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1/ Woo! My monster paper with Matt Wilson, "Locomotor and Hippocampal Processing Converge in the Lateral Septum" was just released in @CurrentBiology!! Not only that, but I made a comic to describe my findings!!…
2/ We used tetrodes to record from CA1 hippocampus and dorsolateral lateral septum, an area innervated by all CA regions of the hippocampus and many regions involved in "motivational" behavior
3/ Some cells in the LS were linearly modulated by the animal's running speed (could be positively or negatively modulated!) and/or by the animal's acceleration (also could be positively or negatively modulated!)
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Dear #neuroscience community. How does a #phdstudent get more opportunities to be a #reviewer (outside of shadow review) I've recently reviewed @netneurosci + would love to do more (it helps learning+ exploring novel directions/ ideas!). Any tips welcome #phdlife #gradschool
Cheers for the RT @z0ozae 😄💪💪
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Let me know if y’all want a neuroscience on this!
So a very quick #neuroscience on this: initial visual processing in the brain (and retina) works through contrasts. Your brain sharpens differences/edges because that’s where information is...
Your neurons are tuned to heighten/inhibit each other in a way that magnifies differences. So when a neutral color goes up next to red, your brain magnifies that difference and makes the neutral seem as not-red as possible.
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I dread to inform you all of this, but "impending doom" is a very common symptom. Not just from living in 2019, either: from pretty much anything that will kill you.

Buckle in for a thread, there might even be some #neuroscience behind this.
And I know it ain't Tuesday, but let's call this a #NeuroThursday anyways. What happens when a person gets a sense of Impending Doom, from jellyfish or otherwise?
Exhaustive research (i.e. wikipedia) tells me that this jellyfish venom leads to symptoms including "chest and abdominal pains, sweating, high blood pressure and difficulty breathing." Fun times! But nothing specific about impending doom?
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The end of another semester of engaging students with @WikiEducation at @MissouriSandT @sandtcasb in #HistSCI means another tweet thread about this super fun project.
49 students, 32 articles, 40K words added, +285K views so far. I love their work! Take a look!
I'm going to group them. First group-- #WomenInSTEM #WomeninHistory
Students found that, uh oh, it's HARD to find reliable sources on women in science! This didn't stop them, though. They pushed through and learned some new research skills.… is 1 product.
Tycho's sister,… was another article that needed work. The women who worked on this one had to find all sources on Tycho then sift through for the 2-3 pages about Sophia. Thank goodness for good #librarians at S&T who were patient and helpful!
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In July 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts conducting several tasks during extravehicular activity (EVA) operations on the surface of the moon. The EVA lasted approximately 2.5 hours with all scientific activities being completed satisfactorily. #OneGiantLeap

#Apollo11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

That's #OneSmallStep for [a] man, #OneGiantLeap for mankind.

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Zakaria: #Diversity is India’s greatest strength as a democracy. Diversity helps forge a culture of compromise & tolerance essential to #democracy’s success there—and its rescue here. #GOP is intolerant of this norm & reality b/c it’s become so ethnically & racially homogenous.
@FareedZakaria Biologist Sapolsky: Humans are hardwired to see "us" vs "them." Difference activates fear & aggression parts of our brain. This makes us easy to manipulate by nationalism's divisive #propaganda. But we belong to multiple groups, & who's in/us & out/them can change in a heartbeat.
#Nationalism & #Neuroscience: Stanford biologist Robert Sapolsky explains to @FareedZakaria that nationalist rhetoric literally fires up fear in our brains, making humans very prone to manipulative #propaganda exploiting in- and out-groups—"us" vs "them"…
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I will be reposting all of the interviews I've done on the first year of the show, one per day, on this thread, with links to the new podcast.

@robsica @docamitay @vancitytaraxo @Muttmere1 @hfsunde @franciscforde
#1 Oren Amitay: Portuguese Bills on Transgender Rights. #psychology


@docamitay @Muttmere1 @vancitytaraxo @robsica @franciscforde @YzarW @jimfrank @KarinLitzcke @Lauguerreiro
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I am incredibly excited to announce that I will start my lab in Paris at the @icm_institute in Sept 2019!!

Funded positions for PhD students (Sorbonne University), technician and postdocs! Check our brand-new website:

What will we work on? 👇👇(1/7).
We will use cutting-edge imaging techniques to study synaptic biology in firing synapses. One of our main interests is to understand how synapses maintain enough energy to repeatedly sustain the highly consuming process of synaptic transmission. (2/7)
We will dissect the role of single components of biochemical pathways in active synapses by visualizing them directly in live neurons – e.g. here is how we see ATP directly in nerve terminals using Syn-ATP (with a little drift 😂) (Rangaraju et al. Cell. 2014) (3/7).
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I'm excited to announce my new position as the Director of the Stanford-Synapse Brainwave Learning Center! My new role is central to a unique partnership between the Educational Neuroscience Initiative @Stanford and @SynapseSchool (an independent K-8 school).
Since I began my training in educational #neuroscience, I have been adamant that progress in this field would require people specifically trained in #mind, #brain and #education to take positions outside of the traditional academic track & focus on challenges unique to MBE.
We need spaces dedicated to rigorously investigating the questions at the heart of #MBE, where stakeholders (researchers, teachers, parents, administrators, and students) can work together. I am thrilled to be involved in first-of-its-kind initiative that does just that.
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@KonikuTech We are deliberate...Yes, we work with great intent, always and rightfully so. Did you know the word Koniku means immortal? It comes from the south of Nigeria. There is a whole back story it? Would you like to know...? 1/6
Now, have you seen the device we are debuting soon? Its inspired by natural iridescence:…. The iridescence typified by the Scarabaeus sacer of Egyptian mythology, the divine manifestation of the early morning sun...Read about Ra: 2/6
For those fortunate enough to have visited the Koniku HQ in Berkeley (🤫, your NDA still applies...sorry 🥺... blame the lawyers), one of the first remarks they make is: "it's a Jellyfish!". Yes, that's also deliberate. The number 1 remark is "how do you keep neurons alive?" 3/6
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New preprint by brilliant @JosueNassar in my group. A new state-space model with multi-scale hierarchical dynamics prior. Collaboration with @scott_linderman and Monica Bugallo #sciencestorm #neuroscience #Bayesian #MachineLearning 1/6
@JosueNassar @scott_linderman 2/6 Learning dynamics is key to understanding neural computation, but they can be too complex to understand. Can we view it at different levels of granularity? E.g. Lorenz system approximated with 2 linear dynamical systems?
@JosueNassar @scott_linderman 3/6 Or with 4 linear dynamical systems (LDS)? Both of these are from a single model.
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1/ Our new #neuroscience paper, "Emergent elasticity in the neural code for space" just appeared in @PNASNews:… Awesome work lead by @SamOcko, with @kiahhardcastle and @lisa_giocomo . Take home messages...
2/ We ask: how do we learn where we are? two info sources are needed: 1) our recent history of velocity; 2) what landmarks we have encountered. How can neurons/synapses fuse these two sources to build a consistent spatial map as we explore a new place we have never seen before?
3/ We show a simple attractor network with velocity inputs that move an attractor bump and landmark inputs that pin the attractor bump can do this - with Hebbian plasticity from landmark inputs to the attractor network.
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1) #ChildRaising & #NARCISSISM
"You Can Be Anything You Want"
Participation Trophies
Instant Gratification
Enabling #HelicopterParents

2) #ChildRaising & #NARCISSISM
Defined: Self-centered, self-important. = Inflated sense of self.
Not necessarily at the clinical level, although some of the most dangerous people fall within this classification.
3) #ChildRaising & #NARCISSISM
Are narcissists insecure "deep down inside"? NO
They have high self-esteem, but only in individual/personal areas, NOT caring traits.
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So glad this one came out! "After Midnight at the Zap Stop" by @ouranosaurus is an awesome story - full of late-night grease, and the luckless & the worthy. But also because it's a #neuroscience teaching opportunity. Might even be a #NeuroThursday!
One offhand line explains a technology as "stimulating a particular set of mirror neurons." Which works as a story element just fine. It sounds plausible and authoritative! But as a neuroscientist, I have strong opinions about #mirrorneurons. I don't think they're real.
To be clear, mine is a controversial opinion. Many neuroscientists would disagree. But it's a hill I'm willing to fight on, especially given how often "mirror neurons" crop up in popular science.
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This phenomenon - when you look away from a moving thing, and you briefly see illusory motion in the other direction - is the "Motion Aftereffect," and it comes from some very basic brain maneuvers. Who wants to join me on going full #NeuroThursday here?…
Most neurons in the brain (and elsewhere) do this thing called "adaptation," where they accept whatever's going on as the new normal. For example, if you sit down with your laptop on your lap, you'll soon stop noticing the weight.
This can arise from the crudest single-cell level: some ion channels in the cell membrane have negative feedback loops that self-dampen.
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#NeuroThursday is back this week to talk about the #neuroscience of #synesthesia. What does it mean for a letter to have an intrinsic color, for a number to have a distance? And why the heck would this trait evolve in humankind?
Synesthesia is when "stimulation of one sense automatically provokes a secondary perception in another." The secondary perception can be direct ("9's are red") or associative ("9's make me think of red"), either counts.
Synesthesia comes in countless forms, but color-based are the most frequent. The most well-known is "grapheme-color" synesthesia, where a grapheme (written shape, e.g. letter or numeral) has a color - like the opening picture.
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I'm #sorry...
...I've spent a great deal of time trying to figure out "how" to express this to you all...

...unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, language is completely insufficient in properly illustrating the sort of sentiments that I wish to convey...
...I've never really been at a loss for words, until now. #Ineffable

My family and I have been going through an incredibly serious...ordeal...and, as of yet, no one even knows about it because...well, I never intended for this project to....turn into a...
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