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Going to try to live tweet some take-homes from this panel on #neuroracism for anyone who is missing it. #BlackInNeuroWeek @blackinneuro
Nice to see that the panelists are a mixture of later and earlier career neuroscientists!
@dhsmoove_dotcom talking about changing the nomenclature around the Tuskegee syphilis study -> United States Public Health Service syphilis study in Tuskegee
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@MiddleClassPAC 1-See Rasul v. Rumsfeld (2009) court case: judge decided if you are a 'suspected terrorist' you can expect to be tortured. Some of us think targets are DHS-/FISA-watchlisted (= "suspected terrorists).
2-We have to compile & get more documents. See affidavits, UN investigation.=>
@MiddleClassPAC 3-Are judges approving murder of whistleblowers? Maybe? There's been said to be a hitlist certain govt ppl have. & trgets are said to be assigned a 'risk level'. When we do things, they say risk level can be raised or lowered.
My info is not v. organized since laptop was crashed.
@MiddleClassPAC They say if a govt person is of a high enough level, they can decide to have anyone tortured. I'm not sure if the 'subdual' language is anywhere but I'm sure it is in some form. My brain is being hit hard w/DEW so my head hurts bad, is hard to think right now.
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Simulating a primary visual cortex at the front of CNNs improves their robustness to image perturbations. #AI still has a lot to learn from #neuroscience. Work co-lead with @joeldapello. Also @martin_schrimpf @JamesJDiCarlo @GeigerFranziska @neurobongo 1/N…
This work was the result of an unexpected collaboration. Joel discovered that the ability of CNNs to explain V1 responses was correlated with their adversarial robustness. Particularly, adversarially trained models [@aleks_madry] had the most V1-like representations.
For those who don't know, CNNs are easily fooled by imperceptible perturbations explicitly crafted to induce mistakes (adversarial attacks). Currently, the best defense is to explicitly train models to be robust to these attacks which has a very high computational cost.
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After 10 years in #neuroscience as an undergrad and #PhD student, I'm thrilled to announce my first ever scientific paper: Plasticity and Spontaneous Activity Pulses in Disused Human Brain Circuits…
(thread below)
@ndosenbach, @hashtagAshleyN and one other crazy neuroscientist wore casts on their dominant arms for two weeks. They all lost ~40 lb of grip strength
Following the Precision Functional Mapping approach developed by @DosenbachLab @club_scan @russpoldrack @GrattonCaterina @DeannaJGreene @RodBraga and many others, we collected 30 minutes of resting-state fMRI every day for 42-64 consecutive days
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My story starts in a small town from the northern region of the warm vibrant and culturally diverse #India.
#VoicesIWS Image
Born as 3rd daughter in a culture where birth of a daughter is resented by many, my parents had to deal with 'eerie' solutions from society to get rid of the "burden" that I was about to become. But, my visionary parent-warriors had their armours on! 😇
#genderbias #VoicesIWS
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#AfricanNeuroscience [Thread]

Ever wondered what #Neuroscience research looks like in #Africa? For 3 years, we have been working on profiling the neuroscience research landscape in the continent’s 54 countries. Very excited to share our latest work:…

(1) Image
Why is this important?
#Africa has real potential in #Neuroscience, but needs help to rise from its current position! To do this, we need accurate data that reflects the heterogeneity of research across the continent's 54 countries.

Such data is lacking, as previous estimates about research outputs from #Africa are mostly inaccurate, partly because it is difficult to tell whether the research was, in fact, conducted within Africa or outside the continent in collaboration with #Africanscientists

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NEW: “When does postural instability appear in monogenic parkinsonisms? An individual-patient meta-analysis” in The Journal of Neurology.
A 2-year effort with @LucaMarsili1 @andrea_sturchio @Dr_Murli_Mishra @DrAlfonsoFasano @nachogenePD @Marcelokauffman @AlbertoEspay

Monogenic parkinsonisms are very different from one another. Not only on the severity of parkinsonism, but also on cognition, behavioral, and autonomic function.
(See a nice review ⬇️…)
A critical marker of disability is postural instability🚶➡️🧑‍🦯➡️🧑‍🦽, which leads to falls, and increased morbidity and mortality. The frequency and time-to postural instability in different monogenic parkinsonisms remained unknown.
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really unsure why I went into #neuroscience instead of #PIZZAscience but in this thread I will take you through this paper! 1/n
Ever wondered if you could make a #pizza with #cheddar cheese instead of #mozzarella? Ever wondered why you only get to specify "light, normal, or extra" cheese when ordering a pizza but not the type of cheese? Well, this paper is for you!! 2/n
First of all, apparently we don't like our pizza to be uniform in #color. Personally I think that's just rude but it's Figure 1 so we need to go with it 3/n
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/15/2020

Kits, reagents and viruses - Virology Down Under…
#coronavirus #kit #viruses
What Can Other Coronaviruses Tell Us About SARS-CoV-2? | Quanta Magazine…
Bacterial behavior influences cloud formation…
#butterfly #clouds #chaos #behavior #bacterial
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Today at SFI:

External Professor @DaniSBassett (@Penn) on addressing #inequity in the scientific community caused by #bias in #citation practices—focusing on the evidence of a growing #gender imbalance in the reference lists of #neuroscience research.…
The proportion of #neuroscience papers with woman first or last authors grew from 1995 to 2018, but the undercitation of female authors actually *increased* in that time.

SFI's @DaniSBassett (@Penn) on #gender #inequity in the scientific community:
Undercitation of #neuroscience research with first or last woman authors appears to be driven predominantly by the reference lists of papers written by male-male teams.

This is not to say, however, that all men undercite women, or that women do not also undercite women:
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Hello, my name is Chris Willmott (usual handle @cjrw) and I’ve been given the keys to officially drive the @LearnOnScreen account for the next two hours #TV4Teaching
I'm an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at @uniofleicester with a long-standing interest in use of #BroadcastMedia in Teaching & Learning #TV4Teaching
This is a new venture for @LearnOnScreen and they’re trusting me to take good care of their account. I promise I’ll endeavour to do so! @cjrw #TV4Teaching
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A prominent theory in #neuroscience hypothesizes that the #CNS generates muscle activity to simplify #motorcontrol, so that muscles with similar task actions are controlled as a single functional unit. Our results do not support this hypothesis! A thread.…
This theory predicts that correlations between muscles that have consistent task actions (e.g. the vastii muscles, VM, VL and VI) should be equally strong, and stronger than their correlations with task-inconsistent muscles (e.g. RF, that extends the knee and flexes the hip).
Alternatively correlations among quadriceps muscles may reflect the need to balance mediolateral (ml) forces on the patella, so that VM and VL (that have opposite ml action on the patella) are more correlated than any other muscle pair (RF and VI produce no ml patellar forces).
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Avec plaisir!
Je vais écrire à destination des paramed qui seraient intéressés pour devenir ou comprendre comment on devient universitaire.
Il existe plusieurs étapes.

La première est d'obtenir un diplôme de master ou de grade master permettant de postuler à l'école doctorale.
Ensuite, il faut faire ses recherches doctorales supervisées pour obtenir un doctorat.
Contrairement aux masters où nous répondons à des questions posées dont les réponses sont connues par les examinateurs, la thèse de science vise à découvrir de nouvelles connaissances.
De ce fait, le jury ne peut mettre un noté, et ne doit plus mettre de mention.

Si il se destine à une carrière universitaire, ensuite le docteur passe souvent en postdoc (ie: fait des recherches dans un contrat après le doctorat) en France ou à l'international.

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I read the @biorxivpreprint every day. I've recently been asked by various people what/why/how I read so here is a short thread that may be helpful to others: 1/
@biorxivpreprint I read abstracts of articles on the @biorxivpreprint every morning and every evening, and typically a few times during the day as well. I am sometimes delving into the main paper, usually starting with the supplement. 2/
@biorxivpreprint I search for articles on @Google using keywords (and filtering for "past 24 hours"), my lab has @SlackHQ channels where people post articles, I check @rxivist, and I read and search twitter by keywords for topics I'm interested in every day. I follow @biorxivpreprint. 3/
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Morning Twitter! I'm @HefferNaomi, Ri Digital Intern and PhD student @UniofBath where I study multisensory perception 👁️👂
I'm taking over @Ri_Science this morning to talk about the power of biological motion #perception #emotion #psychology #neuroscience
Motion is an extremely powerful social signal that we use to attribute intentions to others. From the still image we see only simple shapes, but by adding motion, we automatically start attributing emotions and purposes to the ‘characters’.
To me, the large triangle seemed like a bit of a bully😡, the small triangle a victim😱, and the circle wanted to help but was hiding in fear. This just shows the vast amount of social information we can ascertain from simple motion.
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In a surprising twist in a recent Twitter conversation, @KordingLab had to admit (including to himself) that a particular #neuroscience paper was making invalid causal statements. Said he'd been blinded to it b/c so many he reads r like that. 1/
@KordingLab Instead of using the incident 2 educate on the impotence of correlation-fishing to indicate causal relationships, as he tried 2 do in his famous "microprocessor" paper, + Mehler and Kording (2018) + his 2017 Waterloo Brain Day lecture, he blocked me + deleted the tweets. 2/
@KordingLab In other words, as with other types of "woke" signalling, @KordingLab's woke signalling about correlational improprieties was just a cover for business as usual - his own and others. Like @russpoldrack, he gets to have it both ways.
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Estudo o processo de formação de novos neurônios, no meu doutorado estudo o efeito do trabalho noturno durante a gravidez e o desenvolvimento do cérebro e memória da prole. Gosto de doguineos, crianças ..#neuroscience #sciencebrazil
Chocada com a quantidade de gente bacana curtindo e divulgando nossa ciência brasileira! Se tiverem dúvidas me mandem que vou respondendo, mas com calma que sou neurocientista sem neura!
Eu e minha doguinha Melatonina ( vulga Mel) deixamos o inbox aberto para perguntas sobre a formação de novos neurônios, memória, melatonina, e receita de pão de queijo.
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Why memories of music cannot be lost to #Alzheimer's and dementia
Especially into a piece of music, brain does something called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (#ASMR) which feels to you like a tingling in your brain or scalp.
Turns out that #ASMR is pretty special. According to a recently published study in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease (catchy name!), the part of your brain responsible for ASMR doesn't get lost to #Alzheimer's and dementia. #Neuroscience
Sir Paul McCartney believes in the ’healing power’ of music.
"All it is, its little vibrations reaching your heart. Music, you know, it's only little vibrations, little words and little things, but it has this powerful effect."
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To have the best shot of creating your ideal life, you gotta reverse engineer it.

Here's the STEP-BY-STEP how to do it:

When you're 75....

▪ What will matter to you most?
▪ What will you absolutely stand for/detest?
▪ What won't be acceptable?
▪ What regrets do you not want to have?
▪ What are the top 3 values you want to be remembered for?
▪ What do you want your legacy to be?
Q: But how do I get there?
A: The right question my friend is, "how do I get there ONE STEP CLOSER". Think "incremental" (layovers) rather than "long haul".
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Alright, #sciencefiction #neuroscience fans: this is the content you’re here for! In ~30 minutes, I will livetweet this #sfn19 “Dialogues Between Neuroscience & Society” talk on the future of AI and machine learning in human society. Bio of speaker Fei-Fei Li for “dialogues between neruoscience & society” talk
Any minute now we should be underway with the #SfN19 Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society talk by @drfeifei on how AI can - and should - change the human experience. Stay turned for livetweeting!
Yes, it is 11:10. No, the talk has not started. We haven’t even begun introductions yet. Stay patient, friends!
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1/ Woo! My monster paper with Matt Wilson, "Locomotor and Hippocampal Processing Converge in the Lateral Septum" was just released in @CurrentBiology!! Not only that, but I made a comic to describe my findings!!…
2/ We used tetrodes to record from CA1 hippocampus and dorsolateral lateral septum, an area innervated by all CA regions of the hippocampus and many regions involved in "motivational" behavior
3/ Some cells in the LS were linearly modulated by the animal's running speed (could be positively or negatively modulated!) and/or by the animal's acceleration (also could be positively or negatively modulated!)
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Dear #neuroscience community. How does a #phdstudent get more opportunities to be a #reviewer (outside of shadow review) I've recently reviewed @netneurosci + would love to do more (it helps learning+ exploring novel directions/ ideas!). Any tips welcome #phdlife #gradschool
Cheers for the RT @z0ozae 😄💪💪
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Let me know if y’all want a neuroscience on this!
So a very quick #neuroscience on this: initial visual processing in the brain (and retina) works through contrasts. Your brain sharpens differences/edges because that’s where information is...
Your neurons are tuned to heighten/inhibit each other in a way that magnifies differences. So when a neutral color goes up next to red, your brain magnifies that difference and makes the neutral seem as not-red as possible.
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I dread to inform you all of this, but "impending doom" is a very common symptom. Not just from living in 2019, either: from pretty much anything that will kill you.

Buckle in for a thread, there might even be some #neuroscience behind this.
And I know it ain't Tuesday, but let's call this a #NeuroThursday anyways. What happens when a person gets a sense of Impending Doom, from jellyfish or otherwise?
Exhaustive research (i.e. wikipedia) tells me that this jellyfish venom leads to symptoms including "chest and abdominal pains, sweating, high blood pressure and difficulty breathing." Fun times! But nothing specific about impending doom?
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