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@brettpaul2000 @AramLeeds @jburnmurdoch 1. Sorry

It's ALL ONE topic

And clearly you don't like to deal with facts

Among other reasons because you have just been overwhelmed with them

And the fact that YOU were losing the argument

So you dismiss the facts & my "wordy" links to the "liberal" Bible the #NewYorkTimes
@brettpaul2000 @AramLeeds @jburnmurdoch 2. The #NewYorkTimes which you probably usually take as Gospel you now dismiss because it proves how misguided & delusional you are on this

It DOES quantitatively support my position

ESTIMATES are 0.8-4% false positives from PCR Tests

@brettpaul2000 @AramLeeds @jburnmurdoch 3. ESTIMATES are 0.8-4% false positives from #PCR "Tests" (actually a virus MANUFACTURING process that the inventor said shouldn't be used as a diagnostic test but he only got a #Nobel for it so what would he know!)

Although the "experts" originally swore blind it WAS JUST 0.8%!
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if u followed me for a long time you understand why I have been so focused on Central Bank & centralplanning malfeasance it’s because they are at basis of all of this & this video explains well

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown

.@FatEmperor reviews obvious data fraud engineered to bolster draconian lockdowns being carried out to “supposedly” manage the #covid1984 crisis or more accurately implement structural/social change

2020 ALL CAUSE MORTATILITY was lower than 5 yr avg /72…
statements by @wef @ProfKlausSchwab & conspirators are NOT VISIONARY imo theyre PLANS/THREATS & have have a way of almost exactly as they come to pass as promoted

imagine value of #bitcoin if internet is down during @ProfKlausSchwab’s #cyberoandemic /73…
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Nu, op aanvraag, ook in het Nederlands
Als jou een jaar geleden was verteld, dat het in 2020 TEGEN de wet (of afgedwongen regels) is:

Om je restaurant, bar of ander bedrijf, dat wordt gezien als niet essentieel, te openen

Om een teamsport te doen met meer dan 2-4 mensen
Om rond te lopen, frisse lucht te ademen, zonder een masker

Om buiten te lopen als een test zei dat je positief bent

Om meer dan 2-5 gasten in je huis te ontvangen

Om je kleinkinderen, grootouders of wie dan ook te knuffelen

Om je geliefden gedag te zeggen op hun sterfbed
Om net zo vrij te reizen als in 2019

Om te genieten v cultuur, musea, theater, film

Om Kerst, O&N of elk andere feestdag te vieren met meer dan 3-5 mensen

Om een inkomen te verdienen met een beroep dat voor 2020 nog heel normaal was

Om buiten te lopen na een bepaalde tijd
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1/ Thread:
If you were told a year ago that in 2020 it is AGAINST the law (or enforced guidelines):

To open your Restaurant, Bar or other business deamed unessential

To do team sports with more than 2-4 people

To walk around, breathing air, without a mask
To walk outside when some test said you were "positive"

To have more than 2-5 guests in your house

To hug your grandchildren, grandparents or anyone for that matter

To say goodbye to your loved ones on their deathbed

To travel freely around the planet as we could in 2019
To enjoy culture like musea, theater, movies etc.

To celebrate Christmas, New Year or any holiday like you were used to with more than 3-5 people

To earn your living with a set of skill that was totally normal before 2020

To walk around outside after a certain time
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We are all so afraid of death that we,

- Drink copious amounts of alcohol

- Eat massive amounts of ultra processed foods

- Sit hours on chairs, sofas or lie in bed

- Swallow piles of pills and other chemicals

- Avoid sun exposure & block it with chemical creams

- Breath polluted air from all kinds of origin.

- Feed ourselves mindnumbing entertainment every day.

- Smoke packages of cigarettes, laced with cancer causing chemicals.

- Look at blue-light, EMF radiating devices for a big chunk of the day.

- Think negative toxic thoughts every single day. Fear, stress, resentment etc.

So that death may take us sooner.

We don't need to take responsibility for our own habits. Let us blame other people, who rather live in freedom, who think for themselves,
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A phenomenally important new article from independent journalist Cory Morningstar, @elleprovocateur

She sets it all out there for us: the lies, the technology, the enslavement.

Please share widely! Our future is at stake!


"The 4IR can't come into fruition without the 5G infrastructure that will run the Internet of Things. 'Smart' cities must be understood in the context of global policing & the military industrial complex. Cybersecurity will be the battle space of the 21st century"

"More than just abstaining, the solution has to be for everyone who owns a smartphone to trash it – never looking back. It is fact that 'the fourth industrial revolution [#GreatReset] flows through a mobile'." - @elleprovocateur
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"It's essentially as if the world were remade by the CIA to profit hedge funds".

Superb talk by Alison McDowell on #TheGreatReset aka the #FourthIndustrialRevolution

The link's been added to our #GreatReset page of resources.… Image
"How does capital circulate if nobody is making any money and everyone's in debt? You create a new game where the poor can be gambled on as investment commodities" - @Philly852

This is what #TheGreatReset is all about - enslaving humankind for the benefit of the rich elite.
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1) Oh FFS. ScoMo's handlers making comms so obv. #Auspol coat of arms over head zif crown. Crown = corona, geddit? Message something like: "#COVID1984 psyop next stage active with #MarshallLaw. Worried about Constitution if Trump stays POTUS, but." Image
2) Look at photo #DictatorDan tweeted. Pot plant above head like coat of arms above #ScoMo's. Clear crown motif. #Blueandwhite shirt too. Something big happened today and it wasn't seeing dear old mum. Alluding to another elderly female figure we all know? #KingVictoria Image
3) Also, massive tea cup on table brings to mind #AliceInWonderland. So maybe pot plant above DA more of a hat. Is he saying he's #MadHatter, or #KingVictoria now that #GreatReset is all systems go? Both? Image
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1) Had look thru the Goblin of the South's Instagram. A veritable treasure trove of symbolism. More dogs than you can, er, throw a stick for, natch! Also other motifs with #occultelite vibe. In this thread I'll go down that rabbit hole. #DictatorDan
2) As mentioned, many "dog shots". Seems to have more than any other #Auspol figure. Also loves purple. We know this from lie fests backdrop. (Until Biden "won", changed to blue and white, coinciding with 0 cases. Not suss at all!) But this from 2018.
3) Pink, close to purple on spectrum, is "beautiful" in the ghoul's own words. #DanMustGo
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1) Not sure if Dominion system used for #Auspol elections last year. But if it was and results manipulated by #DeepState I would not be surprised. Firstly, would explain ScoMo achieving surprise victory. Also, Tony Abbott losing #Warringah.
2) AFAIK #Soros linked to dodgy machines. He was also behind yuge dirty campaign to get rid of Tony Abbott via #GetUp. Eliminating Tones was definitely a priority for globalist elite. Threw everything at Warringah. But Zali Steggall winning still seemed suss as. #Auspol
3) Think about it. If Tony won still good chance he'd return to lead party. #DeepState would find him harder to control than #ScoMo (Turnbull Lite). With POTUS claiming coup even in 2019, Papadopoulos calling Lexie spy, DS would want guaranteed puppet in the Lodge, right?
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Help me get this to @elonmusk

Elon, this #PCRtest is a magic trick used to bolster numbers & scare people. There are #falsepositives galore for a virus less fatal than the flu. Big Pharma is going after natural remedies e.g.Vitamin C? Why?

And @elonmusk here is the inventor of the #PCRtest #karymullis explaining it's NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL. "The more you test, the more you will find." cuz they re FALSE!

Mullis died in august 2019 so he's not here to further comment although I'm sure he's rolling in his grave.

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#FFS #FakeNews #BBCNews @BBC

People who die within 28 days of #PositiveTest have NOT


Died OF #COVID1984

NOR if #DeathCertificates MENTION it

DO Y.O.U.R J_O_B & tell us how many people have

HAD symptoms of it

AND tested +ve for it

AND died FROM it

#FFS #FakeNews #BBCNews @BBC

People who get into hospital after stroke

Or being hit by bus

Get routinely tested on admission

#TestPositive for #COVID1984

And die within 28 days AREN'T A #COVID death

NOR if die after 28 days of #PositiveTest if it's mentioned on #DeathCert!
#FFS #FakeNews #BBCNews @BBC

People who die within 28 days of #PositiveTest have NOT


Died OF #COVID1984

NHS *ADMITS* to accidentally KILLING 5,000 patients a year

Doctors estimate true figure could be 100,000

From eg 100 times dose

Test doesn't change cause!
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Brilliant @AwakenWithJP

This was my supposed community. I witnessed their HATE over Orange Man. It lead them to betray the very tenants they supposedly live by. They overlooked LOGIC. the revel in Joey. But do they know why? Because he's not Trump?

Why would a purported spiritual human VOTE for fear and run on hate? @Trump didn't talk about a masked future. On the issue of #Covid1984 alone, he was a better choice than Joey.

It's an interesting psychology experiment. Fear is satan. God is Hope.

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RETWEET CUZ #elections & #COVID1984 DONT MIX!

Banking on the cult of corona to validate bs #mailinvoting

The following is JUST partial list of relevant lawsuits involving election administration issues in light of the #coronavirus outbreak.

#Stopthesteal #electionfraud

Relevant litigation CUZ #CORONA and #ELECTIONS DON"T MIX…

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23rd October 2020

The road map & aim that ALL GOVERNMENTS are now adhering to is as follows:

1. Phase in secondary #lockdown restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first & expanding outward. Expected by Nov. 2020.

2. Rush acquisition of (or construction of) isolation facilities across every province & territory. Expected by Dec. 2020.
3. Daily new cases of #COVID19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in #COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of Nov. 2020.

4. Complete & total secondary lock down (much stricter than the 1st & 2nd rolling phase...
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No sólo en USA.

La repetición del mensaje por parte de los sanitarios acerca de UCIs, hospitales y atención primaria COLAPSADOS obedece a motivos ajenos a la salud.

Por el contrario, está alimentada por ESPURIOS INTERESES.
Y no sólo en USA.

En Colombia también.

Entonces, ¿qué motivos tenemos para pensar que en España no es así? NINGUNO.


Muy al contrario, existen motivos para pensar que en España TAMBIÉN SE REPARTEN FONDOS POR ENFERMOS COVID.…
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"As @NilsMelzer's UNGA report notes, when one’s society or group is exposed as morally flawed, the unconscious psychological impulse is to shoot the messenger, known as ‘derogation of moral advocates’."

- @LissaKJohnson

#Covid1984 Image
"Psychologically, demonising moral advocates enables the confronting information to be suppressed, discredited or denied. In other words, as long as we regard Manning as a traitor & #Assange as a spy – & a hacker, rapist, & narcissist, just to make sure he is well & truly....
...demonised – we can avoid discussing the crimes & corruption they have exposed. We can keep fooling ourselves into thinking that our Government still loves & protects us, that our militaries are still the good guys & that it was the Russians, not our own politicians, who...
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No puede haber + de 6 personas, pero puedes:

- Comprar en Carrefour haciendo una cola "kilométrica" para pagar sin distancias.

- Cruzarte por los pasillos con otros compradores.

- Pesar frutas y verduras con 15 personas en 3 m2.

Multinacionales no te contagian. Las PYMES sí.
Nos encaminamos hacia un nuevo modelo de sociedad, síntesis hegeliana de "socialismo+capitalismo":

Métodos de control social + Nueva Economía de libre mercado (reseteada).

Es una guerra no convencional para destruir la economía y quebrar la psicología humana.
Nos están ganando esta guerra con 2 métodos:

- Divide y vencerás ("Divide et impera").
- Manipulación de la información.

La sociedad está dividida por la política y aterrorizada mediante los medios de comunicación.
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"This article was deleted after having been up for 10 years.... because this exposes the current hoaxed plandemic which they tried 10 years ago but couldn’t get away with, so gave up.

Now the mainstream & social media are fully co-opted... #News Image
...& the globalist elites have planned it better to commit the fraud more convincingly, they’ve tried again with #coronavirus.

This is a VERY important article I found backed up on the Internet archive, way back machine. But they may purge this too."

"Why The #WHO Faked A Pandemic"

by Michael Fumento

"The World Health Organization has suddenly gone from crying "The sky is falling!" like a cackling Chicken Little to squealing like a stuck pig.
The reason: charges that the agency deliberately fomented swine flu hysteria.
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@KevinWithell @BBC @bbccomedy 1. Are you blind or just daft

He was publicly talking about the possibility of "injecting" Far-UV *#LIGHT* "disinfectant" down ventilator tubes

It's one of the things that kills #COVID1984 in the open air

And is used for it in lots of other spheres including in hospitals...
@KevinWithell @BBC @bbccomedy 2. British Rail is about to or has started using a robot mounted with a Far-UV light source to trundle round at least one station disinfecting it

You have the excuse you didn't see the full video

But the #BBC who will have had at least one "reporter" present if not their own...
@KevinWithell @BBC @bbccomedy 3. But the #BBC who will have had at least one "reporter" present at the press conference if not their own camera crew must have known he never mentioned bleach never mind household bleach drinking it or injecting it

However you don't have any excuse for swallowing that #Trump
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@Mazzarox13 @ZiaDean 1. The "case" figures are meaningless

The "test" is NOT a test

It's a DNA/RNA manufacturing process

It multiplies massively ANY supposedly similar supposedly unique SCRAP of #COVID1984 virus

It might not be unique (we're full of unknown coronaviruses)

Might be the only bit..
@Mazzarox13 @ZiaDean 2. It might be an unviable part of the virus or a dead virus

It could be contamination inside the nose that hasn't infected the subject

Or contamination on the swab during "test" in transit lab..

Even Nobel Prizewinning inventor said can't & shouldn't use it as a test...
@Mazzarox13 @ZiaDean 3. The "virus" could be anything from anywhere

And the PROCESS multiplies it a BILLION times in 30 cycles

And 35 *#TRILLION* TIMES in 45 cycles

And 50-60 cycles will get positive "results" now known as "cases" from anyone & everyone in the world!!!…
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1) #COVID1984 makes it totes obvious that we're in midst of weird globalist mega-psyop. Power of #occultelite and #DeepState cronies to control global economy, politics and popular culture is jaw-dropping. And they've long been up to srsly sinister shit in all those fields.
2) Unless you're an utter moron, odds are you're "awakening" to hidden forces shaping much of what happens in the world. And these occult (hidden) puppet masters manipulate our perception of reality via news media with skewed reporting, etc. Also via pop music and movies.
3) Disturbing fact is that #DeepState denizens (esp from CIA) have long been applying their vast knowledge of #mindcontrol to task of conditioning the public via Hollywood in particular. There's a good doco on this called #OutofShadows. Worth a watch.
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