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Let's continue learning in #21daysLockdown.

We learnt 12 Zodiac Signs (Quoted Tweet) first. In this thread, we will learn about the 12 Houses/Bhaavas (घर/भाव) of Birth Chart (जन्म कुंडली) and their significations.

I will post daily around 11 AM and 5 PM. Revise daily.
17th Lesson

In this small video, I have highlighted all Houses in their serial order. You can see we start from 1st Bhaava & go in anti-clockwise direction.

इस वीडियो में मैंने पहले से बारहवें, सभी भावों को उभारा है. पहले से शुरू करने के बाद हम घड़ी से विपरीत दिशा में चलते हैं.
Lesson 18.1

The green rhombus in image is called First House or First Bhaava. It is also called Ascendant or Lagna. Its Lord is called Lagna Lord, or Ascendant Lord or Lagnesh.

This house represents native - his physical appearance, character, personality, weakness, strengths.
Lesson 18.2

The Ascendant, or First house, is also called the Tan Bhaava i.e. House of Body. A strong first house is a must for any native to succeed in life. When Promises are seen, the Ascendant must give promise of the event apart from principal House of that event.
Lesson 18.3

First House dictates

- longevity, temperament, physical constitution of health, aim of life, proneness to diseases/accidents/unwanted happenings. - head and face.
- Meningitis, Brain tumor, insanity, forgetfulness, depression, Parkinson's disease etc. diseases.
Lesson 18.4

- Profession of specialist treating coma, head injuries, cerebral cases, psychiatrist, neurologist, Yoga practitioner, physical instructor, psychology, self-ventures, adviser in own field.

- Education: Yoga, Neurology, Psychology, Art of counselling, Gymnasium.
Lesson 19.1

Green Triangle in image is called Second House. Its Lord is called Dhanesh (धनेश) or Dwitiyesh (द्वितीयेश) in Vedic Astrology.

It represents the family where native grows up. It is house of physical possessions, wealth and accumulation of money. It signifies Speech.
Lesson 19.2

It represents eyes,lower part of face, neck, throat, mouth, cheeks, chin, nose, oral cavity, tonsils, gums nails, teeth, tongue etc. and their diseases.

It is called Dhan Bhaav. Weak promise made by 2nd House in financial matter keeps native in financial crunch.
Lesson 19.3

Professionals in financial institution, revenue departments, economists, accountants, cashier, professor of Math/economics, dentist ophthalmologist, gastro-entremologist, announcer, sound engineer, receptionist, dealer in metals, jewelers, gemologist, moneylenders.
Lesson 19.4

Troubled 2nd House gives problems in Speech. It is one of the responsible houses for a person being polyglot. It is also one of the Marak houses and play such role only in illness or at death (i.e. when longevity is over). So, 2nd from 1st house is our family, wealth
Lesson 20.1

Green Triangle in image is called Third House. It is also called the Sahaja (सहज/co-born) Bhaava. Its Lord is called Tritiyesh (तृतीयेश)/Parakramesh (पराक्रमेश).

It represents immediately YOUNGER brother/sister, courage, longevity, short journeys & communication etc
Lesson 20.2

3rd House is chiefly responsible for communication and almost all jobs relating to this field (e.g. media, IT, writing, publishing, journalism, internet, broadcast, travel, tourism etc.) fall under domain of this house.

It represents your intelligence level.
Lesson 20.3

It is one of the houses governing longevity.

Body parts: Arms, Hands, Shoulders, ears, upper chest, lungs, collarbone, ears, and breathing canal.

Diseases: Audio-visual sensory organs, arms, shoulders, bronchitis etc.

3rd House also governs verbal expressions.
Lesson 20.4

Education: 3rd House indicates Physics, Electronics, Computer, Radio, Electrical Engg. Journalism, communication, area of publication and writing skills, ENT, thoracic and chest, physiotherapy.

It represents courage/valor (Imp. point). It governs correspondence.
Lesson 21.1

Green Rhombus in image is called Fourth House. It is also called Matru (मातृ/mother) Bhaava. Its Lord is called Chaturthesh (चतुर्थेश ).

It represents mother. Also denotes property, houses, cattle & vehicles owned by a person. Also denotes school education.
Lesson 21.2

It represents manufacturing & agriculture. In case of marriage, person is married with mother's help or with someone born at same place.

Body parts: Breasts, Chest, lung,Stomach, Elbow Joint. SO it indicates diseases of lungs, heart or blood vessels.
Lesson 21.3

Education: Civil, Agriculture, Automobile engg., veterinary, farming, machinery, geography, Botany, Home Science, Cardiology, Chest diseases.

Profession: Real estate, agriculturalists, interior designers, builders, manufacturers, dairy farming etc + above fields.
Lesson 22.1

Green Triangle in image is called Fifth House, also called Putra (पुत्र/son) Bhaava. Its Lord is called Panchamesh (पंचमेश).

It's one of most crucial houses in present times. It denotes love affairs, procreation, 1st child, speculation, pleasure, creative pursuits
Lesson 22.2

All games+events where speculation comes into play are governed by 5th house e.g. stock market, cryptocurrency trading, lottery, betting, casino etc.

5th House governs all type of creative expressions incl. arts, writing (& acting). It also shows Analytical skills.
Lesson 22.3

5th house reflects mental intelligence and blesses one with intuitive perception of the future, hence crucial in order to learn astrology. Also governs coherence, gives a person righteousness.

Body Parts: Belly,heart, liver, spleen, Pancreas, upper and middle back.
Lesson 22.4

Education: Atomic energy, nuclear science, arts and sports, music, architecture, gynaecology, pediatrics, cinematography.

Profession: Stock exchange, sports, arts & culture, cinema, places of amusement, manufacturing units of toys, pediatrician gynecologist, contd..
Lesson 22.5

Professions (continued): general physicians, nuclear scientists, atomic energy department, religion teachers, Pundits, allergists.

Diseases: Viral, disease due to blood cells, liver, upper abdomen, intestinal & stomach, diarrhoea, spinal affections heart troubles.
Lesson 23.1

Green Triangle in image is called Sixth House, also called Ari Ripu (अरि रिपु /Debt Enemy) Bhaava. Its Lord is called Shashtesh (षष्टेश).

It is also a crucial house - governs our Health. Also enemies, debts, service or business, resilience to come out of hurdles.
Lesson 23.2

6th House indicates litigations too.

A strong 6th house can make one healthy, money lender and good at competition, succeed in litigation. It is house of victory too.

6th House indicates proneness and vulnerability to suffer from diseases and painful incidents.
Lesson 23.3

Diseases: Large intestines, pancreas, diabetes, peptic ulcers, colic, worms, appendicitis.

Body Parts: Kidney, large intestines (digestive tract), uterus, anus

Education: Textiles chemistry, medicines, law biology, drugs, radiology.

It shows separation (divorce).
Lesson 23.4

Profession: Public health department, chemists, repairing units in a factory, poultry farms, veterinary department, advocates doctors, nurses, dealers in leather, labour oriented jobs, dealers in plastics.

It is one of the Duhsthanas (I will explain them later).
Lesson 24.1

Green Rhombus in image is called Seventh House. It is also called Bharya (भार्या) Bhaava. Its Lord is called Saptamesh (सप्तमेश).

It represents spouse, and marriage. It also represents daily wages. Other than 2nd House, it is the other Marak (मारक) Bhaava.
Lesson 24.2

7th house is house of partners & associates whose interests are connected to native whether in love/hate, help or rivalry.

7th house is counterbalancing force of 1st house. Signifies trade, private business, foreign places, social relationships, a break in journey.
Lesson 24.3

Body parts: Private parts, uterus, glands, semen, seminal vesicle, urethra, prostrate.

Diseases: Impotence, Infertility, menstrual problems, diseases of above organs.

Education: Business Management, International Law, Sociology, Gynecology, Nephrology etc.
Lesson 25.1

Green Triangle in image is called Eighth House, also called Aayu Bhaava (आयु भाव). Its Lord is called Ashtamesh (अष्टमेश).

Other than 1st & 3rd House, it is used to determine longevity. It is the house of sudden events and directly impacts lifespan & mode of death.
Lesson 25.2

8th house shows serious diseases, occult (i.e hidden) sciences, sudden gains/losses, share of profit & legacies to inheritance and insurance. Just like 2nd House represents your finance/family, it (2nd from 7th House) represents finance/family of your spouse.
Lesson 25.3

8th House also represents concealed wealth, knowledge of the hidden laws of nature, psychological applications or mental sufferings, Accidents, Quarrels, False allegation, damage in reputation, unearned income, surgery, hurdles in journey and earthquakes.
Lesson 25.4

Body parts: Scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles,external genial organs.

Diseases: Genitals, rectum, scortum, piles, fistula, tumours, ulcers, incurable diseases, hydrocell.

Apart from 1st house, mode of death through 8th house includes suicide/any act of self-harm.
Lesson 25.5

Profession: Historians, Archaeologists, Geologist, Insurance, mining, tax collection, Auditing, CID/CBI Deptts., pension cells, surgeons, Death and Estate duty collectors, Advocates practicing criminal cases or cases dealing with legacies and wills, urologists.
Lesson 26.1

Green Triangle in image is called Ninth House, also called Dharm/Pitru Bhaava (धर्म/पितृ भाव i.e. Dharma/Father Bhaava). Its Lord is called Navamesh (नवमेश ).

1st, 5th and 9th Bhaavas, together, constitute Trine (Trikon/त्रिकोण) .

9th House shows Father, Dharma.
Lesson 26.2

9th Bhava exhibits Higher Education, Religious instincts, Law, Luck, Long distance journeys (3rd House represents Short journeys). Since 3rd House represent your younger siblings, 9th house, being 3rd house from 7th house, represents your spouse's siblings.
Lesson 26.3

9th House also represents second marriage but happens only when the same is indicted by 1st as well as 7th (Marriage Bhaava) too.

9th House shows hips and thighs.

Diseases: Paralysis, femoral arteries, Groin, swellings, diseases by increase of fat, blood and water.
Lesson 26.4

Education: Aeronautical engg, space technology, religion, Law, genetic disorders, transplant of organs, Sanskrit.

Profession: Research/Religious orgs, university, Advocates, export houses, pilot, travel agents, politicians, Aeronautical deptt., Honorary posts.
Lesson 27.1

Green Rhombus in image is called Tenth House. Its Lord is called Dashamesh (दशमेश).

1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses, together, are called Angular houses or Kendra (केंद्र) Bhavas.

It reflects Profession, and status, as such, also called Karma Bhava (कर्म भाव).
Lesson 27.2

10th house represents profession, honour, quality of leadership, Karma of soul, Government service, administrative jobs, achievement in the material world.

Body parts: knees, joints, bones, hairs, back.

It, being 4th House FROM 7th House, represents mother-in-law.
Lesson 27.3

It also represents Govt. organizations, production houses, politics, self-venture, managers.

If it plays part in marriage, native marries someone from work place or marriage brings him/her status.

For ease, remember than 9th Bhaava is Dahrma, 10th is Karma.
Lesson 28.1

Green Triangle in image is called Eleventh House. Its lord is called Ekadashesh (एकादशेश)/Labhesh (लाभेश).

It is also called Laabh bhava (लाभ भाव), it represents gain, fulfillment of desires.

3rd, 6th, 10th & 11th Houses, together, are called Upachaya (उपचय) bhavas
Lesson 28.2

11th House indicates Elder Siblings, Friends, Large Orgs, Huge Structures, Network Circle, Entrepreneurship, Friends, Gains, Income & Earnings.

3rd house ahead of 1st (Ascendant) = Younger co-born, 3rd House before Ascendant (which is 11th house) = elder co-born.
Lesson 28.3

11 House also denotes political status.

Profession: Computer hardware, general physicians, charitable institution, commercial houses, journalists.

Body parts: Legs, left ear, tibia and calf muscles.

It plays important role in saving from critical situations.
Lesson 29.1

Green triangle in the image is the Twelfth House. Its Lord is called Dwadasesh (द्वादशेश)/Vyayesh (व्ययेश).

Being the last house, it completes the life cycle, represents endings. It stands for seclusion, solitude, emancipation and detachments.
Lesson 29.2

Imprisonment, hospitalization (which are also nothing short of seclusion), long distance travel to faraway places, foreign residency, travel abroad, trade with foreign cultures and people, import, export, international tourism and business are seen from this house.
Lesson 29.3

Expenditures, all sort of misfortunes, hidden enemies, chances of discharging debt, bed pleasure, renunciation etc. are seen from 12th house. Some decide Moksha by this house.

Body Parts: Feet, left eye, teeth.

Education: Foreign language, secret arts, research.
Lesson 29.4

12th house signifies Insomnia.

Profession: Jail department, Hospitals, Investigating agents, detectives, research orgs, asylums, foreign countries.

This house is very important for sages, monks etc.

3rd, 6th, 9th & 12th, together, called Apoklim (अपोक्लिम) bhavas.
If you are unable to memorize all significations, use the quoted tweet to quickly learn their crucial significations
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