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1) Branding: In Five and a Half Steps 📚 [ Author: Michael Johnson ]
2) A Blueprint for Building Brand Strategy 📚…
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Pelajaran dari Hyundai dlm memposisi & mempromosi jenama | Sewaktu menjadi pelajar d US hampir 30 tahun lampau, kereta Hyundai sering menjadi bualan kami para pelajar Malaysia d sebabkan oleh 2 perkara: harga jualannya yg murah dan kualitinya yg rendah 1/14 #ioniq5 #marketing
Sebagai pelajar yg hidup dgn elaun sara hidup dari penaja, kereta jenama Hyundai dah tentu jadi antara calon "favorite" (walaupun org lain tak pun "berahi" dgn kereta jenama Hyundai ini d waktu tu).

Ya lah, harganya jauh lebih murah berbanding dgn jenama lain. 2/14
Oh ya, ini kereta terpakai ya, bukan kereta baharu. Maklumlah, kami pelajar.

Tetapi, dengan harga yg murah ia d pakejkan dgn kualiti yg rendah.

Ada d kalangan kawan2 yg dah pun punyai kereta berjenama Hyundai, akhirnya terpaksa menapak ke kampus.

Hyundai dah tersadai. 3/14
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Avoir parfois l'impression que l'ONU est en train de se transformer en ashram géant.
Ici, le "Conscious Food Systems Alliance (COFSA)" du Programme des Nations unies pour le développement (PNUD) : ImageImageImageImage
Certains logos attirent le regard plus que d'autres, à commencer par celui-ci :
#biodynamie #anthroposophie
@GregoirePerra @AgriGenre @Cyril_dgnr Image
Trigon... Tri-articulation sociale ? Rudolf Steiner ?
Oui, monsieur.
#anthroposophie Image
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Why I like using the #ValueProposition Canvas in #branding sessions🧵
(1/7)"It is not your job to find product-market fits, it is your job to make people act when exposed to communication conveying that fit, through #advertising. Stay in your lane, let the founders and business strategists do what they do best."
(2/7) Cobbler, stick to your last! Basically. All of this holds truth, when looking at it chronologically. However including the value proposition canvas in branding sessions with #clients can be a powerful tool. Not to actually FIND the product-market fit...
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If you're in #branding, #marketing or #publicrelations, then you will definitely be interested in Perceived Efficacy.

What is Perceived Efficacy? Well, it's best understood in opposition to Clinical Efficacy, which is the scientific measure of how well a treatment succeeds in achieving its aim.

Perceived Efficacy is the non-scientific measure of how well people perceive a treatment to succeed in achieving its aim.

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🚨🆕 Descifrando el éxito de grandes #Marcas😎🚀

Les estaré contando que es lo que han hecho grandes Marcas en cuestión de #Marketing y #Branding para Katapvltarse🚀

Al final les dejaré las Lecciones Principales👨🏻‍🏫😉

Caso de Hoy: @Airbnb 🏨
Photo by:🖼️ @piensamerca
¿Qué es Airbnb?🤔

@Airbnb es un portal que pone en contacto gente que busca alojamiento con gente que lo ofrece🔄.

Una idea sencilla ofrecida bajo una filosofía de cercanía y experiencia única que ha sido vivida por millones de huéspedes.

Economía Colaborativa👉 Win to Win😉
@Airbnb entiende a la perfección el mercado, por eso busca crear un mundo donde la personas puedan pertenecer a través de viajes saludables, confortables, diferentes, con experiencias más local.

Busca democratizar y diverisficar el #Turismo en las #comunidades que opera.
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CROONICLE: Advantages of Cloud Computing Services on Education… #CloudComputing
CROONICLE: Life Insurance Buyers Guide… #insurance
CROONICLE: Amazing Things to Do in Florida… #placestovisit #travel
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Which has greater reach: Email or Social Media -- A thread

1. While social media is great for outreach, the next step should automatically bring the people you reach there to your email list. 1/6

#emailmarketing #SocialMedia #CustomerRelationshipManagement #DigitalMarketing
2. A small subscriber list that wants exactly what you are offering is way better than a large list of the 'uncommitted'. Isn't it!
3. Check out how the granddaddy 'email' compares with the younger hip social media.
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Did you know customers stood by the Coffee Brand @sleepyowlcoffee when it delivered products in the wrong packaging?

Wrong packaging could've resulted in a deluge of bad customer reviews - But this BRAND HACK saved them.
Read the amazing story of Sleepy Owl's #brandloyalty Image
When the #pandemic hit the world in 2020, businesses were caught off-guard. Sleep Owl was no different. From their Inventory getting stuck on the highway for 45 days to running out of packaging -The new coffee brand was navigating a host of operational & financial problems.(1/9)
When @sleepyowlcoffee ran out of packaging for their hero product i.e. the original cold brew with which they entered the coffee market, the brand had 2 choices - And NEITHER of them were easy.
#branding #storytelling (2/9)
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1/10 Some #CharitySoStraight top tips for your charity in 2022 #Thread

Please don't Rainbow Wash your charity brand this year in #Pride season (it's never a good look) Meaningfully engage with your #LGBTQ+ stakeholders + audiences instead #Authenticity #RainbowWashing #branding
2/10 Think about how your charity depicts the people it works with. Do you show a diverse range of people including #LGBTQ+ / same sex couples online/in your marketing collateral? Consider what message this sends to potential employees + service users if not #CharitySoStraight
3/10 think about what data you collect when you're recruiting + consider how you can use that data to benefit your #LGBTQ+ employees. You can't support the needs of your workforce if you don't know who they are! #diversity #CharitySoStraight #recruitment #CharityRecruitment
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CROONICLE: Website Brand Style Guide… #branding #Webdesign
CROONICLE: Why Do You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website Design?… #webdesign webdevelopment
CROONICLE: What is Due Diligence on Buying a Business… #duediligence #buyingbusiness
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What did @zomato do better than @swiggy_in, @ubereats in terms of marketing?

A Thread on how @zomato used the power of #Storytelling to encourage orderers to tip the delivery guys.
#branding #marketing #startup
It all started with a random catch up with friends over cafe. We were talking about how habitual we've become w.r.t ordering food. Be it a coffee or bhelpuri, everything's just a tap away (1/9)
Gradually, we started discussing which app we prefer to order often -@zomato, @swiggy_in or @UberEats. While most of us used all 3, there was an Uncanny pattern wrt to delivery tips: Most of us have tipped @zomato delivery guys more than the delivers from other platforms. (2/9)
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I missed some of the story on Saule Omarova being nominated to the OCC. boy conservatives really soiled themselves didn't they
NR, and Republicans on the Senate banking committee, got really upset over her proposal to give Americans accounts at the Federal Reserve
the background here is that the Fed has printed trillions upon trillions of dollars over the last decade to prop up the financial system. arguably necessary in a sense, but also wildly unfair in that most of the benefit flowed to the top 1 percent…
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A Thread.

#branding #marketing

Your brand should have a purpose(Why you are doing what you are doing) which can range from providing joy to families to ending world hunger.

Stand out from the crowd by having a single well defined purpose.

Want to stand out ? Then stop competing & start differentiating.

Think of a thing which only you can do & Market the hell out of it.

Toyota has safety
Bmw has Luxury

What do you have ?
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These 5 practice will help you make the most of every dollar you spend on ads.

Thread 👇

#advertising #marketing #branding #digitalmarketing #design #marketingdigital #copywriting #copywriter #creative #advertisingagency Image
1. Display  high-quality images: 

In any ads you're running You want people to pay attention to your image at first sight.
Remember that's the first advantage you have in grabbing attention, we call that the pattern interrupt @ our agency.
Use the correct image spec and
make sure you use bright and eye-catching images.
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Q1 on #SEOTalk ➡️ Is it necessary to focus on one niche while building a personal brand on social media?

#SocialMedia #Branding
Q2 on #SEOTalk ➡️ How does consistency play a role? Which tools can help to stay organised?

#SocialMedia #Branding
Q3 on #SEOTalk ➡️ What are the tips to engage with the audience and how to deal with hatred?

#SocialMedia #Branding
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Critical thread on "Self-Spreading #Vaccines"

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for #Health Security: Technologies to Address - Global Catastrophic Biological Risks, Oct 9, 2018

#biosurveillance "biological disruption" "bioterrorism events #bioengineering
"As a subset of infectious #disease emergencies, global catastrophic biological risk (#GCBR) is a special category of risk involving #biological #agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created & released, or #laboratory engineered & escaped—..."

This "could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national & int. orgs & the #privatesector to control."

"Global catastrophic biological risk", "transformational surveillance technologies"

#Foundations #CorporateConsolidation
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"Greta Thunberg... WHO is grateful for your generosity in donating €100000 to @thewhof in support of #COVAX..."

Perplexed. What #WHO #Foundation?

Dec 8, 2020: "health expert Anil Soni has been appointed as the 1st CEO of the newly launched The WHO Foundation..."
The #WHO #Foundation - is not part of the WHO. It operates "alongside" the WHO.

Soni joined the Foundation (Jan 1, 2021) from #Viatris, a global #pharmaceutical corporation.

Nov 18, 2020: #Pfizer's Upjohn spinoff completes merger w/ Mylan to form new generics giant #Viatris.
"Before joining the #WHO #Foundation, he was Head of Global Infectious Diseases at #Viatris, working across the #pharmaceutical co... Anil has been a senior advisor to the #Gates #Foundation & Born Free Africa. He is an alumnus of #McKinsey..."
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Dear @ProjectLincoln comrades:

Totally agree about what a #brand is/represents!

It´s a major, probably the biggest responsibility someone can have with oneself, their collaborators / clients / local communities / country & global community.
#BRANDING | Luiz Botelho Biz | WHAT BUSINESS ARE YOU IN? | 25.02.2021 - v.1.0 - #1
#BRANDING | Luiz Botelho Biz | The #brandidentity #Prism | 25.02.2021 - v.1.0 - #2

Ref.: #Tese: "Prisma de Identidade de Marca: perspectiva para evolução do modelo" | via #TEDE @puc_sp…
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3 Tips to grow your personal brand on Twitter.
A thread 🧵
1. Connect with meaningful people in your industry

Twitter is a great place to start, follow and interact with important profiles in your industry. Be sure that is people that can respond to you, so you won't be ignored.

Also follow the people they interact with.
2. Tell stories

You are not talking to robots, your audience have emotions, fears, motivations.
Try to connect with those emotions telling stories en every thing you say.

NO: Join now this new platform.
YES: Hi, I just launched my last project, let me know what you think.
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Ces #mèmes autour des visuels de prévention sur le #covid19 par @EmmanuelMacron permettent d'évoquer des sujets très intéressants du point de vue de la #compol et de la #compublique, petit thread.
Le week-end dernier, le président de la République a posté ces visuels sur son compte Instagram personnel. Assez rapidement, ils ont fait l'objet de détournements plus ou moins drôles, critiques ou absurdes, un générateur a été créé par @MartyBestOf et chacun y va de son pastiche
C'est le principe déjà évoqué 1000 fois du #mème, terme de Richard Dawkins, mêlant mimesis (imitation, en grec ancien) et gène, appuyé sur la sonorité du mot français même. Un élément reconnaissable, que l'on reproduit et transmet, qui circule viralement.…
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Psychology in Design 🧠

A basic thread 🧵

YES, YES, We know what you are thinking, Psychology? Really? That’s what we bring for the first time a threaded story. Duh! But you never know which psychology we use behind coming up with this. Fascinating? Isn’t it?

Design isn't solely what you & your customers see. It conjointly concerns what they feel & that is what inspires them to create a procurement. The association between design & psychology will subtly influence your audience and increase your sales.

#Psychology #productdesign
There’s an exact method your customers follow while reading your web site. If you observe the way they read your content and using that strategically design around it — you'll be able to encourage further interactions (and ultimately, additional sales).

#Customer #Webdesign
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#Branding Tomando Mate #04:
Hoy no necesitamos demasiado para ver cómo una marca está manejando su estrategia de #marketing. Un golpe de vista a su feed de Instagram o una lectura rápida de sus últimos diez tweets, nos puede dar un panoraba 90% acertado del camino que tomaron.
Ahora, por qué digo todo esto? Porque si bien tenemos toda la información ahí, hay una enormidad de marcas que siguen comunicando como hace 50 años.
Si hay algo que aprendí es que las marcas no deben ser estáticas, sino fluir.
Así que hoy les traigo 10 items con la nueva realidad de las marcas, para que puedan ir evaluando el cambio o al menos analizarlo.

1. El poder cambió de manos. En lugar de tenerlo las compañías, ahora está en manos del consumidor.
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The Shimla Meteorological Office announced on Sept.28, 1896 that a massive cyclone would destroy Bengal in two days. People expected the worst, but, Oct.1, after few drops of rain, the sky cleared. How did the cyclone disappear? Only one person knew what happened to the 1/5
2/5 cyclone. He was on a ship to Ceylon. When the ship was threatened by large waves caused by the cyclone, he remembered that his daughter had given him a bottle of Kuntalin hair oil. He remembered reading in The Scientific American that oil floats above the water and calms the
3/5 tension on the surface. In a desperate attempt, he empties the bottle of Kuntalin Hair Oil into the sea! The wild waves caused by the cyclone calm and Calcutta is saved!!
This short story was titled, "Niruddesher Kahini" (Story of the Untraceable), and was written by
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