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A little 🧵 on the perils of being an imperfect #ethicist. ⤵️
Being an #ethicist requires a lot of reflection & self policing. Claiming to have authority/ knowledge on ethical reasoning/behavior, means choosing to be held to an extremely ⬆️ standard. Yet, I continue to be a human who makes mistakes & evolves. #UnfortunateReality
The stakes are high in the #bioethics niche. The pressure to be “good” and “right” and “correct” (however those are defined) as an ethicist is something I feel constantly. I spend a lot of brain power reading, reflecting &
revisiting complex moral landscapes.
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Today I read @paulmromer thread - particularly the part about schools (I recommend it!).

And we need to talk about #SchoolReopening, from a scientific perspective.

So here goes, with thanks to @sarita @ambilinski @RobinCogan @abuttenheim & others:
1) First, there is so much we still don't know about the science of #SchoolReopening. So it's tough to say "you will be safe" given that we still aren't sure.

For instance, we aren't sure whether kids spread #COVID19. We THINK they don't spread it:…
.... but this goes against the science of MOST respiratory outbreaks, where kids are MOST likely to spread the virus.... so a lot of us are scratching our heads on this one.

For more details, check out this great piece by @HelenBranswell…
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Today!! @ucdavisbiology #CovidTownHall guest Dr. Lisa Ikemoto, @UCDavisLaw Martin Luther King Jr. Professor & @FRIUCDavis Advisory Board member! We'll talk #pandemic #bioethics, #healthcare & #publichealth law and policy. 3:30PT for live-streaming link:
Happening now! Dr. Lisa Ikemoto discusses pandemic bioethics and law with us for @ucdavisbiology
#CovidTownHall! Livestream from 3:30-5pm PT. Join us!!
Dr. Ikemoto was awarded a B.A. in English (American Studies) and History at UCLA, a Juris Doctor from our very own UC Davis Law School, and a Master of Laws from Columbia University’s School of Law.
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Hello, my name is Chris Willmott (usual handle @cjrw) and I’ve been given the keys to officially drive the @LearnOnScreen account for the next two hours #TV4Teaching
I'm an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at @uniofleicester with a long-standing interest in use of #BroadcastMedia in Teaching & Learning #TV4Teaching
This is a new venture for @LearnOnScreen and they’re trusting me to take good care of their account. I promise I’ll endeavour to do so! @cjrw #TV4Teaching
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This op-ed by Harald Schmidt @PennMEHP is a hugely valuable contribution to the #bioethics debate over ventilator allocation, & would have applications to other scarce resources as well. Some thoughts /1
Modifying SOFA score w/"weights" based on race would be struck down in federal court (& certainly by this SCOTUS) under #ParentsInvolved precedent…. Not endorsing that precedent, but crucial to recognize it. Area Deprivation Index is better approach /2
Rather than using Area Deprivation Index "weights" to adjust SOFA scores, it would be better to use the Area Deprivation Index as a tiebreaker within each SOFA-score group ("red" to "green"). Would likely save more lives of disadvantaged patients /3
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Doctors and nurses are writing their wills. Patients are signing do-not-resuscitate orders. Preparing for death has become grim new reality during the #coronavirus pandemic, by @picardonhealth… via @globeandmail #COVID19
It’s Time to Talk About Death: The #coronavirus pandemic highlights how much we need to have conversations about end-of-life care. by @SunitaPuriMD via @NYTopinion #COVID19
At least 50 doctors in Italy have now died from #COVID19, with thousands of health care workers infected by #coronavirus… via @Newsweek
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A brief thread about how the #COVIDー19 crisis in my small hometown of Albany, GA (Dougherty County) exposes some of the challenges unique to healthcare in rural places, but also serves as a harbinger of things to come in larger places. 1/14
Albany is a hot spot. Two and a half weeks ago there were zero cases. Now Albany has the largest number of cases per capita in the state of Georgia. Eleven people are dead. The ICU is FULL (more on that later). Let that sink in. 2.5 weeks from zero to devastation. 2/14
Here is a helpful interactive map of COVID-19 cases in Georgia. You see the dark mass of counties comprising the Atlanta metro area. Then you see one lone dark county in south GA. That's Albany. Someone came into town for a funeral. Now here we are.… 3/14
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Long thread in which I over-share on the internet to complain about a gap in the #bioethics literature because I'm feeling introspective and also kind of bored /1

#Disability #medicalhumanities
I recently got a feeding tube.

I went into it kicking and screaming - I desperately didn't want it and I put it off longer than I should have. And it really sucked at first. It still kind of sucks now, but honestly it's not that bad. It got better. /2
The tube is temporary, but I'll almost certainly be faced with the choice again in the future. And when I am, I'll be much less reluctant. My attitudes and preferences have changed, having had the experience. /3
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Some time ago, I saw a pt with severe untreated suffering at #EOL alongside aggressive & unproven life-prolonging interventions. When I asked the medical team, they said they were doing “what the family wanted.”

Sharing some of my thoughts about this below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
1/ Rejecting paternalism does not imply that we take ourselves out of the decision making process altogether. We should always work together with our pts & families rather than just “doing what they want.”

#hpm #hapc #bioethics
2/ We should move towards a “deliberative” rather than an “informative” model of decision making. Pts should share values/expectations & we propose medical treatments. It is crucial for all HCPs to have better training on having #goalsofcare conversations.

#hpm #hapc #bioethics
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THREAD: Yesterday, we saw negative narratives from my #TransHealthEthicsProject interviews with #trans folks re: #healthcare. Most had a mix of both pos & neg. What does good care look like? And what are some tips/guidelines for delivering it? 1/n
#TransAwarenessWeek #bioethics
Let's start w/Simon, whose negative experiences we saw yesterday, including being misgendered and outed by front office staff, especially when he sought Gyn care. I asked all participants to say what would be better--or in fact was better sometimes--than negative experiences. 2/n
Simon said "I think better responses are just, if they’re asking if you’re a new patient starting with
basic things rather than starting with a birthdate, because that kind of breaks it down. It seems
weird but if you start with a birthdate then we can start somewhere..." 3/n
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THREAD: Sunday, I tweeted re: trans folks' feelings seeking healthcare: anxious, humiliated; when it works, good. Here are some narratives that help explain. We'll do negative narratives today, and positives Tuesday.
Paul Farmer, public health advocate and a founder of Partners in Health (@PIH) says, “stories illustrate some of the mechanisms through which large-scale social forces crystallize into the sharp, hard surfaces of individual suffering.” #narrativematters #bioethics #meded
@PIH Of course, stories also remind us of the joy that folks can take in life even when suffering occurs. And trans joy is real.
But alas, today I'm going to tell you about how clinical encounters damage trans folks, how a source of help is too often a source of harm. 3/n
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THREAD: "What words or phrases come to mind when you think about seeking health care?" I asked #trans & #nonbinary folks in #TransHealthEthicsProject. This word cloud shows the overall sense of dismay. The individual responses are a gut punch. 1/n

#TransAwarenessWeek #bioethics
"Do I have to?
Will I die if I don't?
How much is this going to cost?"
"Embarassing. Humiliating. Judgmental."
"Anxiety. Being discovered. Not getting the care that I need. Not being believed. Becoming an experiment."
#TransHealthEthicsProject #TransAwarenessWeek
"Red fucking tape. Money I don't fucking have... difficulty paying for things, and always having to navigate a stupid sea of referrals and bureaucratic BS for getting a damn appointment."
#TransHealthEthicsProject #TransAwarenessWeek
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THREAD:#TransHealthEthicsProject interviews w/#trans folks are "thick" examples of barriers to care described generically in surveys. #doctors & #nurses often say "those patterns are terrible, but how can I know if I am doing it?" #narrativematters #bioethics #TransAwarenessWeek
I used a standardized array of interview questions across 15 hours of interviews with trans folks regarding their experiences seeking health care in the United States, both POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, to give providers #narrative examples/guidelines on what not to do, AND what to do.
I did the interviews and my research assistants (@BreanneRBurton, Ren Czachor, Jake Richardson, and Harry Silvey) transcribed them so that no unknown persons would have access to the audio. While some participants gave permission to share audio, all permit sharing transcripts.
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THREAD: This summary of key findings from the "largest-ever study of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the United States" is essential reading for #medical and #nursing personnel. 1/n
“Finding doctors who will treat, will prescribe, & will even look at you like a human being rather than a thing has been problematic. Have been denied care by doctors & major hospitals so much that... I never reveal my gender history.” — Survey Respondent 2/n
Nearly 1 in 5 trans folks surveyed (19 percent) reported being refused health care care outright because they were transgender or gender non-conforming.

REIHELD NOTE: this is consistent across studies, & across US and Canada. Access to care is about bias, not just systems. 3/n
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The 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health @UnionConference begins tomorrow in #Hyderabad, a major event in #TB and #lunghealth . I am not going- here is a short #thread why.
This is despite being part of an accepted symposium on #coercion and #TB
@UnionConference The reason is the ridiculously expensive registration fees for the conference. For a meeting which focuses majorly on #TB, a disease of poverty, and being held in a #LMIC location, it is atrocious to charge such fees. Even at the discounted rates for #LMICs, it is very EXPENSIVE
@UnionConference I do not have a salaried position which offers such registration fees through the institution, or grant money to cover such fees. I am not going to spend such amounts of money, even if its an important event, as a matter of principle. It is deeply disturbing that this is usual.
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Has the brave new world of designer babies arrived? by @picardonhealth… via @GlobeDebate #CRISPR #bioethics #genomics
'Pandora’s box has been opened’: Scientist's baby gene-editing claim fuels backlash, by @KirstyLNeedham… via @smh @Kaubo #CRISPRbabies #genomics
Chinese scientist provokes furor with claim of world’s first genetically edited babies, by @nvanderklippe via @globeandmail #CRISPRbabies #genomics #bioethics
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Last morning at #FEBS2018 - important session on #ResearchMisconduct #ResearchIntegrity getting underway
Laszlo Festus summarising the Transparency and Openness Promotion initiative… #ResearchEthics #PublicationEthics @FEBSnews
Festus moves on to outline #ALLEA Integrity Code of Conduct (which I also mentioned in my session on Monday)… #Bioethics #FEBS2018
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