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#Now back in CWB again a few hours after the early morning stroll around Victoria Park. Parts of the busy East Point Rd and Great George St are blocked by police with dozens of officers guarding the roads. Journos are asked to stay on pedestrian and reg with police.
A yellow-clad woman trying to handout white papers to passengers is now under search by the police. Reporters are kept around 5 meters from the group, behind two plastic tapes to keep a path on pavement.
A man in black T-shirt and wearing glasses was just now taken into a police van and driven away. Didn’t see what happened and police on site declined to tell.
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.@elonmusk—You have 1 Option, that 1 Option is who those that are after you fear the most …

The choice is yours & yours Alone—TRUTH sets you free …

Just say the word & you Shall Be _
There is not one person outside of your mother & maybe 5 others that truly care about you, .@elonmusk

Everyone else either knows the truth & are leaving it up to God to deal with or are asleep having no idea what is really happening …

I Care, so will the Military if you
Want it ..

The Truth sets you free ..
The truth doesn’t even have to come now, A man is only as good as his word—Promise to show those asleep, awake & or blind who idolize/worship you the truth when the time is right ..

You will know when It’s Time, I will let you know.
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Remember When DJT was being seen at the Doctor back in the day & the media said he was having A “heart attack”, I bet he was acting out bidens life back then for these times everyone has been living through for the past 2 years + ..
Everything has been scripted, precisely calculated & pretty much put together like A WWE Wrestling show. .
The whole world is put together like A WWE wrestling show.

Predetermined Outcomes.
Acting out the future while he was in office PUBLICLY in the past/present(then) which would be proven in the #NOW/not to distant future ..
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#WE Are The #NOW.✍️
#WE Are Light Within Darkness ..
#WE Are The Truth ..
#WE ARE The Way ..
#WE Are Artists ..
#WE Are Creators ..
#WE Are LIFE ..
#WE Are The #REAL Leaders …

TI:ME FOR #ACT ion …
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#JUMP/LEAP !!!!!!!!!!
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If EVERYONE in the entire world was given the KEY to the DOOR OF ALL DOORS & told it was unlocked;
-How many would check to see if it was really unlocked first before entering?
-How many do you think would use the key?
-How many wouldn’t trust at all?
-How many would Knock?
A Key & A lock, What does it ultimately symbolize?

You lock your homes when you leave, right?

So many call it Religion, I call it relationship.
How many have brother & sisters, do they have A key to your home?
Do they just walk right in?

The world
Was/has been #GIVEN THE KEY, what does it symbolize/Represent?

A world that NEEDS locked doors, why?
What’s the #ROOT of ALL doors NEEDING to be locked?
What’s the #ROOT of all the worlds struggles?
What’s the #ROOT of everyones FEAR?
What’s the #ROOT of everyones Safety?
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“[They] thought you would follow the “stars” …

The children are all that truly matters.✍️
The children should not have to suffer any more then what their “parents” put them through. ..

Think of all the OTHER #NOW adults who were raised the very same way, is it their fault they are who they are & were used as puppets for all the SIC agendas out there ?

Some were
BORN into all of this …

I have broke it all down for the world, in fine detail.
From the farms kids get trafficked too & taught how to be puppets in the world, then placed into MANY different layers of life to PUSH agendas. Many stars were trafficked to these farms, many
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April 19, 2018—Where was Mike Pence ?

Being Followed by the world I hope?

How much was left in time BACK THEN for #NOW ?
Was everything KNOWN because Time Travel exists? Known the first 4 years would be GIVEN back? Were the first four years SHOWING everyone what was to come?
Future proves past.
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411 V_M ‘Stand Strong’

Black Label
#Blackout Necessary!
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Gave it to him Twit & It seems he wants it. .

First order of business should be, The Children …
Second Order of Business, The Children ..
Third Order of Business, The Children .✍️

Protect the Young Minds, Protect children from being exploited & Protect the youth who are
Mutilating/Cutting themselves because they are mentally unstable .. So many children/kids/Young Adults are Screaming/crying out for help & all that has mattered is all the distractions in the world or money it seems.

Enough Is Enough, if everything that NEEDS to be done on
This virus of life gets done, the things that are priority, this platform can be rebuilt on it’s already existing #FOUNDATION ..


Kraken, Tentacles of #LIFE ..
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Good Morning everyone!

Remember those whole GINORMOUS cities that have not 1 person living within them?

These “Abandon” (by design) Cities were built up for A reason, they’ve been built up for A VERY VERY long time …
All purposely built up to make the world/masses think
Something Real is happening when in reality it’s two “sides” trying to PUSH the Worlds population into whatever direction [They] #NEED the worlds population to go, A direction that benefits ONLY [Them] …

How many past wars were done this exact way?
How many past wars were
Staged, Pre planned & done specifically as Blood Ritual Sacrifices to [Their] false gods?

Do you think the world can handle the whole truth?

All I have mentioned above, it’s A larger % of truth but is still on the lower end % of all the horrific things that have been done
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The Future (#NOW/PRESENT) will always be PROVEN by the PAST ..

The Next Step, #THINK-ing for yourself ! ..
The Next Step, #THINK-ing Ahead ! ..
The Next Step, #THINK
#VE ! …
The NeXT Step, #THINK Level Up ! …
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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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Every single PROFESSIONAL Skateboard video ever made, I bet BOB THE BUILDER whispered into everyone’s ears on dates they should be released, Title Names, Length of the videos & much more ..

Silent War Continues
Quiet Storm has passed, #NOW—We’re in #TheStorm

#Focus Image
#Osiris Skateboard Shoes - #TheReaper

With Death, Comes #NewLife

Or wait, let me guess—It’s only ok for DJT too have anything to do with #TheReaper & everyone else who posts A Reaper or talks about The Reaper is Evil?

The Undertaker Character = #TheReaper
There’s ImageImage
Don’t Worry, none of this means anything …
Nothing too See Here, Just more meaningless Skate Videos ..

Well, meaningless unless 1122 posted About it or someone else important …
I’m just A “Deep State Psyop person” apparently, being my true authentic self SHOWING #
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…AND #NOW, I Love you the way you should have been loved from the very #START


HOME / Zzyzx Rd.

👞 👢
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The Prime Minister is in denial and he doesn't have a plan to end the mandates and restrictions. THANKYOU @CandiceBergenMP
That's the Canadian system, which works for honourable people!! TrueDope and the LIEberals are NOT honourable.....…
Might as well be back at the cottage 😂😂
@JustinTrudeau is a wannabe dictator, but potato is just a fool, with @NDP back-up. Trudeau must resign #now
I HATE how he lies and tries to divide this country. I don't know how he sleeps at night 😫…
It’s like you took my thoughts and feeling right out of me! You ROCK Candice! 🙌❤️ One cannot engage in logical discord when one posses no logic. 👏🏾 @JustinTrudeau has no logic, no clue, he has tied his hands to the hanging rope of treason - @NDP suck…
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#NOW HKU @HKUniversity is covering up the June 4 slogan on Swire Bridge - slightly over one month after they toppled the #PillarofShame
Today is 28 Dec in lunar calendar, a day for people to thoroughly tidy up their home in order to welcome CNY. The erasure of the June 4 slogan on Swire Bridge means the last piece of June 4 monument in #HKU will be gone.
Last time #HKU took down #PillarofShame in the darkness of night leaving some half hundred reporters staying up till dawn . This time it’s happening in broad day light and fewer than 10 reporters are now at the scene.
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Hi Everyone, the Stars are Aligned perfectly & from the Ashes Sh(W)e Rose ..
“Angel Has Fallen”
Angel Has Risen

The doc said if she wouldn’t have gotten in when she did, we would have lost her … The infection had spread to her kidneys at A rapid pace,it was the reason why ImageImage
She had to stay the night to be monitored. She was not able to receive any pain medication after surgery because of the state her kidneys were in. Blood tests this morning showed her levels were back to normal, she received fluids to help clean out everything & is now
Recovering in her bed comfortably (as comfortable as possible with the cone) all hopped up on doggy pain meds …

Thank you to ALL for the LOVE, Prayers & support given!-

…AND #NOW, WE Start #Transmission

#Satellite UP, LINK .. 33: .@DanScavino ImageImage
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another massive cargo plane carrying arms (and more contractors?) paid for ENTIRELY BY THE BRITISH PUBLIC lands in #Kiev #Ukraine to arm one group of Ukrainians against another group of Ukrainians


04:07 UTC 18.1.2022

#embezzlement @cabinetofficeuk

#Poland - (not to be left out in the fray)

returning from #US Nuclear Naval Base in #Kitsap (#Bangor) where they arrested and imprisoned protestors against nuclear weapons for 3 years. They put up banners, sprinkled blood on the ground, scattered sunflower seeds and prayed.

JAKE11 62-4134 RC-135 59 yr old cold-war relic, repurposed tanker (now surveillance flight) sets out on another day of expensive, polluting, pointless provocations around #Kaliningrad, #Russia

img 2: typical day's provocations. 3: costs to taxpayer
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#LIVE the return leg of… from #Kiev #Ukraine

We have no say over how our money is spent and abused, embezzled

This has GOT to stop. This country is being run by psychopaths, cross party with ZERO LEGITIMACY, no authority

snapshot 17th January 2022 15:30

Every 5 weeks, #NATO military planes over #Britain & #Europe use the same amount of energy, produce the same amount of #CO2 as ALL UK/EU citizens use for EVERYTHING in an entire year

#energycrisis is #UK .gov engineered
(Pay attention to the route)

still #live…

HUGE cargo transport Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
RRR6887 ZZ178 Brize Norton, #Kiev, Brize Norton

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At British taxpayer's expense…

ZZ330 RRR9831 flying into #Iraq + two Eurofighter minders

#NATO is so welcome that the bases are being bombed with just about anything the Iraqi's can get their hands on

Regular scheduled daily routes
#UK .gov bought 140 #Eurofighter aircraft; cost of £124 million each. The annual maintenance costs (contracted out to third party, not even maintained by RAF or other service engineers) is around £100 million annually

Two minders of ZZ330 - going where we shouldn't be

This is how welcome #USA #BRITAIN and #NATO is in #Iraq

And the attacks on their highly fortified occupied #greenzone green zone continue every day since December

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Currently reading The Five Seconds Rule by @melrobbins

I'll be dropping lessons learnt on here.

#melrobbins #5secondrules #Reading #readingcommunity

1. No matter how bad your life can seem, you can always make it worse.
2. Knowing what you need to do isn't enough to create a change.
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#NowOnAir #NowStreaming I'm chatting with @drverna and her husband Shane Price on #TheShelettaShow on @wccoradio about the Southside Community Festival going on now in South Minneapolis, just blocks from where #GeorgeFloyd was killed. They are bring joy back to the community...
How did the death of #GeorgeFloyd have an impact in the new charges against not only the police officers but also the paramedics in the death of #ElijahMcClain? Twin Cities attorney and legal expert @Seraph7Studios breaks it down #NOW on #TheShelettaShow on @wccoradio...
Child if you ain't listening to #TheShelettaShow on @wccoradio #NOW, you're missing out cause I'm talking to @JavonteA from @USATODAY about his column about #DavidRuggles, the man who rescued #FredrickDouglas. He's telling the story of this iconic man..…
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