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Let's make some use of #21daysLockdown.

We will learn names of all 12 Zodiac Signs (Rashi, राशि), their Lord (स्वामी) & some crucial qualities of each Rashi in next 3 days.

I will post at 5 PM IST daily here, you write in notebook & learn them. Revise before coming on next day.
1st Lesson

WRITE in a Notebook & LEARN content of this tweet by 5 PM.

There are 9 Grahas (Navagraha/नवग्रह).

1. Sun - सूर्य
2. Moon - चंद्र
3. Mercury - बुध
4. Venus - शुक्र
5. Mars - मंगल/कुज
6. Jupiter - बृहस्पति/गुरू
7. Saturn - शनि
8. Rahu - राहु
9. Ketu - केतु
2nd Lesson

MEMORIZE the number I mention against every Rashi. Daily revise sequence.

Circular Zodiac surrounding Earth measures 360 degree, is divided into 12 equal parts, each part of 30° called a Sign (राशि/Rashi).

Since 360°/30 = 12, there are 12 Rashi (राशि)/Signs.
3rd Lesson

First Rashi in Zodiac belt is Aries.

Rashi No. 1 - Aries (Mesh/मेष)

Lord (स्वामी) = Mars (मंगल/कुज)

Aries (मेष) is an Odd (विषम), Male (पुरुष), Fiery (अग्नि तत्त्व), Movable (चर) Rashi.

Aries is Mool Trikon Rashi of Mars (मेष मंगल की मूल त्रिकोण राशि है).
4th Lesson

Second Rashi in Zodiac belt is Taurus.

Rashi No. 2 - Taurus (Vrish/वृष)

Lord (स्वामी) = Venus (शुक्र)

Taurus (वृष) is an Even (सम), Female (स्त्री), Earthy (पृथ्वी तत्त्व), Fixed (स्थिर) Rashi.
5th Lesson

Third Rashi in Zodiac belt is Gemini.

Rashi No. 3 - Gemini (Mithun/मिथुन)

Lord (स्वामी) = Mercury (बुध)

Gemini (मिथुन) is an Odd (विषम), Male (पुरुष), Airy (वायु तत्त्व), Dual (द्विस्वभाव) Rashi.
6th Lesson

Fourth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Cancer.

Rashi No. 4 - Cancer (Kark/कर्क)

Lord (स्वामी) = Moon (चंद्र)

Cancer (कर्क) is an Even (सम), Female (स्त्री), Watery (जल तत्त्व), Movable (चर) Rashi.
7th lesson

Symbols of Rashis learnt above:

1) Aries (मेष) ♈ is horn and head of Ram.

2) Taurus (वृष) ♉ is horn and face of Bull (बैल).

3) Gemini (मिथुन) ♊ is a pair of boy and girl.

4) Cancer (कर्क) ♋ is Crab (with claws).

Also draw symbols after Hindi names in copy.
8th Lesson

Remember the duration of Mahadasha of each Graha, and print this sequence AS IT IS in your mind.

This sequence will serve another purpose which you will know later on.

Make this table in copy, revise it twice a day TILL it gets engraved in your mind like your name.
9th Lesson

Fifth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Leo.

Rashi No. 5 - Leo (Simha/सिंह) ♌

Lord (स्वामी) = Sun (सूर्य)

Leo (सिंह) is an Odd (विषम), Male (पुरुष), Fiery (अग्नि तत्त्व), Fixed (स्थिर) Rashi.

Symbol: Lion (शेर/सिंह)
10th Lesson

Sixth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Virgo.

Rashi No. 6 - Virgo(Kanya/कन्या) ♍

Lord (स्वामी) = Mercury (बुध)

Virgo (कन्या) is an Even (सम), Female (स्त्री), Earthy (पृथ्वी तत्त्व), Dual (द्विस्वभाव) Rashi.

Sign of Virgo is a Maiden carrying Shaft of Wheat.
11th Lesson

Seventh Rashi in Zodiac belt is Libra.

Rashi No. 7 - Libra (Tula/तुला)

Lord (स्वामी) = Venus (शुक्र)

Libra (तुला) is an Odd (विषम), Male (पुरुष), Airy (वायु तत्त्व), Movable (चर) Rashi.

Symbol: Balance (तराजू)
12th Lesson

Eighth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Scorpio.

Rashi No. 8 - Scorpio (Vrishchik/वृश्चिक) ♏

Lord (स्वामी) = Mars (मंगल/कुज)

Scorpio (वृश्चिक) is an Even (सम), Female (स्त्री), Watery (जल तत्त्व), Fixed (स्थिर) Rashi.

Symbol: Scorpion (बिच्छू)
13th Lesson

Ninth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Sagittarius.

Rashi No. 9 - Sagittarius(Dhanu/धनु) ♐

Lord (स्वामी) = Jupiter (बृहस्पति/गुरू)

Sagittarius (धनु) is an Odd (विषम), Male (पुरुष), Fiery (अग्नि तत्त्व), Dual(द्विस्वभाव) Rashi.
Symbol: Centaur Archer (नराश्व धनुर्धर)
14th Lesson

Tenth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Capricorn.

Rashi No. 10 - Capricorn (Makar/मकर) ♑

Lord (स्वामी) = Saturn (शनि)

Capricorn (मकर) is an Even (सम), Female (स्त्री), Earthy (पृथ्वी तत्त्व), Movable (चर) Rashi.

Symbol: Sea-Goat (समुद्री बकरा)
15th Lesson

Eleventh Rashi in Zodiac belt is Aquarius.

Rashi No. 11 - Aquarius (Kumbh/कुम्भ) ♒

Lord (स्वामी) = Saturn (शनि)

Aquarius (कुम्भ) is an Odd (विषम), Male (पुरुष), Airy (वायु तत्त्व), Fixed (स्थिर) Rashi.

Symbol: Water Pot (घड़ा)
16th Lesson

Twelfth Rashi in Zodiac belt is Pisces.

Rashi No. 12 - Pisces (Meen/मीन) ♓

Lord (स्वामी) = Jupiter (बृहस्पति/गुरू)

Pisces (मीन) is an Even (सम), Female (स्त्री), Watery (जल तत्त्व), Dual (द्विस्वभाव) Rashi.

Symbol: Pair of Fish (मछलियों का जोड़ा)
So, we've finished all 12 Rashis (Zodiac Signs). I will keep revealing more info on them once while learning other topics.

For now, your homework is to match exact text of my every tweet with what you've written in notebook. Even if you've exactly copied, still match. Continued.
Also memorize the number associated to each Rashi. Example, when you see 5, Leo should automatically strike in your mind, Libra when you see 7, and Aries when you see 1 & so on. I have mentioned these numbers in tweets. You can go through them. Remember their symbols too.
Also make a Table like this "in your copy" (Do not make it in mobile or computer) and fill the table starting from 1.

Also remember the word FEAW for memorizing Tattva, you will observe this pattern when you fill in table.

Also serial number follows Movable, Fixed, Dual pattern
You can upload table made by you here. If not me due to lack of time, then some other person will tell if your table is correct or not.

Revise & Memorise all the things in this thread. Upcoming topics require much more strenuous efforts.

RT tweets once you memorize, not before.
I am ending this thread here for now. I request you all to not stop and memorize the sequence of the Rashis mentioned by me daily twice a day.

You will need the sequence when we understand Grahas in a chart. I am moving to another thread, link to which can be found below.
You can continue learning further by tapping at the quoted tweet. The topic after this is about 12 Bhaavas.
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