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1) Re this arrest of chick in #Ballarat: Looks to me to be at least semi-staged, a kind of set-up like that #BunningsKaren story from a few weeks ago. Reason: As well as arrest video seeming off somehow, the woman arrested calls herself a witch on her FB page. #Stage4
2) She also has a pentagram tattoo on right wrist. Those pentagrams are a tell! Also, she has #occult-ish photos on her FB page (includes burning witch). Includes what looks like one eye #symbolism. #DictatorDan
3) Lizzy Rose, who was perhaps the most notorious #BunningsKaren, also called herself a witch. Her IG page is chockas with what could be called "#Illuminati symbolism". Interestingly she even had FB page called Illuminating Army, which is now gone.
4) Lizzy Rose is also a bit of a fan of pentagrams. Even part of her logo from website. She also wears at least one in form of necklace. #Ballarat #Stage4
5) Speaking of pentagram logos, the #VictoriaPolice have what looks like one too. Then there's the #Democrats. Wow! So common! But I'm sure it's means nothing ... There are only so many shapes you can make, right?
6) But back to #Ballarat Zoe, #BunningsKaren Lizzy. Similarities *interdasting*, no? I mean, what are the odds? Both self-described "witches", pentagram fans etc. Both in widely publicized events related to #COVID19Vic that get yuge, instant MSM coverage. 🤔
7) Speaking of *witch* -- see what I did there? -- Lizzy Rose is very media savvy. Why she's even been on the ol' idiot box a few times, it seems. They really love that spooky stuff in TV land, don't they?
8) She's had heaps of MSM coverage re Bunnings, spell-casting vids etc. So her anti-#DictatorDan stunts seem bit hollow -- esp given she was pro-mask at first. Cynical person might suspect she's not the full quid. I'll admit it; I'm a cynical person.
9) Is Lizzy Rose tryna deceive normies; part of elaborate plot? Dunno. Maybe just attention seeker. Whatever her motives, MSM used her repeatedly to push "anti-maskers crazy" angle echoed in plod's press conference rant about "batshit crazy nonsense".…
10) But wait on! Thread started off about #Ballarat. So, back to that: Very shocking aspect is that victim pregnant. Why would such a woke Premier allow plods to treat vulnerable woman like this? Recall his #malefeminist tweets re Eurydice Dixon:…
11) And there was brutal arrest of maskless chick in #Collingwood by grey-haired copper. No "silver fox" was he! Again, seemed bit staged -- also odd given DA's pro-chick posturing. Hmm. Maybe method to madness and #DictatorDan's tryna become world's first MALE *femi-Nazi*?
12) Given the Goblin of the South's bizarre behaviour I wouldn't be surprised if this the case. He does seem kinda occultist. #Hillary fanboi, remember. And she is a dinkum witch. Maybe he wants to hear those creepy Cabal critters cry: "you go ghoul!"…
13) Whatever's going on in the despicable gimp's twisted little mind I don't think the tragic shitshow #DictatorDan's created in #Vicpol is best explained via left-right ideology, or even simple control-freakery.
14) Best description: It's "batshit crazy nonsense" driving him and #Vicpol Govt which is why he, his dopey plods, and loathsome lickspittles in #fakenews MSM (channel 7, 9, esp) are desperately tryna pin that label on sane folk resisting #Covid1984. Classic projection.
15) #Masks, taking the knee clearly global (and globalist) submission #rituals. So, look at all #COVID19Vic "news" as most likely "theatre". All looks like mega-ritual-burger to me, with big sick side order of #gaslighting. Worst kinda "art" for sure.
16) One more thought on two witchy-poos: Along with shared symbology #Ballarat reminded me of #BunningsKaren coz pregnancy. Lizzy Rose's last MSM coverage (caught 'rona?) involved video on facing #Baal. He offered her baby "as sacrificial lamb". 😳
17) This seems to confirm whole thing a kinda "theatre". Script: "A naive young woman was corrupted by eeevil tin-foil hat-wearers. She's seen error of her ways now. Go home everybody. Dan is the Man. He's just tryna keep you all safe -- honest!" FFS.
18) Also, couldn't help noticing that it's a #fullmoon tonight. I know it sounds like a cliche. But I suspect that if you're into #witchcraft and you want to harness cosmic forces to make spell or ritual work well, this would be a good time to do it.…
19) BREAKING: Exclusive behind the scenes footage of #DictatorDan getting sage advice from the spin doctors he never talks about. (He has hundreds, you know. But I suspect that after today's fiasco these ones won't be getting a raise. So sexist!)
20) But if he's looking for new staff, #DictatorDan should check out this feisty coven of bolshie broom-riders! Definitely globalists hoping for #NewWorldOrder like he is. Catch-cry is "Zap the World!" Queen even wears Dan's fave, #royalpurple. Noice!
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