Today is #WorldPangolinDay

#Pangolins are likely the most trafficked wild animal in the world, they need our protection.

Last week I published this #AlexNote. I know they may be difficult to read on some devices, so I will add the text in tweets in thread.

2/6. We face two existential challenges. Unlike just five years ago, most people will now recognize climate change as one of those. But the other, the loss of nature and biodiversity, seems to get less attention. However, ‘their’ extinction may quite well be ‘our’ extinction.
3/6. You may have heard Einstein’s quote on the extinction of bees, that we have only four years left on earth if they go extinct. Like many of his quotes, it is very unlikely that he has ever said this.

I have heard scientists say that the one thing they fear more than
4/6. climate change is a pandemic by a deadly, contagious, virus.

These weeks, the world watches in fear the spread of the coronavirus. Somehow it was transferred from bats to humans. Now some Chinese researchers say that the endangered pangolins may be the missing link in
5/6. this transmission, but it is too soon to know this for sure.

What we do know for sure is that pangolins don’t belong on markets. Not in Wuhan, not in China, not anywhere. All eight pangolin species are protected under international law. But illegal trade is growing.
6/6. It is time for another Einstein quote on pangolins, it may convince more people to save them, and thus, save us.

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Nov 29, 2021

1. With just 34 days left in 2021, our countdown by week in the last 52 days of the year brings us to week 18, the first week of May.

I just searched for the environmental news of that week, which was all profoundly disturbing.

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2. To give you an impression of the news in such an average week that makes me worried about our future, let's make a quick tour around the planet.



3. China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world's developed nations combined.

China accounted for 27% of global emissions. The U.S., the second-biggest emitter, contributed 11%, and India 6.6%.


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1. How to start a Substack newsletter

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2. Do you follow the daily journey of this year's events in the last 52 days of 2021? We are in Week 15, which started on March 12.

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3. Since hotmail, and Internet cafés, we moved on, got our Facebook accounts, then other social media, and the joy of having that virtual world in your smartphone apps.

But then, quite recently, there was suddenly the revival of the newsletter.

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Nov 20, 2021

1. The world's oldest known wild bird is a Laysan Albatros.

She is called Wisdom, because of her age and surviving many current threads like fish-lines, climate change, and plastic pollution. 

This is her. Isn’t she beautiful?

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2. While I work on this thread (with more albatrosses videos), you could subscribe for The Planet newsletter.

You will like it if you are interested in #nature and #wildlife.

🧵This thread continues


3. Wisdom was probably born around 1951. Five years later, in 1956, the young albatross, got a red ankle band with the number Z333.

By now, that albatross, Wisdom, has become famous as the world's oldest known wild bird. 

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Nov 2, 2021

1. For all readers who don't warm to the idea of future palm-fringed beaches in the Arctic, I wrote an explainer about COP26, climate change, and why we need to do more.

🧵 The start of a thread.

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2/12. Current policies set us on track to about 2.7°C or 2.9°C of warming by the end of this century, a disastrous cause to a world where you don't want your children to live.


#COP26Glasgow #news #environment


3/12. This graph from Our World in Data shows the global average temperature relative to the average of the period between 1961 and 1990.

These changes are almost all caused by human behavior, especially the burning of fossil fuels and land (ab)use.


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Oct 31, 2021

1. Starting COP26 on Halloween, a festival for the dead, doesn't give much hope.

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🧵 The start of a thread on #history, #Halloween, #leadership, #nature, #climate, and #COP26 Image

2. Traditions can alienate you if you don't feel part of it. So in my efforts to blend in with the Canadians, I searched the internet to explain #Halloween and found that we have to go back into history as I so often do in The Planet newsletter.


3. There was not much of #Halloween celebration in colonial New England, where rigid Protestant beliefs prevented frivolously celebrating, especially of traditions with some doubtful pre-Christian fingerprints all over it.


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Oct 23, 2021

1. I’m fascinated by the beauty of nature and enjoy learning more every day. Look for instance at these mushrooms realising millions of microscopic spores to propagate.

🧵 A thread about the beauty of planet earth, our only home.

#nature #science

2. That’s right, it’s our only home. That means we have to be extra careful, we don’t have a spare.

When it heats up, or loses it’s complex ecosystems, we will all be in trouble.

NASA took this photo of the dark side of the moon from 1 million miles away.



3. If you care about the beauty of nature and follow issues like climate change, read The Planet.

Subscribe, and start your day with this newsletter, it really needs your support. 🙏

🧵This thread continues with more videos.

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