation highlights Australian Diplomat-I’s pivotal role in sparking the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, which gained significant attention and controversy in the political landscape.
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BREAKING from the #Durham City Council work session:

Per mayor, an unnamed council member is under investigation for apparently telling a developer that he/she would support a project in exchange for a donation to that council member's campaign. @WRAL
O'Neal says the developer reported the offer to City staff, and the City Attorney alerted Council members on 3/13/2023.

O'Neal says she immediately reached out to the UNC School of Government for assistance on how to handle this. #Durham @WRAL
O'Neal says the City Attorney met with members of City Council to discuss the allegations, and the consensus is that the "allegations are incredibly disturbing" and may constitute criminal activity, and could lead to criminal consequences.
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NOW: #Durham City Council work session is getting underway. Council members Freeman and Caballero are speaking about the recent shooting of three 16-year-olds. @WRAL Image
Caballero: "It was an extremely tragic day for our City...the victims were all children. And while the suspect was legally an adult, he was also a young person. This violence has rocked our community, and in particular is being felt within the Latino community." @WRAL #Durham
Freeman wants to remind parents that "when children come in contact with this type of violence, their traumas come across very differently." Says parents should be alert to things like headaches, stomach aches as signs they need support.
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Yevstafiev ha espresso fiducia che le tattiche statunitensi potrebbero non giustificarsi e Washington dovrà affrontare seri problemi di politica estera ed economici.
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TW: anti-#LGBTQIA+ discrimination, religious trauma
Thursday evening, I received a phone call that left me completely devastated. Come August 2022, I was planning on working with an incredible family whose child is a student at @ImmaculataNC in #Durham, North Carolina.
2/n My role was to be an in-class aid for this student during school hours, assisting her and advocating for her in all necessary capacities. Everything was set to go. Paperwork had been filled out for the contracted company I would provide my services through.
3/n a background check had been run, etc. I was very excited, both as an #educator and as a #Catholic, for this opportunity. This position would also allow me to continue to care for the wonderful children that I currently nanny, in a new capacity, who are affiliated with ICS.
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While #MichaelSussmann was acquitted of lying to the #FBI, a number of new details came to light during the #SussmannTrial.

Some have not been reported, or have not been widely reported. (Thread👇)…
1. FBI Lawyer Sussmann Met With Was Close to Getting Job at Perkins Coie

#MichaelSussmann passed along claims about Clinton rival Donald Trump to #FBI lawyer James Baker on Sept. 19, 2016, as well as data that supposedly supported the claims.

Baker gave the information to…
…others in the bureau, triggering an investigation. The @FBI and @CIA both determined the claims were unsupported.

Baker, testifying during the #SussmannTrial, described Sussmann as a friend whom he met when both worked for the #DOJ, the #FBI’s parent agency.
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After a three-day weekend, a jury Tuesday is deliberating the fate of former Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann following Friday's conclusion of his 10-day trial for allegedly lying to the FBI about concocted Trump-Russia links in the weeks before the 2016 election. #SussmannTrial
So, what is the jury in that Jury Room within the US District Courthouse in Washington DC looking at while it ponders a verdict? Exhibits.
And you can see them too.
@EpochTimes has obtained the Sussmann trial exhibits.…
@EpochTimes While many of us were engaged in Memorial Day activities, @ZackStieber and @IvanPentchoukov of @EpochTimes were doggedly chiseling away and here is the fruits of their labor laid out for you:………
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Is it safe to say so much of what we have come to love (and hate) about Ontario will be forever changed on Thursday night?
As a Dad of young children, & teacher, I'm struggling with what a PC majority might mean for school communities, the environment, and our health care system.
I have knocked on doors, made phone calls and talked with friends and neighbours. I am voting with a few on Thursday in order to help get out the vote, but I'm afraid it won't be enough.
At this time, I really think the only chance we have of stopping Ford and his PCs is to swallow our preferred party pride, check our hearts, and vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the PC candidate, riding by riding.
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
L'Italia insieme a Francia, Inghilterra e Germania continuano a fornire armi all'Ucraina contro la Russia.
Johnson ci ha accusato di codardia... Chi vuole la guerra contro il Presidente Putin e perché? Davos lo sa bene
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Non solo biolab di veleni, l'Italia è anche specializzata a fronteggiare attacchi hacker, ma di fronte a prove di #genocidio resta silente.
È dal 2017 che lanciano falsi allarmi per giustificare reazioni contro il Presidente Putin…
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Video de @eretico_l ..un audio del Dott. Domenico Biscardi inviato a #saponaromarta.. Le prove del genocidio ci sono.. ma vengono ignorate dal 2020.. perche?…
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Day 8 of the #SussmannTrial is set to begin at the E. Barnett Perryman US District Courthouse in Washington, DC. shortly with the prosecution set to sum up its case with its 17th witness, #Durham paralegal Kori Arsenault.
Former DNC/Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann is on trial for allegedly lying to the FBI when he delivered data, documents purporting a secret server channel between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank. #SussmannTrial
The prosecution Tuesday night filed two motions seeking to thwart the defense's anticipated request to enter all of Sussmann's testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Dec.18, 2017. #SussmannTrial
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni #eretico_l
A proposito del Re Vaxinatore della dinastia Rockef.. Chi controlla la Salute, il Cibo, le Fonti Energetiche e il Denaro.. Controlla il Mondo.
Lo capite vero cosa stanno facendo?
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Via @eretico_l
La vera storia di un Paese che è stato tradito e svenduto ai banchieri dai tempi di Cavour
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#Durham Sussmann trial take away so far. The FBI either never fully investigated the Trump Server / Alfa Bank comms and/or it botched the investigation. @emptywheel has a nice write up & notes Durham uses an FBI witness who admits he's not a DNS expert.… Image
This part is just stunning 2 me. Durham's FBI expert, who admits he doesn't know the technicals of how DNS works, concludes there wasn't a hack (something secondary to the odd DNS traffic) & then calls the methodology "horrible" & concludes the analysis by the FBI is done? #OSINT ImageImage
So from the #Durham trial testimony the FBI admits it spent less than a day looking at the suspicious DNS data that a number of outside experts have continued 2 suggest show computers from Trump / Alfa Bank / Spectrum may have been communicating around Trump's 2016 GOP nomination ImageImageImage
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#SussmannTrial Day 5: The first week of the anticipated two-week trial of #Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann concludes Friday with former FBI general counsel James A. Baker on the stand. Here’s a recap:…
Baker is a key witness in the case against Sussmann, who is charged with lying to the FBI when he delivered thumb drives, documents to Baker alleging “a secret server connection” between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-liked Alfa Bank. #SussmannTrial
But Baker is not a “friendly” witness for Special Prosecutor John #Durham’s team. He'd worked with Sussmann at the DOJ and they maintain a friendship. On the stand, he’s repeatedly referenced his respect for him as a cyber/national security expert. #SussmannTrial
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Deliberations begin Tuesday morning at the E. Barnett Prettyman U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., in Michael #Sussmann's trial for allegedly lying to the FBI about the #Trump Organization's purported ties to a Russian Bank.
Opening statements will begin shortly after Judge Christopher Cooper convenes the trial about 9 a.m. Sussmann and his defense team arrived at 8 a.m. Special Prosecutor John #Durham and his cadre of federal lawyers arrived about 8:30 a.m., so all should be set for 9 a.m. start.
Special Prosecutor John #Durham and his van-load of federal lawyers arrived at U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., Tuesday morning. Former #Clinton attorney Michael #Sussman's false statement trial is expected to last two weeks.
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Members of #Sussmann's nine-member legal team and several of Special Prosecutor John #Durham's five attorneys are sorting through documents, presumably answered questionnaires from the remaining 38 juror candidates.
Judge Cooper said he calls this part of jury selection "musical chairs" as jurors are struck and/or selected which, for some reason, requires them to change seats. Prosecutors have just asked for more time in presenting their "wish list" of jurors
Hard to say who is in and who is out. Juror candidates, all identified by number, are being asked to stand or sit when their number is called ... about 10 standing as attorneys confer.
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#Durham From Judge Cooper: There were nearly 40 emails that Fusion GPS asserted privilege over (at the request Hillary For America.) Fusion said they were protected by attorney-client privilege. Today, the judge granted access to 22 of the emails, ruling they are not privileged…
communications between attorney and client, but focused on media + PR issues.  BUT “the government will not be permitted to introduce the emails and attachments (at trial) that the Court has ruled are not subject to privilege.” Full Opinion Via @RobLegare…
Key sections pages 1, 6 10 and 11
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