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Hello, my name is Chris Willmott (usual handle @cjrw) and I’ve been given the keys to officially drive the @LearnOnScreen account for the next two hours #TV4Teaching
I'm an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at @uniofleicester with a long-standing interest in use of #BroadcastMedia in Teaching & Learning #TV4Teaching
This is a new venture for @LearnOnScreen and they’re trusting me to take good care of their account. I promise I’ll endeavour to do so! @cjrw #TV4Teaching
The reason for the #TwitterTakeover of @LearnOnScreen is to bring to your attention a new set of @OnDemandBoB #TeachingResources that are being developing #TV4Teaching
However, because this is the first of what will (hopefully) be a series of #TwitterTakeovers for @LearnOnScreen over the next few weeks, I plan to spend the next couple of hours doing several things @cjrw #TV4Teaching
Firstly, I want to introduce @OnDemandBob which is a powerful tool for using #BroadcastMedia in teaching [apologies if you’re a @LearnOnScreen regular & familiar with BoB, but my experience is that many people who could benefit from the service are not aware of it] #TV4Teaching
Secondly, I want to say a few general words about why I believe #BroadcastMedia deserves to be used more widely in (University) education @cjrw #TV4Teaching
Thirdly, I’ll be talking about the new #Playlists initiative and specifically introducing the hows and whys of some of the programmes I’ve elected to include in the #BiologyInBroadcastMedia collection @cjrw #TV4Teaching
Finally, I’m here to answer any questions you might have about Broadcast Media & (University) education. Apologies that the @LearnOnScreen account is going to be a bit noisier than usual for the next couple of hours, but we hope the content will prove useful #TV4Teaching
OK, so just in case anyone doesn’t know, @OnDemandBoB is a service streaming #BroadcastMedia for education The collection already includes over 2 million programmes recorded from about 75 different channels
Many core channels are recorded into @OnDemandBob by default, and if users want material from other channels there is 30 day window (currently 40) during which both staff & students at member institutions can request programmes #TV4Teaching
Within @OnDemandBoB you can edit programmes to pick out specific clips and you can add programmes/clips to #Playlists (more about those later) #TV4Teaching
You can search @OnDemandBoB using programme information (often including transcripts of TV – especially useful for news footage) or you can search other people’s public playlists (what I sometimes term “looking under lampposts”) #TV4Teaching
[Incidentally, I also find it useful to search in the parallel Television & Radio Index for Learning & Teaching (TRILT) – which picks up slightly different metadata, but includes link through to @OnDemandBoB if programme available there #TV4Teaching…]
As noted @OnDemandBoB *is* a subscription service, but most UK Unis & several Colleges are already members (though staff & students in those institutions are often unaware of the fact). If your HEI isn’t already a member, free trials until end of July are available #TV4Teaching
If you’re not eligible for @OnDemandBoB (eg because you are not in UK) don’t stop following the chat just yet, as this next discussion is about the value of #BroadcastMedia in education, wherever you may find it #TV4Teaching
For the next few posts, I want to move on to discuss reasons why/ways in which I’ve found #BroadcastMedia to be an excellent resource for teaching #TV4Teaching
I have, at various times, encountered colleagues who have been very sceptical about the potential of #BroadcastMedia for University teaching. They may have an out of date image of #TV4Teaching as lampooned here…
[Incidentally it seems some of the clips are hanging during the initial loading this afternoon. If that happens just press refresh and all will be fine] @OnDemandBoB #TV4Teaching
A few years ago a delegate at a conference where I was discussing development of my blog Biology on the Box, declared that “TV Science is dumbed down Science” #TV4Teaching
Of course, that is partially true; *some* TV Science is dumbed down, but much is not (and radio even less so). However, I would argue even poor science can be used for engaging & effective teaching #TV4Teaching
By way of example, there’s a terrible experiment in Brainiac: Science Abuse that “proves” you can smell fear? [spoiler: it doesn’t, even though the programme says it does]. The relevant clip can be seen at… #TV4Teaching
[whoops, stray ? there, sorry]
I took this clip as the starting point for a session on #ExperimentalDesign. Students critique the experiment – good points (there are a couple) and bad - then design a *better* experiment #TV4Teaching
To finish I walk them through a properly conducted test from 2009 looking at same question (this one To read more about this activity see… #TV4Teaching
The exercise also became a formal #Pedagogy paper… #TV4Teaching
Clips can be used in other ways. For example, I include a section from Horizon: Pill poppers in a session on pharmaceutical development to show the amazing robot GSK have for picking samples from their store of compounds #TV4Teaching
Similarly, I use the opening sequence of the film #Outbreak to introduce the classification of #Biohazard Levels (sadly, very topical at the moment). The 3 min clip is at… #TV4Teaching
Once again it’s not perfect, but you can build the flaws into your teaching. e.g. if you ask "Was anything wrong there?" You can be sure that at least one person in the group will have spotted that some of the scientists remove their #PPE *before* they leave the lab #TV4Teaching
There are other times when it might be worthwhile getting a group to watch a whole episode of a documentary, Back in the day I used to run a session in which students watched @AdamRutherford’s The Cell: Molecules of Life #TV4Teaching
At the time it was only available as an “off-air recording” DVD, plus you had to pay co-producers the OU for the rights to show it.… Times have changed #TV4Teaching
Now OU programmes are part of the ERA scheme and included in @OnDemandBoB Molecules of Life is at . Because it can be streamed, you no longer need to use F2F time for this #TV4Teaching
Here we’re getting into the realms of #FlippedTeaching. It can be great to point students towards AV resources, including those in @OnDemandBoB, as part of their non-timetabled content for a module – eg before a F2F session when the programme will be discussed #TV4Teaching
The allocated time for most modules will include a substantial slice of "Guided Independent Study" here is one way in which that independent study can be guided #FlippedLearning #TV4Teaching
[If you're a @LearnOnScreen regular and wondering why the heck the usually genteel account is suffering a tweet-frenzy this afternoon, we’re having our first ever #TwitterTakeover with @cjrw driving, #TV4Teaching]
[Apologies if we’ve been dominating your timeline but rest assured we’re now more than halfway through, and there are fewer tweets in the second hour to enable users to follow more of the links #TV4Teaching ]
The availability of streamed content at @OnDemandBob raises the possibility of module-specific #ViewingLists alongside #ReadingLists (you don't need to share a few copies of the DVD around a whole group of 200+ students) #TV4Teaching
#BroadcastMedia included in a #ViewingList might be required material for watching/listening or optional extra for those interested in additional learning #TV4Teaching
Of course one of the problems with #FlippedTeaching in general, not just using AV resources, is how to ensure student engagement with the material before you discuss it. That’s probably a conversation for a different day #TV4Teaching
For the moment, I’d just say that providing a scaffold of activity for students to follow during the non-timetabled phase of task can be a simple but effective step, especially if the same questions form basis of the F2F session and you require student participation #TV4Teaching
OK, let’s get back to the question of @OnDemandBoB #Playlists and particularly the new collection of Teaching Resources being developed by @LearnOnScreen #TV4Teaching
Here’s a short (1 minute-ish) promo video for the #BiologyInBroadcastMedia playlist I’ve been asked to curate for Biology If you’d like to watch that I’ll pop away for a moment and top up my teapot #TV4Teaching
#BiologyInBroadcastMedia itself is at… We’ve mentioned some of the listed resources during the preceding discussion. I’ve been asked to pick out one or two more & say something about them. Before I do that, a more general word on #Playlists #TV4Teaching
If you followed the link you’ll notice that the playlist has a number – in this case 258935. The number if generated automatically – if I add a clip to my “Biology In Broadcast Media” playlist, then @OnDemandBob archives that to the numbered list #TV4Teaching
Users can find playlist either by bookmarking numbered page, using link from the @OnDemandBoB Teaching Resource page, or by using the search tool for either "Biology in Broadcast Media" or "258935" - but remembering to toggle from "Programmes" to "Public Playlists" #TV4Teaching
Some people advocate “one clip, one playlist”. I fundamentally disagree with this view. IMHO the point of a playlist is to allow (re)discovery of a valuable resource – which is also why my playlists are all set to “Public” #TV4Teaching
I use #Playlists as “tags” so I might for example add a news clip to #Bioethics #Antibiotics and #BS3068 (if is was relevant to that third year course – fitting with the notion of module-specific #ViewingLists) #TV4Teaching
OK, on to one or two specific highlights. In addition to The Cell (which we've already looked at), I also mention the exceptional The Gene Revolution: Changing Human Nature in the video… #TV4Teaching
This 90 min documentary gives a great introduction to #GenomeEditing and #CRISPR technology which are going to bring radical changes #Bioethics #TV4Teaching (incidentally if you don't have @OnDemandBoB this episode is actually still on iPlayer…)
I’d also pick out The Secret You… a 2009 episode of Horizon featuring the work of @Comadork on using innovations in #Neuroscience to communicate with patients who have #DisordersOfConsciousness Amazing stuff! #TV4Teaching
A much older Horizon special (originally from 1987) is Life Story… which is a dramatisation of the discovery of the structure of #DNA by Watson and Crick #TV4teaching
Sticking with drama, the more recent Code of A Killer re-tells the story of the invention and first criminal uses of #GeneticFingerprinting over two 65 min parts and #TV4teaching
Look out for the "Hitchcock" cameo by the real Alec Jeffreys #GeneticFingerprinting #DNAprofiling #TV4Teaching
Next up, a documentary that sounds like it should be a drama. Three Identical Strangers discusses the event that led to triplets being raised separately in the USA. Includes a shocking twist… #TV4Teaching
Lastly, another recent documentary War In The Blood (2019)… This 100 min programme looks at the emerging importance of #CancerImmunotherapy especially #CAR_T therapy, and gives insight into #ClinicalTrials #Cancer #TV4Teaching
Thank you for your company today for this first @LearnonScreen #TwitterTakeover We've got a few minutes for any questions before I hand back the keys #TV4Teaching
I don't imagine future takeovers will be quite as frenetic, but there was some necessary background to cover during this first session #TV4Teaching
OK, I’m about to hand back control of this account to @LearnOnScreen. If you have general questions about Broadcast Media, Digital Copyright or @OnDemandBoB please direct them to that handle. If you’d like to specifically ask me something, please address to @cjrw
In addition to the new playlist, do please also take a look at for more on teaching using Broadcast Media and for wider ruminations on teaching. Happy viewing, Chris #TV4Teaching @cjrw
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