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We are LIVE tweeting the discussion ‘Capial’ Conviction: The Road to Glasgow with @lordstern1 @jayantsinha and @AnnapurnaMitra. Join us live for an engaging session! #Raisina2021
.@AnnapurnaMitra: Since Paris, climate commitments have tilted more towards domestic growth strategies and unilateral targets rather than cooperation. This seems to be changing recently. But, there is a lot that needs to be done to enhance climate capital flows across borders.
.@lordstern1: The next two decades will be crucial for India’s development journey. India will face the most important economic, environmental and social transitions in history. #Raisina2021
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Accept the #now. When you accept life as it unfolds, offering no resistance, you become aware of the choices available in this moment. This doesn’t imply giving up desires or being a victim, but discovering the #freedom to respond creatively.

#meditation Image
Accept the signals of your #body. Feel all of your body’s sensations. While the #mind lives in the past and the future, the body resides in the #now and never doubts itself. It knows the #truth and will guide you towards the most evolutionary choices.
Accept #responsibility and commit. With deepened awareness, you can make new choices, let go of #habits that no longer serve you, and commit to taking the next step to achieve your dreams
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An excellent debunking by @MickWest.
However, the wizards of disinformation have a follow-up maneuver now. What they will do is *actually* insert a "dead cat microphone" into a breaking video which does not originally have one of those microphones.
They will move fast to use the altered video with an inserted dead-cat-mic in highly targeted, 1-to-1 end-to-end encrypted ephemeral messaging (like WhatsApp or disappearing Signal messaging)...
in order to quickly show the altered breaking news video to target persuadables who are on-the-fence about whether or not the media can be trusted and are not tech savvy enough to have any chance of actually preserving or saving the video they are shown.
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1/18 This tweet completes two months today (and our paper 74 days). What happened since? [a non exhaustive psychedelic patenting thread]
2/18 We got close to 6k views (approx 80/day) Image
3/18 Brazilian journalist @MarceloNLeite published a post in his blog, thanks Marcelo!
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#NOW: Ohio House considers HB128 to repeal portions of scandal-ridden HB6 from 2019 — including permanently cancelling nuclear power subsidies that would’ve been paid by electricity ratepayers (on your utility bill and mine).

Sponsor @OHRepDickStein says it will save Ohioans $1B
Rep. Stein (R-Norwalk): “All of the controversies concerning HB6 will be eliminated by HB128.”
Rep. Laura @LaneseforOhio (R-Grove City) opposes; believes HB128 “doesn’t go far enough...I’m trying to fix utility problems on behalf of constituents.”

“I do not think it’s good for us to be only partially repealing this...(people) across state have asked us for a full repeal.”
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#BREAKING: Ohio House PASSES SB22 to allow legislative oversight/overturn of health orders and states of emergency in Ohio. Final tally 57-37 on GOP lines.

Bill will be sent to the Ohio Senate for “concurrence” before moving on to @GovMikeDeWine’s desk.
Here’s a thread on how the debate went in the House this afternoon 👇
#NOW: Ohio Senate takes up SB22 again, *after* it was earlier passed by the House.

The Senate must vote to “concur” with amendments made during the House process, before sending the bill to @GovMikeDeWine. Original sponsor Sen. @Rob_McColley (R-Napoleon) speaks in support.
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#NOW: the Ohio House takes up SB22 to allow legislative overturn on @GovMikeDeWine’s health orders/emergencies. Sponsor Rep. @Scott_Wiggam (R-Wooster): “Over the years, this body has given a lot, a lot of power to the executive branch; this bill will restore checks and balances.”
Rep. Wiggam, describing a bill that allows legislative overturn of health orders/emergencies: “This bill just brings us to the table... allows all Ohioans to see how decisions are just gives us, the legislative body, the ability to review...and oversight, if necessary.”
Rep. Wiggam: “The legislation is viral so we can avoid becoming like New York State...where the Emmy-award winning Governor forced COVID patients into nursing homes.”
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#NOW: Ohio House State & Local Gov't committee is considering passing a bill to limit/repeal @GovMikeDeWine and @OHdeptofhealth's COVID health orders.

Ohio Senate passed the measure on February 17th. This committee will send bill to House floor for vote & sending bill to DeWine.
#BREAKING: SB22 has PASSED the Ohio House State & Local Gov't committee; headed for vote on House floor likely tomorrow.

If signed by @GovMikeDeWine (or overriding his veto), it would allow Ohio lamwakers to vote concurrently & overturn health orders soon after they are issued.
The bill would also cap declarations of emergency in Ohio to 90 days; the legislature could peel back an emergency by vote after 30 days.

SB22 also creates a bicameral committee to review orders & states of emergency. Power to overturn the orders, however, rests w/ Legislature.
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#NOW: @RepBalderson is “calling on @GovMikeDeWine to re-evaluate Ohio’s restrictions on visiting nursing home’s time to give back their independence to welcome friends and family.”

Says @CMSGov must also update rules, recommendations and restrictions. Image
Speaking here at Middleton Senior Living in Granville, OH, @RepBalderson notes that seniors living here were prioritized for COVID vaccination and those who wanted a shot, got it.

“With risk, comes great reward,” Balderson says while urging normal visitation in private rooms. Image
DeWine will speak at 2PM today during his bi-weekly COVID briefing.

It’s worth noting that Balderson began his comments today by thanking @GovMikeDeWine for his leadership during the pandemic, before making the call to loosen/end visitation restrictions.
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#NOW Outside HK’s Court of Final Appeal queues have been growing since ystd for ppl waiting for a seat at DOJ’s appeal against High Court’s bail for #JimmyLai over his #NSL case. Whether #NSL assumes bail or no bail will be the crux of the debate. Hearing at 10am.
This group “Volunteer Association of Oriental Pearl” is protesting outside CFA, condemning #JimmyLai of engendering national security and advocating for Lai to be sent to mainland China for trial.
Two men dressed like coronavirus (?) to protest outside CFA against #JimmyLai and @appledaily_hk , which they called a “poisonous newspaper”.
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#NOW: Ohio @SenSherrodBrown is forcefully denouncing @realDonaldTrump and congressional Republicans for the Capitol insurrection this week. Follow along for details... Image
Brown: “The President incited the attack...(and) must not be allowed to do any more damage, even for the next 12 days.”
Brown: “This summer, peaceful Black protesters were met outside the @WhiteHouse with tear gas, rubber bullets...while this week, white supremacists” faced little or none of that.
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#NOW: I'm on a reporter call with @RepBeatty, a day after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. She has already tweeted this poll today, asking whether @realDonaldTrump should be removed in various ways, or remain in the job for two more weeks.
Rep. Beatty's thoughts on the matter are clear.
Beatty: "The terrorist attack yesterday, a failed insurrection at the Capitol, was an assault on our democracy and every American."
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#NOW: @SenSherrodBrown holding a weekly availability with Ohio reporters.
Brown promoting his legislative language as part of the #NDAA (which passed the House) to make it easier to root out the source of money — shell companies — that fund drug operations nationwide.
Brown warning against a presidential veto. @realDonaldTrump has threatened to do so because the #NDAA contains no language to repeal section 230 regarding protections for big social media companies.
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#NOW: the Ohio House Education Committee is considering SB 317 for the first time.

It is a bill to allow teachers or school employees, who are NOT trained as peace officers, to carry guns in school.

Needless to say, it’s a controversial bill. Image
This is for districts that do not have school resource officers — particularly rural districts where sheriff’s deputies may not be able to respond quickly.
Rep. @JoeMiller4Ohio (D) is 1st to question bill sponsor Sen. @BillColeyOH on why schools should not require police-level training.

Coley says they could; this bill gives Boards of Education the right to decide on the level of training they prefer for those carrying firearms.
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SOON: the Ohio Senate Transpo/Commerce/Workforce committee will consider these 3 bills👇re-opening certain businesses, repealing some rules, and generally limiting the power of @GovMikeDeWine and @OHdeptofhealth to act on slowing COVID-19. Image
SB 387 to “terminate a portion of the face covering health order” is up first.

Sponsor Sen. Dave Burke (R-Marysville): “It is not an anti-mask bill; it is about businesses and the liability that rests on (them) under the Governor’s executive order.” ImageImage
Burke: "Businesses are being forced to enforce an executive order — which could be in question — whether or not the business realizes the violation...the business owner bears that brunt, and there is no stipulation whether the business is willful or wanton to those activities."
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Pls #PLEDGE to encourage #RESCUE

#A2186311 LUCKY
Is a gorgeous, very sweet 10-year old Germ Shepherd boy. He needs some love & TLC in his life!
Please, someone open your heart to him!

#A2186311 LUCKY
Please give me a home, save my life!…

You’re Going Home by WombatNoisesAudio |
Music promoted by
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License…
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40 days to 2021, have you been keeping up to the challenge?

1. Sugar and junk free Monday to Saturday
2. 10000 steps over and above your workout
3. Early dinners
4. Body wight/ Weight training
5. Phones off 1 hour before bedtime and 2 hours post wake up
6. Improve sleep timings and quality
7. Meditation/ Prayer

Waiting till Jan 1st 2021 is a lie! Start today!
40 days! What you gonna do for your health and fitness ? Keep it simple and start now. Start today! Hit jan 1st 2021 already fit and healthy!
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#NOW HK police's organised crime unit arrested 4 men and 5 women aged 27 to 72 this morning for "arresting fugitives".

The case is related to the 12 HKers intercepted by China coastguard on 23 Aug and since have been detained in Shenzhen. Image
"We suspected that these 9 persons assisted the 12 people to run from justice in court," the police said.

The 9 persons are alleged to have provided the speedboat, funding, accommodation before the trip and after arrival in Taiwan, and a car ride to the departure spot.
Police said they seized HK$500,000 in cash, some computers and mobile phones, and several hundreds of thousand worth boat trip transaction invoices.

The 9 people mostly reported to be "friends" of the 12 HKers.
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#NOW HK education secretary Kevin Yeung said to weed out black sheep in education sector is for the purpose of "defending dignity of educators and public trust in them".
Since protests broke out last June, the Education Bureau received 247 complaints against teachers, among which 73 were found invalid.

Among the rest, 1 teacher has been deregistered (on 22 Sep), 21 were condemned, 12 got warning letter, 19 written advice, 18 got verbal reminder
Michelle Li, permanent secretary for education, said the punishment was "reasonable" and "proportionate" as the case is deemed "very serious".

Li said the teacher "placed emphasis on HK independence" and "induce students to discuss whether they agree with HK independence".
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A new protest forming now in downtown Los Angeles across from Union Station for #BreonnaTaylor. Organized by @therevcoms. ImageImage
#NOW: About 1000 protestors or so in downtown LA getting ready to march and it’s growing quickly. They are here for #BreonnaTaylor. @ABC7
And it begins. Marching into downtown LA traffic. @ABC7 *watch language*
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#NOW: A #BlackLivesMatter group has gathered to protest downtown, outside of @DTContainerPark.

This comes just hours after a grand jury ruled no Louisville Police officers would be directly charged in the death of #BreonnaTaylor. @8NewsNow #8NN
“Tonight we march in honor of #BreonnaTaylor.”

@8NewsNow #8NN
“Say her name!”

The group has started marching towards Fremont Street, demanding justice for #BreonnaTaylor. @8NewsNow #8NN
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(Part 2)
In this part, particularly in the part of the prayer one, there are literally tears in my eyes when I read that.

Every time I have finished my prayer (including intercessions and fasting) and worshipped Him in my daily quiet time, my Lord God always said this
before I closed my prayer.

"My daughter, your prayers, praise, and worship, a sacrifice of praise that you have given, I listen to them (and I have listened to it).
The sacrifice, that is a fragrance (an aroma) to Me, and pleasant to Me...".
And it turns out to be a real fragrance that pleases Him in Heaven😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 what else could I say, this is beautiful and wonderful, I just can't..😭😭😭😭😭😭

Christians, your prayers are pleasant to Him❤ those prayers according to His will and His Words..
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(Part 1)

This is beautiful. So beautiful. So beautiful. Can't wait to meet my Lord Jesus, my Beloved One, there😭😭😭😭

That conversation part, I remember the very first time God taught me to listen to His Voice. Usually, before I had finished my words or questions,
He had already answered them. He had known what I am going to ask and say. And He usually answered me with rhetoric questions, or, sometimes with questions that require my answers.

But later on, until now, He, with His Grace❤, is patiently listening to me until I finished
my words. Except sometimes, He really does need to intervene and stop me before I have finished my words...

So I could relate with that.

But this is so beautiful, that's no other words could describe it except Beautiful 💙
#HeavenisReal #Itisreal
#cannotwait #togo #there
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Mit Grüßen an @geni256
Die Google Bildersuche meint, ich wäre auf dem Foto schwer bewaffnet. Image
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